His True Colors Chapter 421-423

His True Colors Chapter 421

After the woman led the little boy away, Han Giangli said to Chi Yiyun, "This open-mindedness, even many adults don't have it."

    "Although he was unfortunate, he was considered lucky after meeting you, there are many others like him in the world, but he didn't have the opportunity to meet you like he did."Qi Yiyun said indifferently, she had known about Han Qianli's kind side for a long time, because those that Han Qianli had done could be easily known even without any deliberate investigation.

    It was precisely for this reason that Qi Yiyun felt that Han Qianqian possessed a unique charm and was what set him apart from others.

    "I hope I can help him."Han Qianli sighed and looked at the lucky red string on his hand, although it was cheap, he wasn't going to take it off, perhaps it could really bring him good luck.

    Although Han Third Thousand was an atheist, he believed in luck, he was able to develop his power without being helped by the Han family, there was nothing wrong with that, apart from his own abilities, there was also luck, of course, luck could be considered a form of strength at some point.

    Chi Yi Yun pushed Han Qianqian and walked towards the hospital room, saying in a ghostly voice, "As long as money can cure him, he has nothing to worry about, to you, money is just a small problem."

    Amongst Chi Yi Yun's tone, Han Qian Long felt a hint of grudge, he knew why Chi Yi Yun had such emotions, with his current stage, acting as a good guy was indeed not an appropriate time, facing the powerful Han Group, he shouldn't just waste his money anymore, but standing in Han Qian Long's position, when he encountered this kind of thing, how could he not care?

    Not in charge of the world's affairs, but the snow visible to the naked eye, Han Qianli will definitely clean it up.

    "Don't worry, I won't spend your money."Han Three Thousand smiled.

    If she could, Chi Yiyun was unwilling to part with Han Marchant, she even wanted Han Marchant to take all she had as her own, but unfortunately it could only be a fantasy that would never come true.

    "What did you say to Su Ye-han?"Han Qianqiang suddenly asked to Chi Yi Yun.

    Chi Yi Yun was stunned, and her mind began to ponder over topics that she could change, or think of an excuse to gloss over the matter.

    "No need to think of other excuses to put me off, if I can't even guess this, can I still be called Han Three Thousand?"Han Giangli continued.

    Chi Yi Yun pursed her lips, revealing her cute and playful side, she was like a changeable goddess, no matter what style appeared on her, she would always look like a special fit and wouldn't be the least bit off-putting.

    "Being too smart is not a good thing sometimes."Chi Yi Yun said.

    "Did you tell her who I am?"Han 3000 said.

    "Right."Since she knew she couldn't conceal it, Chi Yi Yun simply admitted it generously and said, "She already knows who you are, even the bride-price that was sent to the Su family before, she knows who it was for, I guess she's so humiliated now that she can't wait to find a hole in the ground to drill down, but you can rest assured that I've already threatened her, and with her guts, she shouldn't dare to reveal this to the world."

    "The reason I have to keep my identity a secret is because there is still a potential rival in the Yanjing Han family, and I still don't know who that rival is, do you still think I don't have enough trouble?"Han Giangli smiled bitterly.

    "You're so powerful, is there anything that can be difficult for you?"Chi Yi Yun said with a light wrinkle of her nose.

    Han Giang was helpless, was his image omnipotent in Chi Yi Yun's mind?

    "I think you're afraid that I won't die badly enough."Han Qianli laughed bitterly.

    Qi Yiyun frowned in dissatisfaction and quietly glared at Han 3,000 behind her back, how could such discouraging words be said casually, and in her opinion, although Han 3,000 was facing a very big trouble right now, she believed that Han 3,000 would be able to solve it, that was his image and status in Qi Yiyun's mind.

    Su Yehan had been distraught after leaving the hospital, and she didn't want Chi Yi Yun's words to be true, because it would make her very ridiculous.

