His True Colors Chapter 454-456


His True Colors Chapter 454

Chi Yi Yun's explanation gave Han Qianli a deeper understanding of Han Yan, and if she really was such a ruthless woman, he would have to be even more careful in dealing with her.

        Although Han Yan was now in a high and mighty posture and didn't deal with the Su Family, when she had no way out, the Su Family would definitely become her blackmail tool.

        Even her own brother could be used to achieve her goal, what was there that she couldn't do?

        "It seems that Ying Xia's current situation is not safe," Han Giangli said.

        Chi Yi Yun said all of this more because she wanted Han Qian Qian to be careful, and all of his concern seemed to be on Su Ying Xia, to which Chi Yi Yun only sighed inside, she knew that no matter when or where, the most important person in Han Qian Qian's heart was Su Ying Xia.

        "It would be nice if you would care for me like this when." Chi Yi Yun said with a serious expression.

        "You should eat quickly, I'm leaving first." After Han Qianli said that, he turned around and walked out of the house.

        The Peninsula Hotel, Han Yan's posture was elegantly lying on the bed, half asleep, half awake in between, there was no fluffy hair, and her sleeping posture was also very graceful, unlike many people who spoke of a comfortable sleeping posture, even when she slept, Han Yan would still maintain her image, she was strict with herself almost to the point of being harsh, because the aristocrat she identified with in her heart, regardless of the size of things, must maintain that incomparable noble air, only then could she become a true aristocrat.

        After opening her eyes, Han Yan didn't continue to rely on the bed, but the first time to wash up and spend beautiful makeup, she never showed her face as plain, no matter who she faced, she would definitely dress up very delicately, at this point, Han Yan almost formed an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

        The doorbell rang, and Han Yan made sure that the makeup was to her satisfaction before she stood up.

        "Sis, I've been waiting for half a day, couldn't you have opened the door for me earlier?" Han Feng looked like he was complaining.

        "Don't you know I'm wearing makeup?" Han Yan said faintly.

        "We grew up together, and it's not like I haven't seen you without makeup." Han Feng lay down on the couch in a large figure.

        Seeing Han Feng's rogue posture, Han Yan's eyebrows clearly showed a hint of disgust, being in a big family, he didn't even have any rules, much less an aristocrat, if the Han family's headship fell to his hand injury, the future Han family, at most, would be a level of riches, absolutely impossible to become a true aristocrat.

        But if she became the head of the Han family, she was very confident that the Han family would become a true member of the upper class society and be recognized by the upper class society of the rice country.

        "Why did you come to see me so early?" Han Yan asked.

        "Sister, I've decided to cleanse my mind," Han Feng said.

        Han Yan smiled faintly and asked, "Do you plan to leave the flowers for Chi Yi Yun, she's really that attractive?"

        Han Feng shook his head and said with a firm tone, "I want to carry the responsibility of the Han family, Dad used to say that if I want to inherit the position of family master, I have played for so many years, enough is enough, now I have to work hard in order to become the family master."

        Han Yan's expression was frozen, how could Han Feng suddenly have such a change, she had trained Han Feng to be a loser for so many years just so that he would be comfortable and not be able to compete with her for the position of family head, she didn't expect that he would still have a moment to wake up.

        "Do you know how tiring it is to be a house master, if you become a house master, you won't have time to game the flowers in the future, are you really willing to give up your current state of life?" Han Yan asked.

        "Sister, you will have to get married in the future after all, if I continue like this, won't the Han family be green and yellow in the future, if the Han family declines, I won't have the capital to game the flowers ah." Han Feng smiled, he came to Han Yan to show his attitude, he wanted Han Yan to recognize that he had a unique advantage, he had to make it clear to Han Yan that when he was planning to be the head of the family, Han Yan had no chance.

        This statement made Han Yan's eyes darken, and this was perhaps the most painful part of being a woman.

        Han Yan knew very well that it was for this reason that she had to do a hundred times better than Han Feng in order to be recognized by the others.

