His True Colors Chapter 351-353


His True Colors Chapter 351

Han Qianli's words caused Su Yingxia's expression to become frightened.

    It was obvious who was the biggest beneficiary after Grandma's death, because only after Grandma's death could Su Hae Chao take the chairman's seat.

    In other words, this matter, it was Su Hachao's doing!

    How is this possible, how could Su Hae Chao do such a treacherous thing?

    If she heard about this from someone else, Su Yingxia would never have believed it, but there was no way Han Giang could have lied to lie to her, and there was no reason to lie to her.

    "It's Su Haichao, he's the one who poisoned grandmother!"Su Yingxia said in shock.

    "It's just a pity that I haven't found any substantial evidence yet, but I'm sure it's definitely Su Hai Chao's doing,"Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia took a deep breath, exhaled heavily again, and said, "If there really is reincarnation in this world, she would definitely regret very much that her own grandson, whom she had cultivated, had poisoned her."

    "Do you wish for a reincarnation?"Han Giangli smiled and asked.

    Su Yingxia considered and nodded her head, "I hope, I hope she regrets it, I hope she knows how stupid her decision was."

    Hearing this, Han Qianli smiled even more cheerfully, this wasn't Su Yingxia being cautious, but the way a normal person should behave, after all, when the old lady was alive, she treated Su Yingxia very badly, this matter wouldn't change because of her death, if Su Yingxia showed too much generosity, it would make Han Qianli feel abnormal instead.

    "Then she must be regretting it now, she might still be complaining to the King of Hell,"Han Three Thousand said.

    Next, Su Yingxia became speechless, and Han Three Thousand knew that she had a question in her heart, but it was a question that Han Three Thousand couldn't give her an answer to right now.

    "Go to sleep, no matter what happens, I will protect you,"Han Three Thousand said.

    Su Yingxia nodded silently.

    The next morning, after their morning run, Su Yingxia didn't ask Han 3000 to send her to work, because she knew clearly that Han 3000 must have a lot of things to deal with right now, and how could she need to bother Han 3000 with such a small matter as going to work.

    Su Yingxia drove out of the Genting Mountain villa area on her own and was blocked by a car that crossed out at the entrance to the villa area.

    It was only when the people in the car walked down that Su Yingxia was filled with anger.

    This guy, barging out out of nowhere, wasn't he afraid that she would crash into him?

    "Su Hae Chao, do you want to die?"Su Yingxia got off the car and looked at Su Haichao with cold eyes.

    Su Haichao looked like a hangdog, lit a cigarette and said, "Su Yingxia, I can be considered to have waited for you."

    "Waiting for me for what, I have nothing to say to you."Su Yingxia disdain, she is now considered completely clear with the Su family, and last night through Han Qianqian learned that Su Haichao is the real culprit who murdered her grandmother, Su Yingxia does not even want to say a word more to Su Haichao.

    "You and I have nothing to say, but I have a lot to share with you, you're my sister after all, if it's difficult in the future, I can take you in."Su Haichao said with a smile, what happened in Cloud City, Su Haichao knew exactly what happened, the pressure that Han's group came out across the sky caused to Weakwater Real Estate could be imagined, and Su Haichao knew Han Qianqian's true identity, so the purpose of his appearance was simple, to come see the joke and sell his arrogance in front of Su Yingxia.

    "How could I possibly need you to take me in."Su Yingxia said indifferently.

    "Hey."Su Haichao sighed with a heartfelt sigh and said, "Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia, you still don't know what the situation is in Cloud City, do you think Han 3000 will soon be finished, do you think he will still be able to pave the way for you?"

    Hearing this, Su Yingxia frowned, Cloud City's current situation was simple, Han's group was targeting the Weak Water property, but to outsiders, this matter had nothing to do with Han 3000, unless it was someone who knew Han 3000's identity.

    Could it be that Su Hechao already knew who Han Marchant was?

    "I don't understand what you're saying."Su Yingxia said.

    "It's normal to not understand, after all, you don't know who Han Qianli really is, if you're curious, you can beg me and I can tell you."Su Haichao said proudly, before he would still be a little afraid of Han 3000, even if he was a family outcast he still had some power, but now that the Han Clan had overwhelmed the Weakwater Real Estate, Su Haichao thought that Han 3000 had nothing to fear, he just needed to sit back and enjoy the fishing and watch Han 3000 end up in Cloud City.

