His True Colors Chapter 301-303


His True Colors Chapter 301 

Su Yingxia echoed a few words, and didn't say when she would go to the company, she wasn't in a hurry, Han 3,000 was still in the hospital, she had to take care of it, and with the company's current situation, she didn't need to rush to go.

    After hanging up the phone, Su Yingxia looked at Han 3,000's expression was a bit stunned, how long has it been only to go to Keystone Island, Han 3,000 has even taken care of everything in Cloud City, not only to develop the company, but even those large companies of the River Group, all bankruptcy.Their bankruptcy wasn't an accident, but Su Yingxia couldn't imagine exactly how Han Three Thousand had managed to do this.

    "How did you ...... you do it?"Su Yingxia asked Han Giangli incredulously.

    Han 3000 smiled and said, "Got help from a very powerful friend, he did it, it has little to do with me."

    Su Yingxia was an adult, how could she believe that this matter had nothing to do with Han 3000, and all the things that had happened to her recently, Han 3000 had done it!

    "Are you my hero."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Giangli was a little stunned at Su Yingxia's sudden and inexplicable statement, but he nodded, and if he really was a hero, it was just Su Yingxia alone.

    "Should you give the hero a hug then?I've been a great help to you."Han Giangli smiled.

    Just as Su Yingxia was walking towards Han Giangli, the hospital room door was suddenly pushed open by gravity and hit the wall with a thud.

    Su Haichao walked in with a piece of clock in his hand, looking around and said, "Where to hang it?Yeh Han, you help me choose a location."

    Su Yeh Han smiled and said, "Hang it anywhere, the place is so spacious, you can see it at first glance anywhere."

    When Su Haichao went to the clock shop, Su Yeh Han laughed so hard that she was tossing her head, this kind of gift giving was really wonderful, she never thought there was such an operation.

    Sending clocks, isn't this just an end of life gift?

    "Su Hae Chao, what are you doing?"Su Yingxia said with a cold face.

    Su Haichao looked like a hippie, and said, "I came to see Han 3,000, and by the way I brought some gifts, don't be polite, it's just a little token of appreciation."

    A little token of appreciation, this token of appreciation is really not small, how can anyone send gifts and clocks, he is obviously here to find trouble.

    "Su Haichao, I advise you to take this stupid thing and leave, otherwise I'll be rude to you."Su Yingxia said through gritted teeth.

    Now that Han Giangli was still lying in the hospital bed, Su Yingxia couldn't do anything to him, so Su Hachao wasn't threatened at all and said, "Impolite?How rude, Su Yingxia, I'm being kind, you don't bite the dog."Su Haichao said.

    "Yes, isn't Haichao afraid that you guys don't have a place to watch the time in the hospital, that's why he carefully chose this gift, don't you be ungrateful."Su Yehan said.

    Su Yingxia's face had turned like liver color, these two were singing and deliberately acting like they didn't know what it meant to send the clock, but their real intention was to curse Han Qianqiang, how could Su Yingxia not see that?

    "We don't need this gift, you take it."Su Yingxia said.

    Su Haichao frowned with a face full of disdain and said to Han 3000, "Rubbish, but I came here with good intentions to give you a gift, do you wife have to be indiscriminate?"

    Han Qianqiang was lying on the bed without the slightest sign of anger, every time Su Haichao jumped up and down in front of him, he looked like a jumper, and his tactics were getting more retarded every time, he didn't seem to know anything about it and was complacent about it.

    "Su Haichao, I can't beat you now, but when I get out of the hospital, have you thought about what will happen to me?"Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    Su Hachao but relied on Han Qianqian's injury so he dared to come to find trouble, after this if his body healed and recovered and was discharged from the hospital to find trouble by him again, Su Hachao could not afford it.

    But the people are here, how humiliating is it to just leave in shame?

    "Han 3,000, is it useful to threaten me with trash like you?Do you think I'm still afraid of you?"Su Haichao said disdainfully.

    "It's not a matter of mouths to be afraid of me, do you want to try your fists?"Han Giangli laughed.

