Secret Identity 1181-1190


Chapter 1181

Paul looked at Ye Chen in shock, and although he felt unbelievable, he didn't feel that Ye Chen was bragging at all, so he hurriedly started the car and drove to Wei's Pharmaceuticals.

      Wei's Pharmaceutical had a production base in the southeast of Jinling, and in addition to all of their drugs being produced here, their management was also based here.

      In Wei's Pharmaceutical's own production base, there were not only workshops and warehouses, but also office buildings and dormitories.

      As soon as Paul parked the car in front of the door of the Wei's Pharmaceutical office building, Wei Liang was already waiting here.

      It had to be said that Ye Chen had given Wei Liang a huge shock that day at Changbai Mountain.

      So much so that Wei Liang has regarded Ye Chen as a god to be believed in in this life, and his heart has a strong urge to go to the fire.

      After all the respect, he welcomed Ye Chen and Paul to his office.

      Wei Liang immediately took out the model contract he had drawn up and said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, I've probably drawn up the contract, you can have your lawyer look it over and see if there are any problems."

      He said he flipped open a copy of the contract and introduced it, "The main clause in this contract is that on behalf of the Wei Group, I will unconditionally cede 80 shares to you."

      Ye Chen didn't even expect Wei Liang to be so crisp.

      So he nodded his head and said, "Let Paul meet with the lawyers on your side about the contract."

      Wei Liang hurriedly said, "Then I'll have the lawyer come in now."

      He then made a phone call, and several lawyers from the pharmaceutical company walked in together.Updated fastest.

      Paul was very professional and immediately went over the details of the contract with them.

      The contract was quickly completed, and Ye Chen and Wei Liang signed the contract together.

      After signing the contract, Ye Chen had become the largest shareholder of Wei's Pharmaceuticals, owning 80 shares of Wei's Pharmaceuticals.

      Because Ye Chen had hired Paul as his lawyer, on this enterprise share transfer contract, the lawyer column, Paul's name was also written on it.

      However, to Ye Chen's surprise, Paul's name on the contract was his Chinese name.

      And his Chinese name was even called Han Mukun!

      That would have surprised him!

      Paul's Chinese name followed his mother Han Meiqing's last name, which didn't surprise him.

      What did surprise him was the last two characters of his name.


      Kun, naturally, is the Kun of Xiao Chang Kun.

      And Mu, on the other hand, is the love of Mu.

      The word Mu, on its own, seems to have nothing to do with feelings.

      But really in the ancient Chinese language, the word mu has a very deep meaning.

      It is the original meaning of attachment, yearning, and also of yearning and reverence.

      And needless to say, the character Kun must represent one's father-in-law, Xiao Chang-kun!

      In this way, Paul's Chinese name roughly means: Han Meiqing is attached to Xiao Changkun, Han Meiqing yearns for Xiao Changkun, Han Meiqing misses Xiao Changkun, and even Han Meiqing loves Xiao Changkun deeply.The mobile phone one second to remember provides you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      While he felt that this name embodied Han Meiqing's full of deep love, he also felt that it highlighted Han Meiqing's full of literary cultivation.

      If she was a commoner, then her Chinese name for Paul would likely be Han Si Kun, Han Nian Kun, and Han Ai Kun.


However, she preferred to use a low-profile and abysmal, even far-sourced Han Mukun!

      At this moment, even Ye Chen felt that Han Meiqing was really amazing.

      But all of this was just Ye Chen's own thoughts, and he didn't say this to Paul.

      But he guessed that Paul, who was so smart, should also know what deep meaning his own Chinese name, really contained.

      Over here, Wei Liang asked him respectfully after he signed, "Master Ye, is Wei's Pharmaceutical now changing its name?"

      He felt that it didn't seem appropriate to continue to call it Wei's Pharmaceuticals now that Ye Chen was already the majority shareholder.

      Ye Chen also felt that it was indeed a bit strange for a company he held a controlling interest in to be called Wei's Pharmaceuticals.

      So he thought about it and said, "Then let's change the name to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical."

      Ye Chen felt that the fact that he was able to master so many classic medical techniques left behind by his ancestors was entirely due to the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, so he simply changed the name to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, which was also his way of paying homage to Jiu Xuan Tian Jing.

      Although Wei Liang didn't know what the word Jiu Xuan actually stood for, but since Master Ye had already said so, he naturally wouldn't have a problem with it, so he immediately said, "Master Ye, then I'll go submit a declaration today and register the trademark of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical at the same time."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "You told me before that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's Stomach Dispersion has been very suppressive to you, right?"

