His True Colors Chapter 389-390


His True Colors Chapter 389

This sentence made Han Qianqian and Blade Twelve laugh bitterly, look at the scene of these broken trees, if they were flesh and blood, their internal organs would have been shattered, how could they carry it?

    "Don't worry, I didn't break the trees here all at once, I'm not as powerful as you think."The man said modestly.

    But nonetheless, taking a hard hit from a single attack was never easy.

    "I'll do it."Blade Twelve took a step forward and said to him with a hard scalp.

    "My name is Qi Hu, in case there's an accident, you can also mention my name to the King of Hell, I also want him to remember me."Qi Hu smiled.

    These words sounded like goosebumps all over Han Qianli, this guy obviously won't show any mercy ah, this time he's here to invite experts to come out, Han Qianli doesn't want to steal a chicken and not etch the rice, in case he really makes Knife Twelve seriously injured, or seriously injured and doesn't heal, then it will be more than worth the loss.

    "How about we switch it up and make a bet, if we win, you'll take us to meet your master, if we lose, this will be down the mountain, how about it?"Han Qianqiang suggested to Qi Hu.

    Qi Hu looked at Han Qianqiang in confusion and asked, "What way?"

    "I'm a civilized man, how about rock-paper-scissors?"Han Giangli said.

    Blade Twelve looked at Han Qianqian with a silly and startled face, he was actually going to compete with this kind of expert in rock-paper-scissors, this was bullsh*t, how could the other party play such a silly game with him.

    "What's rock-paper-scissors?"Qi Hu looked at Han Qianqian in puzzlement, he had been on the mountain since he was very young and had very little contact with the outside world, and had also forgotten almost everything about the mountain in his memory, he now only remembered crashing into trees day after day and completing the tasks his master had told him.

    When Qi Hu revealed a puzzled expression, Han 3000 saw hope, this person should have been secluded in the mountains for years, so he had little knowledge of the outside world, although his strength was strong, but his heart was blank, and he was devoid of any heart and castle, for such a person, it was still easy for Han 3000 to play with him.

    Of course, Han 3,000 didn't dare to go too far, and if he got annoyed and started a fight, he might end up dead in the wilderness.

    Han Qianqian explained the rules of the game to Qi Hu, and Qi Hu, who had never been exposed to the outside world before, showed great interest in this common little game, as if he had discovered a new world.

    After understanding the rules, Qi Hu couldn't wait to give it a try and said to Han Qianqian, "Let's hurry up."

    "Willing to bet, we'll decide the winner in one round, and if you lose, you'll have to take us to your master, and you can't go back on your word."Han Giangli reminded.

    "A man must be willing to gamble and lose, of course."Qi Hu said.

    Blade Twelve looked at the unexpected plot, although it was just a common little game, he was inexplicably nervous at the moment, one game to determine the winner, if Han 3000 lost, they might have to leave in disgrace.

    "Brother Three Thousand, are you sure about this?"Knife Twelve asked to Han Qianqian.

    "Where do I get the certainty in this game of probability, I can only leave it to fate."Han Qianli said helplessly, as he spoke, Han Qianli deliberately spread his right hand into a palm and kept moving it up and down to attract Qi Hu's attention.

    It was a psychological suggestion that would have a great effect on someone like Qi Hu who was as white as paper inside.

    "Rock Scissors Cloth."

    "Rock Paper Scissors."

    When the two of them finished their words, Han Giangli made a fist for stone while Qi Hu unsurprisingly got out the scissors.

    "I win."Han Giangli said with a smile.

    The nervous Knife Twelve was relieved, fortunately it was a win, and quickly said to Qi Hu, "We had our word and were willing to bet, now you have to take us to see your master."

    Qi Hu looked annoyed, he didn't understand why he just lost, and looked at the scissors in his hand, thinking how nice it would be if it came out of cloth.

    Looking at Qi Hu's expression, Han Qianli faintly smiled, it was good that he was a very simple person, otherwise it would be difficult to fool him ah.

    I didn't expect such a powerful person to be so naive, an expert like him would be very easy to exploit if he left the mountains and went out into the world.

    Han Giangli couldn't help but feel a bit like taking him away with him, as it was easier to control this kind of person.

