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Hearing Xiao Changqian's insults, Qian Hongyan was embarrassed, angry inside but didn't dare to speak out.

      She still hoped that her family could be prosperous, so she wanted to take a step back, hoping that Xiao Changqian would accept her soon.

      Xiao Changqian, however, hated Qian Hongyan to the bone.

      But he hated Qian Hongyan, but not the abalone.

      So while gulping down the abalone, he said coldly, "A woman like you who is not a woman, if you stay in this house in the future, you should do a good job as a maid!"

      Qian Hongyan was helpless and could only eat her own noodles without speaking.

      In fact, at this time, Qian Hongyan didn't know that her husband had already been infected with a sexually transmitted disease by herself, and if she had known, she definitely wouldn't have cooked such an abalone feast for him.first post.

      She knew that Xiao Changqian liked abalone the most, so she made such an abalone feast to please him, but she didn't expect to be scolded by him.

      Xiao Changqian, on the other hand, turned his grief and anger into appetite and ate more than a dozen large abalone by himself.Fastest Updated.

      Because he was in a bored mood, he also made a small bottle of wine and drank it.

      The previous owner of this house had left a lot of good wine in the cellar downstairs in the basement.

      There was red wine and white wine, and there was also champagne.

      When the Wu family had bought the house, they wanted a package price, so these wines were left for them as well.

      Xiao Changqian took out a bottle of Maotai from inside the wine cellar, pulled Xiao Hailong, and the two men drank a total of more than a pound.

      Having eaten and drunk enough, Xiao Changqian returned to his bedroom, intending to take a nap.

      However, when he lay down, he suddenly felt that something wasn't quite right.

      Where is it not right?

      It's just that you are so itchy in that area.

      Seafood is supposed to be a hair product, and white wine is a very powerful hair product.

      Together, these two things were a perfect match.

      As soon as Xiao Chang Qian this itch started, it was so itchy that he couldn't stop at all.

      He scratched as hard as he could, and had even scratched some rags and blood, but it still didn't get any better.

      The bone-crushing itching had become unbearable, so he hurriedly rolled over from the bed and, in a hurry, went to look for Old Madam Xiao.

      As soon as he saw Old Mrs. Xiao, he said somewhat impatiently, "Mom, look give me some money, I have to go to the hospital now."

      Old Mrs. Xiao frowned and asked, "What's wrong with you?Why go to the hospital?Don't you know it costs money to go to the hospital?"

      After all the previous calamities, the current Old Lady Xiao valued money more than anything else.

      Xiao Chang Qian's expression was painful as he said, "I ......I just feel particularly bad, I have to go to the hospital quickly."

      Old Mrs. Xiao asked him, "Tell me exactly what's going on first."

      Xiao Changqian was embarrassed and said, "This, it's not easy to ask ah mom, just give me some money so I can go to the hospital."

      Old Mrs. Xiao exclaimed in alarm, "You're not getting sick in that way, are you?"

      Xiao Chang Qian did not expect his mother to be able to guess at once and said in embarrassment, "I'm not sure right now, so I want to go to the hospital to find out."

      Old Mrs. Xiao looked astonished and asked off the top of her head, "Did you and that slut Qian Hongyan do what the other day?"

      "This ......"Xiao Chang Qian hesitated for a moment, but still gently nodded his head, "At the Wu family, I did have what with her that day ......"


Xiao Changqian's voice was getting quieter and quieter, but the old lady still understood it.

      Upon hearing this, the old lady was nervous and said, "Oops!That Qian Hongyan was in the black coal kiln with who knows what wild men, I think she's not only pregnant with someone else's wild seed, she might have come back with all kinds of diseases!Go!I'll go with you to the hospital for a thorough investigation!"

      As soon as Xiao Chang Qian heard this, he also guessed in his heart that he was probably infected with that aspect of the disease by Qian Hongyan, which made him even more annoyed.

      However, irritation was annoying, but right now, the most urgent thing for him was to go to the hospital to check if he was sick or not.

      So he then panicked and said, "Oh my mother, how can I let you accompany me to this kind of thing, just give me the money and I'll go by myself."

      But Old Mrs. Xiao was incomparably serious and said, "No, if I don't go, my heart will always be at ease, you stop saying that, I'll go with you, right now!"

      Saying that, the old lady immediately got up and prepared to go out.

