His True Colors Chapter 441-443


His True Colors Chapter 441

After Lin Yong heard Mo Yang's words, the only thing he could do was smile bitterly.

    The two big brothers joked, which was he qualified to go to war, and he didn't even know what happened if he accidentally flew into ashes.

    Keeping his head down, Lin Yong could only act as if he didn't hear anything.

    "Mo Yang, I've noticed that you've recently but the older you get, the more shameless you become."Han 3,000 said speechlessly.

    "Three thousand, your knowledge of me is still too shallow, I'm not recent, but have always been like this, so whether I lent you money or not, you can forget about this."Mo Yang said.

    Facing the brazen Mo Yang, Han 3,000 thousand really had no tricks left, and he had no intention of asking Mo Yang to repay the money, although 200 million was not a small amount, but in this matter of dealing with the Han Clan, 200 million would not reflect a critical value.

    Looking at the time, it was already lunchtime, Han 3,000 said, "It's okay to buy me lunch if you don't pay me back, right?"

    "Staff meal, you can have as much as you want, I'll ask the kitchen auntie to prepare two extra bowls of rice for you."Mo Yang said with an airy face.

    "You're so f**king stingy."Han Qianli said through gritted teeth.

    At the Peninsula Hotel, Han Yan was reprimanding the manicurist, who had knelt in front of her in order to apologize, but Han Yan still looked unforgiving.

    After the room door pushed open, Wu Feng walked in.

    Since Han Qing had died, Wu Feng had temporarily become Han Yan's mouthpiece for all external matters.

    "What are you doing here?"Han Yan asked Wu Feng in a cold voice, in her eyes, Wu Feng was just a loser, if it wasn't for the fact that no one was available right now, she would have told Wu Feng to get lost.

    "Miss, there's further news regarding Jiang Lan's matter."Wu Feng said.

    Although Han Yan frowned in dissatisfaction, she still wanted to know about things related to Jiang Lan.

    "Get out of here, don't come out to embarrass yourself if you're not good at learning, don't do this job anymore, if I find out, I'll never let you go."Han Yan cursed at the manicurist.

    The manicurist was like being redeemed and ran out of the room as quickly as she had run away.

    Although she had encountered many difficult customers, but this was the first time that someone as domineering as Han Yan was, it was obvious that Han Yan herself was not careless enough to move her hand to draw crooked, but the responsibility fell on her head, not even kneeling down to apologize.

    "Hurry up and say it, and get out when you're done."Han Yan said to Wu Feng.

    "Jiang Lan has found a few people who are supposed to deal with Han Qianqian."Wu Feng said.

    "This woman, she finally can't help but make a move, think of a way to help her, it's best to be able to make Han 3000 die today."Han Yan said, currently the only way she could make Han 3000 die was to use Jiang Lan, so since Jiang Lan had already made her move, she had to find a way to make this work.

    "Miss, I can make a move, but if the Master knows about this matter, I'm afraid he'll blame you."Wu Feng said.

    "Aren't you talking nonsense?I want you to find a way to help Jiang Lan, naturally, without revealing anything, so Dad can't find out that I'm involved, otherwise I wouldn't need a piece of trash like you?Grandpa Central was able to kill him with one hand."Han Yan said in a cold voice.

    "I recently happened to meet someone who might be able to help."Wu Feng said.

    Han Yan stared at Wu Feng with a dissatisfied gaze and said, "Wu Feng, you've got some nerve, you dare to beat around the bush with me."

    Wu Feng quickly lowered his head and said, "Miss, Wu Feng doesn't dare, Wu Feng just wants to explain this matter to you, the person I met is named Dong Hao, Miss doesn't know who he is, but you should have heard of the Chi family, right?"

    "What the hell Chi Jia, how should I know."Han Yan said impatiently.

    "Chi Donglin, he appeared on the Master's birthday."Wu Feng said.

    "When you say that, I seem to have a bit of an impression, he's also a little-known figure in the Chinese district, but compared to our Han family, he's just an insect, and I heard that someone wants the Chi family to be finished, and my father seems to be helping in this matter."Han Yan said.

