His True Colors Chapter 359-360


His True Colors Chapter 359

Han Qianliang and Mi Feier Yang Meng arrived at the Weak Water Property one after the other, when Han Qianliang went to Zhong Liang's office, Mi Feier and Yang Meng were waiting for an interview in the personnel department, and due to the poor prospects of the Weak Water Property right now, only the two of them were interviewed.

    But anyone with a little bit of normal thinking wouldn't be interviewing at Weak Water Real Estate under the current circumstances, after all, there were still very few people with reverse thinking like Mi Fei'er.

    The most central question that the HR Minister asked when interviewing the two of them was about why they would choose Weakwater Real Estate at this time.

    Mi Fei'er's answer just like the explanation to Yang Meng, very direct, to show their own desires very simple and straightforward, this kind of person personnel minister is the first time to meet, can't help but to Mi Fei'er some other eyes.

    But whether or not they could enter the Weak Water Property, they still had to wait for Zhong Liang's pat decision.

    "I already know your basic information, please wait a moment."

    After the minister left the interview room, Yang Meng looked a little nervous, while Mi Feier looked very confident.

    "Sister Feier, will the two of us succeed in the interview?"Yang Meng asked with a guilty conscience.

    Mi Fei'er nodded with a smile and said, "Of course it will work, the Weak Water Property is in a period of shortage right now, so don't worry."

    Hearing Mi Feier say this, Yang Meng's heart calmed down a little.

    In Zhong Liang's office, he had already told Han Qianliang about today's general situation, the people he was going to meet were the owners of several core industries in Cloud City, but none of them were top people, because those companies with real strength had now been pulled together by Han's group, so they now only had some small companies left to hug.

    "Young Master, the chances of these small companies cooperating with us if they are afraid of being annexed can reach over eighty percent, but we can't rule out the possibility that the Han Clan has already approached them."Zhong Liang said to Han Marchant.

    The current situation belonged to no way out, and for Han Three Thousand was just barely a try, whether it could succeed or not, and how much help it could provide to the Weak Water Property after success, Han Three Thousand couldn't be sure.

    "Today, it's mainly you talking to them, I'll go and check the attitude of these people."Han Three Thousand said.

    Zhong Liang nodded his head in understanding, knowing that the real significance of Han Qianlian doing this wasn't how many people he could bring in, but through their attitudes to determine how many people in Cloud City would submit to Han's group today.

    At this time, a knock sounded on the door, and Zhong Liang said, "Come in," after seeing Han Marchant nod slightly.

    After the HR Minister entered the office, he gently closed the door, fearing that closing the door heavily would cause a loud noise.

    "Brother Zhong, there are two people coming for an interview, I already know the general situation, do you need to see their information?"The minister asked.

    "Have you asked them what brought them to the office for an interview?"Zhong Liang said, this is the problem that Han Qianli explained, although Zhong Liang didn't know why Han Qianli particularly cared about these two women, but since the boss had spoken, he definitely had to do as he was told.

    "That woman named Mi Fei'er said that the company's adversity can bring her more room for development, she didn't come to the company to simply apply for a job, but wanted to enter the top management of the company, I can feel that this is a woman with a strong sense of merit."The minister said.

    Han Giang was slightly surprised, Mi Fei'er was not only a cold personality, her work ethic was actually so strong, this kind of backwards thinking was by no means something that ordinary people could have.

    Han three thousand on the way to the weak water property thought about a problem, if you let Yang Meng into the company, kicked off Mi Feier, what kind of effect would this be, teasing Mi Feier in the palm of the hand, but carefully think about it, this kind of careful retaliation seems unnecessary, so they dismissed the idea.

    "Let them come to the company."Han Giangli said indifferently.

    After the minister left the office, he informed Miffy Yang Meng and the two of them of the news.

    Yang Meng appeared very excited, while Mi Feier was calm, as this was a natural outcome for her.

    "Sister Fei'er, we can go have a big meal today."Yang Meng said happily.

    "You're a foodie, don't you have anything else to do but eat, go home first and prepare for your entry in the next two days."Mi Feier said.

    Han Qianliang and Zhong Liang also left the Weak Water property shortly after, arriving at an agreed upon teahouse.

