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A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1271

This teenager still had a red mark on his face, but now he was pointing at Lu Yanxi's direction and saying viciously.

    But next to him, there was a man who was similar in age to Lu Hua.

    The first thing you need to know is that you are going to be able to get a good deal more than just a couple of days before you are going to be able to get a good deal more than just a couple of days before you are going to be able to get a good deal more than just a couple of days before you are going to be able to get a good deal more than just a couple of days before you are going to be able to get a good deal more.

    In particular, the kind of temperament emitted from his body was with a kind of nobility that was almost engraved in his bones.

    After this man heard his brother's words, his indifferent gaze spun over and landed on Lu Yanxi over there.

    "The woman who beat my brother just now, is that you?"

    The indifferent voice carried an inexplicable majesty and contempt.

    The feeling was as if it was the king looking down on his subjects.

    The condescending momentum caused Lu Yanxi's pretty face, then to go three shades white.

    "Yes...He was the one who offended me first."Lu Yanxi colorfully defended.

    "You're talking nonsense!"

    "Where's the offense when it's obvious I'm looking after your business?"The teenager immediately retorted.

    "You..."Lu Yanxi was close to being exasperated.

    She had never thought that she, the daughter of a general, would now be treated as a third companion.

    "What's more, you're a despicable woman, it's an honor for this young master to take a fancy to you."

    "You don't know how to be grateful, and you dare to hit me?"

    "Guilty as charged!"

    "Brother, you must not let her go."The young man said viciously, then begged to the man in the suit at the side.

    The youth didn't say anything, but the gaze that he looked at Lu Yanxi was getting colder and colder.

    "You...What do you want?"

    "I warn you, I can belong to the Yan Xia Martial God Temple."

    "If you dare to provoke me, the Martial God Temple will not spare you!"

    Lu Yanxi was furious at this youth's stare, and in fear, he had to take the name of the Martial Temple to press him.

    However, when the suit youth heard this, he laughed.

    In that smile, there was three points of mockery and seven points of contempt.

    "The Martial God Temple?"

    "What a great background."

    "But it's not just this lady, can you know what kind of existence is standing before you right now?"

    A faint laughter echoed here.

    The confidence and pride contained within it, however, was so strong.

    At this time, the clamor over here had attracted the attention of many people.

    Because of the search for the Primordial Fruit Tree, the strongmen of all nations had gathered in this small valley.

    It could be said that any movement anywhere would soon cause the crowd to discover it.

    Just like the current quarrel between Lu Yanxi and this group of unknown people.

    "Brother Fan, that deceased daughter of yours seems to be in trouble~"

    Not far away, An Qi also looked over.

    Seeing that Lu Yanxi was in trouble, the little girl said in a gloomy voice.

    Lu Yanxi repeatedly offended Ye Fan, so An Qi naturally didn't like her much.

    Now that Lu Yanxi was in trouble, how could An Qi be unhappy?

    However, Angie's gloating only lasted for a moment.

    The next moment, when he saw the group of unknown people, his pretty face instantly changed a little.

    She quickly lowered her head, while quietly hiding behind Ye Fan, as if she was afraid of being discovered.

    "An Qi, what's wrong?"Evan seemed to have sensed An Qi's difference and whirled around to ask.

    "Nothing...Nothing, hee hee~" An Qi smiled and acted as if nothing had happened.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he shook his head and laughed, "What a strange little girl."

    However, while Ye Fan was talking to An Qi, someone in the crowd suddenly shouted out in alarm.


    "What was painted at the youth's wrist?"

    Swish, swish, swish.

    As this person screamed, in a split second, the entire valley turned around in unison, and all eyes fell towards the place of the young man in the suit.

    It was seen that beneath the suit sleeve, the exposed wrist was tattooed with a bizarre pattern.

    The lines were intertwined and entangled, finally converging into two patterns.

    One was a pattern in the shape of a cloud, and above the cloud was a sun-like pattern.

    "Floating clouds?"

    "Blazing Sun?"

    "It's...This is..."

    "Floating Cloud Blazing Sun Pattern!"