    "If your fists are hard enough, how could you be beaten like this, you wimp, you're not long-sighted enough to offend a powerful person."Su Yeh Han said with a face full of disdain.

    "I was beaten up, and it's not for you, a woman, to have the right to say anything, you want to pass on me to beat up a downward dog, you don't have that qualification."Han Qianqian said.

    Su Yehan was cold, she didn't have the qualifications, once she was in the Su family but her status was much higher than Su Yingxia, how could she not have the qualifications.

    "Soft-shelled wimp, you even dare to mention qualifications to me, what a joke, you don't even look at yourself."Su Yeh Han scoffed.

    Whenever he heard the three words of eating soft rice, Han Qianli would want to laugh, and it was the kind from the bottom of his heart, after all, eating soft rice was also a skill, and eating Su Yingxia's soft rice was even more not something that ordinary people could do.

    Han Three Thousand touched his stomach and said, "I don't have a very good stomach, I'm destined to eat soft rice in this life, it's given by the heavens, I can't help it."

    Looking at Han Three Thousand's proud look, Su Yehan was disgusted to the extreme, how could there be such a man in this world, eating soft food would even be complacent, not a bit of a man's pie.

    "A man with no ability, what else can you do but eat soft food, you are really a shame for a man."Su Yehan said.

    Su Haichao was on the side, if before, he would have already joined with Su Yehan to mock Han Qian, but now he knows Han Qian's identity, this man is not a soft eater at all, in the past, those things in the company, probably he helped Su Yingxia get it done, this kind of man, how could he be a soft eater?

    "Go away, you're not welcome here."Su Yingxia said.

    "A smoky, sh*tty place, do you think I want to stay here?"After Su Ye-han finished speaking, she walked out of the hospital room after a disdainful glance at Han Qianli.

    Su Haichao left the bell behind and said, "I wish you to reincarnate while you can."After that, he also left.

    Su Yingxia was so angry that her scalp went numb, and she picked up the clock and smashed it on the floor.

    "What's there to be angry about with this kind of person."Han Giangli smiled and consoled.

    Su Yingxia brick glared at Han Giang, he was now just like before, he was scolded and humiliated but still smiling, but he clearly had the strength to fight back.

    "Why did you let Su Ye-Han scold you for eating soft food."Su Yingxia said puzzled.

    "Being able to eat soft food is also a skill, isn't it?"Han three thousand said, it wasn't that he didn't refute, it was that there was no point, Su Yehan was a woman that Han three thousand had never put in his eyes from start to finish, to compete with her and treat her as an opponent would instead lower his own grade.

    Since the age of twelve, Han Three Thousand had learned to hold back, if he was provoked by Su Yehan's anger with a few words, wouldn't it seem too ridiculous for him to have been dormant for over a decade.

    "You're just acting like you don't care, that's why you make people like Su Yehan feel superior and feel that they have pride in front of you."Su Yingxia said helplessly.

    "If I don't even give her that chance, her life will be too miserable because she'll be desperate."Han Giangli smiled, letting Su Yeh Han know who he was and who that previous offer of employment was for, I'm afraid Su Yeh Han's life would never be pouted again.

    Su Yehan who left the hospital was indignant, especially when she thought of that expression of Han Qianqian who proudly said that she had a bad stomach, she had a feeling of nausea.

    "How can there be such a shameless man in this world, does he have to rely on a woman to support him for the rest of his life?It's so shameless, so unmanly."Su Yehan said.

    Su Hachao remained silent.

    Su Yeh Han took a strange look at Su Hachao, if it was before, he would have trampled on Han Qianqian for a few sentences, why would he be silent today?

    "Hai Chao, what's the matter with you, don't you think Han 3,000 has disgraced your man?Such people deserve to die, and living in the world is a waste of food."Su Yeh Han said.

    Su Haichao sneered inside, Su Yeh Han used to be able to bar that Han family member to show up, this person was always in front of her, she was unaware of it, and she still felt high above the rest.

    "Nothing, go back to the company, Han 3000 will die sooner or later."Su Haichao coldly said.

