His True Colors Chapter 311-313


His True Colors Chapter 311

When Tian Ling'er returned home, Tian Changsheng was drinking tea in the living room, and although he was looking like he was at leisure, he was clearly waiting for Tian Ling'er.

    When Tian Ling'er noticed that Tian Changsheng was checking herself with his afterglow, she purposely didn't greet Tian Changsheng and instead walked towards her room.

    Tianchang Sheng was anxious at the sight of this situation, he also wanted to ask how the meal was going, how could he let Tian Ling'er go back to his room.

    "Baby granddaughter, do you want to try grandpa's new tea?"Ten-Changsheng asked.

    "Do you want to try the new tea or talk about the dinner?"Tian Ling'er stopped and said.

    Tian Changsheng's thoughts were discerned, full of embarrassment, and said, "Grandpa is not concerned about you, come quickly, tell grandpa what's going on."

    Tian Ling'er slumped her head and slumped her shoulders and walked to Tian Changsheng.

    One look at this spirit and Tianchang Sheng knew that Tian Ling'er was unhappy with the meal, but that was nothing strange, after all, Han Giang had already very clearly rejected it once before.

    "He said he just treats me like a sister."Tian Ling'er said in a weak voice.

    Tianchang Sheng sighed and said, "Actually, you should have seen it long ago, his feelings for Su Yingxia are not something that will change easily."

    "I indeed didn't think that he loved Su Yingxia so much, it seems that I was wrong before, I thought that he was living a humiliating life in the Su family."Tian Ling'er couldn't help but think of what Han Qianqian said, he suffered humiliation, Su Yingxia did the same, maybe it was true, the two who gave to each other, how could their feelings be easily affected by outside factors.

    "It's a good thing if you've figured it out."Tian Changsheng beamed with joy, he had been worried that Tian Ling'er would be seriously injured by this, but it would be great if Tian Ling'er could figure it out right now.

    "He said that he'll protect me as my brother, too,"Tian Ling'er said.

    Tianchang Sheng was stunned for a moment, then became excited and couldn't help but laugh.

    Looking at Tian Changsheng's suddenly insane appearance, Tian Ling'er asked in puzzlement, "Grandpa, were you lit up with laughing points?What's so funny."

    Tian Changsheng didn't find it funny, but was happy from the bottom of his heart, if Han Qianqiang treated Tian Ling'er as his sister and was willing to protect Tian Ling'er, Tian Ling'er would have a huge protective umbrella, not daring to say the whole of Huaxia, at least in the northern region, no one would dare to bully Tian Ling'er in the future.

    "Tian Ling'er, you don't know the weight of this brother, when you understand later, you'll know what I'm laughing at."Tianchang Sheng said.

    "Portion?What's the weight."Celestial Spirit wondered.

    "Unspoken, when the time comes, you will naturally know."Tian Changsheng smiled mysteriously.

    This was a question that Tian Ling'er had asked more than once, but Tian Changsheng refused to give him an answer, and even pulling a beard and threatening it was useless, so Tian Ling'er didn't bother to get to the bottom of it.

    "I'm going back to my room to rest first."Tian Ling'er said and walked towards her room.

    Tian Changsheng was in an extremely good mood, and couldn't help but hum a little tune, his heart blossoming with joy at the thought of Han Qianli treating Tian Ling'er as his sister and still having to protect Tian Ling'er.

    "Dad, what are you so happy about?"When Tian Hong Hui came home, Tian Chang Sheng hadn't calmed down yet, so it struck him as odd.

    "Of course it's a good thing, and it's a great thing,"Tian Changsheng said.

    Tian Hong Hui walked over to the sofa and sat down, after the last time he was warned by Han 3000, Tian Changsheng had been worried, and even he was starting to worry about the aftermath of this, it had been a long time since he had seen Tian Changsheng happy, so Tian Hong Hui guessed that it had something to do with Han 3000.

    "Dad, the thing you're happy about has something to do with Han Qianxiang, right?"Skyhonghui asked.

    "En."Tian Changsheng nodded his head and responded.

    Tian Honghui couldn't help but get a little closer and eagerly said, "Dad, don't sell yourself short, if you have something good to share with me, hurry up and share it with me ah."

