His True Colors Chapter 399-400


His True Colors Chapter 399

"No one can predict the consequences unless it's an actual battle, but implementing an actual battle, once Qi Hu is no match for Earth Central, I'm afraid the consequences will be very serious."Han Qianli said with a heavy face, Qi Hu was a pawn that he had almost traded his life for, although he didn't know why Chong Yang would suddenly come back to his senses, but at that time, Han Qianli's life was indeed at stake, so he didn't want Qi Hu to be just a pathfinder stone.

    More importantly, Qi Hu's strength would still grow and he would be able to help Han Qianxiang even more in the future, so he would never easily put Qi Hu's life in danger at this stage.

    Han 3000's original intention of searching for experts was to deal with Han Yan's people, but now, he had another idea for the Earth Core Prison.

    The Earth Rat hadn't heard from him for a long time, life and death were uncertain, he couldn't know if Han Tian Yang was still alive in the Earth Heart Prison, once the time was right, he would find his own way to penetrate into the Earth Heart Prison, that's when Qi Hu would get the most use out of it.

    The speaker was unintentional, the listener was intentional, Mo Yang wrote these words down silently, although he knew that making a move without Han Qianyang's consent would definitely make Han Qianyang unhappy, but there were some things that Mo Yang had to explore for Han Qianyang.

    Since Qi Hu was just a pawn to be used, he should manifest his value as soon as possible, in Mo Yang's opinion.

    "By the way, there's an event at the Magic City tonight, do you want to get together?"Mo Yang changed the subject.

    "What event?"Han Qianqian asked, the reason why Magic City was able to maintain its high popularity in Cloud City was precisely because the store would often launch various activities, this kind of activity was not a means of discounting, but rather the store would specially invite a group of girls to stir up the scene atmosphere, it would also launch various themes to attract eyeballs, there had been a group of college students invited in the past, causing a very enthusiastic response.

    "This guy, Lin Yong, has found a group of stewardesses to earn extra money, and I heard that all of them are big beauties."Mo Yang said with a smile.

    "Do stewardesses still do this kind of part-time job?"Han Giangli was puzzled, saying that for ordinary people, the income in this line of work was already very high, they wouldn't be able to put their heads down and attend a nightclub event.

    Although the nightclubs wouldn't dictate what they had to do, but what was the difference between attending such events and selling sex?

    "Flight attendants are human and need to vent their feelings too, do you really think there's no true love in nightclubs?In fact, most of the people who come to the nightclub to hang out now are serious office workers, just looking for a place to vent their emotions that they usually have nowhere to vent."Mo Yang said.

    Han Giangli nodded his head, today's nightclub culture was indeed not as chaotic as before, although there were quite a few people hunting for sex, it was also a case of ginger fishing, there would be no coercion of such things, and in Mordor, the safety of every customer would be maximized.

    "I've had a bad luck with stewardesses lately,"Han Giangli said with a smile.

    When Mo Yang heard this, his ears perked up and he said, "You kid won't have any sexual encounters, I can warn you, I'm my younger sister-in-law's person, if you do something wrong to her, don't blame me for snitching."

    Han Qianqiang threw a blank look at Mo Yang, even if a fling was placed in front of him, he wouldn't give it a second glance, not to mention that it wasn't even a fling.

    "Do you do upside down every day?"Han Giangli asked to Mo Yang.

    To this inexplicable question, Mo Yang was filled with puzzlement and said, "Who would have nothing to do with upside down every day."

    "No wonder, a head full of sewage."Han Giangli laughed.

    Only then did Mo Yang know that he had been ridiculed, and grudgingly looked at Han Three Thousand.

    An airline company, for Qin Rou who flew short domestic routes, she would often be in Cloud City, just not too much time.

    "Qin Rou, there's a very famous Mordor in Cloud City, do you know that?"After Qin Rou had finished work, she was dragging her suitcase to the hotel, so a colleague ran up to her and asked.

    "I know, it's a nightclub, but I haven't been there yet."Qin Rou said.