    "Come with me."Qi Hu didn't break his word and led the way in front of him, leading the two towards the place where they lived.

    "Brother Three Thousand, I didn't expect him to be so gullible, it should be good if we can bring him down the mountain."Knife Twelve walked beside Han Three Thousand and said softly.

    He had the same idea as Han Three Thousand, such a simple-minded person could be better utilized.

    "He's easy to deceive, but his master can't be fooled, so I hope this will go smoothly."Han Three Thousand said with a sigh, this kind of little trick was only used in front of Qi Hu, but it could be restrained in front of Chong Yang.

    After walking for less than ten minutes, the three of them stopped in front of a natural cave, the cave was deep and dark, and as soon as their footsteps stopped, an old voice came from inside.

    "Qi Hu, didn't I tell you to practice?What brings you back so soon, are you trying to be lazy?"

    "Master, there are two strangers coming and I lost to them, so I had to be willing to lose and bring them to you."Qi Hu said helplessly.

    After a moment of silence inside the cave, a rickety old man's figure emerged, hunched over as if he couldn't stand up.

    Chong Yang looked at Han Qianqian and Blade Twelve and scolded Qi Hu, "You can't even beat these two losers?"

    Qi Hu fished his head and said, "I lost playing scissors and rock cloth with them."

    When Chong Yang heard this, he smiled coldly and became filled with killing intent as he looked at Han Qianqian and Blade Twelve again.

    "Bullying my disciple to be naive?"Chong Yang's cold voice.

    Being looked at directly by such a gaze was like being gazed at by death, and Han Qianqian was soon sweating profusely.

    "Senior, I didn't mean to offend, but because I knew I wasn't a match for him, I played a little cautiously, I hope senior will understand."Han Third Thousand said.

    "Understanding?"Chong Yang smiled coldly and said, "Whether the King of Hell wants to understand you or not is his business, while I, I'm only responsible for sending you to meet the King of Hell."

    Chong Yang's attitude was very tough, seemingly without any room for discussion, and Knife Twelve blocked in front of Han Third Thousand at the first opportunity.

    Even if he really had to die, he would die in front of Han Qianqiang.

    "Senior Chongyang, you may have forgotten me, but I once ......"

    Before Blade Twelve could finish his sentence, Chong Yang interrupted, "I've taught countless people, you don't need to get involved with me, there's only one outcome for you today, and that's death."

    Chong Yang glared obliquely at Qi Hu and snapped, "You don't even know if you've been played by someone, so why don't you kill them!"

    Qi Hu had never been strict about following Chong Yang's orders, even if Chong Yang wanted him to leap into a cliff for life, he would never hesitate in the slightest.

    "You two actually dare to play me, go to hell."After Qi Hu said that, his entire body was like a curved bow, gathering momentum, and the soil under his feet sank three points, which was a manifestation of his exertion.

    "Brother Three Thousand, you run first."Knife Twelve said to Han Three Thousand.

    Even if he knew he wasn't a match for Qi Hu, Han Three Thousand had no intention of retreating at the moment, being human and afraid of death, but Han Three Thousand would never leave Knife Twelve here alone.

    "Since we're here together, we naturally have to go together,"Han Qianli said in a deep voice.

    At this moment, Qi Hu was fiercely powerful, his entire body like a fierce tiger pouncing towards Han Qianli and Knife Twelve.

    The momentum was like a rainbow, unstoppable by ten thousand troops!

    At this moment, Qi Hu was only one person, but he had the powerful momentum of a thousand troops, which almost overwhelmed Han Qianqian and Blade Twelve.


    One strike hit Knife Twelve, and Knife Twelve's burly body was like a stone that was easily bounced off.

    When Han Qianli's gaze gaped, Qi Hu's force-filled fist met him head-on, and when he tried to avoid it, the speed of his fist suddenly increased, his chest feeling like a train had collided head-on.

    In mid-air, Han Giangli lost his center of gravity and spurted blood, the pain in his chest was more than words could describe.

    Han Three Thousand and Blade Twelve were also considered to be people with extraordinary skills, but in front of Qi Hu, they were completely crushed, which was enough to see how strong Qi Hu was.

