His True Colors Chapter 349-350


His True Colors Chapter 349

Han Qianli was screaming in pain, and Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao, who were sitting on the sofa, were terrified to see it.

    In the past, if they didn't know Han Three Thousand's identity, they would have been happy to see this scene, but now, knowing Han Three Thousand's identity, Su Yingxia's behavior somehow gave them a frightening feeling.

    This was the young master of the Han family, how could he casually pull his ears!

    Jiang Lan hurried to Su Yingxia's side and said, "Yingxia, what are you doing, quickly let go, he's the young master of the Han family."

    Su Yingxia didn't let go, but she didn't use too much force and said, "So what if he's the young master of the Han family, isn't he my husband?"

    This sentence made Jiang Lan stunned, yes, although he was the young master of the Han family, he was also Su Yingxia's husband and her son-in-law!

    This little couple was flirting, what was she following the blind meddling.

    Returning to the sofa with a smile on her face, Jiang Lan was not so nervous and scared in her heart, she was very happy that Han Qianli had changed from a trash image to a young master of the Han family, this was something worth showing off for her.

    If the sisters knew about it, they would be scared silly.

    Jiang Lan couldn't wait to see the expressions on those sisters' faces when they found out Han Marchand's true identity.

    "Do you know what's wrong?"Su Yingxia said to Han Three Thousand.

    In this situation, where does Han Qianqian dare not admit her mistake, and said in succession, "I know, I know I'm wrong."

    Su Yingxia let go of Han Three Thousand and looked like an angry frog when she chirped.

    "Who is this Han Yan again, since you are the young master of the Han family, why is she targeting you?"Su Yingxia asked.

    "Yan Han is also a member of the Han family, but she's a member of the Mee Han family, after my great grandfather first returned to Huaxia from Mee, he broke off relations with the Mee Han family, I'm not sure what exactly happened, I only know that my great grandfather wanted to go back to Huaxia to develop without the approval of others, so now, the Mee Han family treats the Yan Han family as an offshoot of the family."Han 3000 explained.

    "The two families have not been in contact for decades, and this time, for some special reason, Han Yan returned to Huaxia to deal with me for a very ridiculous reason."Han Third Thousand continued.

    "How absurd?"Su Yingxia asked curiously.

    "So absurd that I'm afraid you won't believe it, the Mickey Han family is afraid I'll disgrace them, so they want me to change my last name."Han Giangli laughed bitterly.

    Su Yingxia stared at her, unable to believe that this Mickey's Han family was so overbearing and still wanted to deprive Han Three Thousand of her surname Han?

    "Is that the only reason?"Su Yingxia said.

    "It's hard to believe, but it's true."Han Giang said, there were some of the reasons for the great grandfather, but it had been decades ago, so whether they held other ideas or not, Han Giang didn't know.

    Su Yingxia became gnarled for a moment and said angrily, "Who do they really think they are, why should they even care what your last name is, does it have anything to do with them?"

    Feeling Su Yingxia's sentiment of fighting injustice on his behalf, a hint of a smile unconsciously appeared on the corner of Han Three Thousand's mouth, no matter how big the storm he faced, as long as he had Su Yingxia's support, Han Three Thousand had the strength to fight against all the trouble.

    "Han Three Thousand, you are the young master of the Yanjing Han family, isn't it simple to deal with them?"Su Guoyao was puzzled and opened his mouth to ask.

    "Dad, the Yanjing Han family is very powerful in your eyes, but it is nothing to the Mickey Han family, the Mickey Han family has a hundred years of foundation outside, no matter if it is the power of connections or the power of money, it is not comparable to the Yanjing Han family, all the assets of the Yanjing Han family are just a drop in the ocean to the Mickey Han family."Han Marchant said.

    Su Guoyao was once again dumbfounded, although he didn't understand the Yanjing Han family's capabilities very well, but the Han family was by all accounts a very famous family in Yanjing, and there was such a big difference between them and the MiG Han family!

    "How much would that have to be?"Jiang Lan revealed her wealthy side again and couldn't help but ask.

