His True Colors Chapter 364-366


His True Colors Chapter 364 

"Yang Meng, I'm warning you, don't get too close to this kind of person, he's just pretending to act like an honest person and specializes in fooling little girls like you."Mi Fei'er warned to Yang Meng.

    "Sister Fei'er, why do you have such strong hostility towards him."Yang Meng asked puzzled, ever since her first encounter with Han Qianqian, Mi Fei'er had been very disgusted with Han Qianqian, but in Yang Meng's opinion, Han Qianqian didn't do anything out of the ordinary, and was even different from other men who wouldn't measure them with naked eyes.

    Such Han 3000 made Yang Meng very fond of her, but Mi Fei'er's feelings seemed completely different from hers.

    Miffy didn't know where she started hating Han 3,000.

    In fact, deep inside her heart, there is a hidden heart living in the spotlight, although she does not admit it, but she goes everywhere, hoping to become the focus of attention, but the first meeting with Han 3,000, Han 3,000 did not look at her, which made Mi Feier heart very unhappy, subconsciously think Han 3,000 pretend to be serious, and this kind of wolf in sheep's clothing, naturally Mi Feier is classified as a dangerous person.

    This is a woman, if you look at her more than twice, she'll think of you as a pervert, but when she doesn't look at her, she thinks you're pretending to be serious and unsettling.

    "How many years have we known each other?"Mi Fei'er asked to Yang Meng.

    When she was in school, Miffy was Yang Meng's older sister, and because of an incident with a scum, Miffy helped Yang Meng, and from then on, they became the best sisters.

    It had been many years since they met in high school.

    Seeing that Yang Meng didn't say anything, Mi Fei'er continued, "Has there ever been a time when I said something wrong, those men chasing you, have I ever looked away?"

    "That's not true,"Yang Meng said.

    "Isn't that right, I didn't look away, and I definitely won't look at Old Han wrong, someone like him, unkind and decent, there must be a bigger plot behind him."Mi Feier said.

    Yang Meng was convinced once again and nodded her head, "Alright, I'll listen to Sister Fei'er, and try not to get too close to him in the future."

    Just as they finished saying this, a knock on the door suddenly sounded, the two of them looked at each other with puzzlement in their eyes, since no one knew that they lived here except their respective parents, so it was a bit strange that someone was knocking on the door.

    "Your parents are coming?"

    "Your parents are coming?"

    The two asked the question to each other at the same time, and it was clear that it was not both parents.

    Yang Meng walked to the door, gauging the outside from the cat's eye, and found that it was Han 3,000 standing in the doorway.

    "Sister Fei'er, it's Old Han."Yang Meng said softly.

    Mi Fei'er stood up and walked to the door, shielding Yang Meng behind her, then opened the door and asked Han Qianqian with a cold face, "What's the matter?"

    "Here's your package, I just happened to see it and brought it up for you, you're welcome."After handing the package to Mi Fei'er, Han Qianqiang turned around and went back to her house.

    The parcel was Yang Meng's, and Mi Fei'er didn't think much of it and passed it to Yang Meng, but when she changed her clothes and went downstairs to go to the supermarket with Yang Meng to purchase the ingredients for the next few days, she realized that the parcel was not only Yang Meng's, but also hers, and that Han Three Thousand Thousand deliberately only helped Yang Meng get it while ignoring her, which made Mi Fei'er's hatred for Han Three Thousand escalate quite a bit again.

    Han 3000 did this, kind of deliberately toying with Mi Fei'er, as a small revenge for his hostility towards her.

    Today was the day Qing Yun came out of the detention center, this guy had been locked up for a while for molestation, I don't know if he had a long memory or not.

    Driving to the detention center, he didn't wait long for Qing Yun to come out.

    When Qing Yun saw Han 3,000 yuan, a snotty nose and tears, right in front of the detention center, hugging Han 3,000 yuan's thigh and crying, the few public officials were stunned, thinking that this guy is not a psychopath.

    "Brother, you've finally come, you don't know how much I've suffered in there, I was almost wheeled out."Qing Yun wiped his tears, looking like he was heartbroken.

