His True Colors Chapter 361-363


His True Colors Chapter 361

"Sister Fei'er, there's new news about Han Giangxi and Su Yingxia."Yang Meng was cooking dinner when she hurriedly ran into the living room and said to Mi Fei'er.

    Women had a gossipy nature, not to mention that it was such a matter that shocked the entire Cloud City, so Mi Fei'er was also very concerned about the development of this matter.

    "This kind of shameless scum, is there still a reversal of events?"Mi Fei'er said disdainfully.

    "The reverse isn't true, but someone said that in all the years they've been married, Su Yingxia hasn't been touched by Han Giang."Yang Meng said.

    Mi Fei'er smiled coldly and said, "If it were me, I wouldn't let this kind of trash touch her, Su Yingxia was wise to do so, this kind of trash deserves to end up today."

    "Sister Feier, is Han 3000 really that bad?"Yang Meng was puzzled, although she wasn't sure what the relationship between the two was, but Han Giang had been scolded for so many years, and she felt quite sorry for him.

    "What kind of place is Golden Bridge City haven't you heard of, can a man who goes to such a place be a good man?"Mi Feier said.

    Yang Meng nodded and said, "That's true, but now that they're divorced, there's constant news that's unfavorable to Han 3000, I'm afraid that someone is also deliberately trying to stink up Han 3000's reputation."

    "What's so strange about this, the more stinky Han 3000's reputation is, the less Su Yingxia will be affected by this matter, do you think that Su Yingxia will never marry again in her life?"Miffy said with a smile, she had only heard some gossip, but she could guess the purpose of the Su family so far, and the fact that she had heard all these things from Jiang Lan's sisters made it even more meaningful.

    "Hurry up and cook dinner, this has nothing to do with you, why are you so concerned."Miffy reminded.

    "Okay."Yang Meng smiled and returned to the kitchen.

    Mi Fei'er took out her phone, even the circle of friends were talking about this matter, and they were all scolding Han 3000 and comparing him to the scum of the century, which was enough to see how influential this matter was in Cloud City.

    Peninsula Hotel.

    Han Yan splurged on the entire hotel because she didn't want to be disturbed by anyone, and where she lived, she didn't want to allow any idle people to appear, nor did she want to go out and encounter those irrelevant people.

    In Han Yan's eyes, all living beings were not equal, they were all ants crawling around under her feet, so naturally they didn't have the qualifications to live in the same place as her.

    "Miss, Han 3000 divorced Su Yingxia to preserve the Su family, right?"Han Qing said to Han Yan.

    "This trash is a bit infatuated, but how could I possibly put the Su Family in my eyes, dealing with such a trashy little family is just dirtying my hands."Han Yan said with disdain, she was above her eyes and had considerable requirements for her enemies, the Su family was just a small family in Cloud City, she wouldn't degrade herself to deal with such an insignificant family.

    Han Qing spread her face and said, "He still thinks he has heavy weight in Miss's eyes, it's already a great lift for him for Miss to come to Huaxia."

    "It's just a pity that Dad told me not to kill him, otherwise this would have been better resolved."Han Yan sighed helplessly, her father said that Han family members couldn't kill each other, but in Han Yan's eyes, how could she treat a trash like Han Qianqian as a member of her own family, even if they had the same bloodline flowing through their bodies, Han Yan didn't want to admit it.

    "If he doesn't want to change his surname, are we going to have to keep spending time with him?How can Miss stay in such a shabby place for a long time."Han Qing was a maid, but in her eyes, she still despised Huaxia, let alone the district of Cloud City.

    Even in Han Qing's opinion, Han Yan's presence in this place was an insult to Han Yan.

    "I'll have a way to make him change his surname, if he insists on delaying me, so what if I kill him, the worst that can happen is that he'll just be scolded by Dad."Han Yan said with gloomy eyes.

    At that moment, Han Feng was so hot and bothered that he ran to his room, forgetting to even knock on the door.

    "Han Feng, I've warned you more than once to knock before entering."Han Yan said with dissatisfaction.

