His True Colors Chapter 354-356


His True Colors Chapter 354

Su Yingxia carefully thought about it, today was not a special day, why would she suddenly want to go to dinner, and at the Crystal Restaurant.

    This place left Su Yingxia with the first big surprise in her life, and even now she couldn't forget Han Giang's appearance when she played the piano at the Crystal Restaurant.

    For her, there was no need to go to the Crystal Restaurant if it wasn't particularly important, because the shocking memories of this place couldn't be compared to anything else.

    "Is today any special day?"Su Yingxia asked cautiously, afraid that she had forgotten something.

    "It's nothing, I just wanted to have a meal with you."Han Giangli said, his heart was very much struggling and in pain, but on the surface he didn't show the slightest bit of difference.

    "Did something happen?"A woman's intuitive nature made Su Yingxia smell a hint of something unusual and hinted that something was going on.

    "Can't I just have a meal outside with you, where's the matter."Han Qianli said with a helpless smile.

    Su Yingxia observed Han Giang, unable to see any flaw in his expression, and eventually gave up.

    Maybe it really was just a meal.

    At the Crystal Restaurant, Han Three Thousand had already made a reservation, and the service staff led the two to a window seat, where they could see the most beautiful night view in Cloud City, and the closest to the starry sky in all of Cloud City.

    When the night was overcast, the night sky was filled with stars, and the lights were brightly lit beneath their feet, the feeling of being in the middle of the world was as if they were wrapped up in the entire world.

    "No wonder Crystal Restaurant has been doing very hot business since it opened, eating here, what you enjoy is not just delicious, but also the charming scenery."Su Yingxia said to Han Giangli with a face of enjoyment.

    "So a truly successful thing won't be just one factor, the biggest highlight of Crystal Restaurant's success, aside from the taste and service, is the charming scenery here."Han Three Thousand said.

    "So fond of this place."Looking at the starry sky and the lights, Su Yingxia said obsessively.

    "If you like it, we'll come here often for dinner in the future."Han Giangli smiled.

    Su Yingxia stared at Han Qianqian and said, "This place isn't cheap, even if you have money, you can't be so wasteful."

    "Yingxia, do you believe me?"Han 3,000 suddenly asked.

    "Of course."Without the slightest hesitation, Su Yingxia spoke up, "No matter what you do, I'll believe you."

    Han Giangli nodded silently.

    They only returned to the hillside villa at ten o'clock, and while Su Yingxia was washing up, Jiang Lan came into the room and handed Han 3000 what appeared to be a contract.

    "The signature is a sandwich, on the surface this is a contract, but it's actually a divorce agreement, you can decide if you want to sign it for her or not."Jiang Lan left after leaving the divorce agreement, believing that Han 3000 had already made her decision.

    Holding the divorce agreement, Han Three Thousand's hands trembled slightly, although countless people had mentioned their divorce in the past, Han Three Thousand had never been as nervous as she was now, because no matter who said it before, it was just talk, but now, this matter was about to happen.

    Han Third Thousand had never thought that this matter would actually happen.

    For the sake of Su Yingxia, yet Han Three Thousand had to do this.

    She hated that her own ability wasn't enough to protect Su Yingxia, or else she wouldn't have used this method.

    When Su Yingxia wiped her hair and came out of the bathroom, she saw Han Three Thousand was staring at the contract and asked curiously, "What are you doing?"

    "Here's the contract for the Weakwater property, you might want to sign it next with the Soo."Han Qianli restrained her mood, trying not to let Su Yingxia find any difference.

    Weak Water Real Estate was Han Three Thousand's company, cooperating with Weak Water Real Estate, Su Yingxia naturally didn't have any opinions at all, she didn't even take a glance at the content of the contract, directly signing her name where it was signed.

    "You can cooperate however you want, I'll listen to you."Su Yingxia said with a smile after signing.

    "I'll blow-dry your hair."After Han Marchand collected the contract, he brought the hairdryer.

