His True Colors Chapter 331-333


His True Colors Chapter 331

The Jiang family was unwillingly packing their luggage, everyone was blaming Jiang Sheng in their hearts, even Jiang Fengfeng, they had a chance to settle in Cloud City and from then on, enter Su Yingxia's company to change their fate, but now, a flash in the pan, a great opportunity was buried because of Jiang Sheng's momentary confusion.

    When everyone gathered in the living room, their eyes were all filled with hatred as they looked at Jiang Sheng.

    "Jiang Sheng, it's all your doing."

    "If it wasn't for you, how would we have ended up in this situation."

    "With trash like you, what qualifications do you have to go against Han Qianli."

    At this point, no one seemed to treat Han Third Thousand as a wimp anymore.

    How could Jiang Sheng not regret it?

    He could not wait to kneel down and apologize to Han Marchant, as long as he could stay in Cloud City and enter Su Yingxia's company, he was willing to do anything, but unfortunately in this situation, Han Marchant would not give him a chance at all.

    "Aunt Lan, can't you persuade Yingxia again?"Jiang Sheng looked at Jiang Lan with a hopeful face and asked.

    Jiang Lan shook her head weakly, Su Yingxia's words just now had made it clear that if she wanted to speak for the Jiang family, she would have to leave with them, how could she risk her own happiness.

    "I can't do it."Jiang Lan said.

    Jiang Hong sighed helplessly, he didn't dare to lean on his old man at this point because Han Qianli's words were in no way just to scare him, and Liu Hua's death was the best proof of that.

    Previously, he had thought that Han 3000 was being suppressed by Jiang Lan and he could use that to stay in Cloud City, but from what had just happened, it wasn't that Han 3000 was being controlled by Jiang Lan, it was just that Han 3000 had given Jiang Lan face and that was why he didn't bother.

    Now that Jiang Sheng had done such a stupid thing, Han 3000 was not giving face to Jiang Lan, and even Jiang Lan couldn't change this result.

    "Jiang Lan, go back to Bin County more often when you have time."Jiang Hong said.

    After the group left, Jiang Lan sat on the sofa with her eyes dazed, and she began to think about something.

    Although Jiang Lan was very afraid because of Nangong Qianqiu's matter, as this matter passed with time, Jiang Lan's fear was slowly decreasing, even though she felt that she could use this by being Su Yingxia's mother and still not put Han Giang in her eyes.

    She thought it was impossible for Han 3000 to be strong in front of her, but now that she thought about what Han 3000 said before he left, he wasn't strong in the house simply because he didn't touch the bottom line.

    Jiang Lan understood that there were some things Han 3000 could backpedal on but not others, she had to make the line clear, or else she would most likely become the second Nangong Qianqiu.

    Even her own grandmother could force her to die, let alone her mother-in-law who was not blood related.

    After Han Qianqian left the villa, he found Mo Yang to help investigate where He Ting's hometown was, although he had Jiang Ying Ying's contact information and could ask directly with a phone call, but Jiang Ying Ying was still in Rong City, doing so, she would definitely be worried about He Ting's situation.

    Mo Yang would meet all of Han Qianxiang's requests, and sent a group of people out directly.

    "Three thousand, look at you, there's a lot of fire, what's happened?"Mo Yang could feel Han Qianqian's anger, but he was surprised, what was there that was worth Han Qianqian being so angry about?

    Han 3000 had been very much in control of himself, or else Jiang Sheng would have died in the hillside villa.

    It didn't matter that he was beaten, but He Ting was innocent, and He Ting was also beaten because she didn't compromise with Jiang Sheng, and this made Han three thousand thousand more and more angry.

    "It's nothing, a little thing."Han Marchiang said.

    Mo Yang shrugged his shoulders helplessly, and since Han Qianqian didn't say anything, he didn't ask any more questions.

    He Ting's old home.

    Many of the rotten cabbages and traces of rotten eggs smashed at the entrance, and there were even people throwing feces towards the courtyard because many villagers thought that He Ting would disgrace them and tarnish the village's reputation in this village and wanted to get rid of him.

