His True Colors Chapter 449-450


His True Colors Chapter 449

Han 3,000 wandered outside for an hour and when he returned home, Han Feng hadn't left yet, and the anger in Han Feng's eyes was heavy, could it be that s
he had been gleefully rejected by Chi Yi Yun?

    After Han Feng knew Han Yan's true intentions, he knew that he couldn't continue to indulge in women and had to find a way to get his position in the Han family back, so at this point in time, he couldn't waste time on women, but there was no changing his fondness for Chi Yiyun.

    Since he didn't have time to play love games with Chi Yi Yun now, he had to make sure that there was distance between Chi Yi Yun and other men.

    Han Feng walked up to Han 3,000 and said with a superior posture, "How much money do you need to move out from here, I don't want you to live with Yi Yun."

    Han Qianqian looked at Qi Yiyun and said with a smile, "Dude, you might be mistaken, this place is mine, she's the unwelcome guest, even if you want to kick me out, you can't kick me out, right?"

    Qi Yiyun looked at Han Qianqian with hatred, this guy actually called her an unwelcome guest, is he so heartless after taking care of her for so long?

    "I don't care who owns this place, since she likes living here, I'll satisfy her, make an offer."Han Feng said.

    Han 3000 smiled helplessly, these rich people really were different, opening and closing their mouths was all about money, as if they could do everything in the world with money.

    "I'm not too interested in money,"Han Qianli faintly said.

    Han Feng's mocking smile crept up his face, not interested in money?Even the richest man in the world wouldn't say something like that.

    "Feel free to lionize me, no need to beat around the bush with me."Han Feng said, and in his opinion, wasn't Han Qianli saying that just to extort more money?Han Feng didn't care about the money.

    "I can buy next door, but I can't buy my place, so if there's nothing else, you can go, or perhaps, you can lead her away."Han Giangli said and looked at Qi Yiyun.

    Chi Yiyun couldn't stand it any longer and stood up and roared at Han Qianli, "Han Qianli, do you still have any conscience!"

    Han Feng frowned, looking appalled at Han Three Thousand.

    This guy's name was actually Han Three Thousand, so it couldn't be a coincidence that he had the same name, right?

    "You're the Han family of the Yanjing Han family's Han 3000?"Han Feng asked in confusion.

    Han Qianli also frowned after hearing this, who was this guy and how did he know his true identity?There weren't many people in Cloud City nowadays who knew about this matter.

    "Who are you?"Han Qianli asked rhetorically.

    Han Feng laughed, not expecting to meet this branch family's trash, and because of him, Han Yan had traveled all the way to Cloud City.

    I thought he would be such a talented person, but when I saw him today, he was just an ordinary guy.

    Han Feng's eyes scoffed with disdain and said, "I'm afraid that saying my identity would scare you to death."

    "Try it."Han Qianli said calmly.

    "Mickey's Han family, Han Feng, Han Yan's brother, how about it, scared, we're here this time to deal with you."Han Feng said.

    The Rice Country Han family, Han Yan's brother, this coincidence made Han Three Thousand very surprised, it seems that his pursuit of Chi Yi Yun should have known Chi Yi Yun in Rice Country.

    "Scared to death, if you don't have anything else to do, get out."Han Qianli's attitude changed drastically, if he was just a mere suitor of Chi Yi Yun, he would welcome him with open doors, but this guy was a member of the Han family in Mi Guo, Han Qianli wouldn't have a good attitude towards him.


    This word made Han Feng's face turn cold, but no one had ever dared to say this word to him when he had grown up.

    Han Feng immediately swung his fist, intending to teach Han Three Thousand a hard lesson.

    But before the fist landed on Han Giang's face, Han Feng felt his abdomen being hit by gravity while his entire body flew backwards and fell heavily to the ground.

    The excruciating pain from his abdomen made Han Feng look hideous and furious as he said to Han Three Thousand, "Rubbish, you dared to hit me."