    Han Feng was full of care for his sister's anger, smiling as he walked over to Han Yan and said, "Sister, we used to sleep in the same room, do you have to bother with me about such trivial matters?"

    "That was when we were kids, but now that we're grown up, do you want your sister to be naked in front of you?"Han Yan said with a glare.

    "Hehe."Han Feng accosted her and said, "Sister, how about you take a look at this woman."

    On the phone was a picture of Su Yingxia, and from the angle, it was clearly taken secretly.

    "When did you ever play with women and give me a heads up in advance, it's not like you."Han Yan said unexpectedly.

    "Sister, she's Su Yingxia."Han Feng gulped, apparently a bit interested in Su Yingxia.

    Han Yan frowned and said, "When did you become interested in broken shoes, and Han Qianli's broken shoes at that."

    "Sister, haven't you heard the latest news?"Han Feng was surprised and asked.

    "What's the latest news?"Han Yan was puzzled.

    "Although she's been married to Han 3000 for three years, she hasn't touched Han 3000, and although she's a divorced woman, her body is still clean,"Han Feng said.

    As soon as this was said, Han Yan and Han Qing were both stunned.

    Three years!

    After three whole years of marriage, he ...... he had not even touched Su Yingxia.

    Han Yan burst into laughter, even Han Qing was laughing so hard.

    "No way, is Han 3000 waste to this extent?He didn't even touch his own wife."Han Yan wiped the corners of her eyes and laughed out tears.

    Han Qing squatted on the floor, covering his abdomen and said, "Miss, my stomach hurts from laughing, how did this kind of person live until now, it's too lame."

    "This isn't fake news, is it?"Han Yan didn't quite believe it, after all, it had been three whole years, it was possible to say that the relationship between the two wasn't too good, but it was a bit too much to say that the couple didn't even have a real relationship.

    "It's true, I even went to find out more about this matter."Han Feng said seriously, if it was really a broken shoe that had been played with by Han Qianqian for three years, even if it was beautiful, he wouldn't be able to mention his interest, but after this kind of statement appeared, Han Feng was in high spirits and he also wanted to verify the authenticity of this matter.

    As for the way to verify it, there was only one.

    Han Yan shook her head helplessly and said, "Now I finally understand why Dad had to change his surname, this kind of trash can be a real disgrace to our Han family."

    "If you're interested, go ahead and do it, but I still want to warn you, this is Warsaw, don't do anything illegal, and if you're capable, let Su Yingxia take the initiative to get into your bed."Han Yan warned, Han Feng was unscrupulous in Mi, because the Han family had a deep chain of relationships, even if something happened, they could keep Han Feng, but it was different here, there were no high-level relationships, if things got too big, it would be hard to end it.

    "Sister, I'm not just venting my lust now, I've reached a higher level, conquering from within and then getting my body is what will give me a sense of accomplishment, don't worry."Han Feng said with a smile.

    Han Yan nodded her head, since that was the case there was nothing to worry about.

    It was only after Han Feng left the room that Han Qing got up from the floor, her eyes hiding some unhappiness as she had a dewy love affair with Han Feng, and although she had never thought she could be Han Feng's woman, her heart was still a bit unpleasant whenever she heard that Han Feng was interested in another woman.

    "Han Qing, are you very unhappy?"Han Yan asked.

    Han Qing's eyes flashed with a hint of panic, lowering his head and saying, "Little ...... Miss, I'm not, how could I be unhappy."

    Han Yan smiled and said, "I know what's going on between you and Han Feng, but you should be clear about your identity, he's just playing with you, you shouldn't delude yourself that he'll have real feelings for you, you're just a maid in the Han family."

    "Miss, Han Qing understands, Han Qing never thought that Young Master would like me."Han Qing said.

    "You understand that's best, don't worry, even if you're just a maid in the Han family, I'll still find you a good family in the future, without hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, how can I be qualified to marry you."Han Yan said.

    "Thank you, Miss."

His True Colors Chapter 362

Su Yingxia and Shen Ling Yao after work, holding hands out of the company, the two sisters years of affection naturally needless to say, and girls holding hands walking in the street will not have any sense of offense, which is the boys can not do.

