His True Colors Chapter 404-406


His True Colors Chapter 404

Mo Yang took two steps in three and walked up to Han 3,000 without looking at the manager and asked, "3,000, what's going on?"

    "Qin Rou might be here."Han Qianqian said in a deep voice.

    The manager's expression changed from smugness to despair when he heard Mo Yang address Han Qianqian, it was obvious that Mo Yang was very close to this young man, Mo Yang seemed to be after him, and yet he wanted Mo Yang to take revenge for him, wasn't this a joke?

    Mo Yang looked at the manager with cold eyes and said, "Where is the person, if something happens, you don't want to see tomorrow's sun."

    The manager was directly scared to piss by this statement, Mo Yang wanted him to not see the sun tomorrow, he had absolutely no chance of seeing it.

    In this area, Mo Yang's status was equal to that of the King of Hell, whoever he wanted to die, could not die!

    "In, in 302, it's 302, Boss Mo, I didn't know he was your friend, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."The manager directly knelt down, constantly kowtowing to Han Qianqian.

    That receptionist just now also had a pale face, what kind of person was Mo Yang, but she knew very well in her heart, although she didn't know who Han Qianqian was, she knew that offending this young man would be the same as offending Mo Yang!

    After getting the room number, Han Three Thousand Years said to Mo Yang, "I'll just go by myself."

    Mo Yang knew that Han Three Thousand Years' worth of skills, a few drunken men could be handled with one hand for him, so he stayed in the lobby and waited.

    The manager was so frightened that he didn't know what to say anymore, so he could only keep kowtowing.

    "Whether you will die or not, my friend has the final say, so it's useless to apologize to me."Mo Yang faintly said to the manager.

    This sentence made the manager repent his guts, he should have known that he shouldn't have treated Han Qianqiang with that attitude just now, if he was held accountable for this, his little life would be over.

    The manager also thought of calling the boss to plead for help, but the other party was Mo Yang, if the boss knew about it, he would definitely be the first to clear off with him, who would be willing to offend Mo Yang for a subordinate?

    "Boss Mo, I didn't do it on purpose, I know I was wrong, please intercede for me."The manager knocked his forehead red and said with a desperate face.

    Chen Miao, who was on the side, was more than surprised when she saw this scene.

    Before this manager still had a high and mighty attitude, but now he had kneeled on the ground and started begging for mercy, this was the status ah, she also became more and more disbelieving of what Qin Rou said, how could such a powerful person be a little white face?

    Han 3,000 came to the door of the 302 room, some sounds could still be heard inside, not knocking, but just breaking the door down.

    With a loud bang, the door was kicked open and Han Qianqian quickly walked into the room, relieved when he saw that Qin Rou, who was being pinned down on the bed by several people, only had her clothes torn, at least the worst hadn't happened yet.

    "Kid, what the f**k are you doing, daring to ruin the brother's good fortune?"

    "Hurry up and get out, or else the brother fists won't be kind to you."

    Qin Rou cried pear-shaped tears, and her already desperate hopes flared up again after seeing Han Qianqian.

    "Han Qianqian, save me, I know I was wrong, I misunderstood you."Qin Rou cried out.

    Han Qianli smiled faintly, it seemed she had already called Qin Lin, as for what she knew, Han Qianli didn't really want to pursue it.

    "If you guys don't leave me alone, I have no intention of leaving you alone, so let's go together and save time."Han Three Thousand said.

    A few people saw that Han Three Thousand actually didn't put them in their eyes, and the alcohol got the better of them, and one by one they lifted up their cuff tubes.

    The action of raising the cufflinks was handsome, but the way they were lying on the ground and howling ghostly was also a mess.

    Against this kind of drunken man, Han Qianli didn't even need thirty percent of his strength, and in less than a minute, none of them could stand before him unharmed.

    "What are you waiting for, let's go."Han Three Thousand said to Qin Rou.

    Qin Rou wanted to go too, but she was so scared and her limbs were so weak that she couldn't walk even if she wanted to.

    Seeing that Qin Rou buried her head and didn't say anything, Han 3000 guessed the possibility that she hadn't moved; after all, she was a woman and had been brought into the hotel by so many men, so it was normal to be frightened.