      "Right!"Wei Liang sighed and said, "Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion is now sold throughout Asia.It's giving us a lot of pressure."

      Ye Chen said to Wei Liang, "Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical is nothing, I'll give you a special prescription for stomach problems, after you produce it, call it Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, did you bring a pen and paper, I'll write a prescription for you, you go back and produce it into the market as soon as possible according to this prescription."

      Wei Liang was overjoyed, not expecting Ye Chen to draw up the prescription himself, he even took out a paper and pencil and respectfully handed it over.

      Ye Chen thought for a moment and picked out a pill formula called "Stomach Forging Pill" from the Nine Xuantian Scriptures.

      The reason why he picked this one was because the herbs used in this formula were relatively easy to find.

      Although this is only a primary recipe for stomach problems in the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Sutra, it already has a miraculous effect on ordinary people.

      As long as Wei Liang was able to produce this stomach medicine, it would definitely not be a problem to keep Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's stomach dispersal down!

      He then wrote down the recipe as well as the ratio and handed it to Wei Liang.

      After receiving the notebook, Wei Liang looked at the recipe written on it and was surprised.first issue.

      Wei Liang had also studied some Chinese medicine and had tried to discover ancient Chinese formulas, so he still understood the recipe, somewhat.

      However, looking at this formula of Ye Chen, it seemed like a lot of herbs would have nothing to do with treating stomach ailments, so it still felt a bit suspenseful.

      The recipe that Ye Chen brought out was a recipe from the Nine Xuantian Scriptures, the Nine Xuantian Scriptures was originally a divine book, the recipes that could be recorded into here were definitely very awesome, it was really strange that ordinary people could understand it.

      But although Wei Liang couldn't understand this prescription, where exactly was the god, but he didn't dare to have the slightest doubt in his heart towards Ye Chen.

      Wei Liang treasured the prescription and put it away, ready to go back and arrange for production first to try out the efficacy of the medicine.

      He and Paul took care of the contract and left from Wei's Pharmaceutical, which was now Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical.

      Paul was full of respect for the Ye God beside him, he felt that Ye Chen was too inscrutable a person.

      Take any prescription, and people would be willing to give him the entire group.

      Just ask, who else in the world could be capable of such a feat?

      No wonder, all the respectable people in Jinling respected him as Grandmaster Ye.

      Moreover, once they mentioned Master Ye, they would give a four-word evaluation: the true dragon on earth!


On the way back, Ye Chen opened his mouth and asked Paul, "By the way, what is Auntie Han busy with these days?"

      Paul said, "My mom lately.She likes to run to the senior college, and an old friend of hers invited her over to be a visiting professor at the senior college, specializing in legal education for seniors."

      "Oh?"Ye Chen was surprised and said, "Then Auntie Han is now Professor Han?"

      Paul laughed and said, "It's not really a professor, and the University for the Aged isn't really a university per se, it's just a hobby course for the elderly, I guess, although my mother teaches there, she's also a student there, learning calligraphy and Chinese painting from others, and she's busy every day."

      Saying that, Paul asked curiously, "What has Uncle Xiao been busy with lately?My mother still talks about him a lot, but it seems like she always wants to stop talking."

      Ye Chen felt that Paul wasn't an outsider, so he sighed and said to him, "When you and Auntie Han first came back, my mother-in-law disappeared during that time, but she's back now."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "My mother-in-law, ah, is a rather spirited person, and my father-in-law is afraid that, if she knows about Auntie Han's return, she'll go looking for Auntie Han, so he won't dare to look for her."

      Paul gently nodded his head and lamented, "It's really not good for us to interfere in the affairs of our parents' generation."

      At this time, Ye Chen's phone suddenly rang, and it was Song Wanting, whom he hadn't seen for many days.

      He answered the phone and asked with a smile, "Miss Song, what have you been busy with lately?"

      Song Wanting smiled and said, "I'm just blindly busy, definitely not as busy as you, Master Ye."

      Saying that, she asked curiously, "Master Ye, I wonder if you have time the night after tomorrow?"

      Ye Chen thought about it and said, "It doesn't seem like there's anything wrong, what's wrong?"

      Song Wanting smiled, "It's nothing, just wanted to invite you over for a meal, it's just that Grandpa has been missing you."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Good.Then I'll make a visit the night after tomorrow."

