His True Colors Chapter 334-336


His True Colors Chapter 334

Peninsula Hotel, wiping light makeup Chi Yiyun even more beautiful and touching, as if she should not exist in the world, but heavenly fairies, she is such a person, destined to make other women ashamed of themselves.

    Sitting at the edge of the bed, her slender legs folded over each other, revealing even more the advantage of her long legs, charming the heart.

    Dong Hao lowered his head, and even his afterglow didn't dare to linger on Chi Yi Yun, because to him, it was a kind of blasphemy against a lady.

    "Miss, how did Han Feng appear here, I remember that they never returned to Huaxia."Dong Hao said with a puzzled face.

    The Han family belonged to the top existence in the Chinese area of Mi Guo, almost all Chinese knew about it, so Chi Yi Yun was very familiar with the Han family, and this time the Chi family's trouble was more or less related to the Han family, and she had made a special effort to learn more about them.

    The Han family had long ago established itself in the Chinese area of the rice country, a family with a history of a hundred years, with an extremely deep background, but they had never returned to China, and Chi Yi Yun used to guess that the Han family might have some kind of taboo about this.

    But today, Dong Hao had seen Han Feng, making Qi Yi Yun very surprised.

    "There must be a reason why they came to Huaxia, maybe the Han family is planning to return to Huaxia to develop."Qi Yiyun said.

    "But I've heard that the Han family simply despises the business of Huaxia, so how could they suddenly have such a decision?"Dong Hao was puzzled.

    "Today's Huaxia is not what it used to be, Huaxia's influence in the international arena is as good as any country, and it's understandable that the Han family is starting to pay attention to the market here, but ......" Chi Yi Yun frowned, wanting to stop talking.

    "But what?"Dong Hao was curious.

    "I think that this matter is not as simple as I think, Han Feng is not a person who can do great things, it's possible, not only Han Feng is here, but also Han Yan."Chi Yiyun said, although Han Feng was a man, his ability couldn't be compared to Han Yan's, and his position in the Han family was higher than Han Feng's, if he really wanted to come to Huaxia to develop, it should also be Han Yan who should come forward.

    "Do you need me to look into it?"Dong Hao asked.

    "No need."Chi Yi Yun shook her head without hesitation and said, "The way I am now, even if I pass them by, they definitely don't know each other, so there's no need to spook them."

    "I've arranged eyes outside the hotel, if Han Yan really comes, she will definitely show up and we'll be able to know."Dong Hao said.

    As soon as the words left his mouth, Dong Hao's phone rang.

    Only after they looked at each other did Dong Hao pick up the phone.

    "Miss, Han Giangli is here at the hotel."Dong Hao said.

    Han 3,000!

    What's he doing in a hotel for no reason.


    Qi Yiyun's eyelids jumped, although there were many people with the surname Han, her intuition told him that this matter might not be as simple as a coincidence.

    "Is there some connection between ...... Han 3000 and the Han family?"Qi Yiyun was shocked inside, she had been trying to find out Han 3,000's identity, but there were very few eyes in Huaxia, and the resources Donghao could use were very limited, so she was slow to find out Han 3,000's true background.

    But now, the Han family lived here, and Han 3,000 could never have come to find her, so the only explanation was that Han 3,000 was going to meet up with Han Feng, or Han Yan.

    Dong Hao noticed that Chi Yi Yun's hands were trembling slightly and asked worriedly, "Miss, are you not feeling well?"

    Chi Yi Yun shook her head, she wasn't feeling sick, but rather a little excited.

    If Han Giang was a member of the Han family, then he would be even more capable of helping the Chi family, which was even more proof that Chi Yi Yun hadn't chosen the wrong person!

    Outside the Peninsula Hotel, Mo Yang had already brought someone to wait here.

    After having the experience of being beaten up last time when he went to the banquet alone, Han Giang was very careful this time, he didn't want to be counted out again, this kind of thing happened once in his life was enough.

    "There's no news, but the other party should be from a big place, otherwise, it's not like we can't find out anything,"Mo Yang said.