      Xiao Chang Qian had no choice but to nod his head now and helplessly follow his mother and leave the house."


      Just as Xiao Changqian and Old Lady Xiao were heading to the hospital.

      The one remaining underling of the Wu family in the Changbai Mountains also finally found the opportunity to blend into the morgue of the local hospital.

      He spent a lot of money to bribe the morgue's janitor, and only then did they make an exception and let him blend in.

      He named the eight people who had died in the avalanche at Changbai Mountain, and said to him conveniently, "It's possible to watch, but be prepared for a very tragic death for all eight of them!"

      The Wu family's subordinate nodded, so he conveniently pulled open each of the eight freezers that housed the corpses one by one.

      The moment the body shroud was pulled open, the Wu family's man was stunned in shock!

      Although the death of the Eight Heavenly Kings was indeed miserable, he was still able to recognize the eight corpses.

      So he took out his cell phone, took pictures of the bodies of the Eight Heavenly Kings, and sent them to Wu Donghai.

      At this time, Wu Donghai was waiting for news in Suhang.

      Although the Wu family had already determined and concluded in their hearts that the Eight Heavenly Kings had been killed, everyone still held a remaining ray of hope.

      But when these photos were sent, all the Wu family's hopes completely collapsed.

      The Eight Heavenly Kings really had died.

      And actually died in an avalanche.

      This was just too unacceptable, too.

      Sending eight top experts over before seeing the enemy die in an avalanche first, isn't this fucking bullshit?

      Old Master Wu's entire body was also devastated.

      The Eight Heavenly Kings had followed him for so many years and started this business with him, and he still had deep feelings for the Eight Heavenly Kings deep down inside.

      Now that the Eight Heavenly Kings had all perished in one night, this kind of result was really too much for him to accept for a while.

      After seeing the photos, Wu Xin was shocked and felt that something wasn't quite right.

      He spoke up, "Dad, grandpa, why do I feel that the many injuries on the Eight Heavenly Kings' bodies don't look quite right?If they were in a car, and they ran into an avalanche, then the chances are they'd be snowed in and caught in the car, and then most of their injuries should be crush injuries, but how I look at them now, they look like they've been injured!"

      Saying that, he zoomed in on the photo of Fan Lin Yuan's right arm and said, "You can see that Master Fan's entire right arm has been blurred with blood and flesh, it doesn't look like it was crushed!"

      "There is also Iron Fist Li Yan Wang, his right arm was almost identical to Master Fan's right arm at the time, but the others, their right arm didn't suffer such injuries, if everyone had suffered an avalanche in the car making everyone suffer injuries, the type should be similar, there shouldn't be such a big difference ah."Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      Master Wu, as well as all of the Wu family, looked extremely horrified at this moment!

      Master Wu shuddered and asked, "Xiao Xin, do you mean that the Eight Heavenly Kings were killed?"


The Wu family doesn't quite want to believe that the Eight Heavenly Kings were killed.

      Because if this is true, it proves that they have a very powerful enemy in the shadows.

      But who this enemy was they had no clue.

      The Wu family up and down didn't believe that Ye Chen, and those around him, had such strength.

      Wu Donghai even speculated if the Eight Heavenly Kings had accidentally provoked the local reclusive experts in the Changbai Mountains this time when they went to the Changbai Mountains.

      Master Wu also felt that this matter was very likely.

      His entire body was now pained, and the Eight Heavenly Kings were not only his old friends, but also a major reliance for the Wu family's prosperity, and now that this reliance was gone, it was very likely to cause an earthquake in the Jiangnan family.

      It was as expected of Old Master Wu.

      The fact that the Wu family had sent the Eight Heavenly Kings to Changbai Mountain and all of them had folded, spread throughout the entire Jiangnan in a very short period of time.

      But all the big and powerful family heads were watching the Wu family's jokes from across the river.

      The Wu family was able to rise to power in Jiangnan thanks to two things.

      The first was that when Master Wu was young, he had the courage and ingenuity to stir up the business world in Jiangnan, pushing the Wu family step by step to where they are today.

      The second was these Eight Heavenly Kings!

      The Eight Heavenly Kings are Master Wu's right-hand men, as well as the Wu Family's strategic weapon to deter foreign enemies.