      Song Wanting happily said, "Great, Master Ye, is 7pm the day after tomorrow okay then?"


      "See you then!"

      "Okay, see you then."

      After hanging up Song Wanting's phone, Paul, who was on the other side of the line, smiled and asked, "Master Ye, was it Miss Song who called you?"

      Ye Chen knew that he knew Song Wanting, so he didn't hide it and nodded, "That's right."

      Paul smiled, "Miss Song called you because of her birthday party, right?"

      "A birthday party?"Ye Chen was surprised and said, "Miss Song didn't tell me just now on the phone ah, just said to go to her home for a dinner the day after tomorrow evening."

      Paul said with a big, thoughtful smile, "I guess Miss Song didn't want you to break the bank to prepare a gift for her, that's why she told you so, when she told me, it was all about the birthday party straight away."

      Ye Chen couldn't help but be a little surprised, just say birthday, why would you want to hide it?It wouldn't look good to arrive there empty-handed by then.

      Was it really like Paul said, that he didn't want to break the bank?

      Ye Chen thought about it and thought that it was really possible.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Song Wanting had always felt that she owed herself a favor, and that was because she had helped her break the Trapped Dragon Formation before and hadn't received any money.

      When she herself was refining medicine for her grandfather and Shi Tianqi, she had also secretly given her a pill.

      After practicing the Rejuvenation Pill, he gave it to her grandfather and made him at least ten to twenty years younger, and it was also entirely for her sake.

      It was also precisely because she had given the Rejuvenation Pill to Master Song that he had paid extra attention to Song Wanting, thus Song Wanting's status in the Song family had grown.


It was because of these reasons that Song Wanting had always treated herself with respect.

      So it was likely that Song Wanting was afraid of owing herself any more favors and that was why she deliberately concealed the birthday thing.

      When Ye Chen thought of this, he suddenly felt very interesting.

      Song Wanting, aren't you afraid of owing me a favor?Then I'll give you another heavenly favor this time.

      I won't go out and buy you a birthday present this time, I'll just prepare a Rejuvenation Pill for you.

      How miraculous the Rejuvenation Pill was, no one in the entire Jinling high society knew about it.

      Master Song took the Rejuvenation Pill in public at the banquet that day, and everyone witnessed the miraculous efficacy.

      Ye Chen had even heard that some people wanted to spend, one hundred million or even several hundred million, to woo a Rejuvenation Pill.

      However, Ye Chen had never been tempted to sell the medicine.

      He wasn't short of money at all, and a few hundred million, a few billion, or even billions meant nothing to him.

      If he went around selling rejuvenation pills just for money, he would instead suppress the value of the rejuvenation pills.

      It was to make everyone feel that the Rejuvenation Pill was a superb treasure that they sought and might not have the chance to obtain in their lifetime.

      Only then would they be filled with endless admiration and desire for the Rejuvenation Pill.

      As for why he wanted to give a Rejuvenation Pill to Song Wanting, Ye Chen's thoughts were also very simple.

      First of all, he did consider Song Wanting as a good friend.

      Since it was a good friend's birthday, he must give a valuable gift to justify it.

      Secondly, Song Wanting was the eldest Miss of the Song family, she had seen countless good things since she was a child, so it had to be a great gift that she couldn't even buy with money if she gave her a great gift herself.

      Once again, the Rejuvenation Pill was something that she gave to Song Wanting, but it wasn't for Song Wanting to take.

      Song Wanting was still very young, she was only about 25 years old, so she didn't need to take the Rejuvenation Pill at all.

      The basic purpose of giving her a Rejuvenation Pill was for her to use it in exchange for more love, attention, and resource inclination from Master Song.

      The last time she gave a rejuvenation pill to Master Song, Master Song brought the entire Song family to kneel and kowtow to her in front of all the high society people in Jinling.

      This showed that Master Song's desire for the rejuvenation pill surpassed everything.

      But Master Song must also be clear in his heart that he was already doing him a great favor by giving him a rejuvenation pill, and it was given on the face of Song Wanting.

      He definitely didn't dare to have the extravagant hope that there was still a chance to get a second one from himself.

      Now that he had given this rejuvenation pill to Song Wanting, someone as smart as Master Song would definitely know his intentions, and he would definitely value Song Wanting even more, possibly even allowing Song Wanting to inherit the entire Song family.

