His True Colors Chapter 347-348

 His True Colors Chapter 347

"How about, want to work with me?"Qi Yiyun saw Han Qianli was silent in thought and asked.

    Han Qianli suddenly stood up, walked to the window, and said lightly, "I don't want Yingxia to be sad, and since the MiG Han family is also your enemy, the matter of cooperation is not impossible, but you have to remember that under no circumstances can you do anything to make Su Yingxia sad, or else I will never let you off the hook."

    Hearing Han Qianqian's stern voice, Qi Yiyun felt a hint of pain in her heart.

    Just for Su Yingxia?

    "Can't I have some weight in your heart, do you know how many men will like me, for them, to be able to kiss me is a great blessing in life, and now, this opportunity is right in front of you."Chi Yi Yun said unwillingly.

    Han Qianli smiled lightly and said, "You are indeed very beautiful, beauty can move most men, but I am an exception, my love has been given entirely to Ying Xia, and in this life, I will never be tempted by another woman."

    After saying that, Han Qianli left the room.

    Qi Yiyun sat on the sofa with a pale face, her hand covering her aching chest, this kind of merciless rejection should not have happened to the excellent her, when she took off her glasses and amazed the world, but she never thought that Han Qianqian didn't care about it at all.

    "Dad said that the more difficult the peak is to climb, when it's over, the more accomplished you'll be, Han Qianli, I don't believe you can really be unmoved, you're just a mere mortal."Chi Yi Yun gritted her teeth and talked to herself, clearly very unhappy about this matter, and had no intention of giving up.

    At this time, Dong Hao pushed in the door, and Chi Yi Yun looked up abruptly, looking at Dong Hao with cold eyes.

    The first time Dong Hao lowered his head, he explained, "Miss, I accidentally let my mouth slip, if you want to blame me, Dong Hao has no complaints."

    "This is the last time I'll give you a warning, or you'll get the hell back to MiG."Chi Yi Yun said.


    For the next half month, Han Qianqiang accompanied Su Yingxia on her morning jog every day, picking Su Yingxia up and down from work, everything seemed choppy, but Han Qianqiang was clear that this was just the calm before the storm.

    During this time, the Peninsula Hotel's courtyard, every day, there will be countless luxury cars parked at the door, they all came to see Han Yan, there are even figures in the city council, but what they actually talked about, no one knows.

    One day half a month later, a heavy piece of news smashed the calm Cloud City into waves of shock.

    The east of the city will create a new city, not and the west of the city distant corresponding, but the competition, the investment will be far more than the west of the city, for a small cloud city, the establishment of two new city, will certainly have one of them become a stepping stone.

    The rice country Han family is also in cloud city officially listed Han's group, Han Yan as Han's group chairman, public statements, will use the Han family's strength, drive the development of the entire cloud city, within five years, to the cloud city's standard of living significantly improved, a time, Han Yan the two words, became the cloud city masses sought after object, and even many people take Han Yan as faith.

    Weak Water Real Estate, Han 3000 appeared in Zhong Liang's office with a face as heavy as water.

    Although he had expected Han Yan to interfere with the situation in Cloud City, he hadn't expected Han Yan to be so menacing.

    The new city in the east of the city was now only in the area planning stage, but it had already gained the support of almost the entire Cloud City, whether it was ordinary people, businesses, or official personnel, all of them were now involved in this matter, and the momentum was already completely incomparable to the west of the city.

    "Young Master, even many of the workers on the west side of the city site have run away, what should we do now?"Zhongliang asked to Han 3,000.

    "Stop the construction and stop the damage in time."Han Qianqian said.

    Zhong Liang was shocked, the investment in the west side of the city project was already enormous, if we stopped construction at this point, the damage would be irreversible.

    "Young Master, are we going to admit defeat?"Zhong Liang said unwillingly.

    "This is just their initial investment, there will be a large amount of capital pouring into Cloud City next, with the funds I have in my hands now, I won't be able to compete with her."Han Qianli heaved a breath, this was the power of money, he couldn't admit it even if he didn't want to, no matter how many means he had to turn the tide, but with the non-stop capital entering the market, any scheme would seem powerless.

