His True Colors Chapter 451-453


His True Colors Chapter 451

Seeing the other party take action, the people around Han Qianli, fearing that they would be brought down by the calamity, all hid far away, as they said, Han Qianli himself wanted to stay and beg for a beating, they wouldn't help.

        "This guy, he really doesn't listen to advice, does he have to take a beating to be happy?"

        "Young people nowadays, they really don't know what's good for them."

        "I don't think that's necessarily true, since he's so confident to stay, he might not have really put these people in his eyes."

        Some people were down on their luck, but others had certain expectations of Han Marchand, but unfortunately, such thoughts were not shared by the majority of the people, and instead drew a snort of laughter.

        "What's the joke, the other party is six people, look at that muscle, can he be compared to him?"

        "Yeah, yeah, such an obvious difference, as long as you're not blind, you can see it."

        At this time, the man who called himself Lin Yong's subordinate, his massive fist was already fast hailing Han 3,000's face.

        He thought he was too fast, so Han 3,000 wasn't even able to dodge, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        With this kind of trash, he was able to take care of it all by himself, and he didn't know how the flower-armed man had been planted in his hands.

        "This brat isn't stupid, how come he's not moving at all?" The flower-armed man said with a puzzled look on his face, the last time was not like this, could it be that he was terrified, so he didn't even have the desire to fight back?

        Just when everyone thought that Han Giang had taken a fixed punch, he left his head slightly, his cheek and fist avoiding it by a hair's breadth.

        The person who threw the empty punch still didn't know what was going on, how could a punch that had clearly been fixed hit nothing?

        Being stunned, Han Qianli's voice suddenly came from his ears, "What are you staring at, continue."

        The man felt humiliated, his face set, withdrew his fist, and gathered momentum again.

        A few punches were thrown in succession, each time being dodged by Han Qianqian by a hair's breadth, making him feel very suffocated, he was like an eel, he would slip through his fingers even though he was already caught in the hand.

        "What's going on, why can't you keep hitting people?"

        "Yeah, that's too weird, why did he dodge it when he was obviously going to hit it?"

        The onlookers were also very strange, they were watching with third party vision, every punch was bound to hit, but in the end, nothing happened, it was too weird.

        "What are you guys waiting for, hurry up and help." The man knew he had been tricked by Han Qianli and could only greet his companions to join him.

        The six of them all came together, leaving almost no room for Han Three Thousand to defend himself, but even so, a few minutes passed and Han Three Thousand still wasn't under any attack, he was like a tightrope walking on a cliff, to outsiders, wobbly and ready to fall off at any moment, but he couldn't fall off.

        "Rubbish, do you only know how to hide?" After the man stopped his hand, he gritted his teeth and said to Han Giangli.

        "What do you mean, you want me to make a move?" Han Giangli asked with a raised eyebrow.

        A very ominous premonition surfaced in the flower-armed man's heart, so many people without even touching a hair on his head, if he made a move, would six people be enough for him to fight?

        Although the flower-armed man was very confident in bringing someone to avenge his death, he had become very apprehensive inside after the earlier encounter.

        The current situation was like an expert teasing a group of children, they were panting from the fight, but they hadn't even touched Han Qianli once, and this was without Han Qianli making a move.

        "Come on, let me see what you're capable of, you piece of trash." The man said.

        "Fine, I'll show you what it means to be an expert." Han Qianli smiled faintly.

        The crowd of onlookers were all nervous, although they said they greatly disliked Han 3,000, after experiencing the images of the six failed attacks, their inner disdain changed, perhaps he really didn't take these people seriously?

        At this time, Han Qianli's Qi suddenly changed abruptly, power infused into his legs, instantly exploding with astonishing strength and speed, but in the blink of an eye for a moment, he had already rushed in front of that person.

        The man only felt a blur before his eyes, suddenly there was an additional person, and before he could react, a sharp pain ripped through his chest, while his entire body, like a kite with a broken string, flew backwards a few meters away.

        Watching the dust fly on the ground, the onlookers were all jaw dropping in shock.

        If one of his strikes was a man down, wouldn't it be that if he struck six times, the opponent would all be on the ground six times?

        "My goodness, is it any wonder there are still martial arts experts?"

        "This young man can't be a martial arts expert, no wonder he didn't put these people in his sights."

        "I thought martial arts was fake, but I didn't think it was real?"

        The shocked and startled voices of the melon eaters kept ringing out, and similarly, Han Third Thousand's offensive didn't stop, hitting those people like a violent storm.

        Han 3,000, who was originally weak in everyone's mind, proved his strength with his fists in less than two minutes, and all six of the opponent's people, without exception, fell, while he stood straight up in a stance that topped the sky!

