His True Colors Chapter 444-446


His True Colors Chapter 444

Lan Jiang was pale and paralyzed.

    The bald head was stomped on, snapped alive, and Han Giang said it was a foregone conclusion for her!

    What that meant, Jiang Lan knew it by heart.

    Such a threat was never just words, as Jiang Lan had watched Nangong Qianqiu hang herself in front of her, all because Han Qianqiang had forced him to do so.

    Beneath his wimpy surface, he hid an absolutely cold heart.

    Lan Jiang knew that if it wasn't for Su Yingxia, she would have died today.

    But ...... but she was unwilling to admit defeat, and underneath her fear, there was still a heart that wanted to kill Han Qianqian.

    If Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia were to remarry, wouldn't he be in charge of the Su family in the future?

    Jiang Lan had been the boss of the family for so many years, and was never willing to submit to anyone, especially the wimp she had in mind.

    Struggling to get up, Jiang Lan walked out of the room after Han Qianqian left.

    The bald head was dead beyond death, it was all Han Marchant's doing, and there were witnesses at the scene, a thought of revenge against Han Marchant burned once again.

    "He killed your friend, aren't you going to call the police?"Jiang Lan said to the other people, human and material evidence are all there, as long as the police, Han 3,000 yuan stand on the charge of murder, even if not life for life, at least life imprisonment, so this is another hope for Jiang Lan.

    Those people looked at Jiang Lan like idiots, they had a murder case in their hands, how could they call the police, isn't this like throwing themselves into a trap?

    "You're not going to let him die unjustly, are you?"Seeing that a few people didn't speak, Jiang Lan continued.

    "If it wasn't for you, you b*t*h, how would Baldy die, if you don't take a million out today for us to run away, you won't leave."A certain person said.

    Hearing this, the other people also stood up and surrounded Jiang Lan to avoid her running away.

    Jiang Lan looked like a cloud and said, "I'll give you a million as long as you're willing to testify."

    The one who spoke just now smiled hideously and said, "Who doesn't have a murder in his brother's hands, let us call the police, do you want us all to be arrested?"

    This sobered Jiang Lan up, these people were no good, how could they call the police, much less testify for her.

    Looking at the unkind eyes of a few people, Jiang Lan's heart began to get scared.

    "Old lady, you're a bit older, but it's enough for a few brothers to relieve their cravings, if you don't take the money quickly, I can't guarantee that I won't do anything to hurt you."

    "By the looks of it, you should be taking good care of yourself, and I don't know if your skin is slippery."

    "Slippery or not, you'll know if you try."

    Several people approached Jiang Lan with lustful smiles.

    Jiang Lan completely panicked and said, "I'll pay you guys, I'll pay you guys, but I don't have that much cash, can I go to the bank?"

    She never thought that this matter would end like this, not only was Han Qianqian aware that she was behind it, but she also lost a whole million.

    After Han Qianli left the ancient town, he was in a very bad mood. He had originally met Su Yingxia with expectations, but he didn't expect that it was all Jiang Lan's arrangement, which not only made his expectations come to nothing, but also increased his hatred towards Jiang Lan by a few points.

    Peninsula Hotel, the news that Han Qianli left the ancient town alive was the first thing Han Yan received.

    This was a perfect opportunity, but Han Yan was undoubtedly very disappointed that Han Qianli was still alive, and after this failure, she was worried that Jiang Lan would have scruples and not dare to do anything to Han Qianli.

    If she wasn't able to use Jiang Lan to kill Han Three Thousand, her desire for Han Three Thousand to die would only be in vain.

    "Aren't you very confident?Why did he get out alive?"Han Yan questioned Wu Feng.

    Wu Feng also found it strange, with Dong Hao's hatred for Han 3,000, he couldn't possibly let Han 3,000 leave, how could that be.

    "Miss, Dong Hao's hatred for Han 3000 is very deep, it's reasonable that he should be dead if Dong Hao is willing to do anything."Wu Feng said.

    "Isn't this Dong Hao a match for Han Three Thousand Years?"Han Yan questioned.