    "It's just as well, I've never been there either, why don't we go tonight and have some fun and make money."The colleague said.

    "Make money?You wouldn't be ......"

    The colleague interrupted Qin Rou with a speechless face and said: "What are you thinking, how can I do that kind of thing, Mordor wants to hold an event, so we invited many people from our company, after all, the stewardess gimmick is still very attractive to those men, there are already many people who have agreed to go, you also come with us, you can eat and drink for nothing, but also earn a fortune!, in case you get lucky and meet a like minded man, wouldn't that solve the single problem as well."

    Although Qin Rou had no repulsive aversion to nightclubs, she still didn't feel very reliable about finding true love in nightclubs, after all, most of the men who liked to bowl at nightclubs were still in the mood to plant.

    "Forget about finding a boyfriend, but it's still good to be able to earn some extra money, what time tonight?"Qin Rou asked.

    "Nine o'clock."

    "Okay, I'll definitely show up."

    Back at the hotel, Qin Rou took a shower and went out shopping after changing into a casual outfit, she loved one of the small food streets in Cloud City, where she was able to find a lot of mouth-watering food, almost every time she went to Cloud City, she would go to this street to satisfy her desire for food.

    Not even eight o'clock, Qin Rou received a phone call from that colleague, saying that they still had to change into their professional suits tonight, to which Qin Rou was a little reluctant, but since she was there to make money, she should satisfy the other party's needs.

    Qin Rou returned to the hotel with a full stomach, changed her clothes, and after applying light makeup it was already half past eight, so she took a taxi to Mordor.

    The entrance to the Magic City has a long queue, less than nine o'clock, did not allow guests to enter, most of the guests are boys, it seems they still hold a lot of fantasies about flight attendants.

    Han Qianli was in the VIP seat on the second floor, this place usually wasn't open to guests, only when Han Qianli came, this place could be used.

    "Boss Mo, the people we invited have already arrived, let them enter first?"Lin Yong stood behind Han Qianqiang and asked Mo Yang.

    "Let them come in first and see if Brother 3000 is satisfied with the arrangements for him tonight."Mo Yang said cheerfully.

    Han Three Thousand's jokes about him were dangling unheard.

    Mo Yang glanced at them obliquely and said curiously, "Three thousand, you really aren't half interested."

    "Don't you have any either?"Han Qianli said speechlessly.

    Mo Yang smiled faintly and said, "I'm not much more normal, after all, I'm over here and I'm not curious about this, but you're different, I've heard that you haven't slept in bed yet."

    This had always been rumored in Cloud City and Mo Yang knew more than the rumors, so he was aware that Han Qianli was still intact, which was a rare thing at Han Qianli's age.

    "Who says I've never slept in a bed, but I cuddled with Ying Xia."Han Qianli stared at Mo Yang.

    Mo Yang laughed and said, "So what if you cuddle and sleep, have you ever done anything like that?"

    "Do you want to try free fall, although this second floor isn't high, it should give you a good feeling."Han Three Thousand Thousand threatened.

    Mo Yang unconsciously shifted two steps across the floor, putting some distance between himself and Han Qianli, the man who would always act like a little brother in front of Han Qianli.

    "That's better, I can still use this leg for decades."Mo Yang said in a leisurely manner.

    At this time, Lin Yong had already taken the lead in bringing in the group of stewardesses, more than ten of them, in terms of body looks, were indeed very good, and their uniforms had a strong visual impact for men.

    But in the crowd, Han 3,000 yuan found someone that he never expected.

    Could it be that this was a bad fate, meeting up with Qin Rou again!

    "The coincidence is too much."Han Qianli said speechlessly.

    "What?See someone you know?"Mo Yang asked curiously.

    Han Qianli didn't bother to explain to him, or else Mo Yang should suspect that he had done something wrong to Su Yingxia again and said, "Cherish your legs."

    Mo Yang sighed in a lack of interest, this kind of gossip but he had an extremely strong curiosity, but for the sake of his legs, he could only endure the curiosity.