His True Colors Chapter 302

On the second day in the hospital, there is a new guest in the ward, and Han Qianli is wary of her. A seemingly gentle woman who once barged into the men's room, how could Han Qianli still treat her as an ordinary woman?

    But Su Yingxia was not the least bit wary of her, and was very enthusiastic.

    "Yi Yun, how did you know we were in the hospital?"Su Yingxia enthusiastically took Chi Yiyun's hand, treating this best friend with the utmost sincerity, there was no need to question her sincerity in the slightest.

    "Didn't you guys go to re-shoot the wedding dress, what happened?"Qi Yiyun didn't answer Su Yingxia's question, she had been paying attention to Han 3,000 and probably understood what was happening on Kiyan Island, but she couldn't let Su Yingxia know about that.

    Hearing this question, Su Yingxia looked very speechless, the reason why the Lu family was looking for trouble was because he was unwilling to take more money and bid against Han 3000, this kind of unjustified bullying was helpless, it was good that the final result was nothing serious, Han 3000's injury was only a flesh wound.

    "It's nothing, it's just a small accident."Su Yingxia said, the death of the Lu family's father and son was ruled as an accident, but it was actually Han Three Thousand's doing, a secret that even the closest person Su Yingxia wouldn't tell.

    "This accident is not small."Chi Yiyun smiled, the fire killed the Lu family's father and son, even if Chi Yiyun didn't know the truth of the matter, but she was clear that the fire was by no means a simple accident.

    "Ying Xia, I'm thirsty and want a drink, can you buy me a bottle?"Han Giangli said to Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia glared at Han Giangxi and said, "You're injured, why are you still drinking, there's warm water."

    "I'll just take a sip, I'm gluttonous, so just satisfy me."Han Giangli said with an aggrieved expression.

    Su Yingxia wanted to be heartless and refuse Han Three Thousand, but Han Three Thousand was now sick after all, and looking at his aggrieved expression, it was too much to refuse.

    "Wait."After Su Yingxia said that, she turned to Chi Yiyun again and said, "Sit for a while, I'll be right back."

    Qi Yiyun nodded her head.

    After Su Yingxia left the hospital room, Han Giangli asked to Qi Yiyun, "What do you want, you might as well just tell me."

    "I like you."Qi Yiyun said.

    Han Qianli smiled faintly, how could he believe such nonsense, from the way Qi Yiyun acted last time, she must have some sort of purpose.

    "There are many people who like me, but in my eyes, there's only Su Yingxia."Han Giangli said.

    Chi Yi Yun directly took off her t-shirt, revealing her beautiful body, and said, "Aren't I attractive enough for you?"

    "F**k, what are you doing, hurry up and put your clothes on."Han Giangli said in a panic, if Su Yingxia came back and saw this scene, he wouldn't be able to explain it.

    "What are you afraid of?Isn't that what you men like best?"Chi Yi Yun took off her eyes and showed her magnificent side, this was definitely a red-headed level of beauty in ancient times.

    "Chi Yiyun, I've investigated you, you're clean, you thought that wouldn't reveal any traces, but it's precisely because you're overly clean that makes me suspect you, go ahead, who exactly are you."Han Qianqiang's eyes were open to the idea, he was absolutely loyal to Su Yingxia, but he was also a man, the temptation of beauty was right in front of him, how could he not be tempted?

    In this world, there were only men who restrained their desires, but there were no men who could do so without moving their hearts in the face of beauty.

    "Are you afraid to look at me because you can't stand it?"Chi Yi Yun smiled.

    Han Giang gritted his teeth, his mood was on thin ice, he was really afraid that Su Yingxia would suddenly return and this would be over.

    "You're pretty, you have a good figure, the restraint of the average man is useless against you, but you underestimate me, I would never do anything wrong to Su Yingxia."Han Giangli said.

    Chi Yi Yun clenched her pink fist, her face full of resignation, she had made it this far and still hadn't made Han Qianli move, did she really want to throw herself at Han Qianli and take the initiative to have sex with him?

    "If you want to know who I am, it's simple, I don't mind your second marriage status as long as you become my man,"Qi Yiyun said.