    No matter if it was ordinary people or those businessmen, they could only see the benefits, and who would put the west of the city in their eyes when the east of the city could bring them even greater benefits?

    What's more, even the official attitude was now more than willing to support Chengdong, which left Han 3000 with no choice at all.

    Zhong Liang gritted his teeth and said, "This Han is like a divine army that has deliberately come to target us."

    "Her appearance itself is aimed at me, and now I can only take one step at a time."It wasn't that Han 3000 didn't have a solution, nor did he want to be in this passive situation, but he didn't have any way to solve the dilemma at hand.

    Money to him was just a string of unimportant numbers, but that was only for living, and now that he was facing things that were under overwhelming pressure from the business world, this amount of money was a bit insignificant.

    The MiG Han family had a hundred-year heritage, how could he turn the tide with only ten billion in his hand?

    At this time, the office door was pushed open and the petite secretary walked in looking panicked, saying to Zhong Liang, "Brother Zhong, a woman named Han Yan wants to see you."

    Hearing this name, Zhong Liang was even more furious, and just wanted to say no see, but Han Yan had already walked into the office, followed by Han Feng and Han Qing.

    Han Feng looked like a dude, walking like a crab across the room.

    "Everyone but Han Qianqian, get out."Han Feng said in an arrogant manner.

    Zhong Liang looked at Han Qianqian, he wouldn't listen to Han Feng unless Han Qianqian wanted him out.

    Han 3000 looked at the secretary and motioned for her to leave first, but Zhongliang was left behind by Han 3000.

    "Can't you understand human language?I told you to get out."Han Feng said with cold eyes at Zhong Liang.

    "Why don't you try barking a dog, maybe he'll understand."Han Giang said indifferently.

    "Rubbish, are you calling me a dog?"Han Feng's eyes looked coldly at Han Giang.

    "I didn't say that, but if you're willing to admit it yourself, of course I'm fine with it."Han Qianqian said calmly.

    Han Yan stopped Han Feng who was about to get angry, that aristocratic lady's temperament was most vividly reflected at this moment, and said to Han Three Thousand, "Han Three Thousand, you still have a chance now, my request is simple, I want all of Huaxia to know that you don't deserve the surname Han from now on, whether it's through the TV or the internet."

    "Han Yan, what makes you think I will agree to you?"Han Qianli said.

    "With me now in control of Cloud City, and a trash like you, is there any room for resistance?"Han Yan laughed lightly, her eyes filled with contempt, it was still just her first step in dealing with Han Sanchi, the real capital hadn't even appeared yet Han Sanchi had no other choice but to surrender, in Han Yan's eyes.

    "We still have more time to play."Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

    Han Yan's eyes were cold, the reason why she came to Han 3000 was because she didn't want to waste too much time in Huaxia, the East Side project, even if she spent a huge amount of money to hire more people, it would take at least two years to complete, if she were to stay in Huaxia for two years, she would collapse, this kind of garbage place, to take one more breath of air, Han Yan felt that it was a disservice to herself.

    "What are you playing with me with, do you have such strength?Even if you could inherit all of the Han family's assets, in my eyes, it's just a pile of pocket money."Han Yan said disdainfully.

    "Rubbish, do you know what it means to be truly rich?You don't think you're rich if you have a few hundred million, do you."Feng mocked Han Qianqian with disdain.

    Han Qing also said in passing, "Young Master Feng, for someone like him who has no insight, not to mention a few hundred million, even tens of millions is a lot for him."

    With a faint smile, Han Feng deliberately asked Han Qing, "Little Qing, how much did I pay for that island I bought last time?"

    "Young Master Maple, it's only 1.3 billion."Han Qing laughed.

    Feng looked at Han Qianqian with a raised eyebrow and said, "Rubbish, do you have that kind of strength?"

His True Colors Chapter 348

"How can trash have strength, Young Master Maple, you're such a joker."Han Qing covered his mouth and laughed lightly.

    Han Feng nodded his head in his old spirit and said, "That's right, why would I ask such a stupid question."