    The first person they were to meet today was named Liu Guofeng.

    At this time, Liu Guofeng was already the first to arrive at the private room, if he had been interviewed by Weak Water Real Estate in the past, he would have been very excited, because before Han's Group was born, Weak Water Real Estate was an object that countless people in Cloud City wanted to curry favor with, after all, with the backing of the Yanjing Han family, everyone wanted to be able to enter into a cooperation with Weak Water Real Estate, so that they could get a bit of their own oil and water on this piece of fat meat.

    But now, Liu Guofeng was acting in an exuberant mood about this matter, because on the surface, Weak Water Real Estate had already been suppressed by the Han family to the point of being unable to breathe, and the shelving of the west side of the city project made it seem like Weak Water Real Estate simply didn't have the strength to compete with the Han family, and it was very likely that he was just going to be used as cannon fodder at this time.

    "Mr. Liu, I didn't expect you to arrive so early."Zhong Liang said to Liu Guofeng with a smiling face after entering the box.

    Liu Guofeng's attitude was indifferent, in the past, it would have been difficult to meet Zhong Liang, how could he get Zhong Liang's smiling face.

    "Boss Zhong, I happen to be free today, that's why I came to meet you, just say what you have to say, you also know that it's very dangerous to meet with you now, if Han's group knows about it, my company will be finished."Liu Guofeng said.

    Zhong Liang sat opposite Liu Guofeng and after pouring a cup of tea for himself, he said, "Mr. Liu, I hope to reach a cooperation with your company, I don't know what your intention is."

    Liu Guofeng smiled faintly and said, "Boss Zhong, if it was before, I, Liu Guofeng, would have begged for it, but now, I won't do such a thing to lose my head, Weak Water Real Estate used to be powerful in Cloud City, but now, it's nothing."

    Liu Guofeng's words were very direct and unpleasant to listen to, which made Zhong Liang's expression instantly become stiff.

    "Mr. Liu, just because Weak Water Real Estate is taking a step back now, it doesn't mean that it's afraid of the Han Group."Zhong Liang said.

    Liu Guofeng smiled coldly and said, "I'm not sure if I'm afraid of it or not, but I know very well how big the Han Group's capital is, and you should also know, and you're just a worker, and now the real owner of Weak Water Real Estate is hiding like a shrinking turtle and doesn't dare to show up, so who would dare to trust Weak Water Real Estate easily?"

    "Since Liu is here today, he's not here to talk sarcasm, so you can feel free to make any demands you have."Zhong Liang said, if Liu Guofeng's attitude is tough and has no intention of cooperating with Weakwater Real Estate, there is no need for him to appear, since he is here, it means that he must have plans.

    Liu Guofeng smiled faintly and said, "Boss Zhong is really a smart man, my idea is very simple, since Weak Water Real Estate wants to cooperate with me, I want a bit of shares of Weak Water Real Estate is not too much, grasshoppers tied to the same boat, only common interests, only then can we truly cooperate without gaps."

    A share in Weak Water Real Estate?

    By virtue of Liu Guofeng's status, what qualifications does he have to ask for shares of Weak Water Real Estate.

    "Mr. Liu, how much can your shabby company be worth, but you have the audacity to want to become a shareholder of Weak Water Real Estate."Zhong Liang said disdainfully.

    Liu Guofeng's expression was cold and slightly fierce as he said to Zhong Liang, "Boss Zhong, now it's you who is begging me, not me who is begging you, I advise you to think carefully before you speak."

    Zhong Liang half lay on the seat, looked at Liu Guofeng contemptuously, and said: "Where do you see that I need to ask you, Liu Guofeng, although the Weak Water Real Estate is now suppressed by the Han Group, but to play dead a small company like you, it is still a simple matter, you do not think too much of yourself, do you really think that the current Weak Water Real Estate can be manipulated by a trash like you?"

    Liu Guofeng originally thought that Weak Water Real Estate wanted to recruit him, will definitely give certain benefits, that's why he lionized him, he also forgot Zhong Liang said this point, Weak Water Real Estate is now although in a suppressed situation, but the skinny camel is bigger than the horse, how can he have the qualifications to flaunt in front of Zhong Liang.