      Ye Chen could tell that Song Wanting herself was also a woman with a strong work ethic and ambition.

      Otherwise, she wouldn't have been working so hard for the family all this time.Fastest Updated.

      And because of her parents' early death, she was somewhat isolated in the Song family.

      To still want to fight a turnaround and smoothly inherit the Song family under such circumstances could be very difficult.

      In that case, you might as well give her a hand yourself!


After Paul dropped Ye Chen off at Thomson, he drove back home.

      When Ye Chen himself returned to the villa, his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, hurriedly welcomed him and asked him, "Good son-in-law, did you go out with Paul to see your Auntie Han today?"

      Ye Chen helplessly said, "Dad, I went out with Paul to do something, how can I meet Auntie Han?"

      Xiao Changkun could not help but sigh, feeling very depressed.

      He was missing Han Meiqing extraordinarily these past few days, but Ma Lan was at home and he really didn't dare to risk going to see her.

      So he was scratching his heart at this time.

      He asked Ye Chen again, "Then have you asked Paul about your Aunt Han's current situation?How's she doing these days?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Auntie Han should be doing quite well lately, I heard Paul say that Auntie Han now goes to the Senior University every day to teach, not only teaching but also learning some calligraphy and painting and so on from others, living a very fulfilling life."

      When Xiao Changkun heard this, he became anxious, "Oh my, how can she go to the Senior University?"

      Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "What happened to the senior college?Isn't senior college exactly where seniors should be?"

      Xiao Chang Qian said with a depressed face, "You don't know that there are many slutty old men without old friends in this senior university, and they are a bunch of bad old men who go in either to learn something or to find old friends."

      After saying that, he said with a nervous face, "Your Aunt Han is so beautiful, then after going in, you have to let these old men think about it endlessly ah?"

      Ye Chen laughed, "So you can still stop people from thinking about it?"

      Xiao Changkun let out a long sigh, "That's right, this current situation is really depressing and makes one want to die!"

      After saying that, he suddenly brightened up,[PEN] and said, "Right, why don't I just go to the senior college as well, so that I can meet with your Auntie Han, right?"Fastest Update

      Ye Chen asked him, "Aren't you afraid that Mom will find out?"

      "Nothing."Xiao Changkun said seriously, "Don't you know what kind of woman your mother is?She is a person who wants to save face, look at her now, with a lame leg, crutches, and lost two front teeth, can not yet go to fill, she now how dare she go to the crowded places to gather?She has to wear sunglasses and a mask every once in a while when she goes out shopping, and she wouldn't dare go to the geriatric college for fear that people would recognize her."

      "Alright."Ye Chen nodded his head and didn't say much.

      He actually didn't care much about his father-in-law and Han Meiqing, if his father-in-law got too close to Han Meiqing, his own wife Xiao Choran would definitely be very sad and depressed if she knew.

      If her own mother-in-law, Ma Lan, knew about it, it would be a real death sentence, and maybe the family would fly apart.

      So it can only aggravate the old father-in-law.


      Two days later.

      Ye Chen told his family in advance that he had a friend's birthday tonight.

      In the afternoon, he went out on the street and bought a mahogany gift box, then put a rejuvenating pill inside.

      After putting it in, he then asked the owner of the gift shop to help wrap this gift box carefully.

      Since it was a gift for someone's birthday, it was only natural that it should be somewhat ceremonial.

      Since Paul had also been invited, he simply drove to pick up Ye Chen to go to the Song family villa together.

      For Song Wanting's birthday, Song's house wasn't decorated with lights, but just made some small decorations that were more modern and gentle.

      When Paul drove the car into the courtyard, Ye Chen couldn't even tell that these decorations were for the birthday party.

      Tonight, Song Wanting was wearing a tailored white dress gown.

      The dress was chest-wrapped, so it looked very sexy and bright, especially Song Wanting's collarbone, which was not only very obvious, but also had a particularly nice shape that even women would be jealous of when they looked at it.

      There were already quite a few luxury cars parked in the courtyard, and it seemed that there were quite a few guests today.

      Song Wanting was originally inside to greet the guests, but once she heard that Ye Chen was here, she hurriedly went out to greet them.


When Ye Chen saw her, he inevitably felt very astonished as well.

      He had long felt that Song Wanting's looks and figure were in no way inferior to his own wife, Xiao Churan.

      Even the aristocratic temperament that Song Wanting had cultivated since childhood was incomparable to his own wife.

