His True Colors Chapter 317-318


His True Colors Chapter 317

Because of Qi Yi Yun's appearance, the charity meeting turned into an undercurrent of beauty chase, the presence of men, young and old, all have a share of Qi Yi Yun into the account of the heart, some want to keep, some feel that they have been inexorable love at first sight, this life is not Qi Yi Yun not to marry.

    When he intervenes to control the scene, the charity meeting proceeds in an orderly manner.

    When Tianchang Sheng and Peng Fang each spoke, in fact, the people present had little intention to listen, everyone's eyes, are on Chi Yi Yun, they want to get Chi Yi Yun's contact information at the first time, it would be best to be able to invite Chi Yi Yun to dinner tonight, as soon as possible to finalize this matter, or too many competitors, will make things too many variables.

    As for Qi Yiyun, her eyes were on Han Qianqian from start to finish, without ever changing for a moment.

    Although she could make Su Yingxia vanish from the face of the earth in order to get Han 3000, but Su Yingxia is her sister after all, and she is not sure what kind of consequences will be triggered after really doing this, so until push comes to shove, Qi Yiyun will not take this step.

    But focusing on the eyes of the whole field, she was the only one who was not looked at squarely by Han Qianqian, which made Qi Yiyun feel as if she was indifferent to the coldness of the world.

    Am I really not worthy of a glance from you?

    "Yi Yun, you'll have to be prepared to be attacked by those men later, look at their wolf-like eyes, they all want to eat you."Su Yingxia said with a smile, although her radiance was completely concealed because of Chi Yiyun's arrival, she did not have the slightest bit of jealousy in her heart, instead she was very happy for Chi Yiyun, if Chi Yiyun was able to find a like minded man on this occasion, it would be a very great good thing for Su Yingxia.

    Shen Lingyao's eyes looked at Qi Yiyun strangely, her heart was faintly uneasy because she found that Qi Yiyun, who was being watched by the entire audience, had her eyes on Han Qianqian the entire time, which made her wonder what it was for.

    Could it be that she also liked Han Qianqian?

    Han Qianlian's excellence was not impossible in Shen Lingyao's opinion to be liked by Qi Yiyun, after all, she had secretly fallen in love with Han Qianlian, but she had always kept this love deep in her heart and never exposed it.

    However, Chi Yiyun's eyes were full of aggression, as if she didn't care about Su Yingxia at all.

    This made Shen Lingyao have to be on the defensive, she didn't want to ruin the relationship between the three sisters because of Chi Yiyun.

    "None of the men here are good, I don't care about them."Qi Yiyun said.

    Following this topic, Shen Lingyao quickly asked, "Then who do you fancy?"

    Chi Yi Yun smiled without saying anything, which made Shen Ling Yao feel even more worried.

    After the normal process of the charity meeting was over, all parties had made a verbal commitment with the Heavenly Family to help the development of the Love Home, the next step should have been for those foolish people to launch a fierce attack on Qi Yi Yun, but then Qi Yi Yun suddenly stood up and walked towards the speech platform.

    The crowd looked at Qi Yi Yun with puzzlement, wondering what she wanted to do?

    "Grandpa, what does this woman want?"Tian Ling'er sat beside Tian Changsheng and asked, puzzled, this lady wasn't upset by Chi Yi Yun's gorgeous crown, she wouldn't feel that she was stolen by Chi Yi Yun, such things as looks were given to her by her parents, so she wouldn't complain that she wasn't as pretty as others, and Tian Ling'er was still very confident in this regard, although she wasn't as pretty as Chi Yi Yun, she still belonged to the ranks of great beauties.

    Tianchang Sheng shook his head, from the moment Chi Yi Yun appeared on the scene, he felt that this woman was not simple, an ordinary family would never be able to cultivate a character with such an outstanding temperament, which meant that she had an amazing background behind her after all, even if she wasn't a noble, she must be the heir of some great family.

    "Ling'er, how does she make you feel?"Tenchansheng asked.

    "Feeling?"Tian Ling'er frowned, thought carefully, and said, "Stunning, beautiful, sexy."

    Tianchang Sheng laughed and said, "These are all very superficial things, this woman, who has an overbearing spirit hidden in her bones, seems like she doesn't take any of the people present into her eyes."