      The Wu family relied on the Eight Heavenly Kings to create a prestigious name in Jiangnan, and no one would dare to think otherwise.

      If not, the Wu family's wealth and power would have made people jealous and they would have been eager to pounce and tear the Wu family to pieces.

      Now that the Eight Heavenly Kings had all died at Changbai Mountain, all the families in Jiangnan were all up in arms.

      The current Wu family, with the old man bedridden and the eight Heavenly Kings dead in battle, who wouldn't want a piece of the pie?

      For a time, the entire Jiangnan Province was in turmoil, and the entire Suhang was in turmoil, pushing the Wu family into the limelight.Fastest Update


      On the other hand, Xiao Changqian and Old Mrs. Xiao, also arrived at the Jinling People's Hospital.

      After arriving at the hospital, he hung up a men's department.

      It is just embarrassing that he is already forty or fifty years old, and he even brought his mother with him to the men's department.

      But Old Mrs. Xiao is so domineering, if she wants to ask, if others do not allow her to ask, then she will definitely mess with them to the end.

      Mother and son waited at the door of the clinic, Xiao Chang Qian had been desperately enduring the extreme itching and torment for more than twenty minutes, and finally called the number to call Xiao Chang Qian's name.

      So, Xiao Changqian stood up and said to Old Lady Xiao, "Mom, wait for me at the door, I will go in by myself."

      Old Mrs. Xiao immediately said, "No, I want to go in too!"

      Xiao Changqian's expression was incomparably embarrassed: "Where does one take mom to the doctor for such things ......"

      Old Mrs. Xiao gritted her teeth, "What?Do you still want to hide such things from me?"


Xiao Changqian busy said, "I definitely can't hide it from you ah mother, but after going in later, the doctor is going to examine me, in front of you that's too embarrassing.You can rest assured that I will definitely give you a look at all the results of the examination, which is always okay, right?"

      Only then did Mrs. Xiao nod her head and said, "All the results of the examination must be shown to me, and if you dare to hide them, I will not forgive you."

      Xiao Changqian was repeatedly assured as he got up to endure the itching and stepped into the clinic room.

      In the clinic, a doctor who was even older than him was sitting in front of the computer and saw him come in, so he asked, "Where are you uncomfortable?"

      Xiao Chang Qian hurriedly said, "Doctor, I always feel particularly itchy in that place, and I don't know what's going on, so I want you to take a look at it."

      The doctor had already seen a lot of similar cases, so he nodded and said, "Take off your pants."

      Although Xiao Chang Qian was a little shy, he still took his pants off obediently.

      The doctor just took a glance and exclaimed in alarm, "Your case looks like it's very serious, isn't it going to that kind of frolic place?"

      Xiao Changqian was embarrassed, he had never been to any moonlighting place, he was just having a go with his wife.

      But when he thought about it, the doctor's words meant that his wife, Qian Hongyan, was similar to the women in the brothel.

      But he could only say to the doctor, "Doctor, I didn't go to any funeral home."

      The doctor didn't believe a word he said, because every man who came to see the doctor with an STD would never admit that he had gone to a funeral home.

      So he said indifferently, "All men, there are many things I can understand, and at your age, it is not uncommon for you to occasionally go to a funeral place, but I still have to give you a few suggestions."

      Xiao Chang Qian hurriedly said, "Please speak, doctor!"

      The doctor said indifferently, "First of all, when you go to that kind of place, you must do self-protection, you must not try to be cool, so you don't do any protection anymore, sometimes condoms are not only something that protects women, but also men."

      Xiao Chang Qian could only nod his head and said, "I know, thank you doctor, is there anything else?"

      The doctor also said: "Another recommendation is to try to go to a larger, formal, high-grade places, a lot of roadside warbler price is very cheap, but the body with a lot of STDs and germs, may have AIDS, you said you are so old, in order to save so little money, to toss themselves into this situation, why suffer?"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with a wonderful dread novel to read.

      Xiao Chang Qian's face was green ......

      Wouldn't this mean that in the doctor's eyes, Qian Hongyan was as dirty as that roadside warbler?

      At this time, the doctor gave him a meaningful glance and said, "Look at you, in order to save so little money, you are now sick all over the place, I think you need at least ten thousand yuan just for treatment, isn't that more than enough?"

      Xiao Changqian was terrified and asked, "Doctor, what kind of diseases do I have?What exactly did you see in that one look?"

