His True Colors Chapter 424-426


His True Colors Chapter 424

When the idea of Qi Yiyun being Han Qianqian's girlfriend rose in Mi Fei'er's mind, she unconsciously shook her head, dismissing the idea.

    This woman must have been deceived by him in some way, or else with her looks, how could she be with such a loser!

    Mi Fei'er looked at Han 3,000 with disdain, there was probably no other way for him to get a girlfriend other than to trap her.

    At this time, a self-serving thought arose within Mi Fei'er, she had to save Chi Yi Yun, she couldn't let her be tricked, she had to let her know what kind of person Han 3000 really was.

    While Yang Meng was chatting with Han 3000, Mi Fei'er quietly walked up to Chi Yi Yun and asked in a low voice, "Do you know what kind of person he is?"

    Faced with this unexpected question, Qi Yi Yun felt very baffled, what kind of person was Han Marchan, did she still need to say it?

    "Do you have a different opinion?"Chi Yi Yun asked, since Miffy asked the question like that, she must have something to say, Chi Yi Yun wanted to see what she was trying to say.

    "Even though I've known him for a short time, I know that he's a complete loser, and that you're so pretty that you'd want to be with him, so he must have lied to you about something,"Miffy said.

    Chi Yiyun smiled faintly, not expecting Han Qianqian to be such an image to his neighbors, but more importantly, the woman was very hostile towards him.

    "Do you think I'm with him?"Chi Yi Yun said with a smile.

    Miffy was stunned, did it mean that they weren't boyfriend and girlfriend at all?

    "You're not in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with him?"Miffy couldn't help but laugh in her heart, so this was all a misunderstanding, she wasn't even this loser's girlfriend.

    "No, I've been chasing him for a long time, but unfortunately he never agreed to be with me."Chieyun said.

    Mi Fei'er had misunderstood this statement and mistakenly thought that Qi Yiyun was saying that Han Qianqian had unsuccessfully pursued her and was planning to laugh at Han Qianqian, but after savoring Qi Yiyun's words, Mi Fei'er realized that something was wrong.

    "You're wrong, he was the one who pursued you, you didn't say yes,"Mi Fei'er said.

    "No."Chiyun shrugged and said, "I was the one chasing him, you heard me right."

    Miffy was momentarily stunned.

    Such a beautiful woman was actively pursuing a loser, how was that possible!

    A man like Old Han who had no money and only a few looks, unless he went as a little white man, otherwise where would any woman be willing to stick it to him, and more importantly, such a beautiful woman chasing him and he still wouldn't agree, could this be true?

    Mi Feier shook her head, not believing Chi Yi Yun's words at all, and said, "Don't joke with me, there should be many people chasing you, how could you chase him."

    "There are indeed a lot of people chasing me, but unfortunately, they don't even have the qualifications to compare with him."Qi Yiyun said indifferently, even Cloud City had many handsome young men, but in her heart, no one was able to compare to Han Qianli.

    Han Giangli was like a mountain in Chi Yi Yun's heart that no one could climb.

    Mi Fei'er tugged at the corners of her mouth, she wanted to laugh, because what Chi Yi Yun said was a big joke to her, a mere loser, but she actually had such a high status in her heart, it looked like she was really poisoned, and she didn't know what she had been tricked into.

    "You've been brainwashed, he's just a little better than a beggar."Miffy said disdainfully.

    "Are you so quick to define someone you don't even know well?"Chi Yi Yun looked at Mi Fei'er and smiled lightly, it was true that Han Giang was an easy person to underestimate because he was very low-key and never proved anything in front of others, but that didn't mean he was really a loser.

    "You're the one who doesn't know him well enough, I know very well what kind of person he is."Miffy scoffed, cowardly and useless, this was the image of Han Giangli in her heart.

    Qi Yiyun shook her head helplessly, she didn't have to defend Han 3000 against anything, when this woman knew Han 3000's true identity one day, she would naturally know how wrong she was.

    "If you don't have anything else, I have to clean up,"Chi Yi Yun said.