    When Shen Lingyao saw a sports car parked in front of the company, she couldn't help but be a little startled, she wouldn't feel that this luxury car was directed at her, but the news of Su Yingxia's divorce had only just gone out, and it was incredible that someone would come to the door to pursue it so soon.

    "Yingxia, your charm is still undiminished, only just divorced, and there are already people who can't wait to chase you."Shen Lingyao said with a smile.

    If it were any other woman, she might have been complacent about this matter, but to Su Yingxia, it wasn't something to be happy about, but would instead become a worry and burden to her.

    Even though she was divorced now, this divorce was Han Qianqian's protection of her, and Su Yingxia could never accept another man's love at a time like this.

    Han Feng leaned on the car door, the scene of a handsome boy with a luxury car attracted the attention of many people, many young girls in the company at this moment with the feeling of envy, who does not want to be able to have such a rich and handsome boyfriend?But they also knew that this was for the chairman, and they were able to just watch the show.

    In order to pursue Su Yingxia, Han Feng deliberately went to buy a new car, for him, this kind of luxury car is like a cabbage, the garage in the rice country parked dozens of luxury cars, including many limited edition, but he has played with the world's top luxury cars.

    When he saw Su Yingxia, Han Feng walked up confidently, although the photo of Su Yingxia's beauty was already stunning enough, but when he saw the real person Han Feng realized that the photo simply concealed Su Yingxia's true beauty.

    Han Qianqian, that kind of trash, was actually able to attract such a wife, he was afraid that he had spent all his luck in this life.

    "Miss Su, for a first meeting, you can call me Feng."Han Feng introduced himself.

    "I don't know you and I don't have any thoughts of getting back into two people's lives for now, thank you for your kindness."Su Yingxia said with a flat expression.

    Han Feng smiled faintly, although Su Yingxia rejected him outright, it didn't hit him because he was an extremely conceited person, and in his eyes, there was no woman in the world he couldn't handle, it was just a matter of time and money at most.

    "Miss Su, I can understand how you feel right now, that kind of scum waste, not only did he join the family, but he also dared to betray you, if you're willing, I can teach him a lesson for you."Han Feng said with a smile.

    Su Yingxia knew that under Jiang Lan's deliberate slander, Han 3000's image in Cloud City had been terrible, but it didn't matter what the outside world said about Han 3000, in her heart, Han 3000's image would never be shaken or changed.

    "No need, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first."After saying that, Su Yingxia bypassed Han Feng and wanted to leave.

    Han Feng's eyes flashed with coldness, blocking in front of Su Yingxia once again, "Miss Su, I just want a fair chance, I'm tens of thousands of times better than Han 3000 but no, trash like him doesn't have the qualifications to compete with me."

    "I'm sorry."Su Yingxia didn't want to say any more nonsense and bypassed Han Feng once again.

    This time, Han Feng didn't continue to block Su Yingxia, as deadly pestering wasn't his style.

    Watching Su Yingxia get in the car and leave, Han Feng bit his teeth and said, "It's absolutely impossible to escape from me Han Feng, I still have time to play with you slowly, the harder it is to conquer, the more it will only give me a sense of accomplishment."

    In the car, Shen Ling Yao deliberately made an envious expression and said, "Ying Xia, this man is very handsome, and looking at the car he drives, his family must be very rich, aren't you at all impressed?"

    "Do you have to ask knowingly?"Su Yingxia asked rhetorically, the feelings between her and Han Qianqian, Shen Ling Yao knew very well, there was no need for such a question to exist.

    Shen Lingyao accosted and said, "I'm just joking, knowing that you two are more love than gold and envious of others, can't you let me, a single dog, fantasize about it?"

    "Fantasize about what?"Su Yingxia asked in puzzlement.

    Shen Lingyao was stunned.

    Fantasizing about what?

    Of course it was a fantasy that Su Yingxia was being chased away by other men and she would have a chance to be with Han Giang.

    Of course, this thought was only confined to her mind.