    "Yes, there are indeed people who want to target the Chi family, and the Master is also on the opposite side of the Chi family, so I think this is an opportunity for a lady to be able to show off in front of the Master."Wu Feng said.

    "Show, how?"Han Yan asked in puzzlement.

    "As far as I know, Donghao is Chi Donglin's daughter's personal bodyguard, and since Donghao is in Cloud City, then Chi Yi Yun must also be in Cloud City, Miss now has a complete opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, she can deal with Han Qianqian as well as Chi Yi Yun, once something happens to Chi Yi Yun in Cloud City, Chi Donglin will definitely be in disarray."Wu Feng said.

    "Chi Yiyun?"Han Yan frowned tightly, she had a certain impression of this woman, at his father's birthday banquet, it was this woman's appearance that stole a lot of her limelight, Han Feng was even obsessed with her for a while, and was going off the deep end with no tea, it was just that then Qi Yiyun soon returned to China, so Han Feng didn't find the opportunity to teach Qi Yiyun a lesson.

    "Right!"Han Yan suddenly thought of something, looked up abruptly and said, "The woman who pushed the wheelchair last time, I thought it was strange at the time, why did I find her familiar, but she kept her head down, I didn't get a good look at her face, it seems that she is Chi Yi Yun ah, fearful, she doesn't even have the guts to show her face in front of me."

    "Miss, you're right, I've seen the hotel surveillance, that woman is indeed Qi Yiyun."Wu Feng said.

    "Since that's the case, why don't you hurry up and fake Chi's hand to kill Han Qianqian, it's the perfect plan."Han Yan said with a smile, once Han 3,000 was dead, she would throw the pot to the Qi family to take the blame, she could rest easy and use it as an excuse to deal with Qi Yiyun, giving her a taste of the evil consequences of stealing the limelight.

    "Yes."Wu Feng exited the room after responding.

    Han Yan, with an icy smile on her face, said to herself, "Han 3,000, today next year will be the anniversary of your death, I wonder how many people will remember you as a trash?"

    When Han Yan found her nails, anger rushed back to her head, her delicate fingers were destroyed by a woman who had learned the art, and she hadn't swallowed that anger.

    Making an internal call to the hotel security, Han Yan ordered, "Who found me that manicurist just now, immediately tell him to roll to my room, and by the way, tell someone to go and smash that shop."

    Dong Hao had been in a very bad mood lately, Han Giangli and Chi Yi Yun lived under the same roof, and although he knew that Chi Yi Yun wouldn't do something like that, the thought of the two of them getting along with each other every day made him feel very bad.

    To Dong Hao, a goddess like Miss would never be worthy of a trash like Han Qianxiang, but unfortunately, he couldn't kill Han Qianxiang, or else Chi Yi Yun would blame him for the rest of his life.

    "We meet again."Wu Feng had a very tight control over Dong Hao's movements, and almost every move of Dong Hao was under his eye control.

    "If those people of yours don't withdraw, there will be at least ten murders tonight."Dong Hao said indifferently.

    "When I was in the ring, I recognized you, but at that time, I didn't know the reason why you appeared in Cloud City, that's why I arranged some people to follow you, don't worry, I'll have those people withdraw immediately."Wu Feng said.

    "We're not on the same page, what are you doing here looking for me?"Dong Hao asked.

    "There's no such thing as eternal friends or enemies, and it's true that we're not on the same page, but with a common enemy, we can be temporary allies, right?"Wu Feng smiled.

    "An ally?"Dong Hao smiled disdainfully, the crisis that the Chi family was facing nowadays was not directly caused by the Han family, but indirectly it had a lot to do with the Han family as well, no matter what angle it was from, Dong Hao didn't feel that he could be an ally with Wu Feng.

    "You want Han 3000 to die, so do I. Is it still not an ally?"Wu Feng said.

    Dong Hao's expression darkened when it came to Han Qianqian, if it wasn't based on Chi Yi Yun, he would have already killed Han Qianqian.

    "Although I want to kill him, I won't do it, so don't think of using me."Dong Hao said and stood up to leave.

