His True Colors Chapter 367-368

His True Colors Chapter 367

"Wu Feng, there's no way this kind of trash would have the guts to take a shot at you, he's the one Miss will be dealing with."Han Qing laughed lightly at the ring side and said.

    Hearing this, the contempt in Wu Feng's eyes became even more intense as he mocked and said, "So it's you, this trash who has delayed Miss's time, a mere ant that can be squeezed to death at will, I advise you to better do as Miss asks, or else I'll make your life worse than death."

    Han Qianqiang's muscles were tense, although he was used to holding back after suffering all sorts of humiliations for over three years, these words still offended him.

    Of course, the reason for the offense wasn't these provocative words; for Han Three Thousand's composure, a few words didn't inspire anger.The main reason for his anger was still Han Yan's request.

    Change your surname?

    What gives her the right to make someone change their last name, it's totally bullyish.

    "Twelve, how is it."Han Third Thousand assisted Knife Twelve and asked.

    Knife Twelve's physical strength was exhausted and his body was trembling slightly as he smiled miserably and said, "Brother Three Thousand, I'm sorry, I can't fight."

    "Trying my best, nothing to be sorry about."Han Three Thousand said.

    By this time, the people in the audience were impatient with waiting, but they had come to watch the fight to see what was going on, not for Han Three Thousand to waste their time.

    "Can you fight or not, if you can't, just get the hell down and find someone else."

    "Don't waste our time, we're not here to watch weaklings like you sell your pity."

    "Get your ass down there now."

    "Roll down, roll down."

    The entire crowd shouted the three words roll down in unison, their slogans loud and neat.

    Seeing this situation, Han Qing laughed openly, but it was a pity that the lady didn't like this kind of complicated environment and couldn't let her see Han Qianli's wretched appearance with her own eyes.

    But even though she couldn't see it with her own eyes, there was still a chance for Miss to see it.

    Han Qing pulled out her phone and began to video Han Three Thousand in the ring.

    "Miss, all these people are telling him to roll down, I'm feeling a bit sorry for him, look at this loser, he should be desperate right now."Han Qing doesn't just videotape, he also explains the scene to Han Yan.

    Han 3,000 became a target, everyone broke into a tirade of abuse, and many even threw bottles towards the ring.

    "I've got someone to help, so go down and rest for a while."Han Three Thousand said to Blade Twelve.

    "Three thousand, you're no match for him, I can't let you get hurt."Knife Twelve said without moving, even if he died in battle, he wouldn't let Han Three Thousand face this matter.

    "Don't worry, I won't fight him, remember the person you fought with last time, I've asked him to help."Han Marchan explained.

    "Him?"Knife Twelve looked surprised, the last time that guy was clearly looking for trouble, why would Han Marchan ask him to help?

    "He's one of my friend's men, it was a misunderstanding last time."Han Marchian thought of a random excuse to explain.

    Blade Twelve didn't ask any further questions and walked out of the ring with Han Qianli's assistance.

    Seeing this situation, the people in the audience became even more dissatisfied, the cursing and grunting became more intense, and there were also people yelling for refunds, if today's matter wasn't resolved, the boxing ring's reputation would definitely plummet, and it might decline in the future.

    But whether or not he could make money with the boxing ring wasn't the most important thing to Han 3,000, he wouldn't let Blade 12 continue to risk his reputation for that.

    "How about it, is there anyone else who can fight, come out quickly, I don't have time to waste with you."Wu Feng said impatiently to Han Giangli.

    "I've already found an expert, he'll be here soon."Han Qianqian said.

    Wu Feng leaned back against the side rope with a lazy look and said without a care in the world, "A bunch of trash can call themselves experts, you mustn't insult the word expert."

    In a short while, Dong Hao finally arrived.

    He was reluctant to come, and for Donghao who hated to kill Han 3,000, now that he had to help Han 3,000 solve the trouble, there was no need to say the resistance in his heart, but Chi Yi Yun had such an order, and Donghao had to follow it.