    At nine o'clock, Magic City officially started its business for the night, customers flooded into the shop like a tidal wave, and soon those stewardesses were surrounded by a lot of flies.

His True Colors Chapter 400

For those stewardesses, to cope with these head with a knife or more than capable, after all, they themselves are engaged in the service industry, these men want to take advantage of them, unless it is voluntary, or else absolutely no benefit.

    Of course, there are also a few people fancy their goals, choose to take the initiative, although they are paid to come, but does not mean that everyone only the idea of making money, or dew love, or want to add some passion to the boring life, after all, women are also people, will also have certain needs.

    Qin Rou's choice of spouse was very demanding, so her eyes would never be on these men in the nightclub, and after dealing with some flies, she returned to the card table arranged by the nightclub party to rest, while there was another colleague with her.

    "Chen Miao, why don't you go play, look how crazy they are playing."Qin Rou asked to Chen Miao as she looked at the dance floor, almost every colleague had three or four men attached to their sides, they didn't seem to worry about being secretly wooed and were having a great time.

    Chen Miao put her two legs together, deliberately presenting the curves of her body and said, "These men are not my targets."

    Qin Rou laughed and said, "Most of the goods here are all the way around, so I'm afraid this isn't a good place if you want to find a suitable target."

    "Who says, there's a time when you can't look too low, if you raise your head a little, you'll find a different world."Chen Miao looked at the second floor and said, there stood Han Qianqian, although the lights were dim, Han Qianqian's handsome face still looked charming.

    When Qin Rou followed Chen Miao's line of sight, her expression instantly became startled.

    Just like when Han Giang saw her, Qin Rou was also filled with apprehension.

    If meeting at Chen Ling's house was just a coincidence, then this was Cloud City, how in the world could there be such a coincidence!

    Is it possible that this guy is stalking on purpose?

    Qin Rou frowned, Han Qianqian had acted very cool in front of him before, but unexpectedly, he had followed her to Cloud City, and it was ridiculous to stage this old drama of a chance encounter in Magic City.

    "Qin Rou, I can warn you, this is mine, don't you dare steal it from me."Chen Miao warned to Qin Rou, the two of them had to lose to Qin Rou in terms of their posture and figure, so she was worried that Qin Rou would ruin it for her.

    Hearing this, Qin Rou had a disdainful smile on her face and said, "Don't worry, this kind of man, how could I possibly steal from you."

    "You wouldn't know him, right?What kind of person is he."With curiosity, Chen Miao sat closer to Qin Rou and began to ask about the details about Han Marchand.

    "Him?"Qin Rou's eyes showed strong contempt as she said, "What would you think if I said he was just a little white guy who was kept by a rich woman."

    "No way, you don't want to defame my target."Chen Miao said in obvious disbelief.

    The corner of Qin Rou's mouth outlined a strong disdainful smile, she hadn't seen it before, if she hadn't witnessed it with her own eyes, she probably would have been just as disbelieving as Chen Miao, but that was the truth, this waste of a man, not only was he kept by an old woman, but he also used that woman's money to play in a nightclub, what a strange shame for a man.

    "I saw it with my own eyes, could it be false?And for no reason, why should I slander him."Qin Rou sneered.

    Hearing this, Chen Miao instantly slumped her head like a deflated ball, she had found this target with great difficulty, but she didn't expect him to be a little white boy.

    "No wonder he's so handsome, he's a dedicated little white boy."Chen Miao said with a sigh.

    Qin Rou subconsciously thought that Han Qianli had deliberately followed her here, so at this time, she suddenly stood up and walked towards the stairway on the second floor.

    There were special security guards at the stairway, in order to prevent some infrequent guests from messing around, and now that Han Qianli and Mo Yang were both upstairs, the security guards naturally wouldn't let idle people upstairs, not even women.

    "I'm sorry Miss, the second floor is a private place."The security guard stopped Qin Rou and said.

    A private place?

    Hearing this, Qin Rou smirked again, this guy used a woman's money to make a name for himself outside, but he actually had such a high status in Mordor, it looks like he usually spends quite a bit.

