His True Colors Chapter 407-408


His True Colors Chapter 407

Mo Yang, who had a trace of guilt in his heart, also hid his guilt deep after thinking of being able to test out the strength of the Earth Central through Qi Hu.

    "Peninsula Hotel, but you don't have to go, in case you're not his opponent ......"

    Before Mo Yang could finish his sentence, Qi Hu interrupted, "Let someone take me there, I don't know the way."

    "Think about it, if you die at the Peninsula Hotel, no one will help you collect your body."Mo Yang said.

    Qi Hu laughed disdainfully, he didn't think that this world was full of experts, the old man he met last time should be a rare and top expert, how could he be so unlucky to meet such a person.

    "Don't worry, there are many people I can kill with one punch, but there aren't many in this world who can kill me."Qi Hu said with extreme confidence.

    "Good."Mo Yang said, then called his men and took Qi Hu to the Peninsula Hotel.

    After Qi Hu left, Mo Yang took a heavy breath, he knew that Han 3000 would definitely blame him, but without doing so, Mo Yang had no way of knowing how much of a threat Di Central would actually pose to Han 3000, of course, he still hoped that Qi Hu would be able to beat Di Central, so that Han 3000 would be able to let go even more when it came to competing with Han's group in the market.

    After meeting Yang Xing in the middle of the city village, Han three thousand years after Han met Yang Xing, Yang Xing told Han three thousand years about the recent progress.

    Almost very smoothly, even if there were a few voices of resistance, Yang Xing also used money to suppress them, as for the secrecy work was also very strict, every person who agreed to sell their house, Yang Xing would arrange a subordinate to follow them around the clock to avoid them from revealing information to the outside world.

    With the support of Mo Yang's manpower, Yang Xing was doing these things like a fish in water.

    "Has there been any recent movement in Han's group?"Han Qianli asked, Yang Xing was able to learn that the Han Clan was going to rebuild the city village in the first place, he had unique connections in this area, even if Han Qianli couldn't investigate the matter, he could still know.

    "The Han Clan's top management has been meeting with those people very frequently recently, and they should be deploying their plans for the project to rebuild the city village."Yang Xing said.

    Han Qianli nodded, the more strongly the Han Clan acted, the more they valued the City Village, and the more meaningful it would be for Han Qianli to do this.

    "Keep an eye on all the news, and tell me the first thing that happens."Han Three Thousand instructed, buying the entire City Village was a big deal even for him, so he didn't want any accidents to happen.

    "Brother Three Thousand, don't worry, I'll never let you down if you give me the chance."Yang Xing said.

    Leaving the city village, Han 3,000 had one more thing to do today, he wanted Qi Hu to meet up with Qing Yun.

    Qing Yun had covered up very well in front of him and barely showed any weaknesses, but Qi Hu was even more powerful and might be able to see something different in Qing Yun through his eyes.

    There had been no substantial evidence for Qing Yun's suspicions, so Han 3,000 was unable to force Qing Yun to reveal his true intentions, and if Qi Hu could see Qing Yun's flaw, Han 3,000 would be able to keep Qing Yun's concealment of his skills at bay, and thus know his purpose.

    Back at the Magic Capital, Mo Yang and Lin Yong were both in the hall, but Qi Hu was nowhere to be seen, which made Han Three Thousand strange.

    "Did Qi Hu go to the toilet?"Han Giang asked to Mo Yang, the reason why this was the case was because Han Giang knew that Qi Hu couldn't leave Mordor by himself.

    "I don't know, I haven't seen him for a long time, maybe he's out playing."Mo Yang said, then turned to Lin Yong and asked, "Have you seen Qi Hu?"

    "No."Lin Yong shook his head.

    Han Giangli frowned, the expression of going out to play applied to anyone, but never including Qi Hu, as his knowledge of this world was almost a blank sheet of paper, those streets outside were like a maze to him, how could he go out to play by himself.

    "Go out and play, how could he, he's a complete stranger to this place, there's no way he'd leave alone."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    Mo Yang tried his best to hide the change in his expression, but there was still a slight change in his eyebrows, and this was just after Han Marchant caught it, Han Marchant walked up to Mo Yang.