    "There's no need to find out, it's a person or a ghost, we'll know if we look."Han 3,000 said, he had a certain guess about this matter, he just wasn't sure yet.

    At that moment, a woman walked up to Han Qianqian with an arrogant attitude, although she was no taller than Han Qianqian.

    "You're Han Three Thousand?"The woman's name was Han Qing, and although her surname was Han, she didn't have any Han family bloodline and had grown up in the Han family, taking care of Han Yan's chores, and her identity position was just a maid of the Han family.

    "Who are you?"Han Qianqiang asked.

    Han Qing scornfully sized up Han Three Thousand and said, "My name is Han Qing, our lady wants to see you, but she doesn't want to see an irrelevant person."

    This irrelevant person was naturally talking about Mo Yang.

    Mo Yang was filled with a bitter smile, this little girl had a brash temperament and didn't know what kind of environment she had been raised in.

    Miss?It was just a woman.

    Since it was a woman, Han Giang wasn't that worried, and he was almost certain who the other party was, saying to Mo Yang, "You wait for me here."

    "En."Mo Yang nodded and didn't object.

    Han Qing scoffed and looked at Han Qianqian and said, "I didn't think people like you would have underlings."

    "This is a brother, not a henchman."Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    Han Qing looked at Mo Yang with disdain, in her world, everything was only involved because of benefits, and the so-called brothers were just saying nice things.

    Han Giang could feel her domineering flames from Han Qing's body, it seemed that the Mi's Han family had a strong sense of superiority in their bones, that's why it caused an underling to be so arrogant as well.

    Following Han Qing upstairs to her room, Han Yan was in a light nightgown outlining the perfect curve of her body.

    "I'll gouge your eyes out if you dare to look at them."Han Yan's first words at the meeting were very rude, but in her opinion it was normal, Yanjing Han family, a branch of the family that should not have existed long ago, how could she put it in her eyes.

    Han Qianqian smiled faintly, the servants were arrogant, and the master even interpreted the arrogance to the fullest.

    "What are you looking for me for?"Han Giangli asked faintly.

    "What am I, do you know?"Han Yan looked at Han Qianli obliquely, inwardly a little appalled by Han Qianli's looks, but only a little appalled, after all, she had known countless handsome men in the Mi Kingdom.

    "If I'm right, you're a member of the Han family from the Mi Kingdom,"Han 3000 said.

    Han Yan laughed and said, "You guys sure do remember us, it seems that there was always a plan to climb up to the Miya Han family, right?"

    "Confidence is good, but blind confidence will only make you look ridiculous."Han 3,000 said, climbing up to the MiG Han family was something he had never thought about, and he didn't need to.

    "Are you calling me ridiculous?"When Han Yan heard this, she became angry, and with a fierce expression, she looked at Han Qianli and continued, "You're just a wimp of a branch family, what right do you have to call me ridiculous."

    "Kneel down and apologize to Miss."Han Qing scolded coldly from the side.

    Han Giangli frowned, what kind of family must this be to educate someone who was completely disrespectful and didn't put anyone in his or her eyes.

    "Has the Han family only taught you to be arrogant?So did your elders tell you that arrogance comes with a price."Han Giangli said in a cold voice.

    "You'll pay a price for disrespecting me, but I don't care to bother with trash like you, you're nothing more than a useless piece of trash in my eyes."Han Yan said.

    "If I'm trash, what are you doing here looking for me?"Han 3,000 said.

    "My father is afraid that you'll discredit the surname Han, that's why he sent me to this sh*tty place to warn you, do you think I'm willing to come to Warsaw, this place will only make me sick compared to Rice."Han Yan said disdainfully.

    This statement made Han Qianqian sneer more than a little, no matter where she grew up, her body ultimately had the blood of the Huaxia people flowing through it, and yet she denigrated Huaxia so much, she didn't deserve to have the Yan Huang bloodline at all!

    "As a Huaxia, you should be proud of this and should feel fortunate."Han Qianli gritted his teeth and said.

