His True Colors Chapter 394-396


His True Colors Chapter 394

The feeling on Tian Ling'er's face was like fire, but surprisingly, she who had never been beaten before, didn't shed a single tear at the moment, and her eyes carried a strong hatred.

    Tian Changsheng stretched out his hands and wanted to hold Tian Ling'er's face, but he was afraid that touching it would make Tian Ling'er hurt even more, so he carefully spaced some distance apart.

    "It's all grandpa's fault, it's grandpa who didn't protect you."Tianchang Sheng continued.

    Tian Ling'er shook her head, she knew that Tian Changsheng was helpless in this matter.

    "Grandpa, I don't blame you, but I must get my revenge, and Brother 3000 will help me, don't you agree?"Tian Ling'er asked, looking directly at Tian Changsheng.

    Tianchang Sheng sighed, with the momentum of the Han Clan's current situation, I'm afraid that even Han Qianxiang wouldn't be able to stop it, and that person called Di Yang just now was so strong that even Han Qianxiang might not be his match, so how could he talk about revenge?

    "Ling'er, three thousand may not be able to be a match for Han Yan."Tian Changsheng said helplessly.

    Tian Ling'er shook her head in disbelief and said, "I don't believe it, Brother 3000 will definitely be able to deal with her, she's just a clown."

    Tian Ling'er's blind confidence in Han Three Thousand made Tian Changsheng sigh more than a little as he knew even more about the gap between Han Three Thousand and Han Yan, the fact that Han's group had made such a big commotion in Cloud City and Han Three Thousand hadn't done anything so far showed that he was very jealous of Han Yan.

    If he really had the strength to deal with Han Yan, he would have done it a long time ago, how could he let the Han Clan develop so smoothly in Cloud City?

    "I want to call your father, the only way for the Tian family to save itself now is to exit the Cloud City market."After saying that, Tian Changsheng pulled out the phone.

    When Tian Honghui rushed home in a flurry of excitement, he looked incredulous when he saw Tian Ling'er's puffy cheeks.

    At the Tian family villa, how could Tian Ling'er have been beaten?There was absolutely no way that anyone would dare to mess around here.

    The only idea that Tian Hong Hui could explain was that Tian Chang Sheng had beaten Tian Ling'er, but Tian Chang Sheng had always spoiled Tian Ling'er, so how could he lay such a heavy hand on her?

    "Dad, what's going on, what's wrong with Spirit?"Tian Honghui asked in puzzlement.

    "Honghui, the Tian family will henceforth withdraw from the Cloud City market, you can go ahead and arrange this matter."Tian Changsheng said.

    This statement made Tian Honghui even more puzzled, the Tian family's decades of foundation in Cloud City should have been passed on, how could they withdraw?Once you withdraw, wouldn't decades of hard work be in vain.

    "Dad, are you confused as to why you want to withdraw from the Cloud City Market?"After saying this, Tian Hong Hui's mind suddenly thought of Han Yan, as she had made such a request before.

    Could it be that Han Yan had come to the Tian family villa, and that the injuries on Tian Ling'er's face had been inflicted by Han Yan?

    The thought made Tian Honghui instantly become gnarled.

    "Dad, has Han Yan been here yet?"Tian Honghui said with his back groove teeth clenched.

    "The Heavenly Family is absolutely not qualified to fight with the Han Clan, this is the best way to be able to keep the Heavenly Family safe."Tian Changsheng said helplessly, the Heavenly Family had fought for everything with his own hands, and now that he had to give up this market that had been established for decades, he was very unhappy, but other than that, Tian Changsheng couldn't think of any other way.

    If he really wanted to fight with the Han Clan, this would be like hitting a stone with an egg for the Tian family.

    "Dad, are you still really afraid of the Han Clan?"Tian Honghui was puzzled, the former Tianchang Sheng was a very bloody person, and never bowed down to any difficulties.

    When Tian Honghui was small, he had witnessed many things that Tianchang Sheng had faced up to difficulties, no matter how big they were, Tianchang Sheng was able to solve them in the end, did people lose their fighting spirit when they got old?