    Now those rumors had almost been made true by the chewers, and everyone believed in their bones that He Ting must have done something shameful outside and that's why she was being retaliated against by others.

    Looking at the garbage all over the yard, and even the stinking feces, He Ting sat weakly at the door of the hall, ever since her husband's death, people had said that the widow's door was unclean, and any man who showed up at her house would be accused of stealing Hanzi.

    After He Ting knew about these taboos, in order to preserve her reputation, she did not contact any men in the village and did not allow any of them to appear in her house, but despite that, she still could not stop those people from gossiping.

    Those words haunted He Ting's mind like a curse, and she was forced to go out to work and even spend money on renting an apartment just so she wouldn't hear the villagers chewing on her.

    This time, if she didn't have to, He Ting wouldn't want to come back, but without a job, where could she go?

    "He Ting, a rotten woman like you, messing around outside, you have the nerve to come back to the village and disgrace our whole village."

    "Get out of here, don't tarnish the reputation of our village, we don't want to live in a village with a watery bitch like you."

    "People like you really don't know shame, I don't know how many men you've hooked up with outside, who knows if anyone else will come looking for you, what if you get us into trouble."

    "Vermin, get out of here, get out of here."

    Outside the door, outside the walled courtyard, there were constant angry and cursing voices, He Ting could only cover her ears and pretend that she hadn't heard anything.

    This was her home, how could she leave here, even if it was a momentary escape, she couldn't never come back.

    And those people outside the door, what right did they have to chase her away!

    "The village chief is here, the village chief is here."

    "Village Chief, think of a way to get He Ting out of our village, or else the entire village will lose face to her."

    "This kind of shameless woman, we can't let her stay in our village."

    Yang Fu was a middle-aged man with a big belly, he had heard about He Ting's matter, he used to be very interested in He Ting, how could he know that He Ting was not willing to follow him, he had long wanted to find an excuse to retaliate and threaten He Ting, but he never had the chance.

    This time, it was considered that the heavens had opened his eyes and created an opportunity for him.

    Walking to the door, Yang Fu said with a high attitude, "He Ting, what are you still hiding at home for, if this matter is not made clear, I can only drive you away as the village chief."Liu Fu said.

    Despite covering her ears, He Ting's voice was not completely insulated, and she was even more desperate when she heard Liu Fu's words.

    Liu Fu was the village chief after all, his words carried more weight than the other villagers, and if Liu Fu was going to drive her away, she might not really be able to stay here.

    "He Ting, it's useless for you to hide, I'm the village chief, even if I force my way in, you can't do anything to me, it's better for you to come out honestly yourself."Liu Fu continued at the door.

    He Ting stood up and took a deep breath, it was indeed not the way to keep running away like this.

    Opening the door, He Ting saw countless despising eyes betting on herself, and each of them carried a judgmental look.

    "At an average age, you're still so self-conscious and still messing around outside."

    "What a disgrace to us women, even if you want to raise your daughter, you don't have to sell your own flesh, right?"

    Liu Fu looked at He Ting with cold eyes, in the past no matter what method he used He Ting wouldn't follow, but now she was a mistress for someone else to seduce a man, which made him feel very unhappy.

    A stinky b*t*h who actually made a sign in front of him.

    "He Ting, I've heard about all those scandalous things you did outside, and now you've seriously affected the reputation of our village, and as you can see, no one wants you to stay in the village, I advise you to move out as soon as possible."Liu Fu said.

    He Ting used to suffer silently when she had grievances because she had no man and no one would back her up, and if she wanted to raise Jiang Ying Ying in peace, she couldn't cause trouble.

    But now, with such a dirty hat on her head, He Ting would never admit it.

    "Liu Fu, what scandalous things have I done, these are all rumors they've spread, do you have any proof?"He Ting said.

    "More evidence?People are coming to your door, that's the best evidence."

    "If you weren't out there seducing people, how could anyone come to your door and beat you up."

    "Is it so hard to see that we have to see it if you're sleeping with someone else?"

