His True Colors Chapter 387-388


His True Colors Chapter 387

After getting out of the car, Han Giangli gave Qin Lin a call, and when she arrived at the villa's entrance, it was within reason that she was stopped by the security guard, after all, this wasn't an ordinary community, not anyone could just enter, unless the owner had registered in advance, or had given the property a greeting before they would let her in.

    When the driver saw Han Qianqian standing at the door, he smiled and said to himself, "It's late at night, the wind can be cold, I'll see how long you can wait."

    The security guard also had some disdain for Han Qianli's gaze, as they had seen this kind of situation many times, many people who wanted to talk about cooperation would wait for their targets at the door, but he had never seen one like Han Qianli who came in the middle of the night, making him wonder if Han Qianli's brain was faulty.

    "Dude, who are you waiting for, it's unlikely that the big boss inside will come out now at this time."The security guard kindly reminded Han Qianli.

    "I'm looking for Qin Lin, he should be here soon."Han Qianqian said.

    Hearing the name Qin Lin, the security guard's expression flashed with surprise, Qin Lin was a very famous person in the Flower Sea Villa area, it was hard to meet him, and judging by Han Qianqian's tone, Qin Lin would have to come out to meet him personally?Such words sounded like jokes to the security guard's ears.

    "Man, you sure haven't lost your bragging rights, have you?"The security guard smiled at Han Marchand said.

    "That."Han Three Thousand knew what the security guard was thinking, but he didn't count.

    When he waited for less than two minutes, a figure came running from afar, not daring to stop for fear that he might be slow.

    As the figure got closer and closer and its appearance became clearer and clearer, the security guard was stunned.

    Wasn't that Qin Lin, and he was really here!

    At that moment, the security guard's eyes had a 180-degree shift towards Han Qianqian.

    It wasn't like no one had ever squatted on Qin Lin at the entrance before, but those people would at most just smell the exhaust fumes of Qin Lin's car, and Qin Lin wouldn't see them at all.

    But now, this person in front of him was actually able to get Qin Lin to personally greet them at the door?

    Even if it was a visit from a guest, Qin Lin would have been able to release him with a call to the security department, but the fact that he had come personally was enough to show how much he valued this person.

    "Dude, I was just joking with you, so don't bother with me."The security guard wiped a cold sweat from his forehead and said to Han Qianli.

    Han Qianli laughed and said, "Don't worry, this little thing isn't worth me bothering about."

    Qin Lin ran to Han 3,000 and gasped, but he didn't show that respect in front of the outsiders and just said, "Please follow me."

    Outside the gate, the chauffeur brother watched the scene with his eyes wide open, dumbfounded by the shock.

    Who didn't know Qin Lin?In the past, he was often on major financial reports, and for Big Brother Driver, who wanted to get rich, he paid special attention to these kinds of programs, so he was very cognizant of Qin Lin.

    Someone like him would actually personally come out to greet a young man.

    "My goodness, is it possible that this young man is still a big man pretending to be a tiger?"The driver said with a trembling heart, quickly thinking back to whether he had said anything excessive just now, and only after making sure that he hadn't, did he slip away with a kick of the accelerator.

    Qin Lin was a little surprised at Han Marchant's sudden visit, because the current situation in Cloud City was very unfavorable for Han Marchant, and it was reasonable that he should be in Cloud City to solve his problems, so why did he suddenly come to Yanjing?

    At the home, the decoration was very luxurious and opulent, in two words, it was extravagant, compared to the low profile of the hillside villa, this place was more like an aristocratic palace, glittering with golden light everywhere.

    "I didn't think you'd like the profligate set,"Han Giangli said with a smile.

    Qin Lin quickly explained, "It was decorated a long time ago, and I was planning to replace it."

    "I'm just borrowing it for the day, you don't have to be so nervous."Han 3,000 said.

    Of course Qin Lin didn't believe such words, he knew that even if Han Qianli didn't want to return to the Han family, there were many five-star hotels to choose from, so how could it be simply a loaner stay when he had specifically come to his home?

