His True Colors Chapter 314-316


His True Colors Chapter 314 

Yang Chen looked agitated as he stood in place, the opportunity given by Han Giangli was the only way he could change his situation, the cost of his adoptive mother's treatment was no longer affordable with just his current job, which was why he had chosen to stay on Keystone Island.

    To him, it was a gamble, and if he won, he would not only win a new life, but also win the cost of treatment for his adoptive mother.

    "Mom, don't worry, no matter how much money it costs, I will save you, even if I end up with nothing, I won't regret it."

    "How you raised me will be how I will protect you, you are my only family in the world, I will never let the King of Hell take you away easily."

    In the studio, Su Yingxia had already told Xu Tong about the photo she had chosen, which was considered to be the end of the matter already.

    But Han Giangxi noticed that Su Yingxia's expression wasn't too bright, especially as her eyes looked a bit sad.

    On the way home, Han Giang couldn't help but ask Su Yingxia, "What's wrong with you, why are you suddenly sad?"

    Su Yingxia sighed and said, "Do you know why Yang Chen doesn't have any money?"

    Han Giangli raised her eyebrows and said, "If I had to guess, it's probably related to women."

    "His adoptive mother is seriously ill in the hospital, and I heard Xu Tong say that during this year, Yang Chen spent all of his savings and sold all of his house and car, that's why he's living such a downward spiral."Su Yingxia exclaimed, when she first heard about Yang Chen's deeds, she felt very unbelievable because the Yang Chen in her eyes was not such a person, Han Qianqiang could see his eye-to-eye relationship with the bridal shop owner's wife, of course she could also see that.

    I thought that Yang Chen was a scum who traveled around flowers, but I didn't expect him to have such a side, and most importantly, that woman wasn't Yang Chen's biological mother.

    "Foster mother?"The surprise inside Han Qianli was exactly the same as when Su Yingxia had just heard about this, because he had decided through Yang Chen's relationship with his boss's wife that Yang Chen should be a person who was in a flowery and flirtatious position, and it was only when he used his money on those women that Han Qianli thought it was normal that he didn't expect this to be the case.

    "Yeah, I didn't expect Yang Chen to be such a person, but he actually paid so much for his adoptive mother."Su Yingxia said.

    "This is what he should have done, is an adoptive mother no better than a biological mother?If he hadn't been abandoned by his birth mother, how could he have stayed with his adoptive mother."Han Giang said indifferently, "The biggest difference between an adoptive mother and a birth mother is just blood, but sometimes blood doesn't mean anything.

    Han 3000 understood this point particularly well, as his birth mother, Shi Jing, treated Han Jun a thousand times better than him.

    The word kinship, which Han 3000 had seen through at a very young age, was that the most important thing in this world wasn't blood relations, but who really treated you well.

    There was no one in the entire Han family other than Han Tian Yang who could compare to Yan Jun, even if there was no blood relationship between him and Yan Jun.

    "How can there be a mother who is willing to abandon her own son."Su Yingxia said in puzzlement.

    "No matter what the reason is based on, no matter how touching the explanation is, it's all bullsh*t, his birth mother already didn't deserve it when she made this decision in the first place."Han Giangli said indifferently.

    There were a lot of these things in this society, they had all sorts of excuses and hardships, but could these excuses and hardships really hold up in front of a fresh little life?

    "En."Su Yingxia nodded her head, acknowledging Han Qianli's statement.

    "Did you perceive the relationship between Yang Chen and the bridal shop owner's wife?"Han Giangli suddenly asked.

    Su Yingxia said, "I felt it, so I thought he was a scum before."

    "But he's no good."Han Qianli smiled, deliberately belittling Yang Chen.

    Perhaps out of pity for Yang Chen, Su Yingxia couldn't help but argue for Yang Chen, saying, "He's an adult, it's not strange for him to have needs in this area, and both of you are willing, so how can you say he's not a good thing."

    Han Qianqiang raised her eyebrows and said as if she had a sudden realization, "That's right, it's indeed not strange to have a need for this."

    Su Yingxia suddenly felt that Han Qianqian's words seemed to be full of deep meaning, and her face suddenly flushed.

