His True Colors Chapter 427-428


His True Colors Chapter 427

Looking at the caller ID, Han Qianqian frowned, why would Yang Meng suddenly call him, even if Yang Meng knew he was in Weak Water Real Estate, she wouldn't have bothered him so directly, after all, he was in Zhong Liang's office now, and Zhong Liang was Yang Meng's top supervisor, with her character, she shouldn't have dared to bother him so directly.

    Is it hard to be in trouble in the company?

    After a glance at Zhong Liang, Han Giang picked up the phone.

    "Yang Meng, what's wrong?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "Old Han, where are you, can you do me a favor."Yang Meng asked in an eager tone.

    Hearing Yang Meng's words, she still didn't know about Han 3000 coming to Weakwater Real Estate.

    "I'm at your company."Han Qianqian said with a smile.

    Yang Meng on the other end of the phone was visibly stunned, and her tone became confused as she said, "What are you doing in our company?"

    "You'd better tell me what you're looking for me for first."Han Giangli smiled.

    Only then did Yang Meng quickly get down to business: "There's a pervert in the company, and he's guarding the door to the ladies' room, so I don't dare go out."

    "Why don't you call Miffy for help?"Han Qianli was puzzled, since Yang Meng didn't know that he was in Weakwater Real Estate, Mi Feier was the one who could give her help in time, but this call, however, was made to his cell phone, making Han Qianli feel strange.

    "Old Han, I heard that this person is Zhong's relative, and no one in the company dares to mess with him, or he'll be fired."Yang Meng explained.

    This explanation made Han 3000 speechless, Yang Meng was in danger and had to consider such issues first, wasn't his own safety more important?

    At the end of the day, she just didn't want to get Mi Feier into trouble because of her own affairs, and there was no telling how much she would lose from this idea of always putting others first.

    Even if Mi Fei'er really treated her as a sister, but after a long time, when Mi Fei'er felt that it all became a matter of course, this sisterly relationship would become unequal, and at that time, Yang Meng would suffer even more losses.

    In today's society, there could still be such a stupid woman in existence.

    "Okay, I'll be right over."Han Marchiang said.

    Hanging up the phone, Han Marchiang asked Zhong Liang, "When did you start nepotism in the company?"

    That made Zhong Liang's eyelids jump, he did have a relative in Weakwater Real Estate, but it wasn't something he was willing to do, but his family pressured him and had to give this relative a job, so he was forced to put that relative into the company.

    However, Zhong Liang didn't give him special treatment or privileges as if he was an ordinary employee, because he was well aware of the consequences if he messed up the company and Han Giang knew about it.

    "Young Master, I really have no choice, my parents insisted that I give him a job."Zhong Liang said helplessly.

    At the entrance of the women's restroom, a sneaky youth was squatting, for Yang Meng, the first time he saw it, he had unclean thoughts in his head, although Mi Feier was more beautiful and feminine than Yang Meng, but he knew clearly that the difficulty to get Mi Feier was more than a hundred times higher than Yang Meng, and a soft girl like Yang Meng was even easier to be pushed over, so he was looking for an opportunity to get close to Yang Meng every day at work.

    As a relative of Zhong Liang, he had many dirty deeds in the company, but he was smart enough not to go overboard with anything, much less let Zhong Liang know about it, and just used Zhong Liang's banner to flaunt his power in front of the ordinary employees.

    Waiting for the boring time when Yang Meng left the toilet, Zhong Yan took out his cell phone, which has many small videos, in addition to some online download, there are some of his usual under skirt sneak shots, looking at these videos, Zhong Yan heart more and more stupid, when no one is around, suddenly produced an even bolder evil idea.

    Now there was no one else in the ladies room except for Yang Meng, so it was a very good opportunity for him.

    When this idea was born in his mind, it was like a seed sprouting and continuously started to spread and grow.

    Zhong Yan put away his phone, and with a thief's eyebrow, he looked around the area, so there shouldn't be anyone coming to the bathroom, then he sneaked into the door of the women's bathroom.

    Yang Meng hid in the toilet cubicle, and after hearing the footsteps, she thought it was a female colleague coming to the toilet, which gave her the opportunity to find out, if she left with her colleague, I'm sure Zhong Yan wouldn't dare to do anything to her.

