His True Colors Chapter 401-403


His True Colors Chapter 401

Han Giangli shook his head, a sense of foreboding rising in his heart, he always felt that these people had an unholy purpose, it wasn't like they were hunting, it was more like they were waiting for some sort of moment to do something.

    "Have Lin Yong arrange for a few people to keep an eye on them in case they cause trouble,"Han Marchiang said.

    Mo Yang looked indifferent, since he had taken over the Magic City, where were the unsightly people who dared to cause trouble here.

    "Don't be so nervous, this is the Devil's Capital, unless it's ......"

    Just after saying this, Mo Yang's expression was frightened as he looked at Han Qianqian and actually leapt straight down from the second floor.

    "F**k, what are you doing!"Mo Yang exclaimed in shock.

    At the same time, this scene was also witnessed by Qin Foe and Chen Miao, who were almost identical with their jaw-dropping expressions of shock.

    "He ...... he jumped down?"Chen Miao stammered, rubbing his eyes, even suspecting that he was blurry-eyed.

    Although the second floor wasn't high, it was at least a few meters high, ordinary people would definitely get hurt if they fell down, but he had taken the initiative to jump down.

    The reason he jumped down was because he saw that the man suddenly took out a dagger in his hand, and it was obvious that this guy came to the nightclub not to hunt for sex at all, but to prepare for trouble.

    That person was thieving, just looking for a target, ready to come in with a white knife and come out with a red knife, but suddenly felt his wrist being held in a death grip.

    "Kid, I advise you to mind your own business, you don't have the stamina to manage this."The man gritted his teeth and said to Han Qianqian.

    Han Qianqian's palm was slightly strong, and a backhand tackle snatched the knife straight away.

    It was only then that Mo Yang, who was on the second floor, realized it in hindsight and quickly asked Lin Yong to bring someone to Han Three Thousand's side to help.

    "Making trouble here, you've got a lot of guts, who asked you to come."Han Three Thousand asked.

    The man was dripping with pain and cold sweat, and wondered where this guy came from to have such professional tactics, he wouldn't have run into a hard target.

    "Brother, I kindly advise you, you can't afford to mess with my backstage."The man said.

    Han Qianqian's hand exerted further force, and the man directly knelt on the ground, as many people discovered the scene and put in curious looks.

    Qin Rou had seen Han 3,000's skills, so she wasn't surprised by this, in her opinion, even if a few more people came, they wouldn't necessarily be Han 3,000's opponents.

    But Chen Miao hadn't seen it, so she was already looking like a fan girl at the moment and said to Qin Rou with regret, "Qin Rou, would you have any misunderstanding about him, is he really a little white guy?"

    Qin Rou had also questioned whether or not Han 3000 was a little white girl, but after running into Han 3000 at Chen Ling's house, she thought that the security officer's words were definitely right, because Chen Ling had told her that Han 3000 was born into an ordinary poor family, and the possibility of such a person being kept would naturally be high, and more importantly, casually giving out necklaces worth tens of thousands of dollars, could this be something that an ordinary person could do?

    "If you don't believe me, you can try it yourself, just don't blame me for not reminding you."Qin Rou said.

    "I really want to try it, see how awesome he is, even if he's a little white guy, it's no loss to have a dewy love affair with him."Chen Miao smiled.

    Most people understood that the man had come to cause trouble and then was subdued by Han Qianqian, and one by one they looked at him with sympathetic eyes, after all, this was the Devil's Capital, could there be a good end to provoking Mo Yang?

    The group of people who had come to cause trouble saw that their people's whereabouts had been revealed, plus Lin Yong had already arranged for someone to guard the entrance, they had no way to escape after injuring someone, so they all hid in the crowd and pretended to watch the fun.

    "You've got a lot of guts, daring to cause trouble in my Mo Yang's territory."Mo Yang's heart palpitated as he walked up to Han Qianqian, if it wasn't for Han Qianqian's poisonous eyes that allowed this man to get his hands on him, the storm that was created tonight wouldn't have been so easy to quell.