    "Where did he go?"Han Qianqian asked in a cold voice.

    Mo Yang faced the pressure brought to him by Han Three Thousand, and there was actually cold sweat seeping out of his back, which made him feel that this was how it felt to be on the opposite side of Han Three Thousand.

    "Three thousand, he went to the Peninsula Hotel."Mo Yang couldn't withstand the pressure that Han Qianli brought to him and could only say truthfully.

    Hearing this, Han Three Thousand instantly clenched his teeth, Qi Hu couldn't have gone to the Peninsula Hotel for no reason, and he had no idea where the Peninsula Hotel was, it was obvious that this matter had been arranged by Mo Yang!

    "Mo Yang, I've told you that Qi Hu will be more useful in the future, how can we let him take risks at this point."Han Giangli said weakly.

    "If you don't know the strength of the Earth Central, everything you're doing now is a risk."Mo Yang said.

    "If you let Qi Hu test it out, aren't you pushing me into a pit of fire?"Han Qianli angrily rebuked.

    "If he isn't a match for Earth Central, I'll find a way to get you out of Cloud City, the consequences of this will be borne by me, as long as you live, you'll be able to help me take revenge, and only if you live will you be able to better protect your sibling."Mo Yang stood up, suddenly appearing a bit rickety, and continued, "Your sister-in-law died because of me, I don't want you to follow in my footsteps, you and I are both the same, we don't want our women to be harmed, and the prerequisite for all of this is to be alive."

    Han Giang was stunned, he hadn't thought that Mo Yang would be planning something like this, meaning that he had put his own life at risk while doing this, and was even prepared to die at any time.

    "If you die, who will clean the cemetery for your sister-in-law."Han Qianli gritted his teeth and said.

    "As long as you live, her cemetery will be clean even on the day you die, won't it?"Mo Yang smiled, he didn't need to deliberately remind Han 3000 of this matter, but he believed that Han 3000 would definitely do this for him without a doubt.

    Between men, sometimes it wasn't necessary to point everything out, just be clear about what kind of person the other was.

    "You've managed to fathom my mind thoroughly, but you don't need to go as far as death,"Han 3,000 said.

    "Instead of cleaning her graveyard, I'd rather go down and accompany her, and if I can die for something worthwhile, I'll have no regrets."Mo Yang said.

    Han Giang hated to whack Mo Yang, but he knew that Mo Yang was indeed doing all of this for his own good, willing to pay the price of his life for his safety.

    "But didn't you ever think that I wouldn't leave at all?You die and I go?Then you're underestimating me, Han Qianli."Han Three Thousand Thousand coldly said.

    This question, how could Mo Yang not have thought about it, if Han 3000 didn't leave, he would naturally have a way to send Han 3000 away, even if it meant knocking her unconscious, of course, he couldn't tell Han 3000 such words.

    "If you die, who will take care of my siblings, who will help me take revenge?"Mo Yang said.

    "Therefore, I can't die, and you, neither can you."After saying that, Han 3,000 stepped away.

    When Mo Yang saw this, he quickly asked, "Where are you going, Three Thousand Year?"

    "Lin Yong, if Mo Yang takes one step out of Mordor today, I want your life."Han Qianqian didn't answer Mo Yang's question, but threatened Lin Yong without turning his head.

    This statement made Lin Yong's eyelids jump, he knew that Han 3,000 was by no means joking, once Mo Yang stepped out of the Devil's Capital, his little life would definitely end today.

    "Boss Mo, please give me a way out."Lin Yong directly knelt on the ground and said to Mo Yang, he didn't dare to forcibly stop Mo Yang, he could only leave Mo Yang behind in this way.

    Mo Yang was scorched, he didn't expect things to come to this situation, Han Giang had obviously gone to the Peninsula Hotel, this was a very dangerous thing, but he was also aware that once he left, he had harmed Lin Yong in disguise.

    "This guy, why is he so stubborn."Mo Yang said angrily.

    "Boss Mo, isn't it clear within you what kind of person Brother 3000 is?How could he let you die for him."Lin Yong said.