    But when Yang Meng opened the door of the toilet cubicle, the person who appeared in front of her was a shock to her!

    It's not a co-worker, it's Jong-yeon who went straight into the ladies' room!

    "Zhong Yan, how can you ...... you come to the ladies' room."Yang Meng said as she looked at Zhong Yan in fear.

    Zhong Yan reacted quickly, two steps forward, covered Yang Meng's mouth to prevent her from making a sound, forcibly dragged Yang Meng back to the toilet stall and closed the door.

    Nervousness, fear, irritation and other various emotions floated to Zhong Yan's heart, although he was afraid of the east window, but the current situation, the irritation took more place.

    "Yang Meng, you should know about my relationship with Zhong Liang, if you don't want to lose your job, you'd better be good and listen to me."Zhong Yan threatened in a low voice by Yang Meng's ear.

    Feeling Zhong Yan's rapid breathing, Yang Meng was afraid and said, "Zhong Yan, don't be impulsive, don't do anything stupid, or you'll regret it."

    "Regret?"Zhong Yan laughed coldly and said, "Zhong Liang is my relative, even if something really happened, he would bail me out, how could I regret it, if nothing happened with you today on this opportunity, that would be the real regret."

    Zhong Yan deliberately came close to Yang Meng's ear, smelling the light fragrance emitted from Yang Meng's body, and became even more infatuated, saying, "I fell in love with you the first day I saw you, an innocent girl like you hasn't had sex with any man yet, right?"

    Yang Meng had fallen in love, but she was protected by Mi Fei'er, and none of those scum who had evil thoughts about her could really get her, because Mi Fei'er would always remind her at the right time not to easily give herself to an unreliable man, so it was true that she didn't have a relationship with a man nowadays.

    Seeing that Yang Meng didn't say anything, Zhong Yan was even more sure of his thoughts and continued, "A girl like you, but the best of the best in modern society, women nowadays don't know what the word clean means."

    Two lines of hot tears flowed down Yang Meng's cheeks as Zhong Yan's left hand, shamelessly wrapped around her waist, an ambiguous action that even her previous boyfriends had never done to her.

    Yang Meng knew that if she lost her innocence here today, her whole life would be over.

    "Don't you dare do anything, my friend will come looking for me soon, if he finds out, he will never let you go."Yang Meng threatened, she hoped that her words would scare Zhong Yan and make him know that he would retreat.

    Zhong Yan laughed disdainfully, with Zhong Liang as his backing, he wasn't afraid of anything, and he had already checked out Yang Meng's background, but he was just a child from an ordinary family, if something really went badly wrong, as long as he was willing to ask for Zhong Liang's help, Zhong Liang would never see death without saving him, and with the means of a big man like Zhong Liang, dealing with an ordinary family wasn't easy.

    "Your friend, he must not know about my relationship with Zhong Liang, otherwise, would he dare to meddle?"Zhong Yan scoffed.

    Yang Meng didn't know if Han Qianlian dared to mess with Zhong Liang, but having been saved by Han Qianlian once, she couldn't find anyone else she could trust other than Han Qianlian.

    "Will you let go of me first, please."Yang Meng requested.

    Zhong Yan smiled faintly and said, "Fine, then how about you kneel down and beg me?"

    The cubicle was small and what would happen if she knelt down Yang Meng didn't know, but she heard something unusual in Zhong Yan's tone.

    At that moment, Han Three thousand arrived at the door of the bathroom, but he didn't find anyone squatting at the door, and Yang Meng wasn't there, so he had to dial Yang Meng's number.

    When the phone rang from the bathroom, Han Three thousand frowned tightly and stood at the door, shouting, "Yang Meng, this is Old Han, there's no one at the door, so come out first."

    Hearing Han Qianqian's voice, Yang Meng felt that the dark world had finally seen the light of day, and was about to speak, but her mouth was covered by Zhong Yan's death.

His True Colors Chapter 428

The phone rang in the women's bathroom non-stop, but no one's voice returned, Han Qianliang said to Zhong Liang with an icy expression, "If this relative of yours dares to do anything out of the ordinary, you'd better figure out how to redeem yourself first."