        What it meant to be a true man, right now Han Marchan's appearance was the perfect illustration.

        "F**k, fierce, too fierce."

        "He actually got it done by himself, he's really not bragging."

        "Too powerful, I don't know if he'll accept disciples, I want to be his disciple ah."

        Many of the melon eaters stared at the unbelievable scene, it almost made their eyes fall out.

        Fewer than a few who had believed in Han Qianli from the start looked as if they were proud of him at the moment.

        "I've already said that these few people are definitely not his match, you still don't believe it, now do you?"

        The people standing next to the one who spoke were nodding their heads like garlic, the facts were right in front of them, where could they not believe?

        "Believe believe believe."

        "You have a good eye, and my eyes, which are going blind, have underestimated him."

        "I hope he doesn't hear what I just said, I'm guilty of looking down on such a tall man."

        Han Giangli looked at the flower-armed man lying on the ground and said to him, "Remember to call for more people the next time you want revenge."

        The flower-armed big man was remorseful, had he known he was so powerful, he shouldn't have had the idea of revenge, all the friends he could call today, how could he go looking for help?

        And the Flower-Armed Big Man seriously doubted that even if he called ten more people, he might not be able to be an opponent ah, so at this moment, he no longer had the slightest desire for revenge, he just hoped that today would be less painful and Han Qianqian could let them go.

        The flower-armed man confessed, but the man who claimed to be under Lin Yong's command wasn't convinced yet.

        He claimed externally that he had followed Lin Yong and got many envious and adoring looks, and in those people's eyes, he was like an idol, so how could he be so casually humiliated?

        The man grimly stood up, his body appearing shaky, and said to Han Qianli, "Kid, you're a bit f**king capable, but so what if you can fight, do you know who I am?"

        "Oh?" Han Giangli looked at the man with interest and asked, "I really don't know, why don't you tell me and scare me."

        The man tugged at the corners of his mouth, smiled coldly, and said, "I'm Lin Yong's subordinate, and I'm still the right-hand man kind, do you know what's going to happen if you dare to hit me?"

        This sentence made Han Qianqian stunned, while the onlookers who were eating the melons were directly scared white.

        Although the supreme figure in the grey area of Cloud City was Mo Yang, Lin Yong's reputation was also very strong, after all, he was Mo Yang's best man, and even if he was just Lin Yong's man, he had a very high status in Cloud City, and not just anyone could provoke him.

        Many people wanted Han Qianxiang to run away quickly, because the consequences of provoking Lin Yong's men were very serious, this was not a fist that was useful, no matter how hard it was, could it be tougher than Lin Yong's hundreds or thousands of men?

        But not a single person dared to open their mouths to persuade Han 3,000 to leave quickly, they were afraid of setting fire to this matter, and it wasn't impossible for their families to be destroyed.

        "Scared? If you're afraid, kneel down and apologize to me and let me give you a good beating." Seeing Han Qianqiang stunned, the man said proudly.

His True Colors Chapter 452

It wasn't because of fear that Han Qianli was stunned, he just felt strange, if this guy was really Lin Yong's henchman and was his right hand man, he should be frequenting the Magic City, and since he was often seen in the Magic City, there was no reason why he hadn't seen him before.

        The only explanation Han Qianli could think of was that this guy was bragging, he might have some relationship with Lin Yong, but he was by no means Lin Yong's henchman.

        "You're actually so powerful that you even know Lin Yong." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Hearing this bragging, the smug look on that man's face became even thicker as he said, "Now that you know how powerful I am, you're not going to kneel down and apologize."

        Han Qianli shook his head faintly and said, "Even if Lin Yong came, he wouldn't have the guts to make me apologize, so what are you?"

        "Kid, how dare you disrespect Brother Yong?" The man gritted his teeth as he looked at Han Qianqian, not expecting to move out Lin Yong's banner, but this guy didn't compromise either, it used to be a very useful tactic.

        "Why don't you let Lin Yong come and see if he dares to make me apologize?" Han Marchant said.

        The man's eyes flashed with a hint of panic, he was completely bragging when he said he was under Lin Yong, how was he qualified to have Lin Yong come out because of him?

        Could it be that he noticed he was bragging and that's why he dared to be so rampant?

        "Hmph, even a little character like you has the right to see Brother Yong?" The man said.

        Han Giangli could be more certain that he was bragging, and there was no telling how many bad things he had done under Lin Yong's banner, so let's just let Lin Yong clean up the mess anyway.

        "If you don't call, let me do it." After saying that, Han Qianqian pulled out the phone.