      That doctor said, "With my experience, first of all, gonorrhea and syphilis are indispensable, because the red spots on your body are very special, and I have been a doctor for so many years, I won't be wrong."

      Hearing these two illnesses, Xiao Changqian only felt the sky spinning, and his entire body was almost about to faint.

      Fuck, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that this Qian Hongyan carried so many diseases on her body!

      The doctor then said, "I think you should still have a very serious inflammation there, if not treated in a timely manner, it is likely to endanger your prostate and your reproductive system, so to be on the safe side I'll prescribe some tests for you, you go as soon as possible, and when the results are out, we'll target treatment according to your actual situation."

      Saying that, the doctor sighed and added, "The most worrying thing is actually AIDS, because nowadays AIDS is latent for a longer period of time, so, but it's not distinguishable from the naked eye, if you have AIDS, then this cure can be a lifelong thing."

      Xiao Chang Qian was about to collapse at this point!

      Ever since Qian Hongyan came back, she had only been with her once, but I didn't expect to infect myself with so many problems in one go.

      If it wasn't for Wu Donghai backing her up, I would have to kill her if I went back!


When Xiao Changqian came out of the hospital room with a pile of laboratory application forms, the old lady hurried forward to catch up with him, "What did the doctor say?How's it going?Is there anything serious?"

      Xiao Changqian originally didn't quite want to tell the old lady, but when he thought that the old lady would definitely want to look at all kinds of test reports later, he couldn't hide it even if he wanted to, so he cryptically said, "The doctor told me that it's very likely that I have gonorrhea and syphilis, as well as some inflammation, and I can't even rule out the possibility of AIDS ......"

      As soon as Old Lady Xiao heard this, her face showed fear and she subconsciously took a few steps back.

      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

      As a result, I didn't expect old lady Xiao to hurriedly wave her hands and said in fear: "You leave me alone, don't touch me, AIDS is something that kills, I haven't lived long enough ......".

      Xiao Changqian's face was ugly, and he realized that his mother was afraid that she had infected her.

      This mother of his own, she really is very realistic ah!

      So he had to sigh and said, "Mom, in that case, you can wait for me here, I'll go do the checkup myself."

      Old Mrs. Xiao was busy saying, "Oh my, I'm old and a bit tired, I'm going home first, remember to take pictures and send them to my WeChat first time when the test results come out."

      Actually, Old Mrs. Xiao was not tired, she was really scared.

      What the old lady was most afraid of after living until now was death.

      Anything that had to do with death, or had the potential to kill her or make her lose her life, she would avoid and respect from afar.

      Now that she heard that her eldest son might have AIDS, the first thing she thought of was not her son's safety, but her own.

      Xiao Changqian also knew what kind of person his mother was, and sighed helplessly and spoke, "It doesn't matter if you go back, but you have to give me some money ah, otherwise how am I going to pay the examination fee later ah, in case the doctor wants to prescribe me medicine or something, I still need medical expenses!"

      As Old Mrs. Xiao walked out, she said without turning back, "I'll immediately use WeChat to transfer 10,000 yuan to you first, if it's not enough, you can talk to me again."

      After saying that, the person was already out of the men's department.

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

      The most important issue for him is to confirm what kind of diseases he has got.

      The gonorrhea and syphilis are not a big deal, the most important thing is to go through more trouble and suffer more, as long as you don't get AIDS, then everything will be fine.

      He felt that if he really got AIDS, his life would be over, and he could just go home and kill Qian Hongyan directly ......

      Xiao Changqian stayed in the hospital for an afternoon, doing a bunch of various tests, and the conclusion he finally got was almost the same as the doctor's initial judgment.The mobile phone one second to remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      First of all, gonorrhea and syphilis were confirmed.

      Secondly, the urinary tract infection is also very serious.

      In addition, there is a certain amount of ulceration and suppuration.

      But fortunately there was no AIDS.

      Immediately afterwards, the doctor prepared a treatment plan for him, starting with a 14-day long first stage treatment cycle.


From today to the next fourteen days, he had to come to the hospital every day for an infusion, and every day he had to infuse five or six bottles of liquid.

      Xiao Changqian hurriedly asked, "Doctor, can you stop my itching with the upper medicine today?I'm not going to lie to you, I'm all fucking itchy at the moment, this itchy and piercing, I don't know what's going on, the more I scratch, the more itchy I get ......"

