His True Colors Chapter 357-358


His True Colors Chapter 357

"He's already gone."Jiang Lan said with a blank expression.

    Su Yingxia ran back to her room in a panic and opened the wardrobe, there was not a single piece of clothing that belonged to Han Qianli left, which made her stay on the spot.

    At this time, Jiang Lan went to the door of the room again, and said to Su Yingxia, "Han Qianli changed his tricks to divorce you, he must have planned it, why do you need to be sad for this kind of man?"


    Su Yingxia closed the door heavily.

    Su Yingxia was very clear about how Han Marchant treated her, he definitely couldn't do this without a reason, and they were now in a very stable relationship and were getting better, how could Han Marchant choose to divorce her at this time?

    Last night, the starry sky was shining brightly, but now her world has become dark, and she doesn't understand why Han Qianqian is doing this.

    Outside the door, Jiang Lan sighed slightly, but Su Yingxia would have this kind of reaction, she had expected it.

    "Look at what you've done, what's this called."Su Guoyao grumbled to Jiang Lan.

    "I'm also doing it for her own good, and this little thing will be fine in a few days, why are you nervous?"Jiang Lan coldly said.

    Su Guoyao sighed heavily and returned to his room on the second floor.

    He Ting hadn't understood what had happened until now, Han Qianli had even signed a divorce agreement with Su Yingxia!

    Although she didn't know the reason, she was certain that it had something to do with Jiang Lan.

    Also as a mother, she really couldn't understand why Jiang Lan would repeatedly destroy the relationship between Han Giang and Su Yingxia.

    Hearing Su Yingxia's sobs coming from the room, He Ting was heartbroken and waited until Jiang Lan also went upstairs before she walked to the door of the room.

    "Yingxia, can you let Auntie He come in?"He Ting said.

    A short while later, Su Yingxia opened the door, her face full of tears even more heartbreaking.

    "Auntie He, when did 3000 leave?"Su Yingxia asked.

    "He left shortly after you went to work, and before he left, he asked me to take care of you, although I don't know what's going on, but I believe that Han 3000 wouldn't do this to you, he must have a reason for doing this."He Ting said anxiously, fearing that Su Yingxia would misunderstand Han Qianqian.

    After Su Yingxia calmed down, she also figured out this matter, Han 3000 divorced her for no reason, there must be a reason, and this reason must have something to do with Jiang Lan as well.

    "I know, he's trying to protect me."Su Yingxia said.

    He Ting was relieved that there was no misunderstanding, and said, "It's best if you understand that."

    "But since we're husband and wife, why can't we face difficulties together?"Su Yingxia wasn't stupid, the reason for the sudden divorce she could think of, Han 3000 must be because of Han's group, that's why he made such a choice, and this choice was most likely brought up by Jiang Lan.

    "Perhaps, when he faces it on his own, he will be more carefree and be able to do this better."He Ting said, she didn't know anything, so she could only comfort Su Yingxia in this way.

    "Maybe."Su Yingxia nodded her head, not blaming Han Qianqian in her heart, and since things had come to this point, Su Yingxia would respect Han Qianqian's decision as well.

    Since she couldn't help in this matter, she was by no means willing to drag Han Qianli's back.

    "Finish your meal, Auntie He made your favorite."He Ting said.

    Su Yingxia nodded her head and walked with He Ting to the dining table.

    Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao didn't show up during the meal, Su Guoyao didn't know how to face Su Yingxia, while Jiang Lan was afraid that Su Yingxia would blame her if she made her aware of something.

    Lin Yong helped buy an apartment in a certain elevator apartment for Han three thousand three thousand to live in.

    When Han 3,000 yuan took her luggage and just walked into the elevator, a fragrance wafted on the wind.

    Two very young girls walked up to the elevator arm in arm, looking very close to each other.

    They couldn't help but reveal a hint of surprise when they saw the floor Han 3,000 had pressed.

    "Did you rent a room on the sixteenth floor?"One of the women asked Han Marchand, who treated people with significantly more enthusiasm and formed completely different extremes from the other girl.

    "Yeah."Han Qianli smiled, this house wasn't rented but bought, but since the other girl said so, Han Qianli didn't bother explaining.

