His True Colors Chapter 337-338


His True Colors Chapter 337

"Can you refuse?"Han Giangli said with a smile.

    "Why can't you refuse, just don't go."Su Yingxia said with a pout.

    When Han Qianli saw Su Yingxia's pouting, she unconsciously licked her lips and said, "Mom let us two go, there must be an ulterior motive, if you don't satisfy her, she'll be unhappy."

    Su Yingxia knew that Jiang Lan must have other factors, otherwise it wouldn't be possible for her to have to drag the two of them, but it was because of this that Su Yingxia didn't want to go.

    But Han Qianli's words made sense, if she didn't go, Jiang Lan would definitely be unhappy.

    It wouldn't be difficult to satisfy her with such a small matter.

    At this time, Han Qianli's phone rang.

    Qin Lin was leaving, so naturally, he had to report to Han Three Thousand.

    After the call was answered, Qin Lin said, "Mr. Han, I want ......."

    "Scram, get out of here."Han 3,000 said and hung up the phone.

    Qin Lin in the hotel looked confused, completely unaware of what had happened, but he could hear that Han 3,000 was very unhappy from Han's tone.

    This couldn't help but make Qin Lin start to think back on all the things that had happened over this period of time, was it possible that which part of the process had gone wrong and that's why he was unhappy?

    But thinking about it, Qin Lin didn't know where he had offended Han Marchand and quickly called Zhong Liang.

    "Zhong Liang, did I do something wrong recently?"Qin Lin asked.

    Faced with this inexplicable question, Zhong Good wondered, "How can you say that?"

    "I just called Mr. Han and he was very upset, so I must have done something wrong to piss him off."Qin Lin was convinced that he had offended Han Qianqian on something, but he couldn't think of anything to worry about, after all, if he didn't even know what he had done wrong, how was he going to fix it?

    "What did this ...... young master say?"Zhong Liang was confused.

    "I told him to leave Cloud City, and he told me to get out, so get out."Qin Lin told Zhong Liang the exact words of Han 3000.

    Zhong Liang said, "He told you to get lost, so just hurry up and leave, if you really want to pursue this, you won't be allowed to leave easily."

    "Okay."Qin Lin, who had planned to leave only tomorrow, immediately grabbed his luggage and left the hotel after hanging up the phone.

    And in the hillside villa, Su Yingxia saw Han Qianli speak in such a rude tone and curiously asked, "Who is it, why are you so fierce."

    "Mo Yang, he told me to go to Mordor, saying that there are many young and beautiful girls, I have to tell him to hurry up and get lost?"Han Giangli said with a smile.

    Su Yingxia gritted her teeth, waved her fist and said, "This Mo Yang, he actually let you do this kind of thing."

    Magic Capital, Mo Yang sneezed again for no apparent reason.

    The next day, Jiang Lan wore her most expensive clothes, took the most valuable designer bags, wore gold and silver, and brought all of her valuable possessions with her, dressing like a noblewoman.

    Su Guoyao was much more kitschy in comparison, with a common outfit and the most valuable watch, which was many years old.

    "Yingxia, don't you hurry up and change your clothes, you'll be late if you don't go out."Seeing Su Yingxia, who was dressed in a sports outfit, Jiang Lan couldn't wait to urge her.

    Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian had just returned from a jog, it was only eight o'clock, even if they were going to a wedding there was no need to be in such a hurry ah!

    "Mom, look at what time it is, why are you in such a hurry."Su Yingxia said helplessly.

    Jiang Lan this is eager to go to show herself, the clothes on her body but bought specifically for the wedding, has been held at home, has long been eager for this day to come.

    "Your mother got up at five o'clock today, it's not like her own son is begging for a wife, I don't know what she's excited about."Su Guoyao said speechlessly, Jiang Lan himself woke up and not to mention, and woke him up from his dream, at this time Su Guoyao hated to go back to his room to sleep.

    "What do you know."Jiang Lan glared at Su Guoyao and said.

    Su Guoyao hung his head weakly, how could he not know what Jiang Lan was thinking, it was just to show off the new clothes, that was her fun, she hated the whole world to know that she was wearing a brand new one.