    He ...... wouldn't be beating around the bush to hint at something else, would he?

    But this stupid pig himself is like a fool, he doesn't understand the meaning of the red thread on the bed sheet even when it's removed, so can you blame others?

    Su Yingxia gambled and looked at Han Qianqian, if you don't enlighten yourself, you'll have to suffocate yourself.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list, which is the one that you'll find on the website.

    But without Su Yingxia's guidance, how would Han Qianli have the guts to do this?

    Han Qianli doesn't know what she has gotten in return for her cleverness, but she is still happy, feeling that she has caught the right moment to remind Su Yingxia that a good day is coming soon.

    When I returned home, tomorrow was the charity meeting, Su Yingxia had to prepare the dress to attend, Han Qianli also had to attend, so she also helped Han Qianli choose a formal dress.

    In a short while, Shen Ling Yao called, she is now the middle leader of the Su family company, and with Su Ying Xia's blessing, she will be able to attend the charity meeting tomorrow, but she doesn't have any clothes, so she wants to borrow a set from Su Ying Xia.

    When Shen Lingyao arrived at home, Han Qianli was very miserable and was kicked out of the room.

    "Auntie He, how is Jiang Yingying doing lately?"Han Qianqian asked to He Ting.

    Mentioning Jiang Ying Ying, He Ting couldn't hide the smile on her face, and at the same time, she was also full of gratitude to Han 3000, saying, "3000, this Auntie He has always wanted to find an opportunity to thank you, now that Ying Ying used to have an early internship, and it's still a big company in Rong City, listen to what Ying Ying said, it's all because of your help, and when Ying Ying comes back in a while, I must treat you to a nice meal."

    There was a lot of backstage in Rong City right now, it wasn't even unusual for her to have big companies actively throwing olive branches at her without her having to deliberately look for a job.

    "That's good, as for food, there's no need, I still prefer to eat Auntie He's cooking at home."Han Giangli smiled.

    "I know you want to save me money, but you can't save this money, so listen to what Auntie He says."He Ting said with a firm attitude.

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly, knowing that if he didn't allow He Ting to do so, she would definitely feel uneasy, so he could only agree.

    At this time, Su Yingxia and Shen Lingyao came out of the room, each wearing a dress, Su Yingxia was slightly noble and elegant, while Shen Lingyao was playful with some cuteness, they were both considered very bright, but from the moment they came out, Han Qianli's eyes only rested on Su Yingxia.

    Shen Ling Yao found that Han Qianqian didn't look at herself at all, and couldn't help but have some dim eyes, it seemed that no matter how beautifully she was dressed, Han Qianqian wouldn't care, or the other women in the world couldn't sway Han Qianqian at all.

    Such an excellent and infatuated and loyal man, a phoenix hair in the world, but unfortunately not belonging to herself, Shen Ling Yao's heart would inevitably be a little sad.

    "How is it?"Su Yingxia lifted her skirt and asked Han Qianli.

    "No matter what you're wearing, you're the most beautiful."Han Three Thousand said from the bottom of her heart.

    Hearing Han Qianqian's comment, Su Yingxia smiled widely and said, "Really?"

    "Of course it's true, is there a more beautiful woman in the world than you?In my eyes, no one can win over you."Han Qianli said sincerely.

    Shen Lingyao then suddenly said to He Ting, "Auntie He, you don't need to cook tonight."

    "Ah?Why."He Ting said puzzled.

    "How can you eat when you're full of dog food, some people are really unconscious, spreading dog food without caring if there are any single people on site."Shen Lingyao said with dissatisfaction.

    He Ting smiled helplessly, also as a woman, she could also feel Han Qianli's deep affection for Su Yingxia, not to mention Shen Lingyao, even she would be somewhat envious.

    Su Yingxia stared fiercely at Shen Lingyao and said, "If you're full, you shouldn't eat tonight."

    "That's no good, I'm hungry and no one is distressed, why should I be made hungry."Shen Lingyao said righteously.

His True Colors Chapter 315

"Does it look good"

    The Peninsula Hotel, a red dress Qi Yiyun standing in front of Donghao, eye-catching bright red make Qi Yiyun like a delicate rose, heartbreaking.

