His True Colors Chapter 439-440


His True Colors Chapter 439

Qi Ran didn't know who the person was that Han Qianqian was talking about, and she wasn't interested in that either, she had deliberately come so early today to thank Han Qianqian for his help, if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't have been able to meet Zhong Liang.

    Of course, just a breakfast thank you wasn't enough, Qi Ran asked, "Do you live around here?If you have time to spare tonight, let's have a meal together."

    Han Qianli shook his head, carrying the soybean milk fritters and said, "It's enough to have this meal, I still have some things to do, so I'll leave first."

    After saying that, Han three thousand turned around and left, Qi Ran didn't even have time to say her thanks.

    Looking at Han Qianqian's back, Qi Ran was very curious as to what kind of person he was, and why beneath his low-key appearance, he gave off a very powerful feeling that even someone like Zhong Liang had to give him face.

    Could it be ......!

    A shocking thought suddenly rose in Qi Ran's heart, it was well known that Zhong Liang was only a senior staff member of Weak Water Real Estate, and the owner of Weak Water Real Estate had never shown his face, could it be that he was the owner of Weak Water Real Estate?

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years.If he's really the owner, how could he personally come to buy soy milk fritters in the morning."

    In Qi Ran's opinion, the owner of Weak Water Real Estate was so rich, there would definitely be maids making breakfast, and maybe someone in a maid's outfit delivering breakfast to his bedside, how could he personally go to such a small street shop to buy soy milk fritters?And there were no high-class residential areas nearby, it was unlikely that a boss-level figure would live in this neighborhood.

    Returning home with the soybean fritters, Chi Yi Yun who hadn't slept all night had fallen asleep on the sofa, accompanied by low snoring sounds, looking like she was exhausted last night.

    Watching her curl up on the couch, it must be very hard to sleep in this position, but the thought of carrying her back to her room in her head flickered and was directly dismissed by Han Qianqian, this kind of intimate action, even if it was used on a stranger, could not be used on Chi Yi Yun.

    After putting down the soybean fritters, Han Qianli took a shower and changed into her clothes to go out again.

    When the sound of the door closing sounded, Qi Yiyun, who was sleeping with her eyes closed, changed her position and lay on her side on the couch, opening her bloodshot eyes to look at the soybean milk fritters.

    Although he didn't carry her back to her room to sleep, he still remembered the soy milk fritters, so he should be satisfied, right?

    Genting Mountain villa area, Su Yingxia returned home after her morning jog, just went to the bathroom to take a shower, Jiang Lan sneaked into her room, looked at the mobile phone on the bedside, quickly approached to pick up the phone, and edited a text message sent to Han 3000.

    The content of the text message is very simple, want Han 3,000 yuan to meet at 3:00 p.m. in the suburbs somewhere, after sending, Jiang Lan also deleted the sending record, and then furtively left the room.

    After taking a shower, Su Yingxia didn't know anything and changed her clothes to go to work.

    When Han Qianli saw the text message, his face blossomed with a smile, but the word "do not reply" at the end of the message made him feel a little strange.

    Could it be that Su Yingxia is still shy?

    Although this kind of date had never been brought up before by Su Yingxia, the two of them were considered an old married couple, but they were still so squirmy.

    "Three o'clock in the afternoon, it's still early, where should I go to pass the time?"Han Qianli said to himself, originally planning to go to the city village today, but Su Yingxia suddenly sent this text message, stirring his heart restlessly, and couldn't wait to meet with Su Yingxia, causing Han Qianli to lose interest in everything else.

    At the hillside villa, after Su Yingxia left, Jiang Lan also changed her clothes and prepared to go out.

    "Where are you going so early?"Su Guoyao asked to Jiang Lan, although the two of them were only middle-aged, they were already living the enjoyable life of old age, all the stresses of life were placed on Su Yingxia, they just had to plan how they were going to get through each day without being bored.

