His True Colors Chapter 391-393


His True Colors Chapter 391

After hearing these words, Han Qianqian couldn't believe it, because the difference in Chong Yang's attitude before and after is like a complete change of a person, so Han Qianqian doubts whether Chong Yang is a person with a double personality, or else how could there be such a big contrast?

    It was too strange to ask Qi Hu to kill him and Knife Twelve before, but now, he was asked to take Qi Hu down the mountain.

    When Knife Twelve woke up, Han Giang endured his discomfort and walked out of the cave with Knife Twelve.

    "Brother Three Thousand, what's going on?"Knife Twelve was puzzled and asked Han Qianqiang, when Qi Hu had made his move, he was determined that he would die, but now the situation had developed a situation that made people feel weird, Knife Twelve still remembered Chong Yang's disdainful attitude towards them before, but just now, Chong Yang had obviously toned down a lot.

    "I also find it strange, Chong Yang's behavior before and after is not the same person at all, this old guy, he can't be a double personality, right?"Han Qianli asked rhetorically.

    Although Blade Twelve had been in contact with Chong Yang, he didn't know him very well, and he couldn't determine what kind of personality Chong Yang actually had.

    "Brother Three Thousand, why don't we leave early, I'm worried that things will go wrong again."Knife Twelve said, since Chong Yang was now willing to let them leave, they had to seize the opportunity to leave quickly to avoid Chong Yang's return.

    "In your current physical condition, can you leave?"Han Giangli also wanted to walk, but after eating Qi Hu's attack, he now needed to grit his teeth even while standing, not to mention the rough road down the mountain.

    "Hey, I'm really worried about what this old guy will do in case he messes up again."Blade Twelve said worriedly.

    Han Qianli thought about it and said, "Since he's already agreed, there shouldn't be any changes, so let's rest for two days first."

    Han Qianli said so, and Knife Twelve could only nod his head.

    Although life in the wild mountains and forests was far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and detached from modern civilization, there was one thing that made Han Three Thousand and Knife Twelve very surprised, the food for the two of them was very good, the ton of wild food, even without condiments, was fragrant and made people salivate.

    That night, Qi Hu caught some wild rabbits in a trap and roasted them on the fire, and they kept on burping, and Han 3,000 and Dagger 12 had a good sleep.

    The next day, the two of them were in much better shape, but Han Three Thousand was in no hurry to leave.

    Early in the morning, while Qi Hu was practicing leaning against the mountain, the two of them watched with wide eyes as the trees trembled under Qi Hu's impact, the leaves soughing, and each impact made Han 3000 and Knife Twelve feel like even the mountain was shaking.

    "This guy is completely a pervert ah, ordinary people would just die after being hit like that,"Han Three Thousand exclaimed.

    Knife Twelve's eyes were on the ground, he had gone through very professional training, and in his eyes, that training was already perverted enough, but to be compared to Qi Hu, it was a small thing, there was no comparison at all.

    "Don't say ordinary people, even we will probably die under Qi Hu's full strength attack, it seems like he stayed his hand yesterday."Blade Twelve said with a fearful face, if Qi Hu had exploded with such force yesterday, how could he have had a chance to open his eyes and see the world, he would have already reported to the Palace of Hell.

    "Do you think he can be a match for that guy from last time?"Han Giangli was confused, Wu Feng was strong, even Dong Hao wasn't a match, so he couldn't clearly determine who was stronger between Wu Feng and Qi Hu.

    This question, Blade Twelve also had no way to answer, who was stronger or weaker, unless it was a fight, otherwise who could predict the outcome?

    "Even if you're not an opponent, you shouldn't lose, right?"Blade Twelve said.

    "That's enough, as long as he can be invincible, Wu Feng will pose no threat to us."Han Qianqian was very content with being able to find an expert like Qi Hu, even if Qi Hu really wasn't a match for Wu Feng he wouldn't have any regrets, after all, world experts weren't easy to find.

    After resting for two days, Han Qianqian and Knife Twelve watched Qi Hu's training for two days, and the three of them finally descended the mountain.

