His True Colors Chapter 381-383


His True Colors Chapter 381

Just as the crowd was puzzled, not knowing what Han Qianli wanted to do, Han Qianli kicked out with a thunderous force, and the foreign man standing in front of him was like paper mache, falling heavily to the ground after retreating several steps in a row.

    Countless people sucked in a breath of cold air and were all stunned at Han Qianli's sudden move.

    He ...... dared to even take the initiative to hit someone, didn't he see how many people were on the other side?

    Or did he expect the others on the plane to help?

    The flight attendant lady looked at Han Giangli in shock, the sudden encounter so sudden that she could only freeze in place, not knowing what to do.

    No wonder he said he didn't want to be blacklisted, fighting on a plane was a very dangerous act.

    The flight attendant lady gave a subconscious glance at the plainclothes flight attendant, but he didn't make a move and didn't seem to have any intention of stopping this.

    After the foreigner who had been beaten fell to the ground, several others became furious, but the narrow aisle didn't allow them to strike at the same time.

    Han 3,000 thousand men struck out with three punches and two kicks, knocking several of them all to the ground, wailing incessantly.

    It was only then that those passengers realized that he hadn't intended to let anyone help, and that he was able to take care of these troublemakers all by himself.


    "This guy's too strong to be a pro, right?"

    "These foreigners have kicked the iron plate, just so they know that this is Warsaw, not a place where they can mess around."

    Certain passengers began to shout to help Han Qianli.

    The little girl quietly hid in her mother's arms and innocently tilted her head up and said, "Mom, my brother is so strong, so many people can't beat him."

    The woman also couldn't get back to her senses for a long time, both in terms of numbers and size, Han Three Thousand was destined to suffer, but he made everyone's eyes drop, dealing with those foreigners with one person.

    "Remember to say thank you to your brother later."The woman said to the little girl.

    The little girl raised her pink fist and said with a cute fierce face, "When I grow up, I will be as good as my brother."

    "You ...... know Kung Fu!"The first foreigner who was knocked down looked at Han Qianqian in horror, although Huaxia's kung fu was famous, he had never really seen it until this moment when he realized that he might have met a kung fu expert.

    Han 3,000 walked up to the man and asked indifferently, "Do you want to ascend, or do you want to land vertically?"

    The foreigners were so scared by this that they landed vertically, and by the sound of his words, he meant to throw them out of the plane.

    Arrogant, arrogant!

    Those were the only words that could describe Han Marchand now, and a few foreigners didn't think Han Marchand was joking at all.

    "I'm sorry, we were wrong."

    "We were wrong, please forgive me."

    "We're not going to upgrade the cabin, and we won't find her noisy."

    Several people apologized repeatedly.

    This scene was a delight, after all, their previous arrogance had made everyone very disgusted, and now, bowing their heads and admitting their mistakes, how could this contrast be unpleasant?

    "You help the mother and son arrange the upgrade for them."Han Three Thousand said to the flight attendant lady.

    The flight attendant lady didn't take orders from Han Three Thousand, but at this moment, she didn't have the slightest resistance to what Han Three Thousand said.

    "This is Huaxia, we welcome people from all over the world to come and play, but if there are people causing trouble, as a Huaxia person, it will never be allowed, I won't be bothered with this matter today, I hope you will learn to behave in the future, don't think that there is only one person like me in Huaxia, I'm just a very small role, there are many people who are more powerful than me, good luck to you, if you meet someone who is more powerful than meYou guys aren't so lucky if you're powerful,"Han Marchian said.

    That statement almost scared the piss out of a few foreigners, and that was just a very small role, even more powerful, what kind of person would that have to be!

    "Yes yes yes, we know."

    "Please don't worry, we'll definitely keep your words in mind and never make trouble in Warsaw."

    Many people in the dark compared thumbs up to Han Qianli, but Han Qianli began to close his eyes after sitting back in his seat.

    This matter was only a very small episode for him, and soon he would be returning to Yanjing, which was the most important thing Han Three Thousand would face.