    "Sneak attack behind your back, what kind of man is he, if you're capable, fight me openly and honestly."The man said reluctantly.

    The DJ had already turned off the music, after all, Mo Yang was personally involved, so he definitely wanted to settle the matter at hand.

    "He wasn't a man in the first place."A woman's voice sounded from the crowd, and everyone turned around curiously to look.

    Chen Miao, who was standing beside Qin Rou, looked surprised, she had never thought that Qin Rou would suddenly say such words, the other party was obviously not a good person, how could she speak for the bad guy.

    "Qin Rou, are you confused, but he just held a knife and tried to hurt someone."Chen Miao said.

    Qin Rou said this out of her disdain for Han Qianqian, so she said it with a straight heart, but after she got out of her mouth, she herself knew that she had misspoken, but she couldn't lick back the spit that she spat out.

    With a hard scalp, she continued, "If you're able to, have a proper and open fight, we also want to see the fun."

    Han Giangli smiled faintly, this woman's hostility towards him was as inexplicable as Miffy's.

    Han 3000 felt the same way, but these two were completely different, Mi Fei'er's dislike was pure hatred, while Qin Rou was different, with some anger as well, after all, she had also made a move on Han 3000, but only after learning that he was a kept little white man, this repulsion was born because of her fondness for Han 3000, so in essence, it was still very different.

    Han Qianli let go of that person's hand and said indifferently, "Why don't you call out all of your accomplices, you alone, I'm afraid, are no match for me."

    The man knew that Han Third Thousand was trying to wipe them out, of course he wouldn't be so stupid.

    "It's enough to clean you up, I'm alone."The man yelped and swung his fist at Han Three Thousand.

    Han Marchant kicked out with a swift thunderbolt, and with a loud bang, the man flew backwards in response and then fell heavily to the ground, it was clear that with his strength, he was no match for Han Marchant.

    "Tsk, tsk, what a crushing strength, just such a piece of trash, but he dares to cause trouble in the Devil Capital."

    "Buddy, wipe your eyes even if you're sent to your death, see what kind of place this is, is it someone like you who has the right to mess around?"

    "Boss Mo, you should quickly deal with this kind of person, we'll pretend we didn't see anything."

    Some of the familiar customers who often came to the Magic City weren't surprised at all by this outcome, although they didn't know Han Qianqian, it was only reasonable that Mo Yang had a few experts under him, after all, he was now the number one person in the grey area of Cloud City.

    "Qin Rou, I really suspect that you've misjudged him, where does he look like a little white guy."Chen Miao softly questioned Qin Rou, he possessed the masculine spirit that a man should have and was so powerful, how could he be a little white boy?

    In Chen Miao's perception, the little white man was an incompetent with no hands and would only please women, but this man in front of her was more man-like than most men in the nightclub.

    Qin Rou gritted her teeth, in her heart, she actually wanted Han Giang to be beaten down, although it was very unlikely, that's what she expected inside.

    "It's not a little white boy if you can fight, don't you know that those rich women have bad taste?Isn't it normal for them to demand a strong physique from the person they're keeping?If that aspect doesn't work, how can you be a little white guy."Qin Rou said disdainfully.

    It made sense, but Qin Rou imposing it on Han Giang was just wrong in Chen Miao's opinion.

    "Whatever you say, I don't think he's a little white guy anyway, you must have misjudged him this time."Chen Miao said, sticking to his position.

    In order to get the nightclub back as soon as possible, Mo Yang had the man brought to the private room, but the vigilance on the scene wasn't relaxed at all, after all, the guy still had helpers, so they mustn't make trouble.

    When Han Giang was about to follow Mo Yang to torture that guy, Qin Rou suddenly blocked in front of him.

    "What do you want?"Han Qianli frowned and asked.

    "You followed me to Cloud City and acted as if you didn't know me in a high and cold way, is this your way of picking up girls?"Qin Rou questioned.

    This made Han Qianli dumbfounded, Qin Rou actually thought that he was stalking her by appearing in Cloud City, which was a ridiculous statement, and Han Qianli couldn't figure out why she could have such an idea.