    Tian Chang Sheng took a look at Tian Hong Hui, the crow's feet at the corners of his eyes would have no problem pinching a fly to death, and said, "Your daughter is now Han Giang's sister, and Han Giang has said that he will protect her in the future, do you think it's worth being happy?"

    Tian Honghui stared incredulously, Han Qianxiang's words were tantamount to a guarantee for the Heavenly Family ah!

    "Dad, is it true what you said?"Tian Honghui was excited.

    "Tian Ling'er told me herself, can it still be false?"Ten-Chang Sheng said.

    "Great, great!"Tian Hong Hui waved his fist and said, "I didn't think that the spirit actually had such luck with ......"

    "Dad, what are you talking about?"At this time, Tian Ling'er suddenly arrived in the living room, and Tian Honghui quickly collected what he wanted to say next.

    "Ling'er, why aren't you resting yet."Tian Honghui asked.

    "I forgot to have something to tell you, Han 3000 wants us to donate to the Loving Home, which contains some children with congenital physical defects, and he wants to borrow the influence of the Tian family to make more people pay attention to this matter."Tian Ling'er said.

    Tian Honghui looked at Tian Changsheng and said, "Dad, about this, why don't we just hold a charity meeting in the name of our Tian family?"

    "Nonsense, it's a must, you proceed to prepare this matter tomorrow."Tian Changsheng said, how could the Celestial Family not meet Han Qianli's request like this.

    Shortly after Han Three Thousand returned to the hillside villa, Tianchang Sheng called, saying that he would be holding a charity meeting in the near future in response to the Love Home, so that more business people could participate in this matter, and asked Han Three Thousand what his opinion was.

    Of course, Han 3,000 yuan had no opinion and asked Tianchang Sheng to handle it himself, after all, it wasn't a big deal, the Tian family wouldn't even be able to handle this.

    Hanging up the phone, Han three thousand three thousand in the living room waiting for Su Yingxia home from work, before Yang Chen has called, the photos have been all sorted out, tomorrow have to go to choose photos, this matter makes Han three thousand very excited.

    The walls of the house have been empty for a long time, finally able to hang his and Su Yingxia's wedding photos, which is something Han three thousand yuan has been looking forward to.

    Su Yingxia experienced a thrilling day today, because now the company, has grown to a point she could not imagine, the whole day did nothing, just listen to the reports, but these reports, let Su Yingxia shocked again and again, and even later were a little numb.

    She never expected that so many things had happened during the time she had left Cloud City, and that the Su Family Company had even completely transformed itself, leaping into a company in Cloud City whose influence was only below the Tian Family.

    "Three thousand, who exactly are those helpers you found, they are too powerful, do you know how much cooperation there is in the company now?How many areas were involved?"Su Yingxia returned home and sighed to Han Qianqian.

    There was no need to say more about Qin Lin's abilities, he stood on the steps given by Han Qianqian and could kill his way out in Yanjing, let alone a small Cloud City.

    "I'm going to pick out pictures tomorrow, are you free?"Han Giangli didn't care much about the company's affairs, so he changed the subject.

    "Are the pictures out yet?"Su Yingxia was looking forward to being able to see the finished product, so she took this matter very seriously.

    "En, Yang Chen has already called me."Han Giangli said.

    "Free, of course I'm free for such an important matter."After Su Yingxia finished speaking, her mood suddenly became somewhat depressed.

    Han Giangli asked, "What's wrong?Don't want to see the pictures?"

    Su Yingxia shook her head and said, "I feel that I don't reflect value in the company anymore, they do everything and do it better than I do."

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly and said, "You are the chairman of the board of directors, in a high position, how can you do everything yourself, you have to understand that the superior laborers, what are you unhappy about them doing a good job?"

    "What's the matter with the upper man laborer?"Su Yingxia asked puzzled.

    "The lower man labor, it says that ordinary people can only work with their strength.The middleman laboring with wisdom, it says that this group of people work with their wits, while you belong to the upper class, you just need to command people to work."Han Marchan explained.

    "This kind of talk isn't something ordinary people can say, right."Su Yingxia raised her eyebrows and deliberately knocked Han San.

    Han San San accosted me and said, "Then guess what, I'm an ordinary person?"