    Tian Ling'er deflated her mouth and said, "Does she still dare not put the Tian family in her eyes?Cloud City doesn't have anyone more powerful than the Heavenly Family."

    There wasn't any in Cloud City, but there were countless more powerful ones than the Heavenly Family in Grand China, so who stipulated that she could only come from Cloud City?

    At this time, Chi Yi Yun had already walked up to the speaking stage, looking at the eyes that were focused on her, Chi Yi Yun looked like a noble iceberg goddess.

    "I know there are many people who want to pursue me, but I don't have the time to waste on you flies, so please don't bother me."Chi Yi Yun's words thundered in a flat tone, the people who could come to the charity meeting today were all leading business figures in Cloud City, and these people turned out to be flies in her mouth.

    This kind of sentence that offended the entire audience, even Tian Changsheng couldn't just say anything, so right now, Old Man Tian's heart was shocked and startled.

    "This little girl is really not afraid of causing trouble."Tian Changsheng said with a bitter smile on his face, although he did not approve of this action of Chi Yiyun, but the boldness and courage was unconvincing to Tian Changsheng.

    Su Yingxia and Shen Lingyao were directly confused, because the Chi Yiyun they both saw was always cowardly and afraid of things, and it seemed like there was no word strong in her life, but today, just now!The strength that Chi Yi Yun showed, however, gave them a feeling of suffocation.

    "Is this ...... still the Chi Yi Yun we know?"Shen Lingyao said in shock.

    Su Yingxia shook her head, she wasn't sure because she felt exactly the same as Shen Lingyao.

    "Yi Yun has suddenly become strange."Su Yingxia said with a deep breath.

    Han Giang, who was sitting beside Su Yingxia, had a face as heavy as water, Su Yingxia's unfamiliarity with Qi Yiyun did not come from Qi Yiyun changing, simply because she showed her true side, she had never changed, Su Yingxia and Shen Lingyao's perception of her was her mask, and this mask, she had worn for too long, even longer than Han Giang.

    This kind of woman gave Han 3000 an illusion of fear, but of course, he wasn't really afraid, he just felt that this kind of hidden woman, once she revealed her true nature, would trigger a huge chain reaction.

    Even more frightening, this kind of because, because of him!

    "You ...... don't think you can do whatever you want just because you're pretty."

    "You know what we are?How dare you not take us seriously."

    "Hmph, you've offended everyone with one word, have you ever thought about what will happen to you?"

    Qi Yi Yun's beauty conquered many people, but her words also angered many people, especially some women, who were neglected because of Qi Yi Yun's appearance, causing their elaborate dressing to be useless, when Qi Yi Yun committed public anger, they naturally had to voice their crusade against Qi Yi Yun.

    Faced with the onslaught of accusations, it was as if Chi Yi Yun was in the eye of the stormy wind and waves, not moving in the slightest.

    "Am I wrong in what I said?"Chi Yi Yun said indifferently, as if her stated position would never be the slightest bit backwards.

    "Who are you to be so arrogant, do your parents at home know about your stupidity?"A certain person opened his mouth to ask, Chi Yi Yun dared to display such an attitude, she must have something to look up to.

    This is the question that many people present want to know, if you want to teach Qi Yi Yun a lesson, it's best to figure out her background, otherwise it would be self-destructive to kick the iron plate.

    Jiang Fu's lesson was still fresh in their minds, and no one wanted to make a wrong step that would lead to a life full of losses.

    "Even you guys are qualified to know who I am?"Qi Yiyun said with a provocative face.

    The man who had just asked the question was livid, but Chi Yi Yun's strong attitude made him increasingly worried that this woman had a very powerful background, so he didn't dare to speak.

    There was not a single person present who dared to pursue this matter any further.

    Not only was Qi Yiyun gorgeous, she was even more imposing at the moment and dared not raise her head to these business tycoons.

    Tianchang Sheng had a sighing expression, how could so many powerful big shots suddenly pop up in a small Yun City.

    In the past, there was Han Qianqian, the young master of the Yanjing Han family, and this time, a powerful woman with no known background had popped up, Cloud City, the excitement was a bit too much!

