Dish Best Served Cold 1261-1263


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1261

"This...How is this possible?"

    "Even an elephant could be exploded by my punch."

    "You're a junior, but you can resist it?"

    The old man's pupils crumpled, shouting in disbelief.

    However, he didn't give up, and the stormy attack continued to pour out.

    "If one punch can't hurt you, then ten punches, a hundred punches!"

    "I don't believe it, this elder can't get rid of one of your juniors?"

    This old man's face was eventful and he shouted harshly.

    At the same time, all kinds of powerful attacks were unleashed one after another.

    "Chu's Divine Fist!"


    "Flame Palm~"


    "Black Dragon Claw~"


    Boom Boom~.

    As the old man stormed off, the sound of sonic booms unceasingly exploded, deafening booms that echoed through this world.

    However, allowing this old man to exert all his strength, the young man in front of him was like a 10,000 ton boulder in a torrent.

    Let vicissitudes flowed across the sea, and it was self-moving.


    "That's never going to happen!"



    "Why is that?"

    Finally, the old man had completely panicked.

    Before this, how could he have never imagined that he, a hallowed Chu Gate Elder, couldn't even break the defenses of the young man in front of him?

    Why is this young man's flesh so strong?

    Finally, Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were slowly lifted.

    He looked at the old man in front of him, and the corners of his mouth slowly curled up, revealing an inexplicable smile.

    It was just that that smile, no matter how you looked at it, looked so gloomy and icy cold.

    "Now, it's my turn to make a move, right?"

    The smile fell, and Ye Fan's eyebrows were steeply cold.

    Immediately afterwards, only a fist was smashed out by the young man in front of him.


    As if a boulder had entered the sea, the moment Ye Fan's fist fell, a majestic wave of air was created in this world.

    As for the black-clothed old man, he didn't even hold on for a moment.

    Like an earthly chicken and dog, he was smashed to the ground by Ye Fan's fist.

    The earth beneath him was caved in by half a meter.

    "Sub-O, so fierce?"

    At this moment, behind Ye Fan, those people of the Canadian martial arts who had suffered severe injuries were dumbfounded.

    I thought to myself, this young man in front of me, the bull is big!

    They had fought with the old man before and knew how powerful he was.

    However, who would have thought that such a strong man would be directly smashed half to death by Ye Fan's punch!

    "Wow, brother Fanny is handsome~"

    Not far away, An Qi who had been watching the battle was also shouting for joy.

    Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to them, but continued to walk forward.

    Eventually, he stood there and looked down at the wretched old man at his feet and slowly smiled, "Old senior, it looks like the one laughing at the end this time is still me."

    Between words, Ye Fan extended his hand and continued, "Hand it over, right?"

    "No, and I'll have to find it myself."

    Ye Fan said with a light smile.

    He had thought that getting this old man to hand over the fruit would take some effort.

    However, who would have thought that this old man seemed to be really scared by Ye Fan.

    After getting up from the ground, he kneeled down to Ye Fan with a bang and begged for forgiveness in fear, "Master spare my life, I'll give you all the Yuan Spirit Fruit, I only ask Master to spare my life~"

    The old man said miserably while taking out the Yuan Spirit Fruit from his bosom and served it with both hands to Ye Fan.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he smiled and said, "You're quite sensible."

    Between words, Ye Fan stepped forward and prepared to receive the fruit handed over by this old man.

    However, it was too late and too soon.The instant Ye Fan reached out, only a cold light flashed and the short blade that the old man had been hiding under his sleeve was immediately unsheathed, cutting directly towards the throat of Ye Fan!

    "Brother Fanny, be careful~"

    Angie was so shocked, her beautiful eyes had turned red from worry, and she shouted bitterly.


    The blade fell after all.

    The cold light sliced through the earth beneath his feet, and there were falling red dots.

    The old man covered his face and fell to the ground, unable to stop screaming.

    Yes, the dagger just now didn't hit Ye Fan, but was instead struck back by Ye Fan, cutting off a piece of flesh from the old man's face raw.

    "With this much strength, you even want to sneak attack me?"

    Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative and smiled contemptuously.

    Until now, this old man was nothing more than an insect to Ye Fan.