    "I know why you don't dare to make a move, but there's a great opportunity in front of you right now, don't you want to hear it?"

His True Colors Chapter 442

The departing Dong Hao stopped in his tracks, struggling very much inside.

    He knew better than anyone what would happen if he killed Han Qiangxiang, Qi Yiyun wouldn't forgive him, much less let him go.

    To enhance the relationship between him and Chi Yi Yun with Han Qianxiang's death was a complete joke.

    But when he heard Wu Feng's words, he couldn't control that killing intent.

    If there was a real chance, he would never let Han Qianxiang go.

    Wu Feng smiled and continued, "I can assure you that after killing him, Chi Yiyun will never blame you, so naturally someone will take the blame for you."

    "What kind of person?"Dong Hao said.

    "Jiang Lan."Wu Feng said.

    Dong Hao frowned and said, "Isn't Jiang Lan Han Qianli's mother-in-law, how is she taking the fall for me?"

    Wu Feng said with a sigh on his face, "These days, mother-in-law is the most frightening, I'm afraid her desire to kill Han 3000 is not at all less compared to you."

    Dong Hao didn't have a very thorough understanding of the Su Family's internal relations, of course, he knew through Han 3000's external reputation that the Su Family definitely didn't treat Han 3000 well, but what Han 3000 had done for the Su Family recently, hadn't it changed Jiang Lan's mind?

    "The Su family can only be here today with Han Qianqian, isn't Jiang Lan afraid of losing everything if she kills Han Qianqian?"Dong Hao said.

    "She is precisely worried that the Su family has nothing to lose, that's why she wants to kill Han 3,000, I won't explain the details to you, it's purely a waste of time, all you need to know is that Jiang Lan wants to kill Han 3,000, and it's today, but the person she's looking for is obviously no match for Han 3,000, so you have to step in."Wu Feng said.

    Although Dong Hao was force only, he was no fool, and Wu Feng was undoubtedly using him by telling him such news.

    "Since it's such a good opportunity, why don't you make a move?Don't you want Han Qianxiang to die?"Dong Hao asked.

    The situation of the MiG Han family, Wu Feng was not qualified to reveal to Dong Hao, and after standing up, he said, "Today at three o'clock in the afternoon, Han 3000 will appear in the ancient town on the outskirts of the city, whether to go or not, you choose yourself."

    Watching Wu Feng leave, Dong Hao's eyes gradually grew cold.

    Jiang Lan wanted to kill Han 3,000 and had already made specific arrangements, this was a great opportunity for him that couldn't be duplicated, if he missed it, I'm afraid he wouldn't have another chance like this.

    There wasn't much internal struggle, Dong Hao quickly decided to take advantage of this opportunity, as for how Chi Yi Yun would react after Han Three Thousand's death, he didn't want to think too much, as long as the name of murder didn't fall on his head and he wouldn't be blamed by Chi Yi Yun.

    Han 3,000 had lunch at the Magic City and couldn't wait to leave at two o'clock.

    He hadn't seen Su Yingxia for such a long time, it was definitely a lie that he didn't miss her inside, it was just that he was forced to control it.

    A full three years together, even Han three thousand himself, also used to Su Yingxia nightly snoring, for him, snoring is more like hypnosis, only to hear the sound of snoring, he can sleep more sweet.

    It took half an hour to arrive at the ancient town on the outskirts of the city, Han Three Thousand had casually strolled around before Su Yingxia appeared, although this place was very close to Cloud City, but in more than three years, Han Three Thousand had never been here.

    At this time, a bald head came face to face, extremely purposeful, and still far away, Han Three Thousand felt that he was coming for him.

    When the bald head walked in front of him, Han 3,000 asked, "Do we know each other?"

    "A woman broke a valuable vase in our shop and she said her husband would come and pay for it, was that you?"Bald said.

    Was it Su Yingxia?

    Han Qianli asked in a deep voice, "What did you do to her."

    "Don't be nervous, I just want her compensation, if you're willing to pay for it, it's easy to solve."Baldy said.

    "Take me there, if you dare to hurt a hair on her head, I'll never let you go."Han Qianli coldly said.