    From the moment he had become self-reliant, Han Three Thousand had never spent a penny of the Han family's money again, but this time it was inevitable.

    Reaching out to the Han family for money, if it had been before, Han Three Thousand would have treated this as a joke, but at this moment, he had to face it.

    "Sir, please come with me."In a short while, the flight attendant lady from earlier walked up to Han Three Thousand and said softly.

    Without asking why, Han 3,000 stood up and followed her.

    When he arrived at the flight attendant's workroom, that security officer was already waiting for him.

    "Fighting on a plane, do you know what kind of consequences it will cause once you cause a commotion?"The safety officer questioned Han Marchant.

    "You witnessed all of this, but you didn't do anything to stop it, and even if there are consequences, we'll take them together, so what am I afraid of?"Han Qianli smiled, he had already discovered the existence of the security officer, as these people were trained themselves, and the difference between them and ordinary people was something Han Qianli could see at a glance.

    "You still want to drag me into the water?"The security officer looked at Han Marchant with cold eyes.

    "Expecting me to solve this trouble while also pursuing me, is this your style of doing business?"Han Marchant said with his eyes looking straight at the security officer.

    With the arrogance of those foreigners just now, the security officer would have wanted to teach them a lesson if he hadn't been in the way, which is why he didn't stop Han Three Thousand after seeing him do it.

    And now it was part of his duty to chase after Han 3,000, he had to warn Han 3,000 because Han 3,000 was an extraordinary fighter and was already a dangerous man in his eyes.

    But he never would have thought that Han Qianxiang would be so tough!

    "I'm entitled to arrest you, can you believe that?"The security officer threatened Han 3,000 yuan.

    When the flight attendant lady heard this, she was a little upset for Han 3,000, he had solved such a big problem, but it was too ungodly to arrest him.

    "He's also trying to help out in a pinch, so there's no need to actually arrest him, right?"The flight attendant lady said.

    The safety officer glared at the flight attendant lady and said, "There's nothing more for you here, so get out first."

    The flight attendant lady had something else to say, but Han Marchand gave her a look so she had to leave.

    "What do you do for a living?"The safety officer questioned Han Marchant.

    "Go home, visit your family."Han 3,000 said.

    "You don't look like you're from Yanjing."The security officer said.

    "Oh?"Han Giangli smiled and asked, "I wonder where you can tell I don't look like a Yanjing, is it your fire eye crystal, or is it the writing on my forehead?"

    "Don't you get smart with me, I'm interrogating you very seriously now."The security officer said through gritted teeth in discontent.

    "Sorry, I don't have time for you."After saying that, Han 3,000 years ago, he directly turned around and left the workroom.

    The security officer momentarily clenched his fists but quickly loosened them.

    His skills might be impressive for an ordinary person, but he knew very well that the young man in front of him was by no means something he could beat.

    The foreigners were not as weak as they seemed, but it was only because the young man was so strong that they appeared unbeatable.

    When she regained her position, the flight attendant lady brought water to Han Qianli's side, leaned over and asked softly, "He didn't give you a hard time, did he?"

    The light fragrance of the perfume came to the nose, and the God vision of the collar was even more photogenic for Han Marchand, but he was focused on Su Yingxia, so no matter how beautiful the scenery was, he wouldn't take a second look.

    "Nothing, thanks for caring."Han Three Thousand said.

    The flight attendant deliberately moved a little closer to Han Three Thousand again, handed out a business card, and said, "Here's my contact information, if you're bored, you can find me."

    "Okay."Han 3,000 received the business card without even a glance and politely put it away, but when he got off the plane, the card was destined to only be thrown into the trash.

    The plane landed at Yanjing Airport, and a Bentley had been waiting for quite some time after Han Three Thousand walked out of the terminal.

    After the window rolled down, Shi Jing said, "Do you mind if I pick you up?"

His True Colors Chapter 382

The scene of Han Giangli getting on the bus happened to be seen by the flight attendant, which made the flight attendant just freeze in place.

