His True Colors Chapter 384-386


His True Colors Chapter 384

Han Marchan was stopped by someone when he arrived at the entrance of the board game shop.

    The man looked vigilantly at Han Three Thousand and asked, "Who are you?"

    "I'm here to find Liu Hao."Han Marchiang said.

    "So you're Liu Hao's friend, please come in."The man said with a smiling face.

    Han Qianli smiled faintly, it seemed that this Liu Hao should be a person of high status in the circle, just giving his name would make the security guard at the door change his attitude.

    Walking into the board game shop, Han Qianli felt as if he had come to a world of demons and monsters, all sorts of strange outfits, face tattoos, face piercings, all sorts of strange things could be found here.

    Under this kind of environment, Han 3,000, a normal person, would instead look a bit out of place, everyone was looking up and down at him with a puzzled look.

    Liu Hao was standing with a man with a tattooed flower arm and was talking about Ling Chen.

    "Brother Wen, today is the best chance for Chen Ling to join us, but I didn't expect it to be ruined by a fool, so give me some people so I can teach this fool a lesson."Liu Hao said indignantly.

    The man named Wen looked calm and said, "After missing this opportunity, there will be a next time, we can't easily expose our identities, we mustn't allow any mistakes at such a crucial time now."

    Liu Hao gritted his teeth, he now hated to immediately bring someone to cut down Han Qianli, but Brother Wen did not agree, so he could only hide this dissatisfaction.

    "Brother Wen, I know."Liu Hao said reluctantly, and the moment he turned around, Liu Hao actually saw Han Qianqian, which made him stand still.

    How could this guy appear here!

    He wanted revenge, but he didn't expect this to come to his door!

    "Brother Wen, the guy who badmouthed us is here, he's the one."Liu Hao said, pointing at Han Three Thousand.

    When Brother Wen heard this, he turned his head to gaze at Han Giang's eyes filled with killing intent, this place was never to be entered by outsiders at will, why would he come here!

    "You broke into a haunted house today and didn't read the yellow calendar when you left the house, did you?"Brother Man said to Han 3,000.

    "By the looks of it, you guys aren't regular people, I'm not running into some kind of cult, am I?"Han Giangli said with a smile, none of the people here were normal, especially this Brother Wen, who had a skeleton tattooed on his face.

    The killing intent on Brother Wen's face was even more intense, and everyone in the shop all stood up at this moment, each of their eyes filled with hatred and killing intent.

    "It's just as well, since Ling Chen didn't come, let's use you as the medium for the blood sacrifice."Brother Wen said.

    Han Qianli's words just now were just a joke, but listening to Brother Wen's words, this was really a place similar to a cult, and it was too ridiculous, did such people even exist in today's society?

    But the good thing was that most of the people here were ordinary people, and although there were many of them, they were all paper-thin and couldn't pose much of a threat to Han 3,000.

    "With just you losers?"Han Qianqian faintly said.

    Liu Hao smiled coldly and said, "Deathless thing, I want you dead today!"

    As soon as his words fell, Liu Hao took out a dagger from his pocket and killed straight towards Han Qianqian.

    The corner of Han Qianli's mouth lightly smiled, this kind of trash actually had the qualifications to bark at him?

    When Liu Hao approached, Han Giangli kicked Liu Hao with great force.

    Liu Hao screamed, and at the same time his entire body flew backwards, smashing heavily on a table before stopping.

    Brother Wen's eyes glazed over, a little surprised at Han Qianli's skill.

    But they were more than enough people, as the saying goes, two fists can't beat four hands, and he didn't believe that Han Qianxiang could really beat everyone down.

    "What are you waiting for, give it to me."Brother Wen said.

    As Brother Wen gave the order, everyone launched an offensive against Han 3,000, but these people weren't characters who could fight, they were just better than an old man with no hands, and for Han 3,000, it didn't take much effort at all to beat one down with his fists and feet.

    In a short while, everyone except Brother Man fell to the ground, and the entire board game shop howled incessantly.