    Baldy laughed disdainfully, this guy was already dying, but he dared to be so arrogant.

    "Let's go."Bald Head walked ahead to lead the way.

    Han Giangli followed behind, feeling a bit strange about this sudden event, if something really happened to Su Yingxia, why didn't she call herself?And how does this bald guy know himself?

    With so many people in the ancient town, he was coming straight towards him, so he obviously knew him well.

    Han Giangli left a little thought behind, and soon the bald head walked into a small, remote courtyard, a place that was almost devoid of tourist sightseers anymore.

    "If you don't leave quickly, I can't guarantee what will happen to your wife."The bald head turned to Han Qianli at the door and said.

    The corners of Han Qianli's mouth curved upwards, and although he didn't know what this bald head wanted, he was certain that Su Yingxia wasn't here.

    But the only way to know what he wanted was to go in.

    Han Giangli followed in three steps.

    When he reached the courtyard, when the door closed, two people blocked the way, and a few others also came out of the room individually.

    There were seven of them in total, and each one's fierce expressions were an indication that they were not good visitors.

    "Who is it that can find you losers to deal with me?"Han Giangli faintly smiled, although these people were strong, they could tell that they were walking on wild paths and had not been professionally trained, so their skills must not be very good.

    There should be quite a few people in Yun Cheng who wanted to deal with him, but the fact that they would find these trash, showed that they definitely didn't understand him well enough.

    Han Yan wouldn't do that, if she wanted to kill herself, she would just have to find a chance to let the Earth Central do it, there was no way she would let these trash come out.

    Was it someone who had been carelessly offended in the past?

    "We're outlaws when we're dead,"Baldy said through gritted teeth.

    "Outlaws?"Han Qianli smiled disdainfully and said, "It's fine for you guys to deal with ordinary people, but if you want to deal with me, I'm afraid you can't do it with your skills."

    "Kid, since you're so arrogant, I'll let you see what I can do."

    "On the way to the Yellow Spring, don't forget to give those lonely souls a mention of the brotherhood, you might even find a companion."


    Several of them attacked at the same time, closing in on Han Qianqian in an encircling circle, each one holding a weapon that could kill.

    Han Giang didn't dare to take them lightly, although they weren't very good, they were outnumbered, and each had a knife in their hands, so if he was carelessly wounded, he might actually die today.

    In a certain room, Jiang Lan looked nervously through the window at the courtyard, unconsciously already clenching her fist.

    This was a great opportunity to kill Han Qiangnian, although she was still a little worried about the consequences of things being revealed, but right now, she wanted to see Han Qiangnian fall in a pool of blood more than anything else.

    Only with Han Three thousand dead could the Su family's days return to a safe track and not be implicated by him.

    Only with Han Three Thousand's death would Su Yingxia be able to pursue a new happiness according to her arrangement.

    "Yingxia, everything I did was for your own good, don't blame me, if you want to blame it, blame him for being too self-absorbed, he dared to go against Han Yan, and he even got my Su family into trouble."Jiang Lan said to herself.

    Jiang Lan, who was originally very confident, became a bit apprehensive when the two bald-faced people fell to the ground.

    Could it be that so many people were no match for this wimp?

    How did he get so good!

    In the Su family, but even Su Hai Chao beat him so badly that he didn't dare to fight back.

    If he was so powerful, why didn't he fight back then?

    Baldy was also shocked after seeing his men fall, so many people were attacking, but he didn't have any advantage at all, instead he was disrupted by Han Giangli, and the more he fought, the more momentum he gained, and on the other hand, his own men were clearly having a lot of scruples about him, and had become cautious in their actions.

    "Don't be afraid, this guy is running out of energy, give it to me and kill this loser."Baldy bellowed, taking the brunt of the attack.

    The others, seeing the situation, finally brought up their courage again.

    Han Giangli stood still and didn't move, saying, "Why seek your own death, you trash, how can you be my opponent."

    "I'm going to cramp your muscles and skin you to death today."Baldy roared harshly.