    Mi Fei'er smirked, cleaning for a wimp, it looked like she was just an empty vase with a skin, as expected, people were useless around useless people, even friends were useless.

    "Don't be stubborn and put your bets on him, you'll regret it sooner or later."After saying this, Mi Feier left Chi Yi Yun's side.

    "Yang Meng, let's go."Mi Fei'er said to Yang Meng.

    Yang Meng was chatting animatedly with Han Qianqian, and when she heard that Mi Fei'er was leaving, she had a reluctant expression on her face, but she knew that if she stayed here alone, she would definitely be scolded by Mi Fei'er again later.

    "Old Han, rest well first, I'll come back to see you when I have time."Yang Meng said to Han Qianli.

    Han 3,000 nodded and was just about to speak when Mi Feier snapped, "Do you have a lot of time?With all the work not being done in the company, you waste your time on such useless things and want to be fired?"

    Yang Meng looked embarrassed, wasn't Mi Fei'er saying that in front of Han Giang's face?

    "Sister Fei'er, let's go quickly."Yang Meng pulled Mi Fei'er and headed towards the door, her right hand quietly behind her back, and made a gesture of bye to Han Qianli.

    Han Qianli faintly smiled, Yang Meng's fear of Mi Fei'er came from the bottom of her heart, and she didn't know how the two of them were getting along, but one willing to fight and one willing to suffer, Han Qianli couldn't care less.

    "You're a person, are you not too pleasant everywhere you go?"Chi Yi Yun smiled at Han Giangli.

    "It's probably because my personality level is too high for the mundanes to understand, and that's why I can't blend in."Han Qianqian said with a sigh on his face.

    Qi Yiyun didn't expect Han Qianli to be able to say such shameless words, it was simply shameless.

    "So you also have shameless moments."Qi Yiyun said with a roll of her eyes.

    "What did Mi Fei'er whisper to you?"Han Qianli asked curiously.

    "She asked me why I wanted to be with you, I guess she thought, why would a woman like me like a wimp like you."Chi Yi Yun smiled, having joined the Su family and being ridiculed as a wimp for so many years, now even if they didn't even know who he was, they still treated him as a wimp, and wondered what kind of fate he had forged with those three words.

    "How did you say that?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "What else can I say, we're not together, so I can only tell her that I'm still chasing you and not really together, but she doesn't seem to believe it by the looks of her."Chi Yi Yun cheerfully said.

    Han Giangli couldn't help but roll her eyes as well, how could Miffy believe such words, anyone else would probably think it was a joke, after all, just from the looks of it, Chi Yiyun's prettyness was something he wasn't qualified to match, not to mention still Chi Yiyun's unsuccessful attempts to chase him backwards.

    "She'll probably think you're an actor I hired to act,"Han Qianli said helplessly.

    After Mi Fei'er and Yang Meng returned home, Mi Fei'er sat on the sofa and contemplated the matter, not believing that Qi Yiyun would take the initiative to pursue Han Giang, and even less believing that such a beautiful woman would be willing to be with such a useless wimp.

    "Sister Feier, what's wrong with you?"Yang Meng asked to Mi Feier.

    "This old Han, he must have found a temporary actor from somewhere to deliberately act in front of us, do you believe that such a beautiful woman would actively pursue him?What's more, he didn't agree to it, and he's the only one who would dare to write such a script."Mi Feier said disdainfully.

    Although Yang Meng had no animosity towards Han Qianqian, she was asked to believe that Chi Yiyun had taken the initiative to pursue her and that he hadn't agreed to it, Yang Meng still had some disbelief, after all, her posture was enough to impress anyone, and as long as she was willing, she would be able to marry into a wealthy family with a word, right?

    "Sister Feier, maybe she's just a friend of Old Han's, just joking with you."Yang Meng said.

    Mi Fei'er laughed coldly and said, "How could anyone be willing to joke about such things, he doesn't know what shameless things he did to get this woman to agree, I warned you a long time ago not to get too close to him, you still don't believe me, now you know that he is a man with a heavy heart."