His True Colors Chapter 408

Lin Yong's words made Mo Yang sit on his butt, he had arranged all his deployments very delicately, but he had overlooked one thing, which was Han 3000 itself, would he not come back if he knocked him out and sent him out of Cloud City?

    Just like Lin Yong said, how could Han Qianxiang let him die!

    Mo Yang, who was filled with a bitter smile, finally knew how foolish his deployment was, all of his ideas became pale and powerless in front of the will of Han 3000 itself, and no good chance could possibly change Han 3000's own mind.

    "In this life, having a brother like this is probably a reward from the heavens."Mo Yang said with a bitter smile.

    Lin Yong was relieved, looking at Mo Yang's appearance, he shouldn't be leaving, and his own little life would be considered saved.

    "Boss Mo, you should trust Brother 3000, he can definitely handle this matter."Lin Yong said.

    Mo Yang nodded his head and stopped talking.

    After Han Three Thousand arrived at the Peninsula Hotel, he was stopped by the security guards at the entrance, who wouldn't let him go without an order from Han Yan.

    The current situation was very urgent for Han three thousand, so he didn't have time to wait for these security guards to inform him, but he just called in.

    Those security guards were bitter when they fell to the ground, they only felt like they had hit an evil spell today, just now a big man somehow broke into the hotel and injured a group of people, they had just shifted into duty, and another person came to beat them down, if another person came, the hotel security would be gone.

    In Han Yan's room, Qi Hu was lying on the floor, and the ground central stepped on him with just one foot, making him unable to move, which made the raging Qi Hu never thought that he would even wonder if he had walked into a world of experts, and why he was able to meet two people with such terrifying strength in a short period of time.

    "With a trash like you, Han Qianli actually dared to use it."Han Yan said to Qi Hu with a cold smile.

    "I was too careless just now, come again if you're capable."Qi Hu said unwillingly.

    Hearing this, Dei Yang released Qi Hu, but when Qi Hu tried to stand up, Dei Yang stepped down heavily again.

    With a thud, Qi Hu hit the ground heavily, and although this injury was nothing to him, it made him feel like he had suffered a great insult.

    "With trash like you, how could I give you a second chance to fight, do you deserve it?"Earth Central sneered.

    Qi Hu unwillingly squeezed his fist, he wanted to prove himself so badly, but the man in front of him was simply too strong to do anything about it.

    "Miss, Han Giang is here."At this time, Han Qing, who received the call, said to Han Yan.

    Han Yan was stunned when she heard this, she originally thought that Han Qianqian had arranged for this loser to test the strength of Di Central, he should have cowered and hid, but why had he come to the Peninsula Hotel?

    "Didn't Han Qianqian send you here?"Han Yan asked Qi Hu.

    "Brother 3000 doesn't know about this."Qi Hu said.

    Han Yan laughed and said, "I didn't think he was a pretty mercurial person, doesn't he know what will happen to me if he comes to me at this time?"

    After saying that, Han Yan nodded to Han Qing.

    Han Qing was excited inside, she knew that as soon as Han 3000 entered the room, she would definitely end up worse than Qi Hu, and although she wasn't taking revenge herself, being able to watch Han 3000 get beaten up was a great pleasure.

    Han Qing left the room as if he was going to personally welcome Han Giangli.

    The elevator door opened and Han Three Thousand and Han Qing looked at each other, heading directly towards Han Yan's room.

    "I've never seen an idiot who takes the initiative to come to my door, but it's just nice to be able to show me a good show."Han Qing smiled and ridiculed Han 3000, her current stance like that of a winner.

    Han Qianqian looked coldly at Han Qing and said, "I advise you to better restrain yourself, do you think I can't guess who did it in the Devil's Capital?Don't make me kill you."

    Han Qing's face was startled, how could Han Qianqian know that she had anything to do with Mordor, could it be that those people had betrayed her!

    She wasn't afraid of Han Qianli's threats, but once this matter was known to Han Yan, the consequences would be serious.

    "I don't understand what you're talking about."Han Qing said, hiding her panicked expression.