    "Being wheeled is also deserved, what you did, even those people in the horn couldn't look at it."Han Giangli said disdainfully, although the guardhouse and prison were both filled with prisoners, there were also levels, and it was normal for a shameless person like Qing Yun to be looked down upon and bullied in there.

    "Brother, I really didn't do those things, I was wrongly accused, it was them who took the initiative to hook me up, but seeing that I had no money and was taken advantage of by me, I was unwilling, so that's why they turned on me ah."Qing Yun helplessly cried out.

    "Is there a free lunch under the sky?You think you're the most handsome man in the world and women are going to throw themselves at you."Han Giangli said.

    Qing Yun sighed and said, "Brother, if I had your looks, I would have effortlessly embraced you left and right, but unfortunately ah, the difference between me and you is a galaxy away."

    Han Qianli laughed helplessly, this guy's ass-kissing skills had seen a rise, and it seemed that he hadn't groveled to anyone in there.

    "With your skills, can anyone really bully you?"Han Qianli said indifferently.

    There wasn't the slightest flaw in Qing Yun's expression, he said without hesitation, "Brother, with my skills, I'm naturally invincible inside, but these people have many dirty tricks, and they're all hugging groups, how can I be their opponent by myself, but don't worry, I haven't embarrassed you, the punches I've taken, I've returned them all."

    "What does it have to do with me, don't pull everything on me, if you do this kind of thing again in the future, get out of Cloud City, don't say you know me."Han Qianli warned.

    "No no no, I've learned my lesson now, if someone throws themselves at me, I'll definitely see what they're up to before I do it."Qing Yun said with a palpable sense of relief.

    Shortly after Han Giangli and Qing Yun left, another person came out of the detention center, and called Mo Yang the first time he came out.

    "Boss Mo, there's nothing special about him being in there this time, he's been getting beaten up every day, and I haven't seen him fight back, so there shouldn't be any problems."

    "Okay, the money is already on your card, take your wife to get treatment, if you need anything, you'll tell me."Mo Yang said.

    "Thank you Boss Mo, I'll be there for anything that Boss Mo commands in the future."

    After sending Qing Yun back to the rental house, Han 3,000 came to Mordor.

    "How's it going?"Han Giangli asked to Mo Yang.

    "Other than getting beaten every day, it's nothing special."Mo Yang shrugged his shoulders helplessly, ever since Han Giang knew about Qing Yun's entry into the horn, he had him send people inside to observe Qing Yun's situation inside, but unfortunately, he still found nothing.

    It was just a simple attempt for Han 3000 to do this, never thinking that Qing Yun would be exposed so easily, so he didn't lose heart and said, "The deeper he hides, the more uncomplicated he is."

    "Since you think he's dangerous, wouldn't it be fine to just kill him?Why bother?"Mo Yang was puzzled.

    "Perhaps from him, I can know something, since he intentionally approached me, he must have some kind of purpose, naturally he cannot be killed."Han 3000 said, his consideration lay in the Yanjing Han Family, because the Yanjing Han Family had another enemy he didn't know about, Shi Jing had mentioned that the appearance of that Daoist priest back then was most likely arranged by his opponent, Han 3000 must investigate this matter, it was most likely related to Han Tian Yang.

    In fact, ever since Han 3,000 thousand felt that Qing Yun deliberately approached him, his sixth sense felt that Qing Yun might be related to this secret enemy, and that Qing Yun's identity of pretending to be a Daoist priest was extremely sensitive, Han 3,000 thousand even felt that that Daoist priest back then, and Qing Yun were also involved.

    Mo Yang never interfered with Han Three Thousand's decisions because he believed in Han Three Thousand's ability to do things, but there was one thing that he was very worried about right now.

    "Three thousand, I heard that there are a lot of people who are stupid enough to pursue younger siblings, you have to think of a way to solve this, I, Mo Yang, can only recognize her as a younger sibling for the rest of my life."Mo Yang said.

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly, Mo Yang, as a witness to his and Su Yingxia's feelings, while he was a lover himself, definitely didn't want to see any problems in their relationship.

    "I trust her, and you should too,"Han Giangli said.