    "Han 3000, this is the last chance I'm giving you, I hope you can think clearly, otherwise you won't be able to live."Han Yan said, she didn't come to Cloud City to force Han Three Thousand into a death situation, playing dead with a loser wouldn't be fulfilling for Han Yan, finishing this matter as soon as possible and leaving Huaxia was Han Yan's appeal.

    But if Han Qianxiang insisted on having a hard bone, Han Yan didn't mind giving her some bloody lessons.

    Watching the three of them leave the office, Han Qianli smashed her fist on the desk.

    The solid wood desk trembled from the tremendous force, and some cracks even appeared on the desktop.

    Zhong Zhi was shocked, but this desk was one he had personally picked out and bought, and it had been cracked by the young master's fist, how much force had to be exerted!

    "Young Master, they're so hateful, do we need to deal with them in other ways?"Zhong Liang gritted his teeth and said.

    Zhong Liang's meaning was clear to Han Qianlian, but even Chi Yi Yun had an expert like Dong Hao by her side, so how could Han Yan not have one?So this idea was one that Han Giang had already given up on, he was afraid that if he did so, it would affect Su Yingxia's safety.

    "Do as I say, the city is shut down."After saying that, Han Qianliang looked at the time, it was almost time to pick up Su Yingxia from work.

    When Han 3,000 yuan left, Zhong Liang touched the crack on his desk and was frightened, if this punch hit someone, he would be half useless if he didn't die.

    What had he gone through all these years of being treated as trash by the Han family?

    "Young Master, I hope you can survive this, all these years of holding back, even I don't want to see it go down the drain."Zhong Liang said silently.

    Arriving at the downstairs of Su's company, Han Qianliang, as usual, after parking the car, leaned against the side of the car to smoke, because Su Yingxia was afraid of the smell of smoke, so when he smoked, he would try to avoid Su Yingxia, and would never leave any smell of smoke in the car.

    Taking a glance at the kiosk, since Mo Yang was not the boss, Han Marchiang had one less place to pass the time, whenever this kind of time, Han Marchiang regretted a little, if not to let Mo Yang back into the world, at least there was someone to chat with him, not so boring.

    When he saw Su Yingxia walk out from the company, Han Three Thousand quickly threw away his cigarette, took a few breaths, and patted his clothes to dissipate the smell of smoke as much as possible.

    "How is it, nothing happened in the company today, right?"After getting into the car, Han Marchiang asked Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia afterglow surreptitiously sized up Han Three Thousand and said, "The company is nothing, but the current situation in Cloud City is a bit scary ah, Han's group is raging, I'm afraid the west project of the city will be waist-deep, does that classmate of yours know about this matter?"

    Speaking of classmates, Han Giangli had a bit of a headache because this legendary classmate was himself, and he hadn't figured out how to explain this to Su Yingxia.

    "Let's talk about this ...... at home."Han Three Thousand said.

    Back at the hillside villa, both Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao were actually in the living room, which was unusual, since their family had become rich, Jiang Lan was usually still out playing cards at such times, while Su Guoyao had already met up with a drinking buddy to go out for a drink.

    "Mom, what are you guys doing here?"Su Yingxia asked to Jiang Lan.

    "The Han Clan is making so much noise, Mom is so distraught that she doesn't even have the desire to play mahjong, Han Qianli, you should hurry up and think of a way to deal with Han Yan instead, don't get our family into trouble."Jiang Lan said to Han Three Thousand with a hint of reproach in her tone, as if Han Three Thousand had done something wrong in this matter.

    "Three Thousand, who is this Han Yan, and how did she get so rich?"Su Guoyao was puzzled.

    These two were very selfishly worried, they were simply afraid of affecting their existing lives, as for what Han 3000 was facing, they didn't care at all.

    "Han Yan is back from the Mi Kingdom, the Mi Kingdom has a history of a hundred years, and the Han family has more assets than you can imagine."Han 3000 said.