    Su Yingxia pursed her lips and said, "Of course it's not an ordinary person, but don't be in a hurry to explain it to me, I'll eventually find out later, right?"

    In response to Su Yingxia's question, Han Giangli nodded his head and said sincerely, "You'll know later, when the time is right, I'll tell you everything."

His True Colors Chapter 312

When the Tianjia released the news of the charity meeting, the entire business community in Cloud City was on the verge of stirring, due to a series of actions of the Su Family Company swallowing wolves and tigers, they were all worried that they were being targeted by the Su Family, so at this time being able to please the Tianjia was an opportunity for them to save themselves, and countless people cut their heads to get admission to the charity meeting.

    The presidential suite of the Peninsula Hotel, without glasses Chi Yi Yun even in a plain outfit appeared radiant, her beauty was emanating from her bones, every scowl and smile and every action was all turbulent and addictive.

    "The entrance ticket to the charity meeting isn't a difficult task for you, is it."Qi Yiyun said to Dong Hao.

    Seeing Chi Yi Yun's change, Dong Hao's heart was very difficult to accept because he didn't want other men to see this side of the lady, but what Chi Yi Yun was going to do, he was not qualified to stop her.

    If Chi Yi Yun went to the charity meeting, it would definitely be a big hit, there would be many lustful eyes that would stay on Chi Yi Yun, and more importantly, Dong Hao knew who she was going for.

    "Miss, is this kind of charity meeting meaningful for you to attend?"Dong-ho said.

    "Is it your place to help me define whether or not it means anything?When do I need your permission to do something?"Chi Yi Yun was dissatisfied with the cold voice.

    Dong Hao lowered his head and said, "Miss, Dong Hao didn't mean that, you're not a member of Cloud City's business community right now, going to a charity meeting, it's easy to be misunderstood."

    This type of charity meeting would definitely have many famous women attending, and these women were all going with the mindset of being able to climb up to the rich, Dong Hao didn't want Chi Yi Yun to be misunderstood.

    "Do you think they'll think of me as a socialite?"Chi Yi Yun smiled.

    Dong Hao didn't dare to speak, these three words were an absolute insult to Chi Yi Yun.

    "Go do it, I'm not discussing with you, but ordering."Qi Yiyun said in a strong tone.

    "Yes."Dong Hao lowered his head and walked out of the room.

    Chi Yi Yun came to the bathroom and looked at her flamboyant and colorful self in the mirror, in all these years, she had never tried to take off her glasses.

    "It's also time to change your state, after living with glasses for so many years, you should be very aggrieved, from today onwards, I will let the world witness your beauty."Chi Yi Yun said to herself as she looked at herself in the mirror.

    "Whether it's body or looks, I'm better than Su Yingxia, Han Qianli, can you really be blind to me?"Qi Yiyun's eyes gradually became darker as she spoke, if it was a different man, she would have been very confident, but in front of Han Qianli, she was a bit underwhelmed, as she hadn't seen through what kind of person Han Qianli was so far.

    Yang Chen's studio.

    Han 3000 and Su Yingxia had come to choose photos early in the morning, and they were both in very high spirits.

    "Brother Three Thousand, Sister Yingxia, you guys came too early too."Xu Tong, who had just opened the door, said with a smile on her face.

    Su Yingxia was so eager at home that she didn't even go for a morning run today, and if it wasn't for Han Qianqian stopping her, she would have planned to go out before seven o'clock.

    "Xu Tong, you've even learned to ridicule people, this is bad behavior."Su Yingxia said.

    Xu Tong inwardly envied the relationship between the two, as she knew clearly that this journey was not easy, the day Su Yingxia made Han Qianqian kneel down on one knee and say the three words I'm willing, Xu Tong even had red eyes, this scene was destined to be remembered for the rest of her life.

    "Sister Yingxia, I'm not ridiculing you, but I envy you."Xu Tong said.

    "Why did you choose the studio here, this alley doesn't even have much traffic."Han Qianli asked in puzzlement, remote alleyways rarely have people here, this kind of location used for business is undoubtedly a dead end.

    "Because the rent is cheap and we're taking jobs online, so there's no high demand for the location of the location, after all, I rely on my craft for a living."At this time, Yang Chen just happened to arrive at the entrance of the studio and explained to Han Qianli.