    Brother Wen was so shocked that he couldn't speak, and his previous arrogance evaporated at this moment.

    "Who the hell are you ......!"Brother Wen looked at Han Marchant in horror and said.

    "Me?"Han Qianli laughed and said, "Since you are an evil cult, I am naturally sent by the heavens to punish you."

    Brother Wen squatted on the ground with his butt, and by the looks of him, he seemed to really believe in Han Qianli's words.

    This left Han Qianqian somewhat speechless, where did these guys get the faith to actually believe in this kind of theism?

    Although there were many things in the world that couldn't be explained by science, Han Giang was a pure atheist who didn't believe in the existence of ghosts and gods in this world.

    Walking up to Brother Wen, Han Giang said in a condescending manner, "Why don't you take me to see the blood sacrifice?"

    Brother Wen nodded his head with a pale face and said, "I, I'll take you there."

    Following Brother Wen to the basement, Han Qianli discovered that there was another world in this table game shop, the blood-red lights presented an unusually strange atmosphere in the basement, but these lights were artificial, so in Han Qianli's eyes, these guys were doing nothing more than deceiving themselves.

    "What is your blood sacrifice?"Han Marchan asked.

    Wen brought Han 3,000 to the center of the basement, and along the way, Han found very strange patterns on the ground, twisted like worms, but the convergence point of these patterns was the same.

    It was a crystal box with a piece of something resembling a skull inside, but it wasn't complete, just a fragment.

    "What's this?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "It is rumored that this is a ......"

    Before Wen could finish his sentence, Han Giangli kicked him and said, "Don't give me some weird tales, just tell me where you got this thing."

    "Picked it up."Brother Wen said.

    Han Giangli was dumbfounded, for picking up such a piece of crap, he actually started some sort of cult and acted like it was a fury.

    "Did you do this to amass wealth, or to seek sex?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "No, I'm doing it so I can get more power."Brother Wen said with a pious face.

    Han 3,000 kicked Brother Wen again and said disdainfully, "This piece of sh*t can still give you great power?I suggest you try the gym, it might be better."

    "If you don't believe me, I can prove it to you,"Brother Wen said.

    Seeing his serious expression, Han Giangli was curious as to how exactly he could prove it and said, "Hurry up, I still have an appointment to go to."

    "Do you have any other assignments?"Brother Wen asked carefully.

    Before, Han Giang could still laugh out loud, but now, he didn't even feel like laughing because he felt like he had met a deeply poisoned psychopath, and he was on the verge of becoming a psychopath by communicating with a psychopath.

    "If you don't want to get beaten up, cut the crap."Han 3,000 said.

    "Yes yes yes."After Wen finished speaking, he took out an exquisite dagger and slashed down his own finger.

    After the blood droplets dripped onto the grain of the floor, Han Three Thousand discovered that they were rolling and heading towards the crystal box, a phenomenon that surprised Han.

    But on second thought, it was reasonable for him to deceive people and pull off some tricks, these lines were probably just some kind of mechanism he had designed.

    When the blood beads entered the crystal box, they were surprisingly absorbed by the skull again, and Han Qianli discovered that some of the blood-like lines on the skull were faintly visible, appearing very strange.

    "How did you do that?"Han Marchan asked to Vin, who he identified as the organ that Vin had designed.

    "It has nothing to do with me, it's something it will absorb on its own."Brother Vin said with a pious face.

    "And you're acting with me?"Han Qianli smiled coldly and pinned Brother Wen to the ground for a beating.

    Brother Wen kept begging for mercy, but to death he refused to admit that it was his own doing.

    Han Qianli wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead and finally stopped, he was gasping for air, but Brother Wen actually clenched his teeth and refused to admit it.

    "You're pretty tough-mouthed, in that case, I'll take this stupid thing."Han Giangli said, lifting the crystal box with one hand, human curiosity driving him to understand this matter, otherwise, it would become a stalk in his heart for the rest of his life.