      After all, she was the eldest daughter of a top local family, who had grown up with brocade clothes and jade food, and had been taught the etiquette of aristocrats, so there was still a clear difference between her and the girls from ordinary families.

      Song Wanting was excited to see Ye Chen and came in the morning, saying with a bit of shyness, "Master Ye, you've come."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Miss Wanting, why didn't you tell me beforehand that you were celebrating your birthday today?"

      Song Wanting apologized and said, "Master Ye please don't take offense, the reason why Wan Ting didn't tell you is because she was afraid that you would go back to prepare gifts and break the bank for Wan Ting."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Actually there's nothing to break the bank, are we two friends?I'm definitely going to give you a gift on your birthday.Even if you don't say so, I'll have a present ready for you."Fastest Updated.

      Saying that, Ye Chen took out the small box that contained the Rejuvenation Pill from his pocket.

      Only that this gift box was very carefully wrapped, so no one knew what was inside.

      Song Wanting saw that Ye Chen had even prepared a gift for herself, and her heart rejoiced.

      She had always liked Ye Chen very much in her heart, and this was also the first birthday gift given to her by her beloved, so she was naturally incomparably excited inside.

      So she accepted the gift and said gratefully to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, thank you so much for preparing a gift especially for Wan Ting."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "It's due, you don't have to be polite with me."

      Ye Chen's words made Song Wanting's heart, as sweet as honey.

      Paul, who was beside her, also came up at this time, handed her a gift box and said with a smile, "Miss Song, happy birthday."

      Song Wanting looked at Paul and smiled and asked, "You must be the one who told Master Ye that I'm celebrating my birthday today, right?"

      "Right."Paul smiled, "I was finishing up business with Master Yeh at the time of the call."(first post)

      "Yes?"Song Wanting was surprised and asked, "Do you still have business dealings with Master Ye?"

      Paul chuckled, "I am now Master Ye's lawyer as well as legal advisor."

      Ye Chen laughed on the side, "And it's the kind that doesn't have a penny."

      Song Wanting asked curiously, "Master Ye, what do you need a legal advisor for now?Is it some kind of trouble?"

      "No."Ye Chen smiled and said, "I just took in a company, so I asked Paul to help me with some of the legal details."

      "Understood!"Song Wanting nodded and said with a smile, "Master Ye, then let's hurry inside, there are quite a few acquaintances inside."


      Ye Chen followed Song Wanting into the interior of the Song family villa, and the large hall had been set up as a banquet hall.

      At this time in the banquet hall, not only was there a cocktail party, there was also a band playing jazz music.

      Ye Chen did see quite a few acquaintances at a glance.

      The first one he saw was Song Wanting's cousin, Song Honour.

      However, Ye Chen didn't have any affection for Song Honour, so he didn't go over to greet him.

      Among the guests from outside were Chen Zekai, Wang Zhenggang, Hong Wu, Shi Tianqi and his granddaughter Chen Xiaozhao, Qin Gang and her daughter Qin Aoxue, the chili pepper.

      There was even Li Tailai, the richest man in Haicheng.

      Even Wang Dongxue of the Imperial Hero Group came.

      It seemed that Song Wanting had invited these, all of whom were old friends with better relationships.


At this moment, these guests who had come specifically to attend Song Wanting's birthday dinner were actually the ones who were really waiting deep inside were Ye Chen.

      Everyone knew that the Wu family's father and son had come to Jinling some time ago and had a conflict with Ye Chen.

      At Master Song's birthday banquet, Ye Chen even broke one of Wu Xin's hands in public.

      And then, Richard Chen stepped in and even broke their legs, eventually allowing the father and son to flee back to Suhang in disgrace.

      Since then, people felt that Master Ye Chen Ye was simply not afraid of the sky, and did not even care about the first family in Jiangnan.

      At that time, many people were worried that Master Ye would eventually be no match for the Wu family, which had strong assets.

      But unexpectedly, in a short period of time, the Wu family had fallen from the position of the number one family in Jiangnan.

      And there were too many things that had happened to the Wu family during this time.

      First of all, the reputation had taken a huge hit because of the Beggars.

      The second was that they had sent their experts to the Changbai Mountains one after another but had failed one after another.

      The last time, even their true trump card, and the last thing they relied on-the Eight Heavenly Kings-had been sent to their deaths.

      The current Wu family was not even good enough to be a first-class family, not even close to the Song family.