        This scene made the onlookers boil again, did he also know Lin Yong? It would be so interesting to see who Lin Yong would help if that was the case, if he did come?

        "This good show is really getting more and more exciting, but it actually involves a big man like Lin Yong."

        "In my opinion, these two might be bragging, how can Lin Yong be someone they can casually call in?"

        "I don't think so, he's really calling, if he can't call Lin Yong, he's still losing his face."

        The crowd of onlookers were divided into two factions regarding the matter of whether or not Han Third Thousand could call Lin Yong, some thought he was bragging, while others thought he really could call Lin Yong.

        At this point, it was the one who claimed to be Lin Yong's subordinate who had the most complicated feelings, Han 3000 took out the phone with a decent look, he wasn't sure if this guy was real or not, but he was a real liar.

        If he really called Lin Yong, then the previous bragging, can be all broken, don't want to have a chance to raise your head in front of your friends later.

        The flower-armed man walked up to the man and asked, "You're Lin Yong's man, he's Lin Yong's friend, haven't you seen him before?"

        The man said stiffly, "And you really believe him? I took the phone and said I knew Mo Yang, can you believe that?"

        The flower-armed man shook his head repeatedly, but Mo Yang belonged to the top people, how could they, small characters, have the chance to get to know him.

        "Do you mean that he's bragging?" The flower-armed man said.

        "Sure." The man cut him off and said, desperately hoping that Han 3000 was bragging, or else his lies would be nakedly exposed to everyone today.

        After the call was connected, Han 3,000 said to Lin Yong, "There's a man here who claims to be one of your men and wants me to kneel down and apologize to him, what do you think should be done?"

        Lin Yong, who hadn't woken up yet, was confused, after all it was still morning and he had just recently fallen asleep, but after hearing Han Qianqian's words, his entire body instantly became a hundred times more energetic.

        "Brother Three Thousand, no way." Lin Yong asked, the person who dared to mess around outside under his banner definitely belonged to a close friend, and since he was a close friend, there was no reason why he didn't even know Han Qianqian.

        "Do you want to come over and deal with it yourself?" Han 3000 said.

        "Come, I'll be right there." Lin Yong said and quickly dressed, not daring to delay for even a second.

        After Han 3,000 hung up the phone, he smiled and said to the man, "Lin Yong will be here soon, are you going to run now, or keep waiting?"

        The muscles in that man's face trembled straight up, and the more confidence Han Marchand showed, the more guilty he became.

        "How could I possibly run? Don't you scare me." The man said with forced composure, if he ran away and lost face, who would look up to him in the future?

        "A bit of guts, but you'd be wrong to bet that I'm bragging," Han Three Thousand Thousand said, then walked up to the soybean milk fritter shop and bought one for himself to eat first.

        Judging from the surface performance, Han Three Thousand's calm and confident appearance was more convincing to the onlookers, but on the other hand, the man's expression was obviously very ugly and even his body was shaking, clearly becoming more and more guilty.

        The original people who bought breakfast are some office workers, after buying soy milk fritters should be rushed to the company, but now no one is willing to leave, they all want to see what the final outcome of the matter is.

        When she arrived, Han Qianxiang was already drinking soymilk and eating fritters, ignorant of everything that had happened before, but the atmosphere of the scene made her feel a little strange.

        Walking over to Han Qianqian, Qi Ran asked, "Did the last guy come to seek revenge on you?"

        "Yeah, but it didn't work." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Qi Ran gave a guilty glance at the flower-armed man and asked softly, "What do you mean it didn't work out, what are they doing?"

        "Wait, wait for a good show." Han Giangli smiled.

        A good show?

        Qi Ran, who didn't know the cause and effect, was in a fog, but she came today to properly thank Han Qianqiang, because their company's cooperation with Weakwater Real Estate had been negotiated, and although she was a newcomer, she was very highly regarded by her boss after completing this impossible task, and now she had been directly promoted to the top of the company, and Huang Tingting had been fired by her boss straight away, which was a great pleasure.

        "When are you free, I'll buy you dinner." Qi Ran asked.

        Han Qianqiang knew that their company had negotiated a partnership with Weakwater Real Estate, and Qi Ran should have wanted to thank him by inviting him to dinner, but Han Qianqiang didn't want any rewards when she did this.

        "No need, the cooperation has been negotiated, but whether or not it can be maintained depends on your company's strength, so you'd better use more of your focus on the company's affairs." One word from Han Qianli changed Qi Ran's fate, but he would only do so much, he couldn't always help Qi Ran.

        "You have to be attentive to the company's business, but thanking you is the right thing to do, and you can't delay either." Qi Ran insisted.