    Han Yan burst out laughing and said, "Proud of this?And only incapable losers like you feel honored, not having seen the world and not knowing how good it is out there, I can understand you."

His True Colors Chapter 335

Han Yan's bone-deep contempt for Huaxia made Han Qianli very angry, and he couldn't understand how someone with Yan Huang blood flowing through her body could say such things.

    The people who fawned over foreigners Han Qianli had seen quite a few, but just because she didn't like it didn't mean she had to deliberately denigrate it, even if she had grown up abroad, she should at least be clear about where her roots were.

    "Is this the education the Han family gave you, so that you don't even know who you are?"Han Qianli said in a cold voice.

    The education that Han Yan had received since she was a child, the circle she was in, all the relatives around her, the way they treated Hua Xia was almost exactly the same as her, those people also despised Hua Xia in their bones, that was why they caused her to have the attitude she had now.

    She wouldn't find anything wrong with her words, and Han Saniang's mention of Han family education was clearly a rebuke to the Han family.

    What right did a trash of a branch family have to rebuke the Han family?

    "Are you questioning the higher education I received?Don't sell your patriotism to me, you're such a wimp that you have nothing else to show for it, so you have to act like you're patriotic?"Han Yan scoffed.

    Han Giang's gaze was torchy as he looked at Han Yan, his clenched fists going from white knuckles to slowly loosening, which indicated that he had experienced intense anger in his heart in a short period of time, then relieved.

    Discussing such issues with Han Yan was a complete waste of time.

    "I don't have time to waste on you, what do you want from me, just say it."Han Marchand said.

    "My father's request is simple: let you trash change your surname and never have the last name Han again, or else I'll have to personally exterminate you to avoid you trash from embarrassing the Han surname."Han Yan said with a smile.

    The corner of Han Qianli's mouth revealed a smile full of coldness, the good domineering MiG Han family actually asked him to change his surname, isn't that a big joke?But they were so righteous.

    "If I don't change, what can you do to me?"Han Qianli faintly said.

    Han Yan smiled slightly and said, "Pinching you to death is as simple as pinching an ant, I advise you better think it through or you won't be able to regret it until I make my move."

    "Whoever asked you to do this, tell him that my surname Han Three Thousand Thousand is Han even the day I turn into ash, no one has the right to make me change my surname."Han Three Thousand Thousand said, and left the room, treating this unreasonable request, what is the need for him to take care of it, if these people really want to deal with him because of this, the soldier will be the one to stop them.

    "Miss, this person really doesn't know what's good for him, what qualifications does he have to be surnamed Han, but he's still so deadbeat."After Han Qianli left, Han Qing said with strong contempt in his eyes.

    Han Yan didn't get angry, instead she smiled happily and said, "That's good, otherwise how meaningless my trip would be, since this wimp has hard bones, I'll let him know how powerful the real Han family is."

    "Miss, such a loser will kowtow to you sooner or later."

    Mo Yang was a little surprised to see Han Qianqiang out so quickly and asked, "It's done so soon?"

    Han Qianli smiled bitterly and said, "I'm afraid there will be quite a bit of trouble again in the future."

    This was completely an unprovoked disaster, somehow jumping out of nowhere to let him change his surname, and if he didn't change it, he would have to deal with him, which made Han Qianli very helpless, and this was something he would never have dreamed of.

    "What's going on?"Mo Yang frowned and asked.

    Han Qianqiu shook her head and didn't explain, so Mo Yang didn't ask any more questions.

    The energy of the MiG Han family was not very clear to Han 3,000, but from what Nangong Qianqiu had said before, it should be very powerful, but it was good that their roots were not in Huaxia, so Han 3,000 did not have to worry too much.

    Yanjing Qin City.

    Shen Weng met up with Han Jun in the visiting room.

    Now that Han Jun was reduced to an invalid, he hated Han 3000 to the bone and would love to be able to kill Han 3000 with his own hands, drink his blood and eat his flesh, only then could he vent his hatred.

