Dish Best Served Cold 1269-1270


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1269


    "Surely nothing can escape Mr. Lu's eyes."

    "Not to conceal anything from Mr. Lu, I do have a request here."

    "Mister should have seen that strongmen from various countries have gathered here."

    "It is expected that soon, the Origin Fruit Tree will be found."

    "When the time comes, there will be a chaotic battle as multiple countries coax for it."

    "I know that Mr. Lu is strong, and in terms of fighting alone, there are probably few people here who are above him."

    "However, under a chaotic fight, Mr. Lu will be facing not one person, but a crowd."

    "What's more, Mr. Lu is now famous and attracting attention, and then Mr. Lu will definitely be the target of a fire set by powerful people from various countries."

    "Two fists can't beat four hands after all."

    "Even if Mr. Lu has monstrous abilities, I'm afraid that it will be difficult for him to fight against the strongmen of these countries with one person, right?"

    Reno smiled heedlessly, but the words were respectful as Evan explained the situation at hand.

    "So?"Ye Fan wasn't in a hurry and asked lightly.

    Reno paused for a moment and continued, "So, if sir doesn't mind, he can make an alliance with our country of India."

    "When the time comes, I, Reno, will do my best to assist Mr. Lu and seize the Origin Spirit Fruit."

    "Just in the end, share half of the fruit of our Indian Country's martial dao."

    "Mr. Lu is just one person, while there are so many people in our Indian Country, sharing half of the fruit afterwards, this request should not be excessive, right?"

    Reno looked at Evan and said with a smile.

    Evan nodded, "Well, okay, just do as you say."


    "Mr. Lui, so, you agree?"

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Reno was stunned.

    He had thought that to get Ye Fan to agree, he would definitely have to spend some time talking.

    However, Renault never expected that this Ye Fan would promise so neatly.

    The development of things had completely exceeded Reno's expectations.

    "What? You don't want me to agree?"Ye Fan retorted.

    "No, no, no, how could that be, I just admire Mr. Lui for his boldness.I, Renault, have admired someone as lofty as Mr. Lu in my life."


    "Alright, Mr. Lu, let's leave it at that, we'll go in search of the Origin Fruit Tree first."

    "Wait a moment, follow the plan."

    After talking to Ye Fan, Reno and the others left the area and continued searching for the Origin Fruit Tree nearby.


    "Brother, it's really you."

    "I didn't expect that Yan Xia kid to be so gullible."

    "You took care of him in a few words."

    "This kind of courageous fool, I don't know how he survived until now."

    After walking away, the strong Indians were happy to talk about it.

    Reno, however, shook his head, "I can't say it's stupid, I can only say he's too conceited."

    "Once one is too confident, one is ignoring many risks."

    "Presumably, he felt confident that we wouldn't dare to mess with him again after a lesson.That's why the party is so confident to work with us."

    "En En, it's still Big Brother's analysis that's reasonable."The companion next to him immediately nodded his head and continued, "Haha, it seems that this time, we will have to give this Yan Xia kid, a painful lesson."

    Yes, Reno and the others' cooperation with Ye Fan was not sincere at all, but had their own plans.

    In Renault's and their view, even though Ye Fan was powerful, facing this powerful people from all countries, even if Ye Fan could really laugh to the end and capture the Origin Fruit in one fell swoop.But it was bound to consume a lot of stamina in the fight, and after escaping from the battle, it would be a strong crossbow.

    At this time, Reno and the others could take advantage of Ye Fan's trust in them and wait for an opportunity to attack.

    With lightning speed, they could kill Ye Fan and steal the Origin Spirit Fruit.

    In that case, then the biggest winner of this fight would still be their Indian Martial Dao.

    While Reno and the others continued their plotting, Ye Fan and An Qi were also searching for the Origin Fruit Tree on the other side.

    At this time, Kong Ming suddenly came over, looked at Ye Fan from afar, and after a moment's hesitation, said coldly, "Ye Fan, although I have a bad impression of you, you are after all a descendant of my Yan Xia Martial Dao."

    "There's one thing I have to remind you of."

    "The people of the Martial Dao of the Indian Country have always been treacherous and cunning, not worthy of trust."

    "Thirty years ago, our Yan Xia strongmen fell prey to their trickery and suffered heavy casualties."

    "So, you'd better grow a brain."

    "Don't get sold out and given a count!"

    "In this world, there are no good intentions for no reason."

    "Reno and the others just helped you so much, they must be plotting something against you."

    "That's all that's said, so be on your own!"