    "Impossible."Wu Feng shook his head decisively, Han Qianli's skills were not comparable to Dong Hao's, after all, Dong Hao was a professional assassin and bodyguard, while Han Qianli, was merely a more powerful ordinary person, the two were simply not on the same level.

    "Grandpa Central, what do you think?"Han Yan turned to the Earth Central and asked.

    "Han 3000 is a person with great potential, otherwise, Yan Jun wouldn't think so highly of him, but at this stage, he is indeed no match for Dong Hao."Earth Central said.

    "Miss, Dong Hao wouldn't dare to go against Chi Yi Yun's wishes, so even if he wanted to kill Han 3,000, he would have to do it without Chi Yi Yun's knowledge, or perhaps Han 3,000 used Chi Yi Yun to threaten Dong Hao before Dong Hao dared to do it."Wu Feng said.

    This made Han Yan laugh disdainfully and said, "Is this wimp going to rely on a woman to survive, what a waste."

    "Miss, if you kill Chi Yi Yun, Dong Hao won't have any worries."Wu Feng said.

    Such a proposal made Han Yan open-minded, her father only told her not to kill Han Qianqian, but didn't say she couldn't kill anyone else.

    But there was still a problem with this proposal.

    Dong Hao would have avenged Chi Yi Yun if he knew who killed her, and at that time maybe he didn't care if Han 3000 was dead or alive.

    "Do you have a way to make the charge of Chi Yi Yun's death fall on Han Kuang's head?If not, what you're saying is nonsense."Han Yan faintly said.

    Wu Feng kept his head down and didn't speak, with the current relationship between Han Qianqian and Qi Yiyun, he really couldn't do this, even if it was a forced title, it wouldn't be enough to convince anyone.

    "Without a detailed plan, don't talk nonsense to me from now on, get out."Han Yan snapped in a cold voice.

    Wu Feng didn't dare to have the slightest discontent and exited the room.

    Han Yan walked up to Di Yang and said in a petulant gesture, "Grandpa Yang, please help someone think of a way, I really want him to die, I have to take revenge for Han Qing before I can do anything, after all, she's also been my maid for so many years, I can't just do nothing."

    Di Yang smiled faintly, with the Han Yan he knew so well, Han Qing would be dead if he died, how could she take revenge on Han Qing?She wanted Han Giang to die, but only for the pleasure of her own heart.

    "Grandpa Central does have a solution, but it's a bit dangerous for Han Feng."Earth Central said with a smile.

    "Han Feng?What does it have to do with him."Han Yan was puzzled, she and Han Feng had been separated since she arrived in Cloud City and still didn't know where Han Feng had gone.

    "Doesn't Han Feng like Chi Yi Yun?You can use this woman to stir up conflict between Han 3000 and Han Feng, and as long as Han 3000 dares to harm Han Feng, you'll have enough reason to kill Han 3000, but the uncertainty of that is what kind of harm Han Feng will receive."Earth Central said.

    Han Yan frowned, with Han Feng's obsession with Chi Yi Yun, this plan was indeed feasible, and Han Feng's dude would never put Han 3000 in his eyes, it was very simple to make the two of them enemies.

    But the problem lies in the concerns of Dee Central, it's impossible to predict what price Han Feng will pay in this matter.

    "Grandpa Central, if he really hurt Han Feng, would you go out of your way to kill him?"Han Yan asked.

    Earth Central shook his head without hesitation and said, "Han Third Thousand has Yan Jun's protection behind him, if I make a move, Yan Jun will definitely not turn a blind eye, with Grandpa Central's current skills, he can't absolutely win yet."

    Han Yan's eyes flashed with impatience, but hid it quickly and well, saying, "Grandpa Central can't kill him, what's the point of this plan?"

    "Isn't Wu Feng's skill enough to deal with Han 3,000?"Earth Central said.

    Han Yan revealed a disdainful expression, she had completely lost sight of Wu Feng ever since Di Yang came and said, "Wu Feng is a trash, he's not good enough to accomplish anything, how can I trust him."