    "Do you know who he is?"Su Yingxia was confused, even she only found out about it last night, how could Su Hae Chao learn this news?

    "Beg me."Su Haichao said with a smile.

    Su Yingxia snorted coldly and said, "He already told me last night, do I need to beg you?"

    Su Hae Chao looked appalled, Han Qianqian actually took the initiative to reveal his identity?How could he suddenly make such a decision.

    Could it be that he was clear that he couldn't be a match for Han's group, and that's why he had confessed to Su Yingxia?

    This thought made Su Haichao smile even more proudly, this waste, finally recognizing his own ability.

    "Since you know, you should know more about how miserable he will die, but I've heard that Weak Water Real Estate will stop work in the west of the city, such a big hole, but it will take a large sum of money to fill it, and Han's group is menacing, he will die."Su Hachao said.

    The City West project halted?

    This matter was something Su Yingxia hadn't heard Han Qianli mention, but even if he did, Su Yingxia wouldn't have any doubts, and based on her faith in Han Qianli, Su Yingxia would support any decision he made.

    "Don't worry, what you want to see happen will never happen."Su Yingxia said with a firm tone.

    "Where did the enchanted confidence come from, he really thinks he's an immortal and can handle anything, I wouldn't have come if I didn't miss the fact that you're a member of the Su family and wanted to take pity on you."Su Haichao said.


    Su Yingxia smiled coldly and said, "I don't need your pity, please move the car."

    "So what if I don't move it."Su Haichao deliberately waited for a long time, just in case he missed it with Su Yingxia, he hadn't had enough, how would he be willing to leave so easily.

    "If you don't leave, don't blame me for being rude."Su Yingxia gritted her teeth.

    "Fine, if you're rude show me, I'd love to see it."Su Haichao said with a carefree face.

    Su Yingxia's face was as heavy as water as she sat on the car, stepped on the accelerator deeply, and the engine roared.

    Su Haichao looked like a provocative face, said: "Scare who, have the ability to hang up the gear ah."

    Su Yingxia put his hand on the gear lever and put it into D gear.

    Suddenly accelerating, the thud hit the side of Su Hai Chao's body, scaring the sh*t out of Su Hai Chao and running to the side.

    "Crazy b*t*h, you f**king dare to hit my car."Su Hachao jumped to his feet and cursed at Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia didn't let go of the accelerator, and after driving Su Hachao's car on top of the car, she walked away.

    Looking at the heavily injured car, Su Hachao's heart was dripping blood, he did not expect Su Yingxia actually dared to do this, this car is considered half of the waste.

    "This is my new car, Su Yingxia, I'm not f**king finished with you."Su Haichao looked at his car with a heartbroken face, and had to lose a large amount of white silver again.

    "Grass Nima, when Han Three thousand finished, I'll see what kind of arrogant capital you still have, I'll never let you two go."

    "Trash plus shrew, what a pair made in heaven, one day I'll beat up a downed dog and make you kneel on the ground to apologize to me."

    While Su Haichao was cursing at the villa's front door, Han Qianqian was sitting in the living room when Jiang Lan suddenly walked up to him.

    "Mom, what's the matter with you?"Han Third Thousand asked.

    Jiang Lan had already made a good decision last night, if Han Qianli was going to die, let him die alone, and never get them involved because of Han Qianli.

    "Come with me."Jiang Lan said in an emotionless tone.

    Han Three Thousand's eyebrows curled, Jiang Lan deliberately looking for him, surely nothing good would come of it.

    Standing up, he followed Jiang Lan upstairs.

    Ever since he had lived in the villa, Han Three Thousand had never been to the second floor balcony, as it had long since been taken over by Jiang Lan as his own private area, and it had to be said that the sight lines were very good, although not as good as the top of the mountain, it was still the place with the best visual effect other than the top of the mountain, and being able to have a cup of coffee here every morning, the mood of the whole day should not be bad.

His True Colors Chapter 352

"Do you love Welcome Summer?"Jiang Lan asked Han Qianqian.