    The white skin and the red dress present a stark color contrast, giving people a strong visual impact.

    At this moment, Qi Yiyun could definitely be described as a four-letter word that could be used to confuse a nation, and in ancient times, she must have been a red-headed scourge capable of destabilizing a country.

    Dong Hao couldn't take his eyes off her, the Qi Yiyun in front of her was so beautiful that he couldn't find any adjectives to describe her even after racking his brain.

    There were millions of words in the world, and none of them were worthy of her at this moment.

    "Miss, if beauty can conquer the world, you only need to raise your eyebrows and the world is yours."Dong Hao said.

    Chi Yi Yun smiled faintly and said, "If it was him who said that to me, I would be very happy, but it's a pity that you're not him."

    Dong Hao lowered his head, his eyes flickering with hidden killing intent.

    Who he was in Chi Yi Yun's mouth, Dong Hao naturally knew, and Chi Yi Yun showed such a beautiful side for him, making Dong Hao very jealous and wanting to cut Han 3000 by a thousand knives.

    "Miss, he's not worthy."Dong Hao said through gritted teeth.

    Chi Yi Yun looked at Dong Hao with disdain and said, "Are you worthy?No one but him has the right to make me take off my glasses."

    "Miss, if you'll give me a chance, I'll be able to do better than him."Dong Hao said unconvinced.

    Chi Yi Yun sneered at Dong Hao and said, "You're just a bodyguard of the Chi family, how could an opportunity fall into the hands of someone like you, and even if you were given ten hundred chances, you wouldn't be able to do it, some things can't be solved by fists."

    These words almost made Dong Hao clench his back teeth, he didn't understand why Chi Yi Yun would have such a high opinion of Han Qianli, in his eyes, Han Qianli was just a trash, to solve such a trash, he only needed one hand!

    How could this kind of trash gain Miss's attention, how could she be trusted.

    "Miss, I'll deliberately give everything for you, even my life."Dong Hao said.

    "A smart person would never let himself die, that's the difference between him and you."Chi Yi Yun said indifferently, Dong Hao was full of recklessness and didn't have half a brain, based on that alone, he wasn't qualified to be compared to Han Qianqian.

    "But ...... but he's already married, Miss, with your status, how can you be with this kind of man."Dong Hao said eagerly.

    Qi Yiyun had a smile on her face, the beauty was even more breathtaking, her lips and teeth exhaled like an orchid, and said, "This can only mean that he is more mature, do you know what is the charm of a mature man?"

    "I don't know."

    "A coup and aloof, unlike you, who can't do anything but fight and kill, and while I like Red, the blood is disgusting, and I prefer him to kill without blood."Chi Yi Yun said with a smile.

    Dong Hao didn't know anything about scheming and tactics, to him, the simplest and most direct way to accomplish something was to kill, to kill all the obstacles in front of him, only the blood path could prove that he was strong.

    "Tomorrow, I want everyone in Cloud City to know that I, Chi Yi Yun, am the Clever Champion!"

    That night, Han Q3 didn't expect that Shen Ling Yao, whose face was as thick as a city wall, would stay at home and turtledown him out of the room, making Han Q3 gnash his teeth in anger.

    The next morning, Shen Ling Yao still arrogantly appeared in front of Han Qianli, raising her eyebrows and provoking him as if she was swearing sovereignty.

    "I slept with Ying Xia on my arm last night, envy."Shen Lingyao walked up to Han Third Thousand and said deliberately.

    Han Qianli took a deep breath and said, "Shen Lingyao, don't stimulate my bottom line, or I'll even hit a woman."

    Shen Lingyao wasn't afraid of Han Three Thousand's threats at all, instead she intensified her irritation, "I'm hugging you so tightly that Ying Xia isn't even wearing any clothes."

    Han Qianqiang was livid, if it wasn't a woman, he would have been furious.

    "What are you guys talking about?"Su Yingxia saw the two of them whispering and asked curiously.

    "It's nothing, I'm saying sorry to him for occupying his room last night."Shen Lingyao said.

    Su Yingxia smiled helplessly and said, "What's so sorry about it, it's not like it's the first day our two sisters have slept together."