    "Don't dare let Han Yan know?Don't worry, I won't tell her until it's absolutely necessary."Han Qianli smiled.

    Han Qington gritted her teeth for a moment as she left the room to trample Han Three Thousand in a high and mighty manner, but now, it was her who had fallen short, which was unacceptable to her.

    But now she didn't dare to easily offend Han Qianli, after all, she would still be worried about Han Qianli telling Han Yan about it.

    Han Qing looked furiously at Han Qianqian's back and thought: when Su Yingxia falls into my hands, let's see if you can still be so arrogant.

    Walking into the room, Han Qianli couldn't help but take a deep breath when she saw Qi Hu being stepped on underneath Di Yang's feet, as expected, not even Qi Hu was a match for Di Yang.

    "Han Yan, this brother of mine is warlike by nature and likes to compete with experts, that's why he came to challenge Dee Central, since he's lost now, you can let him go, right?"Han 3000 said.

    Han Yan laughed contemptuously and said, "A challenge?I don't think it's a challenge, but a provocation, it's because you didn't take me seriously, that's why you can't control your own men, I can't kill you but it's just one man, I'm sure Pa won't blame me."

    Han Giangli's face was cold, since he was here, he had to make sure that Qi Hu could leave here safely, there was no way that he would stand by and watch Qi Hu die here.

    "What will it take for you to agree to let him go?"Han Qianli asked.

    "Since you're going to make a deal, you'll have to come up with something that makes my heart flutter, but unfortunately, I can't see any sparkle in you, you're not as rich as me, and your status is still lower than mine, so what's worthy of my heart?"Han Yan scoffed.

    Similar to this kind of derision, Han 3000 had heard it countless times during his three years in Cloud City, so he wasn't going to simply get angry over these words.

    Having been ridiculed for more than three full years as a wimp, the strength of Han Three Thousand's state of mind was beyond what any ordinary person could imagine.

    "I'm sure you've already thought of a way out, in that case, why are you selling out?"Han Three Thousand said.

    Han Yan gritted her teeth, she didn't like having her psychology figured out, but Han 3000 could almost always guess correctly every time.

    "Fine, if you suffer three attacks from Earth Central, I'll let Qi Hu go."Han Yan said with a somewhat grim expression.

    "Come on."Han 3,000 turned around and said to Ji Yang that Han Yan wouldn't kill him, so the three attacks wouldn't pose any danger to life, and would at most take some pain.

    To be able to get Qi Hu's life back with pain was worth it in Han Three Thousand's opinion, so he chose to agree without hesitation.

    "Brother Three Thousand."Qi Hu was stunned as he looked at Han 3,000 with incredulity in his eyes, because in his opinion, there wasn't any feelings between him and Han 3,000, if it wasn't for that old man on the mountain in the first place, he would never have come down the mountain, and at this point, Han 3,000 was taking such a big risk to save him.

    Qi Hu knew full well how badly three attacks from an expert like Di Central would hurt Han Third Thousand, and even if he didn't die, he would probably be crippled ah.

    "Brother Three Thousand, go quickly, this old thing is very powerful."Qi Hu said urgently to Han Three Thousand.

    "I'll never let you die at the bottom of the mountain if I bring you down, and if you want to die, wait until you roll back to your mountain."Han Qianqian said with a resolute expression.

    Qi Hu was stunned once again, he didn't expect Han Qianqian to care for him so much, growing up on the mountain, the care Qi Hu received was almost blank, no matter how hard the training was, Chong Yang never said a word of concern, when Qi Hu was a child, whenever it was late at night, he would hug and cry, that desperate state of mind, the indifference of no one caring, almost became Qi Hu's psychological shadow.

    But at this moment, the seed of feelings in his heart sprouted instantly and grew at a rapid pace.

    "Brother 3000, Qi Hu's life is yours from today onwards,"Qi Hu said.

    Han 3,000 took a deep breath and said to Di Central, "Come on, let me see how powerful you are."

    At that moment, Han Yan gave a wink to Di Central, and as long as Han Giang didn't die, she could fight however she wanted.

    Di Central lifted his leg to release Qi Hu and walked slowly towards Han Three Thousand.


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