    "As long as I hold back Yanjun, it's easy for Wu Feng to kill Han 3,000."Earth Central said.

    Seeing how sure Deiyang was, Han Yan smiled and said, "Alright, then it's settled, let Han Feng go and get even with Han 3000."

    "Aren't you afraid that Han Feng will get hurt?"

    "Grandpa Central, I'm hungry, let's go out and eat."Han Yan took Di Yang's hand and looked affectionate, directly choosing to ignore what Di Yang said.

His True Colors Chapter 445

Han Yan's performance made it very clear that she didn't care about the price Han Feng might pay in the middle of this matter.

    In order to achieve her goal, she would do whatever it took.

    For this, Diyang didn't resent it, but appreciated it.

    Although Han Yan was only a woman, in his eyes, she was more qualified than Han Feng to inherit the position of the head of the Han family in the rice country.

    Compared to Han Feng, who hung around the land of fireworks all day, Han Yan's personal power was undoubtedly stronger, and her means and sophistication were not comparable to Han Feng's. If the Han family fell into Han Feng's hands, he would sooner or later lose all their assets.

    Recently, a legend had been circulating among the various clubs in Cloud City that a certain rich family had been generous, quite bold and capricious, never tipping out less than five figures, and according to the news collusion of the various clubs, this unknown gentleman had spent nearly ten million in less than a month's time, and had spent several million just on gifts for those women.

    Now the club is very fond of receiving this guest, and those women, moreover, are looking forward to the stars and the moon to get a chance to accompany him, because as long as they can serve him happy, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts can be obtained casually.

    Naturally, Han Feng was the one with such amazing spending power.

    After arriving in Cloud City, Han Feng shifted from one club to another, and he didn't care at all about how to deal with Han 3,000 because he believed that Han Yan's ability could do it, and he, on the other hand, just needed to enjoy the happiness that a woman brought him.

    The words "spending money like water" were no longer enough to describe Han Feng, the speed at which he spent his money was more like a torrential downpour.

    Every time he went to the clubhouse, he would bring hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, and whoever could please him was a reward of ten thousand dollars, lofty, and because of his loftiness, some clubs now wouldn't receive other people as long as they were receiving him, and all the women in the clubhouse had him to choose to his heart's content.

    In a certain clubhouse's private room, more than ten women with excellent figures were wearing bikinis, and there was only one man in the entire large box, and he was Han Feng.

    On the marble coffee table, in addition to some drinks, there were stacks of cash bills, which Han Feng used to reward people.

    Every woman in the box was doing everything she could to please Han Feng, just to get more of his favor.

    Han Feng enjoyed the feeling of being courted by everyone, which made him feel like an emperor.

    As he watched the swaying bodies, Han Feng was about to pull a woman he liked into his arms and take pity on her, when his phone suddenly rang.

    After seeing the caller ID, Han Feng turned off the music.

    "Quiet, I'll take a call first."Han Feng said.

    The entire box was silent for a moment, and no one dared to disobey Han Feng's wishes.

    Picking up the phone, Han Feng cautiously asked, "Sister, why are you calling me, you're not going back so soon, are you?"

    Han Feng hadn't had enough, this unrestrained feeling in Cloud City was much stronger than back in Mi, so his first reaction when he saw Han Yan's caller ID was that Han 3000 was too useless to lose so quickly?It was hurting him to even have less time to play.

    "Don't worry, it's not time to go back yet, but I have good news to tell you,"Han Yan said over the phone.

    "What good news?"Han Feng was curious.

    "Didn't you always like Chi Yi Yun?"Han Yan said.

    Hearing the three words Qi Yiyun, Han Feng came alive.

    At first, he was so enchanted by Qi Yiyun that he didn't think about food or tea, and during that time, no matter how beautiful a woman appeared in front of Han Feng, he was indifferent, and he was devoted to pursuing Qi Yiyun.

    It wasn't until Qi Yiyun returned to China that he broke off his thoughts in this regard, because the Mi Han family was not allowed to return to Warsaw casually.