His True Colors Chapter 360

"Boss Zhong, I wasn't too calm just now and said something I shouldn't have said, please understand."Liu Guofeng made amends to Zhong Liang, he appeared to have a superior attitude, but after being awakened by Zhong Liang's words, he realized how stupid his attitude was, even if he didn't cooperate with Weak Water Real Estate, there was no need to make a grudge against it.

    After all, his company was not in a good situation, and a company that was more powerful than him in the same field had already cooperated with the Han Group, so his survival space would be squeezed greatly, and in this situation, holding a grudge against Weak Water Real Estate would only make him die faster.

    Zhong Liang smiled coldly and said, "The matter of you calling my boss a shrinking turtle, I will report to him truthfully, as for how you should choose, think about it yourself."

    After saying that, Zhong Liang left the box.

    Han Qianliang stood by Zhong Liang's side the entire time and didn't say a word, but from Liu Guofeng's attitude he could tell that these people feared Han's group greatly and would never truly cooperate with Weakwater Real Estate.

    "Young Master, he should be cooperating with us."After returning to the car, Zhong Liang said to Han Qianliang.

    Han Qianli looked out the window and said indifferently, "There's no point in this kind of cooperation, he could stab Weakwater Real Estate in the back at any time."

    Zhong Liang nodded and said, "That's true, so what should we do now?"

    "You can meet the next few people yourself, this road seems to be impossible now,"Han Marchant said.

    Zhong Liang hung his head helplessly, the business world was all about profit, money was the most important thing, and the financial power that Han's group was showing now was not something that the Weakwater Real Estate could contend with, and it was almost impossible to pull together a sincere cooperation.

    "Yes."Zhong Liang echoed.

    Han Giang got off alone.

    Since the age of fourteen to secretly embark on his own path in the business world, Han Three Thousand had never met such a strong enemy, he had many tricks, but in front of absolute power, these tricks would undoubtedly pale in comparison, no matter how many tricks he had, the financial power of Han's group was there, like a high mountain that towered into the clouds, with cliffs on all sides, Han Three Thousand was unable to climb it even if he had more tricks.

    For the first time in so many years, Han Three Thousand had a sense of powerlessness, but in order to be able to be with Su Yingxia again, even if he had to face the giant, he had to bring the giant down.

    Su Family Company, Su Yingxia who had not slept soundly all night, looked particularly haggard today, and despite having applied makeup, the dark circles under her eyes were still very obvious.

    Shen Lingyao is well aware of Su Yingxia's self-disciplined schedule, she would never let herself rest poorly, could it be that something drastic happened last night?

    Quietly walking to Su Yingxia's side, Shen Lingyao said to Su Yingxia with a wry smile on her face, "Yingxia, look at you, you're exhausted last night, you and Han Qianqian ......"

    Shen Ling Yao stretched out her hands, her index fingers pointing at each other, her expression ambiguous as she continued, "Is it a done deal?"

    "I divorced him,"Su Yingxia said.

    Shen Lingyao's movements froze in mid-air, her expression gradually becoming unbelievable.

    "What did you ...... you say?"Shen Lingyao dug her ears, suspecting that she had just produced hallucinations.

    "You heard me right, I've divorced him."Su Yingxia said.

    Shen Lingyao instantly blew up and said with an angry face, "What's going on, is it that Han Giang has done something wrong to you, this bastard, I want to kill him!How dare he hurt you."

    Seeing Shen Lingyao's overreaction, Su Yingxia quickly said, "He didn't do anything wrong to me, on the contrary, he was protecting me."

    "What the hell, divorce is also called protecting you, are you poisoned by something, you actually even believe such muddled words."In Shen Lingyao's mind, Han Qianqian was a very infatuated person, and she also silently treated Han Qianqian as a male god, but now, Han Qianqian's image as a male god instantly collapsed in her heart, so her anger was not only because of Su Yingxia, but also because of herself.

    She couldn't accept that an infatuated prince charming had suddenly turned into a scum.

    "Calm down for a moment, do you want to know what's going on?"Su Yingxia said calmly.