    "Han Three Thousand Year, you're shameless, you can't solve things by yourself and still have to trouble a woman."Dong Hao didn't go directly to the ring, but walked up to Han Qianqian and said.

    "If you have a problem with it, go tell Chi Yi Yun, this is a cooperation between us, do you have the qualifications as a subordinate to care so much?"Han Giangli said flatly.

    Dong Hao instantly squeezed his fist, and his knuckles came out sounding like soybeans bursting.

    "One day, I'm going to kill you."After saying that, Dong Hao turned around and walked towards the ring.

    Seeing the small man in front of him, Dong Hao said disdainfully, "Quick fight, I don't have time to waste with trash like you."

    Wu Feng's eyes glazed over, then he revealed a wry smile and said, "Treating me like trash, this will be the thing you'll regret the most in your life."

    The two masters dueled against each other, no dazzling moves, fist to fist power struggle, this kind of fight could maximally stir up the hot blood in the bodies of the bystanders, those spectators were all as excited as if they had been hit by chicken blood.

    After a few moves, Dong Hao was clearly at a disadvantage, and although both sides suffered blows, the extent of Dong Hao's injuries were obviously more severe than Wu Feng's. Han Qianqiang couldn't help but think that this kind of perversion was the result of the fight.

    Han Giangli couldn't help but wonder where this pervert came from, what kind of environment he grew up in, and why he was so terrifyingly strong!

    The training he had received since he was a child was already something that the very people could endure, but even so, the difference between his strength and these two was still very large.

    "Grandpa Yan, it seems like your training for me is still not tough enough."Han Qianli said to himself.

    At this moment, the two people in the ring suddenly leapt up high at the same time.

    The eyes of Han Giangli and Blade Twelve also turned hot in an instant, as they knew that this was the move that would decide the winner.


    The collision of flesh actually made a clanging sound.

    When Dong Hao smashed heavily on the ring, the winner was already decided.

    Wu Feng, who was still standing, was undoubtedly the winner.

    "I didn't expect you to make me work hard, but trash is trash after all, can you still stand up and fight me?"Wu Feng suppressed the blood in his throat, he wasn't as relaxed as he seemed.

    Dong Hao was powerlessly lying on the ring, not even having the strength to stand up.

    At this time, Wu Feng suddenly pointed at Han Qianqian, and since he was the one the lady wanted to deal with, he had to teach Han Qianqian some painful lessons.

    Even though he was in a poor state, in Wu Feng's opinion, it was more than enough to deal with Han Qianqian.

    "You, if you act like a man, come up here and fight me."Wu Feng said.

    The crowd of onlookers, who would always be watching, didn't care if Han Kuang could beat Wu Feng, as long as there was something to watch.

    "Don't be afraid, act like a man and get on stage."

    "Are you going to admit that you're not a man."

    "Be anything, but don't be a wimp ah, don't be embarrassed if you touch the brother in your pants."

    These words instantly pushed Han 3000 into the limelight, as if he wasn't a man as long as he wasn't on stage.

    But Han Three Thousand knew clearly that even in Wu Feng's current state, he still couldn't be a match for Wu Feng, and going into the ring would be a beating.

    But, did a man's dignity have to be disgraced?

    These three years of enduring humiliation was for Su Yingxia, but now, it was his own face.

    Han Giangli held up his back.

    When the audience saw this scene, they cried ghostly with excitement.

    "Hurry up, even if you're getting beaten up, let's see it."

    "Damn, I can't wait, don't dilly-dally like an old woman."

    At this time, Han Qing, who was again holding a cell phone video, began to explain to Han Yan, "Miss, look at this wimp, he doesn't even have the guts to go on stage, how much luck does someone like him have to get to be your opponent ah, I'm not even worth it for you, the master let you come, it's completely a big talent."

    Han Qianqian walked towards the ring.

    Just when everyone thought that the excitement was about to resume, Wu Feng's expression inexplicably revealed a trace of fear and dread.

    "I ...... I won't fight you today, next time."After saying this, Wu Feng hurriedly walked out of the ring under the crowd's startled expressions.