    Han 3000's love for Su Yingxia didn't need to be questioned, but when the question came out of Jiang Lan's mouth, it changed a bit.

    Han Three Thousand knew what kind of person Jiang Lan was, and it wasn't her style to care about this matter for no reason.

    "Of course."Han Three Thousand said.

    "Since you love her, you have a responsibility to protect her from any harm."Lan Jiang continued.

    "That's natural, as her husband, protecting her is a priority, and anyone who hurts her will pay the price."Han Qianli said.

    Jiang Lan looked down the mountain, being able to view the scenery here was not something that ordinary people were qualified to do, and she ate breakfast here every day, she was constantly reminding herself that the person she was today was no longer the same person she was before, she was in a position that no one else in Cloud City could reach, and since she stood in this position, she would never allow herself to be changed, even if she couldn't become better, she would maintain what she had now.

    "I'm grateful that you let us live here, and I'm grateful for all the things you've done for Ying Xia, without you, Ying Xia couldn't have been the head of the west side of the city."Jiang Lan said.

    Han Qianli's eyelids jumped straight, Jiang Lan's gratitude!He even suspected that his ears were hallucinating, how could she say such things?

    "Mom, just tell me what's going on,"Han Giangli said.

    "Facing the Mickey Han family, you're ninety-nine percent likely to lose, haven't you thought about how to keep Ying Xia safe?"Jiang Lan questioned.

    Han Qianli would do his best to solve this trouble, there was no doubt about that, as for preserving Su Yingxia, Han Qianli didn't quite understand what Jiang Lan meant.

    "I'll do my best."Han Three Thousand said.

    Jiang Lan smiled disdainfully and said, "In my eyes, you're bound to lose, what's the use of even trying your best, you've said that all the assets of the Yanjing Han family combined are only a hair out of nine of the MiG Han family, what are you going to fight them with."

    "What do you mean ......?"

    "My meaning is very simple, you divorce Ying Xia, so that Ying Xia won't be implicated in this matter, the money in your hand, as a joint property of husband and wife, should also be divided in half for Ying Xia, since you love her, you have to ensure her future life."Jiang Lan said.

    Han Qianli's hands trembled slightly behind his negative, which meant that he was in a state of extreme anger.

    He had never expected that Jiang Lan would have such a plan.

    But come to think of it, wasn't Jiang Lan such a person?Any unexpected decision she made seemed logical to her.

    "Mom, I ......"

    "You don't have to give me so much useless talk, and I'm not trying to make things difficult for you, since you love Ying Xia, you should take some actual action, only then can you truly protect Ying Xia, isn't that right?"Jiang Lan said.

    Han Qianli's tightly squeezed fist suddenly unclenched, although he felt absurd about this matter proposed by Jiang Lan, but on the other hand, this was indeed the most foolproof solution.

    If he lost this battle, not only would he lose everything, but Su Yingxia would also be implicated.

    "Su Yingxia has suffered more than three years of curses for you, now it's time for you to pay for her."Jiang Lan said, listening to her tone, it seemed like Han Giang had given nothing in these three years.

    "Mom, Yingxia won't agree,"Han Three Thousand said.

    "I have a way to get her to sign the divorce papers, but this is something that you need to do,"Lan Jiang said.

    "Can you give me some time to think about it?"Such a decision was very difficult for Han 3000, even if it was really for the good of Su Yingxia, he was a bit reluctant.

    For more than three years, he had finally received Su Yingxia's sincere treatment, but to divorce Su Yingxia at a time like this was momentarily unacceptable to Han 3000.

    "I think you just don't love Yingxia enough, you have to get her into trouble,"Jiang Lan said in a cold voice.

    Han Three Thousand took a deep breath and turned to leave the balcony.

    Jiang Lan stood where she was, looking furiously at Han Qianli's back, she couldn't go to Su Yingxia about this matter, so if Han Qianli didn't agree, she would have to watch as Han Qianli got her into trouble.

    "Yingxia has endured enough for you, can you stop being a pest."Jiang Lan said as she looked at Han Qianli's back.

    Han Three Thousand walked down the second floor to the living room where he found Su Guoyao sitting on the living room couch.