    Su Yingxia sat in front of the dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror and then at Han Qianqian, feeling that the greatest happiness in her life would probably be to marry Han Qianqian, and although she had a million reluctances at first, she now considered this as the greatest luck in her life.

    If she hadn't met Han Qianqian, how could she have such a happy life now.

    The wind noise of the hairdryer cut through the calmness of the room, and Su Yingxia couldn't detect the pain concealed in Han Qianqian's eyes in the slightest.

    That night, the two of them embraced and slept, Su Yingxia slept particularly well, but Han Qianli was sleepless throughout the night, enjoying the feeling of hugging Su Yingxia in his arms, because for the next period of time, he will not be able to enjoy such a feeling again.

    The next day, after his morning run, Su Yingxia went to work.

    Han 3000 was sitting in the living room, and He Ting, seeing him with a heavy heart, couldn't help but ask with some concern, "3000, what's wrong with you?"

    "Auntie He, take care of Ying Xia for me."Han Qianqian said.

    He Ting felt even stranger at such a baffling remark, why would Han Qianli ask her to take care of Su Yingxia?

    "You're going away?"He Ting was puzzled that she hadn't heard Han Qianqian mention this, and by the looks of him, it seemed like he hadn't told Su Yingxia either.

    "For some very important reasons, I had to be apart from her for a while,"Han Giangli said.

    He Ting hurriedly sat beside Han Marchant, she could tell that their relationship was heating up in a crucial way, how could Han Marchant leave at a time like this?

    "Horton, you've been sitting and resting early in the morning, don't you have work to do?"He Ting, who had just sat down, stopped at the sound of Jiang Lan's voice and quickly stood up with a boner.

    Jiang Lan walked up to Han Qianqian with an icy expression, as if she was looking at a stranger, and asked Han Qianqian, "How is it, did she sign?"

    Han Marchand took out the contract, which had not only Su Yingxia's signature on it, but also his.

    Jiang Lan looked at the divorce agreement with satisfaction, which revealed a faint smile.

    "By the way, what about your joint marital property, how much is there, don't hide it from me."Jiang Lan shamelessly said, breaking up the mandarin ducks and not forgetting to eye Han Qianli's wallet.

    Han Qianqian took out the bank card he had already prepared and said, "Give it to Ying Xia for me."

    "How much money is here, you won't deliberately hide it, Han Qianqian I'm warning you, Ying Xia ......"

    "Five billion."Jiang Lan hadn't finished her sentence when Han Giang turned and interrupted.

    Jiang Lan stared incredulously at Han Marchant, her voice trembling as she said, "More, how much!How much money do you think there is here!"

    "Five billion."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    Hearing this astronomical figure, Jiang Lan only felt the sky spinning and her head becoming dizzy.

    Five billion!

    Han 3000 actually had so much money.

    If this was only half of his assets, that meant he was a man with tens of billions of dollars!

    After being a wimp for so many years, he actually had tens of billions of dollars in assets, and for a moment, Jiang Lan couldn't believe it at all.

    "You ...... you didn't, you're not kidding me, you really have that much money?"Jiang Lan breathed rapidly and asked.

    "Give this card to Ying Xia, if you dare to keep it for yourself and let me know, I won't let you off the hook, don't forget, I forced my own grandmother to die, and you, you're just your mother-in-law."Han Qianqiang said to Jiang Lan in a warning tone.

    Jiang Lan suddenly felt a cold breeze whooshing behind her and unconsciously took a look at the chandelier in the living room, this is where Nangong Qianqiu hanged herself ah!

    "Don't worry, I'll definitely give this money to Yingxia, but you can't be allowed to inform the outside world about your relationship with him, I'll reveal this information, I don't want outsiders to talk about Su Yingxia."Jiang Lan said.

    Han Giangli understood what Jiang Lan meant, nodded his head and said, "I won't say anything, you can do whatever you want."