    Han Three Thousand nodded and followed Yang Chen into the studio.

    The place was small, with a lot of finished products on display, it looked a bit messy, and was completely incomparable to other high-class bridal shops, if it wasn't for Yang Chen's own better online reputation, with a shop like this, it would probably be hard to be able to talk business.

    "It's a bit messy, I'm making you guys laugh."Yang Chen said apologetically.

    "If I knew your studio was like this before, I definitely wouldn't have picked you."Han Qianli said bluntly.

    Yang Chen looked embarrassed, this kind of environment was indeed difficult to make a good impression, but life forced him to start a business and it wasn't that easy.

    "I see that you have a good reputation online, business should be good ah, why don't you move somewhere else?"Su Yingxia asked in puzzlement.

    Yang Chen smiled and didn't offer an explanation, but Han Qianli noticed some changes in Xu Tong's expression, as if Yang Chen had something difficult to say.

    This kind of thing that the other party didn't want to mention, Han Qianli naturally wouldn't ask more.

    "All the photos have been refined, so you guys pick them out and see what makes the frame and what makes the ornaments."Yang Chen said.

    It was only when they picked the photos that they understood why Yang Chen had a good reputation on the internet, he was indeed very good at taking photos, and each photo was presented perfectly, leaving Su Yingxia in an extremely tedious situation, not knowing which one was better.

    "What to do, I want to hang each one at home."Su Yingxia said to Han Giangli in a tangle.

    "How about making wallpaper and putting it all over the walls of the house."Han Qianli smiled.

    Su Yingxia shook her head repeatedly, although she really wanted to do it, it was too much, how embarrassing in case guests at home saw it.

    While the two were choosing photos, Yang Chen and Xu Tong were chatting at the bar.

    "Brother Chen, how is Auntie doing lately?"Xu Tong asked.

    Speaking of this matter, Yang Chen sighed and said weakly, "It's still the same, I went to the hospital yesterday and the doctor talked to me again about giving up, but ......"

    Yang Chen didn't finish his words, but Xu Tong knew his decision, looking at the sorrow in Yang Chen's eyes that couldn't be concealed, Xu Tong's heart was a little sore.

    It had been more than a year since his adoptive mother had been hospitalized, and over this year, Yang Chen had almost exhausted all of his savings over the years, and the hospital had advised Yang Chen to give up more than once, but Yang Chen's stubbornness in this matter had never changed.

    If you don't give birth but raise, there is no reward.

    To Yang Chen, the grace of his adoptive mother was worth everything he had.

    "Yo, it's finally open, I thought your sh*tty place had closed down."At this time, a disdainful voice came from the doorway.

    Seeing the visitor, Yang Chen hurriedly stood up, walked to the door and said with a compensatory smile, "Brother Qiang, why are you free to come today."

    Zhang Qiang, a rogue gangster in this area, had a few little brothers under his hand, specializing in collecting cleaning fees from some nearby businesses.

    "How I came, you don't have any idea in your heart, look at this entrance, how dirty it is."Zhang Qiang said.

    As soon as his voice fell, all those little boys threw all the trash in their hands at the entrance, including mineral water bottles, banana peels, and snack pockets.

    Looking at the rogue actions of these guys, Yang Chen was helpless and said, "Brother Qiang, my hands are also tight and I really don't have any extra money, I'll clean up this trash myself."

    Yang Chen was bending down to pick up the trash on the ground, when a yellow hair beside Zhang Qiang kicked out directly.

    "This is such a small matter, how can we let the people in charge do it themselves, we'll just do it."

    Yang Chen sat on the ground and watched those people pick up the trash they threw down back into their hands, he couldn't help but clench his fists, this kind of hooligan's overbearing behavior, he had encountered it more than once, in the past, his hands were generous, it didn't matter if he gave a little, but now, he really couldn't spare any money, and yesterday, he went to the hospital and prepaid part of his medical bills, if he couldn't receive work right away, he wouldn't even be able to afford to eat.

    "Brother Qiang, why don't you give me some more time and slow down, and when I'm comfortable with my hands, I'll give it to you all at once."Yang Chen said.