    "Mr. Han, if you need anything, feel free to tell me."Qin Lin said.

    Han Three Thousand shook his head, Cloud City was in a lot of trouble, but he hadn't thought of involving the Yanjing side of the force because it was his only way out, and if he really lost everything in Cloud City, he still had the Yanjing line to be able to turn back, and if he involved Qin Lin's company at this point, he would really have nothing if he lost.

    Of course, it was true that Han Qianqian's visit to the Flower Sea villa area was not simply a loan.

    "I heard that you're going to cooperate with the Nangong family?"Han Marchiang asked, Yanjing Nangong, belonged to the true top family, a level higher than the Han family, secretly some people even called the Nangong family the first family in China, of course, this name Nangong family itself does not admit, the truth of the tree, this top family knows better than anyone.

    "If Mr. Han feels uncomfortable, I can stop the cooperation."Qin Lin said.

    "Being able to cooperate with the Nangong family has great benefits for the development of your company, but you wouldn't want to establish yourself with this, would you?After all, after climbing the Nangong family tree, I'm nothing in your eyes, right?"Han Qianli said with a smile.

    The cold sweat on Qin Lin's back instantly came out, and he bowed his head and said, "Mr. Han, Qin Lin in no way has such thoughts, everything Qin Lin has is from Mr. Han, how could I be on my own."

    "I can swear that I have absolutely no second thoughts about Mr. Han."Qin Lin saw that Han Qianqian didn't speak and continued.

    "You should know better than me how untrustworthy an oath is, how can a few words be exchanged for trust?"Han Qianli said indifferently.

    "Mr. Han, I'll agree to any request you have, and I'm willing to do anything as long as I can prove myself."Qin Lin said.

    Han Three Thousand sighed and sat on the sofa, his hot eyes looked directly at Qin Lin and said, "You're very cautious, so cautious that you're not even looking for a wife, let alone children, you're worried that one day when you betray me, they'll become your bondage, right?"

    When Qin Lin heard this, the hairs around his body stood on end, he was also a very famous Diamond King in Yanjing, he didn't know how many women had taken the initiative to stick to his bosom, but up until now, Qin Lin hadn't established a relationship with any woman.

    As Han Qianqian said, he was indeed afraid that the existence of such a relationship would become a bond, because what exactly would happen in the future was something that Qin Lin couldn't predict, so he could only do everything possible to avoid a bond.

    I thought this little thought was well hidden, but I didn't expect it to be seen through by Han Qianli.

    "Mr. Han, I am in no way thinking like that, I take my feelings very seriously, that's why I'm very cautious in this regard,"Qin Lin said.

    "No need to explain to me, but I can tell you that if you betray me, even if the Nangong family protects you, I have ten thousand ways to destroy you, and death is the easiest thing in this world."After saying that, Han Qianli stood up and walked over to Qin Lin.

    Qin Lin was so nervous that his breathing seemed cautious, only to hear Han Qianli continue, "Life is inherently short, don't take shortcuts, or else the sky will fall and what a pity to die, this kind of palace, there's no room down there."

    "Yes, Mr. Han, Qin Lin will definitely bear these words in mind and will not dare to forget them at all times."Qin Lin said.

    "That's good, arrange a room for me, I need to rest."Han Giangli said.

    Qin Lin was slightly relieved, and when he took Han Three Thousand to the guest room, he passed by a display case, and in addition to all sorts of ornaments and artifacts, there was also a picture frame at the very center of the display case.

    When Han 3,000 saw the photo frame, he unconsciously stopped in his tracks.

    There were four people in the photo, a middle-aged couple, and a very young woman, and the young woman was affectionately holding Qin Lin's arm, but Qin Lin's expression looked a bit reluctant, as if he had been forced to take the photo.

    "The coincidence is a bit outrageous."Seeing the young woman, Han Qianli said with a bitter smile on his face.

    "Mr. Han, this is my big brother and his wife, and that's their daughter, named Qin Rou."Qin Lin explained to Han Three Thousand.