His True Colors Chapter 425

Yang Meng didn't feel Han Sanchi's scheming in this matter, but she knew that as long as Mi Fei'er was convinced of something, it would be hard to persuade her to believe in other possibilities, and Han Sanchi had always had an unpleasant image in Mi Fei'er's mind, so if she spoke for Han Sanchi at this time, it would only make Mi Fei'er even angrier.

    "Sister Fei'er, let's think about what we're going to eat tonight, the two of them have nothing to do with us,"Yang Meng said.

    Mi Fei'er nodded and said, "Weight loss and starvation tonight, who asked you to give him such a nice fruit basket, don't you want money?"

    Yang Meng accosted a smile and said, "Sister Fei'er, it's not that I can't find rotten fruit, I really can't help it, I'll definitely pay attention next time."

    For the next half a month, Han Marchand recuperated at home, returning to the hospital for a recheck every few days, and there were basically no major problems in terms of physical recovery.

    After half a month, he was finally out of the wheelchair and able to walk on his own.

    This day, with an apron, Qi Yiyun was in the kitchen making lunch for Han 3,000, during this time, she took care of almost all the household chores, taking care of Han 3,000 in every possible way, every time, Han 3,000's heart would be a little too not to go, because there was no possibility of any between him and Qi Yiyun, although the two of them also have certain aspects of cooperation, but this cooperation, is not to let Qi Yiyun do so many things for him.

    Han Giangli stood at the kitchen door and said to Qi Yiyun, "Do you know that no matter how much you do, you won't get anything in the end."

    Chi Yi Yun, who was stir-frying vegetables, suddenly stopped what she was doing and froze like a wooden person, only after a while did Chi Yi Yun say, "I just did what I wanted to do, and never thought that I would get anything because of what I did."

    "Don't worry, I'll help you solve all of the Qi family's troubles, but to you, I can only say I'm sorry."Han Qianli faintly said.

    Chi Yi Yun took a deep breath, turned her head to look at Han Qianli, blossomed into a brilliant smile, and said, "There are things you can't stop me from doing, but you can choose to ignore them."

    Han Three Thousand bites her teeth, looks at the sumptuous lunch that Chi Yi Yun made, and says, "I'm not eating at home anymore, thank you for taking care of me this time."

    After saying that, Han Giangli left the house.

    When Chi Yi Yun heard the sound of the door closing, her bright smiling expression burst into tears, she knew that when Han Giang was well, it would be time for her to leave, but she didn't want to face this, even if nothing happened between her and Han Giang, she was willing to stay here, as long as she could be closer to Han Giang, Chi Yi Yun was willing to do whatever it took.

    But this sumptuous lunch, and Han Qianli's thanks, was an eviction notice, a signal that Han Qianli wanted her to leave.

    Crouched in the corner of the kitchen with her hands on her knees, Qi Yiyun is so distressed that she can't breathe.

    After Han three thousand three thousand left home, took a taxi to the city village, this time has been in a state of convalescence, also do not know how Yang Xing's things are doing, secretly manipulating the city village, this is Han three thousand three thousand blowing the first step of the horn of resistance, only after taking the city village, he was able to curb the momentum of the development of Han's group, only then have the capital and Han's group to call the board.

    Yang Xing ran to greet Han Three Thousand after learning the news of Han's arrival at the City Village with the wind at his feet.

    "Brother Three Thousand, aren't you injured, why aren't you resting well."Yang Xing asked with concern.

    "Once injured, do you have to rest at home for the rest of your life?You're not expecting me to be completely crippled from the neck down, are you?"Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    Yang Xing didn't dare to have such thoughts and quickly explained, "Brother 3000, that's not what I meant, I just want you to rest more and heal your body."

    "There's nothing wrong with my body anymore, it's easy to beat ten of you, want to try?"Han Qianqiang raised his eyebrows at Yang Xing and asked.

    Yang Xing's eyelids jumped, the first time he was beaten he knew how powerful Han Three Thousand was, this kind of expert could never be beaten by a yokel like him.

    "Brother Three Thousand, you really know how to joke, I can't beat you even if there are a hundred of you."Yang Xing said.