    Shen Lingyao looked proudly at Han Qianqian and said in a low voice, "Hear that, it's not the first day."

    Han Qianli was so angry that he was about to spit blood and kept comforting himself in his heart, Shen Ling Yao was a woman, it didn't matter even if they slept together.

    After breakfast, the three of them changed into their clothes, and then Han Qianli drove out.

    The charity meeting was held in the Tian family's private clubhouse, which was usually closed to the public and would only be activated for important events, the fact that the Tian family was able to hold the charity meeting here showed that they did indeed attach great importance to this matter.

    This was also what Tian Changsheng and Tian Honghui both thought, Han Qianqian had become Tian Ling'er's brother, even if the Love Home wouldn't benefit the Tian family's reputation too much, they were willing to treat this matter with the highest level of nobility.

    The people who came one after another were all lamenting this matter, as they all knew exactly what the private club meant to the Heavenly Family, and they didn't quite understand why a loving home was able to receive such attention from the Heavenly Family.

    It should be known that there were many places like the Loving Home in Cloud City, but the fact that the Loving Home was favored made many people perceive an unusual flavor.

    As the founder of the Loving Home, Peng Fang also came to the clubhouse early and stood at the entrance, somewhat at a loss for words, as she had never attended such a charity meeting before, when she learned that the Heavenly Family would hold this charity meeting for the Loving Home, Peng Fang was surprised for a long time without returning to her senses.

    The Heavenly Family, the number one family in Cloud City, how could they care about an organization like hers that had little influence?

    When Pengfang saw Han 3,000, she was very surprised since it was the first time she saw Han 3,000 in formal wear, it had always been very easy for Han 3,000 to overlook his presence due to his low profile, until now Pengfang felt that Han 3,000 was a very handsome and imposing person.

    "Three thousand."Peng Fang walked up to Han Three Thousand and took an appalled glance at Su Yingxia.

    "Sister Peng, why don't you go in?"Han Giangli smiled and asked.

    Peng Fang looked reserved and said, "I've never been to an occasion like this before, so I'm a little nervous."

    Han Qianli laughed and said, "What's there to be nervous about, we're all human, can we still eat you?"

    That said, but this kind of circle, Pengfang had never been in contact with it before, so how could she not be nervous?

    "Three thousand, did you help with this matter?"Peng Fang thought about it, she couldn't think of anyone else who would help the Loving Home other than Han Qianqian, but being able to get the Tian family to step in, Peng Fang was a little skeptical that Han Qianqian's ability would be able to do it.

    "I happen to be somewhat familiar with the Tian family's old man, so I mentioned this matter to him, and the Tian old man is also a very caring person, and after hearing about the Loving Home, he nodded straight away to help,"Han Marchian explained.

    Peng Fang didn't hide her shock, not expecting it to actually be Han Third Thousand who had done it.

    She had always thought that Han Third Thousand was just an ordinary office worker at best, but now it seemed that she had thought completely wrong ah!

    "Three thousand, thank you, Love Home wouldn't have made it through this difficult time without your help."Peng Fang said.

    Han 3,000 shook his head and said, "This is what I should do, by the way, this is my wife, Su Yingxia."

    "Hello, Sister Peng."Su Yingxia said politely.

    Peng Fang was stunned once again, Su Yingxia!The former number one beauty in Cloud City, she married ......

    The Han Qianxiang in front of him was not the same name, but the wimp himself!

    Peng Fang hadn't asked Han Three Thousand Years about her personal situation, and she had never thought that Han Three Thousand Years was the trash entry that Cloud City's ten thousand people despised.

    "You ...... are Han Three Thousand Years!"Peng Fang said in shock.

    "Sister Peng, I thought you already knew that, after all, my name isn't exactly common, right?"Han Giangli smiled.

    Peng Fang hadn't even thought about it, because the legendary wimp was completely different from the Han 3000 she knew.

    "You, you're not even the kind of person those rumors say you are, so how could I have known that already,"Pengfang said.