    When Su Guoyao saw Han Three Thousand, he walked up to the side and said, "I believe that Ying Xia is willing to face this matter with you."

    Su Guoyao's attitude was somewhat unexpected, but the words swayed Han Qianli even more.

    "Dad, perhaps this is the best way to protect Su Yingxia,"Han Three Thousand said.

    Su Guoyao sighed, listening to Han Qianli's tone, he was planning to divorce Su Yingxia ah.

    "If you do that, she'll hate you forever."Su Guoyao said.

    "It's better to hate me than to be implicated by me, and if I can solve this trouble, I'll find a way to make her forgive me."After saying that, Han Giangli left the villa.

    Magic Capital, Mo Yang, the three of them gathered together, since Mo Yang knew Han 3,000's identity, he knew that the Weak Water Property belonged to Han 3,000, and now that Han's group had created the East Side of the city project, the sword pointed at the West Side of the city of the Weak Water Property, this was a huge trouble for Han 3,000.

    "You guys should say something, how can you help 3000."Mo Yang said anxiously.

    Lin Yong looked at Knife Twelve, who was looking at Mo Yang.

    "If I can solve it with my fists, I can think of a way, but the current situation is not something that can be handled by force."Knife Twelve said helplessly, he wanted to help, but there was nowhere to use force.

    "Can we only watch?"Mo Yang raged.

    "Boss Mo, Brother 3000 should have a solution on his own, you don't have to be so anxious."Lin Yong said.

    "Can I not be in a hurry?Weak Water Real Estate is going to shut down the west side of the city project, how much damage is this going to cause for Three Thousand, and this Han Clan doesn't know where it came from, but it's such a big card."Mo Yang hated to check out the Han Group's background, but these people were clearly not from Cloud City, and were already beyond Mo Yang's sphere of influence.

    At this time, Blade Twelve's phone suddenly rang.

    Looking at the caller ID of the boxing gym manager, Knife Twelve was a little puzzled, the boxing gym wasn't even open at this time, suddenly calling, could it be that something had happened?

    "Okay, I got it."After saying a simple sentence, Knife Twelve hung up the phone and then said to Mo Yang and Lin Yong, "Brother 3000 is in the boxing ring, he seems to be very angry, all the boxers have been beaten down by him."

    "Let's go, go check it out."Mo Yang was the first one to stand up and took a big step out of Mordor.

    Underground boxing arena, up and down the ring, all the boxers fell to the ground and howled, standing in the center of the ring, Han Kuangan couldn't stop trembling, even though he had beaten everyone down, the anger in his heart still hadn't been vented.

    Where the anger came from, Han Three Thousand didn't know, but the hostility in his heart couldn't be suppressed.

    This was the first time in his life that Han Three Thousand failed to control his emotions, in the past, no matter how unfairly he was treated in the Yanjing Han family, Han Three Thousand was able to withhold it, but this time, he didn't do it and even almost lost his mind.

    Once the word divorce came to mind, Han Three Thousand was like a manic lion and tiger, wanting to tear apart anything and everyone in sight.

    When the few people from Mo Yang arrived, they were all shocked to see the tragic situation inside the boxing ring.

    "I've never seen him so violent before."Mo Yang said in a frightened voice, at the moment, Han Third Thousand was like a black fog over his body, appearing extremely gloomy.

    "Brother Three Thousand has anger in his heart to vent."Blade Twelve looked at Zhou Pal and said, "You play with Brother 3000."

    Zhou Palo had always had doubts about Han Three Thousand's identity and strength, as he felt that Han Three Thousand wasn't worthy of having Knife Twelve work for him, and this kind of person with a few stinking dollars, Zhou Palo had never put it in his eyes, but now that he finally had the chance to see what Han Three Thousand could do, Zhou Palo immediately walked towards the ring.

    Brother Three Thousand?

    Let's see if you have the right to let me call you brother!

His True Colors Chapter 353

After Zhou Pal entered the ring, there was a hint of undisguised contempt in his eyes, even if Han Giang had already knocked out all the boxers he didn't care, because this was something he was able to do with ease.

    These boxers in the ring were all from wilderness origins, and aside from being stronger than the average, they didn't have any overly powerful techniques, just sets of moves to show the audience, and didn't possess any actual fighting ability, knocking down these losers was nothing.