    "There's nothing else, just go pack your bags, it's best to leave as soon as possible."After saying that, Lan Jiang took the contract and bank card and went upstairs, this kind of excited good news, she had to quickly share it with Su Guoyao.

His True Colors Chapter 355

While Han Qianqiang was packing up his things in his room, Jiang Lan also returned to his room.

    Su Guoyao was still confused and awake, and when he opened his hazy eyes, he felt that Jiang Lan seemed to be staring at him, and came to his senses, thinking that he had made a mistake.

    "What are you doing?"Su Guoyao asked to Jiang Lan.

    Jiang Lan was trembling with excitement, in the past, having tens of thousands of dollars at home could make her so excited that she couldn't sleep all night, although the conditions were now much better than before, she had never come across such a staggering figure as five billion.

    "What do you think this is?"Jiang Lan raised her bank card and asked Su Guoyao.

    "It's just a bank card, what's so strange about it."Su Guoyao was confused.

    "Do you think it's the bank card in your bag?"Jiang Lan glared at Su Guoyao and continued, "In this card, but there are five billion yuan."

    Su Guoyao laughed, five billion?Is Jiang Lan thinking of money like crazy.

    "You're not dreaming right now, so wake up."Su Guoyao said.

    "Of course I'm not dreaming, Han 3000 and Ying Xia have signed the divorce agreement, this money is what Han 3000 gave to Ying Xia, the couple's common property, after the divorce, one person will be half, I didn't expect him to be so rich."Jiang Lan even now feels unbelievable, because these more than three years, her image perception of Han 3000's image is a wimp, how could she have thought that this wimp would actually be so rich.

    Su Guoyao sobered up and said, "They've signed the divorce papers?How is it possible, how could Ying Xia sign."

    Things were progressing so fast that Su Guoyao couldn't imagine, it was only a day, and the two were already divorced?

    Jiang Lan office this matter did not tell Su Guoyao, so it is normal that he does not know anything now.

    With a smug face, Jiang Lan smiled and said, "My efficiency, is so fast, unlike you, a useless thing, a little thing will take a long time to delay."

    Su Guoyao was unwilling to see this kind of thing inside, but Jiang Lan insisted on doing this, and even the results are now available, he could only sigh, "You, you, if Han 3000 can get through this difficult time, and the two of them remarry in the future, do you think Han 3000 will still treat you as a mother?"

    Jiang Lan glanced disdainfully at his mouth and said, "With his ability, how could he possibly deal with the Miqo Han family, I'm just paving the way for the Su family."

    "Don't you trust Han 3000 at all?"If it were before, Su Guoyao would probably have the same thoughts as Jiang Lan, but now, Su Guoyao wouldn't think so, because he felt that Han Qianxiang was able to endure for so many years, and was by no means a simple character.

    The current situation looked very unfavorable for Han Three Thousand, but Su Guoyao believed that he still had the ability to turn the tide.

    "Take what makes me believe that it's not even a level match."Jiang Lan said disdainfully.

    Su Guoyao shook his head helplessly.

    "What do you mean, I'm doing it for the good of our family, do you still think I'm doing something wrong?If you're capable, don't spend a penny of this card."Jiang Lan coldly said.

    "This money is Ying Xia's, you have no control over it."Su Guoyao said.

    "I'm her mother, can't she still not let me use it?"Jiang Lan didn't think about keeping the bank card herself, she was still worried in case she forced Han Qianqian, but in her opinion, even if she gave the money to Su Yingxia, when she wanted to spend it, Su Yingxia would still give it to her.

    After all, she was a mother, wasn't it only right and proper to ask her daughter for some money?

    Downstairs, packing up her luggage, Han Qianqian was ready to go out, and although He Ting still didn't understand what was happening, she felt that something big was happening.

    "Three-thousand, if you have any problems, you can always find me, Auntie He can't help you much, but she'll do her best to help you."He Ting said to Han Qianqian.

    "Auntie He, just take care of Ying Xia for me, I can handle the rest myself."Han Three Thousand said.