His True Colors Chapter 402

"I don't want to shatter your confidence to pieces, go away."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    Qin Rou didn't have the slightest intention of getting out of the way and continued, "Aren't you deliberately acting in front of me just to get my attention?But let me tell you, I'll never like a kept little white face like you, I hope you don't appear in front of me in the future, don't dirty my eyes."

    Mo Yang, who was on the side, looked at Han Qianqian in shock, a kept little white face!

    When did Han Qianqian become a gigolo? He's so rich, does he need to be kept?

    "Qin Rou, for the sake of Qin Lin's face, I can forget about these people, you better go ask Qin Lin who I am."Han Qianli finished in a cold voice and directly pushed Qin Rou away.

    On the way to the compartment, Mo Yang couldn't help but ask Han Qianli curiously, "Qianli, what's going on, how did she say you were being kept?"

    "Do you think there's any other possibility than misunderstanding?"Han Marchiang said indifferently.

    Mo Yang knew that this was a misunderstanding, with Han 3000's personality, how could he be kept by someone, and he wasn't a lord who was short of money, he just wanted to know how this misunderstanding came about.

    "Aren't you going to share this interesting matter with me?"Mo Yang pursued the question.

    "Do you still want the leg?"Han Qianqian coldly said.

    Mo Yang's scalp was numb, quickly said, "Want, why not, stay walking, don't want to say forget it, have to threaten me, you're not afraid to scare me."

    Han 3000 helplessly turned up his white eyes, Mo Yang a middle-aged uncle, perennial sellout, also don't know what kind of person he is inside.

    After Han Giangli left, Qin Rou was stunned in place, unable to recover for a long time, he suddenly mentioned Qin Lin, making Qin Rou never thought that she would be able to know her second uncle with this kind of little white face?

    In Qin Rou's mind, Qin Lin's image was one of greatness, because Qin Lin had made a name for himself in Yanjing with his own hands, and was an inspirational idol for many people, as well as for many grassroots-born people who aspired to be like Qin Lin.

    "Who is Qin Lin?"Chen Miao was puzzled by Qin Rou's question, if she directly said Yanjing Qin Lin, Chen Miao would definitely know who it was, but she wouldn't have thought that the Qin Lin that Han Qianqian was talking about was Yanjing Qin Lin, much less that Qin Rou would be Qin Lin's niece.

    After so many years in the workplace, Qin Rou had never mentioned the relationship between herself and Qin Lin to anyone, and she considered Qin Lin her idol, so naturally she had a share of thoughts of fighting for herself.

    Hurriedly leaving the Magic City, Qin Rou found a quiet place and took out her phone, her heart inexplicably a little restless.

    After apprehensively dialing Qin Lin's number, Qin Rou shouted, "Second Uncle, I didn't disturb your rest, did I?"

    Qin Lin smiled and said, "Even if I did, it's fine, just say what's up."

    "Do you know someone called Han Qianqian?"Qin Rou asked cautiously.

    On the other end of the phone, Qin Linton was mentally tense for a moment, why would she suddenly bring up Han Marchand?Does she know Han Qianqiang?

    But Han 3000 already had a wife, and with Qin Lin's knowledge, there was no way he could have a relationship with Qin Rou.

    The only explanation was that Qin Rou had most likely messed with Han Marchant!

    This thought made Qin Lin's breathing quicken, how could Qin Rou mess with someone he didn't even dare to provoke.

    It was only then that Qin Lin remembered that day when Han Marchand came to borrow the house, he deliberately stopped by the picture and asked a nosy question, Qin Lin didn't think much of it at the time, but now it seemed that they had known each other since early in the morning ah.

    "What did you do?"Qin Lin questioned in a stern tone.

    Sensing the change in Qin Lin's tone, Qin Rou became even more puzzled and said, "Second Uncle, how did you come to know such a little white face?"

    Little white boy!

    These three words exploded like thunderbolt in Qin Lin's ears like a clear sky.

    "Qin Rou, what exactly have you done, tell me now, one by one, I want to know everything."Qin Lin gritted his teeth and said.