        "But I'll be very busy lately and won't be able to take the time, so we'll talk about it later." Han Qianli said, the city village was basically coming to an end, there was still a lot of this matter that bothered him, so going to dinner with Qi Ran, he really wasn't in the mood right now.

        Hearing Han Qianli say that, Qi Ran didn't say anything more, he was just a little disappointed.

        "Alright then, when you're free in the future, I'll invite you again, but for this meal, no matter how long it takes, you must give me a chance, or else I won't rest in peace until the day I die." Qi Ran said, as a new freshman college student, she was able to have such a change in her status in the company, Han Qianli's help was the decisive factor, otherwise, she might have been fired, so if she couldn't be grateful to Han Qianli, Qi Ran would be very too not going inside.

        "Is it that serious?" Han Giangli laughed dumbly.

        "Of course." Qi Ran nodded firmly and said, "If you don't want me to die in peace, you'd better take some time out."

        At this moment, Han Qianli suddenly stood up, and in the distance, Lin Yong ran all the way over.

        After hanging up the phone, but Lin Yong didn't dare to delay for a moment, he didn't dare to be a bit slow about Han Three Thousand's business, even if it was a special time in some bed, he would never delay for a second longer as long as Han Three Thousand let him appear.

        "Who's the person running here, it can't be Lin Yong, right?"

        "I don't think so, what kind of person is Lin Yong, how could he be in such a hurry."

        As Lin Yong's figure got closer and closer, the man's face was pale and his limp legs could no longer support his body weight, and he sat on the ground.

His True Colors Chapter 453

"Lin Yong, it's really Lin Yong here!"

        "He really called Lin Yong here, f**k, who the hell is this guy!"

        "I didn't expect that the one who buys breakfast with me every day would still be a big shot."

        At this moment, the eyes of all the onlookers were all on Han Qianli's body, and shocked, incredulous expressions were endlessly appearing.

        Although the expressions varied, the level of shock within them was completely the same, as they all reached the highest point.

        Some people who originally didn't believe in Han 3,000 finally understood at this moment how bad their own eyes were, and the gap between themselves and Han 3,000.

        Lin Yong ran to Han 3,000 with a sweaty head and respectfully shouted, "Brother 3,000."

        Seeing Lin Yong's respectful gesture, there was once again an uproar in the crowd, for this performance was far more than simply being a friend, his status was clearly higher than Lin Yong's!

        "I have goose bumps all over my nowhere body, who the hell is this guy that even Lin Yong has to bow and bend to him!"

        "So that guy is the bragger, look at his face, it's as ugly as eating sh*t."

        "A braggart meets a real braggart, that's the difference."

        The man looked desperate, he had never dreamed that his lies would be broken under such circumstances and he didn't know what consequences he would have to bear.

        If he angered Lin Yong, Lin Yong would be able to make him vanish from the earth in minutes.

        The few of them, the big man with flower arms, quietly put some distance between them and him, not wanting to be implicated by him, after all, this matter involved Lin Yong and the situation had developed to a very serious point, this was not something that could be resolved by taking a beating.

        "That guy is one of your men?" Han 3,000 asked.

        Lin Yong looked at the man, a completely unfamiliar face that he had never seen before.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I've never seen him before." Lin Yong said.

        "You didn't even recognize your own little brother because you were trying to skim off the relationship, did you?" Han Giangli smiled.

        Lin Yong's scalp went numb and he quickly explained, "It's true, I really don't know who he is."

        "So, he's messing around under your banner?" Han Giangli smiled.

        "Yes, definitely." Lin Yong said categorically.

        "In that case, you can see for yourself." Han Giangli said.

        Lin Yong took a deep breath, it was just as well to mess around with his name, but he had even provoked Han Qianqian's head, causing him to almost get involved as well, how could Lin Yong let him off the hook?

        The guy was scared silly, but he knew very well that he had to get Han Qianli's forgiveness in order to escape this disaster.

        Hairy-legged and weak, he crawled to Han 3,000 yuan and said on his knees, "Brother, I was wrong, I shouldn't have bragged in front of you, I'm a fake bragger, you're a real bragger, please, please let me go."

        Han Giangli looked at him indifferently and said, "This matter has nothing to do with me now, since you're holding Lin Yong's name to woo him, this is his business."

        The man kept kowtowing to Lin Yong and said, "Brother Yong, I know I'm wrong."

        Lin Yong kicked him in the face, not showing any mercy at all, causing his face to blur with blood and flesh for a moment, and said in a cold voice, "Trash like you, you even dare to use my name to mess around."

        The man regretted a lot, although Lin Yong's name brought him many benefits, it was not as good as the immediate life and death crisis.