      Although there was no evidence pointing to the fact that it was all Ye Chen's doing, everyone was in their hearts, counting it all on Ye Chen's head.

      In their eyes, only Master Ye had this kind of ability.

      Especially Richard Chen, but he had seen with his own eyes how Ye Chen had killed the Eight Heavenly Kings with his own strength at the bottom of Changbai Mountain.

      So right now, in his eyes, Ye Chen was a god, a god that surpassed everything!

      The first one to come over to Ye Chen was Richard Chen.

      He quickly walked towards Ye Chen and even hated to kneel down to Ye Chen first.

      Because that day at Changbai Mountain, Ye Chen had shocked him so much that it had completely overturned all of his worldview.

      However, he still knew to be restrained, and when he saw Ye Chen, he was only polite and respectful, calling out to Master Ye.

      Not knowing that he was the young master of the Ye family, he thought that Richard Chen had also asked him to read feng shui or something else.

      The one who came up next was Wang Dongxue who was wearing a bright silver sexy dress.

      Ye Chen's impression was that Wang Dongxue had always been a rather ascetic type of workplace beauty.

      But today's Wang Dongxue is dressed very sexy and voluptuous, and her state of the switch is particularly good, the unknown, if you see now Wang Dongxue, would also think that she itself is a sexy goddess.

      Naturally, Wang Dongxue knew the identity of Ye Chen Ye family's young master, but she knew very little about Ye Chen Ye master's identity again.

      After all, she herself was not a member of any great Jinling family, nor was she involved in contact with those in the occult world, so those things Ye Chen did as Master Ye, and Wang Dongxue, were almost completely in two different worlds.debut

      Wang Dongxue really wanted to call him Young Master, but due to the fact that so many people were here, he could only politely call out, "Mr. Ye."

      Ye Chen nodded at him with a smile and said, "Mr. Wang is dressed up beautifully today, I didn't expect that the vice chairman of the Emperor Group would be such a beautiful and enchanting beauty."

      Wang Dongxue's pretty face blushed and said shyly, "Mr. Ye you are overpraised."

      Saying that, Wang Dongxue smiled, "Mr. Ye, I wonder when you can have time to come to the Imperial Hero Group to have a seat?"

      Wang Dongxue's words made Ye Chen blush a little.

      He knew that he, the chairman of the Emperor Group, was really a bit incompetent.


Usually their own basically will not go to the Emperor Howe Group, but also do not ask about the things of the Emperor Howe Group, all of which are directly dumped to Wang Dongxue.

      Wang Dongxue just said so, I guess he also hoped that he could go to the Imperial Hero Group more.

      When he thought of this, he smiled and said to Wang Dongxue, "Just punch such a beautiful Wang, I will also often go to the Imperial Hero Group to dawdle in the future!"

      As soon as Wang Dongxue heard this, her beautiful, peerless face actually turned sweet red.

      At this time, Shi Tianqi also brought Chen Xiaozhao over.

      Chen Xiaozhao's eyes looked at Ye Chen, her beautiful eyes were filled with tenderness.

      At the same time, her young girl heart had some small complaints, always feeling as if Master Ye had recently paid less attention to her and her grandfather.

      Because she hadn't seen Master Ye go to the Medicine Hall again during this period of time either, so much so that she didn't have much of a chance to see him even though she was thinking about him over and over again.

      Shi Tianqi didn't have so many little thoughts about his granddaughter, he just felt that he hadn't seen Master Ye for a few days, and after taking the Rejuvenation Pill himself, he could feel every day how important it was for him to regain his youth, so every moment, deep in his heart, he was grateful to Ye Chen.

      So, he quickly stepped forward and bowed to Ye Chen with both fists, and said respectfully, "Master Ye, I haven't seen you for a few days, I wonder how have you been recently, Master Ye?"

      Ye Chen smiled faintly, "Divine Doctor Shi is polite, I've been quite well lately, I wonder how Shi is doing?"

      Shi Tianqi said seriously, "Thanks to Master Ye's blessing, every day now feels perfect to me!Thanks to Master Ye for bestowing a heavenly chance on the old man in the first place!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "You also said that this is your chance, so there's no need to be polite to me."

      Qin Aoxue, who was tasting the dessert, suddenly saw Ye Chen coming, her excited little heart was pounding non-stop, and her face was already red before she even spoke to Ye Chen.