    One had to know that Ye Fan could once tread the Sun Country Martial Dao with one person's strength.

    Ye Fan didn't even care about ordinary feudal strongmen, let alone a small grandmaster.

    "Originally, I wanted to keep you alive."

    "But now, it seems that there is no need for that anymore."

    Morbid words quietly rang out.

    This time, Ye Fan was truly revealing his killing intent.

    Previously, because of his guilt, Ye Fan didn't want to kill everything.

    After all, he had robbed this old thing twice in a row. He was quite sorry for this old man when he thought about it.

    But now, this old thing was ungrateful, so Ye Fan didn't need to be merciful.


    However, at this time, the old man suddenly laughed.

    "What are you laughing at?"Ye Fan frowned.

    "It's nothing, I just think, you don't dare to kill me?"The old man still had blood on his face, but he still looked at Ye Fan and said arrogantly.

    "Kid, I admit that you are indeed strong."

    "But, as strong as you are, can you be stronger than the Chu Family and the Chu Gate?"

    When Ye Fan heard this, ripples appeared in his deep eyebrows.

    "You are, the Chu family?"The words were low, with an endless chill.

    The old man didn't hear the difference in Ye Fan's words and still smiled coldly, "It seems that you do know the Chu family."

    "Yes, the old man is precisely a member of the Chu Family."

    "The current Chu Family's head, Chu Zhengliang, old man has been following him for decades."

    "The head of the family has always regarded me as his beloved."

    "It is his son, the current young master of the Chu Family, whose martial arts were mostly taught by me."

    "More than that, I am also the Chu Clan's offering elder."

    "So, you don't dare to kill me."

    "Because, if you kill me, you will surely be retaliated by the strongest martial family and martial power in the world!"

    Under the dense forest, the old man was laughing eventfully.

    As he said these words, this old man's mouth was filled with pride and arrogance.

    Backing up the Chu Gate with the Chu Family, it had to be said that this old man also did have arrogant capital.


    "You're the Truman's Supplying Elder?"

    "So, you're a martial arts master?"

    Hearing these words from the old man, Ye Fan hadn't said anything yet, but the powerful Canadians who had lost to the old man earlier couldn't help but lose their voices.

    They were both terrified and shocked.

    They couldn't believe that the people from the Chu Gate had arrived.

    It must be known that the Chu Gate had not participated in the several previous Yuan Spirit Fruit battles.

    After all, although the Origin Spirit Fruit was precious, it was only of great use to strong people below the clan master level, and strong people of the clan master level and above didn't even look at it.

    The Chu Gate was deep and strong, so naturally it didn't pay much attention to the Origin Spiritual Fruit.

    Before, even if they had participated, it was only as a practice for some juniors in the Chu Sect.

    But now, the Chu Sect had even sent out an offering elder, such an abnormal move, naturally making them tremble with surprise.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1262

One had to know that if one wanted to become a Chu Gate Supplying Elder, one had to be at least at the level of a Martial Grandmaster.

    In other words, the old man in front of him was likely to be a strong clan master.

    A Sect Master was like a dragon, and in Canada, the strongest person in their country was only at this level.

    So, now seeing a living martial arts master with their own eyes, appearing in front of them, these Canadian strongmen, naturally trembled.

    And that old man seemed to be satisfied with the reaction of these people, he staggered and stood up, smiling proudly, "How about it, asshole?"

    "Now you should know what kind of existence you're messing with at this point, right?"

    "Not to mention the Chu Gate, just the Chu Family alone is not something you, a brat like you, can mess with."

    "However, for the sake of your youthful ignorance, I can give you a chance to live."

    "As long as you give me the Yuan Spirit Fruit and serve it to me nicely, then kneel down and apologize to Elder Ben and break your own arms."

    "I guarantee that this elder will be able to forget about what happened before!"

    "Otherwise, when I report to Young Master Chu, then the ensuing wrath of the Chu Family will never be borne by a brat like you."

    The old man was full of cold smiles and looked like he was unbridled.

    The current Ye Fan, however, was expressionless, just standing there like that.

    Between his brows, there was a lingering sense of moroseness and coldness.

    However, this expression of Ye Fan's, in the eyes of this black-clothed old man, only felt that he was afraid.