    "You quickly say, if this scum has wronged you, I'll immediately bring my knife to cut him."Shen Lingyao lifted up her cuff pipe, looking like she couldn't contain her anger.

    Su Yingxia smiled helplessly, Shen Lingyao's goodness towards her hadn't changed from start to finish.

    But she was also more than aware that Han Qianli's heart for her hadn't changed either, and she even believed that Han Qianli was suffering inside when she made this decision.

    After Su Yingxia told Shen Lingyao about her suspicions and the whole story, Shen Lingyao's emotions finally calmed down a bit.

    "Really, he wasn't hooked up with another woman?"Shen Lingyao said suspiciously.

    "There are some things that I can't tell you right now, but that's roughly the case."Su Yingxia had concealed Han Three Thousand's identity, only mentioning that Han Three Thousand had a history with the Han Clan, so she couldn't fully convince Shen Ling Yao.

    If she told Shen Lingyao about Han Three Thousand's identity, she would have no doubts about it, but Su Yingxia wouldn't do that because Han Three Thousand didn't want the outside world to know his identity, and Shen Lingyao, a big mouth Su Yingxia knew very well, so if she knew, it would definitely spread out very quickly.

    "Why would he mess with Han's group."Shen Lingyao was puzzled.

    "There are some reasons, you'll know later."Su Yingxia said.

    Shen Lingyao suddenly put one hand around Su Yingxia's neck as if she was trying to strangle her, but the hand injury wasn't really forceful and said in a threatening tone, "Good you Su Yingxia, there are still things you're hiding from me, don't you trust me?"

    "I'm afraid you're going to say something you shouldn't, don't you know yourself, with that mouth of yours?"Su Yingxia was helpless.

    Shen Lingyao awkwardly let go of Su Yingxia and said, "That's true, if you tell me, I definitely won't be able to resist telling other people, forget it, I'll forgive you this time, but you have to keep an eye on Han Qianxiang, lest he be abducted by another woman."

    Su Yingxia wanted to go over and find Han Qianqian, even though she was divorced, it didn't mean they couldn't meet.

    But when you think about it, since Han 3000 is doing this, the purpose is to get rid of her, and if she goes to meet with Han 3000, then the divorce will be meaningless.

    "I trust him."Su Yingxia said firmly.

    Shen Lingyao also believed Han Qianqian in her heart, after all, this image of an infatuated male god had become deeply ingrained in her heart.

    "Right, tonight our three sisters are meeting, do you want to tell Yiyun about the divorce?"Shen Ling Yao asked.

    "It's almost all over Cloud City, do I still need to tell her about it?"Su Yingxia smiled bitterly.

    Shen Lingyao nodded her head and said no more.

    About Han Three Thousand and Su Yingxia's divorce, after one night of fermentation, no one in Cloud City already knows about it, Han Three Thousand went to Golden Bridge City of this smear was also widely publicized, so now Han Three Thousand not only has the title of wimp, but also an additional name of scum.

    Many women were outraged by this, how does a wimp who has eaten soft food for three years have the right to betray Su Yingxia?

    There were even quite a few overreacting people who were discussing this matter on the internet, launching an overwhelming tirade of abuse against Han Three Thousand.

    The person who started all this, Jiang Lan, was very happy about it, the more intense the abuse towards Han 3,000, the less influence it will have relative to Su Yingxia, as long as Su Yingxia is placed in a weak position, it will be easier for Su Yingxia to find a husband in the future.

    Today, Jiang Lan no longer has the slightest intention of letting Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia remarry, and in her eyes, Han Qianqian will definitely be finished, so another plan is unfolding in Jiang Lan's heart.

    In order for Su Yingxia to find a better man, Jiang Lan must find a way to spread the news that the two did not sleep together, so that those people know that Su Yingxia was not defiled by Han Qianqian, the number of people pursuing Su Yingxia will increase.

    The way to spread the word was naturally her long-tongued sisters, so Jiang Lan gathered these people together again, specially invited them to dinner, and then accidentally let this matter slip out of her mouth.

    After those sisters heard about this matter, Yun Cheng would undoubtedly set off another round of snickering at Han Marchand.

    Three whole years without completing the couple, how big of a joke must this be?


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