    "I'm afraid that even they don't know how much money they have."Han Qianli smiled bitterly, he had always thought that money wasn't a very important thing, but only now did Han Qianli understand the importance of money, especially when he wanted to withstand some resistance, money was the most intuitive and powerful weapon.

    Lan Jiang unconsciously gulped, there was so much money that he didn't even know what it had to be like!

    "Wouldn't you be in no position to deal with Han Yan now?"After being surprised, Jiang Lan began to worry about herself again, and at the same time, she suddenly felt that Han's young master's identity was nothing, after all, it was still unknown whether he could continue to be this young master or not.

    The change in Jiang Lan's emotions Han Giang felt very clearly, but he had gotten used to what kind of person Jiang Lan was over the years, so he didn't feel much resistance.

    "As things stand now, there's really nothing to be done,"Han Giangli said.

    Jiang Lan's face went cold, and he stood up and said, "I'm going back to my room to rest first."

    "Mom, regarding my identity, I hope you can keep it a secret and never tell anyone."Han Giang reminded Jiang Lan that he had enemies in Yanjing besides the MiG Han family, and although Han Giang wasn't sure if they knew of his existence right now, if he could keep it a secret, Han Giang would try to keep his identity from leaking out, or else the pressure he would face would be even greater.

    Being able to fake Han Tian Yang's death and take him away without a word, the other party was by no means a simple world family.

    "It's not like it's a long face thing, who can I tell."Jiang Lan said in a flat tone.

    "I'm also going back to my room first."Su Guoyao followed up the stairs.

    Su Yingxia walked over to Han Qianqian and held his hand, saying, "Don't get along with them."

    "Of course I won't, but I'm a little worried that Mom will tell them who I am."Han Giangli said worriedly.

    "Does it matter?"Su Yingxia was puzzled, in her opinion, in this situation, there was no need for Han 3000 to conceal his identity, and as the young master of the Han family, he might be able to give a certain deterrent to those merchants in Cloud City, it would make them not dare to side with Han Yan too rashly, this was a good thing.

    "Because the Han family still has enemies, once they know my identity, I'll have to face even more trouble,"Han Giangli explained.

    Su Yingxia tensed up when she heard this, anything that might threaten Han Qianli didn't want to happen, and said, "I'll go remind her later to keep her mouth shut."

    "Want to hear some stories?A very long and tedious story."Han Qianli turned to look at Su Yingxia and said with a face full of tenderness.

    Su Yingxia knew that Han Giang was about to confess to her those things she was curious about, and although she hadn't expected this day to come suddenly, in Su Yingxia's heart, she was already prepared for this.

    "En."Su Yingxia echoed.

    The reason why Han 3000 had suddenly made such a decision wasn't that the time was ripe; according to his previous plan, he needed Su Yingxia to see and know more of the dark side of society before he would let Su Yingxia know about these things, because only then would Su Yingxia's heart be more receptive.

    But in the current situation, Han three thousand had to say that what would happen next was completely out of Han three thousand's control, so he needed to let Su Yingxia know what kind of person he was and what kind of situation he might face in the future.

    Back in the room, the two of them sat on their knees facing each other on the bed, and Su Yingxia squeezed Han Giang's hand somewhat nervously.

    For her, now is the time to really get to know Han Qianqian, and people have an instinctive fear of the unknown, she is not sure if the relationship with Han Qianqian will change in some way after knowing these things!

    "They were twins, and from the day they were born, they were in the limelight and stirred up the entire Yanjing."

    "But at the age of twelve, the sorrow began, the appearance of a Taoist priest caused a sudden change in the status of the two brothers in the family, one was supreme, while the other, like an orphan, even the servants of the family looked down on him, the hush of his own parents never happened again, it seemed that the whole world, revolved around the older brother, from that time, the younger brother vowed to prove to the Han familyPeople watch."

    "At fourteen, he started his first business adventure."