    "Why don't you stay here and rest for a bit while I throw these guys out."Han Giangli said.

    Hearing this, Qin Rou looked panicked and raised her head, she had a big mental image of this place, how could she dare to rest here.

    "I'm not resting, I can walk."Qin Rou braced herself and sat down on the floor with weak legs as soon as she got off the bed.

    Han Giangli sighed helplessly and took out a towel from the bathroom and draped it over Qin Rou, then picked up Qin Rou with both hands and walked out of the room.

    In Han Qianli's arms, Qin Rou felt an incomparably strong sense of security, she had previously had a good feeling for Han Qianli on the plane, but it was only the security officer's words that made her believe it, which was why she hated Han Qianli.

    But now that she both knew who Han 3,000 was and that Han 3,000 had saved her, this ebb and flow of emotions made her fondness for Han 3,000 even stronger.

    "I'm sorry, I misunderstood you before."Qin Rou said with her head lowered.

    "I don't need your apology."Han Three Thousand said indifferently.

    Qin Rou heard a very distinct coldness in Han Marchand's tone, which made her heart ache somehow.

    "If you want to thank me, there's no need, I wouldn't have saved you if it wasn't for Qin Lin's face, and also, I already have a wife."Han 3000 continued.

    Regardless of the reason Han 3000 saved her based on what, Qin Rou's heart wouldn't be a minute less grateful, but Han 3000 said that he had a wife, which caused Qin Rou's body to be visibly startled and obviously had a big impact on her.

    Because Han Qianqian had a wife, it meant that she had absolutely no chance.

    "You're so young, how could you have a wife?Just kidding with me."Qin Rou said.

    Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "It seems you're not particularly familiar with Cloud City, haven't you heard the name Han Qianli before?"

    Qin Rou wasn't a local of Cloud City, she just flew to Cloud City and would take two days off when there was a holiday, so she naturally didn't know anything about Cloud City, so Han Qianli's words made her very confused.

    "What do you mean?"Qin Rou was puzzled as she looked at Han Qianqian.

    Looking at Han Marchant's face up close, Qin Rou's heart became even more deer-in-the-headlights, the diamond-edged face with a man's fortitude, which was by no means something a little white face could have.

    "You can just ask anyone on the street."Han Giangli smiled.

    When he arrived in the hall, the manager was still kneeling on the floor, and after seeing Han 3,000, the first thing he did was to stand up and run to Han 3,000, then he knelt down again and said, "Brother 3,000, please, please, adults, spare me."

    Han 3,000 put down Qin Rou and said to the manager, "If I wanted to be bothered with you, you'd be dead already, so get out."

    These words made the manager relieved, even if the boss knew about this and couldn't keep his job, he at least saved his life.

    "What about those people up there?"Mo Yang walked to Han Giang's side and asked.

    "No need to bother you, one person broke a hand, enough lessons."Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    This sentence made the manager's scalp go numb, what kind of ruthless person would this have to be to break one hand of each person, it seemed that kicking him was lightly forgiven.

    "Go back to rest with your colleague."Han Giangli turned to Qin Rou and said.

    Qin Rou was still a bit reluctant, it was hard to meet someone she liked, she didn't want to give up just like that, and she didn't believe that Han 3000 had actually gotten married.

    "Are you deliberately using the excuse of marriage to put me off?"Qin Rou asked.

    Han Qianli smiled and said to the manager, "You tell her what Han Qianli is like in Cloud City."

    Han Three Thousand Thousand!

    The manager looked startled, was he Brother 3000, was he Han 3000 himself?

    But Han Qianqian was known as a loser in Cloud City, how could he be so powerful and know Mo Yang!

    The manager swallowed his saliva, not daring to speak, although he didn't know why Han Qianli was rumored to be a waste if he was so powerful, but to say those bad words in front of Han Qianli, give him a hundred guts ah.

    Looking at the frightened manager, Han Qianli continued, "Just say what I tell you to say, otherwise, I'll have to ask Mo Yang to take you away."