    Before descending the mountain, Chong Yang called Qi Hu aside and explained a lot of things, as to what exactly it was, Han 3000 didn't know, but he didn't care either, being able to get this helper was enough for him, even if Chong Yang would have other objectives, it was only right that he should.

    Qi Hu was very big, and he took the path of practicing brute strength, so his body agility was very poor, this could be seen from going down the mountain, bad rough road, Qi Hu could easily fall down.

    When he finally arrived at the parking place, Qi Hu was like seeing something new, and after circling around the car twice, he asked Han 3000, "Brother 3000, what is this?"

    "How old did you go into the mountains?"Han Giangli wondered, a car was a very common thing for modern society, even if some children from poor families had never ridden in one, they had at least seen one, but Qi Hu had never even seen one.

    "Master said I went into the mountains when I was two or three,"Qi Hu said.

    "Never went down the mountain?"Han Giangli was surprised, if that was the case, Qi Hu's current state was one that was completely out of touch with modern society.

    "Yeah."Qi Hu said matter-of-factly, "Master didn't even get off the mountain, so what am I doing down there?Just tell me what it is."

    "It's a car, and people can run fast when they sit in it, so if you want to know what's really going on, just get in and feel it."Han Giangli opened the door of the car for Qi Hu.

    Qi Hu was very big, so it was hard to get stuffed in, Han Giangli smiled helplessly and said to Knife Twelve, "Looks like we'll have to get a bigger car after we go back."

    Although it was cramped, for Qi Hu, who was trying it for the first time, he didn't feel any discomfort and was instead very excited.

    When the car started up, Qi Hu was even more excited as if he had seen a new continent, looking out the window at the scenery speeding by like a fool.

    When passing a small town, at Qi Hu's request, Han Giangli stopped the car, Qi Hu who had never seen the world, even a small town could arouse his curiosity in a million ways, and something as ordinary as a low building could make him look at it with amazement.

    "This place is nothing, wait until I take you to Cloud City, the tall buildings there are even taller than the mountain where you live."Han Giangli said to Qi Hu with a smile.

    Qi Hu looked disbelieving and said, "How can there be a place higher than a mountain, can they still fly up there?"

    It was very tiring to explain such ordinary things, so Han Giangli gave this glorious task to Blade Twelve.

    But no matter how clearly Blade Twelve said it, Qi Hu still couldn't understand it because there was no such concept as repairing a building in his mind, so naturally he explained it differently.

    "You guys, you're from out of town, right?"At this time, a group of people in groups of three to five deliberately approached Han 3,000 and the others, and judging by the outer-eight posture of the walk, they were probably local hooligans.

    "I don't want to cause any trouble, so I advise you guys to quickly walk away."Han Qianli said to a few people indifferently.

    These people were indeed the town's hooligans, and notorious, almost all the businesses in the town were afraid of them, these people walked to wherever they ate, entered the shop to take whatever they wanted, never paid, at first there were businesses to resist, and even reported, but they were not too big of a charge, at most they were just off for a few days, after they came out, the businesses that resisted were bound to be unlucky, so as time went by, the townThe merchants were resigned to their fate, and no one dared to have a problem with them, which made them even more arrogant, hating to walk across the town.

    "Not a small mouth, do you know who the brothers are?You're a foreign car parked in town, but there's a parking fee."The person in charge said to Han Qianqian.

    Parking on the side of the road also charges a parking fee, which is clearly blackmail.

    Han Qianli smiled and asked, "How much do you want?"

    "Not much, since you can afford to drive a car, three or five thousand should be a small amount for you."The man in the lead said.

    Han 3,000 nodded, 3,000 to 5,000 was indeed a small thing to him, pocket money wasn't even close, but even if this money were to buy buns and feed them to the dogs, it wouldn't be possible to give it to these yokels.

    "Boss, look at this big guy, does he look like a fool, but he hasn't even seen a building."At this time, one of the men said to the lead man.

His True Colors Chapter 392

The person in the lead looked at Qi Hu, and the expression on Qi Hu's face at this time was indeed like an idiot, because no matter how ordinary something was, it was very new to him, and Lou Lou was probably not as ignorant as he was when he entered the Grand View Garden back then.

    "Hey, idiot, what are you looking at?"The one in the lead asked to Qi Hu.