    At that moment, the voice of the security guard was heard next to her ear, "I didn't think he was actually a little white guy, it's kind of funny."

    The security officer's tone was filled with sarcasm and sneers, making the flight attendant's hearing extraordinarily harsh.

    She had a tremendous crush on Han Marchant, because Han Marchant's heroic performance on the plane was something she had never seen on another man.

    "How are you sure he's a little white guy."The flight attendant said in disbelief.

    "Do you still want to deceive yourself and others?You can't tell how old the woman in the car is, so why fool yourself."The safety officer said.

    The flight attendant's heart sank.

    What could be seen through the car window, the woman in the car did have a certain age, although she was beautiful and well maintained, but still could see some traces of age on her face, which could not be hidden no matter what.

    Could it be that he was really just a little white guy?

    "Don't be delusional, this kind of man, how can you, a stewardess, be able to reach up to him, you don't even look at what kind of car he drives."After the security guard mockingly said this, he passed by the flight attendant, the disgust in his eyes for Han Qianqian, deep in the marrow of his bones.

    The stewardess watched the car leave and sighed heavily in her heart, no wonder he didn't even glance at the business card when he received it.

    The car drove towards the Han family compound.

    Shi Jing stared at Han Qianqian the entire journey, while Han Qianqian looked out the window, and they were relatively speechless.

    "This time back, how long are you planning to stay?"Shi Jing broke the silence and asked.

    "It's best if it doesn't last more than a day."Han Qianli faintly said.

    Shi Jing wasn't surprised by this answer and said, "The family has already prepared your favorite dish, let's talk about it after dinner."

    The Han family compound, a place that made Han 3000 have an unhappy childhood, it seemed that every corner, he was still able to see the figure of the year, the young man who silently watched Nangong Qianqiu's spoiled Han Jun in the dark, countless times heartbroken.

    "Where's Grandpa Yan?"After returning home, Han Giang unexpectedly didn't see Yan Jun, which made him feel strange, if Yan Jun knew he was back, he would definitely be waiting for him at his doorstep.

    "He had something to do and left Yanjing, I'm afraid you won't be able to see him when you return from this trip,"Shi Jing said.

    Han Giangli frowned slightly, Yanjun's duty was to protect the Yanjing Han family, and if it wasn't particularly important, he would never leave easily.

    Had something gone wrong?

    Since Nangong Qianqiu died, Shi Jing dismissed all the servants in the house, because nowadays, she was the only one living in the Han family compound, she didn't need servants to take care of her, and she also liked the peace and quiet of being alone and didn't want to be disturbed by unrelated people.

    Arriving at the dining room, slowly a table of food, some slightly cold, Shi Jing said, "Hurry up and eat, the food is getting cold."

    "You made it?"Han Qianli asked.

    Shi Jing said, "After I received the news that you were going back to Yanjing, I started to make it, so you taste it, and if there is anything inappropriate ......"

    "No need, since you cooked the food, I don't think I need to eat it."Han Qianli faintly said.

    These words caused Shi Jing's heart to ache, although she had a very ruthless heart while placing her hopes in Han Giang, Han Giang's refusal to accept her was still a bit hard for Shi Jing to accept, after all, they were the closest of blood relatives.

    "Fine, if you're not hungry, then don't eat, you can feel free to tell me what you want,"Shi Jing said.

    Han Giang gritted his teeth, the word money, he found himself seemingly unable to say it even with all his strength, it was too difficult, as difficult as it was!

    For so many years, he hadn't spent a cent of the Han family's money, but now he had to ask Shi Jing for money!

    "Is there anything else you have a dilemma with me, I'm your mother."Shi Jing said.

    "I want money."Han Marchant said.

    "No problem, you can take all the liquid funds of the Han family."Shi Jing said, Han Giang took the money to deal with Han Yan, which Shi Jing would never have any reservations about, after all, she had suffered great humiliation at Han Yan's hands, and Han Qing, who was a maid, dared to beat her, for Shi Jing, how could this revenge not be avenged.