        The position of family head wasn't something her father could give to whomever he wanted, it also needed the approval of others, and their patriarchal beliefs put Han Yan at a great inherent disadvantage in the matter of competing for family head.

        Since childhood, Han Yan had indulged Han Feng, no matter what wrong he had done, Han Yan would find a way to help him hide it, thus emboldening him to do whatever he wanted, Han Yan had thought she had succeeded, but Han Feng's words had made Han Yan realize that Han Feng was still a great threat.

        "Sister didn't say anything about marrying someone," Han Yan said.

        "Sister, you're the princess of our Han family, if you don't marry someone for the rest of your life, won't you be laughed at? Aren't you afraid of people saying behind your back that you have some kind of physical handicap?" Han Feng smiled.

        Han Yan took a deep breath, she felt that today's Han Feng was very different from the past, even making her feel strange, as if he wasn't the brother she had known for over twenty years.

        What on earth had caused him to have such a change of heart?

        "These words were not taught to you by Chi Evian, were they?" Han Yan asked.

        "She's a woman, what qualifications does she have to teach me how to do things, and as much as I like her, she's just a plaything in my mind that's a little more advanced than the others." Han Feng said indifferently.

        If it wasn't Chi Yi Yun, what else could it be? Han Yan couldn't imagine, but if she knew what caused Han Feng to change, she would definitely make the person who caused the cause disappear from the earth.

        "Sister, let me do the job of dealing with Han 3000, I'll give you a word in advance, then I'll tell Dad, I'm sure he's willing to give me this opportunity to practice, just take advantage of this time to take care of your skin, look at you, you're so tired and emaciated, when my brother but very distressed." Han Feng said with a concerned face.

        Han Yan laughed, a very defiant and reluctant smile, and said, "You have to think carefully, this matter is not as easy as you think, I'm afraid you can't stand the pain."

        Han Feng stood up and walked behind Han Yan, placed it on Han Yan's shoulders and massaged it, saying, "Sister, this suffering should be left to me, you've suffered for me for so many years, how can I bear to let you continue to suffer."

        Han Yan's expression was cold, and when Han Feng left the room, she instantly clenched his fists, even her expression became extremely grim.

        A short while later, Han Yan received a call from her father and was told that Cloud City's affairs were now handed over to Han Feng's full responsibility, which made Han Yan's anger even greater.

        Although her father had said countless times that in his mind, the two of them siblings were equal, Han Yan was clear that this equality simply didn't exist, Han Feng's manhood was clearly given more importance than hers, and if not, why would something she had planned for so long be handed over to him just because of Han Feng's words?

        "Han Feng, you had a chance to enjoy your life, but now, you're destined to end up dead, don't blame me, you forced me to do this." Han Yan gritted her teeth and said, she had trained Han Feng to be a loser, maximizing the chances of the siblings turning against each other, but now that Han Feng was trying to steal the family head position from her, she had to use some extraordinary means.

        After plotting for so many years, there was no way that Han Yan would willingly give up the position of family head to Han Feng, she would do whatever it took to get what she wanted.

        Han Feng was in his room, no longer with a matter-of-fact smile on his face like before, and after being awakened by Chi Yiyun's words, he was very clear about what he had to do now.

        Women were important, but the position of the head of the family was even more important.

        With the right to control the Han family, he would be able to get more of the women he wanted.

        "Sister, you don't want to fight with me, you're a woman after all, you should have realized the reality earlier, there's no way a woman will be the head of the Han family." Han Feng said to himself.

        At that moment, the virtual door was pushed open and Earth Central walked in.

        Han Feng didn't even look at her and said directly, "I know you prefer my sister, but there are only two paths in front of you right now."

His True Colors Chapter 455

During Han Feng's pause, Earth Central didn't speak, choosing instead to listen quietly.

        "First, continue to help my sister, but after I become the head of the family, you can't expect to retire in the Han family."

        "Second, work for me, and I'll make sure you have no worries in your old age."