His True Colors Chapter 368

"This ......"

    "What's going on, why are we suddenly not playing."

    "What's going on, I haven't had enough of the fun!"

    The crowd in the audience was dumbfounded, the imposing Wu Feng, suddenly admitting to being a coward was a bit hard for them to accept.

    Han Qianqiang was also very puzzled, Wu Feng himself put down harsh words, but then ran away in shame, isn't this not a disgrace to himself?How could an expert like him do such a thing.

    And Han Qianli didn't think he could threaten Wu Feng.

    What had happened?

    Everyone was looking for this answer, but no one knew except for Wu Feng.

    As Han Giangli walked towards the ring, Wu Feng suddenly felt a scorching look in his eyes, it was an old man, he was standing in the middle of the crowd, the huge momentum that the others couldn't feel, but Wu Feng felt it very truly, even from very far away, Wu Feng was able to feel the oppression that the old man brought to him.

    This was an absolute expert, and Wu Feng even suspected that he would never be a match for him even when he was in good shape, so Wu Feng chose to retreat at the first opportunity.

    It would be a very humiliating thing to do, but it would save his life, so what if it was humiliating?

    Han Qing angrily looked at Han Qianqian and was very upset that she didn't see Han Qianqian being beaten.

    For Wu Feng's sudden departure, she would definitely tell Han Yan about it.

    This was an opportunity to teach Han Three Thousand a lesson, and he had actually sent it away for nothing.

    Han 3,000 yuan walked up to the ring and crouched down to Dong Hao who was lying down and asked, "How is it, do I need to take you to the hospital?"

    Dong Hao gritted his teeth and said, "No need."

    Embarrassing himself in front of Han Giangli was unacceptable to Donghao, so why did he need Han Giangli's help.

    Struggling to stand up, Dong Hao's wobbly body could only rely on the side ropes for support.

    "What just happened, why did he suddenly leave?"Han Giangli was puzzled and asked Dong Hao.

    Dong Hao scanned the audience, the fear that Wu Feng had shown just now was clear to him, which indicated that there was an expert in the arena, and this expert was able to deter Wu Feng even without making a move, which indicated that he was powerful to a very alarming degree.

    "There's an expert within the arena, he must be worried about this expert's appearance, that's why he chose to retreat."Dong Hao explained.

    A high expert!

    How could there be an expert in the audience and be able to deter Wu Feng without making a move!

    Han Giangli swept around the audience and didn't find any special people.

    At this time, Wu Feng, who had left the boxing ring, deliberately quickened his pace, wanting to quickly leave this dangerous place.

    However, there was always a blazing mane following him, which gave Wu Feng a feeling of a chill down his back.

    Unconsciously, cold sweat broke out on Wu Feng's forehead as he passed by an alley and headed inside.

    Since the other party was following him, no matter if he hid it was useless, he might as well face it directly.

    The alley was empty, and when Wu Feng stopped, it was clear that someone was slowly approaching from behind.

    "Who are you."Wu Feng turned around, the person in front of him was the old man from the boxing ring, he looked plain and unimpressive, but Wu Feng was clear that he was definitely a top expert.

    "You're strong?"

    These three words caused Wu Feng's cold sweat to drip down like rain.

    In front of an ordinary person, Wu Feng did dare to say those three words, but in front of him, it was a joke.

    "I have no grudge against you."Wu Feng said.

    "If I want to beat you, do I still need a reason?"

    Wu Feng's heart was screaming, where the f**k was this old thing that was so overbearing.

    "Are you helping him?"Wu Feng was confused, an expert of this level couldn't possibly go out of his way to teach him a lesson for no reason, the only reason Wu Feng could think of was that he was standing up for Han 3000.

    But if there was really such an expert beside Han Qianqian, why didn't he call out earlier?

    "It doesn't matter who you help, the important thing is that you have to pay a lesson today."After saying this, his figure suddenly became blurry.

    Wu Feng was horrified, his speed was already very fast, but compared to this old man in front of him, it was completely small compared to him.