His True Colors Chapter 316

"Sister Peng, those are all false, how can you believe them."Su Yingxia smiled, those rumors about Han 3000 in Cloud City were all deliberately distorted by Su Hai Chao, although there was no shortage of facts, but more of them were maliciously denigrated by Su Hai Chao, if not for Su Hai Chao, how could Han 3000 be treated as trash by the entire Cloud City.

    Peng Fang looked embarrassed, before this, she was like most people, going with the flow and believing the rumors, after all, too many people were saying it, she had heard it too much, even if it was false, it was easy to believe it.

    "Yeah, rumors are really scary."Peng Fang looked at Su Yingxia, her arm around Han Qianqian, she looked very close, and as far as their relationship was concerned, it wasn't like what the outside world was saying, and from that, it was clear that the rumors couldn't be believed.

    "Sister Peng, let's go in first."Han Marchiang said.

    "I still have to wait for Dong Shan."Peng Fang said.

    "Is Dong Shan coming?"Han Giang was surprised.

    Peng Fang nodded her head and explained, "I'm a bit nervous, that's why I called her up to attend as a staff member, had I known that you were there, I wouldn't have bothered her."

    Soon after, Dong Shan and Song Ji appeared together, and when Song Ji saw Han Giang, he unconsciously lowered his head, the incident at the restaurant had cast a huge shadow on his heart, especially watching Han Giang drive away in his Lamborghini, the image had always lingered in Song Ji's mind.

    Pinching the Mercedes key in his pocket, he must not reveal it again and embarrass himself in front of Han Marchant.

    "Three thousand, I didn't think you'd come too,"Dong Shan said.

    "This matter was facilitated by Three-thousand, I didn't expect him to be so close to the Tian family's old man, thanks to his help this time."Peng Fang said with a smile.

    That made Song Ji's eyelids jump, not only did this guy know Tian Ling'er, he actually had a good relationship with Tian Changsheng!Is there really such a cool person in Cloud City?

    At that moment, Tian Changsheng and Tian Honghui, father and son, appeared at the entrance of the clubhouse, and when they saw Han Qianli, they walked straight here.

    Song Ji's heart was a bit broken, no way, he appeared and Master Tian had to personally greet him?

    The laughing and crying Song Ji could not wait to slap himself twice, what kind of immortal great figure was this offending?

    "Master, you're here, why don't you go in?"Tian Changsheng walked over to Han Qianqian with a smile on his face, although his granddaughter-in-law definitely didn't stand a chance, it was already an honor for the Tian family for him to be the brother of Tian Ling'er.


    These two words were like thunderbolts in Song Ji's ears, he was Tian Changsheng's master!Although Song Ji didn't know which way it was, this mentor-disciple relationship had proven that Han Three Thousand was different.

    The numbed Song Ji sneaked a glance at Han Qianxiang, fortunately he didn't bother with himself, or he would have ended up in ashes!

    "Let's go."Han Three Thousand Years said.

    At that moment, Song Ji suddenly bent down and said to Han Three Thousand, "Han Three Thousand, I apologize to you for what happened before."

    Han Three Thousand Thousand clouds and lightens his steps without stopping, walking towards the clubhouse.

    Song Ji sighed heavily, though he didn't know if it was useful to say it, but if he didn't, he would remain distraught.

    "I didn't expect him to be so powerful, I was such an idiot before."Song Ji said with regret as he watched Han Qianli's back as he left.

    Dong Shan knew Song Ji's show-off personality, and he only showed off in front of people he knew were inferior to him, so who would have thought that he would kick Han Qianxiang's iron plate?

    "With his position, he shouldn't be bothered with you,"Dong Shan said.

    Song Ji smiled bitterly, who said it wasn't, how could a big shot like Han Qianqian be bothered with a jumped-up clown like him?

    In the clubhouse, all the influential figures of Cloud City's business world had arrived, and when they saw Tianchang Sheng, everyone was greeting each other, including some people who knew Han Qiangli, and when they saw Su Yingxia and him walking arm in arm, the rumor that Han Qiangli might have a relationship with Tian Ling'er was not broken.

    Of course, why Tian Changsheng would value Han Qianxiang was still a mystery in those people's minds.