    Sensing that Qin Lin was angry, Qin Rou was a little afraid, so she could only tell Qin Lin everything that had happened from the time she met Han Giang until today.

    Qin Lin felt dizzy and spinning after hearing it.

    It didn't matter that Qin Rou treated Han 3,000 as a little white boy, but she still had to tell him in front of him!This undoubtedly offended Han Qianqian, or else he would never mention himself to Qin Rou.

    "Qin Rou, I want you to apologize to him immediately and ask for his forgiveness."Qin Lin said in a stern voice.


    And ask for forgiveness!

    Qin Rou felt baffled, why would she apologize to a white face, and asking for forgiveness was even more ridiculous, had she done something wrong?

    "Second Uncle, I didn't do anything wrong, so why should I apologize to him."Qin Rou said unconvinced.

    Qin Lin took a deep breath, if Qin Rou stood in front of him now, he wouldn't hesitate to slap Qin Rou twice.

    Although he loved this niece on a daily basis, because Qin Rou's career now depended on herself, even if he wanted to help, Qin Rou wouldn't let him, which Qin Lin appreciated very much.

    But any amount of appreciation became worthless after offending Han Qianqian.

    Qin Lin's life and death were in Han Qianqian's hands, and even he didn't dare to offend Han Qianqian, so what qualifications did Qin Rou have.

    "You may not know who he is, but I can tell you that the fact that I have today is all because of him."Qin Lin said, a secret that he thought he would hide for the rest of his life, he thought that in front of the world, he would always be the inspirational person who had fought his way out on his own, but now he had to tell the truth to Qin Rou, he needed to let Qin Rou know what a big mistake she had made.

    "Second Uncle, are you confused, but you relied on yourself to make it today, what does it have to do with him."Qin Rou said.

    "Oh."Qin Lin laughed coldly and said, "If Mr. Han hadn't given me the opportunity, why would I have achieved what I have today, you treat him as a kept little white man, but do you know that his true identity is the young master of the Yanjing Han family!"

    In a rush, Qin Lin exposed Han Marchand's identity, and it was too late to regret it, so he could only continue, "I'm warning you, his identity is very confidential, and if it leaks out, you'll not only harm me, but also your parents."

    Qin Rou's hand holding the phone trembled more than a little.

    The young master of the Yanjing Han family!

    He's a member of the Yanjing Han family!

    Was the woman in that car on ...... the other day his mother?

    At this moment, Qin Rou finally knew how outrageously wrong she was and how big a mistake she had made.

    "Second Uncle, are you telling the truth?"Qin Rou asked with a pale face.

    "Do you think I can joke with you about such things?"Qin Lin suppressed his anger and said.

    "I ...... will go apologize to him right away, don't worry Second Uncle, I will never harm you."Qin Rou said in a panicked voice.

    "Mr. Han isn't the kind of person to be calculating and he's by no means bothered with you, but you must show your attitude when you admit your mistake."Qin Lin reminded.

    "En, I know."After Qin Rou hung up the phone, a feeling of groundlessness grew uncontrollably in her heart.

    She thought that Han Qianyan was stalking her and even felt that Han Qianyan was deliberately trying to act in front of her so as to attract her attention, and even more so that she had said such words in front of Han Qianyan.

    At this moment, Qin Rou couldn't wait to find a hole in the ground to drill into.

    With his Han family's young master's identity, what kind of beauty didn't exist, so how could he waste so much thought on her.

    No wonder he said he didn't want to blow his self-confidence to pieces, so I'm just a passerby in his eyes.

    For Qin Rou, it was hard to go and face Han Giang now, it was like pulling off the last piece of cloth of shame and presenting herself naked in front of Han Giang.

    But she couldn't avoid going, if she really made Han 3000 harbor a grudge because of this and implicated Qin Lin, Qin Rou would never forgive herself for the rest of her life.

    Standing at the entrance of the Magic City, Qin Rou took a few deep breaths and was about to go in when a few men happened to come out and surrounded Qin Rou when they saw her.