    "Cut the crap, how's the progress of things?"Han 3000 cut to the chase, this was the purpose of him coming to the City Village, chattering with Yang Xing for so long, delaying time.

    When it came to business, Yang Xing put away his playful expression and said, "Brother Three Thousand, let's talk at home, there are many people in the city village."

    Han 3,000 nodded and followed Yang Xing back to his house.

    Only after making sure that the door was locked and there was no eavesdropping did Yang Xing lower his voice and say, "Brother Three Thousand, I encountered a few troublesome families before, which caused a lot of difficulties in this matter, but it has been resolved now, but lately, I always feel that something is not right."

    "What's not right?"Han Qianqian frowned and asked.

    Yang Xing locked his eyebrows and sneaked a glance at Han Qianqian, as his so-called wrongness was just a feeling, afraid that he wouldn't get Han Qianqian's approval after saying it.

    "Say what you have to say, dilly-dally like a woman."Han Three Thousand urged.

    "Brother Three Thousand, I'm just saying it casually, so just listen to it, and if you think I'm wrong, you can pretend you haven't heard anything."Yang Xing said.

    "If you say nonsense again, how about I book you a half month's package at the hospital?"Han Qianqian said with cold eyes.

    Yang Xing was all smart, and quickly said, "I think this matter, too smooth, so smooth that it's a bit unusual, especially recently, several difficult households, but they all agreed to sell their houses, in the past, those developers approached them to discuss, and even used tactics to coerce them, they didn't compromise, this time they agreed too readily."

    "Brother Three Thousand, you may not know the situation of the city village very well, let me put it to you this way, these few families, in the past, they even made news about jumping from buildings because of the demolition, that's why many developers consider this place as the land of wolves and tigers, and over time, no one will be interested in rebuilding the city village."

    If someone really jumped from a building because of the demolition, it meant that the other party was a very difficult character, and Yang Xing's concern was understandable.

    But it was still a bit difficult for him to get Han Qianqiang to think of the reason for it in a short period of time.

    "You think there's something fishy going on?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "More than just strange, I think it's like someone is secretly helping us, and I hope this thing will go well,"Yang Xing said.

    Someone was secretly manipulating the situation?

    For no reason, it was impossible for Han 3000 to get help, and if Yang Xing's words were true, then there must be something shockingly hidden in this matter.

    Could it be that Han Yan knew about his plan, so she had set another trap for him?

    But although there were quite a few people involved in this matter, the only ones who really knew what was going on were a few core people around Han 3,000.

    There was no way that Mo Yang would betray him, which Han 3000 didn't even have to think about.

    Neither could the current Yang Xing, if he were to betray, there was no way he would tell Han 3000 this.

    "Brother Three Thousand, do you want to check it out?"Yang Xing said.

    Han Qianqiang took a deep breath, if this was a conspiracy, Han Qianqiang had to think of a solution, or else this trap would be enough to doom him to doom.

    "You do the matter in hand, I'll take care of the rest."Han Three Thousand said.

    Yang Xing nodded, and since Han Qianqian said so, he didn't need to worry.

    Leaving the village in the city, Han Three thousand went to the Weak Water Property, this matter had to be thought out with Zhong Liang's help, relying only on his own thoughts, he couldn't think of what kind of trap it was at the moment, colliding with Zhong Liang's ideas, he might be able to inspire some new ideas.

    Arriving at the Weak Water Property, Han Qianliang walked straight towards Zhongliang's office, walking quickly, because Yang Meng and Mi Feier both work here, Han Qianliang did not want to meet them.

    But this world is so wonderful, the more you are afraid of something, the more it will come.

    When Mi Fei'er appeared face to face in front of Han three thousand, after the two of them looked at each other, Han three thousand was very helpless inside, while Mi Fei'er was filled with puzzlement.

    "What are you doing here?"Mi Fei'er questioned Han Qianqian.

    "It's not your turn to interfere with my life's freedom, is it?"Han Qianqian said faintly.