    "No, it's nothing, just a random thought."Shen Lingyao hastily covered up, then changed the topic and asked, "What kind of image do you think Yi Yun will appear today, but last time, she scared me to death, she's so beautiful that even I'm ashamed of myself."

    Speaking of the last time, Su Yingxia faintly smiled, when Qi Yiyun took off her glasses, she was indeed incredibly beautiful, even she couldn't afford to compare, but this was her own sister, Su Yingxia wouldn't feel any threat, but instead was very happy.

    The more beautiful Qi Yiyun is, the easier it is to find a good family.

    From the time Su Yingxia was in school, she very much hoped that Qi Yiyun would find a good family to marry in the future, so that she wouldn't have to suffer for the rest of her life.

    "I do hope that she doesn't wear glasses so that it will be easier for her to find a boyfriend."Su Yingxia said.

    "Not only is it easy, a whole bunch of flies can't wait to surround her."Shen Ling Yao sighed after saying that and continued, "Unlike me, no matter how carefully I dress up, I will be overshadowed in front of the two of you, it seems that I am destined to be single for the rest of my life."

    Su Yingxia looked at Shen Lingyao with a smile on her face and said, "I however heard that someone recently received quite a few flowers, what was his name again?"

    When Shen Ling Yao heard this, she actually blushed a little and said, "How can he compare to Han Qianqian, a trick like sending flowers can't move me, no matter what I'm a long time man."

    "Just blow it off, after all these years, I'm still not sure how many times you've fallen in love?Try it if it's appropriate, if you keep being so picky, I'll really have to help you find a nunnery."Su Yingxia said.

    "If I were a nun, I would definitely have to pull you and Chi Yiyun on my back, and none of you would want to get married."Shen Lingyao said menacingly.

    The two of them chatted and soon arrived at the promised place for dinner.

    When she saw Chi Yiyun, she put her glasses back on because for Chi Yiyun, she only needed to present herself in front of Han Giang, it didn't matter what other men thought of her at all, and she didn't need to attract more flies for herself.

    "Yi Yun, why did you put your glasses on again."Although taking off her glasses would steal all the men's attention, Shen Lingyao still couldn't accept it when she saw her regaining her low-key side, because she knew clearly that Chi Yi Yun was interested in Han Giang, and if no other man could impress her, her presence would affect the relationship between Su Yingxia and Han Giang.

    "Get used to it, it's still safer to wear glasses."Qi Yiyun smiled.

    Su Yingxia wasn't sure about Qi Yiyun's affection for Han 3000 and persuaded, "These men can be visual creatures, if you hide your beauty and they can't see it, they won't be impressed by you, don't you still want to fall in love?"

    "If I meet the right man, he'll love me even with glasses, and if he's just greedy for my beauty, will he still love me when I'm old and grey?"Qi Yi Yun said.

    The reasoning of these words was impeccable, making Su Yingxia unable to find a point of rebuttal, she could only nod her head in agreement, "The reasoning is like this, but with your natural beauty, as long as you take a little care of yourself, it's fine to be pretty until you're fifty."

    Qi Yiyun sighed slightly in her heart, even if she was beautiful until she was a hundred years old, so what if she was, Han Qianqian wouldn't even look at her, women were pleasing to the eye, and if the other person wasn't someone she belonged to, there was no point in dressing up beautifully.

    "What happened to you and Han Qianqian, why did you suddenly divorce?"Qi Yiyun asked curiously.

    This question made Shen Lingyao's heart instantly go to her throat, what she feared most was that Qi Yiyun cared about this matter, because now that Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian were divorced, it was the right time for Qi Yiyun to take advantage of the situation.

    "It's nothing, they're just getting a fake divorce, they're just messing around, the two of them have a very good relationship and won't be ruined by anyone."Shen Lingyao said.

His True Colors Chapter 363

Shen Lingyao's words were clearly knocking on Chi Yiyun, but Chi Yiyun didn't waver in the slightest, because from the very beginning she knew how difficult this matter was, the relationship between these two people could never be destroyed by her simply stepping in, and Han 3000's affection for Su Yingxia was even stronger than gold.