    "Heavens, this is the Floating Cloud Blazing Sun pattern!"

    Among the crowd, someone finally recognized it.

    This shout was just like a boulder falling into the sea, immediately setting off huge waves in this part of the world.

    In a split second, all the people present changed color.

    The powerful people of the various countries were all horrified!

    Even Reno, the powerful Indian country's Renault, who was renowned for his martial arts of the South Asian countries, trembled and his pupils crumpled.


    "Floating clouds blazing the sun...Sunburst?"

    "Hard...Could it be that he...They're, like, Truman's people?"

    At this moment, everyone was almost confused.

    Because of the tremor, many people were close to forgetting to breathe.

    After all, in the martial world, the Chu Gate had always been a taboo in general.

    Not only because it was powerful, but also because of the ruthlessness of this sect.

    It had been too long since the Truman had ruled the world martial world.

    But no one in the martial dao crowd knew the might of the Chu Gate.

    One must know that this was the only sect that could single-handedly defeat the entire world one by one!

    Back then, the Battle of Truman swept through hundreds of countries in six continents.

    I don't know how many mighty men fell under the iron hooves of the Truman Gate!

    The martial dao of all the countries were all swept away by the powerful Chu Men.

    It could be said that back then, Truman almost unified the world's martial arts, and opened branch altars in every country.

    Only, later, for some unknown reason, Truman suddenly withdrew its troops.

    But even so, for many years afterwards, the martial dao masters of various countries were still in deep fear of being dominated by Truman.

    This also shows how terrifying this sect, the Chu Gate, was.

    Now, seeing someone with the Floating Cloud Blazing Sun Tattoo appear, the crowd was naturally trembling beyond words.

    After all, although there were many people under the Chu Sect, the number of Chu Sect members who possessed the Floating Cloud Blazing Sun Tattoo was extremely small, reportedly no more than fifty in total.

    Thus, every person who possessed this tattoo was invariably a core member of the Chu Gate.

    And because of this, the shock that the young man in the suit in front of him brought to the crowd was naturally even more intense!

    Even Ye Fan himself, his eyebrows were slightly rippling.

    Since leaving the Chu family back then, it had been so long, and this person in front of him was the third person that Ye Fan had met that had the Floating Cloud Blazing Sun tattoo.

    The first two, one was Ye Fan's father and one was his uncle.

    The third, was this youth in front of him!

    "This man, who could it be?"

    "Could it be that it's also a Chu family?"

    Ye Fan's face was expressionless, and there was an endless coldness surging in his deep brows and eyes.

    The core members of each of the three Chu Sect families had the Floating Cloud Blazing Sun Tattoo tattooed on them.

    Therefore, Ye Fan was not sure which family the youth in front of him belonged to.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1272


    "You.... you're from Truman?"

    After hearing the surrounding discussion, Lu Yanxi trembled, a pretty face, undoubtedly scared even more pale because of the fear.

    Lu Yanxi had never thought that the casual slap she had given at first was actually a member of the Chu Gate.

    "This...How can this be?"

    "Why are the Truman's people here too?"

    Not only Lu Yanxi, but also Lu Hua on the side was no longer calm.

    A kind of fear and scruples like a great enemy immediately emerged on his face.

    "This is bad, Yan Xi is afraid that he's really in big trouble."

    Kong Ming was also frightened and terrified in his heart, and was in a hurry to the side.

    If it was an outsider, Kong Ming asked himself that with the power of their Yanxia Martial Dao, he would be able to settle it.

    But Truman, tomorrow was not one of them.

    And while Lu Hua and the two were anxiously worried, the man in the suit still didn't take his eyes off Lu Yanxi's body.

    Facing Lu Yanxi's question, the man smiled faintly, "It seems that you do have some eyes."

    "I can see where we're coming from."

    "Say, you hit my cousin, what do you think I should do with you?"

    The man in the suit spoke in a calm tone, his words carrying a few teasing colors.

    It was as if, in his eyes, the woman in front of him was just a plaything that was no different from the flowers and grass under his feet.