His True Colors Chapter 426

"I certainly have no right to interfere with your freedom in life, but I have a duty to protect Yang Meng because she's my best sister,"Miffy said.

    "If you think I'm here to find Yang Meng, then don't worry, I'm here to find Zhong Liang."Han Qianqiang said.

    Mi Fei'er laughed, coming to find Zhong Liang?This was even more unreliable than coming to see Yang Meng.

    Zhong Liang was the most powerful leader of the Weak Water Property, if you wanted to see him, you had to make an appointment in advance, how could just anyone be able to meet him, and like Han Qianqian, Mi Fei'er couldn't imagine what qualifications he had to meet Zhong Liang.

    "You should leave quickly, don't make a joke here, or else as a neighbor, I'll be ashamed for you, not everyone can meet Zhong."Miffy said disdainfully.

    "It seems that you won't let me without letting him pick me up?"Han Marchiang laughed.

    Miffy mocked and looked at Han Qianqian, was he addicted to telling lies?How dare you want Zhong Liang to pick him up in person, do you really think you're some kind of big shot?

    "Does it make sense for you to brag in front of me?Why bother, when in the end you'll be the one to lose face."Mi Feier said.

    Han Three Thousand didn't say anything, but directly pulled out the phone, and after dialing Zhong Liang's number, she simply said, "I'm at the office."

    After five simple words, Han Qianliang hung up the phone, not even giving Zhong Liang time to respond.

    The smile on Mi Fei'er's face became even thicker, not even acting a little more realistic, talking to Zhong Liang in such a tone was a joke.

    "You're a person, sometimes you're quite smart, but sometimes, you're more like an idiot."Miffy said.

    "Whether it's an idiot or not, you'll naturally know after Zhong Liang comes."Han Qianliang smiled.

    At this time, there were quite a few company employees at the work station who saw Mi Fei'er stopping Han Qianli and couldn't help but feel a bit strange, although this newcomer didn't know Han Qianli, she wasn't going to stop Han Qianli, after all, she was still just a newcomer, what qualifications did she have to do such a thing.

    "This Mi Fei'er, she's going to have to fall on her head this time, I'm afraid she doesn't even know about Zhong's relationship with him."

    "I've long been displeased with this woman, she dresses up like a vixen every day, I don't know how many men she's hooked up with, she deserves to be ungrateful and offend Brother Zhong's friends."

    "Do you guys think she'll just lose her job and be fired by Brother Zhong?"

    While everyone was whispering, Miffy was still laughing at Han 3000, telling him to leave quickly and not to disgrace himself, and it was a nice gesture for Han 3000's sake.

    "There are people who have to be ashamed of themselves to admit the truth, you're the kind of person, right? you won't die until you see the Yellow River, why do you have to disgrace yourself?"Miffy shook her head helplessly, she couldn't understand the mentality of this kind of person, knowing that they would be humiliated and still refusing to leave, was face really worthless to this kind of wimp?

    As the saying goes, a man lives with his face and a tree lives with his skin, but if a person really doesn't even have a face, what dignity is there in living?

    In Miffy's world, face was a very important thing, as it was a representation of dignity, but she didn't know that face was indeed worthless to the truly strong.

    In Han 3000's eyes, she was like a jumper jumping up and down, not enough for Han 3000 to treat her as trouble, much less need to prove her strength in front of her.

    When the strong needed to prove themselves to the weak, they were undoubtedly pulling down their own class.

    At this moment, there was a sudden rush of footsteps coming from behind Mi Fei'er, heading towards her.

    The moment Miffy turned her head and saw Zhong Liang, the expression on her face became extremely incredulous.

    Zhong Liang had really come!

    Was it really because of a phone call from him?

    How was this possible, how could such a wimp call Zhong Liang to greet him personally with a phone call.

    "What are you doing?This is my friend, what right do you have to stop him."Zhong Liang gritted his teeth as he approached and said to Mi Fei'er.

    In front of outsiders, Zhong Liang wouldn't expose Han 3,000's identity, or else this matter would spread out and it would definitely cause a sensation throughout Cloud City.