His True Colors Chapter 332

"He Ting, look at the current situation, no one believes you at all, so why do you stay here in a deadly manner."Liu Fu said with a smile, what evidence is there to talk about at a time like this, the attitude of the public is the most direct.

    "I don't need them to believe, this is my home, I have the right to stay here."He Ting said through gritted teeth.

    "Look at that, look at that, that's shameless, shameless."

    "If you don't leave, do we have to follow you in shame?"

    "He Ting, you yourself are out there being a b*t*h, don't get us scolded along with you, if the next village finds out about this, we'll all be laughed at, you vermin, can't you do something good."

    As soon as the crowd saw that He Ting didn't want to leave, they all cursed and accused, and some even threw stones directly at He Ting.

    He Ting's body hurt from the beating, and there was a hint of pain in her expression.

    "I didn't do anything shameless, it's all just rumors from you guys, do you guys just say a few words and it becomes the truth?"He Ting gritted her teeth in resignation.

    At this moment, a screeching sound of emergency braking was heard.

    Everyone involuntarily turned their heads, an Audi A6 stopped not far away.

    Liu Fu was slightly stunned, this is a good car, the village is only a hundred thousand or so cars at most, how could such a luxury car appear here?

    He Ting's eyes were filled with tears as Han Giang walked down from the car with a heavy face.

    The beating He Ting had received just now was all in Han Qianqian's eyes, which made the hostility in his heart even heavier, if it wasn't for him, how could He Ting have been wronged like this!

    Pushing Liu Fu away, Han Qianqian walked up to He Ting with an apologetic face.

    Liu Fu was unhappy at this point, he was also the village head anyway, and this unknown guy dared to just push him away.

    "Who are you."Liu Fu questioned Han Qianqian.

    "Auntie He, I'm sorry."Han Qianqian ignored Liu Fu and said to He Ting.

    He Ting shook her head, Han Qianqian had helped her a lot, how could she be sorry.

    "It has nothing to do with you, it's Auntie He herself who's no good."He Ting said.

    "Kid, how dare you ignore me, do you know what kind of person I am?"Liu Fu snapped at Han 3,000.

    Han Qianqiang turned around, looked at Liu Fu with cold eyes, and said, "What are you, do I need to know who you are?"

    When the villagers heard this, they were shocked, Liu Fu was the biggest person in their village, but this young man didn't take him seriously at all.

    In front of so many people, being called something, how could Liu Fu's face hang on, his expression became gloomy.

    "Young man, don't be so arrogant, there are some people that are not something you can offend."Liu Fu said in a cold voice.

    "Like you, for example?I'd like to try and see if I'm qualified to offend you."Han Giangli said.

    "I'm the village chief here, the most powerful person in the village, don't think that you can be arrogant just because you're driving a broken car."Liu Fu said proudly, in his opinion, exposing his identity, the brat in front of him would not say he was scared shitless, at least he wouldn't dare to continue being arrogant in front of him, right?

    Mo Yang on the side couldn't help but snicker when he heard this, just a village chief, he dared to fiddle with his identity in front of Han Qianqian, this was a hilarious joke.

    "I suggest you better get lost, or you won't be able to keep your identity as village chief."Han Qianli scowled.

    Liu Fu's eyes glazed over, this guy wasn't even afraid if he knew he was the village chief, was he some powerful figure in the city?

    But having lost face in front of so many people, where would Liu Fu have face in front of the villagers in the future.

    "Kid, you're so damn arrogant, you're from downtown, right?Don't think that a little money in the family can be lawless, I've seen a lot of domineering rich kids like you, although I'm just a village chief, there are people in my city."The village chief said.

    "Yo, I didn't expect you to be so powerful, there's someone else in the city, who is it?"Mo Yang walked up to the village chief and said with a mischievous face.

    The village chief had a smug and proud smile on his face and said, "Who is it that I need to tell you?You guys just need to know that I, Liu Fu, am not someone to be messed with, if you are here to find trouble with He Ting, take this b*t*h away, I don't want to ruin the village's reputation because of her."


    In the instant Liu Fu's voice fell, Han Giangli thundered a swift kick onto Liu Fu.