    The manager was scared all over again, and quickly said, "Han Marchan is the door-to-door son-in-law of the Su family, and in Cloud City ...... is, is...is known as a wimp."

His True Colors Chapter 405

After the manager said this, he took a careful look at Han Qianqian and found that he wasn't angry, which made him relax a bit.

    But the manager's heart also raised a question at the same time, he had such a good relationship with Mo Yang, and it looked like his status wasn't low, how could he put up with people calling him a wimp?

    And for more than three years, even the beggars on the street were able to sneer at him for a couple of sentences, a humiliation that even he couldn't endure in the manager's opinion.

    When Qin Fu and Chen Miao heard the word into the family, they revealed an incomparably shocked expression.

    Not only was he getting married, but he was also joining the family!

    Although now society this phenomenon is not surprising, but in most people's, into the family will represent the incompetence, on behalf of the man is not capable, this is related to the man's own dignity issues, many people will not accept this situation, he is so good, why do you want to join the family?

    Compared to Chen Miao, Qin Rou was even more shocked because she knew from Qin Lin's mouth the identity of Han Marchant, this was the young master of the Han family in Yanjing, even in Yanjing, he was the son of a family, but why would he arrive in tiny Yuncheng and choose to join the family?

    "Now you know, it's a complicated environment here at night, so you'd better hurry home."After Han Qianli said that, he left the hotel.

    Chen Miao waited until Han Qianli left before saying disdainfully, "Although it's not a little white guy, being a door-to-door son-in-law is no different from being a little white guy, I didn't think I'd look the other way."

    Qin Rou smiled bitterly, she and Chen Miao's stance had done a complete shift, because she now didn't think that Han 3000's door-to-door son-in-law was a humiliating thing, much less a little white face, the Han family's young master, sitting on nearly a hundred billion dollars in assets, how could he be a little white face for someone, there must be a reason why he was doing this.

    Could it be that the deep love he had for that woman was worth dropping his status as the young master and choosing to enter the family instead?

    Qin Rou's eyes became incomparably yearning, she couldn't imagine how happy such a woman should be.

    "He's not what you think."Qin Rou said.

    "Qin Rou, you're really quick to change your face, he's already married and you're still speaking for him."Chen Miao said with a deflated mouth.

    Qin Rou wouldn't reveal to Chen Miao about Han Giang's identity, because Qin Lin had already warned her about that.

    "After all, he saved me, or else tonight would have been a nightmare for my entire life."Qin Rou said.

    Chen Miao nodded and stopped speaking, judging from the extent to which Qin Rou's clothes were torn, if it wasn't for Han Giang saving her, the trajectory of her life would definitely have changed drastically tonight, and it was reasonable to help Han Giang say a few good words for such a reason.

    After Han 3,000 and Mo Yang returned to Mordor, Lin Yong happened to come out of the private room.

    "How about it, did you ask anything."Mo Yang asked.

    Lin Yong wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead, clearly exhausted, and said, "This guy's mouth is really tough, he had to get to the point of taking off his shoes before he would say anything."

    Since he had already reached the point of taking off his shoes, which meant that all ten of his fingers had been smashed by Lin Yong, Han Giangli smiled and said, "You're pretty tough too."

    Lin Yong accosted and smiled, how would he dare to play a big knife in front of Guan Gong at this point of ruthlessness, and said, "Brother Three Thousand, he said that it's a woman, surnamed Han, I don't know the exact name."

    "Surname Han?"Han Giangli frowned, while the surname Han was already a very big clue that made people subconsciously think of Han Yan, in Han Giangli's opinion, Han Yan was not the person to do such small actions.

    She had a proud personality and was a Miss of the MiG Han family, so she wasn't so timid in doing things, if she really wanted to deal with Mordor, she would just call a group of people to come and smash up the scene, which was her normal style of doing things.

    "It's Han Yan who didn't run away,"Mo Yang said faintly.

    Han Giangli shook her head and said, "It's not like Han Yan's style of doing things, if she wants to deal with Mordor, how could she just call these few people to cause trouble."