    "Did I hit you?I don't think so, but if you don't get out of here, I might have to do something harsh."Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    Han Feng was shocked as he looked at Han Qianli's icy gaze, he was always arrogant and domineering, no one dared to disobey him, this was the first time he had been beaten and stared at with such eyes, it couldn't help but make him a little scared, after all he didn't have any helpers by his side right now, and he himself was obviously no match for Han Qianli.

    "Do you know what will happen to you if you offend me?"Han Feng gritted his teeth and said.

    "Isn't the purpose of your visit to exterminate me?Wasn't this downfall enough."Han Marchant said, "Offend Han Feng?This was no longer considered an offense, where was there an offense to be had when the two sides were already on the same page.

    Han Feng was speechless and could only roll away in shame, he was still afraid of getting beaten up.

    As the saying goes, it's never too late for a gentleman to take revenge, and Han Feng thought he didn't need to bother with Han Qianqian without anyone's help, but this kind of trash would fall to him sooner or later anyway, so he didn't need to show his anger and make himself suffer.

    "The Mickey Han family has even produced this kind of trash."Han Three Thousand shook his head helplessly, no matter what, he was still the top existence in the Chinese area of Mi Guo, but Han Feng's performance was so wretched that he had to make Han Three Thousand look at the Mi Guo Han family in a different light.

    "He's just being trained by Han Yan to be a loser,"Chi Yi Yun said.

    "What do you mean?"Han Giangli asked in puzzlement.

    "Are you asking me?Do you want me to give you the answer?Didn't you just want Han Feng to take me away?Wash your own dishes, I'm going to rest."Chi Yi Yun threw out three heavy questions and went straight back to her room.

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly, women are scary, women who hold grudges are even scarier ah, this time messing with Qi Yiyun, I'm afraid there will be no delicious meals for the next few days.

    Washing the dishes, Han Three thousand seemed to have returned to the feeling when he first joined the Su family, doing household chores every day, and although she would be subjected to Jiang Lan's blank stares, life was extremely easy, with almost nothing to worry about.

    But now, the trouble that Han Three Thousand was facing was causing him to bear a great deal of pressure, with Han Yan wanting him to change his surname in the front and Jiang Lan wanting to kill him in the back, neither of these troubles could be easily resolved.

    "It's still good to think about it, even though I was treated like a wimp, at least I don't have to worry about dying and getting Ying Xia involved."Han Giangli said to himself with a sigh on his face.

    In the room, Qi Yiyun sat on the bed, her hands curled around her legs, it wasn't the first time that she had been rejected by Han Giang, and in this aspect of sadness, Qi Yiyun had been able to accept it, but when Han Giang had just let Han Feng lead her away, it still hurt a lot inside her, she never expected a response to everything she had done, it was all her own willingness.

    But Han Qianxiang was pushing her out of the house, which was a big blow to a woman after all.

    Undisputedly shedding tears, Qi Yiyun's eyes reddened and she even had an urge to walk away, but she knew clearly that by leaving, she was afraid that she would no longer have the chance to live with Han Marchant.

    Taking a deep breath, Qi Yiyun calmed her negative emotions.

    At this time, a knock sounded on the door, and Qi Yi Yun directly said, "I won't tell you anything, just die."

    "I've peeled the apple, do you want to eat it?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "Don't eat."Chi Yi Yun replied.

    "I'll leave it on the coffee table in the living room, if you want to eat it, come out and get it, I'm going to bed."Han Three Thousand said.

    After hesitating for a long time and hearing no movement outside, Chi Yi Yun became stupidly excited.

    How could she not want to eat the apples that Han Qianli had peeled by hand?

    After tiptoeing out of bed and putting her ear to the door, she didn't hear any movement before Chi Yi Yun gently wrenched open the door, obviously she didn't want Han Qianqian to hear the noise.

    But when the door opened, Qi Yiyun saw Han Qianqian sitting on the sofa with a smiling face looking at her.

    "Did you come out to use the bathroom?"Han Giangli asked with a smile.

    Chi Yi Yun hated to cramp Han Qianqian's skin, didn't this guy go back to his room to sleep, why is he still in the living room!

    "Right."Chi Yi Yun didn't want to lose face and went straight towards the bathroom.

    Han Giangli smiled faintly and took the peeled apples to Chi Yi Yun's room while she was going to the bathroom.