    "That's because you don't know how many people want to pursue her right now, I've already investigated and all those idiots are planning to approach my younger sibling."Mo Yang couldn't help but swear, which was enough to show how seriously he took this matter.

His True Colors Chapter 365

In today's Cloud City, there were indeed many people who were eyeing Su Yingxia, and this was not an alarmist statement from Mo Yang.

    As the number one beauty in Cloud City, Su Yingxia had an extremely strong influence, although there were now rumors of an even more beautiful woman appearing, most people hadn't seen it with their own eyes, so in the hearts of many people, Su Yingxia was still at the level of the number one goddess.

    Moreover, the Su Family Company's development in Cloud City was now much better than before, so as the chairman of the board, Su Yingxia would naturally be sought after by more people.

    A beautiful and career woman, now that she's back to being single, how could there be no one to pursue her?

    Most importantly, the news that Jiang Lan put out was even more so that those suitors were scrambling, a goddess of this level was still intact, there was simply nothing to be picky about.

    The first thing you need to know is that you're going to be able to find a way to get the most out of the situation.

    The Magic City opened on time at nine o'clock in the evening, and there was a big line at the entrance at eight thirty, this kind of extraordinary liveliness, there was no second nightclub in Cloud City that could do it.

    "Fei'er, we're going to have a lot of fun tonight, celebrating that you found a new job."

    "Although it's not a wise choice to enter the Weak Water Property right now, I believe in your abilities, and I'm sure you'll be able to have some success in the Weak Water Property."

    "Don't forget our friends if you take off in the future."

    Miffy was in Mordor tonight with some friends to celebrate, and by her nature she would refuse any ineffective socializing, like this coming to a nightclub to indulge rarely happened to her.

    But tonight's situation is different, these friends are all friends who have some small authority in other large companies in Cloud City, the reason why Mi Feier did the East to invite guests, but also to pave a way for themselves, after all, whether the weak water property can survive in the fight against the Han Group is still unknown, once an accident occurs, Mi Feier can also through these connections, soon to find a new job for themselves.

    Miffy's life can be interpreted in four words step by step, she will do everything with a well thought out advance arrangement, this business heart, I'm afraid, is not comparable to many men.

    "You guys can really joke around, I'm just a small employee, unlike you guys, you can all have a lot of power in your hands now."Miffy said with a smile, this statement was clearly touting these friends, the so-called heavy power was actually just some very small power.

    Several of her friends were clearly amused by this comment, and one by one they laughed very hard.

    One of the boys was particularly enthusiastic about Mi Fei'er, obviously having a different mind, and said to Mi Fei'er, "Fei'er, why do you suddenly want to go to Weakwater Real Estate, don't you know that that company is now a dead end?"

    "Qin Zhao, I'm just trying to train myself to be able to learn more stress resistance in a company that's in crisis like this."Mi Feier said.

    Qin Zhao smiled and said, "There are very few girls with your kind of fighting spirit nowadays, you're so strong, aren't you afraid that no man can handle it?"

    Mi Fei'er knew that Qin Zhao was interested in her, but how could this kind of man Mi Fei'er be interested in, but for the sake of the situation, she wouldn't show her attitude too directly, after all, Qin Zhao's connection was still very important to her.

    "I'm only thinking about my career right now, as for men, let's talk about it later."Mi Feier said.

    When it came to the opening time, the people lined up outside the door were entering one after another, and since Mordor did not accept any reservations for seats, those who entered were just choosing their seats at random, and it took Mi Feier a lot of effort to grab a card seat.

    Tonight, she didn't bring Yang Meng with her because her simple personality was not suitable for this kind of occasion, and Mi Fei'er didn't want this kind of messy place to bring Yang Meng down.

    Han Giang and Mo Yang stood at the VIP seats on the second floor of the nightclub and watched the crowds pour in, smiling at Mo Yang, "This is the busiest nightclub in Cloud City, right, you're making quite a bit a day now."

    "Hey, it's hard to do business ah, selling some drinks, I can make a few bucks."Mo Yang said with a guilty look on his face.