    "Beauty, are you interested in playing with us for a change, it's just too boring here."

    "Let's go play something more interesting, we'll never let you down, how about it?"

His True Colors Chapter 403

These people left early because there was no prey that they could get tonight, and they didn't dare to make trouble in Mordor, so they turned around early, but they didn't expect to walk to the door and meet a big beautiful woman, when their brains were moving crooked thoughts, and this was on the street, they weren't afraid of being chased by Mordor.

    Looking at the unkind eyes of a few people, Qin Rou was a little scared, after all, she didn't have a single friend by her side right now, as a woman, when she encountered these people with naked eyes, she would subconsciously be worried.

    "Sorry, I'm not interested."After saying that, Qin Rou prepared to enter the Magic City, she knew that it was safe inside, these people would never dare to make things difficult for her inside the Magic City.

    But as soon as she took a step, a few people blocked in front of her, not giving her a chance to leave at all.

    "Great beauty, so disrespectful, you're not looking down on us, are you."

    "Yeah, we're very sincere in our invitation, if you're so disrespectful, wouldn't it be a shame for the brotherhood."

    "We have a better place to introduce you to, you're guaranteed to be satisfied, come with us."

    After a few people said that, two of them walked to Qin Rou's side and held her hands left and right.

    Qin Rou struggled and even tried to call for help when she suddenly felt a sharp object against her back.

    "Big beauty, don't move, in case this knife of mine hurts you, it won't be good."The threatening voice coming from behind made Qin Rou even more afraid.

    These people had obviously drunk a lot of wine, and reasoning with them definitely wouldn't work, but Qin Rou knew that if she really went with them, she would definitely end up worse off.

    In this kind of crisis, Qin Rou suddenly thought of Han Qianqian, if he was there, he would definitely be able to save himself.

    But how in the world could there be such a coincidence, Han Qianqian was interrogating the guy who came to cause trouble in the box, so naturally, he couldn't miraculously appear in front of Qin Rou.

    "I don't want to embarrass you, but if you want to embarrass me, I won't show you much mercy."In the box, the man had been severely beaten, but his mouth was hard and he had refused to explain who was behind it, so Lin Yong had no choice but to take out his own watchword for extracting confessions, a hammer.

    The man gritted his teeth, clearly with an unyielding expression, and said, "Kill me if you have the guts, no way to get information out of me."

    Lin Yong smiled coldly, and after showing his men a look, that man's hand was pressed down on the coffee table.

    When Lin Yong shook the hammer thing, that person's expression clearly flashed with panic and said, "What do you ...... want?"

    "You've never tried what it feels like to have your finger smashed, you can try it today, it's a wonderful match for the gods."Lin Yong smiled faintly, then his face changed abruptly and he smashed a hammer on that person's thumb.

    The so-called ten fingers were connected to the heart, this kind of pain was by no means bearable by ordinary people, and the compartment suddenly resounded with murderous screams like killing pigs.

    Even Mo Yang's eyelids jumped a bit at this scene, but Han Qianli's expression was unusually calm.

    "Say it quickly, if you don't, there's still a toe after the finger smash."Lin Yong continued to threaten.

    At this moment, there was a sharp knock on the door of the compartment, Lin Yong glared at his men in dissatisfaction, they were in the middle of business and were actually disturbed, was there no one arranged to guard the door?

    The man looked panicked and said sorry to Lin Yong before opening the compartment door.

    "Something happened to my colleague, she was forcibly taken away at the door, please save her."The person who came was Chen Miao, she witnessed Qin Rou being taken away, but because she was timid, she didn't dare to go up to stop her, so she could only come and ask Han Qianqian for help.

    When Han Qianqian saw Chen Miao, she didn't need to tell him that the colleague in the mouth was Qin Rou.

    Although he didn't have a good feeling for Qin Rou, Qin Rou was Qin Lin's niece after all, and something happened in the Devil's Capital, so he couldn't just stand idly by.

    Standing up, he walked up to Chen Miao and asked, "Where did you go?"