    "How's our plan coming along?"Han Jun asked to Shen Weng.

    "Someone from the MiG Han family has already gone to Cloud City, but what exactly they will do is not something I can speculate on."Shen Weng said, Han Yan's father was the one who made the call, his purpose was simple, to set up an opponent for Han 3000, but what that opponent would actually do, Shen Weng didn't know.

    "Can't you find a way to get them to kill Han 3000?"Han Jun gritted his teeth.

    With Shen Weng's position, how was he qualified to control what the MiG Han family did, the only thing he could do was to attract hatred to Han 3000.

    "Han Jun, is this the way you talk to me?"Shen Weng said with a cold face.

    "I'm sorry, Grandpa Shen, I was too excited, I just couldn't wait to get my revenge."Han Jun bowed his head in apology, but his eyes showed no remorse at all.

    "Wanting revenge, it's not something that can be done for a while, anyway, you'll still be in jail for a few years, there's no need to rush, he'll definitely die, and since the Mickey Han family is here, it's absolutely impossible to let him go easily."Shen Weng said with a sigh.

    "In the meantime, I'll find a way to stir up even more conflict between them."Shen Weng continued.

    "Grandpa Shen, if it wasn't for Han 3000, grandmother would never have died, we must not let him off lightly and we must help grandmother take revenge."Han Jun purposely mentioned this matter because he knew that only grandmother could make Shen Weng hate Han 3000.

    Shen Weng took a heavy breath and squeezed his fist and said, "Don't worry, not only will he die, but I will let him die a horrible death, I will also let him watch his beloved die!"

    In the Han family compound, Shi Jing sat in the seat that originally belonged to Nangong Qianqiu, in the past, Shi Jing didn't understand why Nangong Qianqiu would sit here, so ever since Nangong Qianqiu died, she would often observe the Han family compound visually from Nangong Qianqiu, but now, she still didn't understand why Nangong Qianqiu would particularly like this seat.

    "Uncle Yan, why would Mom like to sit here?"Shi Jing opened her mouth to ask.

    Yan Jun was standing not far from Shi Jing, which was how he used to protect Nangong Qianqiu.

    "This is right opposite to Jun Han's room."Yan Jun said indifferently.

    "Is it true that in her eyes, there isn't really a bit of 3000?"Shi Jing was puzzled, Nangong Qianqiu's stubbornness was clear to her, but did she even have to sit towards Han Jun?Han Qianxiang was also a member of the Han family, and also had her blood in her body, so why should she be treated so unfairly.

    "People are dead, is there any point in bothering about these things?"Yan Jun said.

    Shi Jing sighed and said, "When the Mickey Han family goes to Cloud City, Three Thousand will definitely be embarrassed again."

    Yan Jun laughed coldly and said, "Isn't that what you want to see, so why pretend to care about him?"

    "It's true that you can't hide anything from Uncle Yan, but I had nothing to do with this matter, I didn't do it."Shi Jing said, she was indeed happy to see such a situation, as only pressure could make Han 3000 stronger, and Han Tian Yang's obsession had a profound effect on her, and she also wanted to see the Han family one day get the recognition of the MiG Han family.

    "With 3000's current abilities, it's not good for him to suddenly encounter such an opponent,"Yan Jun said.

    Shi Jing turned to look at Yan Jun and said unexpectedly, "You don't trust him either?"

    "Of course I believe in him unconditionally, but it's too hard for this to happen at his current stage, the Mi over Han family has no power in Warsaw, but it's easy for them to build up a force, they have the absolute ability to overturn the business community and grey areas in Cloud City, everything Han 3000 has is like a bubble in front of the Mi over Han family, a light touchIt will shatter."Yanjun said.

    "So what should he do?"Shi Jing was confused.

    "The best way is to agree to all the conditions put forth by the Mickey Han family, continue to hold back and wait for the right time."Yan Jun said.

    Shi Jing spread a smile and said, "But you should know his character very well, he would never do that."

    Yan Jun sighed, this was what he was most worried about, because he knew Han Qianli's character well, he could guess what decision Han Qianli would make.