His True Colors Chapter 350

The master bedroom of the hillside villa, Jiang Lan had been worried ever since she had returned to her room, and although Han Three Thousand's identity was very shocking to her, upon careful consideration, Jiang Lan realized that such an identity made no sense at all, as the opponent he was now facing was so much more powerful than the so-called Yanjing Han family that it was no longer within her comprehension, and such an existence was bound to be very threatening to them.

    Jiang Lan was a selfish person, and had always been so, all her thoughts must revolve around herself, and even this time, she wasn't worrying about Han 3000.

    If Han Giang had no way of dealing with Han Yan, this matter could implicate her, and now that she was living a comfortable life for Jiang Lan to enjoy, she would never want to be influenced by anyone.

    "What are you thinking about?"Seeing that Jiang Lan's face was as pale as water and didn't speak, Su Guoyao opened his mouth to ask.

    "I'm trying to find a way to keep the Su family out of this matter, do you think that all are as heartless as you are and don't care about anything?"Jiang Lan looked at Su Guoyao with cold eyes and said.

    Su Guoyao sighed and said, "This kind of matter is no longer within the scope of what we can meddle in, do you still have a way to help Han Qianqian?"

    Jiang Lan shook her head without hesitation and said, "I can't help him, but the Su family must be left unthreatened."

    "What do you mean?"Su Guoyao looked at Jiang Lan with a puzzled feeling in his heart.

    After being married to Jiang Lan for so many years, Su Guoyao had a very thorough understanding of her character, but her thoughts made Su Guoyao unable to guess, as her decisions were often incomprehensible to ordinary people.

    "Han Qianqian clearly can't deal with Han Yan, if he's finished, how can the Su family not be damned?"Jiang Lan retorted to Su Guoyao.

    Su Guoyao looked vigilantly at Jiang Lan and said, "What are you trying to do again, I advise you not to do anything, the relationship between Ying Xia and Han 3000 is very good now, it's not something you can destroy."

    Jiang Lan bit her teeth and said, "So what if the relationship is very good, do we have to follow Han 3000 to be buried with them?Welcome Summer may blame me now, but she'll know later that I'm doing this for her own good."

    "What do you want to do."Su Guoyao was afraid that Jiang Lan would do something stupid and quickly asked.

    Jiang Lan took a deep breath and said, "Let the two of them divorce temporarily, if Han 3000 can get through this difficulty, it's fine to remarry in the future, if he can't get through this difficulty, it has nothing to do with us."

    After a pause, Jiang Lan continued, "He must have a lot of money in his hands now, as a joint property of husband and wife, half of which should be Ying Xia's."

    Listening to Jiang Lan's words, Su Guoyao only felt numb, such a woman was horrible, why would he marry her in the first place!

    If there's a benefit, she'll keep Han 3000 by her side, and now there's a danger, she'll kick Han 3000 out of the way, and kick it out of the way, and she'll even miss Han 3000's money!

    It is said that a woman's heart is like a snake and scorpion, in the past Su Guoyao only thought that Jiang Lan was a cautious and selfish person, but now it seems that her ruthlessness is more than a snake and scorpion!

    "You're crazy, now at a time like this, you want them to divorce."Su Guoyao gritted his teeth and said.

    "Su Guoyao, you are drinking every day now, where did the money come from, did you earn it yourself?If you are capable, do I need to do this, if I don't, and I get implicated by Han Qianqian, I will end up in Jiang Fu in the future, do you want to wander the streets?"Lan Jiang said.

    "So what if you're wandering the streets."Su Guoyao straightened his back in a rare sight and said, "This kind of unkind and unrighteous thing will be struck by heaven and lightning, and now is the time when they are husband and wife together, if you divorce him, can Ying Xia forgive himself?And I believe that she would never do that."

    Jiang Lan looked at Su Guoyao with a torch-like gaze, she had thought that she could get Su Guoyao's support for her idea, but she didn't expect him to have such an attitude.

    Heaven strikes thunder and breaks?

    People are only condemned by the heavens if they don't do it for themselves, she is only seeking a peace for herself now, for Su Guoyao and Su Yingxia.