    "Since I stood in the ring, I won't be soft on you."Zhou Pal said.

    Han Qianli's expression was gloomy to the extreme and said, "Take out your full strength."

    "Fine, I hope you won't pursue it afterwards."Zhou Pal said with a smile.

    In the audience, Mo Yang saw what Zhou Palo was planning to do and said to Blade Twelve, "This brother of yours looks like he's going to take the opportunity to test out the strength of 3000."

    "For us, only force can be convincing, so I'll just take this opportunity to make him willingly work for Brother 3000."Blade Twelve said.

    "So confident in Three Thousand?"Mo Yang asked.

    Blade Twelve looked grave and said, "Brother Three Thousand's current state is terrifying, it's impossible for Zhou Pal to be his opponent."

    Although he hadn't seen her for many years, but Zhou Pal's strength Knife Twelve knew very well, and he had fought with Han Qianxiang, he knew the strength of the two of them by heart, who was superior and who was inferior when he thought about it carefully.

    "Hey, there's no telling how serious something that can make him lose his temper."Mo Yang said with a sigh.

    Lin Yong at the side spoke up and said, "It might have something to do with sister-in-law."

    Mo Yang nodded his head, he couldn't think of any other possibility other than Su Yingxia, although the Han Clan was acting fierce, but with what he knew of Han Qianli, there was no way that he would lose control of his emotions because of this matter.

    In the ring, the two fought for the first time, with each taking a punch and stepping back, no one took advantage of the situation.

    But Zhou Puo was faintly shocked, he came from a special, extremely cruel and arduous training, the person who could take his punch, the physical quality was absolutely extraordinary, but Han 3000's face did not change, the punch obviously did not cause any harm to Han 3000.

    "Come again."Zhou Pal shouted harshly.

    The ring was fighting incessantly, and on the surface, nothing could be seen to be won or lost for the time being, especially to an amateur like Mo Yang and Lin Yong, who could feel nothing but excitement.

    But Blade Twelve's expression gradually revealed a smile.

    "What are you laughing at, share it with us too."Mo Yang couldn't help but ask Blade Twelve.

    "The speed and strength of Zhou Pal's punches are weakening, but Brother 3000 is getting stronger and stronger, he must be very shocked right now."Blade Twelve smiled.

    What was going through Zhou Pal's mind in the ring was indeed exactly the same as what Knife Twelve had speculated.

    Previously, he thought that Han 3,000 had relied on money to bribe Knife 12, but after a brief encounter, he realized that he had foolishly underestimated Han 3,000.

    At his age, with such a powerful skill, it was only a matter of time before he would surpass Knife Twelve.

    Zhou Pal couldn't figure out why Han 3,000 was so powerful, wasn't a dude born from a noble family a wanderer addicted to alcohol and unarmed?Why can it be so strong!

    And ...... And he didn't have the slightest decay, but instead was getting stronger and stronger, which made Zhou Palmer more and more frightened.

    Someone like this, even if he went into special, I'm afraid he would be the best!

    The reason why Han Giangli became more and more courageous was because the anger in his heart found an outlet and he hated to let it all out.

    The ring trembled as Han Three thousand leapt high, and Zhou Pal looked in horror at the flashing fist, unable to avoid it, and was punched in the chest.

    After retreating several steps in a row, Zhou Pal relied on the resistance of the side ropes to stabilize himself, the sharp pain in his chest, if not for the side ropes relying on him, he would have fallen.

    "Brother 3000, I underestimated you."Zhou Pal bowed his head, at this moment, completely surrendered.

    He still had the power to fight again, but Zhou Pal knew that even if he continued to fight, he wouldn't have the slightest chance of winning.

    It turned out that he really could fight to a draw with Blade Twelve!

    Han Three Thousand Thousand took a deep breath, stood with a negative hand, and faintly said, "Twelve, you stay with me."

    The voice was filled with a desolate meaning, Mo Yang's heart was shaken, and he quickly said, "Three thousand, stop fighting, if there's anything, we'll find a way to solve it together."