    Kong Ming said in a deep voice, and then he also turned his head and left, not staying long beside Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, he just looked at this old man, then shook his head and smiled.

    "Little brother Fan, is what he said true?"

    "Those people just now, were they really lying to us?"

    "Do we still have to work with them?"Ye Fan didn't care, but An Qi heard it in her eyes.

    Although this little girl hadn't seen much of the world, she was still very clever.

    Now after hearing Kong Ming's reminder, she couldn't help but be a little worried.

    But Ye Fan asked back, "Cooperation?"

    "Why would we want to work with them."

    "Then you just promised them."An Qi was a little confused.

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled wryly, "The one who promised them is Mr. Lu Hua Lu, and I'm not."

    Only then did it dawn on An Qi, and an inexplicably bad smile swirled on her pretty face as well, "So brother Little Fan, is also this bad~"

    Then, the two of them also continued to search up the Origin Spirit Tree in the area.


    "What are you reminding him of, Kong?"

    "Let this brat fend for himself."

    On the other side, Lu Hua said viciously as he watched Ye Fan's back from afar.

    Today, because of Ye Fan, he, Lu Hua, could be said to have lost face and made a fool of himself, so naturally, he hated Ye Fan to the bone.

    Kong Ming sighed and said, "After all, he is from Yanxia, although this Ye Fan is a bit unpleasant, there are some things that should be reminded."

    "As for whether or not to listen, that's his own business."

    "If he really falls here, and the Martial God Hall tracks him down in the future, we would be considered to have fulfilled our duty to remind him."

    "Still, you are broad-minded, Kong Lao."Lu Hua boasted, while continuing, "But Kong Lao, I really can't figure out why this group of Indians have to think of Ye Fan as me!"

    "It's obvious that I'm the one who's Lu Hua, but why don't they believe it."

    "Are these people idiots?"

    The more Lu Hua thought about what happened just now, the angrier he became.

    Not only because he had been defeated, but more so because Ye Fan had topped his name and stolen his thunder.

    Of course, anger was anger, but there were many things about it that Lu Hua was baffled by now.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1270

Lu Hua clearly remembered that day in the restaurant, he was the one who had defeated the powerful people of the Indian Kingdom.

    It was reasonable to say that these people had all seen themselves before, so it was impossible for them to admit their mistake ah.

    "Alright, Xiao Hua, you shouldn't think about that either."

    "Just admit your mistake, it's just a matter of making less of a fuss."

    "Besides, for the current situation, it's good for Reno and the others to admit their mistake instead."

    "After all, the tree is attracting attention."

    "You Lu Hua's name is too loud, do you believe that when the Yuan Spirit Fruit appears later, the crowd will definitely set fire against you first."

    "A gunshot to the head, don't you understand this truth?"

    "And now it's good that Evan has become this punching bag to shield you from harm."

    "If that's not a good thing, what is?"

    Kong Ming was analyzing from the side.

    As Lu Hua listened, his originally depressed state of mind was brightened.

    "I'll go, it's still Kong Lao who is cave-like."

    "If you don't tell me, I really hadn't thought of this level."


    Lu Hua smiled proudly between laughs while looking far ahead at Ye Fan's back.

    "Ye Fan, Ye Fan, I'll let you get your way for a while."

    "Wait a while, there's a time for you to cry."

    "Do you really think that, my reputation of Lu Hua is so easy to replace?"

    "If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight."

    "You're a bastard, a lowly peasant. Let's see how you're going to take this "crown"!"

    Lu Hua's eyebrows and eyes were cold, and his words were filled with a monstrous hatred for Ye Fan.

    But while Lu Hua was talking to Kong Ming, Lu Yanxi was not far away carefully searching for the Origin Fruit Tree.

    The encounter just now made Lu Yanxi even more aware of his own weakness.

    If he had the power of a clan master, how could he let the martial artists of the Indian country bully him!

    Even her life was in the hands of Ye Fan, whom she despised the most.

    "I must find the Primordial Fruit and then dive into cultivation."

    "Within ten years, I, Lu Yanxi, must step into the Martial Grandmaster!"

    "When the time comes, I'll make everyone who messes with me pay a heavy price!"

    Lu Yanxi clenched his palm so hard that his fingertips were nearly sunk deep into the flesh.

    From this, it was also evident that Lu Yanxi's state of mind was so determined at this time.

    However, just as Lu Yanxi was trying hard to find the whereabouts of the Origin Fruit Tree in this valley, there was a sudden snap.

    The crisp sound quietly rang out in this place.