    Even now, Su Yehan still remembered that she swore that the bride-price came down to the Su family because of her, but now, this bride-price was Su Yingxia's, and everything she did could have been self-inflicted, the shame brought by this matter made even a shameless person like Su Yehan somewhat ashamed of herself.

    Taking a taxi to Su Hai Chao's new company, all the employees here were from the previous Su family company, so she was very familiar with everyone.

    In the past, Su Yihan arrived at the company with her head held high, because although she was only an employee, she would still feel superior based on her relationship with Su Hai Chao.

    But today, Su Yehan buried her head all the way, no matter who she saw, Su Yehan would feel that they were laughing at her.

    "What's wrong with Su Yeh Han today, she's suddenly become so low-key."

    "Yeah, it's really strange, in the past, when she arrived at the company, she hadn't quite steadied her feet before she started to make people, but today she's afraid of people seeing her."

    "It can't be that she's made some mistake."

    Opinions were divided, and soon the company rumored that Su Yehan would be fired, which was the power of people's words.

    Arriving at Su Hai Chao's office, Su Yehan's squirming appearance made Su Hai Chao very puzzled.

    "What are you doing?"Su Hai Chao sniffed.

    "I want to ask you something, you have to answer me honestly."Su Yeh Han said.

    Su Haichao smiled coldly, ever since he opened a company, he didn't treat anyone in the Su family as a relative, at most, he just gave them a little different treatment from ordinary employees, now Su Yehan dared to use this kind of tone to really talk to him, it was simply a matter of priorities.

    "Su Yi Han, is this the attitude you have when talking to me?I'm your top boss."Su Hachao coldly said.

    Su Yeh Han knew that Su Hai Chao's attitude had changed recently, and any of the Su family's relatives had become inferiors in his eyes, and he even said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, I was just too anxious."

    "Go ahead, what is it."Su Haichao asked.

    "Han Qianqian, is it the young master of the Yanjing Han family?"Su Yeh Han said.

    This statement made Su Hai Chao's eyelids jump, how did she know about this!

    You know that this matter was highly confidential, even Su Hachao didn't dare to casually mention it in front of outsiders.

    Su Hachao hurried to the door, locked the office door, then pulled the blinds and said to Su Yehan, "Where did you get the news, this kind of thing can't be said nonsense."

    "Are you so afraid of Han Qianli?"Su Yeh Han looked at Su Hai Chao with a deathly expression, from his attitude, Su Yeh Han had felt the truth of this matter, if Han 3000 wasn't the young master of the Yanjing Han family, there was no way he would be afraid.

    "I would be afraid of Han Three Thousand?"Su Haichao smiled contemptuously and said, "He's just a family outcast, why would I be afraid of him."

    Su Haichao was afraid of Shen Weng, because Shen Weng had warned him not to expose Han Qianli's identity, and he feared that if this matter got out, Shen Weng would abandon him.

    Nowadays, although Su Hachao was the chairman of the new company, he knew very well that all this was given by Shen Weng, and he could take it back at any time with a word from Shen Weng, so he could mess with anyone but Shen Weng.

    "Family abandonment?"Su Ye-han looked at Su Hechao in puzzlement, clearly not understanding what that meant.

    "The so-called family abandonment is that he has already been abandoned by the Yanjing Han family long ago, and the current Han 3000 is just a poor homeless dog, he is not even a member of the Han family."Su Haichao explained.

    Not a member of the Han family?

    Then why did Shi Jing appear in the first place, Su Hae Chao's comments were clearly not in line with the facts.

    But what exactly was Han 3000's relationship with the Han family wasn't important to Su Yeh Han, she only needed to confirm Han 3000's identity, and the origin of that bride-price.

    "So that bride-price that was in the Su family was really for Su Yingxia?"Su Yihan's face was hot, like being slapped a hundred times, the vow she had made had all become a joke.

    "Don't worry, no one else knows about this matter, as long as you're willing to help me properly, you'll still have the chance to marry into a rich family in the future."Su Hachao said.