        He didn't want to die, the fear of death more than anything!

        "Brother Yong, I won't dare to do it again, please let me go this time."

        "Later, do you still want a later?" Lin Yong smiled coldly, he left in a hurry so he didn't have any men with him, so he looked at the flower-armed men and said, "You guys, are you going to continue to be his accomplices?"

        "No, no, no, Brother Yong, I just have a very ordinary relationship with him." The flower-armed big man shook his head like a rattle wobbling.

        The others acted exactly like the Flower Arm Big Man, and no one dared to admit their relationship with that man.

        "Take him with you and follow me." Lin Yong ordered.

        Without hesitation, the flower-armed man walked up to the man and set him up.

        He struggled to run away, but how could the Flower-Armed Big Man let him slip away? A painful beating until he didn't have the strength to resist in the slightest.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I'm leaving first." Lin Yong said to Han Three Thousand.

        Hearing the name Brother 3000 up close, the flower-armed men were even more shocked, even Lin Yong had to call him brother, could he be on par with Mo Yang?

        It was only then that the flower-armed man realized how foolish the idea of revenge was, he should have disappeared in front of Han 3,000 forever, it was fortunate that someone had blocked the gun for him today, otherwise the consequences would have been unimaginable.

        Only after Lin Yong took the man away did the breakfast shop return to its usual calm, and all those people watching the fun finally dispersed.

        After finishing her share, Han 3,000 walked to the shop to ask for another, after all, she still had to pack one for Qi Yiyun to take home.

        When Qi Ran saw Han 3,000 packaged, his eyes were obviously much dimmer, it was obvious that there was someone else in Han 3,000's house and that person, most likely, was his girlfriend.

        Han 3,000 didn't bother to explain the misunderstanding and said goodbye to Qi Ran after taking the breakfast.

        Back at home, Qi Yiyun sat in the living room, originally she had the habit of making breakfast, but since Han three thousand would bring her breakfast home after her morning run, she hadn't cooked.

        Seeing the soybean fritters, Qi Yi Yun couldn't help but gulp down her saliva, she was really hungry.

        "I probably won't be home for the next few days, so if you call me if anything happens," Han Giangli said to Chi Yi Yun.

        "You're going back to the hillside villa?" Qi Yiyun asked with a blank expression, but there was clearly some heartache overflowing in her eyes.

        Han Giangli shook his head, he and Su Yingxia belonged to the state of divorce, although Han Yan must have guessed by now that they were just getting a fake divorce, but to the outside world, Han Giangli was still a sensitive identity to the Su family, if he went back to the hillside villa at this time, he would definitely sensationalize Cloud City again.

        He didn't want to move to divert the attention of the entire Cloud City people at every turn.

        "The city village is almost done, next, I have to find a way to get it developed as a way to establish the influence of the Weak Water Property in Cloud City." Han Giangli said.

        Chi Yi Yun's expression changed very significantly after hearing this, but she herself didn't even notice the smile on her lips and pretended to be very calm, "Anyway, I've already given you the money, next, it's up to you to perform, if you fail, the Chi family will be finished with you."

        "Don't worry, the only thing that can kill me in this life is time." Han Qianli said indifferently, he also had a heavy burden, not only Su Yingxia's happiness, but also Han Tian Yang, so he wouldn't let himself fail.

        For Han Third Thousand, Chi Yi Yun had very strong confidence, there was no basis for the origin, just simply trusting him.

        "Be careful, I have a feeling that Han Feng's appearance is not that simple," Qi Yiyun said.

        "How so?" Han Qianli asked curiously, wasn't Han Feng's appearance for her?

        Chi Yi Yun gazed at her for a moment and said, "From my understanding of Han Yan, she is meritorious at scheming and her means are even more endless, and she's a woman who can do anything to achieve her goal, Han Feng should have come to Cloud City with her, but she didn't show up sooner or later, so why did she appear at this particular time?"

        Han Qianli smiled bitterly and said, "You'd better be more direct, after all, I don't know Han Yan as well as you do."

        "I suspect that she wants to stir up conflict between you and Han Feng, for her, the best way to solve this trouble with you is to kill you, but she has to find a reason to do this," Chi Yi Yun said.

        Han Giang frowned, he understood when Qi Yiyun said that, Han Yan was using his brother as a sheep to send into the tiger's mouth, once he did something to hurt Han Feng, Han Yan would have a justifiable reason to kill him.

        "This woman is really ruthless, she won't even spare her own brother." Han 3000 exclaimed.

        "I even suspect that she would love for you to kill Han Feng so that the Han family's headship is at her fingertips, and she can rest easy," Chi Yi Yun said.


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