    At this time, only Zhou Pal was able to see the front side of Han 3,000, and he was horrified to discover that Han 3,000, who was as strong as a tiger, was now holding his head up, and there were actually tears on his cheeks!

    What could actually make a strong man like him shed tears!

    Mo Yang entered the ring, and when he saw the tears on Han Qianqian's face, his mood became even more complicated.

    Mo Yang knew very well how tough Han Qianxiang's heart was, but at this moment, he was revealing the most vulnerable side of his life.

    "Is it because of siblings?"Mo Yang asked in a deep voice.

    Han Giangli didn't wipe away the tears, but let them drip from her cheeks to the ground and said, "If only divorce could guarantee Ying Xia's safety, what would you do in your place?"


    Hearing these two words, Mo Yang finally understood why Han Marchand was so angry.

    "The Han Clan is after me, if she divorces me, the Han Clan won't bother her, it's indeed a perfect solution, so perfect that even I can't think of a reason to refuse."Han Marchiang continued.

    "Who came up with this stupid idea?"Mo Yang gritted his teeth, he knew that this kind of thing definitely couldn't have been brought up by Su Yingxia, touching Su Yingxia several times, her true feelings for Han 3000, Mo Yang could feel it.

    "Jiang Lan, she said that since I love Yingxia, I should think of her for her sake and not get her into trouble."Han Qianqian said.

    The kind of person like Jiang Lan, in Mo Yang's words, should be cut by a thousand cuts, and the excessive things she did to Han 3000, if it were him, he definitely wouldn't be able to endure it.

    But the ...... divorce thing, being able to protect Su Yingxia, she was right, and it was the best way.

    Mo Yang was also an infatuated person, otherwise, he wouldn't have quit the Jianghu for a woman, giving up his high position to become a kiosk owner.

    "Brother Three Thousand, this woman is just selfishly doing it for herself, but she has the audacity to let you do it for your sister-in-law's sake."Lin Yong said indignantly.

    "It's good that she's selfish, but what she said is not unreasonable."Mo Yang said.

    Lin Yong looked startled, looking at Mo Yang's attitude, was he going to support Han Qianqiang's divorce from Su Yingxia?

    "Three thousand, you already have a decision in mind,"Mo Yang asked to Han 3,000.

    "En."Han 3,000 nodded his head.

    "The divorce is only temporary, as long as the trouble is solved, she will still return to you, I'm sure my younger sister can understand your pain."Mo Yang said.

    "I'm afraid that I won't be able to survive this."Han Three Thousand said weakly, the Mickey Han family was like a Tarzan on his shoulders, which could cause him to break into pieces at any time.

    "There's still us."Mo Yang patted Han Three Thousand's shoulder and said, "To die, die together."

    "To die, die together!"Blade Twelve said in a deep voice.

    Zhou Pal, who was covering his chest, also followed suit and said, "Die, die together!"

    After hesitating for a moment, Lin Yong said, "Die, together!"

    Han Giangan heaved out a breath of bad luck and said, "I won't let you die, and to die, it's the MiG Han family."

    Leaving the boxing arena, Han Three Thousand Thousand went to Su's company and waited for Su Yingxia to finish work.

    Mo Yang and Lin Yong also went back to Mordor.

    Lin Yong was very puzzled about this matter of Mo Yang supporting Han 3,000 because in his opinion, Su Yingxia was definitely willing to face it together with Han 3,000 and didn't have to care about Jiang Lan at all.

    "Boss Mo, this matter, does it have to come to this?"Lin Yong was confused.

    "When a woman appears in your world that you could give your life for, you'll only understand the feeling."Mo Yang said with a sigh, he and Han Qianyang were kindred spirits, so he knew exactly how Han Qianyang felt about it.

    "Hey, sister-in-law should be sad again."Lin Yong said helplessly.

    "That's why 3000 will be sad, it's an unforgivable sin for a man to make his woman sad, but often reality is helpless."

    Downstairs of Su's company, when Su Yingxia saw Han 3,000 when she got off work, she was happy but also a little blamed.

    "Didn't I tell you not to pick me up, you're so busy."Su Yingxia grumbled.

    "I made a reservation at Crystal Restaurant, so I won't be home for dinner tonight."Han Giangli smiled.


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