    Qi Hu turned his head to look at him, then asked Han Qianli, "Brother Qianli, is he talking about me?"

    Han Giangli nodded meaningfully and said, "He didn't just talk about you, he also scolded you."

    When Qi Hu heard this, his face instantly froze, and he walked up to the person in charge and said, "You scolded me?"

    Qi Hu's size was very intimidating, so just standing in front of the gang of yuppies made them feel very pressured.

    But these people were used to being arrogant in the area and didn't think Qi Hu dared to do anything to them.

    The leader of the group didn't know what to do and said, "So what if I scold you, big idiot, it's hard ...... when your mother gave birth to you."

    Before he finished speaking, Qi Hu grabbed the leader's collar with one hand, lifted it in the air, and threw it with great force.

    The leader's body presented a perfect parabola in the air and was thrown a full ten meters away, smashing into the ground, which was called a dusty mess.

    The remaining few people looked at Qi Hu in horror and hurriedly retreated several steps.

    Although this big guy was an idiot, this strength was too much, and he had flung an adult away so easily.

    "Boss, are you alright?"One of the men ran to the leader and asked in panic.

    The leader ate a mouthful of dust, and it hit the ground hard enough that he couldn't even speak in pain, so he could only look at Qi Hu with a gnashing of teeth expression.

    "I warned you guys, you can't blame me if you don't listen to the advice yourself."Han Giangli said to them with a smile.

    After a while, the leader spoke up and said, "Grass Nima, do you know that this is my territory, and if you offend me, I want you to stay out of town."

    Looking at the leader who didn't know what to do, Han Qianli said to Qi Hu, "The lesson wasn't enough, they want to compete with you."

    Qi Hu grinned, when he was in the mountains, Qi Hu's only opponents were the trees, although occasionally he would have the chance to fight with Chong Yang, but very rarely, fighting with people was much more interesting than fighting with trees.

    "Are you guys going to fight me?"Qi Hu smiled and asked.

    Several of his men were scared white, even the one in the lead looked guilty.

    "You ...... don't come over here, I'm warning you, I'm very powerful here, I can casually call a hundred people to f**k you, can you beat them?"The leader of the group threatened.

    Qi Hu stopped in his tracks and asked with a serious face, "Are you telling the truth?"

    The leader thought that Qi Hu was afraid, and with a smug smile on his face, he said, "Of course it's true, you don't even bother to find out what my position is here."

    "Then call someone quickly, I want to try what it's like to fight a hundred people."Qi Hu spoke.

    Even Han Qianqian couldn't help but laugh at this statement, Qi Hu, this guy shouldn't be a battle fiend, he even wanted to fight a hundred people alone.

    Actually, for Qi Hu, it wasn't a matter of fighting or not, it was simply a matter of wanting to compete with someone, after all, after living in the mountains for so many years, the training of crashing into trees every day was too boring, fighting with living people was an extreme luxury for him, and now that he had the chance to fight with a hundred people, he naturally wanted to give it a try.

    When the leader heard Qi Hu's words, he had a startled expression, this guy was not only an idiot, could it be that he was also a madman?

    His notoriety was good, and it was true that no one in the town dared to mess with him, but calling a hundred people at random was bragging.

    "You, aren't you afraid of being killed here by my people?"The leader said.

    "You want to kill me even with you?"Qi Hu said disdainfully, his right foot staring at the ground, and the already rotten concrete pavement collapsed a few points and some new cracks appeared.

    It was a frightening sight to see the leading man, thinking that this was an encounter with something perverted!

    "You ...... you, you wait, wait for me, I'll go call someone right away."After the leader stammered, he stood up with a bang and ran faster than anyone else.

    Those little brothers saw the situation and followed suit.

    "Qi Hu, get in the car and go."Han Three Thousand said to Qi Hu.

    "Brother Three Thousand, he went to call someone, how can he leave, I don't want to be treated like a wimp."Qi Hu said.

    Han Three Thousand shook his head helplessly, Qi Hu wasn't stupid in the head, but he was too heartless and too ignorant of the outside world, that help had obviously put down his harsh words and ran away, how could he come back.

    "He didn't go to call for help, but he ran away and won't be back,"Han Marchan explained.