    A cold sweat broke out on Zhong Liang's forehead and he stretched out his hand to wipe it off, his heart wanting to kill Zhong Yan with a random punch.

    Although he knew that Zhong Yan's style in the company was not clean, but he didn't make any big trouble, so Zhong Liang turned a blind eye, not expecting that this kind of indulgence would lead to such a result.

    Zhong Liang knew that if Zhong Yan really did something irrational, he would be finished with him.

    The two of them walked into the toilet, only one stall was closed, and it was obvious that Yang Meng was inside.

    Zhong Liang said in a deep voice, "Zhong Yan, if you're in there, get out immediately."

    Zhong Yan was shaken when he heard this familiar voice, he wasn't afraid of Yang Meng's friend, but why did Zhong Liang come?

    Yang Meng is also a little puzzled, she was calling Han Qianqian, but the one who appeared, how could it be Zhong Liang?Could it be that Han Qianqiang knows Zhongliang?

    There was still no movement in the cubicle, and Zhong Liang even had the heart to kill, gritting his teeth and saying, "I'm giving you one last chance, get out now."

    The harsh tone made Zhong Yan afraid, and he could only open the cubicle door.

    When Zhong Liang saw Zhong Yan holding Yang Meng hostage, the killing intent in his eyes swelled up like a wave, "You really have guts, you dare to do such a thing."

    "Uncle Liang, I'm willing with her, I didn't force her."Zhong Yan said and turned his head to threaten Yang Meng with his eyes, hoping that Yang Meng would cooperate with her in lying.

    But Zhong Liang didn't give him the chance, if it was anyone else, perhaps Zhong Liang would have shielded him, but Yang Meng was Han Qianqian's friend, and given a hundred guts, he would never dare to take Zhong Yan's side.

    Stepping forward, Zhong Liang tugged at Zhong Yan's collar and punched him in the face.

    Zhong Yan cried out from the punch and said, "Uncle Liang, my mother left me in your hands, how can you hit me?Is that so little to you?"

    "As for that?"Zhong Liang smiled coldly, even at this point, Zhong Yan still didn't know what mistake he had made, he had no idea what kind of mix-up he had done and who he had messed with.

    "Zhong Yan, if it wasn't for your parents begging me, why would I be giving you this job, but today I understand that the decision was a huge mistake."After saying that, Zhong Liang kicked Zhong Yan again.

    Zhong Yan collapsed in the corner of the bathroom, his face hideous with pain, and when he realized that Yang Meng had hid behind Han Qianqian, he realized what was going on, so this friend that Yang Meng had found was really a bit capable.

    "Uncle Liang, you hit me for an outsider, I'll definitely tell my bar mom about this."Zhong Yan said.

    Looking at Zhong Yan's deathless appearance, Zhong Liang laughed furiously, growing up under the umbrella of his parents, I'm afraid this guy doesn't even know how the word death is written.

    "Young Master, I'll do whatever you want to do with this person."Zhong Liang bent over and asked Han Giang.

    Yang Meng suddenly covered her mouth and looked incredulously at Han Qianqian.

    Little Young Master!

    Zhongliang even called Young Master Han, what's going on!

    Just now, Yang Meng couldn't understand why Zhong Liang would be so cruel to Zhong Yan, in her opinion, even if Han 3000 came, it would just be able to help her get through this crisis, but the current progress was completely beyond her imagination.

    Zhong Liang's attitude was so ruthless, Zhong Yan wouldn't even dare to hit her in the future, right?

    All of this was because of Han Qianqiang, because of his status as a young master!

    "Since you're a relative, you can see for yourself."Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    The question was thrown to Zhong Liang, who instead didn't know what to do, the lighter the punishment, it would cause Han Qian's discontent, but the heavier the punishment, Zhong Yan had some relationship with him again after all, and it was undoubtedly a problem for him to grasp this score on his own.

    "Are you alright?"Han Qianliang asked to Yang Meng.

    Yang Meng shook her head, still in shock, Zhong Liang was only the top management of Weak Water Real Estate, not the real person in charge, not the boss.