    "Afraid?"Tian Changsheng smiled miserably, in the past, he was not afraid of the sky, it was through his guts that he created the Tian family's current splendor, it could be said that he had never been afraid of anyone in his life, but now, he was indeed afraid, because the Han Clan not only crushed the Tian family in terms of capital, even in terms of force, the Tian family was no match.

    When Tian Honghui saw Tian Changsheng nod his head, it felt like he was hallucinating, but it was the first time he had seen Tian Changsheng so powerless.

    "Dad, our foundation in Cloud City can't be shaken even by the Han Clan, so why are you afraid?And we can join forces with Han 3000, can't we still drive Han's group out of Cloud City?"Tian Honghui said reluctantly.

    "You know how I used to let those opponents down?"Tian Changsheng asked to Tian Honghui.

    Tian Honghui shook his head.

    Tian Changsheng explained, "Once there's no way to crush an opponent in business, I'll think of other ways, I'll use dirty tricks, and right now, the Han Clan is able to deal with us like this, money is only part of strength, there's also the fist, only if the fist is hard enough, can we really stand firm."

    "But you have a martial arts school, don't you?"Tian Hong Hui said.

    A martial arts school?

    These two words made Tianchang Sheng laugh, what was a mere martial arts school?Even the experts he had hired were no match for Di Central, and this guy, who could possibly be even more powerful than Han Giang, how could he beat them with those in the martial arts school?

    "The entire Cloud City, I'm afraid I can't find his opponent, if you don't do what I say ......" Tian Chang Sheng wanted to say something, and took a special look at Tian Ling'er.

    Tian Hong Hui's heart sank, although Tian Chang Sheng did not specify, he guessed what he meant by this look from Tian Chang Sheng.

    If the Tian family didn't withdraw, it was very likely that it would jeopardize Tian Ling'er's safety in life.

    As a father, Tian Hong Hui would never allow Tian Ling'er to face a crisis.

    "Dad, there's really no way out?"

    "If I had, would I have conceded so easily?"Tian Changsheng asked rhetorically.

    Tian Honghui sighed, it seemed that the outcome of the matter was already decided, even Tian Changsheng had conceded defeat, how could he have a better solution?

    "I'll make arrangements as soon as possible,"Tian Honghui said.

    The next day, when the Tian family released the news that they were withdrawing from the Cloud City market, the entire Cloud City instantly exploded, because in most people's eyes, the Tian family represented the highest point of the Cloud City business community, and how could such a large family suddenly withdraw from the business community without a reason.

    Many people were incredulous about this matter.

    But there were also some who understood the situation and began to speculate whether this matter was related to the Han Clan.

    The Han Clan had risen strongly in Cloud City, and if they wanted to become the real powerhouse of the business world, the Tian family was a hurdle that had to be overcome, such as today's sudden withdrawal, which made people suspect that the Han Clan was behind it, and at the same time, it also made more people pay attention to the Han Clan.

    Even the Tian family was not a rival to the Han Group, who else in Cloud City in the future would have the qualifications to be on par with the Han Group?

    When Han 3000 returned to Cloud City, the first time he went to the Magic City, he had to introduce Qi Hu to Mo Yang, this big guy was now the most powerful expert by his side, and he would definitely inevitably come in contact with Mo Yang a lot in the future.

    When Mo Yang saw Qi Hu, he was shocked by his mountain-like posture, and when he learned from Han Qianqian about the way Qi Hu had been trained since he was a child, it shocked Mo Yang even more.

    "No kidding, he can really break a tree?"Mo Yang took a suspicious glance at Qi Hu and whispered a question to Han Qianqian.

    This was what Han 3000 had seen with his own eyes, so naturally it wouldn't be fake, smiling to Mo Yang, "Why don't you try it and see how strong it is."

    Mo Yang shook his head repeatedly, with this big man, even if he couldn't really break the tree, to cripple someone, it would probably be a small problem.

    "Right, I'm afraid there's something you don't know yet."Mo Yang said to Han Giang.

    "What is it?"Han Qianli asked.

    "The Celestial Family, has announced that it has withdrawn from the Cloud City market, and from now on, the Celestial Family no longer has any business in Cloud City."Mo Yang said.

    Han Qianqian frowned, the Tian family was involved in all walks of life in Cloud City, and its various branches were even more numerous, so how could it suddenly withdraw from the Cloud City market?