    A few powerful sieges were headed towards Han Marchant once again, and this time, Han Marchant wasn't going to hold back as there was no point in continuing to waste time.

His True Colors Chapter 443

When silence returned to the small courtyard, only Han 3,000 was still standing, and those people in Baldy were all lying on the ground, it was clear that even with several people around, Han 3,000 still won, and won very easily.

    Bald Head had never missed a beat after so many years of licking blood from his blade, and today's mission was a handy one in his opinion, but he hadn't expected to be planted, which made him look at Han 3,000 with an extremely frightened look in his eyes.

    Who the hell was this guy, how could he be so powerful.

    "You guys are going to kill me, now that this is the case, should I kill you guys to put an end to this?"Han Giangli said to Bald Head.

    Bald head showed a hint of panic, although he had killed people, he himself was afraid of death, only people who had never felt death before would lie that they were not afraid of death.

    When death was about to come, how many people could be truly unafraid?

    "We're just taking people's money to do their dirty work for them, you don't have to kill us."Bald Head said.

    Han Giangli smiled calmly, walked over to Bald Head and said, "Whose money did you take?"

    In the room, when Jiang Lan heard this, her heart instantly went to her throat, if these people betrayed her to save her life, she would be finished.

    Jiang Lan took a deep breath and her eyes were filled with fear.

    Why would someone as powerful as him be humiliated in the Su family, and why would he be beaten by Su Haichao?What the hell is he holding back all this for!

    Baldy was hesitant, betraying his employer was against his professional ethics, but if he didn't tell his employer, he was worried that Han Giang would really do it and kill him.

    "These trash are no match for you, so what about me?"At this moment, a familiar voice appeared across the sky.

    Han 3,000 turned his head abruptly, and his heart sank to the bottom when he saw Dong Hao leaping down from the wall.

    Bald these trash he fought easily because they had no real strength, but Dong Hao was different, he was a strong man and Han Giang had fought him and lost very thoroughly.

    "Donghao, your lady and I are now in a partnership, aren't you going to ask her opinion before you kill me?"Han Three Thousand Years said.

    Dong Hao walked towards Han 3,000 with an easy pace, he had already won Han 3,000 once, so now Han 3,000 was just a fish on the chopping block in his eyes, he could cut it as much as he wanted.

    "Han Three Thousand Years, don't you know that this is my own decision?"Dong Hao said.

    Han Giangli took a deep breath and said, "Who will solve the Chi family's troubles if you kill me?"

    "To be honest, I still hope you can help the Chi family, but Miss is too obsessed with you right now, I don't want Miss to continue her obsession, so you have to die, as for the trouble of the Chi family, I, Dong Hao, am just as capable of carrying it."Dong Hao said.

    "You?"Han Giangli looked at Donghao with contempt, he didn't have any ability other than being able to fight, and the Chi family's troubles could never be solved by fists.

    "Dong Hao, you're too ignorant of yourself, if you really had such ability, how would Chi Yi Yun find me?That means she doesn't have you in her sights at all and has never seen hope in you."Han Qianqian said.

    Dong Hao's killing intent surged, Han Qianli's words completely angered him.

    "You're already going to die, it doesn't matter if I let you talk tough for a few minutes, in your next life, don't touch me again, or I'll kill you again."Dong Hao finished, his body slightly bent over, looking like he was ready to strike.

    Han Giangli knew that if he really fought with him, it would definitely be a death sentence, so he could only find a way to avoid this matter.

    But in the current situation, Donghao's killing intent had already been determined, and wanting Donghao to come back to his senses definitely couldn't be done with just a few words!

    In the room, Jiang Lan saw hope once again, although she didn't know who the person was, she could tell that Han Giang was clearly somewhat afraid of this person, indicating that he was definitely not a match for this person.

    As long as Han Giang could die, it didn't matter to Jiang Lan who killed him.

    The only outcome she was seeking was to keep Han Three Thousand alive, so that Su Yingxia would no longer have any attachment to Han Three Thousand.

    "Hurry up and kill it, kill this wimp."Jiang Lan eagerly spoke to herself.