    Qi Hu was stunned and asked, "He lied to me?"

    "Yeah, I'm lying, you're kinda stupid."Han Giangli said, Qi Hu's performance was good for him because it was more conducive to his control, but on the other hand, it was also bad because Han Giangli needed more than just a thugs, and if Qi Hu didn't have the ability to think for himself, he would be very limited in how much help he could be.

    Qi Hu squeezed his fist tightly and said angrily, "I should have taught this guy a hard lesson for daring to cheat me."

    "There will be plenty of opportunities to fight in the future, and we'll be fighting against experts, so there's no need for you to waste your energy on such an unimpressive character, let's go."

    Getting into the car once more, Han Qianqian drove all the way to Cloud City.

    At the same time, Han Yan made an unprecedented appearance at Cloud City Airport, as if she was waiting for someone.

    It wasn't long before a blond old man appeared, with a high nose, deep features, and pupils like eagle eyes, he looked at everyone as if he was looking at prey, and was full of aggression.

    When Han Yan saw him, she couldn't wait to run to his side and said, "Grandpa Yang, I guessed it would be you."

    Diyang, the top bodyguard of the Mi Guo Han family's Diji generation, possessed a strength unimaginable to normal people.

    Only when Di Central saw Han Yan did his aggressive eyes soften a bit and said, "If Miss needs someone, naturally I'll be the one to come, but I took the initiative to apply with the boss."

    "Grandpa Central, Yan'er happens to have a problem today, so you can accompany me."Han Yan said.

    "No problem, Grandpa Central is here to solve your trouble, if anyone makes Miss unhappy, I'll send him to God."Earth Central said indifferently, with a strong arrogance in his tone.

    After getting into the car, the car headed towards the Tian family's villa.

    The Celestial Family had always been the representative of the top families in Yun City, and although the strong rise of Han's group had caused some impact on the Celestial Family, it wasn't a big problem, after all, the Celestial Family had been entrenched in Yun City for so many years, not to mention its business status, even its image in the public's mind was not something that any company could replace, after all, the charity that the Celestial Family made every year was praiseworthy.

    Han Yan wanted to take control of Cloud City in her own hands, she had to get over the Heavenly Family, she and Tian Honghui had already met and made a proposal for the Heavenly Family to withdraw from the business community in Cloud City, this proposal was naturally rejected by Tian Honghui, so today Han Yan wanted to finish the matter by using Di Yang.

    If you don't withdraw, then fight until you withdraw, for Han Yan, it's that simple.

    Tian family villa, Tian Changsheng was sitting in the living room with a distressed face, after Tian Honghui told him about Han Yan's proposal, he had been distraught, because the Han Clan was now gaining too much momentum, the landscape of Yun City was changing rapidly, and he couldn't predict what would happen next.

    "Grandpa, what's wrong with you today, you look like you're not happy."Tian Ling'er asked to Tian Changsheng.

    Tian Changsheng sighed and said, "Ling'er, didn't you used to want to study abroad?Grandpa thought now would be a good time to arrange it for you, why don't I?"

    "I gave up on the idea a long time ago, why did you suddenly bring it up."Tian Ling'er asked in puzzlement.

    Tian Changsheng's idea was simple, to keep Tian Ling'er away from this place of wrongdoing, even if there was a change in the Tian family, as long as Tian Ling'er was abroad, she wouldn't be affected, and he could give Tian Ling'er a large sum of money so that she could live well for the rest of her life even if she didn't do anything.

    "Grandpa didn't want you to go out and see the world,"Tian Changsheng said.

    Tian Ling'er was a very smart girl, and there must be a reason why Tian Changsheng was suddenly rehashing old matters.

    "Grandpa, nothing is going to happen to the Tian family, right?"Celestial Spirit asked.

His True Colors Chapter 393

Tian Ling'er looked at Tian Changsheng with a heavy look.

    Recently the villa area had inexplicably added some unfamiliar faces, and although Tian Ling'er didn't ask, she knew that this must be the new bodyguard hired by her grandfather.

    Suddenly doing this kind of enhanced manpower precaution, if it wasn't a big event, Tian Ling'er couldn't think of any other possibilities.