    "Mom, even if we go now, there's no one at the hotel ah, people still have to go to pick up the bride, aren't we being laughed at if we go so early?"Han 3,000 yuan said on the side.

    "They didn't do it at the hotel, they chartered a farmhouse, so let's just go to the farmhouse early and have fun."Jiang Lan said, her attitude and tone towards Han Qianqian was significantly softer, not as strong as when she spoke to Su Guoyao.

    "The people receiving the marriage haven't even arrived, and you're the guest, in case no one greets you, where will you put that face."Su Yingxia thought about it and continued, "And go later, all those sisters of yours will arrive, they will only focus on you after you appear, otherwise, who will notice you."

    When Jiang Lan heard this, she felt that it made sense, the later she went, the easier it would be to attract other people's attention, and she wouldn't even need to show up deliberately then.

    "Alright, listen to you guys."Jiang Lan said.

    Han Giangli and Su Yingxia returned to the room.

    "I'll shower first, want to come along?"Su Yingxia said.

    Han Giangli was thunderstruck by the words, and incredulously looked at Su Yingxia and said, "A ...... bath together?"

    "Just messing with you."Su Yingxia made a face at Han Qianqian, then went to the bathroom and locked the door.

    Ever since teasing Han three thousand find some fun yesterday, Su Ying Xia has been enjoying this kind of thing, last night sleep also asked Han three thousand want to take off all his clothes, but after Han three thousand really take off his clothes, Su Ying Xia and him separated with a different blanket.

    Han 3,000 did not get angry, although Su Yingxia made a lot of jokes, but not too much, and can let Han 3,000 obviously feel the two feelings are gradually warming up.

    For that matter, Han 3000 wasn't in a hurry to finish it, after all, it had been waiting for more than three years, so it didn't matter if she waited any longer.

    When Su Yingxia came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and dripping wet hair, Han 3000's mouth went dry for a moment, and even though this scene had been seen many times recently, it still made his heart beat faster.

    "You take a shower, I'll pick out the clothes you want to change into."Su Yingxia felt Han Qianli's burning eyes and said without lifting her head, although she liked to tease Han Qianli, she didn't dare to do anything in this situation for fear that the fireworks would go out of control.

    "En."Han 3,000 yuan should say, into the heat-filled bathroom, where the fragrance that belonged to Su Yingxia still remains.

    After taking a shower, Su Yingxia had changed into clothes, simple outfits, not much more gorgeous and bright, after all, she was only attending today as a guest, if she wore something too eye-catching, stealing the bride's limelight would not be good.

    Su Yingxia to Han three thousand find clothes is also very simple, did not let him wear formal dress, because the suit Han three thousand, also easy to steal the groom's limelight.

    By the time it was almost ten-thirty, the family of four finally went out under the urging of Jiang Lan, who couldn't wait for the wedding.

    The wedding was held in a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city, this farmhouse covers a vast area and one of its shareholders is Yang Qi, the owner of Fuyang Fruit Estate.

    At this time, at the entrance of the farmhouse, several middle-aged women were gathered together, everyone was dressed gorgeously and competing with each other, no one wanted to lose to the others.

    "How come Jiang Lan hasn't come yet, she won't still have to deliberately put on a show."

    "She's living in a hillside villa now, and Su Yingxia's company is so powerful, it's her turn to have a display."

    "Hey, it's called the wheel of fortune, she used to be the one who had the worst life among us sisters, but I didn't expect her to have the best life now."

    "So what if she's having a good life, aren't the jokes that were made before funny anymore?Her daughter's wedding, but it made my stomach hurt at first."

    At this time, an Audi stopped at the entrance of the farmhouse, when Jiang Lan stepped out of the car, the eyes of everyone at the entrance bet on her, which gave Jiang Lan's vanity the greatest satisfaction.

    It really still had to be the finale to make an appearance, luckily she didn't arrive early, otherwise how would so many people see her?

    This set of clothes was tens of thousands of dollars, it wouldn't reflect its value if it wasn't seen by more people.

    "Jiang Lan, you're late, we sisters have been waiting for you for a long time."Ji Chun walked up to Jiang Lan and said enthusiastically, she was the mother of today's protagonist, but the enthusiasm was only superficial, she was very dissatisfied with Jiang Lan in her heart, dressing more eye-catching than her, wasn't it obvious that she was stealing the limelight from her?