    "Type an IOU, I'll pay you back, I'll never take a point from you for free."Han Qianqian said.

    Shi Jing smiled bitterly and said, "The Han family's money should have belonged to you, you don't need an IOU."

    Han Third Thousand shook his head and said, "In your eyes, everything in the Han family belongs to Han Jun and has nothing to do with me, if you don't borrow it, I'll find another way."

    When Han Third Thousand drilled into a corner, he was probably the most paranoid person in the world, and what he decided would never change in the slightest.

    Just like when he took Su Yingxia as his wife, he would never be the slightest bit tempted by other women, even if it was the beautiful, crowned Chi Yiyun, he could remain unmoved.

    After Shi Jing felt Han Qianqian's stubbornness, she could only sigh and say, "Fine, do as you wish."

    After Shi Jing took a pen and paper, she didn't ask Han Qianqian how much she wanted and directly wrote out an IOU.

    Han Three Thousand signed and took the bank card in Shi Jing's hand, then he directly left the Han family compound.

    Looking at the table full of dishes, Shi Jing could only smile bitterly, these were the dishes she had spent a lot of effort to make, but she didn't expect Han Qianli to even try a bite.

    When he was treated unfairly at home, he liked to come here by himself to stroll around and eat something he liked, to ease his mind.

    Walking up to an old bean juice shop, Han Giangan stopped in his tracks.

    It had been close to four years since he came to this place, and it still hadn't changed at all, the old mahogany doors and windows revealing the shop's history.

    The first time Han Qiangan came here was when he was fourteen years old, when he was a young boy, during a downpour, the owner's wife called him in to take shelter from the rain.

    When he first met the boss's wife, she was still a charming woman, but now, with her sideburns graying, there were already some signs of old age.

    When the owner's wife saw Han Qianli standing at the door, she took the initiative to walk outside the shop.

    "It's been years since I've seen you."The owner's wife smiled and said to Han Marchant.

    "Same old rules."Han Marchiang said with a smile, then strode into the shop.

    The owner's wife greeted the waitress to serve Han Three Thousand, and she sat directly across from him.

    The first time she saw Han 3000, he was crying his heart out, rainwater mixed with tears, and that's when the boss lady knew that the young man in front of her was a miserable child.

    Seeing the boss's wife looking straight at him, Han Qianqian was shy in a rare moment and asked, "Boss lady, you're looking at me like that, it can't be that there's something on my face, right?"

    "Kind of handsome."The boss's wife smiled.

    This sentence thundered Han Qianli to the outside, was this provoked by the boss lady?

    "Boss lady, just say what you have to say, I'm a little scared."Han Giangli smiled bitterly.

    "Now that you've grown up and have the ability to stand on your own, you're not being bullied, right?"The boss lady asked.

    Han Giangli nodded heavily and said, "If ordinary people want to bully me, it definitely won't work, but there are people outside of people, if you want to not be bullied, you have to be stronger."

    The boss lady sighed at the words and said, "People's pursuit will never be satisfied in their lives, the more you hold in your hands, the stronger your desires will be, only when you are content can you get a true life, sometimes you have to stop and take a break, otherwise, you'll be exhausted."

    This kind of great words, Han 3,000 naturally understood, but he couldn't stop, nor was he qualified to stop, otherwise, what would he take to protect Su Yingxia?

    "Boss lady, I also hope this day will come soon,"Han Giangli said.

    At this moment, two people walked in the doorway, a young man and woman, the girl was petite but dressed like a little girl with yellow hair and a few green streaks that stood out.

    "You dead girl, what have you been doing again?"When you see girls, the boss lady just looks angry.

His True Colors Chapter 383

"Mom, can you save face in front of my friends."Chen Ling said with a grumbling face.

    Hearing this, the boss's wife became even more furious and said, "Look at your ghostly appearance, you're not human, but you still want me to give you face?"

    "Mom, if you say that again, I'm leaving."Ling Chen said through gritted teeth.