    Originally she had no intention of asking about these things, but now that Tianchang Sheng had brought up the matter of letting her study abroad, it made Tian Ling'er desperately want to know what was going on.

    The villa's manpower was enhanced, an arrangement made by Tian Chang Sheng after Tian Hong Hui met with Han Yan, because the attitude Han Yan displayed was very strong and he was worried that Han Yan would do something detrimental to the Tian family.

    "Ling'er, you ......"

    There was a loud bang, and Tian Ling'er shivered in fear.

    The door of the villa was kicked open hard, and a foreigner, with the strongest of the group of bodyguards Tianchang Sheng had hired in his hand, threw himself heavily on the ground.

    This scene made Tianchang Sheng's heart tense, but this was the most powerful person, and he was being carried like a chicken and thrown on the ground.

    "Miss came to visit, and you didn't come out to greet her, and you had people blocking you, wanting to die?"Earth Central spoke in an arrogant tone.

    Tian Ling'er stood up, looked angrily at Earth Central, and said, "Who are you to dare to be arrogant in the Heavenly Family!"

    "Celestial?"The Earth Central laughed disdainfully and said, "What is the Heavenly Family again, do I need to put it in my eyes?"

    Tian Ling'er's face turned red with anger at these words, but in Cloud City, there was never anyone who dared not to put the Tian family in their eyes.

    At this time, Tian Changsheng stood up and protected Tian Ling'er behind him, asking, "Who the hell are you, my Heavenly Family has no grudge against you, what is your purpose for making a scene?"

    "My lady is outside the door, do you walk out to meet her, or do I break your legs and drag you out?"Earth Central said.

    Tianchang Sheng took a deep breath, from this man, he felt unprecedented arrogance, and he definitely had the strength to be arrogant.

    The lady he was talking about, was it Han Yan?If it was her, this would be a problem.

    "What kind of person is your lady, with such a big face?"Tian Ling'er said with a disgruntled look on her face, no matter who wanted to see Tianchang Sheng in Yun City, they had to make an appointment in advance, and there were countless big names who visited and ate the closed door, what kind of person was qualified to have her grandfather go and greet them personally?

    "Little girl, I advise you to stop talking or I'll kill you."Earth Central said with a torch-like gaze at Tian Ling'er.

    Tian Ling'er was shocked by the look in Earth Central's eyes, it was like he would actually kill someone.

    "Grandpa, do you want to call 3000?"Tian Ling'er said softly, in her eyes, Han Chang'er was very powerful, so naturally only Han Chang'er could solve this kind of trouble.

    Tian Chang Sheng shook his head and said to Di Yang, "I'll go out to meet her, but you can't hurt my granddaughter."

    Diyang smiled faintly and said, "Killing her is just dirtying my hands."

    Tian Changsheng walked out of the villa area and indeed saw Han Yan, which made him feel a chill in his heart.

    This woman was such a strong boarder, if she couldn't get her wish today, she definitely wouldn't let them go.

    "Miss Han, I didn't expect it to be you, if you had said hello earlier, you wouldn't have had to be so troublesome."Tianchang Sheng walked up to Han Yan and said.

    Han Yan acted as if she was high and cold, she didn't look at Tian Chang Sheng in the eye and said indifferently, "Your Tian family is the number one family in Yun City, you have a big stance, it's not easy to meet you."

    "Miss Han's words are too much, if you want to see me, how can I possibly avoid it."

    As soon as Tianchang Sheng finished saying this, he suddenly felt a gravity hit his legs, and due to the excessive force, his legs bent unconsciously.


    Tianchang Sheng even knelt in front of Han Yan.

    "Talking to Miss, with your qualifications, you can only kneel."Earth Central said contemptuously.

    "Grandpa!"Tian Ling'er was alarmed and wanted to assist Tian Changsheng.

    In Tian Ling'er's mind, Tian Changsheng was like a hero, how could he kneel to someone?And it was a girl not a few years older than her.

    Han Qing walked up to Tian Ling'er and yanked on her hair, dragging her away, cursing, "If your grandfather had been sensible, he wouldn't have had to take such an ugly step, I advise you to get out of the way, or else you'll be on your knees with him."