His True Colors Chapter 338

"You won't become like this later."After Han 3000 parked the car, he looked at the entrance to a few middle-aged women, one dressed more voluptuously than the other, and couldn't help but ask Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia fiercely pinched a hand on Han three thousand's waist flesh, making Han three thousand couldn't help but draw a breath of cold air.

    "Am I like this in your eyes?"Su Yingxia gritted her teeth and said to Han Three Thousand.

    Knowing that she had said something wrong, Han Qianqian quickly denied, "Of course not, I'm just saying it casually, don't take it seriously."

    Su Yingxia snorted coldly and said, "Think carefully before you speak in the future, I'm not easy to mess with."

    Han Giangli smiled bitterly, once again confirming the woman's changeable personality and turning the other cheek faster than a book.

    Entering the farmhouse, most of the guests were already seated in the restaurant, decorated with a very luxurious wedding stage, the wedding host and the two couples finalizing the process.

    "You guys came too late, the arranged seats were taken by others, the guests who came were all guests, so I can only begrudge you, sit here."Ji Chun brought the four of Jiang Lan to the table farthest from the stage, a spot that was clearly the least valued.

    This caused Jiang Lan to feel some hidden dissatisfaction in her heart and asked to the others, "Are you all sitting here as well?"

    "No way, we came early and sat in the front, who asked you to come late, so I have to give you a hard time."A certain sister joke said to Jiang Lan, her heart couldn't help but belly row let you deliberately put on a show to come late, sitting in this most unappreciated seat is also deserved.

    Ji Chun pretended to have an apologetic expression and said, "Jiang Lan, I'm really sorry today, I'll find another opportunity to apologize to you some other day."

    With such beautiful words, Jiang Lan couldn't be angry, so she could only say, "It doesn't matter, it's the same wherever you sit, I'm not interested in weddings anyway, so it doesn't matter if I look at it or not."

    Ji Chun paled and said, "That's right, you shouldn't have any interest in weddings, after all, you used to ...... "Speaking of which, Ji Chun deliberately fanned his mouth and continued, "Look at this mouth of mine, it's reallyWhich pot can't mention which pot, don't say no more, so as not to bring up your sadness."

    Jiang Lan bit her back groove teeth, Ji Chun clearly brought it up on purpose, and acted like a fake.

    At this time, the groom on the stage, suddenly rushed to the entrance of the restaurant, not knowing what he was doing in a hurry.

    "Brother Qi, I didn't think you'd be so respectful."The groom faced Yang Qi with only promises, although the grey area of Cloud City was now the domain of Mo Yang, Yang Qi still had a certain status, at least not something he could provoke.

    After Yang Qi suffered a loss last time, his arrogance had been reduced a lot, and he no longer harbored Yang Wen in anything, so it could be said that he wanted to keep a low profile.

    "You're a private guest, so how can I give face to you."Yang Qi smiled as he spotted Han Qianqian and couldn't help but tremble, why was he here too.

    Did he know today's groom?

    "Chico, follow me, the VIP spot has been arranged for you."The groom said.

    The VIP spot was naturally near the stage, but Han Qianli was sitting at the very back, Yang Qi couldn't help but frown, this guy shouldn't even know who Han Qianli was, right?

    "No need, I'll just sit anywhere."Yang Qi said and walked towards Han Qianqian's table.

    When the groom saw this, he quickly followed and said, "Brother Qi, with your status, how can you sit here."

    "What's the problem here?"Yang Qi asked after sitting down.

    The groom wasn't afraid of the other people's hearts being alienated, and directly said, "This is a place where only the most ordinary guests sit, it doesn't match your identity ah."

    Yang Qi surreptitiously sized up Han Qianli with his spare light, the most ordinary guest, it seemed that the groom really didn't know how powerful Han Qianli was, it was a great honor for Yang Qi to be able to sit at a table with Han Qianli.

    "I'll be happy to sit here, you don't need to worry about me, go busy."Yang Qi said.