His True Colors Chapter 450

When Qi Yiyun came out of the bathroom, she almost collapsed, she couldn't imagine what kind of superb man Han Giang was, going back to his room was just fine, he even took away the apple, what kind of luck did this kind of man have to get married, how could Su Yingxia fall in love with him?

    But when Qi Yiyun returned to her room and saw the apples on the bedside table, she realized that Han Qianqian was deliberately teasing her, and although she was angry, Qi Yiyun still ate the apples cleanly.

    It was only after she finished eating it that Chi Yiyun said to herself as if she was angry, "You're so useless, casually giving you some sweetness and you compromised, shouldn't this kind of man be the death of a thousand cuts?"

    This night, Chi Yiyun, who had eaten the apple, slept very sweetly, and although her mouth was hard, her inner feelings were very happy.

    The next morning, Han Qianqian went out for his morning run as usual, but today, instead of meeting Miffy, he met Yang Meng, which made him a bit surprised.

    After living here for such a long time, he had never seen Yang Meng running in the morning.

    It was true that Yang Meng was a person who didn't like exercise, but she was plotting a chance encounter with Han Qianqian in the morning after she heard Mi Feier mention the fact that Han Qianqian ran in the morning every day.

    "Old Han, I didn't think you'd even like to exercise, I'm a runner too."In the elevator, Yang Meng said to Han Qianqian.

    Han Qianqian smiled faintly and said, "Really?Then how come I haven't seen you before?"

    Yang Meng's embarrassment flickered away, and she quickly thought of an explanation, saying, "I'm a girl, don't I have to sleep in my beauty sleep, I'm sure I get up later than you, isn't it normal that I haven't met?"

    Although it was the boss in front of her, Yang Meng's lies could be described as watertight, her face not red and her heart not pounding.

    "So that's how it is."Han Qianli nodded in sudden realization.

    In this world, there was a price to pay for any lie.

    Yang Meng soon suffered, and for her lack of exercise, she was already out of breath and pale before she'd even run long enough to feel like someone was dragging her with every step she took.

    "Aren't you supposed to run every day, how long has it been since you've been running?"Han Giangli smiled at Yang Meng and asked, with his heart, how could he not see that Yang Meng was lying in the elevator.

    Yang Meng's heart was filled with regret, should have known that he shouldn't have bragged, now that the facts were in front of him, the lie was instantly broken.

    "I just want to go for a morning run with you, can't I, a man like you is not at all understanding."Yang Meng said with dissatisfaction.

    "Have you forgotten that I'm already married?"After Han Giangli said this, he quickened his pace.

    Yang Meng stared dazedly at the increasingly distant back of Han Qianli, sitting weakly on the ground.

    Why would she have this heartwarming feeling, knowing that he was already married, why would she do such a thing?

    And Su Yingxia was the number one beauty in Cloud City, what qualifications did she have to steal from Su Yingxia?

    "If only the ancient times had been better, men would have been able to have three wives and four concubines."Yang Meng didn't know where such a thought sprouted from, and said with a face of resignation.

    Han 3000 has always been very decisive in facing this matter of affection, no matter how beautiful a woman is in front of him, even if there is a heavenly temptation, he can still hold back from doing anything wrong to Su Yingxia, because these three years of being in the Su family, he has made Su Yingxia suffer too many undeserved curses, and if he can't treat Su Yingxia well for the rest of his life, he himself will not forgive himself.

    Once again at the soy milk fritter shop, Han Qianli found that this thing seemed to have become his habit, like magic, every day after his morning run, if he didn't buy some soy milk fritters, it was like something hadn't been done.

    When Han 3000 appeared, a nearby hidden place, hidden in a hidden place, a few people were stirring, one of them was the flower-armed man that Han 3000 had taught a lesson to, it looked like he had found helpers today, ready to take revenge.

    "It's this guy, you guys will listen to my orders later, if you don't teach him a good lesson, I won't be happy."The flower-armed man gritted his teeth and said.

    "No way, you can't beat this little guy?"The man standing next to the flower-armed man said with a deflated mouth, clearly looking like he was looking down on Han Three Thousand.