      Qin Ao Xue's character is the kind of little pepper that dares to love and hate, when she first confronted Ye Chen, she dared to make a move against him, even if she was kicked in the butt by Ye Chen, she would not be convinced.

      But now Qin Ao Xue, full of head has completely regarded Ye Chen as her dream lover, almost every night before going to sleep, she would think about him for a long time before falling asleep.

      And Qin Ao Xue will also frequently dream of Ye Chen in her dreams, and in some cases, dream of herself doing something shy with Ye Chen in her dreams.

      It can't be helped because Qin Aoxue really likes Ye Chen too much.

      After Ye Chen saved the entire Qin family at first, Qin Aoxue worshipped him.

      Later on, when Ye Chen wanted to start refining divine medicine, Qin Aoxue was entrusted by her father, Qin Gang, to come to the door and beg Ye Chen to give her medicine.

      Thinking that even if Ye Chen could give even one, it was already a great gift, but never thought that Ye Chen told Qin Aoxue at that time, "For the sake of your little beauty, I'll give you two."

      From that moment, Qin Aoxue had fallen deeply in love with Ye Chen.

      What made her love Ye Chen to the bone marrow even more was that time Ye Chen helped himself to do righteous deeds.

      His own good lady friend, who was victimized by Wu Qi and wanted to commit suicide several times, and she didn't know Wu Qi's real background at that time.

      Unexpectedly, Ye Chen was willing to offend the second young master of the number one family in Jiangnan for himself.

      Moreover, he had screwed the second young master of the Wu family so badly, so much to his delight!

      Since that moment, Ye Chen had become the god in Qin Ao Xue's heart.

      And it was the god that made Qin Ao Xue deeply loved.

      At this time to see her dream lover finally come, Qin Ao Xue all the emotions are overflowing in words.

      She pulled her father and ran all the way over to Ye Chen, and when she reached Ye Chen, her face turned red with shame.

      She took a deep look at Ye Chen and quickly moved her eyes to the side, but full of tenderness, she said: "Master Ye, Aoxue has been waiting for you for a long time, you have finally come ......"


When Ye Chen looked at Qin Ao Xue, Qin Ao Xue was already so shy that her face was red.The mobile phone one second remember provides you with wonderful dread novel reading.

      Qin Ao Xue herself is the kind of girl who is heroic and comes from a martial arts background, which itself is not associated with shyness and weakness.

      But because her heart was filled with the shyness and excitement of a little girl meeting her beloved, it appeared that she had become instantly pitiful.

      Ye Chen smiled at her and said, "Ao Xue is also here, how have you been?"

      Qin Ao Xue said with a red face, "Recently ......It's been pretty good lately, thank you Master Ye for your concern ......"

      Ye Chen nodded gently and said to the crowd, "Everyone has not seen each other for some days, today happens to be Miss Song's birthday, we can have more drinks later on."

      Everyone said in succession, "Sure, sure!Definitely have a few more drinks tonight!"

      Song Wanting said with some apologies at this time, "Master Ye, please wait for a moment, I still have to take care of a few guests over here."

      Ye Chen nodded, "You go and get busy, don't mind me."

      Song Wanting bid farewell to the crowd, so they invited Ye Chen to have a cocktail in the banquet hall first.

      Ye Chen readily agreed, so he came to the side of the banquet hall surrounded by the crowd.

      The reason is because Ye Chen is the focus of everyone's attention, so Qin Ao Xue feels a little unable to interrupt, which makes the little girl feel anxious in her heart.

      Ye Chen saw Qin Aoxue stopping to speak several times, and even before she spoke, she was pre-empted by others, so he asked her with a smile, "Aoxue, do you have something to say to me?"

      As soon as Qin Aoxue heard this, she nodded her head in delight and spoke, "Master Ye, Aoxue has something she would like to say to you in private, I wonder if you have the time?"

      After saying that, her big eyes were filled with expectation and pleading as she looked at Ye Chen.

      For Qin Ao Xue, Ye Chen still had a relatively good feeling.

      First, it was because Qin Aoxue was self-reliant and didn't have the bad habits of a big family's son.

      Secondly, it was because Qin Aoxue, being a young girl from a big family, was still able to practice martial arts with hardship and endurance, which was too rare among the children of rich families.

      So Ye Chen said to her, "Why don't you go out with me for a walk."

      When Qin Ao Xue heard this, she nodded her head repeatedly in excitement.

      Qin Gang grinned happily as he saw this scene.