    "Don't worry, I'll take care of her."He Ting said.

    Leaving the Genting Mountain villa area, Han Three Thousand appeared in Mordor with her luggage in tow.

    When Mo Yang and the others looked at it, although they sighed in their hearts, on the surface, no one would mention the matter that made Han Three Thousand's heart sad.

    "There's a room here, if you're willing to stay here, it's just a bit noisy."Mo Yang said to Han Three Thousand.

    Han 3,000 shook his head and said to Lin Yong, "Go buy me an elevator apartment that you can carry and move into, I like a quiet environment."

    "Yes, Brother Three Thousand."Lin Yong said and left Mordor.

    "What are your plans next?"Mo Yang asked Han Qianqian.

    "Han Yan wants to control the business community in Cloud City, I can only try to get those people together, although the hope is very slim, I have to try after all."Han Three Thousand said, if the entire business community of Cloud City was bribed by Han Yan, Han Three Thousand would face a situation where he would be alone, which was very bad for him, so he could only start from that point now.

    "Alright, I'll also help you contact some people and see if we can make any breakthroughs."All Mo Yang could do was to give his full support to Han Qianqian, and as for what consequences it would cause and how it would affect him, Mo Yang hadn't thought about it.

    The reason he was back in the world was because of his wife, and although he was capable of certain things, Mo Yang would never have been in the position he was in without Han 3000's help.

    And Mo Yang was quite clear about these things, even if he was beaten back for Han Three Thousand, Mo Yang wouldn't care.

    "Brother Three Thousand, do we need to start from somewhere else?"Knife Twelve asked to Han Three Thousand.

    Han 3000 shook his head without hesitation, there was Chi Yi Yun's subordinate Dong Hao in front of him, this pervert was strong, so Han 3000 had to be concerned that Han Yan also had an expert of this level by her side, if she rashly let Knife Twelve act, it would only make this matter more complicated.

    "No need, you just take care of the boxing ring."Han Marchan said.

    Knife Twelve didn't say anything more, there must be a reason why Han 3000 didn't use him now.

    Not long after Han Three thousand arrived in the Devil's Capital, Jiang Lan also left the hillside villa, and today was just the right day to meet up with that group of sisters, these people were all big mouth leakers, using them to spread the news of Han Three thousand and Su Yingxia's divorce was the best way to spread the news.

    "Jiang Lan, why did you only come now."

    "We've been waiting for you for a long time, so sit down quickly."

    Jiang Lan didn't shy away from giving herself a long position at Xie Yunpeng's wedding, although Xie Haoran had now become a dog for Han Yan, and Han Yan had established the Han Group, but these smart people didn't choose to take a side, but walled off to please both sides.

    Jiang Lan sighed and said, "If it wasn't for Han Qianqian and Yingxia, I would have arrived long ago."

    "What, did these two quarrel?"

    "How normal it is for two couples to quarrel, to fight at the end of the bed, I often fight with my family too."

    "Couples who don't quarrel aren't even real couples."

    "But this time the quarrel is very strong."Jiang Lan deliberately sighed deeply and said, "Ying Xia wants to divorce him, and has now signed the divorce papers and has already kicked Han 3000 out of the hillside villa."

    This heavy news surprised those sisters beyond measure.

    To think that when Han Qianqian had first joined the Su family, everyone in Cloud City was waiting for when these two would divorce, but more than three years had passed and there was no news about it, which made outsiders think that the two might have gotten along too, but now that they were divorcing again, it was like a boulder hitting the surface of a calm lake.

    "Are you kidding me, they're really divorced?"

    "The last time I saw them, they were still pretty close."

    "Didn't you try to talk them out of it?"

    "Of course I advised it, but Han 3000 has gone too far this time, you know what Golden Bridge City is, right?"Jiang Lan said, this was a misunderstanding from a long time ago, I didn't expect Jiang Lan to bring it up again, it was obvious that she was trying to pin shit on Han 3000's head.