    The groom looked embarrassed, with Yang Qi's status, how could he sit here?And he had already seen Han Marchant, although he didn't know Han Marchant well, but how could Yang Qi sit at the same table with this kind of famous trash, seeing it once and never forgetting it!

    "Chico, it's not just this position that's bad, it's the people here that don't deserve you,"The groom said.

    The words were chilling to Yang Qi's ears, not good enough for him?

    Now that there's only four members of Han's family here, isn't it obvious that Han doesn't deserve to sit at the same table with him?

    Such treacherous words, Yang Qi didn't even dare to think about it, but he actually dared to say it directly in front of Han Qianqian.

    "Grass Nima, I can come because I'm giving you face, cut the bullsh*t and get the hell out of here."Yang Qi snapped.

    The groom was dumbfounded, he didn't understand why Yang Qi was suddenly so angry, he quickly said, "I'm sorry sorry, Brother Qi, if you're willing to sit here, you can sit here."

    "Get lost."Yang Qi said impatiently.

    The groom wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and hurriedly walked away.

    Ji Chun's expression was very stiff, those sisters of hers could have seen this scene, making her feel a bit embarrassed.

    But what kind of person was Yang Qi, she knew very well, even if she lost face, she could only admit it.

    "You guys sit down first, I'm going to get busy."Ji Chun said and quickly walked away.

    The others also proudly returned to their seats, closest to the stage, making them feel as if they were superior to Jiang Lan.

    So what if they lived in a hillside villa, they still had to be relegated to an unappreciated position.

    "Brother Qi, why are you sitting here?"Su Yingxia was puzzled by Yang Qi's question, she and Yang Qi were considered to have met, and with Yang Qi's status, even if he sat on the stage, the Jichun family wouldn't dare to have any opinions, so Su Yingxia couldn't figure out why he was sitting at the last table.

    "Miss Su, you can't call me that, just call me Little Yang."Yang Qi quickly said, Su Yingxia was Han Qianqian's wife, how was he qualified for Su Yingxia to call him brother?

    Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "Yang Qi, are you familiar with him?"

    Yang Qi shook his head like a rattle, and Han Giangli was afraid that he would shake out a concussion.

    "No, I don't know him, but there are my shares here, so I'm giving him face."Yang Qi quickly explained.

    Han Giangli nodded his head in understanding, Yang Qi was doing a great job in the Cloud City farmhouse and manor section, and had shares in many places.

    "Places without your stake in them would have already closed down, right?"Han Giangli smiled.

    Yang Qi looked embarrassed, thinking that when the orchard was in full bloom, I don't know how many homes were opened, but all of them were secretly targeted by Yang Qi to collapse, and the ones that survived now were indeed more or less related to him.

    "It's hard to do business now, so I can only cast a wide net, I really have no choice but to do it."Yang Qi said.

    At this time, Su Yingxia quietly stepped on Han Qianliang, she didn't notice the last time, but this time, she clearly felt that Yang Qi was very afraid of Han Qianliang, based on the fact that Han Qianliang knew Mo Yang Lin Yong these people, the reunion made Yang Wenrong Liu kneel, it must be Han Qianliang.

    "You're really silently doing a lot of things behind the scenes ah."Su Yingxia said grumbling at Han Three Thousand.

    Han Qianqiang knew what Su Yingxia meant by many things and said, "Your classmates are too arrogant, how can you grow without letting them suffer a little, I've done a good thing, right?"

    "Right?"After Han Qianqiang finished speaking, she immediately turned to look at Yang Qi.

    Yang Qi nodded his head like garlic and said, "Yes, it's good, that nephew of mine, he's much more obedient and more capable now, thank you Miss Su."

    Su Yingxia felt speechless, Yang Qi even had to thank him for this, in his heart, how much did he have to be afraid of Han 3000!

    The wedding celebration began, and the scene was bustling with activity, but only Han Qianqian's table of five people seemed particularly deserted and out of place with the general environment of the entire restaurant.

    Just then, the host suddenly said, "I just learned that our celebrity from Cloud City is present today, do you want to meet him?"

    "A celebrity, is it a celebrity coming?"

    "I'd like to meet, of course."

    "Which big star is it."

    Looking at the crowd's high enthusiasm, the host smiled faintly and said, "You've all heard of his name, Han Qianqian!"


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