    Han Qianli stared at Mo Yang with disdain, the real profit of alcoholic beverages was amazing, even if Han Qianli didn't deliberately know about it he was also clear about the windfall, a bottle of wine of one to two hundred yuan, going out from the nightclub's liquor cabinet, that was more than ten times more.

    "Don't worry, I didn't ask you to pay back the money, no need to act poor in front of me."Han Qianli said disdainfully.

    Mo Yang accosted and said evenly, "I really can't earn much."

    "Huh."Looking downstairs, Han Three Thousand suddenly became suspicious.

    "See someone you know?"Mo Yang asked in confusion.

    "Neighbor, I didn't expect that she would actually come to such a place."Han Giangiang said unexpectedly, it was indeed somewhat unexpected that Mi Fei'er would appear in such a place, could it be that this iceberg goddess was cold on the outside, but there was still a hot fire hidden inside?

    Following Han Qianqian's line of sight, Mo Yang saw a few people, the brightest of which was undoubtedly Mi Fei'er, and said with a smile, "You're quite a pretty neighbor, you're not going to mess around, are you?"

    "I don't have the right to mess around, she's very hostile towards me, and I'm probably just a loser in her eyes."Han Qianli laughed bitterly.

    A loser!

    These two words made Mo Yang look startled, there were actually people who still regarded Han Qianqian as a loser?

    Not to mention Han Marchand's true identity, from his appearance alone, he could never be made a loser ah.

    "It seems that this beauty has a high selection of spouses, but she has such capital."Mo Yang said.

    "This woman has a very strong career and utilitarian spirit, she has now joined Weakwater Real Estate, do you know why?"Han 3,000 yuan said.

    Mo Yang was even more stunned, and there was such a coincidence.

    She joined Weak Water Real Estate, wouldn't she be Han Qianqian's employee, and she actually treated her own chairman as a loser!

    "I'm not curious as to why she joined, I'm more curious as to how she'll feel when she learns that the loser in her eyes is the chairman."Mo Yang smiled.

    As the first customers entered, the soft music in the nightclub began to become manic and the lights dimmed, soon settling into the rhythm of the group dancing.

    Miffy was pulled onto the dance floor by her friend, and with her looks and figure, there were soon some flies around her, deliberately approaching her to try to strike up a conversation.

    Being surrounded by men on the dance floor belonged to an honor, and many women waiting to be hunted wanted it, but tonight it was clear that no rival had emerged who could compete with Miffy.

    But the feeling that other women enjoyed so much, Mi Feier was very repulsive, especially when those men deliberately approached, and some physical contact was even more unacceptable to her.

    "Qin Zhao, haven't you liked Mi Fei'er for a long time?Tonight's a good opportunity, there are so many flies out there, if you don't go, I'm afraid you won't have a chance."

    "You're at least working for the Celestial Family now, you won't even be able to take Miffy's."

    "We're looking anxious for you, aren't you afraid that Miffy will be chased away in the Weak Water Property?"

    Qin Zhao smiled faintly and said, "Weakwater Real Estate is almost finished, how could she possibly fancy anyone there?Don't you guys know how smart Mi Feier is."

    "There are no absolutes in the world oh, you don't want to make your words so desperate, if something happens, it's too late for you to regret."

    At this time, the dance floor suddenly became noisy.

    Mi Feier was pinched on the buttocks, when she pushed away the owner of the salty hand and cursed angrily, "What are you doing, don't come near me."

    "Beauty, when you come to a nightclub to play, isn't it just to be eaten by tofu, what's the point of coming out to play if you can't even accept this little thing?"The other party was a young guy who possessed the traits of a rogue at a glance, and even though Miffy was already in an angry state, he still looked like a hippie.

    "I'm not out to have fun, and I'm not being eaten by someone like you."Miffy said in a cold voice.

    The other party was not happy to hear this, her words carried obvious discrimination, it was looking down on him.

    "Pretty girl, looking down on me?Do you know who I am?I wouldn't dare cause trouble in this arena, but if you walk out the door, I can f**king play you, believe it or not."The young boy threatened coldly.

His True Colors Chapter 366

"Whoever you are, apologize to my friend."At the critical moment, Qin Zhao stepped forward, this was his chance to heroically save his friend, so he naturally wouldn't miss it.