    The powerful kick directly caused Liu Fu to retreat a few steps and then roll to the ground.

    Those villagers were instantly dumbfounded, this guy actually dared to even hit Liu Fu, don't want to die.

    The entire village, who didn't know about Liu Fu Jairus' character, whoever messed with him wouldn't have a good end.

    "Young man, I suggest you better apologize to the village head, he's not someone you can mess with."A certain villager warned to Han Qianqian.

    "I advise you all to better kneel down and apologize to He Ting, I'm not someone to be messed with either."Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    "Kneel down to He Ting?Kid, you're out of your mind."

    "Make us apologize to the b*t*h, how can we."

    "Where's the arrogance kid, what right do you have to ask us to apologize."

    "You don't know what b*t*hy deeds He Ting has done outside, this kind of bitchy woman was immersed in a pigsty in ancient times."

    Han 3,000 didn't know about the rumors in the village, but he knew that He Ting wasn't the kind of person these people were talking about, and what they were saying was all a slander against He Ting.

    "Feel free to open your mouth and slander people, can you bear the cost?"Han Giangli asked in a cold voice.

    As he looked everywhere he could see, those unruly people all lowered their heads.

    They didn't dare to look directly into Han Qianqian's icy gaze, because this felt like they were facing death.

    At this time, Liu Fu eased up from the pain and said to Han 3,000 with a fierce face, "Kid, I want you to pay the price for what you did today."

    Mo Yang walked up to Liu Fu, squatted down and put his arm around Liu Fu's shoulder, before he spoke, Liu Fu said, "Don't get close to me, it's useless now, I want him to kneel down and apologize to me!"

    "To get close?"Mo Yang couldn't help but laugh, how could he possibly get close to this kind of trash and said, "Village Chief, you really think too highly of yourself, can't I, Mo Yang, even handle a village chief?"

    "What Mo Yang, I've never heard of it."Liu Fu disdained.

    "Haven't heard of it?If you think about it, don't those two words feel half as familiar to you?"Mo Yang said with a hurt face, if Liu Fu really didn't know him, this was too much of a failure.

    Liu Fu only had a mocking expression on his face, and was instantly startled again.

    Really don't say that, these two words are indeed a bit familiar, I wish I had heard them somewhere.

    Mo Yang?


    Suddenly, Liu Fu couldn't believe it and looked at Mo Yang, his body shaking slightly as he asked, "You ...... are Mo Yang!"

    Mo Yang laughed in relief, it was good that this guy knew him, otherwise this would be too humiliating.

    Anyways, he was now the number one person in the grey area of Cloud City, registering his own number was already a dropped thing, if the other party still didn't know him, this would be even more disgraceful.

    "Reminded?This is a good thing, go kneel down to him first."Mo Yang patted Liu Fu's shoulder and said in a flat tone.

    Liu Fu was already scared to death, Mo Yang was in Cloud City, that was the top number one person, if he was really Mo Yang himself, how could a small village chief fight him.

    Was it true?

    With Mo Yang's status, no one should dare to impersonate him!

    Liu Fu's mouth was dry and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva, feeling his throat stinging immensely.

    Looking at Han Qianqian again, he didn't dare to show the slightest contempt.

    He was able to get Mo Yang to come forward, and he must be a big shot in Cloud City as well.

    Was he a member of the Heavenly Family?

    Thinking of this, Liu Fu's scalp went numb, even if he had some connections in Cloud City, but messing with the Heavenly Family would be a death sentence!

    Liu Fu crawled to Han Qianqian, kneeled down on both knees and said with a regretful face, "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were such a powerful person, please let me go."

    When the villagers saw this scene, they were all jaw-dropped, Liu Fu was a very arrogant person in the village, when had he ever whispered to anyone, let alone kneeled down and apologized!This was simply unbelievable.

    At this point, everyone looked at Han Marchand's eyes differently, and then at He Ting, their eyes changed as well.

    "Is it just you kneeling?"Han Giangli said to Liu Fu.

His True Colors Chapter 333

Liu Fu understood the meaning of Han Qianqian's words and said to the other villagers in a panic, "What are you waiting for, don't kneel down and apologize."