    "I know him."Qin Rou said.

    The security guard shook his head and said, "Idlers can't go upstairs, if he knew you, he would naturally inform me, but I didn't receive such a notice."

    Qin Rou frowned in dissatisfaction and said in a cold voice, "You better go and inform him, otherwise, I'm afraid you'll make a big mistake."

    At this time, Chen Miao, who was watching the fun, also followed Qin Rou and said to the security guard, "You're just a janitor, hurry up and go inform him, you don't want to be chastised by your boss for this matter."

    The boss could be upstairs, he didn't say anything at all, how would the security guard need to inform.

    "Our boss is upstairs, but he didn't inform me, it's better to ask the two of you to leave."The security guard said politely.

    When they heard the words that the boss was upstairs, Qin Fu and Chen Miao's eyes were on Mo Yang, as only he looked like he had the potential to be the boss.

    Of course, on the surface, Mo Yang was indeed the boss of Mordor, and how many people knew that Mordor actually belonged to Han Qianqian?

    "Three thousand, but the two of them are ready to rush upstairs, how about letting them go?"On the second floor, Mo Yang smiled and asked Han Qianli.

    For Qin Rou, Han 3000 held the mentality of not provoking as much as he could, after all, she was also Qin Lin's niece, so Han 3000 couldn't really do anything to her, but meeting up with her would definitely be inevitable again, so not seeing was the best option.

    "Don't let go."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    "Hey, that's really hot, if I had this kind of fortune, I would've ......"

    "Your sister-in-law can be watching you from heaven, so if you talk nonsense, aren't you afraid of being struck by lightning?"Han Qianqiang interrupted Mo Yang's words and said.

    Mo Yang unconsciously shrank his neck, this kind of thing, rather trust it, and quickly shut his mouth.

    Qin Rou was blocked at the top of the stairs, when she found out that Han 3000 looked at her and still didn't let the security guard release her, Qin Rou was furious, did this guy follow her just to act cool and high and cold?

    Qin Rou angrily returned to her card seat and said, "Is this how this kind of little white guy gives himself a sense of existence?"

    "What do you mean?"Chen Miao, who was on the side, asked in puzzlement.

    "Hmph."Qin Rou snorted coldly and said, "He deliberately followed me to Cloud City just to meet up with me, and now he deliberately doesn't see me, isn't this just looking for a sense of existence?"

    Chen Miao didn't know about what was going on between Qin Rou and Han Qianqian, so Qin Rou's words made her feel extremely self-involved.

    Appearing in a nightclub at the same time was stalking?What if it's just a coincidence.

    "It could be a coincidence too, I look at him, he doesn't seem to be interested in you ah."Chen Miao said leisurely.

    Qin Rou didn't think it was a coincidence at all, Yanjing Yuncheng was so far apart, so how could there be such a coincidence.

    "Just watch, do you believe that he will take the initiative to come to me later."Qin Rou said with certainty.

    "I don't believe it, how about we bet on a bag?Do you dare?"Chen Miao deliberately said with some provocation, she recently fell in love with a new bag and was worried that no one would pay for it.

    The bag was definitely not cheap, but it was a matter of dignity, how could Qin Rou choose to back down, and immediately agreed.

    The view from the second floor was vast, so you could see almost the entire nightclub, and Han Qianli's eyes, not for a moment did they rest on Qin Rou, because he really had no interest in this woman at all.

    "Have you noticed that something is a bit off tonight."Han Three Thousand suddenly said to Mo Yang.

    Mo Yang was still praying in his heart to confess his mistake with his wife in heaven, and he was really afraid that his wife in heaven would be angry with that nonsense just now, so he didn't notice anything at all about what Han Qianqian said was wrong.

    "What's wrong?"Mo Yang was confused.

    "There are a few people, sitting there, and it doesn't look like they've come to a nightclub to play, but instead they've been taking stock of the situation."Han Giangli explained.

    "Are they not finding their target, people are making their choices, it's like a hunter waiting for his prey, they have to wait quietly."Mo Yang smiled.


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