    Although Qi Yiyun's initial purpose of contacting Han Qianqian was just to get Han Qianqian to help the Qi family, the longer the contact, the more she was able to feel Han Qianqian's charm, and that kind of proximity with a purpose, over time also somewhat slowly changed the taste.

    There were even times when Chi Yi Yun asked herself whether she really had feelings for Han Qianqian, an answer she couldn't give herself, but without giving an answer, Chi Yi Yun understood that her original intention had wavered, and she no longer simply wanted to use Han Qianqian.

    During the meal, Shen Lingyao took the initiative to drive the conversation, avoiding to talk about matters related to Han Qianqian.

    After the meal, Shen Lingyao also took the initiative to send Qi Yiyun back to the hotel, allowing Su Yingxia to go home to rest first.

    Su Yingxia's heart felt empty whenever she thought of the word home, because that home was no longer able to see Han Qianqian's figure, which made Su Yingxia no longer have any sense of belonging.

    Only at this time did she truly understand the importance of Han Three Thousand Years.

    It turned out that Han Three Thousand Year had occupied an irreplaceable position in her heart, the weight of which was incomparable even to Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao.

    Back at the hillside villa, Su Yingxia, who was standing at the door, was late to enter, because she knew that after she entered, her thoughts of Han Three Thousand would be even heavier, the kind of thoughts that came like a tidal wave and would empty her of everything.

    "Yingxia, what are you standing at the door for."He Ting, who came out to throw out the trash, saw Su Yingxia and said with an appalled face.

    "Auntie He, it seems like this place has become not my home anymore."Su Yingxia said with tears in her eyes.

    He Ting sighed, a home without Han Qianqian probably wasn't a home to her anymore.

    "Go back and rest, he'll be back."He Ting said.

    Su Yingxia nodded and walked into the villa.

    This night, for Su Yingxia, it would be sleepless again.

    Elevator apartment.

    Han 3,000 woke up at six as usual, a habit formed over three years, even if there was no alarm clock, he would still wake up on time, the alarm had probably gone deep into his bones and would never forget it for the rest of his life.

    After a simple wash, Han three thousand prepared to go downstairs for a morning run, just pushed open the door, the opposite door also opened.

    Mi Feier was dressed in a sports outfit, and when she saw Han 3,000, there was an obvious unhappy expression on her face.

    "Do you also go for a morning run at six every day?"Han Marchian opened his mouth to ask, but since they had all bumped into each other, not talking seemed awkward.

    But what Han 3000 didn't expect was that he took the initiative to climb into the conversation, but it made the anger even more awkward, because Miffy didn't pay any attention to him at all.

    The two of them got on the elevator together, and the atmosphere seemed even more condensed, giving an extremely depressing feeling in the small space.

    "If the elevator breaks down at this point, it'll be fun."Han Giangli said with a smile, but he wasn't talking to Miffy, it was more like he was talking to himself.

    "Shut your raven mouth."Miffy said unhappily, she didn't want to be trapped in an elevator with Han Giang, this was like a nightmare for her.

    If Miffy knew that Han 3000 was her top boss, I don't know how she would feel right now.

    The elevator reached the first floor and Mi Feier was inexplicably relieved, she was really worried about being right about Han Qianqian.

    The elevator door opened and Mi Feier couldn't wait to get out, acting like she didn't want to stay a moment longer.

    Han three thousand's morning run route was still within the small district, as there was no place that could compare to Genting Mountain, so there was no need to deliberately pick a route, and for Han three thousand, without Su Yingxia by his side, even if it was a world-class landscape, he wouldn't take a second look at it.

    The magnificent mountains and rivers would be meaningless without the company of his beloved.

    Mi Fei'er's rejection of Han Qianli was so heavy that after her morning run, she arrived at the downstairs of the unit and deliberately looked to see if she would run into Han Qianli, and only after making sure that Han Qianli didn't show up did she hurry up to the elevator.

    The elevator slowly closed, and Mi Feier's heart was in her throat, afraid that someone might suddenly walk in.