    "Sister, you're not until where Chi Yi Yun is, are you?"Han Feng asked excitedly.

    "It just happened to run into each other, do you think it's a coincidence, maybe this woman is destined to be yours for the rest of her life."Han Yan said, she liked Han Feng's addiction to women and would even help cover for him when he was in Mi, giving him the chance to go out to his heart's content, because only then would Han Feng not compete with her for the succession of the family's head.

    It could be said that Han Feng would become what he was today almost because of Han Yan, who had been plotting for the succession of the family head from a very early age, and the more wasteful Han Feng behaved, the higher the chances of her being able to get the family head's position.

    "Where is she?Cloud City?!"Han Feng asked with an eager face, compared to these vulgarities in front of him, he was more eager to be able to get Qi Yiyun, and was even willing to give up this flower bush for Qi Yiyun.

    Of course, the playful Han Feng would never wash his hands of gold because of Chi Yi Yun, and he might have restrained himself before he got it, but after he got it, a playboy like him would never put his heart on a woman.

    "Yeah, and I know where she lives, do you want to know?"Han Yan smiled.

    "My good sister, don't try to sell me on this, just tell me quickly, I'm already starting to itch here."Han Feng's impatient expression was like that of a child begging for a toy.

    "Is my sister good to you?"Han Yan asked deliberately.

    "Yes, of course, better than anyone else."Han Feng said without hesitation.

    "You're such a sweet mouth, okay, I'll send the address to your phone right away."After saying that, Han Yan hung up the phone and sent Han Feng the address of Chi Yi Yun's current address.

    This address was exactly the rental house where Han Qianqian was staying.

    With the address in hand, Han Feng no longer had the heart to play in the clubhouse and was about to leave right then and there.

    The women were all lost, they hadn't gotten Han Feng's reward yet and didn't expect him to leave so soon.

    This kind of golden master was rare to come across once in a thousand years, and if they missed it this time, they might not be able to meet him in this lifetime.

    Seeing the lost expressions on each of the women's faces, Han Feng smiled faintly and said, "Don't be so disappointed, this money goes to whoever snatches it, and I, Han Feng, must use every penny of the money I brought out."

    When the women heard this, they were instantly foolish, whoever snatched it was the one who owned it, it was up to each of them.

    I don't know who was the first to jump on the money, and the next scene became very intense, a group of women came roaring up, with hair pulling, kicking, and accompanied by all sorts of abusive voices.

    Seeing this chaotic scene, Han Feng disdainfully smiled, a little bit of money can make these women fly to the flames, it can't even be compared to Qi Yiyun.

    "Mediocre, a waste of little master's time."Han Feng left the box.

    The club manager was waiting at the door at all times, when he heard that Han Feng was leaving, his expression was very torn, it was hard to wait for Han Feng to visit, he was leaving so soon, but it was a great loss for the club.

    "Young Master Han, is it that the women here don't suit your appetite?Don't worry, the boss has already explained, if you're not satisfied, we'll immediately arrange a new one for you, and we'll find you whatever flavor you like."The manager said to Han Feng, the boss paid extra attention to Han Feng's coming to patronize the place, so he had already explained to the manager that he would do everything he could to also make Han Feng satisfied, leaving him as a customer was much more important than other customers.

    "No need, these vulgarities, I don't have time to play with them right now."Han Feng said indifferently, he was now so intent on finding Chi Yiyun that he couldn't be retained no matter what kind of gesture he made.

    The manager was baffled for a while, which clubs had he spent time in recently, the manager knew full well that those places, weren't they all mediocre and vulgar?How could he suddenly dislike it.

    Watching Han Feng's back as he walked away, the manager sighed, if the boss knew about this, he would definitely blame him for not taking good care of him, a scolding would definitely be inevitable, if it was more serious, he might lose his job.

    "These rich people, it's so unpredictable, the quality of women in this place is considered very high for Cloud City, and he doesn't even like it."The manager shook his head helplessly and talked to himself.

    After Han Feng left the clubhouse, he headed straight to the neighborhood where Chi Yi Yun was.