    Hearing this, Han Giangli laughed and said, "Chi Yi Yun, you seem to be unable to prioritize, although I don't know what you want from me, you should be asking for something, and since you're asking for me, you shouldn't have this attitude, what right do you have to mind me?"

    Chi Yi Yun froze in the face of Han Qianyan's question that hit her soul, she indeed had no qualifications to mind Han Qianyan, and her current position was not one of ordering Han Qianyan to do something.

    "I can give you more power, which Su Yingxia can't give you,"Chi Yi Yun said.

    "I'm not interested in this dish of yours, and power isn't half as attractive to me,"Han Giangli said.

    "I can give you anything you want, including myself."Chi Yi Yun gritted her teeth.

    "I only want Su Yingxia and that's enough."Han Giangli said with a resolute attitude, which wouldn't change even if the sea was dry.

    Chi Yiyun took a deep breath and said, "What if you're unable to protect Su Yingxia?"

    Han Qianqian looked up abruptly with a torch-like gaze at Qi Yiyun and said in a cold voice, "I'm warning you, if you dare to hurt her, no matter what kind of identity you have, I'll make you regret it."

    Looking at Han Qianqian's murderous gaze, Qi Yiyun's heart was extremely pained, why was such a man, but not hers!

    She's obviously better and more beautiful than Su Yingxia, so why can't she get Han Qianli's proper attention?

    "Han Qianlian, I will make you submit to my pomegranate skirt, you remember that."Chi Yi Yun said, put on her t-shirt and left the hospital room without hesitation.

    Han 3,000 helplessly bitterly smiled, such a superb beauty, entangled with any man, he would be very happy, right, but unfortunately he was not blessed in his life, nor did he have such thoughts.

    Su Yingxia bought a drink and returned, not seeing Chi Yiyun, she asked in confusion, "Where is Yiyun?"

    "Something came up temporarily, so I left in a hurry."Han Giangli said casually.

    Su Yingxia didn't think much about it and sighed, "Chi Yiyun is actually very good, but her character is too cowardly, I really don't know what kind of bullying she'll be subjected to when she finds a husband in the future."

    This was something Su Yingxia was always worried about, because during her school days, Qi Yiyun was bullied by many of her classmates, and usually when faced with this situation, Qi Yiyun endured, not knowing how much aggravation she suffered.

    Hearing Su Yingxia's sigh, Han Qianli laughed bitterly inside, cowardice?How could Qi Yiyun be a coward, her reticence even made Han Qianqian feel more terrifying than herself.

    When this woman took off her eyes and got strong, I'm afraid she could throw Su Yingxia more than ten blocks ah.

    "Everyone has their own life, you don't need to worry for her."Han Giangli said.

    "How can I not worry, she's my best sister, the three of us, we've even befriended each other before."Su Yingxia said.

    The more Su Yingxia showed her deep affection for Qi Yiyun, the more Han Giang was worried, because he felt that sooner or later these two would tear each other apart, and at that time, Su Yingxia would definitely be very sad.

    It seemed that he had to find a way to prevent this from happening, and Han Three Thousand never wanted to see Su Yingxia's sad side.

    After leaving the hospital, Qi Yiyun went straight to the mall and arrived at a luxury store, where the cheapest piece of clothing was close to five figures, not something that ordinary people were qualified to stroll in.

    Qi Yiyun, who wore glasses, had an ordinary appearance and an average temperament, and she didn't look like a rich person, so she entered the store and none of the guides were willing to greet her.

    Also in the store, there was a noble woman with a middle-aged man with a gold watch and gold necklace on her arm, and she looked like a riff-raff.

    "What a person who dares to come in, wouldn't treat this place as a roadside stall, do you know how much a dress here costs?"The noblewoman was talking to herself in a yin and yang manner, but her words were clearly directed at Qi Yiyun.

    Chi Yi Yun smiled and pushed the frame of the mirror, walking over to a limited edition small western dress, it was new in the store, the high price of a full six figures deterred countless people who liked it, even that noblewoman just now just took a glance full of joy and didn't dare to buy it.