      The doctor said, "This disease is all very itchy, it's already ulcerated, pus and inflamed, plus the focus is in a sensitive area, it must be oddly itchy, but don't worry, if you use the medicine today, this itching will be relieved to some extent."

      Said the doctor, "From now on, you must definitely avoid seafood, spicy food, alcohol, and smoking, otherwise, there will be a great possibility of worsening the condition."

      As soon as Xiao Changqian heard this, he immediately said to the doctor, "Doctor, I ate a dozen or twelve abalone for lunch and drank more than half a kilogram of Maotai, so there won't be anything wrong, right?"

      After hearing this, the doctor immediately said with a straight face, "Do you want to die?Didn't know these were hair products?And eat seafood, you can't even eat seaweed, you know?"

      Xiao Changqian cried and said, "Hey, I don't know ah, I want to know that I have these diseases myself, you kill me, I don't dare to eat or drink ah ......"

      The doctor sighed and said, "Okay, it can't be treated today, you can go back."

      Xiao Changqian was anxious and said out of his mouth, "Why can't the doctor treat it today?I'm itching like hell, so hurry up and treat me or I'll be sure to scratch it!"

      The doctor shook his head and said, "Your treatment for this disease is to inject a lot of antibiotics, but how can I give you antibiotics when you've been drinking?Have you ever heard of a disulfiram-like reaction?The cephalosporin antibiotics go in here, and there's an immediate reaction there, that's going to kill you, do you want to itch for one more day, or do you want to be accountable here today?"

      Xiao Chang Qian was about to cry.

      Itchy as this bird and still can't use medicine, isn't that like killing yourself?

      So he begged, "Doctor, give me some anti-itch medicine more or less, otherwise I won't be able to carry it ......"

      The doctor sighed and said, "Let's say, I'll give you some cleaning solution, you can go back and use it first, it will more or less stop the itching."

      After saying that, the doctor said, "Right, I have to instruct you, don't scratch it, because it is already broken itself, if you scratch it, it will be more serious, the pus and blood flowing out are containing a lot of bacteria, which may cause your affected area to spread and spread, and the situation is getting worse, if the area of the ulceration is getting bigger and bigger, a serious infection may be septicemia, that will also beDangerous to life."

      Xiao Changqian wiped a tear, "What a sin ......In good health, how could something like this happen ......"

      The doctor lamented and said, "In the end, it is necessary to start with personal hygiene, and that aspect of life must pay more attention to protecting yourself, never go out to that kind of street place to seek flowers again."

      Xiao Changqian couldn't say, how did he get this disease, he could only nod: "Thank you doctor, I know ......"

      The doctor hmmmed and asked him again, "By the way, I see that at your age, you should be married already, right?"

      Xiao Changqian nodded his head.

      When the doctor saw him nodding and acknowledging it, he said, "It's better to quickly bring your loved one to the hospital as well to check it out, this disease is extremely contagious, and if you get caught outside, you can easily infect your loved one when you get home."first issue

      Xiao Changqian was worse than death at this point, and a wave of anger rushed straight to the heavens.

      I infected her?

      Shit, she gave me all this shit!

      That fucking bitch.

      I'll kill her when I get back!


Xiao Changqian endured the itching and rushed home when Qian Hongyan was cooking dinner.

      She saw that Xiao Changqian liked to eat the abalone she made at noon, so she prepared to continue to please him, so when Xiao Changqian went out with the old lady in the afternoon, she went to the market again.

      This time, she bought a king crab for Xiao Changqian. The king crab is large, meaty and delicious, and is Xiao Changqian's favorite.

      The king crab is not cheap, and the large one she bought is over two thousand.

      Originally, Qian Hongyan didn't have much money left and gave it all to the old lady, but she had a bright idea and stole another high-end imported cooking machine from the kitchen, along with two bottles of Maotai wine from the underground wine cellar and sold them for 20,000 yuan.

      Qian Hongyan planned that the rest of the money would not be reported to the old lady, saving it to go to the hospital tomorrow for an abortion and to cure herself of another STD by the way.

      The old lady didn't bother to settle the accounts with Qian Hongyan when she went home, she bought a lot of disinfectant on the way, and once she arrived home, she went straight back to her room and started to disinfect and sterilize her room, corridor, bathroom and terrace in all directions.