    Tian Ling'er's scalp was pulled very painfully and grabbed Han Qing's hand to resist, but Han Qing slapped her heavily across the face.

    What kind of person was Tian Ling'er?She was a Heavenly Princess, when had she ever been beaten since she was a child.

    The fiery pain on her face caused Tian Ling'er to instantly lose her mind and wrestle with Han Qing.

    But how could her tactics compare to Han Qing's?

    Although Han Qing was only a maid, he had been exposed to Taekwondo, and kicked Tian Ling'er in the abdomen, punching him mercilessly and blasting him in the face again.

    When Tianchang Sheng saw this, he was furious and prepared to get up, but a hand on his shoulder was holding him down with a death grip, leaving him defenseless.

    "Don't move, or I'll waste you."Earth Central said in a cold voice.

    "Miss Han, my granddaughter doesn't know any better, please let her go."Tian Changsheng said to Han Yan.

    As if she was watching a good show, Han Yan even smiled and said to Han Qing, "This kind of inconsiderate little girl needs to be taught a hard lesson, don't stop, keep beating me."

    Hearing this, Tianchang Sheng's heart ached like a knife, Tian Ling'er was his beloved baby, he himself couldn't bear to say heavy words, but now he could only watch Tian Ling'er being beaten.

    "Miss Han, please, let my granddaughter go."Tianchang Sheng prayed.

    "Since you're begging me, you should act a bit like you're begging, don't you think?"Han Yan smiled.

    Tian Changsheng was stunned at the words, his waist slowly bending.

    "Grandpa, don't, don't!"Tian Ling'er roared hoarsely when she saw that Tian Changsheng was about to kneel down.

    Tianchang Sheng bent down to the bottom, his forehead on the ground, and said, "Miss Han, is it okay now?"

    "You begged me, but I didn't promise that you would let her go, people who don't know how to be polite should be taught a deep lesson, you can't discipline people, I'll help you, so consider this kowtow to be your thank you."Han Yan hid her mouth and smiled lightly, this feeling of playing people off against each other made her very fascinated.

    Han Qing gritted his teeth and slapped Tian Ling'er's face after getting Han Yan's eye gesture.

    Hearing the sound of the slap, for the first time, Tian Changsheng had this strong feeling of powerlessness, even though Tian Ling'er was being beaten, he couldn't do anything.

    "Miss Han, if you have any requests, you can feel free to bring them up, I will try my best to satisfy you, old man."Tianchang Sheng said resignedly.

    Han Yan took two steps closer, looked at Tianchang Sheng condescendingly and said, "The first family of Cloud City is just a joke in my Han Yan's eyes, and you dare to disobey me, this is what will happen."

    "I know I was wrong, Miss Han, if you want the Tian family to withdraw from the Cloud City market, I will immediately start making arrangements for that, all at your disposal."Tianchang Sheng said, all along, the Tian family had no rivals in Yun City, but at this moment Tianchang Sheng knew that this woman in front of him was by no means something he could fight against.

    "If you had agreed to my request earlier, your granddaughter wouldn't have suffered this kind of hardship, her face is swollen, how pitiful."Han Yan exclaimed.

    Tian Changsheng's afterglow looked at Tian Ling'er's swollen cheeks, his heart aching as if it was dripping blood.

    "It's my fault for not knowing what's going on,"Tian Changsheng said with his head buried deep.

    "I'll give you two days, I don't want to see any company or industry related to the Tian family in Cloud City."Han Yan said.

    "Yes."Tian Changsheng echoed.

    "Grandpa Central, let's go."Han Yan raised a smile and said to Earth Central.

    Di Central kicked Tian Changsheng to the ground and said disdainfully, "From now on, hire bodyguards, don't hire these trash trash, it's no use at all, I haven't even started warming up yet."

    "Grandpa Central, isn't it normal for trash to hire trash, is it not normal for them to hire experts, you're too high on them."Han Yan affectionately took Di Yang's hand and said.

    Di Central nodded his head and said, "That's right, trash should stay with trash."

    After Han Yan and the others left, Tian Changsheng walked up to Tian Ling'er with old tears in his eyes, his voice trembling as he asked, "Ling'er, are you alright."


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