    At that moment, Lu Yanxi's entire body jumped up as if she had been electrocuted, scuffling up.

    At the same time, her pretty face reddened as she shamefully and furiously scolded, "Who?"

    "Was it that shameless bastard who dared to blaspheme me?"

    Lu Yanxi cursed angrily and turned her head to see a young teenager, staring at her.... breasts.

    "Well, the body is nice."

    "Big boobs and a round butt, and very flexible."

    "What's up girl, wanna consider spending a night with me?"

    "I promise, it will definitely make you want to stop."

    This young man smiled faintly, and in his words, he did not hide his coveting of Lu Yanxi.

    "Get lost!"

    However, Lu Yanxi was so angry that he didn't want to talk to him at all.

    "Heh, what, still don't agree?"

    "Little slut, what are you pretending to be."

    "This is the middle of nowhere, aren't you dressing so revealing just to seduce a man?"

    "Letting anyone on isn't on."

    "What's more, this young master won't treat you badly."

    In between the words, the young man in front of him raised his hand and touched towards Lu Yanxi's ass again.

    "I'll say it again, get out!"

    Lu Yanxi finally ran out of patience, and in great anger, he slapped it straight away.


    The slap was extraordinarily loud, and the boy's entire body staggered, narrowly missing his footing, and a bright red palm mark then appeared on his face as well.

    "You...You...You dare to hit me?"

    "How dare you hit me, you bitch?"

    "I declare, you're finished!"

    "You wait, you wait for me~"

    This teenager was obviously mad as well, he had never been beaten by a woman since he grew up.

    But now, this slutty woman in front of him actually dared to charge at him.

    Naturally, he was furious and left as he cursed, looking like he was shouting for someone to go.

    But Lu Yanxi was still angry, and the insults from Reno and others earlier had already made her heart suppressed.Now that a hairy brat had come to provoke her, Lu Yanxi naturally couldn't endure her anger, so she just drew over.

    But after the fight, Lu Yanxi was also worried that the teenager would really call for someone else, so she hurried back to meet up with Kong Ming and the others.

    "Yan Xi, what's wrong, your face doesn't look good?"

    "You're not still mad at that bastard Ye Fan, are you?"

    Seeing that Lu Yanxi had returned, Lu Hua was suddenly concerned and asked.

    A few hours had passed since the clash earlier, and the pain in Lu Hua's crotch was already much better, and a smile was once again on his face.

    "Brother Lu Hua, I seem to have gotten into trouble."

    "Oh, tell me more carefully?"Lu Hua asked.

    Lu Yanxi then recounted what had just happened, briefly.

    After hearing it, Lu Hua and Kong Ming both laughed.


    "Rock Eve, you've been molested by a little kid?"

    "But it's a good thing, it means that our family Rock Eve is charming."

    Lu Hua laughed.

    "You're still laughing!"

    "It's not because of you~"

    Lu Yanxi grumbled.

    In fact, before, Lu Yanxi was wearing long clothes and pants to come in.

    But on the way, Lu Huafei said that Lu Yanxi was the only woman in the team, so she should take the responsibility and dress in a more pleasing way to please everyone's mood.

    The next day, she really changed into a short skirt, boots, and navel-gazing outfit, although Lu Yanxi refused.

    It's a complete pair of Sailor Moon warrior outfits, exuding a wild allure and sexiness.

    It was precisely for this reason that Lu Yanxi Fang had attracted the covetousness of the lecherous wolf.

    "Haha, well, well, it's all my fault."

    "Can't I apologize to our Lu Beauty enough?"Lu Hua smiled teasingly.

    "Brother Lu Hua, don't tease me, let's get down to business, I feel like that teenager should go shout."Lu Yanxi was worried.

    But Lu Hua waved his hand, "It's fine, a little kid is just a kid, what is there to be afraid of?"

    "Even if he calls his father, his grandfather, what can he do?"

    "With me and Kong Lao protecting you, no one can do anything to you."

    "Here, there aren't many people who can provoke our Yan Xia Martial Dao."

    "Alright, you shouldn't be imagining things."

    Under Lu Hua's comforting words, Lu Yanxi nodded his head and didn't think about the matter anymore.

    However, who would have thought that before long, a line of several people would arrive here from the depths of the dense forest in a raging manner.

    One of them was indeed the teenager who had teased Lu Yanxi before and was beaten.

    After looking around the circle, this teenager soon spotted the sexy dressed Lu Yanxi.

    "Brother, it's her."

    "That's the bitch who did it and beat me up!"


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