    Golden Bridge City was almost as famous as the Flying Saucer House in Cloud City, and almost everyone who was a wife would guard their man from going to this place.

    "He actually goes to such a place."

    "Sure enough, men don't have a good thing, Han 3000 is just a son-in-law in the family, but I didn't expect him to still be out playing with women."

His True Colors Chapter 356

The sisters' indignant looks, Jiang Lan laughed proudly in her heart, through them to spread these things, Han 3,000's reputation is notorious, but to protect Su Yingxia's image, will not let outsiders think that Su Yingxia abandoned Han 3,000, this kind of weak party can get more sympathy, naturally, no one will say that Su Yingxia is wrong.

    As for how badly Han 3000 would be scolded, Jiang Lan didn't care, she had no intention of being Han 3000's mother-in-law again, and Jiang Lan believed that Han 3000 would never refute these things in order to protect Su Yingxia, and he would definitely bear the scolding silently.

    "This is a man ah, an insignificant wimp even dares to do such things, what can be done about it."Jiang Lan said with a sigh on her face.

    "This Han Qianqian, he must have drifted off because he got better with the Heavenly Family, and actually dared to do something wrong to Su Yingxia."

    "He's been in the Su family for so many years, how much soft food has he eaten, he's simply a white-eyed wolf."

    "Good riddance, this kind of thing, there's one thing and then there's three, it should never be condoned, just pity Yingxia, but she would be betrayed by such a man."

    A few sisters crusaded to demean Han 3000 without any mercy on their lips.

    At this time in the company, Su Yingxia still knew nothing, busy in the middle of work, the files on her desk piled up like mountains.

    The company's main purpose is to help people to find the right way to make their own decisions.

    "Yingxia, it's lunchtime, let's eat first."Shen Lingyao came to Su Yingxia's office and said.

    Su Yingxia said without looking up, "You go first, I'm not hungry yet."

    Shen Lingyao knew that she was forgetting about her work, but with so much work, it wouldn't be finished for a while, so how could she not go to eat.

    "It's just time for a meal, it won't delay your work, won't you eat until you're done?This will not starve to death."Shen Lingyao walked to Su Yingxia's side and directly pulled up her hand.

    Su Yingxia smiled helplessly and said, "Let go of me first, it's always okay for me to clean up a bit."

    "Okay, although I can't give you the tenderness of Han 3000, I have to manage you for him, I can't let you boil down."Shen Lingyao smiled.

    At the mention of Han Three Thousand, Su Yingxia's expression became tender, and I'm afraid she's not even sure how much she loves Han Three Thousand right now.

    "You just want to find someone to pay the bill, where are all those excuses."Su Yingxia said.

    Shen Lingyao crossed her arms in disobedience and said, "Su Yingxia, don't look down on people too much, at any rate I'm now a person with an income, if you're afraid that I'll take advantage of you, I'll pay the bill today."

    "Your money, save it for cosmetics, I still expect you to find a boyfriend earlier."Su Yingxia teased.

    Shen Lingyao's cheeks puffed up in anger and said, "You think I'm ugly?I'll fight you."

    The two of them were playing around like children, an atmosphere that only really affectionate sisters could have.

    After playing around, the two left the company together, there were many restaurants and fast food nearby, and they chose the place with the least family.

    As soon as they sat down in their seats, they heard someone beside them say, "Did you hear, Su Yingxia and Han Qianqiang are still divorced, I didn't expect that after so many years, they still didn't stick around."

    "Strange to say, when this first happened, many people thought they would divorce soon, but I didn't expect that three years had passed and there was no movement at all, how could it be so sudden now."

    "I heard ah, it's Han Three thousand cheated on his wife, playing with women outside by Su Yingxia happened."

    "This wimp is even cheating, he's too sorry for Su Yingxia."

    Several girls were whispering and discussing on the side, although this matter was only a small half day fermentation time, but the spread is already very wide, because Jiang Lan those sisters are also not ordinary people, they are very well connected, one word spreads ten to ten, and now half of Yun City is aware of this matter.