His True Colors Chapter 385

Before leaving, Han Qianxi warned Brother Wen and the others not to go looking for Chen Ling, but out of fear of Han Qianxi, Brother Wen couldn't muster the slightest thought of revenge or looking for Chen Ling.

    And after Han Three Thousand Thousand left, he gave Liu Hao a good lecture.

    Han 3,000 came to Chen Ling home, it was already five in the afternoon, the boss's wife today early off the shop business, busy in the kitchen, said to invite Han 3,000 to eat Chen Ling but in the living room heartlessly watching the bubble TV series.

    "Didn't we agree that you'd cook?"Han Giangli smiled at Ling Chen and asked.

    Chen Ling wouldn't feel shy and said as if it was a matter of course, "If I didn't want to accompany you, I would've already made a big show of it, it's just that I'm afraid you'll be bored."

    Han Giangli shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said, "I can watch TV by myself."

    "That's no good, I have a friend coming over, you two don't know each other, how awkward would it be without me,"Chen Ling said.

    Han Giangli knew that she was just making excuses not to go to the kitchen, and even if she did go, she probably wouldn't be much help.

    It didn't take long for the doorbell to ring, and it should be the friend that Chen Ling said had arrived.

    When Chen Ling opened the door and that friend walked into the house, Han 3,000 was stunned.

    At the same time, Chen Ling's friend was very appalled when he saw Han Qianli.

    "Qin Rou, you've finally come, quick, I'll introduce you to a friend."Ling Chen enthusiastically dragged Qin Rou into the living room.

    "We've already met."Qin Rou's mood seemed a bit complicated when she was confronted with Han 3000, as she was the flight attendant lady who had a great affection for Han 3000 on the plane, but unexpectedly, Han 3000 was actually a kept little white man.

    Han Three thousand didn't expect things to be so coincidental, she was actually Chen Ling's friend.

    "Met her, when?"Chen Ling asked in surprise, this flight attendant friend was her very close sister, and Chen Ling was planning to be a matchmaking redneck today.

    "On the plane, I'm Han Qianli."Han Qianli took the initiative to stand up and introduced herself.

    Qin Rou's eyes were complicated as she looked at Han Qianqian and didn't do much to respond.

    "This is too coincidental, it means you're very fortunate."Ling Chen said with a ghostly smile on his face.

    Han Three Thousand smiled without saying anything and sat back down on the couch to watch TV.

    It was only then that Ling Chen noticed that the atmosphere between the two seemed a bit unusual, pulling Qin Rou said, "Sister Rou, I've bought a new dress, how about you take a look at it for me."

    After saying that, Chen Ling pulled Qin Rou back into the room.

    After closing the door, Ling Chen whispered to Qin Rou, "Sister Zoe, this is the boyfriend I wanted to introduce to you, but looking at your relationship, you wouldn't have a grudge, would you?"

    Qin Rou shook her head with a bitter smile on her face, how could she have a grudge against Han Marchant, she was just a little bit unable to accept Han Marchant's identity, so young, but she was actually good and well taken care of.

    Qin Rou is a very self-reliant person, she has no less than three suitors beside her who said that they would support her, not wanting her to fly around too tired, but Qin Rou did not accept any of them, in Qin Rou's bones, she very much hates to get something for nothing, whether it's herself or others, let alone selling her body in exchange for money.

    After seeing the luxury car and the security guard's words, Qin Rou's goodwill towards Han Marchant was gone, and now Chen Ling wants to introduce Han Marchant to her, how can Qin Rou accept it?

    "No."Qin Rou said.

    "If there's no hatred, why are you like this, is it because he's not good looking?But I think it's okay."In Chen Ling's eyes, there was nothing to be picky about Han Qianli's looks, he was definitely a first-class handsome man, which meant that his family background might not be too good, but now that he was self-reliant and mixed up well, such a man was almost the best boyfriend, and if Chen Ling hadn't always treated Han Qianli like a brother, she would have wanted to pursue Han Qianli back.