    The Tian family's matter alone, coming to the door to make Tian Changsheng kneel and force the Tian family to withdraw from the Cloud City market, this kind of high-profile means of acting was Han Yan's essence, so Han Qianli was certain that it was never Han Yan's doing.

    "If it wasn't Han Yan, who else could it be, do you have any other opponents surnamed Han?"Mo Yang said.

    The other surnamed Han?

    Han Qianli's eyebrows curled, did Han Qing do this behind Han Yan's back?

    Although she didn't have much contact with Han Qing, Han 3000 knew that although Han Qing was only a maid, she never had anyone outside of the Han family in her eyes, even if she was only a maid, living in the Han family had made her develop an unbearable attitude, and it did seem like Han Qing had done this kind of small trick, she didn't dare to let Han Yan know, so she could only secretly take revenge, so naturally she didn't dare to make too much noise.

    "No wonder the ancients said that only women and villains are hard to raise, it's not a good thing to offend a woman."Han Qianli smiled bitterly.

    "Guess who it is?"Mo Yang was confused.

    "It should be Han Yan's maid, Han Qing."Han 3000 said.

    "A maid is just a maid, but she has such guts?"Mo Yang was surprised.

    "If it was anyone else, maybe not, but the Han family, it won't surprise anyone."What kind of environment the Mickey's Han family was in, Han Three Thousand didn't know, but their ridiculous request to change their surname had already made Han Three Thousand feel the overbearing nature of the family, and it was not surprising that the maids had developed such a personality.

    However, Han 3,000 was still a little surprised because there wasn't much conflict between him and Han Qing, and Han Qing risked being blamed by Han Yan for carrying out revenge, this kind of woman can be really hard to provoke.

    In a rented house in Cloud City, Han Qing looked at the few men in front of her with a cold face, it was indeed her arrangement to go to the Devil's Capital to cause trouble, but she didn't expect that such a small matter would make them screw up as well.

    "You losers, if you can't do this little thing, what's the point."Han Qing said in a stern voice.

    A few grown men didn't even dare to retort in front of Han Qing, after all, they had taken Han Qing's money, and now that things weren't done, they were worried that Han Qing would take the money back.

    "Miss Han, you're giving us a chance, don't worry, next time, we'll definitely be able to get our hands on it."One of them said to Han Qing.

    Han Qing smiled coldly, after this scare, Mordor would definitely take precautions, there might even be security checks, and the success rate of trying to do the same old trick again was almost non-existent.

    "Miss Han, we've already taken the money, you won't take it back."Another person said weakly.

    Han Qing looked at the few people with contempt, these were the lowlifes, a little bit of money could make them do anything, they were worthy of being trash.

    "Don't worry, I don't want the money, but since you failed this time, I have a new plan for you to follow."Han Qing said.

    When the few people heard this, their expressions visibly relaxed a lot.

    "Miss Han, don't worry, this time the plan is guaranteed to give you a perfect explanation."

    "Tie Su Yingxia up for me."Han Qing glared fiercely and gritted her teeth, the only reason she retaliated against Han Qianli was because Han Qianli had treated her with disdain, which made Han Qing feel a strange shame.

    Although she was only a maid in the Han family, the young masters and misses of those great families in the Mi Kingdom would be very polite when they looked at her, and why would a branch family dare to treat her like this.

    All this time, Han Qing had been holding an anger in her heart that she wanted to vent, and she wanted Han Qianli to kneel down in front of her and apologize for her previous attitude.

    A few people were shocked when they heard the three words Su Yingxia, if they were to kidnap an ordinary person, they would be able to happily agree, but Su Yingxia was a celebrity in Cloud City no matter what, and the owner of a large company, once she disappeared, the authorities would definitely investigate thoroughly, and when things got too big, even if they had the money, they would have no place to spend it.

    "Miss Han, this job is too dangerous, Su Yingxia is so influential, if she goes missing, she will definitely cause a big commotion."

    "Yes, Miss Han, can we get another person, the risk factor of kidnapping Su Yingxia is too high."

    Looking at the scared looks of the few people, the disdain in Han Qing's eyes became even more naked as she said, "You guys are so useless, what's the point of living, what kind of man are you if you don't even dare to do this little thing?"