    "With trash like you guys, you actually have the guts to come see me."Chong Yang saw the situation and said disdainfully.

His True Colors Chapter 390

Han Giangli's eyes blurred, feeling his eyelids getting heavier and heavier, and after a glance at Knife Twelve, who had already fainted, he finally heard only one sentence, "Find a secluded place and deal with it."

    Was this the end of the road?

    Although Han Giangli wanted to get out of his current predicament, he didn't even have the strength to open his eyes, so he ended up falling down.

    Qi Hu walked towards the two, intending to find a cliff and throw them down, there were black blind men in the wild mountain, it wouldn't take more than a few days to gnaw them to death, so there was no need to worry about being discovered.

    "Chong Yang, I haven't seen you for many years, I didn't expect you to be turtled up in this place."

    Just as Chong Yang was preparing to return to the cave, a voice that he hadn't seen for many years but was very familiar sounded in his ears.

    Tightening his muscles, Chong Yang turned around abruptly and looked at that familiar figure.

    He ...... how did he end up here!

    "Another old thing that delivers death, eat my move."Qi Hu didn't hesitate at all to attack his visitor.

    Chong Yang shouted in shock, "Qi Hu, stop!"

    It was too late to stop, Qi Hu's attack had arrived.

    "Where's the man!?"Qi Hu felt baffled when someone who was clearly right under his nose suddenly disappeared without a trace.

    In an instant, however, Qi Hu noticed a crisis coming from behind him, and when he turned his head for an instant, his back was hit hard.

    A body as huge as Qi Hu's, at this moment, his feet soared into the air and flew away, falling down heavily on the ground.

    Qi Hu struggled and tried to stand up, but he felt a foot on his back, like a thousand pounds pressing down on his body, making him unable to move.

    Qi Hu was horrified, this person was incredibly strong, seemingly even more powerful than his master!

    "Yan-kun, let him go!"Chongyang shouted, afraid that the disciple he trained would die.

    The person who came was none other than Yan Jun, who had left Yanjing for no other reason than to secretly protect Han Giang, the person who had appeared in the boxing ring that day was also him, but after a disguise and disguise change, Han Giang didn't see his true identity.

    "Chong Yang, doesn't this disciple of yours deserve to die?"Yan Jun asked to Chong Yang.

    The cold sweat on Chong Yang's forehead was like rainwater, he knew that the appearance of Yan Jun must be because of these two young people, and Qi Hu had injured them, even if they were killed by Yan Jun, it was a matter of course, maybe even he would have to take his life.

    Chong Yang was very powerful, even blind to the fact that he didn't put anyone in his eyes.

    Before there was no Golden Pot, Chong Yang relied on a pair of fists to fight wherever he went, and countless people grumbled but didn't dare to retaliate in the slightest.

    But more than a decade ago, Chong Yang had to return to the mountain forest because he lost a fight with someone, and that person was Yan Jun.

    "What do you want, as long as you don't kill him, I can grant you."Chongyang said with a deep breath.

    Yan Jun walked towards Chong Yang and said with an indifferent expression, "I want your life, can you give it willingly?"

    Every time Yanjun took a step closer, Chong Yang felt the pressure multiply by one point, after so many years, although he was constantly getting stronger, Yanjun was clearly the same, and compared to more than a decade ago, the gap between the two seemed even bigger.

    This made Chong Yang unable to understand how it was that the same people, who were also both progressing, were able to progress so much, but Yan Jun!

    "I've been secluded in the mountains and don't ask about the world, they're the ones who came looking for me, you shouldn't put this debt on my head."Chong Yang gritted his teeth and said, his expression filled with reluctance, he knew that if Yan Jun really wanted to kill him, he would die.

    "I want to kill you, do I need a reason?"Yan Jun was smiling.

    Chong Yang was so angry that he almost spat out a mouthful of old blood, he was far away from Yanjing, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, hiding in such a shabby place just so he wouldn't meet up with Yanjun, but he didn't expect that he still couldn't avoid this.

    In his head, he kept pondering his chances of survival, and when Chong Yang looked at Han Giang, he couldn't help but wonder why he was here.