His True Colors Chapter 422

For Su Yehan, this matter is definitely the biggest blow in her life, whether or not outsiders know to her, it makes no difference, the most important thing is that she recognized the reality, and the reality gave her a slap in the face, let her know how ridiculous ignorance really is, let her know the dream bubble is burst, it turns out to be so ugly.

    She also felt that Su Yingxia shouldn't have gotten those bridal gifts until today, all because of Shi Jing's charity, but now, it turns out that all of this is what Su Yingxia deserves, and the jumper was originally her, which is like a beautiful dream that suddenly turned into a nightmare.

    However, Su Yehan would not give in from this, as long as she was able to marry into a noble family in the future, then she would be able to wash away the stain brought to her by this matter.

    "Hai Chao, as long as you can help me marry into a wealthy family, I'm willing to help you with anything."Su Yehan said in a firm tone.

    Su Hai Chao faintly smiled, with the degree of reluctance in Su Yeh Han's heart right now, she would be obedient to whatever she was told to do, but this card, Su Hai Chao wouldn't use it yet, after all, it could only be used once, it would have to be debuted at a critical moment, to stab Han 3000 hard when she could give him a fatal blow.

    "I know someone who hates Han 3000 and even wants Han 3000 to die, you find a chance to approach him, his name is Kang Tao."Su Haichao said, Kang Tao had had his legs broken by Han 3,000 at a banquet held by Kong Wu, this matter had been circulated in the circle of the rich second generation, Su Haichao had also received the news earlier.

    Now Jiang Tao hated Han Qianxiang's death, but he had never found the opportunity to do so, and this hatred could turn him into a usable flag.

    "Good."Su Yeh Han agreed without hesitation.

    After Su Yeh Han left the office, Su Hai Chao was like the general of luck, just sitting in his home base, he could control everything, but of course, this was only what he thought.

    It was a fact that Jiang Tao had hatred for Han 3000, but the two were on completely different status levels, using Jiang Tao against Han 3000, this was like a joke.

    Of course, Su Haichao didn't really expect Jiang Tao to be able to do this thing, his mind's positioning for Jiang Tao was more like a pathfinder stone, after all, now that Han Group and Ruo Shui Real Estate were fighting, no one was sure what kind of consequences would be triggered by a third party stepping into the sea of fire, so Su Haichao didn't dare to go down easily, but to use Jiang Tao to test it.

    The next day, a special ward in the hospital welcomed a special guest.

    The reason why this was a special ward was because the patients who lived here, the hospital reduced the cost of their beds for them, except for the treatment necessary, the hospital would try to save money for them.

    The young women were extremely nervous when they saw Zhong Liang as a special guest, even their breathing became rapid, yesterday, when they happened to meet Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian pretended to tell their fortunes for them, saying that someone would be willing to pay for her son's treatment, at that time, the young women only took these words as a joke, after all, this kind of fortune-telling is inherently mysterious and can't be convinced.

    But now, someone really came to them, it had to make the young women wonder if it had something to do with what Han Qianqian said yesterday, could it be that this person was here to pay for her son's treatment?

    "May I ask who you are ......" the young woman looked at Zhong Liang nervously, then said, "Let me pour you a glass of water first."

    Zhong Liang had been ordered by Han Qianqian to come with the simple purpose of giving them aid and paying for the young boy's treatment.

    "No need, I'll just say a few words and leave."Zhong Liang said.

    The young woman didn't dare to look at Zhong Liang and lowered her head and asked, "Go ahead, I'm listening."

    Seeing that the young woman was so nervous that she was clenching her fists, Zhong Liang smiled faintly and said, "There's no need to be so nervous and scared, I'm not a bad person, my purpose of coming here is to tell you that someone has already paid for your son's treatment in the future, so you can feel at ease until he heals."

    The young woman raised her head incredulously, she was really right, was he really a fortune teller, he was so accurate!

    "You ...... you're not kidding me, is this real?"The young woman couldn't believe the question to Zhong Liang.