    He could bow before Su Yingxia, but he would never put the MiG Han family in his eyes!

His True Colors Chapter 336

Han Giang and Mo Yang left the Peninsula Hotel together and asked about Qing Yun in the car, this time Han Giang treated Qing Yun with a laissez-faire attitude and didn't care what he was doing in Cloud City, but asked Mo Yang to arrange someone to keep an eye on Qing Yun.

    "This friend of yours is a talent ah."Speaking of Qing Yun, Mo Yang had a helpless smile on his face.

    "What's going on?"Han Giangli was puzzled.

    "Tell me first, what kind of immortal talent is this, and how do you know someone like this?"Mo Yang was curious.

    "He used to be a pithy Daoist priest, he met by chance, he's not really a friend."Han Giangli said, the main reason for keeping Qing Yun by his side was because he wanted to see what this guy wanted and why he had to stay by his side.

    "Hey."Mo Yang sighed and said, "He went into the number and molested three times, the first two times there was no evidence and he got away with it, but this time his luck wasn't too good, he was filmed, so he'll probably be locked up for a while."

    Han Qianli looked startled, although he knew that Qing Yun was not a good person and had a strong need for women, Han Qianli never expected that he would do such a shameless and nasty thing.


    No wonder Mo Yang would say he was a talent.

    "Off it goes, it's good for him to have a long memory."Han Marchian said.

    Han Three Thousand couldn't be sure if Qingyun was doing this on purpose to shape his image or if he was really that short of women, but these little tricks were fine when they were a hoot, as long as Qingyun had a purpose, he would reveal it sooner or later, so Han Three Thousand wasn't in a hurry.

    Qi Yiyun stood by the window of the room, watching Han 3,000 yuan's car after leaving, tightly locked eyebrows with a strong cloud of suspicion, she had just called her father to check whether the MiG Han family had any relatives in Warsaw, or whether anyone from the MiG Han family had returned to Warsaw before to develop.

    Only after confirming the identity of Han Qianqian, did Qi Yiyun know what she should do next.

    It didn't take long for Chi Yi Yun's phone to ring.


    "Yi Yun, it's true that someone from the Han family used to return to Huaxia, but that was decades ago, and it was the previous Han family's owner's own brother, and because this matter is so old, many people don't know about it, and if they want to investigate more deeply at the moment, they probably won't be able to find out anything."

    "Dad, it's enough to know that, next, I'll get to the bottom of this matter,"Chi Yi Yun said.

    "Why are you suddenly interested in these things?"

    "The person I chose is most likely related to the Han family of Mi, and Han Yan arrived in Cloud City and met up with him, but what happened between them, I still don't know."Qi Yiyun explained.

    The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a long time after listening to Chi Yi Yun's words and asked, "You suspect that he has a relationship with the Han family who left Mi Country back then?"

    "Good, in the negative, why would Han Yan look for him, perhaps he is also a member of the Han family."Chi Yi Yun guessed, there was no evidence to prove this matter, but her intuition told her that this guess was eighty-nine percent, and the negative she couldn't think of any possibility of Han Yan coming to Cloud City.

    "Yi Yun, you should know that our opponent has deep ties with the Han family, if he is also a member of the Han family ......"

    "Dad."Chi Yi Yun interrupted, "Don't worry about this, leave it to me, and it seems to me that they come from the same lineage, but they don't have a good relationship."

    "Okay, you be careful."

    Hanging up the phone, Qi Yiyun said to Dong Hao, "Go and help me find out who Han 3,000 really is, I want to know everything about him in Huaxia, it doesn't matter how much money the words are, if you can't find out, you don't have to come back."

    Donghao nodded his head and said, "Miss, Donghao won't let you down."

    Han Giangli returned home and saw Su Yingxia sitting in the living room, looking worried, as if something had happened.

    "What's wrong?"Han Giangli approached and asked.

    Su Yingxia raised her head and said, "Three thousand, that friend of yours just called me and said he's leaving Cloud City."


