His True Colors Chapter 409-410


His True Colors Chapter 409

The smile on Deyang's face gave him a feeling like spring breeze, making him subconsciously relax his guard, but just in this moment, Han 3,000 didn't even have time to see Deyang's action, he felt himself being hit by a huge force, his whole body lost his center of gravity in an instant, and his legs left the ground, Han 3,000 flew out until he hit the wall before stopping.

    Pain, horror, disbelief, and various emotions surfaced in Han Qianli's mind.

    Although he had guessed that Earth Central was strong, he hadn't expected the old man to be so strong.

    Not being able to see his movements meant that it was impossible for Han Qianli to dodge the kick even if he was on guard, but more importantly, how could such amazing strength appear on an old thing.

    Lying on the ground, Han Giang's chest was like a blazing fire burning, hot and painful.

    Han Yan looked at this scene with a smile on her face and said to Han Three Thousand, "I forgot to tell you, if you can't stand up, I'll never let this stupid big man go, if you want to save him, get up quickly, don't lie on the ground like a dead dog."

    Han Qing then ridiculed on the side, "Miss, there was no difference between him and a dead dog in the first place, how could such trash stand up after Grandpa Yang's attack?"

    Han Qing's mood could only be described as painful, her hatred for Han 3,000 was like having a grudge against her father, the more miserable Han 3,000's end was, the better her mood would be, but unfortunately, the beauty was that she knew that Han Yan would not kill Han 3,000.

    With a helpless expression, Han Yan sighed and said, "I really don't know what makes a trash like you able to be my opponent, peeing and taking a good look at yourself, a pile of rotten mud even wants to go up the wall, it's simply a joke."

    These insulting words weren't able to hurt Han 3,000, but he had to get up, he had already taken one move and had two moves left to save Qi Hu, he would never give up easily.

    Han 3,000 gritted his teeth, his hands trembled as he supported himself on the ground, shaking slightly, and finally stood up.

    Qi Hu's eyes were blood red as he looked at Han 3,000, knowing that if it wasn't for himself, Han 3,000 would never have been humiliated, much less beaten.

    Since he was a child, Qi Hu had never been treated truly, but now, he knew that the person in front of him called Han Three Thousand was worth his life, because right now, he was using his life to save himself.

    "Go away, Brother Three Thousand, and don't be like this,"Qi Hu said.

    Han Three Thousand stood up, grinned, and said to Qi Hu, "Fury, do you look like Rao Zi is leaving, don't f**king bullsh*t with Rao Zi, just shut your mouth and watch me perform."

    After saying that, Han Giangli lifted his hand with difficulty, hooked his finger at Di Central, and said, "Come again, I'm ready."

    The first move of the Earth Central had been reserved, so the fact that Han Three Thousand was able to stand up didn't depress him, but Han Three Thousand's fearless spirit still made him very surprised.

    He had killed many people who invariably kowtowed and begged for mercy before they died, but he couldn't see this cowardly compromise in Han 3,000.

    Although he knew he wouldn't die, he knew in his heart how much pain he would have to endure.

    "Han Qianli, if you can leave the hotel standing today, I'll write my two words Deiyang backwards."Diyang smiled coldly.

    As soon as the words fell, Han Qianli felt Dei Yang's figure become a bit blurry, and he didn't know if it was because Dei Yang's movements were too fast or because of his own.

    In the next moment, an even stronger force burst forth in Han Three Thousand's chest, and this time his body flew backwards even faster, and after hitting the wall, the entire wall seemed to tremble and was accompanied by a loud thud.

    When Han Qianli's body fell and landed on the ground, he was unable to move.

    Han Yan was worried about the ground, afraid that Han Three Thousand was dead, after all, her father had his word that he couldn't kill Han Three Thousand.Although Han Yan's outward attitude was very arrogant, she was still very scrupulous about this father.

    Diyang shook her head and said to Han Yan, "Miss, please rest assured, under my force control, I want him to die before he can die."