    "Of course it's true, I've already communicated to the hospital, they won't charge you any more for the treatment, a fixed amount of money will be paid into the hospital every month."Zhongliang said.

    The young woman suddenly flashed herself a heavy slap, she was afraid that this was a dream, that this was not reality.

    But when the slap rang out and there was a hot pain in her cheek, she knew that it wasn't a dream.

    "Mom, what are you doing, why are you hitting yourself."The little boy in the hospital bed woke up just in time to see this and asked the young woman.

    The young woman excitedly walked to the hospital bed, took the little boy's hand, and said with tears trickling down her face, "Son, you are saved, someone is willing to pay for your medical expenses, you are able to continue living."

    The little boy was still in a semi-conscious state, confused to hear his mother's words, feeling even more unreal, although he was young, but very early to understand, and know how much money he needed to spend to cure himself, how could anyone pay for his treatment.

    "Mom, you must be very tired, where is anyone else here."The little boy said heartbroken.

    The young woman turned to see that Zhong Liang had left at some point.

    Can't wait to get up and run to the door of the ward, opened the door in the corridor also did not find Zhong Liang's figure, which made the middle-aged woman momentarily stunned.

    Could it be that everything that had just happened was just an illusion?

    The nurse came into the room to do a routine check-up on the little boy's physical condition.

    The young woman took the nurse's hand and asked her, "Miss nurse, did you just see a man, in his thirties, tall and thin, he said he would pay for my son's medical bills, it wasn't my hallucination right."

    If it really was a hallucination, the hope that had just burned in her heart would have completely turned into despair, this kind of shock was not something she could bear, so the answer she was hoping for inside was obvious when she asked this question to the nurse.

    This incident, although it happened in a short time, had already spread among the medical staff, especially in the work group where the discussion was very heated, and the nurse smiled and said, "It's true, even the dean knows about it."

    The young woman was weeping with joy, and the little boy lying on the hospital bed was stunned, and only after a while did he say, "That brother yesterday, he was so good at fortune telling, he actually knows how to tell fortunes."

    When the nurse heard this, she couldn't help but laugh, he wasn't a fortune teller, and he couldn't tell fortunes either, because this matter was simply arranged by him, when he was admitted to the hospital, but he had alerted all the top brass of the hospital, and every master teacher had visited his ward, from this alone, his identity was not simple, and paying to help the little boy with his treatment was probably just a small thing for him.

    "I know the man you're talking about, but he's not a fortune teller, and he should be the one paying you for this."The nurse said to the little boy.

    The young woman and the little boy were stunned, this money was from the fortune-telling brother!

    "When he was hospitalized, every leader cared about this matter, such a person must have an unusual status, and you're lucky to have met him."The nurse continued.

    "Miss Nurse, do you know which ward he's in?"The young woman said excitedly, if that was the case, she had to go and thank him in person, because her son's life was given to her by Han Marchant, even if she had to kowtow to Han Marchant, she would never hesitate.

    "He seems to have been discharged from the hospital, reasonably speaking, his current health condition, it's best for him to convalesce in the hospital, but I'm not really sure what this kind of rich person thinks, I guess he doesn't like the hospital environment, so he went back to hire a family doctor."The nurse said.

    The young woman was impatient, she hadn't thanked Han Qianqian to his face, how could this work?

    The nurse saw what she was thinking and said, "This kind of rich man probably won't take this little matter seriously, you'd better take good care of your son, maybe you'll still meet in the future if there's fate."

His True Colors Chapter 423

Han 3,000 was indeed discharged because he didn't like the hospital environment very much, the more he recuperated from the disinfectant and the pungent smell of medicine, the more he felt physically ill, and all he needed now was rest, and since he was resting, it was just as well to return home.

    "Is this the kind of place you live in now?"Looking at Han 3,000's rental house, Chi Yi Yun said speechlessly, although he couldn't live in a hillside villa after his divorce, he wasn't reduced to such a place, no matter how much he was the Han family's young master.