    Han Qianli thought to herself that she should be talking about Qin Lin, the situation of the Su Company had stabilized and Qin Lin would have to return to Yanjing to manage his own Feng Qian Company.

    "He's also the CEO of the company, it's already rare to have him help out, do you still want him to work for you?"Han Giangli said with a smile.

    "But he's really good, I already consider him an idol, I'm afraid that I won't be able to cope without him in the company."Su Yingxia said, Qin Lin's ability to do things made Su Yingxia admire him, and treating him as an idol was definitely not a joke, so suddenly knowing that Qin Lin was leaving, Su Yingxia was a bit unable to accept the news.

    The first thing you need to know is that you can't be a good boy or girl without a good reason.

    And how could she treat other men as idols.

    "Am I not powerful?"Han Qianli said speechlessly.

    Su Yingxia couldn't help but laugh when she saw Han Qianli's reaction, she was about to speak, her eyes suddenly revealed some teasing look and said, "You're also powerful, but not as powerful as him, but he reversed the situation of the company, if it wasn't for him, the company would have been finished long ago."

    Han Qianqian suddenly regretted letting Qin Lin come to Cloud City, leaving this matter to Zhong Liang and letting him operate behind the scenes, although it would waste some time, it wasn't impossible to do, Qin Lin this guy came and stole all of his limelight.

    Seeing Han Qianqian's listlessly drooping head, the smile on Su Yingxia's face became even more intense as she sat close to Han Qianqian and said softly with her arm around his hand, "Is someone jealous?"

    "Yeah, it's so obvious, are you just now realizing it?"Han Qianli generously admitted.

    Su Yingxia's heart blossomed with joy, Han Qianli's jealousy showed that she cared about her, how could she not be happy with this feeling of being cared for.

    "How petty, can't I just say other men are nice?"Su Yingxia said with a deflated mouth.

    "If it's possible, then of course it's best, who wants their woman's mouth to speak well of other men."Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia found Han Qianli's jealous look quite cute, so she couldn't help but continue teasing, "But he's really great, and he's handsome, you don't know how many people in the company are charmed to death, even Shen Lingyao likes him and wants to be his girlfriend."

    This guy, he can be so charming that even Shen Lingyao likes him?

    The more Han Qianqiang felt that she had made the wrong decision and shouldn't have let this guy come to Cloud City.

    In a certain hotel, Qin Lin sneezed inexplicably and said to himself, "No one will say anything bad about me, right?"

    Su Yingxia suddenly laughed as she saw Han Qianli looking depressed and silent, she wanted to hold back from continuing to tease Han Qianli, but she couldn't, Han Qianli's face was full of aggravation, like a lady in a boudoir.

    "I'm joking with you, no matter how good he is, he's not as good as you, you're my idol."Su Yingxia said with a smile.

    "You don't need to comfort me, my heart is already broken."Han Qianli weakly lowered her head, looking badly hurt.

    Su Yingxia lay down beside Han Qianli's ear and exhaled, "How do you heal such a serious injury?"

    Feeling the hot air coming from her ears, Han Three Thousand's body sweat hairs stood up.

    And between Su Yingxia's words, there seemed to be a sense of enticement, making Han Qianli's heartbeat quicken and his breathing quicken.

    At this time, Jiang Lan came to the living room not at the right time, and said to Su Yingxia, "Yingxia, tomorrow my sister's son is getting married, you two should also come with me, when you got married, people also sent gifts, this time when to return the gift."

    The wedding three years ago, most people came to see the joke, this kind of return gift in Su Yingxia's opinion is not half necessary.

    "Mom, your sister, can't you just go by yourself?What are we going to do."Su Yingxia said.

    "I've already promised her family will attend, if you don't go, wouldn't it be disrespectful, so it's decided."Jiang Lan didn't give Su Yingxia a chance to refuse, and went upstairs after saying that.

    Su Yingxia was speechless, this was clearly coercion, and said to Han Qianqiang, "If you don't want to go, we won't go."


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