    This was normal, but there was no martial daoist who wouldn't fear the might of the Chu Family and Chu Gate.

    After all, back then, the Chu Gate was so close to unifying the entire world martial dao.

    They held the pinnacle of power in the world, they represented the pinnacle of martial dao.

    It was precisely because they were so relied upon again, that this old man was so unbridled.

    Even though he was no match for Ye Fan, he was still bossing Ye Fan around and arrogantly provoking the young man in front of him.


    "What are you waiting for?"

    "Why don't you hand over the Yuan Spirit Fruit and kneel down to this elder and beg for mercy?"

    This old man seemed to have run out of patience, and after climbing up from the ruins, he directly shouted at Ye Fan in anger.

    "Little brother, too much rigidity is easy to break."

    "It's better to be soft."

    "The power of the Chu family is never something you can contend with."

    The powerful Canadians on the side also sighed and shook their heads to advise them.

    In their opinion, apologizing and begging for forgiveness was undoubtedly the best option for Ye Fan.

    However, who could have imagined that just as the crowd's voices fell, they only heard a boom, and Ye Fan, who was previously silent, actually made a sudden move.

    With a kick, he directly kicked off the knee of the old man in front of him.


    The old man's knees hit the ground as he screamed, his entire body directly kneeling in pain.


    "Dude, fuck, are you crazy?"

    "And you really have the guts to do it?"

    The scene in front of them shook the crowd.

    The old man in black, in particular, did not expect that this Ye Fan would still dare to make a move against him.

    "Son of a bitch, you still dare to make a move?"

    "I declare, you're finished!"

    "I'm a member of the Chu family, how dare you touch me?"

    The old man was roaring hysterically.

    But instead of moving, Ye Fan's eyebrows grew colder and colder.

    "The Chu family?"

    "I'm sorry, but I killed the Chu family."


    Ye Fan's reply caused the old man to become suddenly terrified.

    His pupils crinkled and his old eyes stared at : "You...Aren't you afraid of the Chu family's retaliation?"

    "If you kill me, the Chu family will definitely not let you go."

    "I promise that the young master and the family master will avenge my death."

    "You...You better think it over."

    This old man was still struggling, he knew he was no match for Ye Fan, so he could only count on the Chu family's might now in order to make Ye Fan retreat with knowledge of his difficulties!


    Ye Fan laughed, the laugh was bleak and filled with anger and coldness.

    "There's no need to wait for them to retaliate, this time back, I'll go to Truman Mountain myself."

    "Ten years of glory and shame, a thousand days of enmity, I will cut through it myself with a single sword!"

    "Don't worry, when the time comes, I'll have the head of the family you speak of, as well as the young master, to accompany you."

    "The entire Chu family will be trampled under my feet as well!"


    The wind was cold, wrapping around Ye Fan's monstrous anger and sweeping the four directions.

    In a split second, the old man was stupefied, his old face white.

    These arrogant words of Ye Fan undoubtedly completely frightened him.

    He had never thought that the young man in front of him would threaten to trample down the Chu family.

    "You...Who exactly are you?"

    The old man was filled with fear and asked to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan was silent, but the coldness in his eyes had been thickened to the extreme.

    In the next moment, the crowd only saw that the young man in front of him, stomped his foot.

    The earth trembled and the wind rolled.

    Thousands of falling leaves, rising with the wind!

    Then, Ye Fan waved his sleeve robe.


    The thousands of flying leaves then flew out as if they were alive.

    Fast as a stream of light, hard as a sword.

    Towards the old man, they swept away.


    "Stop it~"

    At the last moment, the old man cried out in despair.

    But, it was useless.

    Thousands of flying leaves, after all, pierced through his body.

    In a mere instant, the old man was cut by a thousand cuts.

    Countless lines of blood, from his body, sprayed out.



    Dead silence, all of it!

    The Canadian strongman was muddled in place, full of horror.

    An Qi was even more terrified, her jade hand lightly covering her red lips, startled.

    The only person in this world was the young man, standing with his hands in the air.

    His gaze was profound, as if piercing through time and space.

    In front of him, the old man was kneeling there, his vitality flowing wildly like water.

