Dish Best Served Cold 1267-1268


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1267

After inciting Lu Hua to fly, Reno then led the crowd of powerful people from the Indian country and strode directly in front of Ye Fan.

    Then, in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gazes, Reno cupped his hands and bowed.

    "Mr. Lu, it was me, Renault, who was blind and offended you that day."

    "Please forgive me, Mr. Lui!"

    As Reno was the first to step out, the rest of the powerful Indians also competed to step forward and worship together.

    "Please forgive Mr. Lui~"


    "I beg Mr. Lui's pardon!"

    The voices of the powerful people of the Indian Country spoke in unison and respectful reverence reverberated throughout the valley.

    At that moment, the whole place was dead silent.

    Everyone was dumbfounded!

    Lu Yanxi stared at him, and Kong Ming's old eyes were round and his pupils were crinkled.

    The others were even like ghosts watching the scene before them.

    As for Lu Hua, he was even more confused.

    Lying on the ground, he covered his face and looked at the scene before him in disbelief.


    "What the fuck is this?"

    "He...He's Mr. Lui?"

    Many people were full of puzzlement.


    "Is this Reno a brake?"

    "I'm the one who's Mr. Lui."

    "He's a Mr. Lui by the name of Ye, huh?"

    Lu Hua was yelling at the side like a dog.

    Even Lu Yanxi couldn't bear to watch anymore and came over to Reno, advising, "Reno, you've got the wrong person."

    "He's not Lu Hua, where's Lu Hua over there?"

    "He's just a hick from humble beginnings."

    "Where is an incompetent and mediocre person worth having you apologize to him?"

    "The one who is truly qualified to make you apologize is my brother Lu Hua~"

    "Shut up!"

    "Who's the bitch that dares to insult Mr. Lui, looking for death?"

    However, Lu Yanxi's words had just fallen.Reno was directly furious and whirled around to slap paste.

    With a slap, Lu Yanxi was smacked out.

    A bright red palm mark immediately appeared on the original delicate pretty face!

    "Second and third!"

    "Waste this idiot bitch~"

    "A despicable woman who also dares to offend the honorable Mr. Lu?"

    "According to the rules of the martial arts of my country of India, when the feet are chopped off!"

    Reno's face was cold, and he immediately ordered his men to abolish Lu Yanxi.

    In the country of India, women had a low status and were not much more noble than animals.

    Especially for a strong man like Renault who had a respectable status in the Indian Country, women were no different from pigs and dogs to him.

    For so many years, the number of women who had been tortured to death by Renault was unknown.

    Perhaps it was a habit he had developed in China, but now that he saw Lu Yanxi speaking out against Ye Fan, Reno was directly furious and opened his mouth to chop off both of Lu Yanxi's feet.

    "Brother Lu Hua, save me~"

    Lu Yanxi was terrified then, and tears flowed down without a struggle, whirling around and rushing at Lu Hua for help.

    Naturally, Lu Hua was not ambiguous, scuffling up from the ground and blocking in front of Lu Yanxi, "A bunch of defeated men, how dare you!"

    "How dare you treat us with such disrespect?"

    "Looks like the lesson you were given that day wasn't enough!"

    "If that's the case, then don't blame me, Lu Hua, for being ruthless today."

    Lu Hua was also completely enraged.

    He had just said all his big words, and had wanted to put on a good front in front of a beautiful woman, but who would have thought that before he could finish his words, Reno would slap him silly, and now even more so, he dared to bully even his woman?

    Their behavior like this was tantamount to causing Lu Hua to lose face in front of everyone.

    Under this situation, Lu Hua naturally could not endure it.

    In his anger, his entire body exploded at once.

    Within his veins, qi and blood rushed.

    Beneath the dantian, vigorous Qi condensed.

    Then, Lv Hua's feet stepped on the earth, his figure was like a sharp arrow, rising into the sky, and a fierce shout even more resounded through the clouds!

    "Lui's Kick, Whirlwind Shadowless Kick!"


    In a roar, Lu Hua's leaping form was only like a winged roc in the air, dancing fiercely.

    The legs spun, bringing up a gust of whirlwind.

    The momentum it brought up was vast and abnormal, though!

    "I'll go!"

    "Worthy of being Mr. Lui?"

    "This Whirlwind Divine Leg alone is no ordinary person's!"

    Seeing Lu Hua's might, many people were so shocked that they were close to shouting 666.


    "How dare you bring it out to shame even though you're a carver?"

    Reno shook his head and laughed at the sight.

    Then, amidst the trembling gazes of the crowd, Reno was seen, but he also rose up in a domineering manner.

    A huge inertia wrapped around Reno's body and went straight to the ninth heaven.

    There was no spinning, nor was there a whirlwind.

    All Reno displayed was a beautiful flying kick in the mouth.

    Simple, crisp, and straight to the point!

    Yes, this air kick from Reynolds is a good one, right on the crotch of Lu Hua!