    The villagers thought it had little to do with them, it was just throwing some rotten vegetables and rotten eggs, to kneel down and apologize so badly?

    Seeing that no one was willing to kneel, Liu Fu said with a hideous expression, "If you don't kneel, don't blame me, Liu Fu, for causing you trouble later, and if I can't keep the hat on my head, you won't have a good time either!"

    The villagers weren't afraid of Han Qianqian, because they couldn't feel Han Qianqian's power, but Liu Fu's threatening words made them not dare to take it lightly, because Liu Fu was closer to their level, and they had seen Liu Fu's revenge, if they were targeted by him, it would be difficult to walk an inch in the village in the future!

    "I'll give you the last three seconds."Liu Fu aimed a glance at Han Qianqian with his remaining light, and the coldness on his face made Liu Fu shiver unconsciously.

    It was only under Liu Fu's threat that those villagers reluctantly knelt down.

    He Ting looked at Han Qianqian with gratitude for helping over and over again, she had no idea how she could repay Han Qianqian.

    "Three thousand, thank you."He Ting said.

    "Auntie He, come with me, no one will ever make things difficult for you again."Han Three Thousand said.

    He Ting looked torn, although she was forced to leave, it was also partly because she didn't want to disrupt Han 3000's family harmony or cause more conflict to erupt between him and Jiang Lan.

    "Three thousand, Auntie He can find a job, don't worry,"He Ting said.

    Han 3,000 shook her head firmly, this matter wasn't He Ting's fault, so why should she bear the consequences?

    "There's no disharmony between Jiang Lan and me because of your presence, I've always had conflicts with her, I just remembered that she's Ying Xia's mother, so I didn't bother with her, it's none of your business."Han Giangli explained.

    What kind of personality Jiang Lan was, He Ting had already learned through this period of contact, every time there was a conflict, it was Jiang Lan who took the initiative to find trouble, this was what He Ting saw in her eyes.

    "But it's less about me ......."

    Before He Ting could finish her sentence, Han Qianqian interrupted, "Less of you won't change anything, nature is hard to change, Jiang Lan won't learn to be good."

    She might have been a bit more restrained recently, but over time, Jiang Lan would still revert back to her true nature, just like after that incident with Nangong Qianqiu, Jiang Lan had been honest for a while.

    This was her personality, and it was almost impossible to get her to change.

    Han Qianqiu turned around, looked at the villagers who were all kneeling on the ground, and continued, "I don't know what misunderstandings you have about Auntie He, but she is by no means the kind of person you are talking about, I won't bother with what happened today, but if anyone dares to speak ill of Auntie He behind her back again, I'll rip your mouths off."

    "No, no, no, whoever dares to speak nonsense, I, Liu Fu, will be the first one not to let him go."Liu Fu quickly said.

    Han Qianqian walked up to Liu Fu and said in a cold voice, "If you want to bully others, you have to have a certain status, and you, you don't deserve it!"

    "Yes yes yes, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy."Liu Fu didn't dare to have the slightest dissatisfaction, even an amazing big shot like Mo Yang had come forward, what else could he do.

    Mo Yang stood by the side, his eyes showing great appreciation, ever since he met Han Qianqian, he was like a treasure boy, always able to uncover surprising things.

    For example, this time, He Ting was just a maid, but Han Qianqian was willing to spend energy to help her, which would never have been possible for any rich second generation to do such an insignificant thing.

    Only with a positive outlook could one be convinced and appreciated.

    Although Mo Yang was forced to reappear in the rivers and lakes, but at this moment he felt that his decision was very correct, if there was no Han Qianxiang, how could there be such a wonderful rivers and lakes to watch?

    Perhaps the future of the river would be even more exciting.

    After Han Giangli returned home and helped He Ting pick up her luggage, the group drove off.

    Liu Fu, who was covered in cold sweat, was finally relieved, heaved out a breath of bad luck, stood up and said to the villagers, "You all heard what he said just now, don't chew your words, if I hear you, don't blame me for being rude."

