His True Colors Chapter 397-398


His True Colors Chapter 397

Looking at Yang Meng's ghostly appearance, Han Qianli couldn't help but smile, he felt for Yang Meng, much like a younger sister, because Yang Meng's simplicity was very rare for today's society, such a girl would make him unconsciously rise a protective desire.

    Of course, this protective desire was in no way mixed with the love of a man and a woman, Han Qianli's feelings for Su Yingxia never wavered at any moment.

    "What's wrong."Han Qianli asked in confusion.

    "Old Han, do you have a new tenant in the house?That big guy looks really mean."Yang Meng wrinkled her nose and said.

    It seemed that she had already met Qi Hu, and with Qi Hu's above average size and his expression when he wasn't smiling, he did look a bit fierce.

    "He's a bit more fierce looking, but he's a good guy and just as innocent as you,"Han Giangli said, Qi Hu's simplicity was even higher than Yang Meng's in this aspect of social awareness, as he was now a blank piece of paper.

    "Che, I'm not pure, sister Fei'er says I'm eccentric."Yang Meng said with dissatisfaction, seemingly very dissatisfied with the description of the word simple.

    "By the way, you guys should have already joined the team, right?"Han Marchiang asked.

    Yang Meng nodded repeatedly and said, "I also got the boss today, no, Brother Liang is just the leader, not the boss, I got the praise of the leader, how about it, awesome."

    Looking at the smug smile on Yang Meng's face, Han Giangli also laughed, gave Yang Meng a thumbs up and said, "Awesome, of course awesome."

    At this time, the half-opened door was suddenly opened all the way, and Yang Meng's face clearly showed an expression of shock.

    When Mi Fei'er saw Han Qianqian, the disgusted repulsion on her face was not concealed at all, and said to Yang Meng, "Yang Meng, didn't I tell you, don't talk to this kind of person, you don't even know if you've been cheated."

    Yang Meng didn't expect to secretly say a few words to Han Qianqian but was also discovered by Mi Fei'er, looking at Han Qianqian with an apologetic face.

    "Some men are so good at picking up girls that they deliberately act high and cold to attract attention, you have to be careful, these kinds of men are wolves in sheep's clothing."Miffy said meaningfully.

    "If you want to say that I'm trying to get your attention by pretending to be high and cold in front of you, then I'll have to make it clear to you that I didn't want to get your attention, because I never put you in my eyes."Han Giangli said indifferently, then nodded to Yang Meng before opening the door and returning home.

    Mi Fei'er stomped her foot in anger and slammed the door, clearly venting her inner frustrations.

    Yang Meng returned to her room in fear and trepidation, she did not dare to provoke such an angry state of Mi Feier.

    After closing the door to her room, Yang Meng was only relieved, she only brought, Mi Fei'er now hated Han Giang very much, but she had more good feelings for Han Giang.

    In the past, all those men were like flies around Mi Fei'er, serving tea and water like a servant, but Han 3,000 was different from those men, and this special feature undoubtedly attracted Yang Meng.

    In the living room, Mi Fei'er's face was fierce, she was used to being pursued, but now not being put in Han Three Thousand's eyes, and still saying such things in front of her, made Mi Fei'er feel singularly humiliated.

    "Don't be angry don't be angry."Mi Fei'er took a few deep breaths and said self-comfortingly, "This kind of trash, what's there to be angry about with him, your target is the owner of Weak Water Real Estate, Mi Fei'er, how can you just get angry at this kind of person."

    When Han Giangli returned home, there was already snoring in the guest room, and it looked like Qi Hu was already asleep, so he didn't bother.

    Returning to his room, he took out a wedding photo with Su Yingxia from under his pillow, which he did whenever his thoughts had nowhere to vent, and looking at Su Yingxia in the photo, he felt for a moment that the whole world seemed to have become gorgeous.

    The next day, Han three thousand woke up for a morning run, accompanied by Qi Hu, and since Mi Fei'er knew Han three thousand's regular downstairs time, she would purposely stagger it to avoid meeting Han three thousand.