    In the next moment, a miserable scream resounded through the clouds.

    Then, in the midst of everyone's trembling and violent gazes, Lu Hua, who had just flown into the sky, was now like a dead dog, covering his crotch and howling down from the sky.

    It hit the ground with a bang.



    "Son of a bitch!"

    "You...You're so cruel~"

    Landing on the ground, Lu Hua covered his crotch, unable to stop rolling and howling miserably.

    That kind of pain was close to the bone marrow.

    Lv Hua, who was in pain, bit his lips off, and blood was flowing.

    "This...This is defeat?"

    However, it was the surrounding crowd of onlookers that trembled the most at this battle.


    "Engage in what?"

    "Didn't you say that this Lu Hua is comparable to a clan master?"

    "Didn't you say that he alone swept away the martial powerhouses of the Indian Country?"

    "That's it?"

    "A single kick was crippled by Reno."

    "Isn't that a fucking waste~?"

    The crowd shook their heads and said even with dark faces.

    The words, however, no longer had the awe and reverence they had for Lu Hua.

    Lu Yanxi was also stunned.

    She didn't expect that Lu Hua, who she regarded as a male idol these days, would be defeated so quickly.

    In one move, he had been kicked to ruin?

    At this time, Lu Yanxi had to start wondering if this Lu Hua, was really as powerful as the outsiders said?

    Not only them, but Kong Ming's old face was also trembling.

    How could he have never thought that this would be the end.

    One had to know that these days, everyone was spreading the word about how awesome and powerful Lu Hua was, and everyone was flocking to meet and befriend him, so much so that Kong Ming believed it.

    Thinking that this Lu Hua, must have extraordinary power.

    Therefore, just now, when Reno and the others were in trouble, Kong Ming had watched and did not take action.

    After all, he felt that this bit of trouble, Lu Hua alone should be able to deal with it.

    After all, he was so awesome that martial artists from all over the world had come over to get to know him.

    But who would have thought that this Lu Hua would be this damned strong?

    After kicking Lu Hua away, Reno quickly landed on the ground.

    He then sneered, "With this much strength, you dare to impersonate Mr. Lui?"

    "And you really don't know how to live."

    "Second and third, bring them both here and throw them in front of Mr. Lui."

    "Yes, big brother!"

    As Reno spoke, the Indian powerhouse then threw Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi in front of Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Lu, these two have offended you and we have captured them."

    "Should they be killed or cut, please Mr. Lu decide!"

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1268

"Please Mr. Lui decide!"

    Reno and the others cupped their hands and asked Ye Fan respectfully.

    At their feet, the two of them, Lu Yanxi, were in a wretched state.

    Lu Hua was still holding his crotch, grimacing in pain.

    Lu Yanxi, on the other hand, was filled with fear, her petite body trembling and her head lowered, not daring to look at Ye Fan at all.

    In fact, whether it was Lv Hua or Lu Yanxi, the two of them still hadn't seen what was going on.

    Lu Hua remembered that he was clearly the one who was teaching the powerful people of the Indian country a lesson in that restaurant, but why were these people not afraid of him, but instead feared Ye Fan.

    What they couldn't figure out even more was that it was obvious that they were the one who was Lv Hua, but these people from Reno, why did they prefer to respect Ye Fan as Mr. Lv?

    God, what is the world coming to?

    Lu Hua wailed miserably in his heart.

    It only felt that he had been unlucky these past few days.

    A few days ago, a misfortune flew in and almost took his little life.

    Now, there was facing such an inhuman grievance.

    He was a rich young man, a noble son of the martial world, a suave and talented man, but now he was like a dog, being thrown here.

    Even his life was held in the hands of a despicable hick.

    This was undoubtedly a strange shame for Lu Hua.

    "Mr. Lei, are you guys mistaken."

    "His last name is not Lu."

    "Are you guys mistaken about someone?"

    At this time, Kong Ming, who had been watching earlier, finally couldn't help but walk out.

    After all, things had developed to this point.

    If Kong Ming didn't come out and say something nice for the two of them, it was likely that the pair of Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi would really be slaughtered.


    "You're, like, the old man from last time?"

    Reno clearly still had an impression of Kong Ming.

    After all, when he was at the restaurant, Reno had even punched Kong Ming.

    The strength of this old man before him was not beneath him.

    "Yes, we met at the restaurant before."

    "Mr. Lei, take a closer look, you're not mistaken."

    "He's just a junior of our Yan Xia, called Ye Fan, not a Mr. Lui at all."

    "I think that it should all be a misunderstanding just now~"

    Kong Ming knew that he alone could not possibly be able to defeat so many people from the Indian State.

    Thus, he only had to say something nice to get Reno and the others to show mercy.

    "Acknowledge your mistake?"

    Reno was stunned and whirled around to look at Evan, while also noticing Angie, who was being held in Evan's hand, and shook his head.