    "You have no idea what kind of man he is,"Qin Rou said.

    "Sister Rou, do you know anything?"Chen Ling was curious.

    "Let's not talk about it, I'm afraid that saying it will ruin his image in your mind."Qin Rou said.

    "You've managed to arouse my curiosity, quickly tell me what's going on."Ling Chen shook Qin Rou's arm and said impatiently.

    Qin Rou sighed, perhaps it would be good to let Chen Ling know what kind of person he was.

    Qin Rou first told Chen Ling about what happened on the plane, leaving Chen Ling stunned, she didn't expect Han Qianqian to be so powerful that he had overpowered those foreigners all by himself, it made Chen Ling wish she could turn back time, she could also appear on that plane and witness the scene with her own eyes.

    "Fighting so powerfully and having such a sense of justice, isn't a man like this good enough?"Chen Ling was puzzled.

    "But after getting off the plane, he got into a Bentley, and in that car was a woman in her forties,"Qin Rou continued.

    Chen Ling did not quite understand the meaning of these words and wondered, "Then what happened?What's wrong with getting into a Bentley and a woman in her forties?"

    Qin Rou stared helplessly at Chen Ling and said, "Do I have to make it clear, can't this brain of yours think a little of its own."

    Chen Ling scratched his head and said, "Sister Zoe, just say what you have to say plainly, this brain of mine isn't too bright, if you let me think for myself, I'll never be able to think for the rest of my life."

    "He's being kept by someone, so you understand,"Qin Rou said.

    Hearing the word kept, Chen Lington was dumbstruck.

    He ...... had actually been kept by someone.

    No wonder he would send her something as expensive as a necklace this time.

    Chen Ling had thought that Han Qianqian should be successful in business now that he was successful himself and had underlings, but she had never expected that Han Qianqian would be paid like this.

    "Sister Zoe, there won't be any misunderstanding."Chen Ling paused and continued, "No, I need to find him and ask him for clarification."

    Qin Rou held Chen Ling back, this kind of humiliating thing, no one would want to be brought up, if Chen Ling went to ask in person, wouldn't it be a loss of Han 3000's face.

    "You silly girl, how could he be willing to tell you about such shameful things, even if you asked, he wouldn't admit it and it would hurt your relationship, since you only treat him as your brother, why do you care about these things."Qin Rou said.

    Chen Ling's head drooped weakly, and I have to say that this fact caused her image of Han Qianqian to crumble a bit in her mind.

    For so many years, although Chen Ling's knowledge of Han 3000 wasn't deep, but now that she knew that he was relying on an old woman to support him, the fallout was too great.

    "Sister Zoe, she gave me a necklace today, it's not like that old woman paid for it, right?"Chen Ling suddenly felt that she didn't seem to like this gift much anymore.

    After saying that, Chen Ling took the necklace out.

    When Qin Rou saw the brand, she was very surprised, she who knew quite a bit about luxury goods, knew the value of the necklace even better than Chen Ling.

    "If this is authentic, it would have to be tens of thousands of pieces, it seems like he's still very good to you."Qin Rou exclaimed, if the money was earned by him, the gift would seem more meaningful, but the fact that he used another woman's money to give a gift made Qin Rou look down on him even more.

    Knowing the value of the necklace, Chen Ling was not happy at all, as if the necklace had nothing to do with her anymore.

    Chen Ling sat on the edge of the bed and said helplessly, "Three brothers are so powerful, why would they be kept by an old woman, is he so short of money?"

    "You know, it's not just women who worship money, it's a lot of men too, what's so unusual about selling your body for money, and that's a noblewoman with a Bentley, do you know what a woman like that can get him?He won't have to struggle for the rest of his life."Qin Rou said, with a deep look of contempt in her eyes.

    As a woman, Qin Rou didn't even compromise for money, but Han Qianqian was willing to stay with an old woman for money, a value that Qin Rou hated very much.