    "What's so bad about it?Complete with water, electricity, and internet, it's much better than a flyover, right?"Han Giangli smiled.

    "You're funny, do you have to compare yourself to a tramp?"Qi Yi Yun couldn't understand Han Qianqian's brain circuitry, how could he compare himself to a tramp in his position?

    "There's no such thing as high or low, they're all the same flesh and blood, so why can't we compare."Han 3,000 said.

    "Can the status of people be the same, this paradox of yours is a strong argument."Qi Yiyun pushed Han 3,000 into her home, then closed the door to her room.

    The two didn't know that someone in the opposite door had seen them return through the cat's eye.

    Today happened to be Sunday, Yang Meng and Mi Feier were both resting at home, and they hadn't seen Han 3,000 in the last few days, Yang Meng was particularly concerned about the movement across the street, so when she heard the door open, she quietly went to the door to take a look, not expecting that this look would directly shock her.

    Qi Yiyun, who followed Han Qianqian home, was crushed in terms of face value and figure, even against Mi Fei'er.

    "What are you floundering at the door for?"Mi Fei'er walked out of the room and found Yang Meng standing at the door staring and asked curiously.

    "Sister Feier, Old Han is back."Yang Meng said.

    Mi Fei'er smiled coldly, she who had never had a good attitude towards Han Giang, just hearing Han Giang's name affected her mood.

    "It's a rare day off today, can we not mention that this person is bothering me?"Mi Fei'er said.

    Yang Meng took two steps in three steps, walked to Mi Fei'er, affectionately took Mi Fei'er's hand and said, "Sister Fei'er, there's a very pretty girl who came back with Old Han."

    In terms of face value, Mi Fei'er had strong confidence, there was no comparison between ordinary women and her, so hearing such words as very pretty just made her smile very contemptuously and said, "How pretty is it, can it still be prettier than your sister Fei'er?"

    Yang Meng's true inner feelings were indeed prettier than Mi Fei'er, but she definitely couldn't say such words out loud, and just said, "I feel that it's comparable to Sister Fei'er."

    "You should have your eyes checked, how can such a loser have such a beautiful girlfriend."Mi Fei'er said mockingly.

    Yang Meng muttered, Old Han didn't look like a loser by any means, even if he really was a loser, he was still a handsome loser, and there was nothing wrong with having a pretty girlfriend.

    "Sister Feier, it seems like he's still injured and in a wheelchair, as neighbors, do we want to go take a look?"Yang Meng said.

    Even if Mi Fei'er had pity, she would never use it on Han Qianqian's body, what neighbor or not neighbor, she didn't value it even more.

    But just wanted to refuse, Mi Fei'er suddenly thought of the pretty girl who followed Han Qianqian home, for this she was very curious, wanting to see how much difference there was between that woman and her.

    "Fine, go buy a few pounds of rotten fruit."Mi Fei'er said, and with special instructions, "Don't buy too much, it's a waste of money."

    Yang Meng excitedly went out, and Mi Feier told her to buy rotten fruit, but she definitely wouldn't do that, instead carefully picking a fruit basket.

    Han Qianqiang was idly watching TV in the living room, but Chi Yiyun, whose true identity was that of a lady, was cleaning the house for him and was very skilled at it, seeing as how she often did this kind of chore.

    "The Chi family is in the Chinese district of Mi, at any rate, it's a wealthy family, you, the eldest lady, won't be grabbing work with the family's maids,"Han Giangli teased with a smile.

    "My father taught me from a young age that if you want to get, you have to give, so every toy I had as a child was earned through work, washing dishes and mopping floors and scrubbing dust, I've been doing that since I was five years old,"Chieyun said.

    "Usually fathers treat their daughters like pearls in their palms, as long as she lives a happy and carefree life, it seems your father expects a lot from you."Han Qianqiang said, if he didn't want Qi Yiyun to become successful, her father wouldn't have started exercising her ability to stand on her own from a young age, this was raising a girl as a boy.