    "Of course there's business, do you think I'm like you, I only know how to play cards and drink every day?Don't worry about the family at all, the Su family would be finished sooner or later if you were to take care of it."Jiang Lan said, she was growing tired and disgusted with Su Guoyao, believing that Su Guoyao didn't contribute to the family at all, and was useless except for food and drink.

    Su Guoyao had been criticized not once or twice, so he didn't care what Jiang Lan thought of him, anyway, now that Su Yingxia was so competitive, he was already living a well-fed life, nothing was worth worrying about too much.

    But Jiang Lan was an exception, her thoughts would offend Su Yingxia, and Su Guoyao was afraid that she would do something stupid.

    "If you're still thinking of destroying the relationship between Yingxia and Han Giang, I advise you to restrain yourself, don't really make Yingxia angry, and then kick us both out of the house without even a place to live."Su Guoyao warned.

    "She dares!"Jiang Lanton became cross-eyed and said, "She's my daughter, she's a piece of flesh that has fallen off my body, how dare you drive me away, and what I'm doing is for her own good, if I didn't want her to have a better life, would I need to take the time and effort?"

    "But why would you do something that you know is strenuous and unpleasant?"Su Guoyao was very uncomprehending of Jiang Lan's thoughts, she repeatedly sabotaged their relationship, but Su Yingxia's stance had been shown to be firm and clear enough, yet Jiang Lan didn't know how to give up.

    "She'll thank me later, she just doesn't understand it yet,"Jiang Lan said.

    Su Guoyao shook his head helplessly, Su Yingxia was already an adult, she knew exactly what she was facing, how could she not understand?

    And feelings like this don't need a reason, besides, Han Qianqiang did do a lot for the Su family, and now Jiang Lan's behavior of crossing the river to split the bridge is very unethical.

    "You have this time, you might as well go shopping with your sisters."Su Guoyao said.

    This sentence caused a sneer to appear on Jiang Lan's face and said, "Of course you would think so, you're such a trash, you never do anything for this family, never worry about the family's situation."

    Su Guoyao sighed and stopped talking, he knew that what Jiang Lan had decided to do, relying on his persuasion, it was impossible to make Jiang Lan come back to his senses.

    After Jiang Lan took her bag and went out, she took a taxi to the outskirts of the city, the place where she had sent the message and agreed with Han Qianqian.

    There was an ancient town here, and although it wasn't a popular spot, there were some occasional sightseers, most of whom were couples in the midst of a passionate love affair.

    "Is everyone here?It's all fightable, right?"Jiang Lan arrived at the home of a resident, a bald head in the courtyard had been waiting for a long time, the hideous pattern on the flower arm was not a good person at a glance.

    "Don't worry, the people I've found are absolutely fine, they can be very powerful thugs."Baldy said with a smiling face.

    Jiang Lan nodded, and took out the 50,000 cash from her bag that she had already prepared, and said after giving it to the bald head, "This is the advance payment, and the rest of the money will be given to you after I see the results."

    The bald head took the money, weighed it, smiled with satisfaction, and said, "If you are willing to add some money, I can even help you kill him, since you want to solve the trouble, solve it once and for all, so that there are no worries."

    In her heart, Jiang Lan very much wanted Han Qianqian to die, but she would also be worried about the matter being revealed, if she was found out to be the one behind it, she might have to spend her life in jail, so she didn't quite dare to make such a decision.

    Baldy saw the hesitation on Jiang Lan's face and continued, "My brothers are all outlaws and have murders in their hands, to them, killing is as easy as killing a chicken, if you are worried about something happening, there is no need, their methods are clean and after killing someone, they will never appear in Cloud City, it is unlikely that anyone will find out about them, let alone find out about you."

    "Are you sure?Really won't be found out?"Jiang Lan asked.

    "Of course, if this is found out, it's a life payer, do you think we'd take our own lives?"Baldy said.

    Jiang Lan hesitated for a moment, if she could use this opportunity to really kill Han Giang, then all her worries would be gone, it was indeed an opportunity.

His True Colors Chapter 440

"How much to add?"Jiang Lan asked in a deep voice.