        Diyang lowered his head, his heart was more inclined towards Han Yan because everyone in the Han family was clear that Han Yan was more capable than Han Feng.

        But Diyang was also clear that once when Han Feng wanted to inherit the position of family head, the innate advantages he possessed were something Han Yan definitely couldn't match.

        Han Yan would need to work a hundred times harder to become the head of the family, while he, on the other hand, would only need to work twice as hard.

        From this point of view, Han Feng's odds of winning were much, much greater.

        "How can I be sure that you aren't just playing on a whim?" Earth Central asked.

        Han Feng wasn't surprised by this question, perhaps most of the Han family would think so, but now that he had come to terms with it, he knew exactly how important the position of family head was, and the fact that Han Yan had been indulging him for so many years wasn't genuinely good, it was just that he didn't want him to become a threat to the family head's path, which made Han Feng have a lot of resentment towards Han Yan inside, and he naturally wouldn't let Han Yan get away with it even more.

        "Promises of words mean nothing to you, no matter what I say, you'll doubt it, so there's no room for you to consider, the choice is in front of you, let's see who you're more willing to believe." Han Feng said with a smile.

        People like Earth Central had made countless enemies, and once when he was really old and couldn't fight anymore, if he wanted a stable life, he would definitely need to rely on a big tree.

        The Han family could bring him stability in the future, there was no doubt about that, and leaving the Han family, he couldn't imagine how many people he would be hunted by, perhaps in the end, he would only end up with a violent corpse in the wilderness, which was never what Dizhong wanted.

        It was a gamble that concerned whether or not he would be safe in his old age.

        "I'm more optimistic about Han Yan, but you do have a greater advantage compared to her, what do you want me to do for you?" Earth Central asked.

        When Han Feng heard this, he laughed proudly, like a beggar who instantly had everything, the only difference being that the beggar himself had nothing, while he, on the other hand, just got back what was originally his.

        "Come with me to see my sister." Han Feng said.

        Dei Zhong nodded his head, not rejecting the matter.

        Whoever was the main priority still had to see what he could get, and although he was sorry to Han Yan for doing so, for someone like Di Central, he sought his own interests, and there was no point in simply speaking loyalty to Han Yan, he wouldn't use his future to show loyalty to Han Yan.

        When Han Feng went and returned with Di Central by his side, Han Yan knew what had happened without him having to ask.

        She was the one who had requested for the Earth Central, but now, with Earth Central standing by Han Feng's side, he had clearly become Han Feng's person.

        "Earth Central, your betrayal is quite painful," Han Yan said in a cold voice.

        "Miss, this is helpless, the young master wants to become the head of the family, this is a fact that no one can change." Di Yang said.

        Han Yan gritted her teeth in resignation, years of plotting, how could it be a bamboo basket because of Han Feng's sudden change of mind, she would never let this happen.

        "My good brother, in vain sister has been treating you well for so many years, and now you want to steal something from her." Han Yan said to Han Feng.

        "Sister, why are you treating me well, aren't you clear on your own? I didn't come to my senses before, but now that I know all the reasons why, you don't have to fake it anymore." Han Feng scoffed and said.

        Han Yan took a deep breath and said, "I hope you won't disappoint your father and I won't interfere in this matter again, after all, we're brother and sister and I don't want to take things to the point where you're dead or alive."

        "Thank you sister." Han Feng said and left the room with Di Zhong.

        The city village, when Han three thousand arrived at Yang Xing's house, Yang Xing told him about the recent situation, now there were still two families that hadn't gotten done, almost the entire city village was included in Han three thousand's bag.

        "Brother Three Thousand, don't worry, within three days, I will definitely be able to get these two families done." Yang Xing assured Han Three Thousand.

        Yang Xing's ability to do things, Han Three Thousand had been paying attention, through Mo Yang's men, his every move had not escaped Han Three Thousand's scope of vision, and it had to be said that although Yang Xing was only a king in the City Village, his ability was still not bad, almost as good as Lin Yong, as long as he cultivated and utilized it properly, he might be a one-man role in the future.