    Right at this moment, Han Three Thousand suddenly pulled out her phone and pointed it at Dong Hao.

    "Are you quick to kill me, or am I quicker to press the shutter?All I have to do is click a button and your picture will be sent to Chi Evian's phone, so she'll know that you killed me, and guess what she'll do?"Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

    Dong Hao was stunned, then his anger was so great that he gritted his teeth and said, "Han Qianli, are you still a man, using such a despicable and shameless way."

    "Shameless?I don't think so, after all, I'm no match for you, it's the only way to save your life."Han Giangli said, this wasn't how a man should act, but he knew he wasn't a match for Dong Hao, so why did he have to die?

    Dong Hao wanted to chop Han Qianqiang into pieces, but no matter how fast he moved, could he be faster than Han Qianqiang pressing the shutter?

    The biggest reason why he didn't dare to kill Han Third Thousand was because he was afraid that Chi Yi Yun would know.

    If the photo was sent to Chi Yiyun's phone from Han Three Thousand's phone, Han Three Thousand's death would definitely be hidden.

    "If you leave now, I can pretend that nothing has happened and will never tell Chi Yiyun about your appearance, how about it?"Han Three Thousand Year continued.

    Dong Hao was unhappy, very unhappy, Han Third Thousand's life was right in front of him, and he could take it if he reached out his hand.

    But could he do that?If Chi Yi Yun hated him, then what was the point of all that he did.

    Dong Hao stood up straight and said with a calm expression, "I won't do anything that would make Miss resent me."

    Han Giangli was relieved, he had only planned to try this trick, but he didn't expect it to work, it seemed that Donghao had deep feelings for Qi Yiyun, but unfortunately he was destined to be a tragedy, Qi Yiyun wouldn't like him.

    "I won't let her know about today's incident either,"Han Giangli said.

    As Dong Hao and Han Giang passed by, he stopped and said, "I can't kill you today, but one day, you'll die at my hands."

    "I'm afraid that you won't be my opponent in the future."Han Qianli faintly said.

    Dong Hao smiled contemptuously, as if he had heard a big joke.

    After Dong Hao left, Han Three Thousand Thousand beat up Bald Head without saying a word, and if this guy didn't reveal who was behind it, Han Three Thousand Thousand wouldn't be able to solve this potential danger.

    The bald head was beaten on the ground and begged for mercy, and as Han 3,000 thousand played with his dagger, the overly frightened bald head finally said, "It's Jiang Lan, she's the one who wants us to kill you."

    Lan Jiang!

    These two words were like thunder from a clear sky to Han Qianqian.

    He had guessed many people, but never would he have thought that this matter had been arranged by Jiang Lan!

    Had her hatred reached the point where she wanted to kill him?

    In other words, Su Yingxia didn't even invite him to meet with him today, all of this was a ruse by Jiang Lan, who secretly sent him a text message using Su Yingxia's phone.

    Han Qianli threw away his dagger and said seemingly to himself, "Asking myself that I, Han Qianli, have not done anything wrong to the Su family, where did your hatred for me come from?"

    In the room, Lan Jiang had sat on the floor in shock, betrayed by her bald head, and Han 3000 now knew everything, which was fatal to her!

    Once Han Giangli told Su Yingxia about this, Jiang Lan couldn't imagine how Su Yingxia would react.

    "This is the last chance I'm giving you, I hope you cherish it, and the next time, even if you're my mother-in-law, I'll kill you with my own hands."Han Qianli said in a cold voice.

    Jiang Lan had done a lot of excessive things in the past, but Han Giang endured just a little bit, it wasn't a big deal in his opinion, there was nothing wrong with holding back for the sake of Su Yingxia, after all, Jiang Lan was Su Yingxia's mother.

    But today, this matter, Jiang Lan had already touched Han Qian's bottom line, he couldn't let Jiang Lan continue to make trouble.

    "Take a good look, this bald head is a lesson for you."After saying this, Han Qianqian stepped on Bald Head's neck, using almost all of his strength.

    The bald head struggled underneath his feet until two minutes passed and by the time Han Qianli released his leg, the bald head was completely silent.


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