    "Your brother's daughter is an adult, and you're not married yet, it's time to think about your life's events."Han Three Thousand said.

His True Colors Chapter 388

After sending Han 3000 to the guest room, Qin Lin returned to his own room and didn't get any sleep until the early hours of the morning, Han 3000's seemingly benevolent reminder was like an order to Qin Lin, because when his scruples were revealed by Han 3000, this small thought became a possibility that he would betray him, and the existence of this possibility would definitely make Han 3000 feel bad about him.

    With this cooperation, it was very likely that Qin Lin would be able to rise to a higher position in Yanjing because of the Nangong family, and he would even have a chance to get rid of Han Qianqian, as Han Qianqian had said.

    Such thoughts were not unheard of in Qin Lin's mind, but Qin Lin didn't dare to risk it, he wasn't sure what would happen to him after betraying Han Three Thousand, and whether the Nangong family would keep him.

    Qin Lin still couldn't forget that blood-filled night more than a decade ago when a delicate young man stood with a knife, the image couldn't be shaken in his mind no matter what, and it became the biggest factor why he didn't dare to betray Han Third Thousand easily, he was afraid that he would be the one to fall among the blood, afraid that he would be buried because of his greed.

    "Why am I so afraid of a young man."Qin Lin gritted his teeth and trembled slightly, the bright moonlight outside the window revealed a desolate feeling, like the pallor of being courageless when he stood in front of Han Three thousand.

    The next morning, Han 3,000 did not tell Qin Lin, directly left the villa, and when he met that security guard at the door, the security guard treated Han 3,000 with respect, and directly sent Han 3,000 out the door, and watched him leave, which is why he said to himself, "Fortunately, he didn't bother with me about last night, otherwise it would have been over ah."

    Leaving the Flower Sea villa area, Han 3,000 yuan hailed a car and headed straight to the airport, there was nothing worth staying in Yanjing anymore, had to hurry back to Cloud City and Blade Twelve's friends.

    After learning Wu Feng's power, Han three thousand three thousand asked Knife Twelve to try to help him find an expert, although that day in the boxing ring someone helped him, shocked Wu Feng, but if there is not a decent powerful person around, Han three thousand three thousand restless, so explained Knife Twelve this thing.

    On the day he came to Yanjing, Blade Twelve told Han Qianqian that he had found him, but whether or not he could invite him out depended on Han Qianqian's own skills.

    Han three thousand thousand hearts were somewhat looking forward to this matter, because to be called an expert by Blade Twelve, his skills must be extraordinary.

    However, there was still another question in Han 3000's heart, and that was who the person who existed that day in the boxing ring was.

    He had searched everyone through surveillance, and hadn't found a single clue, which meant that the other party was hiding very deeply, and might be by his side right now, such a person was an unstable factor for Han 3,000, if he couldn't know who the other party was, Han 3,000 couldn't feel at ease, but unfortunately with the current situation, it was almost impossible for him to find out about this matter.

    When he boarded the plane, Han 3000 subconsciously looked at a few of the flight attendants, there was no sign of Qin Rou, and when he realized that he even deliberately cared about this, he couldn't help but smile bitterly, it seemed that these coincidences had cast a shadow on his heart, but what a coincidence, not only was she Chen Ling's sister, but she was also Qin Lin's niece!

    By all rights, if she was willing to work in Qin Lin's company, she would have gotten a better development, so why would she choose to be a flight attendant?

    After a not too long flight, the plane landed at Cloud City Airport.

    After disembarking from the plane, Han Three Thousand Thousand called Knife Twelve and invited that expert to come out today.

    Knife Twelve waited for Han Three Thousand at the Devil's Capital, and after they met up, they were ready to depart.

    "Three thousand, be careful in all things, don't force it."Mo Yang reminded Han 3,000, his eyelids jumping straight up and down the last day, giving him an ominous feeling.

    "Don't worry, I'm so afraid of death, how could I do something dangerous."Han Three Thousand smiled faintly and stepped on the accelerator.