    During the morning run, a question unconsciously came to Han three thousand three thousand's mind, the deiyang that Tianchang Sheng talked about yesterday, it was impossible to judge the strength of the deiyang just through the bodyguards Tianchang Sheng hired, because those people, even Han three thousand can easily deal with.

    But there was one thing that Han 3000 could confirm, this person named Diyang must be more powerful than Wu Feng, otherwise, Han Yan couldn't let him take Wu Feng's place.

    "Brother Three Thousand, why do you keep looking at me?"Qi Hu was puzzled when he found Han Qianqiang staring at him.

    "I was wondering if you'd be a match for him."Han Marchiang said, Qi Hu was powerful enough, but comparing him to Dei Yang, Han Marchiang wasn't confident that he would be a match for him.

    Qi Hu grinned and said, "We won't know if we're rivals until we fight, so why don't you let him try with me?"

    Han Qianli shook his head, Qi Hu, as the trump card in his hand, would never be able to make a move easily, and in case he lost, Qi Hu would definitely end up very badly, and with Han Yan's character, he would definitely let the Earth Central do the killing, Han Qianli didn't want Qi Hu to bury his life just after he got off the mountain.

    "It's better for you to keep a low profile during this time, otherwise I'm afraid you'll give up your life before you're familiar with the place."Han Three Thousand Years said.

    Qi Hu obeyed Han Qianqian's arrangement, but there was a hint of disdain in his expression; he didn't think he wasn't a match for Dei Central, but instead, he would be very excited if there really was a fight to be had.

    After the morning run, Han 3000 called Lin Yong on the phone and asked him to take Qi Hu to familiarize himself with the society, so that he could get to know this new world initially, after all, in order for Qi Hu to have the ability to live independently, he had to familiarize himself with this new environment as soon as possible.

    Less than ten o'clock in the morning, Jiang Lan appeared at the Peninsula Hotel, and this time, Jiang Lan held her head high as she had news of Han Qianqian, so she considered herself more qualified to stand before Han Yan.

    "Miss, Jiang Lan should have brought some good news this time."In the room, Han Qing said to Han Yan.

    "This woman is really poisonous, no wonder someone would say that a woman's heart is like a snake and scorpion, she's more than just a snake and scorpion."Han Yan said with a smile, Jiang Lan would never show up without a reason, and since she was here, she must have known about Han 3000's plan.

    Although Han Yan didn't care too much about these things, being able to see Jiang Lan and Han Qianqian dog bite each other was a good scene for her.

    "Miss, this is too damned Han 3000, even his mother-in-law wants him dead, it's enough to show how much of a nuisance he is."Han Qing said disdainfully.

    Han Yan nodded her head in deep thought and said, "I just don't know how much Jiang Lan really wants him dead, if I could really use Jiang Lan to kill Han 3000, I'd have an easy time, maybe, I'd be able to go back to Mi Kingdom sooner."

    Han Qing knew that Han Yan despised this place, her mind had already flown back to the rice track, deliberately showing a disgusted expression, he said, "Miss, this place doesn't deserve you at all, if it wasn't for Han 3000, why would you have come to this poor place."

    "Cut the flattery, have someone put Jiang Lan in here, I want to see what she wants to say."Han Yan said.

    "Yes Miss."Han Qing took out his phone and informed the security guards at the entrance of the hotel.

    In today's Peninsula Hotel, even a fly flying in had to get Han Yan's permission, words were exaggerated, but it could be seen how controlling Han Yan was.

    If she doesn't allow something, it absolutely can't happen, that's how Miss Mickey Han deals with the power of power.

    When Jiang Lan came to Han Yan's room, the way she held her head high made Han Qing very dissatisfied.

    "Don't think that just because you know something insignificant that you can put up a fight in front of Miss, you have no such qualifications."Han Qing warned to Jiang Lan.

    "I already have the opportunity to work with your lady now, and I have very important information in my hands, so I advise you to speak kindly to me."Jiang Lan gave Han Qing a faint glance.

    Han Qing smiled coldly, Jiang Lan actually thought of herself as a character, didn't she know that trash like her couldn't get into the lady's eyes?