    "Miss Han, this really isn't a trivial matter, kidnapping an ordinary person, no one will know, our risk is small, but Su Yingxia is different."

    "As long as you do it, I'll give you another sum of money and will never treat you badly."As long as she could take revenge, Han Qing was willing to take out some of her personal money, and after so many years in the Han family, she could be a little rich woman with a lot of savings.

His True Colors Chapter 406

Money was always the most tempting thing in the world, especially for people who lacked money and were willing to sacrifice their lives for it.

    A few people looked a bit foolish after hearing Han Qing's words, although kidnapping Su Yingxia would make a lot of noise, as long as they had enough money, they could use it to fly away afterwards and leave Cloud City forever, at that time even if someone wanted to investigate, they wouldn't be able to find them.

    "Miss Han, if you're willing to pay more money, the brothers will make this thing beautiful for you."One of them said to Han Qing.

    Han Qing wasn't surprised at this result, having grown up in the Han family since childhood, she knew very well how much energy money had, wasn't it precisely because the Han family was so powerful in the Chinese district of Mi Guo that they had money?

    As the saying goes, money makes the devil go round, not to mention a few people.

    "Get lost, come back and contact me after you've done this, I hope you don't disappoint me this time."Han Qing said in a cold voice.

    Several people left the rental house with different changes on their faces, after all, Han Qing's condescending attitude was very hard to accept for the average person.

    "Damn, this woman is too arrogant, if I had the chance, I could f**king make her get out of bed."

    "It's so arrogant to actually tell a brother to roll, isn't she a woman who isn't afraid of us turning against her?"

    "She's the golden lord, if we want to make money, we have to do what she says, and she actually dared us to kidnap Su Yingxia, do you think there will be no backers?Don't mess with this woman, or you won't even know how you'll lose your little life."

    Han Qing also returned to the Peninsula Hotel after a few people left, this was done secretly without Han Yan's knowledge, so she couldn't leave for too long to avoid arousing Han Yan's suspicions.

    "Han Qing, where did you go?"Han Yan questioned Han Qing after she saw him.

    Han Qing was a maid and had to be on call, but Han Yan had just discovered that Han Qing wasn't even there, which made her curious about Han Qing's whereabouts.

    "Miss, I secretly went out shopping while you were asleep."Han Qing lowered his head, looking like a negative bramble.

    "If it was really shopping, I won't bother with you, but if I were to find out that you were doing other things behind my back, I'd have to remind you that you're just a maid."Han Yan said indifferently, she knew that Han Qing was an extremely vindictive person, and it wasn't like there wasn't a precedent for this kind of thing before.

    "Miss, it's your birthday in a few days, I wanted to give you a surprise, but you misunderstood me so much that I couldn't not tell you beforehand."After saying that, Han Qing took out an exquisite small gift box, looking at the packaging, there should be something very valuable inside.

    Women by nature loved to receive gifts, for someone like Han Yan, it didn't matter if the gift was valuable or not, because with her own financial resources, she could buy anything she wanted, the most important thing, was the process and mood of receiving the gift.

    "Little girl, I didn't expect you to prepare a surprise for me this year."Han Yan said with a smile.

    "Miss, Han Qing prepares surprises for you every year, it's just that every time, you find out about them beforehand."Han Qing wrinkled his nose and said with a grumpy face.

    Han Yan smiled even more happily and even greeted Han Qing to sit down beside her.

    "When this is done and I return to Mi, I'll immediately find you a good in-law and make sure to marry you off beautifully."Han Yan said.

    Han Qing had great expectations about this matter, because if she stayed in the Han family, she would only be a maid after all, and would always be shorter than the Han family, and anyone could command her, but if she left the Han family, she would never have to look at anyone else's face again.

    "Miss, I still want to stay with you for a few more years."Han Qing couldn't see any color on his face and said against his will.

    Han Yan smiled faintly and said, "Don't think that I don't know your small mind, you already want to get married, stay with me for a few more years, do you think that a woman's youth consumes so much time, if no one wants you in the future, won't you have to be a maid in the Han family for the rest of your life."