    Before he had time to react, Wu Feng felt his body instantly lose weight and flew backwards like a broken kite.

    In mid-air, the figure flashed again, and Wu Feng was struck heavily in the chest, flying backwards and instantly smashing into the ground.

    The concrete pavement cracked with countless cracks, and Wu Feng spat out a mouthful of blood, miserable.

    The old man took one look at Wu Feng, then turned around and left, the alley was quiet again, as if nothing had happened.

    Wu Feng sat up with difficulty and leaned against the wall, looking pained.

    Although he didn't know if this old man was here for Han Three Thousand, there was a high probability that he was.

    "Miss, it seems that this Han 3000 is not as easy to deal with as one would think."

    After Han Qing left the boxing ring, he returned to the hotel the first time and brought his phone to Han Yan.

    Han Yan wasn't too surprised when she saw the wretched appearance of Han 3,000, in her eyes, it was just the normal behavior of a trash.

    "Nothing surprising, for a trash, he doesn't back down, is there any other way?"Han Yan said with a light smile on her face.

    Han Qing nodded her head as a matter of course, she thought that Han Yan would be happy to see the video, but hearing Han Yan say so made her feel a bit bored herself.

    "Miss is right."

    "By the way, where's Wu Feng?"Han Yan asked.

    "Miss, Wu Feng was going to fight Han Qianqian, but for some reason, he suddenly backed down at the last minute."Han Qing said.

    "On the verge of retreating?"Han Yan's expression instantly filled with coldness as she asked, "What's going on?"

    Han Qing explained the scene to Han Yan, which made Han Yan so angry.

    Although she wasn't personally present at the scene, Wu Feng was her person, and Wu Feng retreating was undoubtedly a disgrace to her.

    "This Wu Feng, is he still afraid of a loser!"Han Yan gritted her teeth and said.

    "Miss, I don't know what's going on, but when he comes back, you can ask him."Han Qing said.

    "It'd be best if you can give me a perfect explanation."Han Yan's face was frosty.

    It didn't take long for Wu Feng to return to the hotel, his face pale.

    "Wu Feng, how dare you embarrass me, and in front of that trash."Han Yan walked up to Wu Feng and questioned him in a condescending manner.

    Wu Feng was very short, and even when Han Yan wasn't wearing high heels, he could only look up.

    "Miss, there's an expert in the boxing ring, and I'm worried that he's Han Qianqian's helper, which is why I don't dare to take action."Wu Feng said.

    "Hmph."Han Yan snorted coldly and said, "Whether it's his helper or not, we won't know until we test it, you just suspect and don't dare to go on, do you know what will happen if you disgrace me?"

    "Miss, after I left the boxing ring, that man found me and took care of me in one move, with his skills, I'm afraid that even three of me wouldn't be a match."Wu Feng said with his head lowered, he didn't expect to come to Warsaw to meet an opponent of this level, there was absolutely no room for resistance in front of him.

    Hearing this, Han Yan frowned, she knew very well how powerful Wu Feng was, having also seen Wu Feng fight less against more, and for a martial artist like Wu Feng, to admit that he was weaker than others was equivalent to discrediting his dignity.

    What's more, he'd said that three himself was no match for the other!

    "There would be such a powerful person beside Han Qianli?"Han Yan said skeptically.

    "I'm not sure, he didn't leave anything to say."Wu Feng said.

    Han Yan looked at the blood on Wu Feng's body, he was clearly hurt badly, and said, "Go treat the wound, if this man is really Han 3000's helper, I'll find out what he's all about."

    "Yes."Wu Feng nodded his head and left the room.

    Han Qing also frowned and said to Han Yan, "Miss, if this person really wants to help Han 3,000, it's a big trouble."

    Han Yan smiled faintly, clearly not taking this matter seriously, and said, "Trouble?In front of me, Han Yan, how can there be trouble, no matter who he is, I can kill him, our Han family, there's not just one bodyguard, Wu Feng, there are many more powerful than Wu Feng."


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