        "I believe in you, but you have to keep in mind one thing, you can't use forceful means." Han Giangli said.

        Yang Xing smiled and said, "Brother Three Thousand, meeting someone like you is really their three lifetimes of luck, if it were any other developer, I don't know what kind of tactics they would use."

        Han Three Thousand Thousand didn't have good intentions, he just didn't want to cause some unnecessary trouble, after all, this society nowadays was very high on the spread of events, once it reached the internet, the situation could easily become very serious.

        Developing the village in the city, Han Three thousand's purpose was to enhance the influence of the Weak Water Property in Cloud City, if it made negative news, this matter would not be worth the loss.

        At this time, Yang Xing's men hurriedly ran into the room.

        Yang Xing's face curled and snapped, "Can't you see that I'm discussing things with Brother Three Thousand, hurry up and get out, reckless and do things without brains?"

        The subordinate expected that he would be scolded, but things couldn't go unreported and said, "Brother 3000, someone wants to see you, and it's a big beauty."

        Yang Xing secretly glanced at Han Qianqian, so it was Brother Qianqian's lace thing, this was not something he could make.

        Han 3000 frowned, a big beautiful woman, what kind of big beautiful woman would come to see him?

        Is it Evian Chi?

        Unlikely, she should have known exactly what he had come to the city village for and would never have come to the city village to find him for no reason.

        "Bring it in." Han Giangli said.

        "Yes." After his subordinates led the order, they hurriedly ran out.

        At this moment, a woman in a white dress stood outside the door, attracting the attention of countless people, and even many women looked at her in fascination.

        In an environment like a city village, being able to see such a superb beauty could almost be called a miracle, and those men could not wait to drop their eyes on her and ruthlessly memorize every inch of detail for the evening to savor.

        "Beautiful woman, Brother 3000 asked me to take you in." The hand said to the woman, lowering her head and surreptitiously checking out those exquisite jade-like calves without any flaws, which were very tempting to men.

        While Han Qianli was pondering who the visitor was, the younger brother brought someone into the house.

        "Han Yan!" Han Qianli looked at the visitor with dismay, he had even thought it was Su Yingxia who had come, but absolutely never thought it would be Han Yan!

        Han Yan was very repulsive to the environment of the city village, even those people staring at her would make her feel very disgusted because she felt noble herself, these people didn't even have the qualifications to look at her.

        But in the current situation, she had to come to Han 3000.

        In terms of performance, she was better than Han Feng, but what was the point of that?

        Han Feng's superiority as a man could make all of her performances pale in comparison.

        Who cared how much a woman was capable of?

        "Got time? I want to talk to you." Han Yan said.

        Han Giang smiled faintly, and although he couldn't guess why Han Yan had come, he was certain that the matter was definitely related to Han Feng.

        "Yes." Han Three Thousand said.

        The room quieted down, and Yang Xing, who was already looking crazy, was completely unaware that he should leave the stage.

        He had a lot of warblers around him, but those women couldn't even compare to Han Yan's one toe, and this was the ultimate beauty that could make a man's dreams come true.

        "Cough." Han Qianli coughed twice and said to the demented Yang Xing, "Yang Xing, aren't you going to do something?"

        Although his ears heard Han Three Thousand's words, Yang Xing, who was confused, still didn't understand what he meant.

        "Brother Three Thousand, what do I have to do?" Yang Xing asked.

        Han Qianli was speechless, hadn't this guy seen a woman before? It was surprising to see that Han Yan had even lost her soul.

        Although Han Yan was indeed very pretty, the charm wasn't that great in Han Qianli's opinion.

        "All you have to do is, right now, get out." Han Three Thousand said.

His True Colors Chapter 456

"Ah!" Yang Xing took a startled glance at Han 3,000, which reflected, and ran out with a crawl, along with greeting his own little brother to close the door.