    "I also live on the sixteenth floor, we'll be neighbors from now on, I'm Yang Meng, her name is Mi Feier, nice to meet you."Yang Meng belonged to a very warm and spontaneous group and extended her hand to Han Three Thousand.

    Han Three thousand politely responded, shook Yang Meng's hand and said, "My surname is Han, you can just call me Old Han."

    Yang Meng was very warm, but Mi Fei'er treated Han 3,000 with great indifference and didn't even look at Han 3,000 in the eye, let alone greet him.

    Han 3,000 was not the kind of person to stick a hot face to a cold butt, and there was no need to hold such a cold person in his hands, not to mention that Han 3,000 didn't take their beauty into consideration.

    It was a coincidence enough that they shared the 16th floor, and also door to door, even Han 3,000 was a little surprised, could this be the legendary fate, or was it deliberately arranged by that guy Lin Yong.

    After each returned home, Mi Feier took off her high heels and said to Yang Meng, "Didn't I tell you, don't be so enthusiastic about everyone, be a little wary.What if he's a bad guy."

    "Sister Feier, I don't think he looks like a bad guy ah, he hasn't looked at his eyes from head to toe, unlike other men."Yang Meng said.

    Mi Fei'er smiled faintly and said, "There are the kind of people who purposely put on an appearance of being serious, don't you know that the desire to catch them?I don't think he's a good thing."

    Yang Meng looked helpless, Mi Fei'er was very wary of men and looked at everyone like a badass pervert.

    While it was true that this situation existed in most men, there were many of them who were somewhat upright.

    From Yang Meng's point of view, this old Han was an upright man, and from the moment they entered the elevator, Han Qianqian's eyes hadn't looked randomly, which was very rare.

    "Sister Feier, you have to think so badly of every man."Yang Meng said.

    "It's not that I think, but they're already bad, let's not discuss this, have you done your resume?If you don't hurry, I'm not going to wait for you."Mi Fei'er said.

    When it came to the matter of resume, Yang Meng's face revealed doubts and asked, "Sister Feier, why do we have to jump into the Weakwater Real Estate at such a time, the current prospect of the Weakwater Real Estate is not too optimistic ah, Han's Group is rising strongly, the Weakwater Real Estate may face collapse at any time."

    "This kind of company that is in crisis can only have better development, facing difficulties together with the company, the chances of promotion in the future are greater, do you want to sit in that kind of hopeless job for the rest of your life?"Miffy explained.

    "That's true, but what if the Weakwater property collapses?"Yang Meng was worried, she was more seeking stability than Mifile, having a stable job and income was enough.

    "We can still change companies, it's not like we'll lose anything."Miffy said very directly, for a woman with a strong sense of merit like her, life is a gamble, as long as one can win a gamble, then the trajectory of life can become different.

    Nowadays, the form of the weak water property was indeed not too good, but in Mifile's opinion, it happened to be an opportunity, a well-developed company, it was difficult to make bright results, even if you made results, you would be snatched away by your boss, but the weak water property was different, being in a difficult situation, there were more opportunities to perform at this time, and the weak water property also had a backstage, so Mifile was willing to take a chance.

    "That's right."Yang Meng nodded, for an ordinary employee like her, changing companies wasn't a big deal, and she was used to listening to Mi Fei'er's arrangements, since Mi Fei'er was going to Weakwater Real Estate, she definitely wanted to follow along.

    "I'll write out my resume later and drop it into Weak Water Real Estate."Yang Meng said.

    On the other hand, after Han Qianqiang put her luggage away, she laid down on the living room sofa to let go of the air, when Su Yingxia should have already returned home, not knowing what mood she was in.

    As night fell, Han Qianlian in the living room couch of the elevator apartment and Su Yingxia in the room of the hillside villa were destined to not be able to sleep peacefully tonight.

His True Colors Chapter 358

The next morning, Han Qianli opened his eyes and habitually looked towards his left, as he had to wake Su Yingxia up for his morning run at a time like this, but when he turned his head, he found it empty and couldn't help but smile bitterly.

    "Things that I've been used to for so long, I really still can't change."