    "What's going on, which game is Tianchang Sheng playing."Han Qianqian said in puzzlement.

    Mo Yang shook his head, he wasn't sure exactly what was going on, he had only heard some rumors, and said to Han 3000, "There are rumors that this matter is related to the Han Clan, but I'm afraid you'll have to go there and ask yourself what's going on."

His True Colors Chapter 395

Han Giangli nodded with a heavy expression, how rumors were out there, it was just some gossip after all, to know what things really wanted, he had to go to the Celestial Family himself.

    "Lin Yong, you take Qi Hu to buy some essentials and treat him as if he's going to my place."Han 3,000 told Lin Yong, although it wasn't appropriate to live with a grown man, Qi Hu's knowledge of this society was pale, if he were to live alone, there was a chance that something would go wrong and he might not even know how to eat, so until Qi Hu blended in, Han 3,000 could only take him with him.

    "Brother Three Thousand, don't worry about going."Lin Yong said with a nod of his head.

    "Qi Hu, this place is full of our own people, I'll go take care of some things before I come back."Han 3,000 said to Qi Hu.

    Qi Hu was now new to his new surroundings everywhere and couldn't wait to get to know the outside world, couldn't care less what Han Three Thousand was going to do and nodded his head repeatedly.

    When Han Marchiang drove to Tianchang's villa, he rang the doorbell directly at the entrance of the villa.

    When Tian Changsheng opened the door and saw Han Three Thousand, he wasn't half surprised because he had expected that Han Three Thousand would definitely come looking for him when he found out about this.

    "Come in and sit down."Tian Changsheng said.

    In the past, when he saw Tian Changsheng, he used to hold his head high, but today, the old man was rickety, as if he had suddenly aged a lot.

    After walking into the living room and sitting down, Han Giangli asked, "There are rumors that this matter is related to the Han Clan?"

    "Yes, Han Yan came to the house and brought a very powerful expert with her to beat up my new bodyguard, I was worried that not doing what she said would hurt Tian Ling'er."Tian Changsheng explained.

    "Wu Feng?"Han 3000 asked.

    "That person's name is Diyang, he should be Han Yan's new helper."Tian Changsheng said.

    A new helper!

    Could it be that this man was even more powerful than Wu Feng?

    Han Qianqiang gritted her teeth, the Mi Guo Han Clan's heritage really wasn't something the Yanjing Han Clan could compare to, no wonder they looked down on the Yanjing Han Clan like this.

    That alone was not something the Yanjing Han Family could compare to.

    Although Han 3,000 didn't know which one was stronger or weaker compared to this Di Central, the entire Yanjing Han Clan was only one Yan Jun, but the Yonagun Han Clan was different, they had more experts.

    "Master, you won't blame me, will you?After the Tian family withdraws, it will be harder for you to deal with the Han Clan."Tian Changsheng asked carefully.

    Han Qianli shook his head, the current situation was indeed even more unfavorable to him, in the past, there was at least the Tian family that was openly holding Han's group down, but once the Tian family withdrew, Han's group would go even crazier and devour every major industry in Cloud City, it would overwhelm Han Qianli even more, but he would never blame Tian Changsheng.

    Tian Chang Sheng was doing this to preserve the Tian family and protect Tian Ling'er, what right did he have to risk the entire Tian family following him?

    "Don't worry, I'm not such a small-minded person, and it's wise of you to do so,"Han Qianqian said.

    Tian Changsheng was shocked, even Han Qianli said it was wise, which meant that the Han Clan weighed heavily in his heart.

    "This Han Yan, who exactly is she?"Tianchang Sheng asked, he had guessed that Han Yan might have a relationship with Han 3000, but the Yanjing Han family, had never heard of a woman, so he was very confused on this matter.

    "The backing behind her is even more powerful than the Yanjing Han family, you just need to know that staying away from her is good for the Tian family,"Han Marchant said.

    Since Han Three Thousand was reluctant to say more, Tian Changsheng didn't ask any more questions.

    At that moment, Tian Ling'er arrived in the living room, and she, who hadn't even cried in front of Tian Changsheng, had tears in her eyes after seeing Han Qianqian.