        When he reached the door, Yang Xing broke out in a cold sweat and said in celebration, "Damn, almost lost my soul from being charmed, if I ruined Brother Three Thousand's good fortune, ten lives wouldn't be enough to die ah."

        Thinking about it, Yang Xing said with a face of envy, "Brother 3000's lustful fortune is really not shallow, taking the number one beauty in Cloud City, and now there is even this kind of superb beauty coming to your door."

        Saying that, Yang Xing was worried again, his home environment was dirty and messy, and he didn't know if he could give Brother 3000 a good experience, it would be damned if his mood was ruined by the environment.

        "Damn, I must clean the house in the future, just in case."

        Yang Xing's various conjectures had almost become facts in his head.

        But the situation in the room was not what he thought it was.

        Han Yan was pretty, but she had a blood relationship with Han Qianyan, and even without that relationship, Han Qianyan wouldn't have any thoughts about her.

        In terms of posture alone, Han Yan was still a notch below Chi Yiyun, and even the spiteful Chi Yiyun Han 3000 had no thoughts of her, so how could she have any thoughts of Han Yan?

        "I didn't expect you to be willing to condescend to come to this place," Han 3000 said to Han Yan.

        "Cut the crap, an enemy of an enemy is a friend, and in a sense, we can be temporary friends," Han Yan said.

        "Friends?" Those two words couldn't help but make Han Giang snicker at the fact that Han Yan would even consider him a friend, which was probably the biggest joke he had ever heard.

        "I can help you." Han Yan said.

        "How can you help me? Why do you want to help me?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "I want to get the position of Han family head, Han Feng must die." Han Yan said.

        Han 3000 looked at Han Yan with a mocking face and said, "I'll kill Han Feng, then you can justifiably get rid of me and still be able to gather a group of people in the Han family, this plan is perfect, but you're not treating me like an idiot."

        Han Yan did think about it, but she also considered Han Qianli's concerns, Han Qianli wasn't an idiot and couldn't let her play with her like this.

        "Between you and I, we can achieve a balance of interests, I can give you my word that after Han Feng's death, I will never make things difficult for you and will leave Cloud City at the first opportunity." Han Yan said.

        Han Giang stood up and said indifferently, "Do you know what is the most useless thing in this world?"

        "Promise." Han Yan answered.

        "Since you know, then you should know very well that these words mean nothing to me, and I never look to anyone for promises." Han 3000 said.

        Han Yan gritted her teeth, she couldn't think of any other way to turn the current situation around other than to ask for Han Three Thousand's help.

        If Han Three Thousand refused to work with her, she didn't have any capital to fight with Han Feng.

        "You're pitiful, you're obviously more capable than Han Feng, but just because you're a woman, all your efforts are in vain." Han Qianli sighed.

        These words spoke to Han Yan's heart, years of hard work turned into a bamboo basket, just because she was a woman, Han Yan hated to be able to become a man.

        "Anything you want, I can grant you," Han Yan said.

        Han 3,000,000 never thought he would be able to turn passive into active in front of Han Yan, it came so fast that he was completely unprepared, and for a while, he couldn't think of what conditions to put forward.

        "Give me a day to consider." Han Giang said, the reason for considering rather than decisively refusing was because if he could reach an understanding with Han Yan, the matter would undoubtedly become much simpler.

        "Alright, I'll give you a day, I hope you don't disappoint me." Han Yan said and turned around to leave the house.

        Yang Xing had been waiting outside, and in his opinion, Han 3000 shouldn't come out without an hour or two.

        But when he saw Han Yan, his heart was startled for a moment, it was only a few minutes, was Brother 3000 so fast?

        You're too young to be dragged down!

        "Is that the end of it, Brother 3000?" Yang Xing saw that Han Qianli had also gone out and hurried to his side to ask.

        "Hey." Han three thousand sighed, working with Han Yan was like sleeping with a time bomb in his arms, making him unable to feel at ease, but in the current situation, cooperation was the best option, so he was very torn inside.