    Inviting an expert to come out of the mountains was the same as inviting him to do so, in Han Three Thousand's understanding, but he hadn't expected that the expert, who was really secluded, would be living in the mountains.

    It took almost four hours just to drive to a remote place that was almost untouched by people, and it was out of the boundaries of Cloud City.

    "I thought what you said about being out of the mountains was just a description, but I didn't think he was really in the mountains."Han 3,000 smiled bitterly and said, looking at a place similar to a primitive jungle in front of him, not a single person could be seen, even in his arms this mountain should have something within the fierce beast, how can people live here.

    "Brother Three Thousand, this expert, many years ago, the pot of gold, I also had to make a lot of effort to find out that he is here, but the exact location, we have to find it ourselves."Blade Twelve said.

    "I hope this expert doesn't disappoint me."Han Giangli said, taking the lead in going up the mountain.

    As the saying goes, there was no path in the world, but there were just more people walking on it.

    The mountain in front of Han Three Thousand's face, however, was obviously not walked by anyone, so there wasn't even a path, requiring Han Three Thousand to make his own way, the weed bushes along the way making it extremely difficult to get up the mountain, it was good that Han Three Thousand had been trained by Yan Jun before, otherwise, just the physical aspect alone would be too much for him to handle.

    After walking for about an hour, a wooden forest suddenly became open, there were no weeds, but there was a very strange phenomenon, many of the trees were broken at the waist, and the cuts were very uneven, it didn't look like they had been cut down.

    "How could there be so many broken trees, and by the looks of it, it doesn't look like it was man-made ...... "Han Qianqian locked his eyebrows and thought for a while before continuing, "It's more like it was broken by a wild beast, this mountain won't have anyBig guy, right?"

    Blade Twelve walked up to a broken tree, although the tree was only the size of a bowl, it was never easy to break such a tree hard, and a bowl sized tree wasn't exactly the largest of the many trees that were broken.

    "Brother Three Thousand, have you ever heard of a sticker mountain leaning?"Knife Twelve suddenly became breathing heavily and asked Han Marchant.

    "Know."Han 3,000 nodded, Yan Jun had once mentioned to him that this was a move among the Eight Extremes Fist, practiced to the extreme, a single move alone was capable of killing a person, but why did Knife Twelve ......

    When Han Giang had just had the idea to ponder it, his eyes became frightened.

    Could it be that the trees weren't broken by fierce beasts, but man-made?

    If that's the case, what a fierce man he must be!

    "No ...... won't it?"For the first time, Han 3,000 became fidgeting in fear, he didn't quite believe that everything here was done by people.

    Knife Twelve took a deep breath and said, "I once heard that some extreme people would practice posting mountain leanings in this manner."

    Han Three Thousand Ton's sweat hairs stood on end, if there really was such a terrifying perverted existence, then they had really come to the right place on this trip.

    "This is what you call an expert who did it?"Han Giangli questioned.

    Blade Twelve shook his head and said, "As far as I know, he's in his sixties, he's not likely to use such a rigid approach, perhaps he's taken on a new apprentice."

    "Let's go, hurry up and find someone, I'm a little anxious to see him now,"Han Giangli said.

    As soon as the words left their mouths, a low, thick voice came from behind the two, "Who are you."

    Han Three thousand and Blade Twelve turned around at the same time, and as far as they could see was a strapping, bare-bodied man, even a big man like Blade Twelve looked much smaller compared to him.

    And Han Giangli could very clearly see a very thick callus on his left shoulder, which meant that he had done all of this feat.

    "Is this your practice area?"Han Giangli asked him.

    "Since you know, you shouldn't leave yet."The man said indifferently, his eyes didn't look down on Han Qianli, but they were full of caution, as if the newcomers were like floods to him.

    "We've come to meet Chong Yang, he should be your master, right?"Knife Twelve spoke up.

    The man unexpectedly looked at Knife Twelve and said, "You actually know my master's name, who are you?"

    "I have been instructed by him, and I was hoping you could take us to him,"Knife Twelve said.

    "Fine, unless you can stop me from a trick of sticker leaning."


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