Dish Best Served Cold 1264-1266


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1264

"LW, how's it going?"

    "Can we still go?"

    "Why don't you go home and heal yourself first?"

    At this point, looking at Lu Hua's bruised and battered appearance, Kong Ming could not help but advise from the side.

    Just now, what Chu Qitian and the others were pressing for was mainly Lu Hua.

    Therefore, Kong Ming and Lu Yanxi hadn't suffered too much flesh and blood, and were only hanging some tread on their faces and bodies.

    But Lu Hua was obviously not so lucky, at this time, Lu Hua was beaten to a pulp, walking with a limp, and his originally straight suit had also long since been stained red with blood, his entire body looking particularly miserable.

    "Kong Lao, I'm fine."

    "I can still walk."

    "You don't need to worry about me."

    "I won't go back until the mission is complete."

    Although Lu Hua was in severe pain all over his body, he was still stubbornly holding on.

    After all, his family and friends' families were aware of this outing to execute the characters.

    If he were to go back midway like this, where would his Lv Hua's face be.

    There would be no way to explain to the Martial God Temple.

    "Alright then."

    "Yan Xi, you hold on to Xiao Hua more."

    Seeing that Lu Hua was so insistent, Kong Ming didn't try to persuade him anymore.

    Then, the three of them went in search of the Origin Fruit once again.

    This went on for several days.

    Until one day, in the depths of the dense forest, there was suddenly a blue mane rushing into the sky.

    Immediately after, a majestic Yuan Power quietly exploded in a certain place.

    Then, the force, like an ocean storm, swept wildly in all directions, centered at the place of the explosion.

    In just a few short moments, it radiated throughout the Amazon Rainforest.

    At that moment, the countless powerful people in the rainforest all trembled and looked away.

    "Kong Lao, look, what is that?"

    "What a strong power, is it the Origin Fruit that was born?"

    "Just how many Yuan Spirit Fruits must there be to produce such majestic power?"

    In the dense forest, Lu Yanxi and the others, looking at the place where the blue mane rushed to the sky, asked in shock.

    After so many years, it was the first time they had seen such majestic fluctuations in the power of the heavens and earth.

    Kong Ming's face was equally gloomy as he looked away, his eyebrows filled with inexplicable heaviness.

    After a moment of silence, he immediately said, "Hurry up!"

    "Get over there immediately~"

    After the words fell, Kong Ming's group, whirling with healthy steps, swiftly rushed towards the place where the blue mane rushed into the sky.

    "Wait for me~"

    From behind, came Lu Hua's painful cries.

    Even though several days had passed, the injuries on Lu Hua's body hadn't completely healed, and he was still somewhat unfit to walk, let alone run, now.

    Of course, this scene was not only seen by Kong Ming and the others, but the other teams in the dense forest also trembled.

    "If there's no surprise, it must be the Yuan Spirit Fruit!"


    "Try to arrive at the first moment and grab the Yuan Spirit Fruit, then leave quickly."


    "My God!"

    "What a dense Heaven and Earth Yuan Power."

    "There must be an extremely large number of Yuan Spirit Fruits this time."

    "This time, we, the Ying royal family, must seize a few of them to do so!"


    Just like this, with that energy fluctuation radiating throughout the rainforest, the world instantly boiled.

    The strongmen of various countries, all like mad, converged from all directions.

    If one were to look down from the sky, one would inevitably find that the strongmen of the various countries were like swords, splitting the waves and speeding towards the riot.

    Only if, a hundred rivers converged on the sea!

    "Really, it's getting lively."

    In the dense forest, Ye Fan looked up at the firmament and watched the blue mane pillar of light rising from the sky, shaking his head and laughing.

    "Little Brother Fan, you can still laugh!"

    "This is great, making such a big commotion, many people must have known about it."

    "At this time, where are the strongest people from various countries expected to be heading?"

    "I'm afraid that this time, the Yuan Spirit Fruit is not meant for us."

    The little girl at the side, however, sighed and said with some complaints.

    Although An Qi knew that Ye Fan was very powerful, killing one person like a chicken and defeating ten people like a dog.

    But this time, it wasn't just as simple as ten people and eight people.

    All the countries converged and the eight sides gathered.