    Before he died, this old man almost used up all his life's strength, looked at Ye Fan and trembled and asked, "You...You...You in the end, are...Who are you?"

    Ye Fan's face was expressionless, his red lips light, "Chu Tian Fan."


    The few words, to this old man, were only like boulders falling into the sea, but in his heart, they set off huge waves.

    His body trembled and his pupils crinkled.

    A pair of old eyes stared at Ye Fan with a deadly stare.


    The old man opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something.

    However, this sentence, he did not say it after all.

    Then, with a bang, he, covered in blood, collapsed to the ground.

    Ye Fan indifferently looked at him, then shook his head, "You should not, most of all, use the Chu family to pressurize me."

    The cold voice was like a breeze echoing.

    After saying that, Ye Fan quietly turned around and left the place, taking An Qi with him.

    What was left behind was only the panic that filled the ground.

    "Brother, this Chu...Elder Truman, really...Really dead?"

    A long time after the two of them left Ye Fan, the trembling voice of the powerful Canadian behind them came out in fear.

    One had to know that this was the Chu Gate's offering elder.

    Now that the clan elder's body was traversing the wilderness, once the Chu Gate learned of it, it would surely be furious.

    At that time, the martial world was bound to blow a storm of blood!

    "First.Forget about it for now, a fight between immortals has nothing to do with us mortals."

    "Get out of here before anyone finds out now~"

    "All of you remember, forget about what happened today, and no one can reveal a word to the outside world!"

    As if afraid of being involved, these Canadians of the martial arts, after saying that, they immediately ran away like mad.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1263

However, as these people left, it was no one who noticed that the old man who had fallen in a pool of blood earlier, had moved his arm.

    Yes, this old man had just now, not completely breathed his last.

    After all, it was well known that it was easy to defeat a clan master, but difficult to kill him.

    This old man in front of him was, after all, a generation of clerics.

    Even though he had been fatally injured, being able to retain his breath for a short period of time was not something

    Strange thing.

    It wasn't until after the crowd had left that, with his last breath, he took his phone out of his bosom, moved his fingers, and struggled to make a call.



    At this time, Chu Qi Tian, who was located on the outskirts of the rainforest, was still tormenting Lu Hua and the others.

    "Master, this Lu Hua is still not confessing."

    In front of the long table, the men were respectfully reporting their progress to Chu Qitian.

    Chu Qitian's eyebrows furrowed, his eyes chilling, "I didn't expect this brat's bones to be this hard?"

    "Keep pressing the issue."

    "Tell him that I still have half an hour of patience left."

    "After half an hour, if he still doesn't explain the whereabouts of the Origin Spirit Fruit, then don't blame me for slaughtering him to feed the dogs."

    "Yes, Young Master.I'll go and convey it."After saying that, the man was about to leave.

    "Slow down."However, Chu Qi Tian seemed to have remembered something and asked once again, "Has there been news from Elder Keith?"

    "It's been a few days, the second batch of Yuan Spirit Fruit should have arrived by all rights."

    "This~" the subordinate hesitated, while continuing, "Young Master, we haven't received any news from Elder Keith yet."

    "Eh?"Chu Qi Tian's eyebrows furrowed deeper as he heard, "What's going on with this old thing, could it be that there's been another accident?"

    "It shouldn't be.This Lu Hua has already been captured by Young Master, Elder Keith has no more obstacles ahead of him, and the Yuan Spirit Fruit isn't a handful yet.Young Master, don't be impatient, wait a little longer, maybe, Elder Keith will come with news later."The subordinate smiled respectfully.

    Sure enough, as soon as the man's voice fell, a phone call, came in.


    "Young Master, see what I'm talking about?"

    "Isn't that the phone already here?"

    The handlers looked at their phones and saw that it was Elder Keith's call, and spun around to send it to Chu Qitian.

    Chu Qitian was delighted at the sight of it.

    The worries in his heart then dissipated.

    And then, he answered the phone and asked in a voice, "Keith, there should be no problem this time, right?"

    "That Lu Hua has already been captured by me, and no one is looking for you anymore."

    "If you haven't grabbed the Origin Fruit this time, there's no need to come back."