    However, even though Lu Yanxi was terrified in his heart, he still said stubbornly, "I...I said that it was your talent brother who offended me first, I was just defending myself."

    "Even if you're a member of the Chu Sect, you still have to be reasonable, right?"

    "It's your people who are at fault, and you're embarrassing me by not apologizing."

    "There's no such bullying as you guys."

    Lu Yanxi colorfully defended himself, his words trembling with grievance and disobedience.


    Hearing Lu Yanxi's words, this youth burst out laughing.

    That laughter was loud and clear, with ridicule and sneers.

    It was as if he had heard the world's best laughing joke.

    "After all these years, this is the first time that this young master has seen that someone wants to reason with me Mike .Jones to reason with."

    "I really don't know, are you too childish, or do you think that I, Mike .Jones childish?"

    "To have come this far, you should be a martial artist as well."

    "You've been practicing martial arts for so many years, don't you know that the martial arts world is all about power?"

    "If you want to be reasonable, you should go to the courtroom, to the newspaper, to the news feed."

    "That's where you're supposed to be reasoning,"

    Mike.Jones smiled coldly, a few words but Lu Yanxi was speechless.

    Only standing there with a pretty pale face, terrified, as if she was a prisoner on the verge of execution.

    Although the man in front of her spoke bluntly, Lu Yanxi also had to admit that he was right.

    The martial world was never a place for reasoning.

    In this world that worshipped power, power was the only truth!

    At this moment, Lu Yanxi was almost desperate, his heart was wow cool.

    I only felt that this time, I was afraid that I was really going to be doomed.

    "Then.What exactly do you want then?"In fear of the land's rocky eve, he asks lowly.

    Mike.Jones saw that the woman seemed to be about to give in, and the smile on his face undoubtedly grew even stronger.

    He stood there, looking down at Lu Yanxi with condescension, and slowly said, "Not what I want, but it's up to you to choose?"

    "According to the rules of my Jones family, those who insult my family, die."

    "If you hit my brother, you are my Jones family, and according to the rules of my clan, I can execute you on the spot."

    Mike.Jones' words scared Lu Yanxi even more, and her petite body staggered a few times, nearly spreading back to the ground.

    At this time, Mike .Jones, however, turned to say, "However, seeing that you have some good looks, this brother of mine is somewhat interested in you again.So, I can give you a chance to live as well."

    "As long as you promise to serve my brother well in the future, I can not only spare your life, but I might even let you go back to the country later and give you your freedom."

    "Live or die, choose, right?"

    Mike .Jones said coldly, giving an ultimatum directly to Lu Yanxi.

    "No way."

    "Even if I die, I won't let you beasts bully me!"

    "Trying to make me serve a man I don't like, never~"

    However, surprisingly, after hearing Mike .Jones' offer, but Lu Yanxi was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, directly rejecting it in anger.

    "You bitch, what a shameless woman!"

    "Brother, stop bullshitting with him and just order her to be killed."

    "This bitch, you're just begging me to play with her, I don't care~"

    This is what Lu Yanxi said, but it also enraged Mike.The young man cursed viciously as he let his brother kill Lu Yanxi, but he also enraged Mike Jones' brother.

    The boy cursed viciously as he asked his brother to kill Lu Yanxi.

    Mike.Jones nodded and his indifferent gaze continued to fall on Lu Yanxi's body, "It seems that you have chosen the former."

    "Since you insist on seeking death, then I will do the same for you."

    The words fell away, and Mike .Jones waved his hand and was about to order his men to eliminate Lu Yanxi.

    However, at this time, Lu Hua, who was on the side, finally ran over with a hard scalp and blocked in front of Lu Yanxi.

    "Young Master Jones, have mercy, have mercy~" Lu Hua begged incessantly.


    "Who are you?"

    Seeing the man in front of him, Mike .Jones frowned and asked in a cold voice.

    With a flattering smile on his face, Lu Hua returned very respectfully, "Young Master Jones, I am Yanxia Martial Artist, Lu Hua."

    At this point, Lu Hua paused for a moment, wanting to see if this Mike .Jones had never heard of his name.

    "Lv Hua?"