    Facing ordinary women, Han Feng's usual style was to throw money at them until they were willing to throw themselves at him, but Han Feng knew that Chi Yi Yun was by no means the kind of woman he could get by throwing money at her, so he had to think of something fresh.

His True Colors Chapter 446

Han Qiangnian is located in a district with four households in one staircase, for Han Feng who doesn't have much experience in courting women, he used a very cheap method to pretend to have a chance encounter, regardless of whether this coincidence would make Qi Yiyun suspicious.

    After arriving at the floor, Han Feng directly rang the doorbell of the tenant next door to Han Qianqian.

    It wasn't a tenant in there, but a house belonging to their own family, and for modern city life, it was common for even neighbors to go a year and a half without meeting each other, and they simply didn't know anyone.

    So when the homeowner opened the door and saw the unfamiliar Han Feng, he felt a little strange.

    "Who are you looking for?"The homeowner asked to Han Feng, who had recently moved in next door and was heard to be a young man, so he subconsciously thought of Han Feng as a neighbor.

    "Are you the owner of this house?"Han Feng asked directly.

    "Yes."The homeowner said.

    "Name your price, I want to buy your house."Han Feng said, his tactics were always so clean and never nonsense.

    For Han Feng, things that could be solved with money were not matters.

    The homeowner was happy, he had never met this kind of person before and he had no intention of selling his house, after all, it was his own place to live.

    "Young man, I have no plans to sell my house, you're in the wrong place."The homeowner said.

    "A million dollars, is that enough?"Han Feng asked.

    The homeowner was stunned, was this guy's brain hot?In Cloud City, this kind of old elevator apartment was only worth a few hundred thousand, and millions would be able to buy a house in a luxury development.

    "Young man, don't joke with me, this place of mine, how can it be worth a million."The homeowner said.

    "It's okay, just consider it as making you a profit, if you can move out within a day, I'll add another 200,000, how about it?"Han Feng said.

    The homeowner looked at Han Feng in dismay, only thinking that this guy must be crazy to add two hundred thousand dollars for moving out in one day, he really doesn't take money seriously.

    "Are you here to find me happy?I don't know you, so you don't have to tease me, do you?"The homeowner thought that Han Feng was joking, so his face hid some displeasure.

    "Take the house book and we can go through the formalities now, if you think I can't be trusted, I can give you a hundred thousand transfers now to put your mind at ease, how about it?"Han Feng said.

    The homeowner's eyelids jumped when he heard this, was this the God of Wealth coming to the door?I can't believe such a pie in the sky thing happened to him!

    "Are you serious?"The homeowner asked cautiously, casually even pinching his thigh to make sure it wasn't in a dream.

    "Of course it's real, you're free now, come with me now, I don't want to waste time."Han Feng said.

    The homeowner was surrounded by an extremely unreal feeling, not that he didn't believe it, but he couldn't believe how such a good thing could happen in this world.

    "Just in case you're teasing me, give me some money upfront."The homeowner said and took out his phone, if Han Feng really transferred the money, it wouldn't be a problem for him to move out in a day.

    One million two hundred thousand to hand, where couldn't he buy a new home?And it's going to make big hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    "No problem."Han Feng also took out his phone and transferred the money face to face, and without any ambiguity at all, he directly gave the other party 100,000.

    100,000 arrived, and the homeowner was completely stunned, which made sure he wasn't joking with himself.

    "You ...... wait for me, I'll come out right away and change my clothes."The homeowner said excitedly.

    Han Feng smiled faintly, they say that money isn't everything, but in his eyes, money is capable of doing everything.

    In a short while, the homeowner came out, not only changing his clothes, but also bringing his house book with him.

    "Let's go."

    When Mi Fei'er and Yang Meng returned home from work, they found that their neighbor was moving, and Mi Fei'er was very curious about something so sudden.

    This neighbor she had bumped into in the elevator, a bunch of middle-aged couples, and a teenage child, she hadn't heard about them moving before, so how could it be so sudden?