    This time, if Ye Fan wanted to rob the Origin Spirit Fruit, he would be facing hundreds of people.

    Since ancient times, it was hard to beat four hands with two fists, let alone hundreds of hands this time.

    Therefore, An Qi felt that no matter how powerful Ye Fan was, he couldn't possibly counter the strength of the entire world on his own.

    "Forget it, be content with what you have."

    "We've already grabbed five Yuan Spirit Fruits, that's enough."

    "Brother Fanny, why don't we go back."

    "Don't participate in this loot."

    An Qi had already started to back off.

    However, Ye Fan didn't seem to have any intention of retreating.

    Faced with An Qi's words, he smiled faintly, "Go back?"

    "Why go back."

    "All nations converge, all eight sides gather, that's what makes it lively."

    "An Qi, do you know that we have an ancient saying in Yan Xia."

    An Qi was stunned, "What ancient language?"

    The corner of Ye Fan's mouth curled up: "It's only when the ocean flows that a hero's true colors are revealed."

    After saying that, Ye Fan waved his hand and then greeted An Qi to continue his journey.

    That unrestrained and indifferent look, however, was extraordinarily pretentious!

    Thinking about it, with Ye Fan's temperament, how could he be absent from such a lively occasion.

    What's more, he was by all accounts the one who had been sealed as a peerless heavenly pride.

    The Yan Xia Pillar God himself had obtained five Origin Fruit in the end, if he went back like that, he would not be laughed at to death by the War God.

    Of course, in addition to that, Ye Fan had another purpose.

    That was, to meet his brother who he hadn't seen in ten years.

    Yes, the biggest surprise of this trip to the Americas was that Ye Fan had met the Chu family.

    After learning about that Keith's background identity, Ye Fan had a feeling that that cousin of his should also arrive this time.

    If nothing else, then Chu Keith, I'm afraid, would also appear in the upcoming competition for the Origin Spirit Fruit.

    "Brother, it's been ten years."

    "I don't mind if you and I settle our grudges in advance."

    Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were like ice, and his thin figure was walking alone in the dense forest.

    No one could understand the emotions in Ye Fan's heart at this time.

    For ten years, he had been hunted by the Chu family, by Chu Qi Tian.

    Even if it was a small grudge, after ten years of accumulation, how deep should it be?

    What's more, it wasn't a petty grudge between Ye Fan and Chu Qitian, it was a life and death feud!

    Ye Fan was thinking of ending his feud with Chu Zhengliang and his son on the day he ascended to the Chu family.

    But now, since he had met them, why wait any longer?


    The wind was bitterly cold, blowing the young man's hair from his forehead in tufts.

    The sleeves of his clothes, hunting in the wind.

    At this moment, An Qi, who walked behind Ye Fan, looked at Ye Fan's back and suddenly froze.

    She only felt that there was an inexplicable emotion that emanated from the thin figure in front of her.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1265

"Brother Fanny must have many stories in his heart~"

    Watching the figure that was drifting away, Angie thought silently in her mind.

    After being lost for a moment, An Qi also chased after it.

    "Brother Fanny, wait for me~"



    By the time Ye Fan and An Qi arrived, a large number of strong people had already gathered on this side.

    However, after the crowd arrived, they didn't find the Origin Fruit.

    Around, apart from the dense forest, was a towering mountain.

    There were rivers left behind from the top of the mountain, splashing water that sounded like thunder, shaking the heavens and earth.

    "Strange, how could there be none?"

    "Will it not be here?"

    "Could we be looking in the wrong place?"

    Among the crowd, someone asked in confusion.

    "It shouldn't~"

    "The power of the heavens and earth over here is much more dense than other places."

    "It's places such as these bells and whistles that are the most suitable for the growth of Yuan Spirit Fruit."


    "Quickly, look for it again!"

    "That Origin Fruit Tree, it must be growing here~"


    Even though they searched long and hard, it was still fruitless.

    But the crowd didn't give up and still searched unceasingly in this part of the world.

    It's not just a matter of time, it's a matter of time.

    Kong Ming and Lv Hua, the three of them, were indeed among them.

    However, perhaps because they were too enthralled with finding the Origin Fruit Tree, Lu Hua was not paying attention and accidentally stepped on one person's foot.