    Zhang Qiang walked up to Yang Chen and said condescendingly, "Yang Chen, I know that there is an old thing living in the hospital that is dying, so let it die, why are you still throwing money at her, I heard that you are not her biological child either, so what's the point of wasting money on her, with this money, it's better to be more filial and respectful to me, I can still keep you safe."

    "Brother Qiang, I was raised by her, please be respectful."Yang Chen gritted his teeth and said.

    "Respect?"Zhang Qiang slapped Yang Chen in the face, spat phlegm in disdain, and said, "If you have money, I'll respect you, if you don't have money, you're a dog, f**k, and you still want me to give you face, what kind of a thing are you?"

    "Brother Qiang, Brother Chen really doesn't have any money, you should be lenient with him, when he has money, he will definitely give it to you."Xu Tong said with a heartbroken face.

    Zhang Qiang looked at those long legs under Xu Tong's hot pants, licked his lips and said, "Do you want to help your boss?"

    Looking at Zhang Qiang's unkind gaze, Xu Tong subconsciously took a step back and said, "I ...... don't have any money either."

    "It's easy to say that you don't have any money, as long as you're willing to accompany me, I won't embarrass him today, how about it?"Zhang Qiang walked over to Xu Tong, inhaled heavily and continued, "What perfume are you using, the smell is so charming, this early in the morning has seduced my desire."

    "Brother Qiang, this matter has nothing to do with her, she's just a working girl, don't embarrass her."Yang Chen said.

    Zhang Qiang impatiently looked at Yang Chen and said with an angry glare, "Yang Chen, today you either pay or let this little sister accompany us for a drink, otherwise, you won't be able to open this sh*tty place, today I'll smash all the things in your shop, those photos, you have to pay quite a lot of money to compensate for it, you can think carefully."

    "Brother Qiang, are you trying to push me into a corner?"Yang Chen's eyes were suddenly borderline ruthless, for him who had nowhere to go, showing cowardice was useless, so he could only try to make his attitude tougher.

His True Colors Chapter 313

Zhang Qiang wasn't a person who really dared to cause trouble, he was typically a bully, after all, he wasn't a powerful character, relying on a few people underneath him to make a name for himself in the area, in fact, the ones he bullied were the honest ones, if it were anyone else's strong, he might have felt guilty, but he was very familiar with Yang Chen, and knew that Yang Chen couldn't make any waves.

    "Yang Chen, don't pretend with me, so what if I force you into a desperate situation, if you dare to make things worse, I'll make that old thing lying in the hospital bed have no peace of mind, do you believe it?"Zhang Qiang said with grim eyes.

    Hearing this, the Qi Yang Chen brought up instantly crumbled and said weakly, "Brother Qiang, give me a few more days, I'll definitely pay you after I receive the job."

    "Don't treat me like a child, I want the money now, you can figure it out yourself, I'll give you ten minutes."Zhang Qiang said with a tough attitude.

    At this time, Han Qianqiang and Su Yingxia who were choosing photos in the shop were almost done and were ready to let Zhang Qiang pick out the photos they had chosen, but they couldn't see Zhang Qiang's shadow when they looked around.

    "Hey, where did they go?"Su Yingxia was puzzled and said, "Even Xu Tong is missing."

    Han Giangli faintly smiled, when he was at Keystone Island, he had noticed the frowny eyes between Yang Chen and the boss's wife, could it be that his relationship with Xu Tong was also somewhat complicated?I didn't see it coming, but this guy was pretty scummy emotionally.

    "Just wait, maybe they have something important."Han Giangli said, although he didn't do this kind of thing, it didn't mean that he would demand others with his bottom line, so even if Yang Chen was a scumbag it had nothing to do with him, he wouldn't interfere.

    "Let's go out for some air, this place is stuffy."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Giangli nodded, this place didn't open often at a glance, so the lack of air circulation did make it a bit uncomfortable.

    Walking to the door, Han Three Thousand and Su Yingxia saw Yang Chen who was sitting on the ground, and Zhang Qiang's dazzling gang of hooligans.

    When Zhang Qiang saw Su Yingxia, his eyes flashed with a touch of amazement, people like him, apart from seeing real beauties on TV, usually came into contact with low-grade roadside hair salons, so naturally, he couldn't see a beauty of Su Yingxia's rank.