    The bald head laughed and said, "For someone like you, money is nothing, solving the trouble is the most important thing, right?"

    Jiang Lan was a woman who loved money like life, money was like a lifeline to her, although she wanted to kill Han Qianqian, but if Bald Head wanted to lionize her, she definitely couldn't accept it.

    "Don't try to blackmail me, if you want to kill him, I can always find someone, if your price is unreasonable, I'll find someone else to do it."Jiang Lan said.

    The bald head stretched out his right hand, spread out his fingers and said, "Half a million, not a penny less, if you trust other people, you can go ahead and try, but I can give you a guarantee, in the entire Cloud City, you absolutely can't find anyone with cleaner means than us, only us, we can ensure things are hidden to the greatest extent."

    Half a million!

    For the current Su family, it wasn't a big amount of money, and it wasn't difficult for Jiang Lan to come up with this amount of money.

    But Jiang Lan, who had to haggle for food, would naturally press the price on such a large amount.

    "Four hundred thousand, not even a point more."Jiang Lan said in a firm tone.

    Bald head shook his head and said, "You still have time to think about it, but I have to remind you, the opportunity missed is not so easy to get again, an extra hundred thousand, you will never see him again, never have any trouble again, and don't worry about the matter being revealed, after it is done, my brothers and I will leave Cloud City immediately, not leaving any traces behind."

    "Four hundred thousand."Jiang Lan gritted her teeth.

    "A hundred thousand is a mere pittance to you, so why would a rich man like you calculate so shrewdly with us?Wouldn't it be better to just give the brothers an extra hundred thousand for running away from us?"Baldy said.

    Things had come to this point, there didn't seem to be much of a need to be serious for a hundred thousand, and the other party's attitude was so tough that it was unlikely that they wanted to keep the price down, Jiang Lan took a deep breath and said, "Okay, half a million, but you guys have to do it cleanly or leave any trouble behind."

    "Don't worry, we'll definitely leave his corpse intact."Baldy said with a smile.

    Jiang Lan still wanted to stay and watch the show, she had to see Han Qianqian die in front of her to be at ease.

    Baldy placed her in a room in the courtyard, and although the environment was very poor, Jiang Lan was very excited.

    Jiang Lan had waited for this day for too long, only if Han Qianxiang died would Su Yingxia accept her new life, and the Su family, only then would they be able to truly settle down.

    In the other room, in addition to Baldy, there were several vicious people, each of them was covered with tattoos, it did seem like they were walking the path of survival by the sword, and from their eyes they could tell that these people were unusual.

    "Baldy, 500,000 a life, would that be too cheap, this woman is no ordinary person."Someone said to Bald Head, they often did this kind of thing and the price usually fluctuated based on the strength of the employer, half a million was too little for someone like Jiang Lan.

    The bald head smiled faintly and said, "What do you know, when the person dies, it's not up to us to decide how much we want, this kind of person, does she dare not pay?"

    Upon hearing Baldy's words, the crowd immediately understood what he meant.

    "It's still Baldy, look at her timid look, she can't just extort at will in the future, Baldy has found a long-term meal ticket ah."

    "This single, enough for us to be dashing for a few years, finally we can live a little peace and quiet."

    "If it wasn't for such a good brain like Baldy Bro, our bunch of simple-minded guys with developed limbs would only be able to work at construction sites."

    Listening to a few people's boasts, Baldy smiled proudly.

    Han Qianqiang was idle, killing time in Mordor, doing nothing, just sitting and staring, his mind fantasizing about meeting Su Yingxia in the afternoon, his face unconsciously showed a faint smile.

    "Lin Yong, what do you think this guy is thinking about, with a cheap smile on his face, it must be nothing good, right?"Mo Yang, who was sitting on the side, asked Lin Yong in a low voice.

    Lin Yong was embarrassed, Mo Yang dared to judge Han Qianqian in private, but he didn't have the qualifications, so he didn't dare to answer this question at all.

    "Boss Mo, if you're curious, just go and ask."Lin Yong said.