    "Hey."Ling Chen sighed and said weakly, "Each has their own needs, perhaps the three brothers also have their own frustrations."

His True Colors Chapter 386

Chen Ling and Qin Rou weren't called out of the room by the boss lady until it was time to eat.

    For the matter of leaving Han 3000 alone in the living room, the boss's wife privately lectured Chen Ling, she was the one who invited people to eat at her door, but the guests came and she didn't accompany them, she didn't have any manners at all.

    In the boss's wife's mind, Han 3,000's image is very good, because she witnessed Han 3,000's most unhappy time, although the boss's wife does not know how Han 3,000 is now, but look at his condition, should be getting better and better, which makes the boss's wife's heart also very comforting.

    That child who cried in the heavy rain finally had the ability to stand on his own feet, her feelings were like an old mother watching her son grow up, the kind of relief that only an elder could understand.

    At the dinner table, Chen Ling's head was full of Han Qianli's being kept, and although she wanted to try her best to understand Han Qianli, her heart was still diaphragm-ridden at the thought that Han Qianli would do that kind of thing with an old woman.

    Throughout the meal, the atmosphere was somewhat dull, except for the boss's wife who would occasionally stir up conversation.

    After the meal, Han 3000 was leaving, and the boss's wife didn't stay long because Chen Ling's state was obviously not quite the same as it was during the day, and she had to ask what was going on.

    "What's wrong with you today, but you let people come to dinner, and at the table you look like someone else owes you something, do you have this kind of hospitality?"After Han Qianli left, the boss's wife complained to Chen Ling.

    Chen Ling sighed and said, "Mom, do you know what kind of person he is?"

    "What does it matter to me who he is, you can't be so rude when you invite people over for dinner."The boss lady chided.

    "I don't want to, but I can't accept it when I think of him being kept by someone, and a woman who is probably older than you."Chen Ling said with a chagrined look on her face, she wanted to control her emotions, but what could she do if she couldn't?

    "And Sister Zoe said that the necklace he gave me costs tens of thousands of dollars, so it must have been bought with that woman's money as well."Chen Ling continued.

    "Don't talk nonsense, who did you listen to, how could 3000 be that kind of person."The boss lady said in disbelief.

    "Sister Zoe saw it with her own eyes, he got into a Bentley, and the woman in the Bentley was at least forty years old, if that's not a package, what else could it be?"Chen Ling said.

    The boss's wife had never asked about Han 3,000's family background, but through her knowledge of Han 3,000, she could probably imagine that Han 3,000 was born in bad conditions, and that such a person, riding in a Bentley and with a woman in her forties on board, was very likely to be kept.

    "Could there be any misunderstanding, how could he be kept by such a strong sex?"The boss lady said.

    "In front of money, what else do you need to be strong, I never thought that three brothers are such people."Chen Ling sighed heavily and continued, "Mom, I'm going back to my room to rest, nothing important, don't disturb me."

    "You girl, didn't we agree that you would wash the dishes?"After saying that, Chen Ling had returned to her room and closed the door.

    The boss's wife knew that she had the suspicion of intentionally not washing the dishes, that's why she was making excuses, but the boss's wife was a little worried about this matter of Han 3000, if Han 3000 was really being kept, in case he was kicked one day, he would have nothing, not what he was capable of getting, it was all short-lived.

    "If there's a chance, we have to persuade him, but we can't let him continue to be stubborn."The boss lady said.

    In the elevator, Han Qianli and Qin Rou were silent, and only after reaching the first floor and walking out of the unit, Qin Rou couldn't help but say to Han Qianli, "You're so young, why do you want to be good and bad, isn't it better to get what you want with your own hands?"

    "What do you mean?"Han Giang was puzzled, he knew that something had happened, or else Chen Ling's attitude towards him couldn't have changed so much, but what exactly had happened, he couldn't imagine, after all, that car belonged to Shi Jing, and Shi Jing was his mother, how could he have expected such a big misunderstanding.