    "If you can't deal with it, then go find helpers ah, isn't the west side of the city project owned by Weak Water Real Estate, instead you should quickly go find Zhong Liang to co-opt it, isn't Weak Water Real Estate not afraid of the impact this matter will have on the west side of the city?"Jiang Lan glared at Han Qianqian, complaining that Han Qianqian was not doing his job well and couldn't even think of a way to do this.

    Han Marchian was filled with a bitter smile and took a look at Su Yingxia, this lie, it seems like it's time to tell Su Yingxia, continue to conceal it, I'm afraid this opportunity for confession won't arise again.

    "Yingxia, actually ...... I'm actually the owner behind the Weak Water Property."Han Giangli said.



    Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao mischievously stood up from the sofa and looked at Han Marchant incredulously.

    Weakwater Real Estate was even owned by Han Three Thousand!

    That is to say, Weak Water Real Estate used to have to have Su Yingxia as the person in charge, but in fact it was all Han 3000 who was secretly arranging it.

    Jiang Lan had always thought that it was because Su Yingxia was excellent that she was valued by Zhongliang, and even felt that Han Qianliang had more capital to eat soft rice in the future, and hated Han Qianliang even more.

    But now, such thoughts gave Jiang Lan a headbutt.

    What she was thinking was a complete joke, but the man who ate soft food in her eyes had already taken control of it all.

    All the changes in the Su family were all from this man?

    "Are you kidding me, how can Weakwater Real Estate be your company."Jiang Lan did not want to believe it.

    Su Guoyao also had the same attitude, after being a wimp in the Su family for so many years, how could he believe it when he suddenly shook his body and became the owner behind a big company?

    "Han 3,000, don't you talk nonsense, isn't the Weak Water property owned by the Yanjing Han family?What does it have to do with you."When this was said, Su Guoyao was completely dumbfounded, the intense shock in his eyes causing his eyeballs to bulge out a little.

    Yanjing Han Family, Han 3000!

    A crazy idea was born in Su Guoyao's mind, so much so that in an instant, Su Guoyao got goosebumps.

    "You ...... you, you're not someone from the Yanjing Han family, are you!"Su Guotao felt his scalp go numb and his legs go weak.

    "That woman called Shi Jing, the reason why she gave the bride-price to Ying Xia is because this bride-price, originally belonged to her?"Jiang Lan also figured out some things at this time, she used to think that Shi Jing was rich and generous, so she didn't care about that money, that's why she would give it to Su Yingxia in passing, but now that she knew the truth, Jiang Lan's worldview was about to be turned upside down.

    "Not bad."Han Qianli nodded in acknowledgement.

    Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao both collapsed onto the couch.

    The young master of the Yanjing Han family had been a wimpy son-in-law in their house for several years, being pointed out and humiliated and looked down upon by them, and the past was like a running horse in the minds of both of them.

    At this moment, Jiang Lan finally felt what it meant to be frightened, and she knew that if Han Qianli was going to argue with her about all this, her grave would probably be two meters high.

    The reactions of these two, Han three thousand did not even look at them, his eyes were always on Su Yingxia, because in his world, only Su Yingxia was worth caring about, what other people thought of him, irrelevant.

    But to Han 3000's surprise, Su Yingxia didn't react as much as Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao did, and instead still seemed very calm.

    "I actually guessed this possibility long ago."Su Yingxia said with a smile.

    "Why?When did I show my hand?"Han Qianliang was puzzled.

    "How could my abilities be favored by Weak Water Real Estate, and with my position in the Su family, I can't afford the position of the person in charge, Su Haichao is more qualified for the job than me, and your classmate, who never shows up, and more importantly, the company name of Weak Water Real Estate."Su Yingxia paused and continued, "Weak Water, right?"

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly, he thought he had hidden it well enough, but he didn't expect Su Yingxia to be able to guess it, which made him unexpectedly say, "Weak water, three thousand, only marry Yingxia."

    In Han Qianli's opinion, at this time Su Yingxia should be somewhat touched, but in fact it was not so, Su Yingxia walked to Han Qianli's side, grabbed Han Qianli's ear and said fiercely, "Let you lie to me, and still say that you are a classmate."


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