    Chu Qi Tian leaned back in his chair, holding the satellite phone in one hand and sipping a strong tea with the other.There was majesty contained within the faint tone of his voice.

    However, after Chu Qitian finished speaking, he waited for a long time without waiting for an answer.

    All that came from the other side of the phone was a heavy panting.


    "Keith, what's going on?"

    "Why don't you say something?"

    "I asked you a question, so why don't you answer it?"Chu Qi Tian was a little unhappy, and his words were more than a little angry.

    Finally, it was only until this moment that the voice of a dying old man, dying of breath, came from the other side of the phone.

    "No...It's not Lu Hua, it's...It's that abandoned...The abandoned son, Chu...Chu Tianfan."

    "Young...Young master, quickly...Quickly go, go...Go find...To find the Gate Master~"

    A faint voice, like a candle flame in the wind, slowly rang out in Chu Qi Tian's ears.

    However, it was a small voice, but when it fell on Chu Qi Tian's ears, it was like thunder exploding.

    Nearly instantly, it set off a monstrous wave of horror in his heart!

    "You...What did you say?"

    "Chu Tian Fan?"

    "What the hell is going on."

    "Could it be that that despicable outcast has come to the Amazon rainforest?"



    "Answer me!"

    "Keith, Keith..."

    On this end of the phone, Chu Qitian was already having trouble staying calm.

    After hearing the name Chu Tianfan, this young master of the Chu family, the future heir to the family, roared at the phone as if he was crazy.

    However, no one responded.

    On the other end of the phone, there was only a dead silence.


    The phone slipped from his hands and fell to the floor.

    Chu Qitian, on the other hand, was pale, his brow and eyes were frightened, his body trembled, and most [PEN] weakly spread out on the seat behind him.

    "Young Master, what's wrong?"

    "What's happened?"

    "Is Elder Keith in danger?"

    "Should we, like, send a rescue?"

    Seeing such an expression on Chu Qi Tian's face, a kind of subordinate beside him asked in succession.

    And Chu Qi Tian was speechless for a long time, his face pale as if he had lost his soul.In the end, he shook his head, "There is no need to save him, if he really came, Keith would not have survived."

    "He's a Demon King who even stepped down from the Japanese martial arts path."

    Although, long before coming to the rainforest, Chu Qi Tian and his father, had already concluded that Ye Fan was not dead and was still alive.

    However, when they actually met up with him now, Chu Qi Tian's heart still felt an unspeakable tremor and surprise.

    "Chu Tianfan, Chu Tianfan, you and I really have a narrow path of injustice."

    "I was thinking that when this mission was over, I would gather strong men to deal with you."

    "But I didn't expect that you and I would meet in advance here."

    "But that's good."

    "It also saves us from going to Yan Xia."

    "Let's take this opportunity to finish you off here."

    After a brief shock, Chu Qitian soon calmed down.

    His eyebrows and eyes gradually became icy cold, and his palms clenched as well, killing intent rampant on his handsome face at the moment.

    "Go, leave here first."

    Chu Qitian gave an order and summoned the crowd to leave.

    "Young Master, where are those three people, do you still have them with you?"The subordinate asked.

    "Arrest the wrong person, and bring a fart?"

    "Get them out of here!"

    Chu Qi Tian had to curse, and it was only now that Chu Qi Tian Fang realized that unknowingly, he had been set upon by that son of a bitch Ye Fan again.

    Soon, Chu Qitian's group also left.

    As for Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi, they were all released as well.

    Before they left, those men of Chu Qitian's actually patted Lu Hua on the shoulder and laughed, "Brother, sorry about that ha."

    "Wrong people were arrested!"


    What the fuck, right?

    At that time, Lu Hua cried.

    Feeling that he had suffered so much skin and flesh in vain?

    "Son of a bitch, son of a bitch~"

    "I'll fuck your eight generations of ancestors!"


    Chu Qi Tian and the others had already walked away, but Lu Hua was still madly cursing his mother.

    He was grieving in his heart.

    Nima himself was hung up and beaten half to death, and in the end, the other party came to say, arrested the wrong person?

    At that time, Lu Hua was depressed and wanted to run headlong into death.

    He had never been such a loser in his life!


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