    "I already saw it at the airport, do you have to make it clear to me?"Qin Rou said.

    "I'm curious, what you saw."Han Giangli asked.

    Qin Rou gritted her teeth, wasn't this kind of person dying to admit that they were afraid of losing face?Since he was going to be a little white boy, he had to be prepared to lose face.After all, when he spent money, but he was so happy that he gave a necklace of tens of thousands of dollars to Chen Ling without blinking an eye.

    "It feels good to be kept, doesn't it, to get nothing for nothing."Qin Rou sneered with disdain.

    Wrapped up?

    Han Giangli looked confused, how could Qin Rou feel that he was being kept?

    She said she saw it at the airport, did she get it wrong because it was Shi Jing picking up the plane?

    Thinking of this, Han Qianli was dumbfounded, this is too ridiculous, he just got into a Bentley, but he was actually considered by Qin Rou as being kept by someone?

    "You can think so."Han Qianqian said and stepped away, not wanting to do too much explaining, if it wasn't for Ling Chen, he and Qin Rou would at most have only met once, the second time they met was already a coincidence, there would never be a third time, since they wouldn't meet again, why waste words?

    Han 3000's departure seemed to Qin Rou that he was trying to evade the question, not daring to answer it directly, and possibly even hiding it because he didn't want to lose face.

    Qin Rou's mood was somewhat angry, because she had a good feeling for Han 3000, so she didn't want such a man to rely on a woman to support him, he could beat so many people, if he was willing to work hard, he could get what he wanted with his own hands, so why did he take such a shortcut?And it was such a disgraceful shortcut.

    "If you're a man, you should rely on your own efforts to get what you want, rather than being raised by a woman."Qin Rou followed behind Han Qianqiang and said unforgivingly.

    "If you think what you see is the truth, just take it as it is, I have nothing to do with you and don't need to explain too much."Han Three Thousand said.

    This statement made Qin Rou stop in her tracks and felt that Han Three Thousand was simply impudent, he was being kept by someone and was acting like he was cold.

    "There's no need to explain too much, I don't think you have any explanation at all, do you know how to embarrass yourself as well?"Qin Rou looked disdainfully at Han Qianli's departing back, her disgust for Han Qianli had almost reached its peak.

    Han Marchan took a taxi and left directly, sitting in the car, inexplicably somewhat laughing, this absurd and unconventional idea, where did Qin Rou come from?Did you get into a car that happened to have an older woman in it, and that's what was being kept?This basis was a bit ridiculous.

    "Go to the Flower Sea Villa area."Han Qianli said to the driver.

    The driver was appalled through the rearview mirror and looked at Han Three Thousand, but the Flower Sea Villa Area was a wealthy area, and there was not a single car less than a million to go in and out of the Flower Sea Villa Area, and the driver had heard that the big bosses who lived in it were usually equipped with a driver to take a taxi to the situation, but he had never heard of that before.

    "Little brother, do you live there?"The driver asked curiously.

    "No, going to meet a friend."Han Marchand said.

    The driver relented, it was easy to understand, going to meet a friend, a so-called friend, maybe he was bashfully going to work with some boss.

    "Little brother, don't blame me for being nosy, it's too late, people may not see you."The driver said.

    "He will."Han Giangli smiled.

    The driver smiled faintly, it looked like another master who wouldn't turn back without hitting the south wall, would those big bosses be able to see anyone if they came to visit at a time like this?

    After the car stopped at the gate of the Flower Sea villa area, the driver didn't leave directly because he decided that Han 3000 would definitely run into a wall and he would have to take a taxi to leave later, and he would definitely be able to earn a fare by waiting for a while.

    "Little brother, I'm parked right here, so if you want to use the car, just look for me."The driver said to Han Qianli.

    Han Qianli smiled and said, "If you're deliberately waiting for me, you don't have to, I have no plans to leave tonight."

    The driver deflated and said no more, thinking we'll see, when no one else sees you, will you have to walk back to the city?


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