    "I'm the only offspring in the Chi family, so I'll take on all the responsibilities of the Chi family in the future,"Chi Yi Yun said.

    Although the idea of preferring sons over daughters was old, it still existed in the minds of many people, and the rich would pay more attention to this aspect, and the phrase "children inherit their fathers" had caused many women to be treated unfairly, Su Yingxia was a living example, and Han Qianqian had watched what kind of oppression Su Yingxia had been subjected to in the past in the Su family.

    The fact that Qi Yiyun's father was able to do this, even if it was within reason, made Han 3000 somewhat impressed.

    "Compared to many gorgeous women, you're considered very lucky,"Han Three Thousand said.

    Chi Yiyun, who was wiping the dust off, suddenly stopped, turned her head to look sincerely at Han 3,000 and said, "Do you know what the greatest happiness is for a woman?"

    Han Qianlian's eyelids jumped, knowing what Chi Yi Yun wanted to say, but when he was just about to change the subject, Chi Yi Yun opened her mouth and stole the right to speak, saying, "A woman doesn't need to stand in a high position and have a strong career, in my opinion, a woman's greatest happiness is to be able to be with a man she likes, have her own daughter, and teach her children."

    Chi Yi Yun's eyes were naked and burning, it was obvious that the man she was talking about that she liked was Han Qianqian, and looking at her expression, she seemed to be waiting for Han Qianqian's answer.

    Right at this moment, a knock on the door suddenly sounded, and no matter who it was, a strong sense of gratitude rose in Han Three Thousand's heart.

    Although he had already rejected Chi Yiyun more than once and didn't care about one more rejection, he was clear that every rejection was extremely hurtful to Chi Yiyun.

    After coming into contact with Qi Yiyun these past few days, Han Qianqian was clear that she truly treated herself, which made her somewhat intolerant of Qi Yiyun's hurt.

    "Open the door yourself."Qi Yiyun said in a discontented cold voice, her question was interrupted and she would naturally be in a bad mood, even if she knew she would be rejected, she was willing to hear Han Qianqian answer.

    Chi Yi Yun, was definitely a woman who hit the south wall and wouldn't turn back even if her nose was bruised and swollen.

    Opening the door, Han Qianqian saw the two with extremely different expressions.

    Yang Meng was smiling, while Mi Fei'er was full of coldness.

    "Old Han, knowing that you were injured, Sister Fei'er specifically said to come see you."Yang Meng said.

    Han Qianqiang smiled faintly, Yang Meng said so because she wanted to ease the relationship between Mi Fei'er and him, but how could Han Qianqiang not know that coming to see him was Yang Meng's own suggestion?

    For what kind of person Miffy was, Han Giangli knew very well.

    "Come in and sit down."Han Three Thousand said.

    After Yang Meng and Mi Fei'er entered the door, they could only see the back of Chi Yi Yun who was cleaning, but just a back made Mi Fei'er feel very threatened, and her body and stature had been divided through a back.

    This made Miffy's heart surprised and at the same time, there was a lot of confusion.

    How could a loser like him find such a beautiful girlfriend with such a virtuous figure!

    "This is my friend, Chi Yi Yun."Han Giangli said.

    Hearing this, Qi Yiyun politely turned around, drew a smile, and said, "Hello."

    Although Yang Meng had already seen Qi Yiyun, she couldn't see very clearly through her cat's eyes, and the portrait was somewhat distorted, but after clearly seeing Qi Yiyun right now, she realized that this woman was even more beautiful than what she had just seen.

    Even if there was only a touch of makeup on her face, it still gave her a stunning feeling.

    Mi Fei'er divinely traveled to the ninth heaven, her confident posture became ashamed of herself in front of Qi Yiyun, and she didn't even have the courage to compare with Qi Yiyun.

    There was only one thought in Mi Feier's mind at the moment, how could there be such a beautiful woman in this world.

    And this kind of beautiful woman was Han Qianqian's girlfriend?


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