        Yang Xing didn't know what Han 3000 was agonizing about, mistaking it for the fact that time was too short, so he let Han 3000 sigh and said smartly, "Brother 3000, I know an old Chinese doctor who is very good at treating this area, shall I introduce you to him?"

        Han Qianqiang looked at Yang Xing in bafflement, why did he suddenly mention old Chinese medicine?

        "What's the point of introducing me to an old Chinese doctor?" Han Qianli was puzzled and asked.

        Yang Xing accosted and smiled, saying, "Brother 3000, you don't have to be embarrassed, we are all men, we understand the distress of too short a time, in fact, it can't be blamed on you, such a beautiful woman, it's only right that you can't hold on to her."

        Han Three Thousand was stunned, after which Yang Xing was beaten, or the owlish kind.

        "Brother Three Thousand, what are you hitting me for, did I say something wrong?" Yang Xing cupped his head with both hands and said with an aggrieved face.

        Han Qianli was so angry that she was ready to kill, just beating Yang Xing was considered light.

        "She is Han Yan, do you think anything will happen between me and her?" Han Giangli raged.

        Yang Xing was startled, only then did it dawn on him that he really didn't deserve this beating, it was completely deserved.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I'm sorry, I was thinking too much." Yang Xing said.

        Han Three Thousand's glare directly scared Yang Xing into running ten meters away.

        After leaving the village in the city, Han Three Thousand returned home.

        Chi Yiyun, who had been prepared to not see Han 3,000 for a few days, felt very surprised at his sudden return.

        "Why did you come back so quickly, did something happen?" Qi Yiyun asked Han Qianlian in puzzlement.

        "Your knowledge of Han Yan is still not deep enough ah, Han Yan came to see me today." Han Qianqian said.

        "Is she going to team up with you to deal with Han Feng?" Chi Yi Yun asked.

        Han Giangli nodded.

        Chi Yiyun said with a sigh on her face, "Cognition is indeed not deep enough ah, I didn't think she would actually want to use you, I'm afraid this sisterly love is worthless in her heart."

        "Do I have to work with her? She definitely wants Han Feng to die in Cloud City, but once Han Feng dies, I'm afraid I'll have even crazier retaliation from the Han family." Han Giangli said.

        Qi Yiyun didn't say anything, but contemplated with a serious expression.

        If Han Feng died, the pot would definitely fall on Han Qianqian.

        When the MiG Han family truly became angry, it would definitely be impossible to resist with Han Three Thousand's current abilities.

        The Mi Guo Han Family was like a lion, while Han Qianxiang was still just a young tiger, the difference in strength between the two was very large.

        "In the current situation, the best way to solve Cloud City's troubles is to cooperate with Han Yan, but of course, this is without weighing other consequences." Han Qianli continued.

        Qi Yiyun nodded, not needing Han Qianli to deliberately explain, she also knew the current situation.

        The most important thing was how to hold Han Yan's throat so that even if Han Feng died, the debt couldn't be settled on Han 3000's head.

        Qi Yiyun suddenly raised her head and looked at Han Qianqian with a smiling face.

        Seeing her expression, Han 3000 knew that she must have a solution, and couldn't help but ask, "If you have a solution, just say it quickly."

        "What benefit can I get?" Chi Yi Yun smiled.

        Han Giangli spread his hands to show that he had nothing, then said, "We're now grasshoppers on the same string, if I'm finished, the Chi family will be finished too, what more benefits do you want?"

        Qi Yiyun helplessly stared at Han Qianqian and said, "It's simple to have Han Feng die, the key is who he dies in, and you, can you leave evidence behind."

        After a moment of silence, Han Qianqian heaved in a breath of cold air and said, "I didn't expect you to be a scary woman, you've come up with such a vicious method."

        It wasn't hard to understand what Qi Yiyun meant, Han Feng had to die, but he had to die at Han Yan's hands, and Han 3000 needed to leave evidence behind as a way to blackmail Han Yan.


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