    When Han Qianqian saw the injuries on Tian Ling'er's face, killing intent emerged, he had thought that Han Yan had come to the Tian family just to intimidate Tian Changsheng, but she had actually done it to Tian Ling'er!

    "Han Yan did this?"Han Giangli stood up and walked over to Tian Ling'er and asked.

    "It's the woman who came with her."Tian Ling'er couldn't wrap tears in her eyes and finally slid down her cheeks.

    Han Qing!

    This servant girl was actually so hateful.

    From the first time Han Qianqiang had met Han Qing, she had displayed an ignorant and arrogant temperament, but as a servant, she didn't know it.

    "Does it hurt?"Han Giangli asked softly.

    "En."Tian Ling'er nodded her head and said, "Brother, will you help me take revenge?"

    "Don't worry, I'll take revenge for you, give me some time and I'll let you smash that woman's face."Han Giangli said indifferently.

    Tian Ling'er's tears welled up like a fountain, she knew that Han 3000 would help her take revenge, and that didn't disappoint her.

    "Okay, in the meantime, I'll start practicing my strength and I'll return the favor double."Tian Ling'er said.

    The Peninsula Hotel, which had the entire hotel under wraps, Han Yan didn't mind the money at all, to her, this small amount of money would have been better than buying a custom-made bag.

    "Miss, the Tian family is still quite sensible, I didn't expect to move so quickly, it seems that old thing Tian Changsheng is still afraid of you."Han Qing said to Han Yan with a smiling face.

    This result was not out of Han Yan's expectation, a mere Tianjia was at most an ant in her eyes, would it still dare to fight against her, a giant?

    "Next, it's the Weak Water Property, I don't know how long Han Qianxiang, the loser, can last."Han Yan said with a smile.

    "Miss, there hasn't been any movement at all from Han Qianqian recently, so she wouldn't be plotting something, right?"Han Qing was confused.

    "Of course he won't sit idly by, but even if there's a conspiracy, so what, are these little gestures useful to me?"Han Yan said disdainfully.

    Han Qing nodded his head and said, "I don't know what's going on with that woman Jiang Lan, she hasn't brought any useful news for so long, and she actually wants to work with Miss."

    Han Yan didn't hold much hope for Jiang Lan, and whether she could bring news or not, Han Yan didn't take it seriously, her attitude was that having news was of course good, but not having it, it didn't matter.

    "This woman is interesting, Dad doesn't want me to kill Han 3000, maybe I can borrow her hand to finish the job."Han Yan smiled.

    Han Qing looked surprised and asked Han Yan, "Miss, do you also want Han 3,000 to die?"

    Han Yan's expression was cold and said, "Of course, only if he dies will he have no chance to smear the Han family, even if I let him change his surname, when I leave Huaxia, he might still call himself Han, is it hard for me to come back later?"

    Han Qing nodded in agreement and said, "Miss is so thoughtful, this kind of trash, if not for the reputation of our Han family, how can he live, only by cutting off the grass at the roots can we truly solve this trouble."

    "Miss, if you want him to die, I have many ways."Di Yang said at the side.

    Han Yan shook her head, it was indeed a very simple thing to want Han Qianli to die, but she had to make sure that Han Qianli's death had nothing to do with her, so that she could give her father an explanation when she returned to Mi.

    "Grandpa Yang, don't you know my father's tactics, if Han 3,000's death has anything to do with me, he will definitely be able to find out."Han Yan said helplessly.

    Di Yang nodded his head and smiled and stopped talking, as a subordinate, he naturally knew what his boss was capable of, who in the world could hide what he wanted to find out?

    Of course, this wasn't absolute, the Earth Central knew that the boss had been trying to find out about the Geocentric Prison for so many years, but after spending a lot of effort, still nothing was found, but this wasn't surprising, after all, many countries had put a lot of effort into this matter, even they hadn't investigated the real information and location of the Geocentric Prison.

    Hillside Villa, after returning home after a full day's work, Su Yingxia took off her high heels and rested on the living room's sofa.

    He Ting poured a cup of warm water for Su Yingxia and said, "Yingxia, drink some water first, I see you've been so haggard lately, you must be very tired at work."