    The flower-armed man smiled coldly, last time he also looked down on Han 3000, but the final fact was that he was severely taught a lesson by Han 3000, his strength couldn't be distinguished with the naked eye, and if you just looked at his stature, you would definitely be at a disadvantage.

    "Don't underestimate him, this kid is a great fighter."The flower-armed man said.

    "How powerful can he be, in my opinion, I can take care of him with one punch, where is the need for so many people to fight."The man said disdainfully.

    The flower-armed man looked at the others, they almost all had the same expression, but that wasn't surprising, after all, Han 3000 was really nothing special from the looks of it.

    "It's better to be careful, I'm looking for you guys to help me get revenge today, so don't lose face again."The flower-armed man said.

    "Don't worry, if we can't defeat this kind of weak chicken, what are we still hanging around for, isn't this a disgrace to Brother Yong?"The person who spoke was one of Lin Yong's underlings, but he was known to be hanging out with Lin Yong and was his right-hand man, a name that allowed him to deceive many people in Cloud City, and some of the very low status underlings on the road treated him as a big brother, but in reality, he was a small person who didn't even have the qualifications to stand by Lin Yong's side.

    "With you saying that, I'm relieved."The flower-armed man said.

    While Han Qianqiang was in the queue, Flower Arm Man came with someone.

    Most of those who bought breakfast were nearby office workers, and for the last incident, many had witnessed it as bystanders, but now that the man with the flower arm came with menacing men, it was clear that he was seeking revenge.

    "Little brother, you should leave quickly, the last time that person came to take revenge."

    "You should run quickly, the other party is crowded, you mustn't show off."

    A few kind-hearted people warned Han Qianli.

    Only then did Han Qianli follow their line of sight, it was indeed that big man who had brought someone, and there were quite a few of them.

    "It's fine, these few people are no match for me."Han Giangli said with a carefree look.

    The other guests obviously didn't believe it when they heard this, although Han Marchan had given them a great surprise and surprise last time, but this time, the other party was six people, as the saying goes, it's hard to beat four hands with two fists, no matter how well he could fight, he couldn't be a match for these six people ah.

    "Little brother, you'd better hurry up and leave, a good man doesn't eat immediate loss."

    "These people can fight at a glance, you can't be a match for them by yourself."

    "This isn't the last time when it was just the man with the flower arm, don't try to tough it out to save face, it's still important to be safe in life."

    It could be seen that these kind-hearted people who persuaded Han Qianli were genuinely doing him a favor and didn't mean to ridicule him, after all, Han Qianli had helped them out last time, and they didn't want to see Han Qianli end up too badly.

    But to Han Three Thousand, these people were really nothing, they were useless except for being big enough to scare people.

    "Don't worry, I'm going to beat these people, one hand will suffice."Han Giangli said indifferently.

    How could a few well-meaning people believe Han Three Thousand's words, deciding that he didn't want to lose face, so he didn't want to leave.

    Although one fought for one's life, why stay and take a beating when one knew that one would be at a disadvantage?

    "Hey, you're still too young."

    "Since you're not leaving, we can't say anything, so be careful."

    Some of them felt that their good intentions were being ignored by Han Marchant, and had vicious thoughts about seeing how Han Marchant was beaten to the ground by the man with the flower arm and others.

    "Ignorant of good intentions, let's not expect anyone to help you later."

    "Yeah, you really think you're invincible, don't you?When you're being beaten, don't yell if you can."

    At this time, the flower-armed man who approached said menacingly to Han Three Thousand, "I was careless the last time I fell into your hands, I've brought some brothers to go through with you today, if you want to run, I won't stop you, just kneel down and apologize to me."

    Han Giangli shrugged his shoulders unnecessarily and said, "Do you look at me like I want to run away, I'm waiting for you guys, aren't I?"

    The flower-armed man suddenly felt a bit guilty when he saw how calm Han Qianqian was, wasn't this guy really not afraid of them?

    "Kid, you're so damn arrogant, I'll show you today."The man who claimed to be one of Lin Yong's men was the first to attack Han Qianxiang.


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