    It wasn't until the elevator doors closed completely that Mi Feier's mood relaxed, and she felt that the whole world was much brighter for a moment.

    Back home, Yang Meng had already made breakfast and was looking at the computer on the dining table, her brows furrowed.

    "What's wrong with you?Aren't you afraid of getting wrinkles even if you frown early in the morning?"Mi Fei'er asked to Yang Meng.

    "Sister Fei'er, who is the boss of our company, why can't I find out anything at all."Yang Meng was confused and asked to Mi Feier, before she didn't know anything about Weak Water Real Estate, but now that she was going to work in Weak Water Real Estate, she had to know about the company anyway, but when she searched online for information about Weak Water Real Estate, she found that the chairman column was blank, there was no one's name, and the person with the most power was Zhong Liang, but Zhong Liang wasn't the real boss.

    "Are you stupid, have you forgotten who I told you about the backstage of Weak Water Real Estate?"Mi Feier said helplessly.

    "Of course I remember, isn't it the Yanjing Han family, I even made a special effort to learn more about it, this Han family is really powerful, but who is the head of our company, who is the Han family?"Yang Meng was curious.

    After drinking a mouthful of porridge, Mi Fei'er said, "As far as I know, the chairman of Weak Water Real Estate has never shown up in Cloud City, all matters are almost always left to Zhong Liang to handle, but he should be behind the scenes controlling the company's dynamics, and if there are orders, they should also be given directly to Zhong Liang."

    "The west side of the city project is such a big project, but he hasn't even come to Yun City, can he be trusted with full authority to hand it over to Zhong Liang?"Yang Meng said.

    "In our eyes, it's a big investment, but in his eyes, maybe it's just a small industry and it's not surprising that he doesn't care, but I'm sure we'll be able to see him soon."As she said this, Miffy's expression held some expectation.

    "Why?"Yang Meng asked curiously.

    Hearing Yang Meng's question, Mi Fei'er couldn't help but roll her eyes, she couldn't even think of such a simple question.

    "I think you're really stupid, Yun Cheng is now in such a big change, how could he, as the chairman, not step in, do you really think he would let Zhong Liang deal with the Han Clan?"Mi Fei'er said.

    Yang Meng suddenly realized that he was too stupid, and said with a bitter face, "Sister Fei'er, if it wasn't for you, I really wouldn't understand anything, thanks to you, I can understand more things."

    Mi Fei'er smiled and said, "This simplicity of yours is actually very good, which I can't envy, but unfortunately in today's society, simplicity has turned into stupidity, and it will be easy to be deceived, so it's time for you to take a snack."

    "Sister Fei'er, as long as I have you by my side, I'm at ease, I don't need to grow a heart of my own."Yang Meng was heartlessly cheerful.

    "It's not like I can't be by your side forever, don't you sister Fei'er need to find a boyfriend?I can't say that when the chairman of the Weak Water Real Estate appears, Fierce Sister's love will come."Mi Fei'er smiled.

    Yang Meng with a smile on her face leaned close to Mi Fei'er, affectionately took her arm and said, "Sister Fei'er, you are so beautiful, the chairman will definitely fall in love with you, at that time, you can be the chairman's wife."

    This kind of thing was just imagination, after all, she didn't even know who the other party was right now, but Mi Feier believed that if she could be given the chance to get close to the chairman, this kind of thing was still a possibility, after all, she had an advantage over most women in terms of her looks and figure.

    "If I become the chairman's wife, I'll definitely introduce you to a rich man in the future."Mi Feier said.

    Yang Meng's pursuit of anything was not utilitarian, so she didn't have high requirements for her boyfriend, as long as she truly loved her, as for whether she had money or not, it wasn't the focus of her consideration, having a sense of motivation and being able to work hard together was enough.

    "Sister Fei'er, I don't want to find a rich man, I think Old Han is good, he looks honest, he definitely won't mess around outside."Yang Meng said.

    When she heard the word Old Han, Mi Fei'er's face revealed undisguised disgust.


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