    Su Yingxia nodded weakly and said, "Auntie He, thank you."

    "It's all I should have done, what's the thanks for."He Ting said with a distressed face, ever since Han 3000 left, Su Yingxia had been working herself more and more, He Ting knew that she was deliberately using work to paralyze herself to avoid missing Han 3000.

His True Colors Chapter 396

In addition to her busy schedule at work, Su Yingxia had something else that made her feel even more annoyed.

    Jiang Lan had been incessantly asking her about Han Marchant for the past few days, and this excessive concern made Su Yingxia feel very strange.

    How selfish she was, as a daughter Su Yingxia knew very well, and all along, no matter how many benefits Han Qianli brought to the Su family, Jiang Lan thought that Han Qianli owed it to the Su family, and it was only right that the Su family got it, so why would she take the trouble to care about Han Qianli?

    This question made Su Yingxia rack her brains to figure it out, but she kept her mouth shut about Han Qianli's matter.

    In the master bedroom on the second floor, Jiang Lan's patience was about to be exhausted, and not finding out anything about Han Qianli at all for so many days made her very anxious inside.

    "Su Guoyao, today, no matter what, you have to cooperate with me to pry Yingxia's mouth open, I want to know what Han Qianxiang is doing."Jiang Lan sternly said to Su Guoyao.

    Su Guoyao had already asked Jiang Lan more than once what exactly she wanted to do, her excessive concern for Han 3000, not only Su Yingxia was suspicious, even Su Guoyao also suspected that her purpose was not pure.

    "Jiang Lan, what do you have to contest this matter for, what Han 3000 does has nothing to do with you, and even if I let you know, what can you do to help?"Su Guoyao said helplessly.

    "I want you to do what I want you to do, where is all this nonsense, after you come downstairs later, cooperate with me properly, otherwise, from today onwards, you don't want to take a step out of the house."Jiang Lan threatened.

    "How can you ...... you restrict my freedom of life."Su Guoyao said angrily.

    "What kind of freedom do you talk about when you're such a trash, can you contribute to this family in the slightest?"Jiang Lan coldly said.

    "I'm at least your husband, can you stop calling me a piece of trash in one breath."Su Guoyao said.

    Jiang Lan smiled coldly and said, "Then you do something useful out ah, give me a reason not to call you a trash."

    Su Guoyao sighed heavily, he had no status at all in this family, and was eaten to death by Jiang Lan.Of course, Su Guoyao himself is also clear that it's because he doesn't have the ability, but skill is not something that you can have just because you want to, and he resigned himself to his fate long ago, Su Yingxia now has his own company, he just needs to enjoy his blessing, why should he still be gloating himself.

    "Okay, okay, you can call it whatever you like, as you like."Su Guoyao said.

    "I originally thought Han Qianqian was already lame enough, I didn't expect you to be even more lame than him, follow me downstairs."Lan Jiang rebuked.

    The two of them went downstairs together to the living room, where Su Yingxia was closing her eyes.

    Jiang Lan sat directly beside Su Yingxia, before speaking, Su Yingxia was the first to say, "Mom, don't dwell on what 3000 did, I won't tell you."

    Jiang Lan's eyes flashed with a trace of impatience, Su Yingxia's attitude was tough, biting this matter too hard, but she had to find out about it, how else could she work with Han Yan and how could she let Han 3000 die?

    "Today those sisters of mine, introduced you to a lot of blind dates again, they said that Han 3000 is a piece of trash who doesn't deserve your heartbreak, they hope you can get over this sooner, they also said a lot of bad things about Han 3000, do you have any idea how I felt when I heard those words, do you think I don't want Han 3000 to fight for me?"Jiang Lan gritted her teeth and acted as if she was extremely angry.

    Su Yingxia smiled speechlessly, in the end, Jiang Lan was still trying to save face, in her life, sooner or later, she would be planted in this matter.

    "Mom, why do you care what they say, these people will find an opportunity, of course they will fall into the well."Su Yingxia said.

    "You're going to remarry Han Qianli in the future, he's at least my son-in-law, how can I not care, should I just let them say that Han Qianli's not?"Jiang Lan glared at her and continued, "And now that the Tian family has withdrawn from the Cloud City market, it's disastrous news for Han 3000, he has even less chance to win against Han Yan, how can I feel at ease when you don't tell me anything."