    "I don't know, she fell into the hands of some drunken men, it won't be easy for her, please go and just her."Chen Miao said.

    Han Qianqiang turned to Mo Yang and said, "Get a few people to check the nearby surveillance, I'll go find someone first."

    Mo Yang stood up and immediately ordered his hands to do so, as for the guy who caused the trouble, it was left to Lin Yong to interrogate him alone.

    After following Chen Miao out of Mordor, Chen Miao only had a rough idea of where Qin Rou had been taken, and where exactly she had gone, she couldn't be sure.

    Han 3,000 could only take a chance and leave for a short period of time, hopefully they wouldn't go too far, otherwise, even if they found it, I'm afraid it would be too late, a few people who had been drinking couldn't be expected to be sensible.

    There were a lot of nightclubs on this street, but since they had taken Qin Rou away and were by no means going to continue drinking, the probability was that they must have gone to some hotel.

    Han Three thousand arrived at the nearest hotel, and when he asked the receptionist if he had seen a few men with a woman in a room, the receptionist said with an impatient face, "This is a guest's privacy, how can I casually tell you."

    Han 3000 gloomy face, Chen Miao couldn't wait to say, "That friend of mine was coerced by them, please tell us, or the result will be very serious."

    The front desk saw drunken women being brought here by men almost every day to get a room, this kind of commonplace thing to her was that the women themselves were dirty enough.

    "Sorry, no comment,"The receptionist said.

    At this time, the manager came over, looking at a stewardess uniform Chen Miao, and just like the woman upstairs is quite similar, can't help but think these sluts but more and more will play, but also staged uniform seduction.

    "What are you guys doing, if you don't live here, just get out, don't disturb our business."The manager said in a bad tone, able to be the manager of the hotel in this place, obviously not ordinary people.

    "There's a woman who wears the same clothes as her, has she ever come to your place."Han Qianli asked to the manager.

    "What are you, qualified to interrogate me?"The manager said with disdain.

    Han Marchiang kicked the manager in the abdomen, and as the manager bent over and bowed his head, Han Marchiang tugged at the manager's hair and continued, "I'll ask again, have you seen it."

    Han Three Thousand's temper was so hot because now time was running out, if it was too late, even if he found Qin Rou, it would be too late, he didn't care what would happen to Qin Rou, after all, this woman hadn't caused him much trouble, but she was Qin Lin's niece, and Han Three Thousand wouldn't ignore it since he had bumped into this matter.

    He treated Qin Lin as an underling, but he would also worry about Qin Lin's betrayal, after all, the situation in Cloud City was unclear now, and if Qin Lin stabbed him in the back again, it would be very fatal to Han 3000.

    The manager's body trembled in pain, after all, it was Han 3000's unrestrained kick of force that was too much for most people to bear.

    "Kid, do you know who my boss is, if you dare to make trouble here, he can make you disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow."The manager gritted his teeth and said, he wouldn't be intimidated by Han Qianqian's kick, because he had a backstage, and the backstage of the boss here, who could scare people to death by saying it, was Mo Yang.

    Mo Yang was an absolute deterrent to most of the people in the entire Cloud City, but the Han 3000 in front of him wouldn't be, this was something the manager wouldn't dream of, so his threat was not half as useful to Han 3000.

    "If you don't say anything, not only will I make you disappear from the face of the earth, but I won't even let your boss go."Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

    The manager smiled hideously and said, "Kid, you're really good at bragging, I'd like to see how you can make me disappear on earth, come on."

    As soon as this was said, Mo Yang led people into the hotel, after he ordered his hands to check the surveillance, he happened to think of this hotel, because many drunken people would come here to see the rooms, those people who took Qin Rou must be lustful, so the most likely place to come is here.

    When the manager saw Mo Yang, his face smiled even more and said to Han Qianqian, "You're really unlucky tonight, my boss's backstage is here, I'm afraid people like you don't even have the right to know who he is."

    After saying that, the manager called out to Mo Yang, "Boss Mo, this guy is causing trouble in our territory and beat me up, he wants my boss to vanish on earth."


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