    The fact that he called Han Qianlian young master meant that Han Qianlian was most likely the chairman of Weak Water Real Estate who had never shown his face.

    And it was well known in Cloud City that Weak Water Real Estate was an industry derived from the Yanjing Han family in Cloud City, if he was the chairman, then wouldn't he be a member of the Yanjing Han family?

    Young master, young master of the Yanjing Han family!

    The more carefully Yang Meng mulled over this matter, the more serious her shock became.

    Never in her wildest dreams had she thought that she would be able to be neighbors with such a big man!

    But there was another question that made Yang Meng very puzzled, since he was the youngest young master of the Yanjing Han family, why did he need to rent a house to live in?

    "Since it's fine, let's go out first, this is the ladies' room."Han Qianli said with a smile.

    Yang Meng nodded unconsciously and followed Han Qianli out of the bathroom.

    "Old Han, you ......"

    Yang Meng was just about to voice the question in her heart when Han Qianqian directly interrupted, "It doesn't matter who I am, but you have to keep today's matter a secret for me, how about it?Not even Mi Feier can tell."

    Yang Meng nodded as if pounding garlic and said, "Don't worry, I definitely won't say a word about it."

    "That's good, there's nothing else, you can go to work first."Han Giangli said.

    "I have one more question, can you satisfy my curiosity?"Yang Meng asked weakly.

    "Ask around, if it's irrelevant, I can satisfy you."Han Giangli said.

    "If you're so great, why do you need to rent a room?"Yang Meng was puzzled, her biggest wish right now was to own a house of her own and have a home where she actually settled, instead of needing to move every time her landlord raised the price, so she couldn't understand how a rich person like Han Qianqian could still rent a house.

    "Because I have a home I can't go back to now, by the way, you don't know what my full name is, I'm Han Three Thousand."Han Qianli said with a smile.

    Yang Meng's puzzled expression gradually became startled.

    Han Three Thousand Thousand!

    Old Han's full name is Han 3,000!

    Yang Meng suddenly felt his brain turn into a mush.

    He was the young master of the Yanjing Han family, and he was also the Su family's adopted son-in-law!How can these two identities be in the same person?That's a complete representation of both poles.

    "Don't think about it, hurry back to work."Han Giangli knew that Yang Meng's mind must be in chaos right now, and these questions were beyond what she could understand, so no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't possibly figure out the reason for it.

    "Yes, boss."Yang Meng blinked her big eyes and smiled at Han Qianli.

    Han Giangli shook his head helplessly, not expecting his identity to be revealed in this situation.

    After Yang Meng returned to her work station, she didn't stop analyzing Han Giang's affairs, as there were so many puzzling points that made her curious that she would unconsciously get caught up in them and not be able to escape.

    But now there was one thing Yang Meng could be sure of, and that was that Mi Fei'er's perception of Han 3,000 was completely wrong, Mi Fei'er felt that Han 3,000 had evil intentions towards her, but Han 3,000 had such a beautiful wife, so how could she possibly like her?

    And it must be true that the woman in his family was chasing him backwards, after all, it wasn't uncommon for a high and mighty figure like the Han family's young master to have a great beauty actively pursuing him.

    "What are you staring at?"Mi Fei'er came to Yang Meng's position and found that Yang Meng seemed to be contemplating something and asked puzzled questions.

    Yang Meng really wanted to tell Mi Feier about Han 3,000 and let Mi Feier know what kind of person he was, so that Mi Feier could avoid continuing to misunderstand Han 3,000, but since he had promised Han 3,000, Yang Meng had to hold on to this secret.

    "Sister Fei'er, do you really think that Old Han likes me?"Yang Meng asked.

    Mi Fei'er thought she was embarrassed by her work, but she didn't think she was upset and hurt because of that waste, and said, "People like him, it's not worth wasting your spirit, focus on your work, I can't save you if you make a mistake."

    Yang Meng sighed, Mi Fei'er was high-minded and liked to use her own eyes to position others, she was indeed right in the past, but this time, it was very wrong, if she knew Han Qianqian's true identity, I wonder how she would feel?


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