    Su Yingxia was shocked for a long time after learning about the Tian family's sudden withdrawal, and was well aware of the impact this matter would have on Han Three Thousand, the Han Clan was already a fierce tiger, and now without the Tian family's restraints, it was bound to become even more rampant, she was also a little worried about Han Three Thousand's current situation.

    At this time, Su Guoyao sighed at the side and said, "Yingxia, if you really want to remarry Han Three Thousand, you must find a way to help him through this crisis, we are all family, what can't we say, it's better to think of a solution together than for him to be alone."

    Looking at Su Guoyao's sincere expression, Su Yingxia's psychological defense was somewhat loose, she could ignore Jiang Lan's attitude because Jiang Lan was selfish and would never simply do what was best for Han Qianqian, but Su Guoyao was different, if even he thought so, perhaps it would be better to say it and think of a solution together.

    Seeing Su Yingxia began to hesitate, Jiang Lan said while the iron was hot: "We are so worried, it's for the good of you and Han Qianqian, in fact, Mom has also figured out that if it wasn't for him, our family wouldn't be here today, so I sincerely want to help, and you love him so much, is there any other way I can do it besides accepting him?I can't let my own daughter marry someone she doesn't love."

    Su Yingxia's face raised a faint smile and said, "Mom, I'm happy that you think so."

    "What's the use of being happy, it's questionable whether or not Han Qianqian can save herself now, I see you, ah, remarrying sooner or later."Jiang Lan said.

    Su Yingxia wrinkled her nose and said, "Mom, 3000 has a plan now, we have to trust him, he will be able to get through this difficult time."

    "What's the plan, you can tell us instead, so that we can feel more at ease,"Jiang Lan said.

    Su Yingxia hesitated for a moment and said, "The Han Group has recently stared at the city village and wants to transform it, 3000 is currently secretly acquiring the property in the city village, he intends to buy the entire city village, this way, the Han Group's plan will be defeated, and the influence of the Weak Water Property in Cloud City can definitely become bigger."

    Jiang Lan looked shocked.

    Han Three Thousand was actually going to buy the entire city village!

    Regarding the reconstruction of the village in the city, Cloud City had made a lot of noise and had many real estate companies that had taken a chance, Jiang Lan knew that it would cost a very large amount of money and she simply couldn't see what the value and significance of doing so was.

    "Even if he buys it, so what?"Lan Jiang asked in puzzlement.

    "Three Thousand didn't give me a detailed explanation either, but I guess he wants to block Han's development in addition to boosting his own reputation, right, branding is very important, and if Weakwater Real Estate can make this sign, it will be able to get more support."Su Yingxia speculated.

    "Blocking the Han Group's development, now that the Heavenly Family has withdrawn, is it useful to have just a city village?"Jiang Lan said.

    This was what Su Yingxia was worried about, who would have thought that the Tian family would suddenly do this, without the city village, but the Han Clan was able to devour more industries, and from this point of view, the influence of the Weak Water Real Estate would only become more and more incomparable to the Han Clan.

    "I don't know, I guess 3000 will have the next step,"Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Lan saw Su Yingxia's troubled expression, so she should have already told her everything that Han 3000 had told her, so she didn't continue with her condescension.

    "Don't worry, he should be able to solve the trouble."Jiang Lan's expression became noticeably lighter and penetrated with a hint of indifference, a stark contrast to her attitude just now.

    But Su Yingxia didn't notice this and was only very worried for Han Qianqian.

    After Jiang Lan went upstairs and returned to her own room, her expression became extremely cold, and she was qualified to work with Han Yan when she finally inquired about Han 3000.

    "Han Qianqian, this time, I'll see how you die, you're not qualified to fight with me, Jiang Lan."Jiang Lan said to herself.

    After leaving the Celestial Family, Han Three Thousand went to the city village to learn about the recent situation in the city village from Yang Xing, and after learning that everything was going smoothly, Han Three Thousand went back to his rented room.

    As soon as he was about to pull out the key to open the door, Yang Meng, who was across the door, opened it as if she was deliberately waiting for him.


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