    "Fine, go away, if you do, don't come back, I'll see how you live outside."The boss lady was furious, ever since Chen Ling had become an adult, she had made a bunch of fox and dog friends, dressing herself up as a human and not a ghost, every time she saw Chen Ling, the boss lady was very angry, especially when she brought her friends to the shop, it made the boss lady look even worse.

    "Auntie, I'm not a bad person."The boy said to the boss lady with an aggrieved face.

    The boss's wife looked at the boy, whether he was a bad person or not she didn't know, but his image was not like a person.

    "A good person is not a bad person, but you are going to be an oxymoron when you want an iron circle on your nose?"The boss's wife said coldly.

    This sentence made Han Qianli from the side giggle, the boy's dress is indeed a bit unusual, the nose ring is even more piercing, the boss lady's description is really apt.

    When the boy heard Han Qianli's laugh, his eyes showed his dissatisfaction, but in the store, he didn't dare to be rude, instead, Chen Ling felt that his friend was being laughed at and walked to Han Qianli's side with an angry face.


    Slapping a palm on the table, Ling Chen said in an angry voice, "What are you laughing at, things that have nothing to do with you, you better behave yourself."

    Han Qianli tilted his head up and said with a smile, "Little Ling'er, after so many years of not seeing you, you're so fierce towards me, aren't you afraid that I won't come in the future?"

    When Chen Ling saw Han Qianqian clearly, she was stunned.

    In the past, when she was on vacation, she would often help out a little in the shop, taking drinks and such for the customers, Han Three Thousand came often, and became familiar with him, although Han Three Thousand hadn't been here in recent years, but Chen Ling had never forgotten him.

    "Three brothers?"Ling Chen looked at Han Qianli with a shocked face.

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly and said, "You're still slurring your words?"

    Chen Ling looked indifferent and said, "It's called smooth, I can't change it, and I don't want to."

    Chen Ling said and sat directly beside Han Qianqian, the two of them seemed exceptionally close, and only at such times did the boss lady's eyes on Chen Ling become softer.

    "Three brothers, where have you been all these years, why haven't you come to see me."Chen Ling asked curiously.

    "Went abroad and are now also settled abroad, it's very rare for me to come back to Yanjing, isn't this trip back to see you?"Han Third Thousand smiled.

    At that moment, the man unleashed intense hostility towards Han Three Thousand, and even with his back to him, Han Three Thousand could feel the heat of his eyes.

    Whether or not this guy was a bad guy Han Three Thousand didn't know, but from the dagger blade exposed in his pocket, Han Three Thousand knew that he was by no means a good guy.

    What kind of normal person would carry a dagger on their person?

    "Field?Wouldn't it be hard to see you again in the future."Chen Ling wrinkled her nose, her feelings for Han Qianqian were not those of a man and a woman, but more like a brother and sister, when she was small, the time she wished the most every day was when Han Qianqian came to the shop, and over time, this became even more of a motivation for Chen Ling to come to the shop to help out, because every time, Han Qianqian would bring her some small toys.

    Of course, now that Chen Ling had grown up, toys weren't needed, but the relationship of so many years wasn't something that could be easily put down.

    "If you want to play with me, I'll have someone pick you up later."Han Giangli said.

    Chen Ling had heard the owner's wife mention Han Third Thousand's first visit to the shop, so Chen Ling subconsciously thought that Han Third Thousand was a child from a poor family, but now he even had men?

    "Three brothers, you're rich now?"Ling Chen asked with a raised eyebrow.

    "Yeah, I'm this close to being the richest person right now."Han 3,000 stretched out his hand, revealing a thin slit between his thumb and forefinger.

    "Cut."Chen Ling put on a show of disbelief and said, "If you can become the richest man, I'll be the royal princess, can you believe it?"

    "You would have been a princess if you didn't do such a weird outfit, but these weird colors make you very un-princess-like,"Han Marchiang said.

    Chen Ling was very satisfied with her look, but Han Qianli's words directly caused her to have self-doubt.