      Until she received Xiao Changqian's examination report, confirming that he did not have AIDS, the old lady was still unsure, and used alcohol to wipe all the places she could touch again.

      At this time, Xiao Changqian entered the door with a black face.

      As soon as he entered the door, he smelled the fishy and fresh smell of crabs.

      He was wondering, when Qian Hongyan came out from the kitchen wearing an apron and said with a smile, "Oh my, husband you're back?I have steamed you your favorite king crab oh, tonight you have to eat a little more oh, if you like to drink, and then drink half a bottle of Maotai, how nourishing ah."

      Xiao Changqian was already angry and half-dead, and when he heard this, he was even more angry that his entire body almost exploded.

      You stinky bitch screwed me over at noon, and at night you want to give me seafood and white wine!

      By the way, I still haven't told you about the disease you gave me!

      Thinking of this[penpal], Xiao Changqian immediately rushed up and smacked Qian Hongyan's face with a slap, directly smacking her to the ground.

      Before Qian Hongyan could react, Xiao Changqian rode on top of her, furiously slapping her left and right, and the slap was simply as if it was free of money, hitting her to death.

      Qian Hongyan was beaten to the point of screaming, and the entire villa was like killing a pig.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei hurriedly rushed out from their respective rooms, and once they saw their parents fighting again, they rushed forward to pull the fight out.

      Xiao Hailong couldn't help but say, "Dad, what's wrong with you again?Aren't you separated from Mom?Why are we fighting again?"

      "Yes Dad!"Xiao Weiwei also hurriedly said, "Mr. Wu specifically explained that the two of you must not fight internally, what if he blames it on you!"

      Xiao Chang Qian smashed his fist on Qian Hongyan's face and cursed angrily, "Fuck me Wu Donghai, even the King of Heaven can't stop me from hitting her today!"

      Saying that, he cursed angrily, "You shameless bitch, infecting me with a disease and deliberately cooking seafood for me.Are you trying to get me killed?I haven't even counted all the cuckoldry you've put on me, and you've got the nerve to do it to me!"

      When Qian Hongyan heard this, she was confused!

      She cried, "Honey I really didn't know, you're sick!If I knew that, you'd kill me, I wouldn't be able to cook seafood for you!"

      Xiao Chang Qian smacked her as he gritted his teeth and scolded, "You're still pretending with me, do you have a disease yourself or not?"

      Qian Hongyan cried: "I did get sick, but I didn't think I could infect you, after all, we've been together only once since I came back, after that, every time you asked me to have sex, I refused every time, you played tricks on me, insisted on doing something with me, I also found all kinds of excuses to refuse, why?Isn't it just that you're afraid of infecting you?"

      Xiao Changqian smacked another slap across the face and cursed angrily, "You've fucking infected me, don't you know?"

      Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei were almost on the verge of collapsing in embarrassment.

      From this meaning, mom had infected dad with an STD ......

      Where did this venereal disease come from?Of course they both knew it by heart.

      The STD, and the baby in the mother's womb, must have come from the same place.


Someone as shameless as Xiao Hailong felt his face burning at this point.

      What the fuck do you call this?

      Xiao Weiwei was also so helpless that she was now completely unsure whether or not to pull a fight.

      Pulling a fight, feeling sorry for dad.

      Don't pull it off and feel sorry for your mom.

      It really is a human tragedy.

      Xiao Changqian grabbed Qian Hongyan's head and beat her for ten minutes in a row until she fainted, and only then did she stop panting.

      Qian Hongyan was already unconscious at this time, and Old Mrs. Xiao had just finished disinfecting the entire room, and when she came down and saw the scene below, she immediately said to Xiao Changqian, "How could you beat her to death?"

      Xiao Chang Qian said in aggravation, "Mom, this bitch trapped me so badly, can't I still beat her up?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao grumbled, "You can just teach her a lesson, how can you hit her so hard?What if Mr. Wu finds out and blames them?What if Wu thinks our family is of no use to him?Aren't you joking with your whole family's future and future?"

      Xiao Hailong suddenly understood at this time and said offhandedly, "Yes dad, what if General Manager Wu finds out about this?If he gets angry, he might withdraw the villa and all the money invested in our Xiao Group, and then we'll have to live on the streets again!"