    Mo Yang shook his head and said, "Look at that spring face, I don't want to eat dog food, it's better for a lonely man like me to stay away from these sweet shells."

    Lin Yong helplessly laughed, Mo Yang called himself a lonely man, but as long as he was willing, the women around him could change a day and not repeat a year, but he was just not happy to do so.

    "Damn, I'm itching, I know I'll get hurt, but I still want to ask what's going on, so talk to me and let me calm down."Mo Yang said to Lin Yong as if he couldn't hold back.

    Lin Yong more than laughed bitterly, Mo Yang was also a strange person, sometimes showing emotions that didn't match his actual age at all, especially childish, and not at all bossy at all.

    "Forget it, you'd better not try to persuade me, no one can stop me today."Lin Yong hadn't spoken yet, but Mo Yang had already stood up and walked towards Han Giang.

    Han 3,000 sat on the solo sofa, so Mo Yang sat on the armrest and put one hand on Han 3,000's shoulder and asked, "What's the good thing, how about sharing it with your brother?"

    Han Qianqiang looked at Mo Yang with slanted eyes and said, "What does it have to do with you."

    "You can't say that, I'm concerned about you, aren't I?"Mo Yang said, pulled out a pack of cigarettes and handed one to Han 3,000.

    Han 3,000 yuan was surprised to see Mo Yang, this guy's life is brave, only in and out, after knowing him for so many years, the number of times he took the initiative to get him a cigarette is limited to a handful of times, today is actually so willing.

    "You're really willing to put in the money in order to find out information,"Han Qianli joked.

    Mo Yang also didn't feel embarrassed, having already gotten used to this mode of getting along, there was no longer any humiliation for him.

    "Hurry up and say it, my cigarettes are very expensive."Mo Yang urged.

    Han Giang held the cigarette in his mouth, and Mo Yang took the initiative to take out a lighter and light it for him.

    After taking a sip, Han Three Thousand puffed out a faint smoke ring and said, "Ying Xia is meeting me this afternoon."

    Mo Yang touched his chest with a pained face, although he had known that there was a possibility that he would be stuffed with dog food, but it was still hard to accept when the truth was in front of him.

    "Did siblings take the initiative?"Mo Yang asked.

    "Yeah, sending me a message early this morning, probably missing me too much."Han Giangli said cheerfully.

    Mo Yang sat on his butt on the ground and lay down in a large font posture, and said in a lifeless voice, "Damn it, I know it's dog food, why do I have to ask more questions."

    Suddenly, Mo Yang mischievously stood up, and even snatched the cigarette in Han Three Thousand's hand, and didn't mind that Han Three Thousand had already smoked it, holding it in his own mouth, cursing and saying: "The cigarette is for me such annoying relief, what are you smoking, son of a b*t*h, you also don't take care of the mood of a lonely old man like me."

    Han Qianqian couldn't help but roll his eyes, Mo Yang was also middle-aged, he didn't have a proper line of work all day, and he didn't have any regard for the image of the boss in front of his own men.

    "This is something you took the initiative to ask, what does it have to do with me."Han Giangli said.

    Mo Yang took a deep drag on his cigarette, seemingly stimulating himself with nicotine, and turned to Lin Yong and asked, "You don't have a girlfriend, do you?"

    Lin Yong shivered all over and quickly said, "No, no, I didn't."

    Mo Yang only then balanced his mind a bit and said to Han Qianqian, "This is a singles club, if you're fine in the future, come here less often, don't pollute the air in our place."

    Han Qianqiang stood up, straightened his clothes and said in a serious manner, "Mo Yang, since you want to draw a line between you and me, do we have to put the matter of paying back the money on the agenda?After all, you still owe me two hundred million, if you don't pay this money back, it won't be easy to clear the relationship."

    The muscles on Mo Yang's face trembled straight, he didn't think about this matter of repaying the money, he said with a roguish face, "When did I lend you money, do I have a note, do I have proof?"

    After that, Mo Yang also turned to Lin Yong and asked, "Lin Yong, do you know when I borrowed his money?"


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