      He especially looked forward to Ye Chen to develop with his daughter, in his opinion, even if it was Qin Ao Xue, giving Ye Chen as a lover would be a blessing to the Qin family and even more so to Qin Ao Xue.

      Chen Xiaozhao was jealous and envious as she saw Qin Aoxue follow Ye Chen out of the house.

      How much did she not want to have more contact with Ye Chen in her heart?There just hasn't been any very suitable opportunity.

      Moreover, he was not as bold as Qin Ao Xue, who dared to speak directly to Master Ye in front of so many people.

      At this time, Ye Chen brought Qin Ao Xue out of the door and arrived at the courtyard of the Song family villa.

      Only then did he stop and looked at Qin Ao Xue with a faint smile, "Say little girl, what's the matter this time?It's not another one of the school kids being bullied, is it?"

      Qin Aoxue smiled shyly and fidgeted, "Master Ye, Aoxue is looking for you this time actually, actually ......"


Qin Ao Xue was shy inside, so she didn't know how to talk about it at once.

      Ye Chen then smiled and said, "Is this still the same little pepper Qin Ao Xue in my imprinted [New Pens] image?The Qin Ao Xue I know, who dared to fight me in the Antique Street at first, why is this Qin Ao Xue now, instead of being able to speak in front of me?"

      Qin Ao Xue was even more shy upon hearing this, and said nervously and shyly, "Master Ye, people didn't know how powerful you were at first, that's why they have eyes to see, so don't laugh at them."

      Saying that, she thought of the day when Ye Chen had kicked her buttocks, she was shy, but felt a little girlishly happy.

      Then, she plucked up her courage and said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, Ao Xue actually wants to invite you, to watch the International University Scrimmage Competition held in Jinling this year."

      Ye Chen frowned and said, "International University Student Scrimmage Competition?"

      Ye Chen suddenly thought of a detail.

      Wei Liang had once told himself that it seemed like Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical had sponsored this competition in order to promote their new drug Xiao Lin Stomach Dispersion.

      Ye Chen remembered that Qin Aoxue had been practicing martial arts, so he asked curiously, "Aoxue, will you also participate in this competition?"

      Qin Aoxue nodded with a red face and said, "Master Ye, Aoxue is representing the Chinese university students this time ......"

      "Oh?"Ye Chen said in surprise, "So powerful?Are you confident of winning the title?"

      Qin Ao Xue said shyly, "Winning the title can't dare to think about it, because this time the seeded player from Japan is still very powerful, she is also the big favorite to win the title now, and she is really much stronger than me."

      Said Qin Ao Xue, "But I won't be discouraged la, my goal is to break into the top three!"

      I'm very optimistic about you, and I don't think there's any problem with you winning the first prize. Most of the Japanese Combat and Free Fighting are still plagiarized from Chinese martial arts, and you'll have to learn a lesson from the Japanese players and win the championship in China for the country."

      Qin Ao Xue was overjoyed and asked, "Master Ye, do you really believe that Ao Xue can win first place?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Of course, I'm very optimistic about you."

      Qin Ao Xue said happily, "Master Ye, then can Ao Xue invite you to come and watch Ao Xue's match then?"

      Ye Chen agreed without hesitation and said, "Don't worry, I'll definitely be there to cheer you on when you compete."

      "Too good!"Qin Ao Xue jumped up happily.

      She subconsciously wanted to hug Ye Chen and take a good pampering, just like how she usually pampered her father at home.

      But suddenly thought that Ye Chen was a married man, she couldn't make such an intimate move, so she backed off again.

      Ye Chen asked Qin Ao Xue at this time, "Right Ao Xue, when I was practicing my divine medicine before, I gave your family two pills, did your father save one for you?"

      "Yes!"Qin Ao Xue pulled out a small box from the inner pocket of her jacket, after opening it, inside was the medicine that Ye Chen gave her in the beginning.The fastest update

      She blushed and said, "Master Ye gave me the medicine that night, Dad gave it to me that night, I've been keeping it close to my body."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "This medicine is still very helpful in strengthening the body, if you feel strenuous or unsure when you come to the competition, you can take this pill."

      Qin Aoxue said out of the blue, "How do I make that, this is given to Aoxue by Master Ye, Aoxue must keep it and treasure it."

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently, "Medicine is something that is refined to be eaten by people, why do you need to care so much?"

      Qin Aoxue said with a hmmm, "Okay Master Ye, Aoxue knows."


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