      Xiao Changqian's expression was black and white, depressed incomparably said: "Okay, first call an ambulance, send her to the hospital, this bitch is not still abortion?Just in time for this one to come together!"

      Qian Hongyan was sent to the hospital overnight, and only after some resuscitation was she regained consciousness.

      After Wu Donghai heard his assistant report on this matter, his entire body shivered.

      This family was simply the dirtiest, most disgusting, stupid and disgusting family that he had ever seen in this world.

      Five mouths of people were constantly refreshing their own lower limits!

      He even sadly realized that he could use any tactic to deal with Ye Chen now.

      Whether it was the lower ninth-rate Xiao family or the Eight Heavenly Kings among the people, they didn't seem to pose any threat to Ye Chen.

      Even the eight heavenly kings were inferior to the Xiao family.

      At least the Xiao family was still alive, but when the Eight Heavenly Kings went out, they were all fucking dead.

      Now that the Wu family had lost the Eight Heavenly Kings, it could be said that they were suffering from internal and external problems.

      Coupled with the effects of their previous reputation, the Wu family's stock has been falling non-stop.

      Now their market value has saved over 200 billion, all the way down to less than 100 billion.

      Right now, the Wu family was no longer even comparable to the Song family in terms of strength.

      Moreover, it was certain that the Wu family was no longer the number one family in Jiangnan now.

      If it continued like this, it would most likely fall out of the sequence of first-tier families.

      At that time, the Wu Family would truly plummet and never rise again.

      Wu Xin was also very depressed.

      He was already very fond of Song Wanting, and thought that Song Wanting would be a high achiever if she married him.

      But now it seemed that if Song Wanting married himself, it would be a high climb for him ......

      He couldn't help but ask Wu Donghai, "Dad, do you think there is still hope for me and Song Wanting?"



Hearing his son's question, Wu Donghai had mixed feelings.

      Just a short time ago, he had felt that it was an honor for the Song family that his son could be interested in Song Wanting.

      But now, he felt in his heart again that it was impossible for Song Wanting to be interested in his son.

      The current Wu family had not only shrunk severely, but more importantly, its reputation had been completely ruined.

      Coupled with the unexplained death of the Eight Heavenly Kings in Changbai Mountain, how could the Wu family still compare to the Song family now?

      So now I don't hold any hope at all that I can marry Song Wanting home as a daughter-in-law.

      It's just a pity that he's a son, he still seems to be a bit ignorant of himself.

      When the Wu family was in its heyday, people didn't even agree, let alone now.

      If you think about it, your son not only has no self-awareness, but also lacks control and understanding of the situation.

      It seems that the old man was right, the Wu family is really deteriorating from generation to generation.

      Now that the Wu family is in his hands, it has shrunk by half, and if it is passed on to his son in the future, it might be reduced to a third-rate family.

      So he told Wu Xin, "Now is not the time to deal with the child's love, let's find a way to get the Wu family through this first, once the Wu family eases up, we can go on to discuss the marriage with the Song family."

      Wu Xin nodded his head and sighed, "If we can bind ourselves to the Song family, then we'll have a better time."

      Wu Donghai sighed and thought to himself, this son of his can really think of good things.

      People don't want to hang out with you when you're in the limelight, let alone when you're in trouble.

      But this he did not tell his son, because the family is already like this, he did not want to continue to undermine his confidence and motivation.

      In fact, this was where Wu Donghai was not as good as the old man.

      Or it was the key to the Wu family being weaker than one generation.

      When Master Wu was out on his own to make his way in the world, he had to face and carry everything on his own.

      But when he fought to make a career, he began to feel sorry for his son, and felt that a lot of unnecessary suffering, it is natural that there is no need for his son to taste, there is a strong foundation that he paved for him, he has absolutely no reason to suffer.

      But the point is that the reason why the older generation is so awesome at starting businesses is because they are so good at suffering.

      It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time.

      It was also the only way to practice one's truly great skills.

      It was a pity that by the time they reached Wu Donghai's generation, they would no longer have the opportunity to endure that kind of test.

      By the time they reached Wu Xin's generation, they didn't even know what suffering was anymore.


      Ye Chen came back and lived a peaceful life as before.

      He called Han Meiqing's son, Paul, and he went to Wei's Pharmaceuticals with him.