    The young boy's eyes sized up Qin Zhao with disdain and said, "What are you again."

    Qin Zhao didn't want to make a grudge against this kind of little punk, but he wouldn't back down in front of Mi Fei'er, if he couldn't show a bit of manliness, what would he use to pursue Mi Fei'er in the future?

    Qin Zhao grabbed the young fellow's collar and gritted his teeth as he threatened, "Kid, I'm warning you one last time, apologize to my friend."

    The young fellow was also angry, although people like him didn't have money or power, they valued face more than anything else, and could even say that he lived for this face.

    If he humiliated himself in public, how could he make a living in the future?

    "F**k you, do you have the right to fight me?"The young guy kicked Qin Zhao in the abdomen.

    Caught off guard, Qin Zhao retreated several steps in a row and fell onto the dance floor.

    These kinds of small conflicts, when they didn't erupt, Mordor usually wouldn't intervene, after all, these kinds of small fights would play out every day, and they would be able to resolve them on their own, unless it was really big, then Lin Yong would appear.

    Han Giangli and Mo Yang had a clear view of the situation from upstairs.

    "A hero to the rescue, it's just a pity that this hero isn't very capable."Mo Yang said with a smile, the rest of his light deliberately looking at Han Qianqian.

    Han 3000 was unmoved, his current state of mind was just like yesterday morning when he coincidentally encountered Miffy downstairs in the unit and fought with someone else, matter-of-factly.

    Seeing that Han Qianqian didn't move, Mo Yang continued, "Anyway, it's your neighbor, won't you do something to help?"

    "I'm just a loser, even ......"

    Before he finished speaking, Han Three Thousand's phone suddenly rang, and it was the boxing gym manager calling him.

    This made Han Three Thousand's heart float with a foreboding feeling at first, but Dong Hao was Chi Yi Yun's man, and now that he had entered into a partnership with Chi Yi Yun, there was no reason for Dong Hao to go back to the boxing gym to look for trouble.

    "What's wrong?"Han 3,000 asked after picking up the phone.

    "Brother Three Thousand, something happened at the boxing ring, someone smashed up the arena, Brother Knife is in the ring now but I'm afraid he won't last long."The manager said.

    Was this another opponent that even Knife Twelve couldn't take care of?

    Or was Dong-ho deliberately trying to get back at him?

    "I'll be right over."Han Giangli said in a deep voice.

    Hanging up the phone, Mo Yang asked, "What's going on?"

    "There's something going on at the boxing ring, I'll go over there."Han Marchant said and headed towards the stairs.

    "What about this, do you want to help your neighbor?"Mo Yang asked.

    "It has nothing to do with me."

    Mo Yang shrugged his shoulders helplessly, since Han Qianqian had said it was irrelevant, he naturally didn't bother to interfere.

    On the dance floor, after Qin Zhao was kicked, it took a while for him to slow down and stand up with the help of his friend.

    The young fellow looked at Qin Zhao with extremely disdain in his eyes and said, "A piece of trash like you who still stands up for others and deliberately shows me a joke?"

    "Kid, I work for the Heavenly Family."Qin Zhao gritted his teeth and said, he wouldn't burst out of the Heavenly Family unless he had to, but now that he obviously couldn't beat the other party, he could only do so.

    As soon as the young fellow heard the Heavenly Family, his arrogance was reduced.

    At this time, Miffy's expression was somewhat surprised when she saw Han Qianqian, who was leaving quickly, as she didn't expect to meet him here.

    But the surprise quickly turned into disdain, he left so quickly, obviously because of the trouble she was in, after all, making such a commotion, almost everyone in the nightclub was watching, he couldn't possibly not see it.


    Ten foot p*ssy, it's not like I'm expecting you to help me out of this mess and run faster than anyone else.

    Not only is he a d*çk, but he's also a coward.

    Yesterday it was like this, and now it was like this again, making the disdain in Miffy's heart for Han Giang even worse.

    "Dude, mind your friends and don't come out if you can't afford to play."The young guy said and left the dance floor.

    Qin Zhao was relieved, it seemed that the Heavenly Family's banner was still useful, or else this trouble wouldn't be so easy to solve today.