    At the hillside villa, the sound of the alarm bell sounded, which signaled that it was time to go for a morning run, and Su Yingxia subconsciously shouted, "Three thousand, you quickly turn off the alarm."

    When this was said, Su Yingxia opened her eyes abruptly, which was only a little disorienting in hindsight with only herself lying on the bed.

    The two people who were not far apart, got up at the same time, but neither of them had the same spirit as before.

    Su Yingxia ran alone towards the top of the mountain.

    Han Marchiang, on the other hand, was preparing to go downstairs and get acquainted in the neighborhood.

    As soon as she opened the door, Han 3,000 saw Mi Feier, who was dressed in a sports outfit and looked very spirited and competent, and by the looks of her, she should be going for her morning exercise as well.

    "Hello."Han Giangli greeted flatly.

    As they waited for the elevator together, Miffy stood a meter away behind Han Giang, a vigilance she maintained towards strangers, she would never let anyone stand behind her in this situation where there were only two people.

    Sizing up Han 3,000's back, upright enough that he was definitely in very good shape compared to a lot of young people who were stooped and hunched over, and was also considered the kind of person who had a small amount of muscles, he should be a very disciplined and exercise-loving person, which was very similar to Miffy.

    "The elevator door is reflective."Han Giangli suddenly spoke up to break the silence.

    Miffy couldn't help but look at the elevator door, only then did she realize that everything she was doing behind Han Giang's back was clearly reflected by the elevator door.

    "Do you exercise regularly?"Miffy changed the subject so as not to embarrass herself.

    "Every day."Han Marchan said.

    Mi Feier asked herself if she was a very cold person, but she didn't expect Han 3000 to be even more cold than he was.

    Was this a deliberately faked attitude, or was that what he already was?

    Mi Fei'er no longer spoke, taking the initiative to speak up was also to ease the embarrassment, it was already a very rare thing for her.

    The two of them split up downstairs, Han Qianli jogged in the small area, the air quality here compared to Genting Mountain, but it was several notches worse, as for the scenery, let alone the scenery, the entire Cloud City could not find a place that could be compared to Genting Mountain.

    After running around the neighborhood, Han Qianli had just reached the bottom of the unit when he heard the sounds of an argument coming from not far away.

    Mi Fei'er and a young woman were arguing because the young woman was walking her dog without a tow rope, so Mi Fei'er went forward to persuade her, but she didn't expect the young woman to react fiercely and break into curses, making Mi Fei'er furious.

    "My dog doesn't bite, what does it have to do with you, you're such a demonic product, you can't even manage yourself, and you're still qualified to control me?"The young woman thrusts her waist in a brash manner.

    "You think your dog doesn't bite, but you have to consider the feelings of other people, not everyone is close to it,"Miffy said.

    "I'm the owner of this place, have you bought a house here and you're in a position to lecture me, look at you, you're renting a room, right?"The young woman sized up Miffy with disdain.

    "Does this have anything to do with you walking your dog without a tow rope?"Miffle said.

    "What's it to you if I walk my dog without a leash, did it bite you?"The young woman said.

    In the face of the young woman's brashness, Mi Fei'er clearly fell out of favor.

    At this time, a middle-aged man walked up to the young woman and pointed at Mi Fei'er and scolded, "B*t*h, what are you doing, my family's business, can you control it?"

    "I'm just trying to kindly persuade her, in case it bites someone, it's not good for anyone."Mi Fei'er's momentum was significantly weaker, the other party was a big man after all, in case of roughing her up, she would definitely be the one to suffer.

    "I also have money to pay for biting someone, it has nothing to do with you, don't mind your own business, get out of here."The middle-aged man said in an angry voice.

    Mi Fei'er was so angry that she vomited blood, at this time she saw Han Qianqian downstairs of the unit, she thought Han Qianqian would come to help say a few words, with a man there, she also had a little more strength, but what Mi Fei'er didn't expect was that Han Qianqian actually walked away with a calm face!

    Is he ...... still not a man to just walk away!

    Han Qianqian didn't want to mind her own business, and with Mi Feier's cold, rejectionist attitude, she probably didn't want him to interfere either, so why bother.

    When she got on the elevator, the door was just about to close when Mi Feier walked in furiously.