    The charity meeting wouldn't officially start until ten o'clock, and the approximate procedure was Tian Chang Sheng's speech and Peng Fang's speech about the current situation of the Loving Home, which was a necessary procedure, even with Tian Chang Sheng's presence, to let them know what kind of existence the Loving Home really was and what the purpose of its existence was.

    Before that, something happened that caused the entire Charity Society to stir.

    The originally noisy hall was suddenly quiet, so bizarre that a needle could be heard, simply because a red figure appeared at the entrance, as if her appearance could pressurize the entire arena, everyone's eyes couldn't help but bet on her.

    There were many nobly dressed women at the scene, their high society life immersion made their temperament different from normal people, but compared to this red figure, all of them were eclipsed, making people ashamed of themselves.

    "Who is this ...... This is so beautiful that one cannot describe it."

    "It's too beautiful, and her temperament is like that of a noble."

    "When did Cloud City produce such a great beauty, I've never heard of it before."

    Amidst the countless sighs of people, Chi Yi Yun was destined to become the focus of the entire arena today.

    At the moment the charity meeting was no longer important, the men on the scene were more interested in knowing who she was, which rich family she was born into, and whether she had a boyfriend husband within.

    "Ying Xia, I ...... I am not blurry eyed right, she, is she Yi Yun?"Shen Lingyao said jaw-droppingly, although she had known Qi Yiyun for many years, Shen Lingyao had never seen this side of Qi Yiyun before, so this moment was a bit unbelievable.

    Su Yingxia was also dumbfounded, the impression that Chi Yiyun gave her had always been gentle, but now, she was like a fairy descending from the earth, beautiful and beautiful, the smile on her face made people feel like spring breeze, unconsciously they would be greatly infatuated with her.

    "I didn't expect Yiyun to dress up and be so beautiful."After saying that, Su Yingxia let go of Han Qianqian's hand and walked towards Chi Yiyun.

    Shen Lingyao saw the situation and hurriedly followed her.

    While all the men looked at Qi Yiyun in fascination, only Han Qianqian's brows were furrowed.

    Qi Yiyun's beauty was indeed stunning, but what did she want to express when she suddenly appeared in this manner?

    It was impossible for a person to change herself for no reason, and since she was doing this, she must have some sort of purpose.

    And this purpose made Han Giangli feel a hint of something wrong.

    It was like ...... like Chi Yi Yun's change was directed at him.

    "Yi Yun, you're so beautiful."Walking up to Chi Yiyun, Su Yingxia exclaimed.

    "I've long said that you can charm a man by taking off your glasses, I really wasn't wrong."Shen Lingyao said.

    Qi Yiyun smiled slightly, her red lips dewy white, this smile affected the hearts and minds of most of the men present, they could not wait to be able to immediately worship under Qi Yiyun's pomegranate skirt.

    "You guys are also beautiful."Qi Yiyun said.

    In the past, Su Yingxia was known as the number one beauty in Cloud City, but compared to Chi Yiyun, she had obviously lost a lot of color.

    But this was her best sister, so Su Yingxia wasn't half jealous, instead she was very happy and said, "How can I compare to you, you are the real beauty, if you were willing to change earlier, I don't know how many men would have pursued you."

    "It's not too late now, look at those men's lustful eyes, surely there will be flies around Yi Yun later."Shen Lingyao did not hide her jealousy, but of course, the jealousy was not malicious.

    From the moment she entered the clubhouse, Yi Yun hadn't looked at the other men, and it was only then that she looked at Han Qianqian after hearing the two of them say so.

    It didn't matter to her how the other men looked at her, because she was wearing her gorgeous clothes for Han 3000.

    She had the posture to make the men of the world swoon, but she only cared about Han Three Thousand alone.

    Unfortunately, the clear-eyed Han 3000 not only didn't show the slightest state of emotion, but frowned instead.

    "No matter how many men like me, I only care about one."Qi Yiyun said with a persistent gaze.

    Su Yingxia and Shen Lingyao didn't know who Chi Yiyun was referring to by saying one, and they would never have thought that this person was Han Qianqian.

    "Of course there can only be one, you can't find several husbands even though you're pretty,"Shen Lingyao joked jokingly.


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