His True Colors Chapter 318

The silence of the charity meeting scene could be heard with a pin drop, Qi Yiyun's momentum was like that of a queen on high, overwhelming those business tycoons, when Tian Changsheng found a very interesting phenomenon that made his face pile up with a folded smile that could trap mosquitoes.

    He found that the way Chi Yi Yun looked at any man was filled with disdain, and that this disdain radiated from her bones, but when she looked at Han Qianqian, it was completely different, and the meaning of this look was even more of a charm, as if she was proving something to Han Qianqian.

    "Interesting, too interesting."Tian Changsheng couldn't help but laugh, fortunately Tian Ling'er had retreated in full body and become Han Qianqian's sister, otherwise, she would have to have another strong opponent.

    "Grandpa, what's interesting?"Tian Ling'er was puzzled and curious.

    Tian Chang Sheng stroked his beard and said, "This woman, she likes my master ah."

    "Han 3000!"Tian Ling'er looked at Chi Yi Yun in shock and said, "She likes Han Giang, grandpa, you're not mistaken."

    "Grandpa has lived for decades, he would never be wrong, this kind of look, if it's not a liking, what else could it be?"Tian Chang Sheng was certain.

    Tian Ling'er couldn't help but tongue out playfully, another woman who had been conquered by Han Giang, and although she wasn't completely relieved with Han Giang inside, she had now tried to present herself as a sister.

    For Tian Ling'er, it was a good ending for this unattainable relationship to end like this, as she could feel Han Qianli's undying love for Su Yingxia.

    "It looks like another woman is going to be hurt by Han Three Thousand."Tian Ling'er exclaimed.

    "That's not necessarily true, this woman is too beautiful, maybe Han 3000 will be tempted."Tianchang Sheng said, men were all visual creatures, it was by no means impossible to submit in front of beauty, there were countless celebrities in history who had ruined their life's foundation for the sake of red faces, Han 3000 was also a normal man, Tianchang Sheng didn't believe that he could really remain unshaken.

    "Grandpa, what do you mean?"Tian Ling'er's expression suddenly became gloomy, and her tone was filled with coldness.

    Tian Changsheng felt an inexplicable chill that made him shiver with emotion, and only then did he realize that he had said the wrong thing.

    Tian Ling'er had failed in her pursuit of Han Qianqian, yet he now thought that Han Qianqian would fall under Chi Yi Yun's pomegranate skirt, wasn't this a disguised way of saying that Tian Ling'er was inferior to Chi Yi Yun?

    "Good granddaughter, grandpa in no way meant that, don't misunderstand."Tian Changsheng said nursing his beard, afraid that Tian Ling'er would pull his beard to punish him.

    Tian Ling'er bit her back groove teeth and said, "You didn't mean it, but that's what you thought in your heart, right?"

    Tianchang Sheng could not laugh or cry, he was momentarily straightforward, but he did not expect to get such consequences in return.

    Resignedly taking his hand away, he said, "If you want to pull grandpa's beard, go ahead, grandpa said the wrong thing and should be punished."

    Tian Ling'er rolled up a white eye that cut through the sky and said, "What are you pulling you for, you're telling the truth, I really can't compare to her."

    Seeing Tian Ling'er's head drooping and her shoulders pointing downwards, Tian Changsheng knew that this was a sign of a great blow to her heart and couldn't help but feel a little self-conscious.

    "Good granddaughter, everyone's merits are different, and you are the best in grandpa's heart."Tian Changsheng quickly consoled.

    "Grandpa, is he really going to change his mind?"Tian Ling'er said worriedly, although she hated Han Qianli for not liking her, but in her heart, she felt that the love between Han Qianli and Su Yingxia was worth longing for, and only in the two of them did Tian Ling'er see true love.

    "I'm not sure about that,"Tianchang Sheng said.

    "If even he would change his mind, I would never believe in love again."Tian Ling'er sighed and said weakly.

    At this time, Chi Yi Yun returned to Su Ying Xia's side from the speech stage, and only then did those people realize that she actually had such a good relationship with Su Ying Xia, and the company of those people in Jiang Fu could be the one that was bankrupted by the Su family, and based on that alone, they wouldn't dare to find trouble with Chi Yi Yun.