    The two of them chatted a lot until Han Yan said she was tired and wanted to rest, then Han Qing left.

    But after Han Qing left, Han Yan didn't rest, but asked Di Yang, who had been protecting her closely 24 hours a day, "Grandpa Yang, Han Qing has become increasingly disloyal to me."

    "Miss, the gift is just a cover up, I believe you should be able to tell."Deyang said indifferently.

    Han Yan's calculating subtlety was by no means something ordinary people could imagine, how could Han Qing's little bit of self-righteous carving be hidden from her?

    "I can see that, but she's been by my side for so many years after all,"Han Yan said.

    "If Miss can't do it, I can kill her for her, after all, killing is what I'm best at, and this kind of servant isn't worth dirtying Miss's hands."Di Yang said, in his life, killing was as commonplace, although Han Qing was a servant girl who grew up in the Han family, to the almost cold-blooded Di Yang, killing was killing, and he wouldn't have the slightest emotional hindrance.

    Han Yan appeared to be hesitant, clearly considering something.

    After a while, Han Yan spoke up and said, "Even if I want her to die, she should die for something worthwhile."

    Diyang no longer spoke, he knew that Han Yan had a plan, and this plan was definitely related to Han 3000, as such, there was no need for Diyang to ask more before she made a good decision.

    After that incident in Magic City, the security was even stricter, everyone who entered the arena needed to go through a strict check, they were not allowed to bring in anything that could potentially become a wounding weapon, at the same time, Han Qianqian also made arrangements for Su Yingxia's protection.

    How vicious a woman's mind could be, Han Three Thousand did not know, but since Han Qing was able to do something against Mordor, the threat she posed to Su Yingxia had to make Han Three Thousand take precautions.

    Han Three thousand never wanted Su Yingxia to suffer any harm in this matter, so planning ahead was the best way, even if Han Qing didn't intend to deal with Su Yingxia, Han Three thousand was just wasting two more manpower, it didn't matter to him.

    On this day, Han 3000 went to the City Village in a low profile, not taking Qi Hu with him, but leaving him behind in the Magic City, because this matter of the City Village needed to be carried out very secretly, Qi Hu was too easy to attract attention, and if he was taken along, Han 3000 was worried that Han Yan would detect the traces.

    Qi Hu was alone in Mordor, this was an opportunity for Mo Yang as he had a long plotted matter that needed to be done when Qi Hu and Han 3000 were separated.

    "Qi Hu, I heard that you used to live in the mountains all the time?"Mo Yang asked to Qi Hu.

    Qi Hu was strong behind but very simple-minded, his knowledge of the human heart was more like that of a child, after all, the only thing he had been exposed to since he was a child was Chong Yang, so naturally he couldn't see how terrifying this society's dark human heart really was.

    "Yeah."Qi Hu said.

    "Three-thousand encountered a lot of trouble this time, and the other party has a very powerful expert by his side, even you, I'm afraid, won't be his opponent, how do you think this matter should be handled?"Mo Yang asked to Qi Hu.

    "I'm not his opponent?"Qi Hu laughed disdainfully and said, "Other than Master, this world ......"

    Before he finished speaking, Qi Hu suddenly thought of the old man who appeared in front of him that day, even his master was no match for him, and quickly changed his words, "Other than master and him, there's anyone else that I can't beat."

    "You're bragging all the time, is it really that powerful?"Mo Yang looked at Qi Hu with a suspicious face and said.

    Qi Hu, who was already simple-minded, couldn't feel that Mo Yang was deliberately trying to irritate him, raised his fist and said with a threatening face, "What, do you want to fight me, I'm afraid that if I accidentally kill you, Brother 3000 will blame me."

    Mo Yang took a step back, in case this guy really punched out somehow, he would have a hard time.

    After pulling away for some distance, only then did Mo Yang say, "What's the use of beating me, you have to beat 3000's opponent, do you dare to try?"

    "Just try it, you say, where is he."Qi Hu asked.

    It went smoother than Mo Yang thought it would, but he also knew that because Qi Hu was simple enough, he was gullible.


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