    "Sorry sorry sorry, I was just looking backwards and didn't notice you."

    "I'm really sorry~"

    Lu Hua smiled in amends and politely apologized.

    "It's fine, I don't mind."

    The other side was expressionless and returned in a generous manner.

    "Haha...Really hug..."

    Lu Hua said back almost subconsciously.

    However, as soon as Lu Hua was halfway through saying this, he froze.

    Slow down, this voice, why is it so familiar.

    Could it be...

    Thinking of this, Lu Hua looked up openly and indeed saw Ye Fan's thin side face.



    "Why the fuck are you still here?"

    At that time, Lu Hua's face turned black.

    He didn't expect to meet Ye Fan here.

    He had thought that with Ye Fan's skills, even if he hadn't been eaten by a beast, he was afraid that he would have to be slaughtered by someone else on the road.

    However, who would have thought that Ye Fan would have walked here alone.

    "Still okay?"

    "Still you don't mind?"

    "I'll fuck it up!"

    "Do you have the right to mind, you country brat?"

    Lu Hua didn't know why, seeing Ye Fan made him angry.

    Especially since he had just stepped on his foot, this country bumpkin had the nerve to say that he didn't mind.

    A lowly and despicable country bumpkin, did he deserve to mind?

    The shouts from Lu Hua's side undoubtedly disturbed the others as well.

    Soon, Lu Yanxi and Kong Ming looked over.

    Kong Ming just gave Ye Fan a cold glance and turned his head away.

    It looked like he was still angry about the offense Ye Fan had given him earlier, but now he was unwilling to even take care of Ye Fan.

    Rather, Lu Yanxi, after seeing Ye Fan appear here, there were a few flashes of disgust on her pretty face.

    She immediately walked over to Ye Fan and said somewhat unhappily, "Ye Fan, I think I've made it clear enough to you before."

    "You and I are people from two worlds, between you and me, it's simply not possible."

    "Even if you get divorced, there's no way I'm going to date you."

    "It's useless for you to pester me even if you keep pestering me."

    "Instead, it will only make me, look down on you even more."

    Lu Yanxi's willow eyebrows furrowed as she said righteously to Ye Fan.

    Hearing this, Lu Hua was first stunned, and then he then laughed.

    Only that laugh sounded like a naked mockery.


    "I'll take you for a punk, where did you get the courage to venture this far into the dense forest alone."

    "So it's to chase after Yan Xi ah."

    "I didn't expect that you, a country bumpkin, who doesn't have much ability and skill, would be a passionate idiot."

    "However, I advise you, if you want to chase Yan Xi, you should also pee on yourself first to see if you are worthy."

    Lu Hua was full of sarcasm, shaking his head and laughing.

    "What a mangy toad trying to eat swan meat, deluded~"

    "A despicable hillbilly who still wants to chase after Yan Xi?"

    "What a joke."

    This voice of Lu Hua was not small, as if he was trying to make a fool of Ye Fan on purpose.

    As expected, all the surrounding strongmen of the surrounding countries looked over at this point, looking at Ye Fan like a joke.

    Among them, there seemed to be those who knew Lv Hua, who even came over to greet him.

    "I go, isn't this Mr. Lv Hua Lv?"

    "I'm Park Jung-chun, affiliated with the Korean martial arts world."

    "Mr. Lu, we just met the other day, remember."

    "And you promised to have dinner with me once this trip to the Americas is over?"

    "What's going on here, what's happening?"

    "What's that bruise on your face?"

    Looking at Lu Hua's appearance, Park Zheng Chun asked in confusion.

    "No...Nothing, accidentally touched it."

    "Minor matter, let's not talk about it."

    "Brother Park, you're just in time, let me introduce you to someone, this is also our Yan Xia martial artist, surnamed Ye, name Fan.Born in the countryside, not much ability, we Yan Xia let him come with us in order for him to gain some insight."

    "But who would have thought that this brat wouldn't study well and increase his knowledge, but he was mangy and wanted to eat swan meat, he fell in love with my sister Yan Xi, and chased her all the way here, do you think it's ridiculous?"

    Lu Hua sneered at him.