    Han Qianqian got goosebumps, Qi Yiyun's family background wasn't in Cloud City, this was the result of his investigation, and this was certain, because the situation in Cloud City was clear, it was impossible for Qi Yiyun to hide so deeply.

    In other words, she dared to commit public anger, in fact, she had already thought of using Su Yingxia to make those people know that it was difficult to retreat, so that they did not dare to retaliate.

    This city seems to be simple, but in reality it is a shocking plan, the water crosses without a trace, without Su Yingxia noticing that she is being used.

    The more this was the case, the more Han Qianqian felt that she was terrifying.

    Previously, he hadn't intended to interfere with this girlfriendship, but now, Han Three Thousand felt the need to remind Su Yingxia.

    "Yi Yun, you're so handsome that you actually made these people not dare to say a word."Su Yingxia looked at Qi Yiyun with an admiring face, like a little fan girl.

    Chi Yiyun smiled faintly and said, "I'm just afraid that they will come to bother me, I won't find these people as boyfriends, they are all lustful people, seeing different things is their specialty."

    Su Yingxia felt reasonable and kept nodding her head.

    At this time, Shen Lingyao said something very profound: "Those people who won't see differently, you'd better not have any thoughts either, because their feelings will not be easily destroyed."

    These words were considered a very obvious knock, even Han Qianli heard the meaning, but Su Yingxia didn't perceive anything, and this was the difference between an insider and an outsider.

    The charity meeting ended under a bizarre atmosphere, and although Chi Yi Yun's appearance made many people unhappy, the verbal promise made with the Heavenly Family would not be forgotten by these people, so the purpose of the charity meeting was achieved.

    At this time, Su Haichao was sitting in his office, looking at the phone screen with a fascinated face.

    He was not invited to the charity meeting, but he had secretly placed his staff to broadcast the screen live with his mobile phone, for Chi Yi Yun's strong, Su Haichao was obsessed to the depths, he was just like all the men at the charity meeting, he was conquered by Chi Yi Yun's beauty, but the only difference was that Su Haichao felt that those men were not worthy of Chi Yi Yun, while he was qualified.

    "This woman is so perfect, she is qualified to be my wife."Su Hachao said with a smug face, his heart's position for Chi Yiyun was worthy of him, but he had never thought that Chi Yiyun would be interested in him.

    To be narcissistic to such a point as Su Haichao, in addition to being thick-skinned enough, he also had to have blind confidence.

    "Hai Chao, the charity meeting was attended by many business people, the Heavenly Family was the only one who didn't invite you, will our company be ostracized by Cloud City in the future?"Su Yehan asked worriedly.

    Su Haichao was full of a carefree expression, he now had a very big backer, what was Cloud City.

    "Yeh Han, do you think I would put this trash in my eyes?A bunch of jumping clowns are just a bunch of clowns, if they don't follow me, it only shows that their vision is wrong, and going against me, Su Haichao, will make them regret it sooner or later."Su Hachao said disdainfully.

    Seeing that Su Haichao was so confident, Su Yehan was relieved and said, "I'm afraid this woman is not as easy to get as you think, her attitude just now, looking down on anyone, you have to work harder."

    "How normal for those trash to be looked down upon, but can they compare to me?Don't worry, in less than a month, she will definitely be conquered by me."Su Haichao was confident.

    Su Yehan smiled, also as a woman, she could feel how arrogant Chi Yiyun's kind of eyes were, although Su Hachao now had his own company, but such capital, not necessarily able to conquer Chi Yiyun, she was different from the average gold-worshipping woman, and had offended so many business people to her face, it was obvious that she looked down on the average rich people.

    Of course, it can't be ruled out that she was deliberately using this way to attract attention, to first screen out some of the flies who were not capable enough, so that those who really had the strength and courage to pursue her.

    "Actually, conquering a woman doesn't necessarily require her to fall in love with you first, you can also use other means to slowly cultivate feelings after you get them."Su Yeh Han said with a smile.

    Su Haichao raised his eyebrows, a lustful smile gradually appeared on his face, and said, "Yehan, this method of yours is good, if it works, I will definitely thank you properly."


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