    "Are you alright?"Qin Zhao asked to Miffy.

    "Fine, how are you, do you want to go to the hospital?"Mi Fei'er was concerned.

    Feeling Miffy's concern, Qin Zhao's abdominal pain instantly reduced by half, and being able to get Miffy on board, the kick was worth it.

    "It's not a problem."Qin Zhao waved his hand and said.

    Mi Fei'er didn't have much affection for Qin Zhao, but in contrast to Han Qianqian, she suddenly felt that Qin Zhao was much more manly.

    He at least dared to step up to the plate on this matter, while Han Qianxiang could only sneak away underfoot.

    Although Qin Zhao wasn't as good as she thought Prince Charming would be, he at least had the guts, unlike Han Qianxiang who had no manly behavior at all.

    Mi Feier was a bit speechless, how could Yang Meng have a crush on such a wimp of a man?It seemed that after returning home, I would have to persuade Yang Meng to never let her fall for this kind of trash.

    After Han Qianli left the Magic City, he drove all the way to the underground boxing arena.

    The boxing arena was also bustling with activity tonight, and before he actually entered the arena, Han Qianli heard the ear-piercing screams of countless spectators, as if something blood-curdling was happening in the ring.

    At the stands, Knife Twelve was fighting with someone in the ring, but this person was not Dong Hao.

    Judging from the situation, Knife Twelve should have fallen to the bottom, with some fishy red staining on his white T and blood spilling from the corner of his mouth, clearly suffering from some internal injuries.

    "This big boxing ring, is there only a loser like you?"Blade Twelve's opponent, a small man of less than a meter and a half, but with muscles exploding all over his body, like a copper pillar, looked very regal.

    Knife Twelve gritted his teeth, now he had relied solely on willpower to support him, otherwise he would have fallen long ago, he never thought that this seemingly weak opponent in front of him would be able to explode with such a strong force.

    Whether it was strength or speed, he had almost reached the limits of what Blade Twelve knew, and because of his speed, Blade Twelve hadn't had a single effective attack and was taking a beating almost the entire time.

    "I haven't fallen yet, now is not the time for you to get cocky."Knife Twelve said through gritted teeth.

    The small man had an extremely contemptuous look in his eyes and didn't fall simply because he didn't want Knife Twelve to fall yet.

    "If I want you to die, you will die immediately, is there any chance to resist with your ability?"The small head scoffed.

    Han 3000's face was as heavy as water, it was obvious that Knife 12 was no match for him, and Han 3000 had also discovered the important point, spotting Han Qing's figure in the audience closest to the ring, her smug grin and eye contact with the small head was a direct indication of the relationship between the two of them.

    Was the Han family not only pressuring him at the mall, but also going after the grey areas?

    That's too much!

    Han Giangli took a deep breath, even Blade Twelve was no match for him, even if he got into the ring, it was useless.

    At this time, Han Qing also saw Han Three Thousand, and that bone-deep mockery manifested itself even more bluntly.

    "Still calling?What's the point, is it possible to find an opponent against Wu Feng in such a rubbish place?"Han Qing said to himself.

    A phone call from Han Qianqian went straight to Chi Yi Yun's phone, and with the current situation, Han Qianqian couldn't think of anyone other than Dong Hao who could solve this trouble.

    Since the two of them were now working with each other, it was only logical to have her contribute something.

    "Chi Yiyun, where's your man, have him come to the underground boxing ring, I've got something going on here."Han Giangli said.

    "If it's your personal matter, there's no need for me to interfere, unless ......"

    Before Chi Yi Yun could finish her sentence, Han Qian Qian interrupted, "Han Yan sent people to cause trouble in the underground boxing ring, is this my private matter?"

    Qi Yiyun was planning to make a deal with Han 3,000, but when she heard this, she could only take her words back and said, "I'll let him over right away."

    After hanging up the phone, Han Qianqian walked towards the ring.

    He couldn't let Knife Twelve continue the fight, or else the injuries would be even worse.

    "What? You're a punk who wants to challenge me?"Wu Feng saw Han Qianqian and asked disdainfully.


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