    Inviting him out, which was the greatest possibility, meant that he was in desperate need of an expert, and as for why he didn't look for Yan Jun, he didn't have time to think about that much because Yan Jun was getting closer and closer.

    "It's inconvenient for you to come out and help him, I can ask Qi Hu to come down the mountain with him and be at his disposal."Chong Yang said.

    Hearing this, Yan Jun stopped but did not speak, looking straight at Chong Yang.

    Chongyang had a numbing feeling, the look in Yan Jun's eyes was like he wanted to cramp his muscles and skin.

    "I can swear that I will never let Qi Hu betray him, Qi Hu was raised by me since he was a child, he listens to me very well, even if I want him to die, he won't hesitate in the slightest."Chong Yang continued.

    "After so many years of not seeing each other, don't you want to fight with me?"Yanjun smiled.

    "Don't want to."Chongyang didn't even hesitate a bit, because this question was meaningless for him to think about, fighting with Yan Jun, could there be any other outcome than death?

    For so many years, it wasn't that Chong Yang hadn't thought about the image of himself defeating Yan Jun, but until this moment when he met up with Yan Jun again, he had completely recognized himself and could only dream if he wanted to win Yan Jun.

    "It seems that this place has worn out your blood, back then, you were arrogant in front of me."Yan Jun said.

    In the past, Chong Yang was indeed very arrogant, the first time he met with Yan Jun, he didn't put Yan Jun in his eyes at all, it wasn't until after the encounter and understanding the gap between him and Yan Jun that he started to restrain himself, it wasn't that the environment here had worn out his bloodlust, if it were anyone else, he would have killed them in a heartbeat, but nay, the other party was Yan Jun, even if he had a temper, he could only endure it.

    "I don't dare."Two simple words, indicating Chong Yang's attitude towards Yan Jun.

    "Let him recuperate here and send him down the mountain after he is healed."Yan Jun said.

    "Don't worry, I will take care of him, Qi Hu will be his subordinate from now on."Chong Yang said.

    "It's an honor for your disciple to be his underling."Yan Jun smiled.

    When Chongyang saw Yanjun turn to leave, he wondered, "Who is he, why is he worthy of your help, and why don't you do it yourself?"

    "Who he is, you are not qualified to know, as for why I didn't do anything, it's a young man's world now, I only need to ensure his life is safe, the rest is for him to make his own way, the position he obtained through his own efforts will not be crumbling."After saying that, Yan Jun walked away.

    Chong Yang looked chagrined, if he hadn't killed these two, Yan Jun wouldn't have appeared.

    The nightmare that he had spent so many years without forgetting was now revisited for him, and it seemed that he would have to spend this old age in the middle of a nightmare.

    Qi Hu stood up with difficulty, looking as if he had palpitations in his heart, and asked to Chong Yang, "Master, who is this guy, he is actually so powerful."

    Chong Yang didn't answer Qi Hu's question, but cursed and said, "Hurry up and carry these two people into the cave, the ground is damp, don't catch a cold, or your master won't live long this old life."

    Qi Hu, one on each of his left and right shoulders, carried Han Qianqian and Blade Twelve into the cave and laid down a lot of dead grass to avoid them lying directly on the cold ground.

    A little half a day passed, and when Han Three Thousand opened his eyes and found that it was pitch black, he unconsciously said, "Is this the netherworld?So the underworld is so dark!"

    "This isn't the netherworld, you guys stay here and take care of your injuries, and when you're well, I'll let Qi Hu come down with you."Chong Yang spoke up.

    Hearing Chongyang's voice, Han Giang turned his head vigilantly, a moment before he fainted, he had heard Chongyang ask Qi Hu to kill him and Blade Twelve, but now ......

    "Senior Chongyang, you didn't kill us?"Han Giang said with an unexpected look.

    In the dim cave, although it was impossible to clearly see Chong Yang's expression, when he heard the word senior, he clearly revealed a trace of not daring to take responsibility.

    "Just call me Chong Yang, I'm not used to being called senior, I didn't kill you, don't ask me why, bring Qi Hu down the mountain, with his skills, he will definitely be a great help to you."Chong Yang said, although Yan Jun didn't deliberately remind him, but Chong Yang knew that Yan Jun definitely didn't want this to be known by Han Qianqian.


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