    "Oh, there's more of this oddity?"

    Park Zheng Chun also laughed along with him, then turned his head to look at Ye Fan who was on the side.

    "He's that Ye Fan, isn't he?"

    "I say little brother, weigh yourself before chasing a woman."

    "Otherwise, but it will be a joke."

    "A beautiful woman like Miss Yan Xi, who is both talented and beautiful, is not something you can covet."

    "Such a beauty, only a young and handsome man like Mr. Lu Hua is qualified to have her."

    Park Zhengchun mocked Ye Fan while not forgetting to brag about Lu Hua.



    "Could it be that he's the Yan Xia strongman, Lu Hua, who had previously forcefully defeated a group of strongmen from the Indian Country and also stole the Origin Spirit Fruit from a mysterious strongman?"

    The name Lv Hua, after being fueled by Ye Fan, had undoubtedly become like thunder among the martial dao of various countries.

    Therefore, after learning that the person in front of him was Lu Hua, many powerful people hurriedly came to befriend and greet him.


    "Mr. Lu, I've heard a lot about you."

    "Previously, in the restaurant, you incited away the strong Indian country's Renault with a single slap, which was a great battle."

    "I heard that later on, Mr. Lui was able to turn the tide and seize the Yuan Spirit Fruit from a mysterious strong man."

    "Monstrous means, astonishing the powerful people of Australia and other countries!"


    "I've been wanting to take a look at your face for a long time, but today I'm lucky enough to finally see it~"



    "All of you have overstayed your welcome, I was just a fluke, a fluke."

    Faced with the fiery enthusiasm of the strongmen of the various countries, Lu Hua was undoubtedly proud of himself, laughing and feeling only great satisfaction for all his vanity.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1266

Compared to Lv Hua's scenery, Ye Fan's situation was undoubtedly much more miserable.

    Especially when he heard from Lu Hua that Ye Fan coveted Lu Hua's female companion, Lu Yanxi, the surrounding crowd of strong men all sneered at him.

    "This jerk is really daring."

    "How dare he covet even Mr. Lu's woman?"

    "Young people nowadays are getting more and more ignorant of death."

    "It's also because Mr. Lui has a good temper, if it were me, this hillbilly coveting my woman, I would have slapped him twice to death."

    "Where else would you allow him to be an eyesore here?"

    Many people shook their heads and laughed, their words filled with contempt and ridicule for Ye Fan.

    After all, Ye Fan was too young.

    A junior who was new to the world was naturally an unappreciated character wherever he went.

    And Lv Hua was different.

    Lu Hua was in his prime, and besides, he had become famous on this trip to America.

    It can be said that the most popular name in the entire Amazon Rainforest today is Lu Hua.

    No one was willing to offend a strong man with unlimited potential in the future, so naturally, everyone went along with Lv Hua's wishes and tried their best to disparage Ye Fan to please Lv Hua.

    However, those words of the crowd earlier had caused Lu Yanxi's pretty face, a blush of shame.

    She lowered her head and didn't say anything, but her grudging gaze, with a blush of shame and anger, looked at Lu Hua.

    Lu Hua quickly explained, "Everyone misunderstood, I am only friends with Xi'er now, she hasn't agreed to be my woman yet."


    "Mr. Lu, this Eve is all shouted, if you want, it's not a matter of minutes for this Miss Lu to become your woman."

    "From ancient times, a beautiful woman matches a hero."

    "Mr. Lui is young and promising, Miss Lu has a beautiful face, this is a perfect match."

    "Wouldn't everyone say so?"

    Many people were up in arms, and their words were all respectful and flattering.

    Lv Hua enjoyed this feeling, at the moment, he was like a star, pursued by thousands of people.

    When he was in China, although Lu Hua was already famous in the martial arts circle in Jiangbei, his popularity was never as high as now.

    Instead, now that he had left the country, he was suddenly on fire.

    It almost gave Lu Hua a sense of unreality.

    "Where is Mr. Lu?"

    "I heard that Mr. Luwaw Lu is coming?"

    "Where is Mr. Lui?"

    While the crowd was competing to boast about Lu Hua, not far away, a few urgent and anxious voices were heard.

    It was seen that a group of several people, led by a burly man, were walking towards this place.