    Mike.Jones asked rhetorically.

    "Yes, yes, it's that Lu Hua, honored by the powerful people of all countries who like to call me Mr. Lu."

    Lu Hua was delighted at the sight, thinking that this Mike .Jones had also heard of himself just like everyone else.

    However, to Lu Hua's embarrassment, his side of the conversation had just ended, but Mike .Jones, however, shook his head and coldly said, "Never heard of him."

    Lu Hua: "....."

    The corner of Lu Hua's mouth twitched, when he realized that relying on his own reputation here, I'm afraid it wouldn't work.

    Thus, Lu Hua had no choice but to move his grandfather out of the way.

    "Compared to Young Master Jones, I, Lu Hua, am insignificant and it's only normal that I don't know him."

    "However, my grandfather Lu Songliang, ranked eighth on the Yan Xia Clan Master List, I'm sure Young Master Jones has heard of him."

    "This girl is my friend, and I have no intention of offending Young Master Jones.I hope Young Master Jones will spare her this time for my grandfather's sake.After all, Yan Xi is young and ignorant."

    "When the other day, when Young Master Jones passes by Yan Xia, I will definitely host a banquet with my grandfather personally to thank her."

    Lu Hua was full of smiles and said politely and courteously, his posture very low.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1273


    "You're saying that your grandfather is a martial arts master."

    "The eighth ranked Lu Songliang of the Yan Xia Clan Master Ranking?"

    LW's words, however, piqued the interest of Mike .Jones' interest.

    After all, to any power, a Martial Grandmaster was definitely considered to be a top-tier powerhouse that stood alone.

    Even in the Chu Gate, a Martial Dao Master was a noble existence that served as an elder.

    Therefore, after hearing that this Lu Hua was still blood related to the Martial Grandmaster of Yan Xia, Mike .Jones' gaze towards Lu Hua was slightly higher.


    "Young Master Jones, do you know my grandfather?"

    Hearing this, Lu Hua's heart was undoubtedly even happier.

    As the saying goes, a familiar face is good for business, if his grandfather was really acquainted with this Mike .Jones, then this matter today would undoubtedly be much simpler.

    Mike.Jones shook his head: "Acquaintance can't be said, I've only studied your Yan Xia's Ancestor List.For your grandfather, I have a few impressions."

    "Your grandfather, on the Yan Xia clan master list, although he is at the bottom of the bottom few.But it's the only one, at the age of sixty, to have stepped into the Ancestor's realm."

    "To break through the Ancestor realm at such an old age is extremely rare within the world martial world."

    "I can only say that this pursuit and perseverance of your grandfather's for martial dao has made me appreciate it."

    Martial dao cultivation was also about talent.

    Especially when one was young, it was almost the fastest time to progress in cultivation.

    Once one enters old age, the various skills of the body begin to deteriorate, and at this time when one wants to make a breakthrough, it is undoubtedly comparable to reaching the heavens.

    All along, people in the martial dao world believed that if one had not entered the clan before the age of fifty, basically, in this lifetime, they would have no chance of making a breakthrough with the clan.

    This was why, Lu Hua's grandfather Lu Songliang's entry into the clan at the age of sixty would cause such a big ripple in the world martial world.



    "If my grandfather knew that he was appreciated by Young Master Truman, he'd be honored, too."Lu Hua politely chatted with Mike .Jones chatting with him.

    "By the way, Young Master Jones, you see this friend of mine..."

    After exchanging pleasantries for a moment, Lu Hua asked Mike .Jones about Lu Yanxi's matter.

    Mike .Jones nodded, "Well, since she's your friend, I won't pursue her previous offense."

    "However, the clan of my Jones family has not been able to get the woman they fancy."

    "How about this, let her spend a few nights with my brothers."

    "Let's forget about this today."

    Hearing this, Lu Yanxi, who thought that he had escaped, once again looked ugly.

    Lu Yanxi naturally understood Mike .Jones's meaning in these words.

    She knew very well that once she fell into the hands of these people, her end would definitely be extremely miserable.

    Therefore, not to mention a few nights, just one night, Lu Yanxi was not willing to accompany ah.