    Hearing Di Yang's words, Han Yan was only a little more relieved, stepped on her heels, walked up to Han Qianli and said with a mocking look, "Han Qianli, if you can't get up, I'll let Di Yang kill this stupid big man right now."

    "Who says I can't get up, I just feel cool lying on the ground."Han Three Thousand's voice was weak, at the moment, in his head, there was only one thought, that was to get up, bear the Earth Central one last time, and take the living Qi Hu with him and leave here.

    "A dead duck with a stubborn mouth, people like you have no skills but are quite stubborn, is this a poor backbone?"Han Yan said with a smile.

    "I didn't expect the floor of this hotel to be so comfortable to sleep on, but after you roll out of Cloud City, I'm going to book this hotel and enjoy it."Han 3000 said.

    Han Yan snorted coldly and said, "Yun City will soon become my territory, what qualifications do you have to tell me to get out of Yun City, look at the way you're falling apart now, you lost dog, where did you get the confidence."

    Han Giangli laughed, laughing in an unusually hideous manner, the pain in his body not allowing him to make any relaxed expression, even just a smile seemed to involve the pain in his chest increasing.

    "Han Yan, aren't you just relying on the wealth of the MiG Han family?What else do you have besides that, do you dare to compete with your own strength?"Han 3000 said.

    "Provoke me?"Han Yan stepped on Han Qianqian's head and said, "This move of yours is useless to me, I have so much capital not to use it, do I have to play naked combat with you?Do weaklings like you spend all day thinking that others can win against you, all because they have a stronger backstage?"

    Han Yan's foot pressed down hard, stepping down heavily, continuing, "I tell you, my backstage is so strong, it's just that I can crush you, the chance for a trash like you to catch your breath is because of my mercy, I want you to die, you won't even survive the next second."

    Han 3,000 sighed in her heart, she thought that these words would stimulate Han Yan, but now it was obvious that it wouldn't work, she understood her advantage very well, it was absolutely impossible to make her leave it behind.

    "Let go of me, the floor is cold, I need to get up."Han 3000 said.

    Han Yan paled, could this guy really still get up!

    Letting go of her legs and returning to the couch, Han Yan faintly said, "There's still one last strike."

    These words were clearly a reminder to Deyang that she must not let Han Giang stand up again, or else today would be the day she lost, which was an outcome she could not accept.

    Han 3,000 wobblingly stood up, a mouthful of blood at his throat instantly surged up and was suppressed by his death, only a slight fishy red seeping out of the corner of his mouth.

    "It shouldn't be hard to write the word Earth Central backwards,"Han Giangli said to the Earth Central.

    "Something that doesn't know how to die, provoking me is the biggest mistake you've ever made in your life."Di Central said with a cold face.

    "Let me see just how wrong I was,"Han Giangli said.

    Di Central didn't close the distance between himself and Han Giang, and it was clear that he still needed the space for a sprint boost for this final strike.

    The center of gravity of Dee Central's entire body pressed down, his body was like a cheetah waiting for an opportunity to move, and the moment his feet exerted power, the floor beneath his feet actually made a crisp sound and the floor directly exploded.

    Qi Hu's eyes looked at this scene in horror, although he was able to do this thing, but by no means was the earth central such an unintentional do, but to deliberately explode a great energy under his feet.

    Qi Hu only had one thought right now, if this move went down, there was a good chance that Han Giang would die!Because this old man seemed to have no intention of showing any mercy in the third move.

    "Brother Three Thousand, dodge."Qi Hu yelled to Han 3,000 in panic.

    Han Qianqian's subconscious was indeed telling him to dodge quickly, but even if he had wanted to, he was powerless to do so, and the fact that he was able to stand at the moment was also a result of strong willpower, but his body, in fact, was already shaky.

    "Dodge your mother's calf, Qi Hu, don't you f**king forget the price I paid for saving you in the future, don't let me down."Han Giangli shouted.