    When Su Yingxia and Shen Lingyao heard these words, they couldn't help but feel a little baffled.

    As Su Yingxia's sister, Shen Lingyao was well aware of the relationship between Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian, and that incident in Golden Bridge City was nothing more than a misunderstanding.

    As for Su Yingxia it was even more ridiculous that she as a party didn't even know about it, where on earth did these people get their false information from.

    "What are you guys talking nonsense about, how could Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian possibly divorce?"Hearing the increasingly heated discussion among that group of people, Shen Ling Yao couldn't help but stand up and say

    "Who's talking nonsense, it's Su Yingxia's mother who passed on this story, it's never false."

    "My third aunt is Jiang Lan's sister, this matter was told to her by Jiang Lan herself, you don't know anything, so don't point fingers at others here."

    Shen Lingyao was stunned after hearing these words, this came from Jiang Lan's mouth?How could it be, why did she suddenly say these things.

    After sitting down again, Shen Lingyao asked Su Yingxia, "Yingxia, what's going on, what is your mother doing?"

    Su Yingxia lowered her head to avoid having her true identity discovered by others and said, "It shouldn't be, it's probably just false news, my mother wouldn't speak ill of Han 3000 right now, much less fabricate such things that aren't there."

    Knowing Han 3000's identity, although Jiang Lan didn't show too much fear of Han 3000, she wasn't above provoking these things, so Su Yingxia felt that it was likely that it was just blackmail.

    "Why don't you give Auntie a call and ask."Shen Lingyao said uneasily, empty cave, since this kind of news can be spread, it means there must be some kind of reason, Shen Lingyao didn't want these unfavorable comments against Su Yingxia to continue spreading.

    "No need, I'll ask about it at home tonight, I still have work to do in the afternoon, let's eat quickly."Su Yingxia said.

    Shen Lingyao felt that the probability of this is unlikely, since Su Yingxia is not anxious, why should she be anxious if the emperor is not anxious eunuch.

    After eating and returning to the company, Su Yingxia has been a little distracted, always feeling as if something was about to happen.


    Back home, Su Yingxia found that both Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao were home and sitting in the living room, looking like they were specifically waiting for her.

    "Mom, do you know what rumors are out there right now, someone actually said that I divorced 3000, and that you were the one who told them about it, do you think it's funny."Su Yingxia said with a smile.

    "You have indeed divorced, even the divorce agreement was signed, didn't he tell you?"Jiang Lan said with a sullen face.

    The smile on Su Yingxia's face gradually solidified and her tone changed, saying, "When did I sign the divorce agreement, Mom, don't joke with me."

    "This is the divorce agreement, take a look at it yourself."Jiang Lan said.

    Su Yingxia quickly ran to the coffee table and picked up the divorce agreement, it did have her and Han Qianqian's signatures on it, and this signature was by no means forged.

    How could it be, she hadn't even read the divorce agreement, so how could she sign such a thing.

    Yesterday ......

    Clanging, Su Yingxia's brain exploded like a spring thunder.

    She signed a contract last night, she didn't read what the contract was about at the time, could it be, that it was a divorce agreement?

    "No way, no way, last night I signed a contract, how could it be a divorce agreement."Su Yingxia shook her head with a pale face, her pupils dilated.

    "The contract is a fake, it's just a blindfold covering it, it seems Han 3000 didn't think twice about divorcing you."Jiang Lan said indifferently, the meaning of these words clearly wanted to put all the blame on Han Qianqian.

    Su Guoyao on the side had an extremely unnatural expression, this matter was obviously arranged by Jiang Lan, but now, she actually wanted Han Qianqian to take this responsibility, this was too brazen.

    "How can this be, why did he want to divorce me, I don't believe it, where is Han Qiangnian, where is he."Su Yingxia asked to Jiang Lan, who was near collapse.


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