    "It's impossible to mistake him."

    "He's the Mr. Lu Hua Lu from that day."

    "Mr. Lui worshipped me with a palm, and I was impressed by the majesty of the Gestalt, so it's impossible for me to be mistaken."

    Reno said with great certainty.

    But Lu Hua Lu, who was on the side, heard the bitterness, "Mr. Lui, you really have mistaken me."

    "I'm the one who's Mr. Lu Hua Lu."


    Reno smacked him with an angry, "Shut up!"

    "You don't know what you're doing, and you dare to fake it?"

    "Damn, I'm really Lu Hua."Lu Hua was almost crying.


    Another slap up.

    "No, you're not!"Reno was once again certain.

    "I...I'm really ah, if you don't believe me, ask him yourself."

    "Ask him if it's Luhua."Lu Hua was still yelling.

    Reno still slapped it away, "No, you're really not."

    "If you dare to pretend again, I'll smack you to death~"


    At that moment, Lu Hua was truly ready to die.

    In the end, Lu Hua gave up.

    He wasn't explaining anymore, he knew that he had said nothing, and this Reno wouldn't believe it at all.

    Kong Ming was helpless at the sight of this.

    He could only look at Ye Fan and said sternly, "Ye Fan, what are you still doing watching?"

    "Tell Mr. Ray that he's mistaken you for someone else and that you're not Lu Hua."

    "Say it!"

    "Deaf or dumb?"

    Kong Ming couldn't stop urging Ye Fan.

    However, before Ye Fan could speak, Reno's icy gaze was already looking over.

    "Old Senior, I advise you to watch your words."

    "This time, it's a warning."

    "But if you dare to disrespect Mr. Lu again, then don't blame me, Lei."

    "I know that your strength is not bad, but no matter how powerful you are, you should not be a match for our brothers, right?"

    Reno's words were icy cold with a strong threatening intent.

    "You~" Kong Ming's old face was green with anger at the words, and he snorted coldly, ultimately not daring to force Ye Fan any further.

    After all, Kong Ming was also aware of his own strength.

    With just his strength alone, he was indeed no match for so many people.

    "I wonder if Mr. Lu, is planning to dispose of them like this?"

    After Kong Ming retreated, Reno and the others once again asked for instructions.

    "Hmph, these two people have quite a few bullied my little brother Fan."

    "I see, just kill them and throw them in the river to feed the fish."

    At this time, An Qi, however, waved her show fist and said exasperatedly.

    When Lu Yanxi heard this, her face was pale with fright and her body was trembling.

    Kong Ming was even more shocked, "Ye Fan, you dare?"

    "If you really dare to do that, you'll be mutilating your fellow countrymen!"

    "When you return home, my Yan Xia Martial Dao will never let you go."

    "You have to think carefully~"

    Kong Ming was obviously also afraid that Ye Fan would really use this opportunity to eliminate the two of them, Lu Yanxi, and sternly warned Ye Fan.

    However, Ye Fan didn't even pay attention to Kong Ming's shouting.

    He didn't even look at the old man squarely.

    Ye Fan's disregard was so infuriating that Kong Ming was almost seven-tongued.

    Contempt, this was naked contempt for him!

    Ignoring the exasperated Kong Ming, at this time, Ye Fan just bowed his head, looking down condescendingly at the Lu Yanxi at his feet, and smiled in a paragraph, "Miss Lu, I've long advised you to stay away from him."

    "But you didn't listen, how about now?"

    While Ye Fan's words echoed in her ears, Lu Yanxi was just terrified and bowed her head.

    Of course, it wasn't Ye Fan that she was afraid of, but rather Reno and the others.

    Seemingly seeing Lu Yanxi's trembling petite body, Ye Fan suddenly shook his head and laughed.

    "It's reasonable to say that you guys insulted me like that before, even if I take your lives today, it's only right."

    "However, you should be glad that you have a good father."

    "Your father is an old acquaintance of mine, and has been a benefactor to Xuan Wu."

    "For his sake, I'll spare your lives today."

    "Go away."

    Ye Fan waved his hand, not wanting to see these obtrusive people again.


    "You two, what are you waiting for?"

    "Mr. Lui told you to fuck off, why don't you fucking fuck off?"

    Reno shouted harshly, while one of them kicked out again.

    Lv Hua and Lu Yanxi screamed, rolling and being kicked out more than ten meters.,.


    "Mr. Lui, that's a clean slate."Reno bowed and smiled hehehe.

    This powerful man, who was also considered to have a reputation in the Indian Country, was now in front of Ye Fan, but his posture was put very low.

    "Alright, there's no need to pretend."

    "Tell me, what do you want me to help you with?"

    Ye Fan looked at him and then asked.

    Ye Fan wasn't an idiot, this strong man from the Indian country suddenly changed his attitude and was so respectful to himself, he must have something to ask him.


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