    "Jiang Lan, I'll give you a chance to rearrange your language, or else you'll get a deep lesson."Han Qing sneered.

His True Colors Chapter 398

Han Qing's words made Jiang Lan frown, she had thought that she was already qualified to be on equal footing with Han Yan, after all, she was now in possession of very important information and very important to the Han Clan.

    But looking at Han Qing's attitude, she didn't put it in her eyes at all.

    Was she able to represent Han Yan?

    Jiang Lan said to Han Yan, "My news is vital to the Han Clan, so I advise you that it's best to have your maid respect me a bit."

    Han Yan was straight happy to hear this, no matter what kind of news Jiang Lan had, to her, what was wonderful was just Jiang Lan stabbing Han 3000 in the back, and the news itself was of little value, because no matter what Han 3000 was secretly plotting, Han Yan could use capital to suppress it.

    How could plotting and scheming be useful in the face of absolute capital?

    "Jiang Lan, with your status, you're also qualified to teach my maidservant a lesson?"Han Yan said in a cold voice.

    Hearing this, Han Qing walked up to Jiang Lan and, following her past style of acting, destroyed Jiang Lan's face with a slap and said, "Do you really think you're a thing?"

    Jiang Lan was startled and angry, she didn't expect to be treated like this when she came with good news.

    "Han Yan, don't you want to know about Han 3000's plan?"Jiang Lan gritted her teeth, this was a world away from the scenario she had originally envisioned, not only did she not get Han Yan's advances, she got slapped in the face instead!

    "Even if you told me, it would be a gilding the lily at best, would it make much sense?Do you really think you can make a deal with me just because you know something?"After Han Yan finished speaking, she looked at Jiang Lan with contempt and continued, "How can a trash like you presume to enter into a partnership with me?Might as well tell you frankly, in my eyes, a maggot like you is worse than even a servant."

    Jiang Lan's face was so pale that she hadn't realized how wrong she was until this moment.

    It turned out that even after finding out about Han Three Thousand's plans, Han Yan still wouldn't take her seriously, not even a tool to use.

    "Besides, it's you who wants Han Three Thousand Years dead, you should have invited me."Han Yan said with a smile.

    "Since you're begging, you have to kneel down oh."Han Qing reminded.

    Lan Jiang was stunned, she had come to deliver good news to Han Yan and had to kneel down to deliver it, what kind of reasoning was that!

    "Han Yan, even if I'm not qualified to work with you, at least I'll tell you information that's good for you, you won't go that far, will you?"Lan Jiang said.

    "Excessive?"Han Yan gently frowned and said, "It's your honor to kneel for me, how can it be excessive, do you know how many famous and noble women have kneeled for me in Mi Kingdom, aren't they higher than you?"

    After saying this, Han Qing kicked Jiang Lan and said coldly, "Kneel down yet."

    Jiang Lan took a deep breath and kneeled down on both knees with a thud, the arrogant and ruthless one at home had completely turned into a soft bone when she faced Han Yan.

    "Jiang Lan, all of this is Han 3000's fault, if it wasn't for him, you wouldn't be so undignified, so if you want to hate, you'd better hate him, because even if you hate me, you won't have a chance for revenge."Han Yan said, she was doing this to deepen Jiang Lan's hatred for Han 3000, only if her hatred became stronger would Jiang Lan want Han 3000 dead even more.

    Jiang Lan clenched her teeth, yes, all of this was Han Qianqian's fault, if it wasn't for this trash, why would she have suffered such a result.

    "Damn trash."Jiang Lan gritted her teeth and said.

    Han Yan smiled faintly, this effect was exactly what she wanted.

    "Tell me, what good news do you have to tell me."Han Yan asked.

    Jiang Lan no longer saw this matter as capital to work with Han Yan, so there was no need for her to beat around the bush and simply said, "Han Qianli knows that you want to rebuild the city village, so he is secretly acquiring the property in the city village and wants to use it to block Han's development."