His True Colors Chapter 410

As a result of the central attack, Han Qianli's body once again soared into the air and smashed into the wall, this time with even greater force, the entire building seemed to be trembling, and several cracks like spider webs appeared on the walls.

    Han 3,000 spat out blood and landed heavily on the ground without the slightest sign of moving.

    Qi Hu's heart was in his throat, although Han Yan had said she wouldn't kill Han 3,000, he couldn't be sure if Di Yang could control his strength to prevent Han 3,000 from dying, after all, Han 3,000 had deliberately irritated Di Yang just now.

    It wasn't impossible to kill Han 3,000 in a single move in case Di Central failed to control his mind.

    "Brother Three Thousand."Qi Hu shouted anxiously.

    While Qi Hu was anxious, on the other hand, Han Yan's expression was very calm, she had worried about this before, but she believed that Deyang had a sense of propriety, he would never let Han 3000 die if he said he wouldn't let him.

    Even if he couldn't move right now, at most he would just pass out.

    "It looks like he won't be able to save you, what a pity."Han Yan smiled and said to Qi Hu.

    Qi Hu's eyes were filled with blood, presenting a blood-red state, and he suddenly got up and roared, "Even if I die, I won't let you have an easy time."

    Han Yan wasn't afraid in the slightest of Qi Hu's threat, with Di Yang here, how could such trash possibly hurt her, which was why she had asked Di Yang to come all the way to Cloud City.

    Although Wu Feng was strong, there was no comparison between his strength and Dee Central, only Dee Central could bring Han Yan the greatest sense of security.

    "Only incompetent people are angry, is that what you are?Before you want to avenge him, you have to see what you can do."Han Yan smiled lightly and said to Qi Hu.

    Qi Hu had trained day after day and had tried to think that he would be able to be invincible after going down the mountain, so every time he fought with Chong Yang, even if he lost very badly, he wouldn't be the least bit discouraged, but now, facing an expert like Di Yang, he realized how powerless he was, and those broken trees on the mountain were more like a joke at this moment of thinking.

    "I'm to blame for not listening to my master, if I hadn't been lazy, how would I have ended up in such a situation."Qi Hu's expression was filled with regret, finding all sorts of excuses to be lazy when he was a child was the thing he was most proud of, and that pride was now a disgrace.

    "Han Qing, find someone to throw out this trash Han Qianli."Han Yan said to Han Qing.

    Han Qing walked over to Han 3000 and kicked her, although she was testing to see if Han 3000 had a reaction, the biggest reason she did so was to teach Han 3000 a lesson herself.

    "Rubbish, aren't you very powerful, stand up instead."Han Qing said and kicked Han Qianqian in the head, although the force wasn't very strong, the pointed heels did a lot of damage to Han Qianqian.

    Qi Hu looked desperate, he knew that there was no possibility of Han 3000 being able to stand up under this gravity attack, but if he was thrown out of the hotel unattended and didn't get medical attention in time, even if he didn't die, there was a chance that he would suffer permanent damage.

    "I have no complaints if you want to kill me, but can you have someone take Brother 3000 to the hospital."Qi Hu said to Han Yan.

    Han Yan only felt ridiculous about this kind of brotherhood, because in her world, people don't kill for themselves, except for matters related to their own interests, she never cared about other people's lives, even the best girl friend beside Han Yan was just a tool to use in her eyes.

    "On your deathbed, do you still want to show some brotherhood?I'm sorry, I'm not in the mood to appreciate your worthless and boring feelings."Han Yan said indifferently.

    Everyone thought it was impossible for Han Three Thousand to stand up again, especially Diyang who was very confident, because his kind of strength was impossible for even those in the martial generation of the Han family in the Mi Kingdom to withstand.

    But at this moment, Han 3000's hand suddenly understood and sounded his voice at the same time, "In your eyes, this kind of feeling is worthless, but to us, it is faith."