    "Village Chief, what kind of people are they, can't they even fight you?"A certain villager asked to Liu Fu.

    Liu Fu wasn't afraid of losing face, after all, it wasn't a disgrace that he couldn't fight a character like Mo Yang.

    "You bunch of uninformed guys, Mo Yang is the most powerful person in the grey area of Cloud City right now, and I'm afraid this young man is from the Heavenly Family."Liu Fu said.

    The Celestial Family's position in Cloud City was so deeply rooted that there was no one you didn't know, so when the villagers heard that Han Qianqian could possibly be a member of the Celestial Family, they were all stunned.

    "F*ck, it's actually a member of the Heavenly Family, He Ting can't be working for the Heavenly Family."

    "What kind of luck did she have to get into the Celestial Family."

    "So what if it's the Heavenly Family, it's just a few bucks, what does it have to do with He Ting, no matter how rich the Heavenly Family is, it's not hers ah."A certain person said in a gloomy manner, a sour taste permeated.

    Everyone was envious inside, but there were very few people willing to admit it.

    It was the norm in the countryside, having a bad day, most people were willing to cheerfully laugh at a few things, and even fake a little concern.

    But when you're having a better life than him, they won't have any blessings, and may even secretly curse you.

    Back at the hillside villa, Jiang Lan took the initiative to walk up to He Ting and apologized to He Ting, since she had been retrieved by Han Giang, she still had to get along in the future, and Jiang Lan wanted to show her attitude in front of Han Giang, so she apologized to He Ting.

    Faced with Jiang Lan's apology, He Ting didn't believe it inside, but on the surface, she still had to act like she understood, after all, she was a maid and Jiang Lan was the master of the house.

    Su Yingxia dragged Han Qianqian to her room, she knew that Han Qianqian was very angry today, so she had to find a way to make Han Qianqian calm down.

    Of course, Su Yingxia was also very angry in her heart, and when she saw the picture of Han 3000 being beaten by Jiang Sheng, the first thought in her heart was that she wanted to kill Jiang Sheng.

    "Very angry, is there any way I can make it up to you?"Su Yingxia asked directly to Han Giangli.

    Han Qianli smiled, no matter how much hostility he had in his heart, he would restrain it all in front of Su Yingxia, and it wasn't like this matter was Su Yingxia's fault, so how could he let Su Yingxia make up for it.

    "I'm fine, but Auntie He has suffered a lot of grievances, and she was beaten and injured when I went to her house, so I guess she was beaten before I went there as well."Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia gritted her teeth, He Ting was diligent and conscientious at home, but she was treated like this.

    "Let's find a way to compensate her, we can't let her suffer for nothing."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Giangli shook her head, with He Ting's character, how could she want their compensation, but there was something that had to be done.

    "You go tell Mom, and don't make things difficult for Auntie He in the future, it's not easy for Auntie He,"Han Giangli said.

    "En."Su Yingxia nodded her head heavily and said, "I'll make it clear to mom, and I'll never let her mess up again."

    Su Yingxia had such determination, but Han Giang knew that it wasn't so simple for Jiang Lan to change, and only hoped that she would really be able to restrain herself.

    "I still have some things to do, I have to go out, you go find mom."Han Three Thousand said, just now Mo Yang said that someone was looking for him in Cloud City and was waiting for him at the Peninsula Hotel, but who exactly the other party was, Mo Yang hadn't found out yet.

    The fact that he was looking for him by name made Han Three Thousand's heart curious about who the other person was and what they wanted to do, so he only had to go and meet them.

    "It won't hurt."Su Yingxia asked worriedly.

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly and said, "It's not like I go out to fight every time, how can I get hurt so easily."

    Su Yingxia pursed her lips and said, "You've already been hospitalized twice, and you're still not easily injured?How long has it only been."

    It was a bit awkward to say this, both times were unexpected situations that Han Giang hadn't expected, and he didn't have any idea what would actually happen this time, after all, he didn't even know who the other person was now, and maybe, there was a real possibility of injury.

    "Don't worry, I won't go alone this time,"Han Giangli said.


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