      Wei's Pharmaceutical is one of the largest Chinese patent medicine enterprises in Jiangnan, and used to develop a lot of Chinese patent medicines that were popular in China.

      However, in recent years, the country's proprietary Chinese medicines are going downhill, mainly Japan and South Korea as the representative of the Chinese medicine has gradually become the mainstream.

      Whether it was proprietary Chinese medicine or Chinese prescription medicine, the real kernel was actually the Chinese medicine dictionary left behind by the Chinese ancestors.

      Ye Chen had a lot of very powerful prescriptions in his hands.Taking them out first might even cause a major earthquake, so he wasn't prepared to shock the world, he was just going to take out some of the more classical ones that dealt with everyday illnesses, and let Wei's Pharmaceuticals make a few best-selling drugs first.


But before giving the prescriptions to Wei Liang, the shares must be changed over.

      These prescriptions were the ones that were truly worth a fortune, and probably any prescription could be exchanged for several or even a dozen of Wei's pharmaceutical wealth.

      As soon as Paul received his call and heard that he had asked for his help, he agreed to do so without asking what it was about.

      The two of them made an appointment to meet the next morning at Thomson One.

      Xiao Changkun knew that he was going to meet with Paul, and his heart immediately itched.

      He had been eager to see Han Meiqing ever since Malan had returned these days, but he hadn't dared to see her.

      Because he was afraid that after Malan knew that Han Meiqing had returned home, the shrew's skills would explode and then he would go looking for Han Meiqing's trouble.

      So after he knew that Ye Chen was going to meet Paul, he asked him privately, "Good son-in-law, are you going out with Paul to do something with your Aunt Han this time?"

      Ye Chen smiled helplessly and said, "Of course Auntie Han isn't going, Dad, if you want to see Auntie Han, you can ask her out yourself!"

      Xiao Changkun said awkwardly, "I don't dare!"

      Ye Chen sighed and said, "Then there's nothing I can do to help ......"

      Xiao Changkun begged, "Good son-in-law, can't you find a chance to set up a game so that I can meet with your Aunt Han?"

      Ye Chen said, "It can be, but I'm afraid that Choran will be angry when she finds out."

      Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, "Just don't tell her, won't you!"

      Ye Chen said seriously, "Even if you don't tell her about this kind of thing for a while, she'll still find out sooner or later, and when he finds out that we've been doing these things behind her back, she'll definitely be very angry."

      As he was saying that, Ye Chen's phone rang, it was a call from Paul.

      He just wanted to get rid of his tattle-tale father-in-law quickly, so he hurriedly said to him, "Dad, I won't talk to you yet, Paul is already here to pick me up, I have to leave now."

      After saying that, without waiting for him to open his mouth, Ye Chen rushed out the door.

      By the time he arrived outside the main entrance of Thomson, Paul was already waiting in his Rolls Royce.

      Seeing Ye Chen come out, he hurriedly waved at him and said in a very respectful manner, "Master Ye, I'm here!"

      Ye Chen nodded and stepped forward, pulling open the door and sitting in.

      Paul wore a very formal suit today, and he even wore a tie.

      I can tell that this suit of his is still very good, it should be a tailor-made style from some big brand or a high-end tailor.

      Paul asked Ye Chen, "Master Ye, what kind of cooperation do we have with you from the Weis Pharmaceuticals we went to today?"

      Ye Chen said, "Weis Pharmaceuticals is going to give up 80 shares to me, and I want you to be my legal advisor and help me through all the contracts and legal processes."

      Paul was shocked after hearing this.

      He had heard of Wei's Pharmaceuticals, this company, although it was not considered to be any of the top 500 companies in the country, but at least it was a large company with a market value of billions of dollars, was Ye Chen going to acquire 80 shares of this company?

      So he asked Ye Chen, "Master Ye, what is the purchase price of your 80 shares?"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "It doesn't cost anything to acquire these 80 shares, but I'm going to provide them with a prescription."

      "Ah?Not a penny to spend, just a prescription?"Paul felt unimaginable, after all, it was a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company, Ye Chen didn't give anyone any money and took 80 shares of someone else's shares just based on the prescription, this was too awesome, what kind of prescription would have to be of such awesome value.

      "Right."Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Trust me, my prescription is worth more than their pharmacy."


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