    "Brother Lu Hua, I don't want to ...."

    Lu Yanxi, who was in fear, once again looked at Lu Hua for help and shook her head at him, indicating that she did not accept this request.

    Naturally, Lu Hua also didn't want Lu Yanxi to spend the night with them, so he once again looked at Mike .Jones and smiled hehely, "Young Master Jones, I'm not hiding anything from you, Yan Xi is my girlfriend."

    "What happened earlier was all a misunderstanding."

    "I'm here, on behalf of my girlfriend, to apologize to a few young masters."

    "As for the rest, forget about it.Let's just give my grandfather some face."

    "When there is an opportunity in the future, I will definitely host a banquet and invite Young Master Jones to personally apologize, as well as introduce my grandfather to Young Master Jones."

    However, this time, in the face of Lu Hua's words, Mike .Jones' face, however, was not so pretty anymore, and the gaze towards Lu Hua had become a little more chilly.

    He sneered and looked down at Lu Hua in front of him, "Giving your grandfather face?"

    "I suggest you'd better go back and ask him if he dares to take this face from me!"

    Mike .These few words from Jones, but it scared Lu Hua to stay there.

    "You didn't really think that a small martial arts master would scare my young master, did you?"

    "Don't think too highly of your grandfather!"

    "There are no less than several martial arts masters that this young master can mobilize with a single word."

    "And every single one of them is no weaker than your grandfather."

    "As long as I am willing, even a title clan master can work for me."

    "As for what I just said about admiring your grandfather, it's not because of his strength, but because of his perseverance."

    "Just like I admire the ants under my feet, even though I am so small, I still work hard with perseverance every day."

    "That's all~"

    Mike .Jones laughed coldly, his words calm, but the majesty and chill contained within them were enough to chill everyone present.

    At that moment, many people were deeply shaken.

    Was this the majesty of the Truman crowd?

    Is this the arrogance of the most powerful force in the martial arts?

    Not even the Martial Dao Grandmaster who was powerful enough to claim a country's title was put in his sights.

    Even, comparing a mole to a grandmaster.

    Under this universal world, it was probably only a member of the Chu Sect who had this kind of grandeur and dominance.

    Lu Hua, who heard these words, was also nearly scared to death at the time.

    His body was trembling and his brain was blank.

    Standing there like a dumb goose, her red lips quivering, she was unable to say a single word.

    As for Kong Ming, he had been scared out of his wits the moment he learned that these were the Chu Men in front of him, not to mention coming out to speak and plead for Lv Hua and the others.

    After all, Lv Hua dared to come out, mainly thanks to his own family, his own noble grandfather who was a martial arts master.

    Kong Ming, on the other hand, didn't have any of these backgrounds from Lu Hua, and he knew he had nothing to fall back on, so he naturally didn't dare to come out.

    "What the hell are you still standing here for?"

    "If you don't get out of here, this young master will kill you too!"

    Finally, Mike.Jones had no more patience.

    He drank furiously, and the wind swept away, majestic pressure radiating out immediately.


    Lu Hua was directly scared and crouched on the ground.

    And then in fear, he crawled and rolled straight away.

    Meanwhile, Mike .Jones also then ordered that Lu Yanxi be taken away and put at his brother's disposal.

    With Mike .Jones gave the order, several strong men were seen walking out from behind Mike .Jones came out from behind them, while they surrounded towards Lu Yanxi's direction.

    "Bastard, get out of my way!"

    Lu Yanxi still wanted to resist, but how could she fight against the majesty of the powerful Truman.

    In just a few rounds, Lu Yanxi was kicked to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

    "Brother Lu Hua, Kong Lao, save me~"

    "Help me~"

    At this time, Lu Yanxi, who was terrified and scared, already had tears all over her face.

    She was lying on the ground with blood on her lips, crying out miserably.

    However, facing the might of the Chu Gate, Lu Hua and the others would not dare to step forward.

    However, just as Lu Yanxi was in despair, a sigh was quietly heard from the crowd.


    "Just, for the sake of your father, I'll help you again."


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