    When the wimp in everyone's eyes shook his body and became the young master of the Yanjing Han family, such news would definitely send shockwaves through Yun City.

    Mi Fei'er looked panicked and pale as she quickly bowed her head and said, "Brother Zhong, I'm sorry, I didn't know he was your friend."

    "Even if you didn't know, what qualifications do you have to interfere, an ordinary employee?"Zhong Liang said in a cold voice.

    Mi Fei'er didn't know what to say and could only lower her head and tremble, she was an ordinary employee who hadn't even done her job properly, so how could she have the right to interfere in other matters, but it was also true that she hadn't expected that a phone call from Han Qianqian could really summon Zhong Liang.

    "I'll find you later to settle this matter."After Zhong Liang finished speaking, he turned to Han Qianqian and said, "Let's go to the office."

    Han 3,000 nodded faintly and passed by Mi Fei'er.

    It was only after they left that Mi Fei'er noticed that the way the others looked at her was off, as if they knew Han Three Thousand's identity early on.

    Mi Fei'er walked up to an employee and was just about to open her mouth to ask about Han Saniang's relationship with Zhong Liang when the person directly said, "I don't know anything, so don't ask me, and don't get too close to me, I'm afraid of being implicated by you."

    The others also had the same attitude, like they were treating Mi Fei'er like a plague, and they all hid away from each other.

    The moment he walked into the office and closed the door, Zhong Liang bent down and said to Han Qianlian, "Young Master, it's my mismanagement, I'll give you a satisfactory explanation for this matter."

    "Do you think I would bother with an ordinary employee?"Han Qianli walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, Mi Fei'er was just a small person who could be casually dismissed, how would Han Qianli take her seriously, but because of Yang Meng's relationship, he wouldn't do so for now.

    "Young Master, you've come to find me, is there anything you want to tell me?"Zhong Liang asked.

    "The incident in the village in the city is a bit strange, from what Yang Xing said, it went smoothly and strangely, like someone was secretly helping, what's your opinion on this matter."Han Marchant said.

    Han Marchan had mentioned this matter before, if Weakwater Real Estate was really able to rebuild the City Village, it would help a lot for Weakwater Real Estate's position in Cloud City, but Zhong Liang had investigated it before, many developers who wanted to eat this piece of fatty meat, none of them had touched the ground, so the difficulty factor of this matter was very high.

    Now that things had suddenly become very smooth, it was indeed a bit strange.

    "Young Master, could it be that Han Yan already knows about your plan?"Zhong Liang guessed.

    Han Qianliang's face was as heavy as water, if these people around him hadn't betrayed him, there was still one person who knew about it, and that was Su Yingxia, but how could Su Yingxia tell Han Yan about such an important matter?

    Su Yingxia's heart, Han Giang knew very well that she would never do such a thing.

    "Even if she knew that the smoothness of the city village had something to do with her, why would she do it?"Han 3000 was puzzled.

    "Han Yan and the city have been meeting very frequently lately, and I believe they've established a good relationship with each other, rebuilding the city village must get the relevant approval documents from the top, if there are no documents issued, the city village is a piece of waste land."Zhong Liang said.

    Han Qianliang frowned, a piece of wasteland!In other words, if all this really had to do with Han Yan, all she wanted to do was to let the land of the city village, rot in his hands.

    A large amount of money had been injected into it, but only a piece of wasted land that couldn't be rebuilt, but it was a fatal blow to Han Third Year.

    "Young Master, this is all just speculation, we have to know if Han Yan is clear on our plan or not."Zhong Liang said.

    Han Three Thousand nodded, Zhong Liang's vision was established and required one fundamental condition, that Han Yan was clear about his plans for the city village.

    But ......

    Han Qianli took out his phone and flipped to Su Yingxia's number, he didn't want to believe that this matter was revealed by Su Yingxia, but apart from her, Han Qianli couldn't think of anyone else.

    If this call is made, it could represent his distrust of Su Yingxia.

    To call or not to call, became the question Han Qianli faced, but at this time, the hand was the first to ring.


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