    As they walked, they also looked around, seemingly [PEN] to be looking for where Lu Hua was.

    These people, dressed in loose robes and with a white turban on their foreheads, were dressed as if they were South Asian Christians.

    Yes, these people were none other than the powerful Indians who had clashed with Kong Ming and the others before.

    The leader of the group was none other than Reno!

    "I go, Master Reno is here too?"

    "He wasn't nearly smacked to death by Mr. Lui earlier."

    "Is this hard to believe that he's here for revenge?"

    Seeing Reno, many people suddenly speculated.

    "Where is Mr. Lui?"

    "Where is Mr. Lui?"

    "I, Renault, have personally come to make amends to Mr. Lu today."

    While the crowd was speculating about the intentions of the strong man from the Indian Country, Renault's voice, however, had already spread throughout the valley.

    Only when they heard it did it dawn on the crowd.

    "So it's to make amends."

    "It seems that Mr. Lu's previous display of authority has deterred Reno."

    Many people secretly lamented, but the respect and reverence for Lu Hua in their hearts had intensified a bit again.

    "Reno, where is Mr. Lui over there?"

    At this moment, someone gave Reno, pointing in the direction of Kong Ming and the others.

    Reno and the other powerful Indians whirled around to look, and sure enough, they saw the thin figure, standing quietly in the middle of the crowd.

    Reynolds was delighted, "Mr. Lu, I've finally found you."

    "Do you know that I, Reno, have been looking for you for the past few days?"

    Reno shouted loudly from a long distance away.

    But Lu Hua was stunned as he looked at the big man in the distance.

    Obviously, he didn't remember meeting this Renault and had no memory of him.

    "Kong Lao, have we met him before?"

    Confused, Lu Hua asked Kong Ming who was on the side.

    Kong Ming was also stunned by Lu Hua's words and stared at him, "This Reno, the leader of the strong Indians this time."

    "A few days ago, didn't you defeat him at the hotel?"

    "It's only been a few days, and you don't remember?"

    It dawned on Lu Hua, and he nodded, "So it was them."

    "I put down a bunch of people with a sweep at the time, how was I supposed to know who Reno was?"

    "I don't remember much about any of them."

    "That's no wonder."Kong Ming nodded, then said, "It looks like this Reno was scared of you and came over to apologize to you."

    "Go over and greet him."

    "This Renault is also a strong and not weak person, so it's best to save face for him,"

    Kong Ming suggested.

    Lu Hua nodded, "Mm.This guy is also considered to know his place."

    "This time, I'll be able to spare their lives."

    "However, the death penalty can be forgiven and the living crime is hard to escape."

    "This Indian country strongman killed my uncle, today I have to make them suffer somehow."

    Lu Hua sneered, then looked to the side at Lu Yanxi with a very pretentious arrogance, "Xi'er, watch this."

    "Later, I'll show you the true majesty of your brother Lu Hua!"

    After saying that, Lu Hua walked out and printed towards the direction that Reno and the others were coming from.

    "Mr. Lu, I, Reno, have searched so hard for you."

    "I thought that such heroes and heroines would be missed in my life by my Renault."

    "But fortunately, God has blessed me and allowed me to meet you here again."

    "Today, I am leading my Indian martial artists to apologize to Mr. Lu~"

    Reno's words were respectful and full of apologies.

    As he spoke, he bowed and walked forward.The posture was very low.

    At this time, in the eyes of Lu Yanxi and the others, Lu Hua had already stepped this way and arrived in front of the strong Indian Martial Daoist.

    He stood with his hands in the negative, chin raised high, and with a very high posture, he commanded Reno and the others, "Apologize?"

    "Now that you know how to be afraid, you were early..."


    Lu Hua's words had just spoken in general, but who would have thought that in the next moment, only a clear sound of a slap would be heard.

    Reno slapped and smacked right over.

    This slap was not small in force.

    Lu Hua, who was just now standing negatively and pretending to be extremely aggressive, was instantly incited to the ground by Reno.

    The several hundred kilograms of his body grazed the ground and rolled several meters until it hit a tree before stopping.


    "Where's the idiot?"

    "Get out of the way!"

    Reno broke into a rant.


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