    Han Yan turned to look at Han Giangli in surprise, but he hadn't even fainted!

    Earth Central was also unable to continue his own calm expression, and subconsciously blurted out, "How is that possible!"

    Han Qianli's trembling hands supported the ground, clearly struggling to get up, and Han Qing, who was standing beside him, saw the situation and kicked Han Qianli's arms.

    Han Three Thousand Years, who was having a hard time supporting his body, once again lay down on the ground.

    "Han Yan, is this the fourth move?"Han 3000 said indifferently.

    Han Yan's expression was cold as she looked at Han Qing, who had dared to act without her orders!This was a complete lack of regard for her, the master.

    "Han Qing, is that what I want you to do?"Han Yan reprimanded in a cold voice.

    Han Qing lowered her head and said with a frightened expression, "I'm sorry, Miss."

    "The eldest Miss of the MiG Han family, your words don't even count, I'm afraid that if this gets out, it will damage your eldest Miss's reputation ah."Han Marchant said.

    Han Yan clenched her teeth, words spoken out were like spit, she would never lick them back, it would be a disgrace to her eldest sister's identity!

    "As long as you can stand up, I'll let you go and never break my promise."After Han Yan glared at Han Qing, she said to Han Three Thousand.

    From the state Han Qianqian was in just now, it was already very difficult for him to just hold up his hands, so Han Yan didn't believe he could stand up.

    Di Yang was of the same mindset, he was one hundred percent sure that it was impossible for Han Three Thousand to stand up, and propping up his body just now was at most a return of strength.

    In Han 3000's current state, not to mention standing up, even opening his eyes had taken almost all of his strength, and if he hadn't relied on his strong willpower to support him, he would have passed out from exhaustion.

    But he knew that he couldn't close his eyes, or else Qi Hu would die here!

    When Han Giang's hands began to push, supporting his upper body off the ground, Han Yan, Han Qing, and Di Yang's breathing became tense, and all three of them were worried about the same outcome, that Han Giang would actually be able to stand up.

    "Rubbish, there's no need to force yourself if you can't do it,"Han Yan said.

    Han Qianli grinned as if smiling, but the expression presented was filled with bitterness, saying, "I'm a person who has no other hobbies, I just like to challenge the impossible."

    While holding his hands straight and looking as if he was about to stand up, Han Three Thousand pounced again, the sweat on his forehead was like rain.

    When Han Yan saw this scene, her expression was relaxed with a strong mockery and said, "Hey, I was expecting some surprise from you, this piece of trash, but now it seems that I overestimated you, Han Qing, have someone throw this trash out, I don't want to see him again."

    Han Qing quickly nodded his head and took out his phone to call security, no longer intending to give Han Three Thousand any chance to breathe.

    But at this moment, Han 3000's hands, once again braced themselves on the ground, and although they were shaking very badly, the distance of their bodies from the ground was clearly a little higher than just now.

    "Just don't bother your people, I can walk out on my own."With sweat trickling all over the floor and fusing with the blood, Han Giangli, who was clenching his teeth, finally stood up in the horrified eyes of the three.

    The clenched fists of the Earth Central kept making the sound of soybean popping, which indicated his very angry state at the moment.

    He was actually able to stand up!

    With three attacks, although there was room for error to keep him from dying, Dio was very confident that he would be able to beat him to a pulp.

    How was that possible!

    How is that possible!

    How could he have such strong willpower.

    Earth Central had never felt a threat in anyone, but at this moment, he felt it in the young man in front of him.

    Although he wasn't a match for himself right now, he showed amazing tenacity, which indicated that he could achieve even more in the future.

    A voice emerged in Deyang's mind, he must kill Han Giang now, or else he would become a huge threat in the future.

    But he couldn't do that, the Han family master had explained that he couldn't kill this person, and even he didn't dare to go against the master's wishes.

    Han Yan was full of reluctance, she had lost this fight with Han Third Thousand completely, and although there was no substantial loss, she had lost all her face.


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