    "Sister Phil, are they moving out of the house?"Yang Meng was puzzled.

    Mi Fei'er walked towards that family, the two of them were so busy that they were smiling very happily.

    When Mi Fei'er appeared, those moving company staff, couldn't help but fall their eyes on Mi Fei'er.

    With long legs and a proud figure, such a beauty was rare.

    "Brother Zhang, are you guys moving out?"Miffy asked the male homeowner.

    The man named Zhang saw Miffy, smiled casually, and said, "Yes, this place has been sold to someone else."

    "Sold?What's with the sudden sale of the house so suddenly?"Miffy said curiously.

    "I didn't think I'd have the chance to move in my life, but fortunes come in, so who knows, but someone came to my door today and offered a high price for my house,"Brother Zhang said.

    It's too strange to come to the door and buy a house, and at a high price.

    "How high does it have to be for you to move so quickly ah, have you found a place to live yet?"Miffy said.

    "It doesn't matter if there is a place to live or not, the important thing is that I move out in two days, and he gives me an extra two hundred thousand."This was something that Brother Zhang felt beautifully blossomed at the thought of it, earning two hundred thousand in two days, this kind of thing, he wouldn't even dare to dream of being so exaggerated.

    Mi Feier's face was startled, what kind of a great wealthy person could have such a lofty spirit, and this was giving two hundred thousand, I'm sure it would cost more to buy this house.

    This kind of private question, Miffy didn't ask, but she knew that this new neighbor, must be a local tycoon.

    But if he was a local tycoon, why didn't he choose one of those upscale neighborhoods and buy a house here instead?

    Back at her own home, Mi Fei'er pondered over this question, Yang Meng also had a puzzled look on her face, in her opinion, any rich person wouldn't pay a high price for a house here, after all, there were countless places in Cloud City with better living conditions than here.

    "Sister Fei'er, do you think that this new neighbor has some other purpose?"Yang Meng asked.

    "What purpose?"Miffy asked rhetorically.

    "For example ......" Yang Meng hesitated for a moment and said, "For example, he is intentionally trying to be a neighbor to someone."

    After saying that, Yang Meng suddenly jumped up from the sofa, looked at Mi Fei'er with a surprised face and said, "Sister Fei'er, it can't be that your avid suitor knows that you live here and that's why he bought a house next door, right?"

    Mifiell has many suitors, and indeed some have done very exaggerated acts, but this level of wealthy people, Mifiell has not met, otherwise, how could she still be cold and single?

    But it wasn't impossible, and maybe he was just deliberately trying to appear wealthy and generous to himself?

    "Sister Fei'er, haven't you been receiving flowers a lot lately, and you don't even know who sent them, in my opinion, it must be this person."Yang Meng said with a decisive voice.

    Mi Fei'er's face unconsciously revealed a smile, the other party definitely couldn't have come for Yang Meng, after all, she and Yang Meng were standing together, so she was bound to be the more eye-catching.

    "Sister Fei'er, you're so happy, you actually have such a rich suitor, I don't even have someone I like."Yang Meng said pitifully.

    Although there was still no way to determine what the other party's purpose was, but Mi Fei'er had already subjectively thought that the other party might really be after her, so she was now in a somewhat fluttering mood.

    She was very independent and didn't like to worship money, but one of the main reasons was that the other party wasn't good enough or rich enough, and now this mysterious neighbor was able to buy the house next door for a high price and gave 200,000 yuan for moving expenses, this kind of financial power was by no means comparable to ordinary people, so how could Miffy's heart not be shaken?

    Who wants to fight for themselves when they have the chance to marry into a rich family?

    "You'll definitely meet someone madly in love with you in the future as well, it's just that the destiny hasn't arrived yet."Miffy said with a smile, she couldn't wait to see what kind of person the other one was, so rich, if he was handsome, he'd be a prince charming in general ah.

    "Hopefully."Yang Meng slumped her head, she still had a deep knowledge of herself, it would be a blessing to be able to marry someone who was truly good to her, but she never dared to expect the other party to be a rich man.


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