Lost Young Master 296


Chapter 296

"You don't even understand private clubs."Ye Fan was a little speechless, but he didn't know how to explain.

Just when Ye Fan was having a hard time how to open his mouth, his phone rang.

When he saw the caller ID, Ye Fan couldn't help but be stunned and picked up the phone in a hurry, "Qiu Yu?What can I do for you?"

It was Li Qiuyu who called, it's been almost half a year since I've contacted him, how come it's so sudden.

"I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who are interested in you," she said.

The corner of Ye Fan's mouth ticked: "What?Don't you miss me?"

"I....Of course I miss you too."Li Qiuyu's voice got smaller and smaller, and Ye Fan could imagine how Li Qiuyu blushed.

"That's good, you post the location later, I'll bring some friends over to see it."Ye Fan said and hung up the phone.

Right after that, Ye Fan opened his phone and searched for Xiao Coco's picture on the Internet, and the screen was facing the Daily Brothers: "Do you know her?"

"Who isn't this, the current popular star."Tianyi saw the photo showed an infatuated smile: "What's the matter, brother is fancy this, if you fall in love I won't earn with you, Xiao Coco and the other two sisters, all of them look beautiful." One second to remember to read the book


Ye Fan raised his hand and slapped Tian Yi's big bald head, laughing and scolding, "Don't think too much, these are all my women.It was their manager who called me just now, saying that they're coming to Moodoo for a concert, so let's go watch the concert."

"Huh?Brother Ye is so capable, so many little sisters have gotten their hands on him, that's awesome!"Tianyi had a look of envy, but agreed to go to the concert.

"Ringing bell!"

As soon as he sent the Tiantian brothers away, Ye Fan's phone rang again, and Ye Fan picked up the phone somewhat speechlessly, "Who is it?"

"It's me, Monique, did brother miss me."Lin Mengqi's voice came from the other end of the phone.

"What's the matter with you, you little girl?"Ye Fan didn't think that Lin Mengqi would still take the initiative to call him.

Lin Mengqi explained, "Sister Yue'er and I came to see the concert in Mudou, I just looked through your friend circle and saw that you're also in Mudou ah, why, let's go together to see if?"

"A concert?You're not talking about Xiao Coco and the others' concert, are you."Ye Fan directly associated it with Li Qiuyu who had just called.

"You can even guess this, awesome."Lin Mengqi praised, "Yeah, they're on fire now, do you want to go see them?"

"I was supposed to meet up with my brothers to see it, so let's go together, you guys can wait for me at a hotel called Old Tree Pan Root, I'll bring my brothers over at about 5 pm."

The sun was setting and the day arrived at 5pm without anything happening, Xiao Yi arrived at the Old Tree Pan Root Hotel as promised, there was already a group of women in the hotel lobby, not only Lin Mengqi and Shangguan Yue, but also He Mengmeng and the three women from Muzhu.

Xiao Yi is a little surprised but also readily accepted, after all, wood bamboo to see the concert naturally with three women, three women to protect the safety of He Mengmeng, want to be so brought.

It is reasonable that women should be extraordinarily jealous to meet, but Lin Mengqi Shangguan Yue and He Mengmeng is getting along well, even He Mengmeng told a lot of Ye Fan childhood embarrassment, Ye Fan is very helpless, but He Mengmeng also helpless.

Six King Kong has seen all the women is not surprised, but the brothers were very surprised, praised Ye Fan good luck.

The crowd of more than ten people went to the concert site, the concert for three days, today is only the first day, some people have not yet received the news, so there is not a lot of people, just more than 30,000 people came, the venue is 80,000 people field, there is still a large half of no one.

Ye Fan and the others found a good place to enjoy the concert.

On stage, Xiao Coco, Han Dong'er, and Zhou Leya were all acting very mature, and had improved a lot from their youthfulness at the beginning of the concert, and Ye Fan was also enjoying watching.

But halfway through the concert, but suddenly a group of people rushed onto the stage, and rushed straight to Zhou Leya.

"Fuck, Tiger you have to go to the rescue!"

Ye Fan was in a great hurry, the gang came from an unknown source, if the danger to Zhou Leya could be finished.

A tiger reaction extremely fast, faster than the reaction of the tiger is to have become a martial artist's wooden bamboo.

I saw a step on the wooden bamboo, directly shattered the floor, the figure is fiercely rushed out, almost in the blink of an eye, rushed onto the stage, than the speed of the 100 meters champion are a lot faster.

Zhou Leya in the face of danger, supporting the scene: "fans are too enthusiastic, will send you autographed photos later, please get off the stage and sit down first."

"Little girl, my young master has a crush on you, what bullshit concert, quickly give my young master as a concubine."The one led by the six black-clothed men sneered.

Muzhu flipped over and rushed up, kicking to kick the black-clothed men off the stage.

But what Ye Fan didn't expect was that the black-clothed man actually lightly stretched out his palm, and then there was a loud 'bang' sound, and a large mouthful of blood spurted out from where Mu Zhu flew backwards.

"How is this possible!"Ye Fan was open-minded, Muzhu was a real martial artist, how could he not be able to beat the other party's light palm?

"District Outer Strength scum dares to learn from someone else's heroic rescue, you can practice for a few more decades."The man in black laughed disdainfully and ran to pounce on Zhou Leya again.

"Everyone on!"The Heavenly Brothers also arrived on the stage, and United Tiger pounced on the man in black.

"Be careful, this man is an expert in inner strength!"

Mu Zhu warned, but it was clearly too late, as the black-clothed man waved his large hand like a shadowless hand, striking eight slaps in a row.


The Heavenly Brothers and Tiger flew out in response and fell to the ground, not knowing if they were alive or dead.

"Tiger!Tin Tin Brothers!"Ye Fan shouted and rushed to the stage at the moment, he knew he was nothing, a messy move would definitely be a move to finish him off, in a rush he instead became more calm.

"Who the hell are you guys sent here, do you know that I am the young master of Ye Island, these are my people!"Ye Fan had no choice but to show his identity, he had no other choice.

The other party was a martial artist, so perhaps when he heard Ye Island's prestigious name, he would probably retreat.

"Ye Island?"As soon as the black-clothed man who was the leader changed his look, he saw the necklace around Ye Fan's neck, which was indeed Ye Island's special logo.

Seeing that it worked, Ye Fan couldn't help but feel relieved in his heart, he was afraid that the other party didn't know Ye Island's prestigious name.

But what he didn't expect was that the black-clothed man who headed it directly jumped at him and raised his hand to slap him directly on the head.

"Ye Island traitors all deserve to die, give me death!"


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