    "Are you comfortable with the good show?"After a while, Miffy said to Han Giangli.

    "If it were Yang Meng, I would help."Han Qianqian said.

    This statement made Mi Fei'er a bit startled, it was clear that it was because of her that he wouldn't help, did this guy have to put it so bluntly?

    "Also, Yang Meng is better at fooling, for this kind of heroic trick, it's easier to fall for it."Mi Fei'er gritted her teeth and said.

    Han Giangli smiled faintly and said, "Since you want to be an iceberg, you have to endure this cold, pretending to be high and mighty and wanting to get help from others, does the world owe you?"

    After saying this, the elevator just happened to arrive at the sixteenth floor, and Han Qianli walked out of the elevator, leaving Mi Feier dazed alone.

    Mi Feier was very beautiful, so even if she was like an iceberg, there were many men who took the initiative to please her, which led to Mi Feier's habitual belief that those ordinary men would be inferior to her.

    In Mi Feier's eyes, Han Qianqian, who also lived in a rented room, was naturally nothing special.

    But she never thought that Han Qianqian would actually say such a thing.

    She asked herself to be high and cold, but Han Three Thousand's high and cold seemed to be a cut above her.

    As she watched Han Qianqian open the door to go home, Mi Fei'er gritted her teeth and said, "There are kinds of men in the world who are incapable of being partial to a big rack, and they're talking about people like you."

    Returning home in a rage, Yang Meng was already in the kitchen making porridge, although she didn't like morning exercises, but she also woke up very early, and she was almost always the one who took care of breakfast every day.

    "Sister Fei'er, has anyone annoyed you?"Yang Meng looked at Miffy in puzzlement.

    "It's still not that guy across the street."Mi Fei'er said with hatred.

    "Old Han?"Yang Meng looked surprised and asked, "Is Old Han up this early too?"

    "Sister Fei'er, as the saying goes, a distant relative is better than a close neighbor, we have to have a good relationship with our neighbors, so why don't I have him come over for breakfast."Yang Meng said.

    Mi Fei'er now wanted to cringe and skin Han Giang, since childhood, Han Giang was still the first one to be so cold to her, and still wanted to eat breakfast at her house, how was this possible.

    "You this girl, sooner or later you will be abducted, and he is very familiar with it, you have to invite him to eat breakfast at home."Mi Fei'er said with a reproachful face.

    Yang Meng deflated her mouth and didn't dare to speak again, although Mi Fei'er was very strong at times, Yang Meng knew it was for her own good, if it wasn't for Mi Fei'er, she would have been cheated by those men long ago.

    "Alright then, we'll eat by ourselves."Yang Meng said.

    After breakfast, their emails each received a job application reply from Weak Water Real Estate, asking them to come to the company for an interview today, which filled Mi Fei'er with anticipation.

    Han Qianliang returned home, took a shower, changed his clothes, and was going to talk to Zhong Liang about working with other companies today, but instead of appearing as the boss, he feigned to be Zhong Liang's assistant to see how the others felt about the matter.

    Coincidentally, Han Giangiang and Mi Fei'er both met at the elevator door again, which might be called not a family of wrongdoers.

    "Old Han, are you going to work?"Yang Meng took the initiative to accost Han Qianqian.

    "Yeah, do you guys work too?"Han Giangli asked with a smile, it was like running into an old friend in the bathroom and asking if the other person was going to the bathroom, a completely un-nutritious topic of conversation.

    "Going for an interview at a new company, do you know about Weakwater Real Estate?"Yang Meng asks.

    Weak water property!

    These four words made Han Giangli froze, it wouldn't be so coincidental as to be so outrageous, the two of them actually went to a weak water property interview.

    "It's not a good time to go to the Weak Water Property for an interview,"Han Marchiang said.

    "Hmph."Mi Fei'er snorted coldly and said, "People like you who have no pattern naturally don't understand why we're going to Weak Water Real Estate, so I don't bother explaining it to you."

    Han Qianqian looked at Yang Meng and said, "Go for it, you'll definitely succeed in the interview."

    Feeling herself being ignored by Han Qianqian, Mi Fei'er was once again numb with anger.


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