    "Three brothers, don't I look good like this?"Chen Ling was confused.

    "It doesn't look good."Han Qianli nodded decisively without hesitation, it wasn't just the boss's wife who didn't like this look, he didn't like it either, in his impression, Chen Ling was a very quiet lady, but the way she was now, there wasn't the slightest difference between her and a little girl.

    "This is the look I suggested to Chen Ling, what right do you have to say anything about it?"The boy was dissatisfied and said to Han Marchant.

    "What are you again?"Han Qianli turned around and looked directly at the boy.

    The boy was somewhat afraid of Han Qianli's gaze and unconsciously took a step back, not daring to put harsh words into Han Qianli's mouth, but said to Chen Ling, "Chen Ling, why don't you quickly ask your mother for the money, have you forgotten that we still have to go to the event?"

    Chen Ling came back for the money, but she didn't expect to run into Han 3,000.

    The event was important, but for the current situation, Han 3,000 was even more important because Chen Ling knew that she didn't know when she would be able to see Han 3,000 next time.

    "I'm not going to the event, you can go by yourself."Chen Ling said.

    A sardonic color flashed across the boy's face and said, "This is our appointment, are you going to stand me up now?"

    "So what if I let you go, I'm too lazy to participate in this kind of sh*tty activity."Chen Ling said.

    "Good for you, Chen Ling, you remember that."The boy said and left angrily.

    Han Giangli could feel the guy's vengeance, it seemed that before leaving Yanjing, he had to help Chen Ling solve this trouble, otherwise, there was a good chance that something would happen to her.

    "Three brothers, didn't you bring me a gift this time?"Chen Ling walked up to the side and affectionately took Han Marchand's hand.

    The boss's wife glared at Chen Ling and said, "Do you have anything else to offer other than asking for a gift?"

    "It's up to you."Chen Ling said with a pout to the boss lady.

    Han Qianli pulled out a beautiful box, every time he came he would prepare a gift for Chen Ling, and how could this time be any less?

    "Let's see if you like it,"Han Marchant said.

    Chen Ling received the box and opened it to see that it was a very beautiful necklace, and the pendant was a diamond, which made Chen Ling a bit confused.

    In the past, Han Qianli used to bring small gifts, but this time, it was so expensive?

    "Three brothers, this isn't glass, is it?"Chen Ling pointed at the pendant.

    "Call it what you will, it is what it is, as long as you like it."Han Marchant said.

    Chen Ling lovingly held it in her hand, she didn't care if it was diamond or glass, as long as it was from Han Three Thousand, she was happy.

    "Three brothers, let's go to my house for dinner tonight, so my mother can thank you properly,"Ling Chen invited.

    "It's not like I'm the one receiving the gifts, can't you cook for yourself?"The boss's wife said helplessly.

    Chen Ling directly ignored the boss's wife's words and looked at Han 3,000 with an expectant face.

    Han 3,000 had planned to travel back and forth the same day, after all, there was nothing to be done by staying in Yanjing, and there was good news coming back from Blade Twelve, so Han 3,000 had to hurry back as well.

    But now, Han 3,000 couldn't leave, the problem with the boy just now wasn't resolved, and once he left, there was no telling what would happen to Chen Ling.

    "Okay, but I still have to leave later to take care of some business, how about I go to your house tonight?"Han Marchand said.

    "No problem, I'll make sure Mom prepares a nice dinner for you tonight."Chen Ling patted her chest and said.

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly, this ninny was as imposing as if she wanted to cook herself.

    After gossiping for a while longer, Han Three Thousand asked Chen Ling about the boy's place of activity and pretended to ask a casual question, so Chen Ling didn't care.

    After leaving the bean juice shop, Han 3,000 directly took a taxi to his destination.

    The place was a seemingly ordinary board game shop, but the young people who came and went at the door were all thieving eyebrows and rats' eyes, and they weren't good people at first glance, guessing that the board game shop wasn't doing any serious business.


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