    "Su Guoyao, what does it mean to be unkind and unrighteous, is all your f**king food and drink sh*t and urine bought by money falling from the sky?"Jiang Lan fiercely said.

    In the past, this state of Jiang Lan would make Su Guoyao feel very afraid, because he is a person who is afraid of his wife, because he is incapable, because he is a wimp, so yelling at him can only bear it.

    But today, Su Guoyao's attitude was exceptionally firm, and he looked at Jiang Lan without fear and said, "I'd rather eat and drink sh*t and piss than have Ying Xia do this kind of thing, what's the use of this kind of depraved glory and wealth."

    Jiang Lan was so angry that she was trembling, walked up to Su Guoyao, slapped two slaps, and said in a cold voice, "Then you eat sh*t and drink urine alone, I, Jiang Lan, must not lose everything I have now."

    Su Guoyao's face was hot and painful, but he still didn't flinch in the slightest and advised, "I advise you better not to do that, consuming Su Yingxia's goodwill towards you over and over again, even if you are her real mother, you will eventually make Yingxia hate you."

    "Hmph."Jiang Lan snorted coldly and said, "Of course I won't talk to Yingxia about this matter, I'll make Han Qianli withdraw of his own accord, since he loves Yingxia, he is qualified to protect her, and all the dangers should be borne by him alone."

    Su Guoyao sighed, he knew that no matter how much he tried to persuade her, Jiang Lan would not be able to change her mind, to her, the relationship between Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia was not important at all, all that mattered was her glorious and wealthy life.

    Downstairs, after Su Yingxia listened to Han Qianli's entire story, she didn't look the least bit sad, but the tears on her cheeks kept pouring out.

    At ten years old, this was at a naive and innocent age, but Han Qianxiang was beginning to bear an incomparably huge amount of pressure, beginning to wander away from the business world, beginning to plan his future, and conspiring with intrigue, the pressure he was bearing was completely unimaginable to Su Yingxia.

    "Fourteen years old, I was still thinking about saving money to buy a rag doll, and you, you're already starting to face the pressure brought on by your entire family, it's fortunate, isn't it."Su Yingxia gripped Han Giangli's hand tightly, trembling slightly.

    Han Qianqian took Su Yingxia into his arms and said lightly, "It's not hard, ever since I had you, I feel that everything is bitter and sweet, no matter how fortunate it is, it's all worth it."

    "Grandpa is aware of your identity, so he let you join our family, it's not that he hates me, right?"Su Yingxia asked, she had always felt that grandpa had arranged this matter very unfairly, why did he choose her when there were so many girls in the Su family, so Su Yingxia thought that because Su Guoyao was useless, because she was useless, grandpa had made such an arrangement.

    Han Qianli faintly smiled and said, "Grandfather told me that you are his favorite granddaughter, so how could he hate you."

    "When I was little, grandpa was really good to me, but later on, since Dad didn't have any success in the company and his status became lower and lower, he didn't care much about our family's affairs,"Su Yingxia said.

    "The old man that was angry, that's why he was deliberately fighting, if he was still alive, Su Haichao would never have been a candidate for chairman."Han Giangli said, this matter had been mentioned to her by the old master of the Su family, in the old master's thoughts, there was no such thing as male or female superiority, what he valued was only his personal ability, and Su Hachao's personal ability was clearly inferior to Su Yingxia's.

    "It's just a pity that grandmother has always favored men over women, so no matter what Su Hachao has done, grandmother will help him."Su Yingxia said.

    Speaking of this matter, Han Qianli felt that the old lady would be very unhappy when she went to the Palace of Hell, she would never have dreamed that her grandson, whom she valued the most, would poison her.

    "She planted the bitter fruit, and now she's tasted it, if it wasn't for her connivance, she wouldn't have died,"Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia looked up abruptly and asked, "Three thousand, do you know how Grandma died?"

    Everyone had previously speculated that this matter had something to do with Tian Ling'er, but Su Yingxia didn't believe it because Tian Ling'er didn't have the motive or need to kill her grandmother.

    "After her death, who is the one who will benefit the most?"Han Giangli asked with a smile.


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