    "Yang Chen, you're still f**king pretending to be poor with me, these two are your guests, right?"Zhang Qiang said with a smiling face as he sized up Su Yingxia.

    "Who are you guys?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "The one charging cleaning fees, it has nothing to do with you, if there's nothing to do, don't join in the fun, get out of here."Zhang Qiang coveted looking at Su Yingxia, a typical colored heart without guts.

    Cleaning fee?

    Han Giangli laughed when he heard those three words, not expecting that there were people doing this kind of business these days.

    "I see this place, it's pretty clean,"Han Three Thousand said.

    "Kid, don't be ungrateful, if you're given the chance to get out of here, just get out, do you have to get yourself into trouble?"Zhang Qiang said unhappily.

    "The current Cloud City is Mo Yang's territory, right, is this cleaning fee of yours collected on behalf of Mo Yang, or does it go into your own pocket?"Han Giang said.

    Mo Yang was a top-level big shot to Zhang Qiang, more than a galaxy away from him.

    But Han Qianqiang's sudden mention of Mo Yang, in Zhang Qiang's opinion, was just a deliberate attempt to scare him, so Zhang Qiang believed in it, and anyway, it was all just bragging, so let's all brag together.

    "Kid, a little bit of knowledge, you've actually heard of Brother Yang's name, I won't lie to you, I'm Brother Yang's cousin, how about it, scared."Zhang Qiang said proudly.

    Han Giang laughed awkwardly, after knowing Mo Yang for so many years, he had never heard of him having a cousin, this person was obviously an impostor, this was taking Mo Yang's reputation as a fox and tiger.

    "Oh, yeah?I'm his friend, how come I've never heard him mention it before?"Han Qianqiang said.

    Zhang Qiang was also happy, this guy actually dared to say that he was Mo Yang's friend, bragging met his match ah.

    "It means that you are not close to him, otherwise how could I have never met you, I even drank with him last night, just the biggest box in the Magic City, Brother Yang gave me the most expensive just wine, my relationship with him is like that of a brother."Zhang Qiang said, bragging would have to be exaggerated, so he didn't think about the consequences at all.

    "Really?Why don't I call him over and we'll get to know each other in person."Han Marchant said.

    "Brother Yang drank heavily last night and is still resting, I don't want to disturb him."Zhang Qiang said.

    Han Qianli shook her head and said, "I didn't ask you to call him, I guess you don't have his number either, so I'll do it."

    After saying that, Han Qianli took out the phone.

    Zhang Qiang looked at this battle and suddenly felt guilty, this guy doesn't really know Mo Yang, if so, he'd have blown his cover.

    But after taking a closer look at Han Qianqian, he didn't look like a powerful person, he shouldn't know Mo Yang, maybe he was just pretending.

    Thinking this way, Zhang Qiang's heart relaxed a lot and said, "Kid, you're still acting with me, with you you can also know Mo Yang, what a joke."

    "Mo Yang, I heard that you have a cousin, you even drank heavily with him last night, I just happened to run into him, do you want to come over and recognize him?"After the call was connected, Han Qianqian said.

    Zhang Qiang couldn't hear the voice on the other end of the phone, but through Han Marchan's tone of voice, he was even more sure that Han Marchan was bragging, the entire Yun City, I'm afraid even the Heavenly Family wouldn't dare to speak to Mo Yang in such a tone, how could he be qualified to call Mo Yang by his name?

    "You're quite good at acting, it's a pity not to go as an actor, I'll be waiting here today to see how your cowhide blows."Zhang Qiang laughed disdainfully.

    A few of the yellow-haired boys kept their eyes on Su Yingxia in the meantime, which caused Han Qianqian's extreme discomfort, this kind of trash didn't even have the qualifications to take a second look at Su Yingxia.

    "You go in first."Han Three Thousand said to Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia nodded, she was also a little tired of these people's eyes, so she pulled Xu Tong back into the studio.

    Zhang Qiang's eyes showed reluctance and suddenly heard Han Qianqian say, "If you take one more look, I'll waste your eyes."

    "Yo, little brother, your f**king mouth is really big, I don't intend to trouble you today, but you can't blame me if you have to bang towards the gun."Zhang Qiang looked at Han Qianqian with a cold face.