    When Han Yan heard this, a little surprise arose in her heart, because this matter was a cooperation between her and Cloud City officials, and the news was very secret, but Han 3000 knew about it, but apart from the surprise, there was no other emotion, after the Heavenly Family withdrew, the Han Clan had more usurpable markets in Cloud City, how could Han Yan put it in her eyes when it was just a city village.

    Seeing that Han Yan didn't look surprised, Jiang Lan continued, "If you want to rebuild the city village, I advise you to quickly redeploy your plans, once you let Han 3000 have their way, the city village will turn into a weak water real estate project, and that's not good for you."

    Han Yan was silent, obviously a new layout had already started in her head.

    This move by Han Giangxi would indeed disrupt her previous plans, and although the impact was not great, Han Yan was able to use this opportunity to deal a heavy blow to Han Giangxi.

    But in a short while, a bright smile appeared on Han Yan's face, and Han Qing, who knew Han Yan well, knew that she had definitely thought of a way to do it, and couldn't help but ask, "Miss, have you thought of how to deal with Han 3000?"

    "Deal with it, how can we deal with him, at least we're family."Han Yan said with a big smile.

    Han Qing was a bit confused, the lady would even admit that she was family with Han 3000, she couldn't be on the wrong medication!

    "Miss, Han Qing doesn't quite understand what you mean."Han Qing was confused.

    "Since he wants the City Village, I'll just give it to him, even though it's a precious land, I can make it turn into a hot potato, I'd like to see what his face will be when he finds out that the City Village can't be rebuilt."Han Yan said with a smile.

    Although Han Qing didn't know Han Yan's specific plan, she laughed along with her when she heard Han Yan say that.

    Jiang Lan also heard in the clouds, how could precious land turn into a hot potato?Is it any wonder she's still capable of making a prime location like the City Village worthless?It was almost impossible.

    What Han Yan wanted to do wasn't to devalue the lot, something that even an immortal couldn't do, and what she wanted to do was very simple, make the place impossible to rebuild, with her current status as a capitalist, and her relationship with Cloud City officials, it was very simple to do this.

    Who would dare not follow her advice in Cloud City now?The capital in her hands was enough to drive the entire Cloud City towards greater prosperity.

    "You can roll now."Han Yan said to Jiang Lan.

    Jiang Lan left the Peninsula Hotel in a grimace, not getting the respect she deserved, but instead being humiliated, which she had never expected before coming, but it was self-inflicted, she should have blamed no one else, but in Jiang Lan's heart, she gave Han Qianli a credit, even ridiculously thinking that this humiliation should have been borne by Han Qianli, and it was because of Han Qianli that it had fallen on her head.

    "Han Third Thousand, I must have you die, and only when you die can I vent my anger."Jiang Lan gritted her teeth and spoke to herself.

    Han 3000 knew nothing of what had happened at the Half Point Hotel, much less would she have thought that Han Yan would have her hand in this matter of rebuilding the village in the city.

    After arriving at the Devil's Capital and telling Mo Yang about what had happened to the Heavenly Family, Mo Yang's face appeared unusually heavy, Wu Feng's previous level of strength was not comparable to Blade Twelve, and now there was another person who was even more powerful than Wu Feng, which definitely made people feel desperate.

    "Three thousand, can you be sure that the Earth Central is even more powerful than Wu Feng?"Mo Yang was confused, Han Giang hadn't seen the Earth Central, but only by his assumptions, so this should still have some wandering in Mo Yang's opinion, and wouldn't be as certain as he said.

    "Ninety percent probability,"Han 3,000 said, with Han Yan's character, it was impossible for her to find new helpers that would be weaker than Wu Feng, and through Tian Changsheng's description, Han Yan was very close to him and called him Grandpa Central, such a performance already showed that the status of the Earth Central was extraordinary.

    "Hey."Mo Yang sighed heavily, although he was reluctant to believe it, but Han Qianli had said so, nine times out of ten it was true.

    "By the way, can Qi Hu be his opponent?If Qi Hu can beat it, we have nothing to worry about."Mo Yang asked with great anticipation.

    This was a question that Han 3,000 had only weighed in his heart, but to truly divide the winners and losers, it would have to be seen through actual combat.


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