    "Don't say you're not Mo Yang's cousin, even if you were, he wouldn't dare to say anything if I wanted to waste you."Han Qianqiang continued.

    Zhang Qiang laughed out loud as he felt that Han Qianqian's bragging was becoming less and less reliable, speaking as if he was even more powerful than Mo Yang.

    In Yun City now, Mo Yang was the number one person in the grey area, and even the Tian family had to give face to him, Zhang Qiang really couldn't think of anyone who could be more powerful than Mo Yang.

    "I advise you better not to overdo it in a moment of glibness, these words reached Mo Yang's ears you, there's something good for you, do you think you can just believe nonsense behind his back?"Zhang Qiang threatened.

    "You'll soon find out if I'm just taking my word for it, and I hope you don't get weak legs then."Han Marchiang said.

    "Go weak in the knees?I, Zhang Qiang, have never seen anything big, so how can I be soft on my legs."Zhang Qiang said with a calm face.

    More than ten minutes later, a commercial vehicle drove into the alley.

    Seeing this car, Zhang Qiang directly led his gang of men to cross block it, looking at the situation, it was going to charge a toll.

    After a loud clatter, the car door opened and Lin Yong was the first to get off.

    Seeing Lin Yong, Zhang Qiang instantly felt difficulty in breathing.

    Right after that, Mo Yang also walked down from the car, at this time, Zhang Qiang had already gone weak in the knees, as for the words he swore just now, he had probably forgotten all about them.

    "Three thousand, when did I have a cousin, you're not mistaken, are you?"Mo Yang walked over to Han Qianqian with a puzzled face.

    Han Qianqiang pointed at Zhang Qiang and said, "Wasn't this, the man who calls himself your cousin, still drinking with you last night at the Magic City?"

    "What are you?"Mo Yang frowned and said unhappily, daring to use his name to woo him, he had a lot of guts.

    Zhang Qiang's face was pale, he didn't think that he was bragging, but Han Qianli, was a real cow, a phone call, really called Mo Yang!

    "Yang ...... Brother Yang, I made it up as I went along, originally, it was just meant to be a joke, but I didn't expect ...... I didn't expect ......" Zhang Qiang was about to cry, where could he have thought that Han Qianqian could actually find Mo Yang!

    "I never thought I'd actually get your cousin here?"Han Giang smiled.

    Zhang Qiang plopped down on his knees and said, "Brother Yang, I was wrong, I shouldn't have taken you foxing."

    Those yellow-haired little brothers also followed Zhang Qiang and knelt on the ground in unison, their previous arrogance gone.

    "I came early in the morning to acknowledge my marriage, and you're the only ones messing with me, and you want me to spare you?"Mo Yang said in a cold voice.

    Zhang Qiang was scared out of his wits in a cold sweat and sneaked a glance at Han Qianqian, thinking what kind of a fairy character was this, calling Mo Yang with a phone call, and looking at their relationship, they had to be at least on equal footing.

    Cloud City, when did such a ruthless character come out?

    "Brother Three Thousand, I deserve to die, I thought you were bragging with me, that's why I couldn't help but brag a little, I didn't think you were really awesome, I made you laugh, please, give me a chance, I will never do this kind of thing in the future."Zhang Qiang said to Han Qianqiang.

    "Is it no more bragging, or no more cleaning fees?"Han Qianqiang asked.

    Zhang Qiang looked miserable, cows can be blown without blowing, but what else does he do for a living if he doesn't charge cleaning fees!

    "Fine, collecting cleaning fees in Cloud City, you really don't care about me, Mo Yang, three thousand, I'll take care of this matter, you get busy first."Mo Yang said.

    Han 3,000 nodded his head, watching Zhang Qiang's few people being taken away, the desperate plea for mercy wouldn't give Han 3,000 the slightest bit of pity, this kind of social dregs, assholes who specialized in bullying ordinary people, even if they died, there was nothing to pity.

    "Brother Three Thousand, thank you."Yang Chen stood up and walked over to Han Qianqian's side and said gratefully.

    "I said I'll give you a chance, if you're willing, you can go find Mo Yang."Han Three Thousand said and walked towards the studio.


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