    "This dress, can I try it on?"Chiyun asked.

His True Colors Chapter 303

"Miss, you can't try on such expensive clothes, but didn't you look at the sign on the door before you entered?We are not an ordinary shop."The guide walked up to Chi Yiyun and said disdainfully, this kind of girl with no eyesight, and I don't know where she came from, is it possible to just try on things from a luxury store?

    That noblewoman couldn't help but laugh when she heard Chi Yi Yun's words, and teased at the side, "Glasses girl, you're in the wrong place, you'd better hurry out, this kind of shop is not suitable for the likes of you to visit."

    Chi Yi Yun turned around, looked the noblewoman up and down and said, "Is this place only suitable for a slüt like you to stroll around?"

    The noblewoman's expression went cold as she pointed at Chi Yi Yun and said, "Little b*t*h, who are you calling a slüt?You better keep your mouth shut."

    "That's you, don't you agree?"Chi Yi Yun said calmly.

    "Little b*t*h, if you want to die, I'll make you happy today."The noblewoman gritted her teeth and walked towards Chi Yi Yun.

    The guide, seeing this, quickly blocked the middle and said to the noblewoman, "Sister, why do you need to be knowledgeable with this kind of person, look at her appearance, she looks like she has never seen the world, if you argue with her, won't you let yourself drop."

    The noblewoman suddenly came to her senses, put away her temper that was about to explode, and said disdainfully, "Also, haggling with people like you lowers your own status, just go away, I'll let you go."

    "I came to buy clothes, the boss is not even qualified to tell me to get lost, what qualifications do you have?"Chi Yi Yun said.

    The noblewoman sneered out and said, "With your poor costume, you can also buy clothes here, I advise you to go to the roadside stall, this is a luxury store, do you have money?"

    "Miss, if you make trouble again, I'll call security, so please get out."The guide said to Chi Yi Yun, she couldn't afford to offend the dame because of someone like Chi Yi Yun, she could tell clearly who had purchasing power between the two.

    "Where's the manager, the staff here, is this the kind of attitude they use to treat customers?"Chi Yi Yun raised her volume, her voice making it so that the entire store could hear.

    An imposing middle-aged woman came over, and looking at the work tag on her chest, she was undoubtedly the manager.

    "Miss, do you need anything?"The manager asked to Chi Yi Yun, in her eyes, Chi Yi Yun still could not be compared to the noblewoman, dry luxury shopping guide, the most important thing is eyesight, can distinguish who is the real customer with purchasing power, and the difference between Chi Yi Yun and the noblewoman, is like a cloud of mud.

    "I want to try on this dress, do I have to swipe my card and pay first?"Chia-Yun asked.

    "You can't try this dress on, but if you want it, you'll have to buy it."The manager said.

    Qi Yi Yun pulled out a bank card and said, "I'll buy it."

    The noblewoman and that shopping guide were both shocked at the same time when they heard this, how could this kind of person afford a luxury item.

    "Miss, are you sure?"The manager was also very surprised, it had been almost two months since this new product had hit the shelves, and countless people had looked at it, but not many people actually dared to make a move to buy it.

    "Afraid I don't have the money?"Chi Yi Yun smiled.

    The manager even shook her head and said, "Of course not, that's not what I meant, please wait a moment."

    After changing her honorific title to the manager, she took the bank card and walked towards the cashier, since she wanted to buy it, she had to see if the card could be swiped.

    "Glasses girl, if you can't swipe money out of this card, it'll be a shame."The noblewoman didn't believe that Chi Yi Yun was so rich, she couldn't even afford the clothes, how could this glasses girl afford them?

    Chi Yi Yun didn't say anything, and soon, the manager came with the voucher for Chi Yi Yun to sign, and his attitude became significantly more respectful.

    "Didn't see a good show, you must be disappointed."Qi Yiyun said to the noblewoman with a smile.

    The noblewoman's face was livid, she didn't expect that she would really be allowed to buy it, it was a great shame.

    "Is it interesting to challenge my pocket money with the money you've been saving for years?From today onwards, you're going to have to go home to Ken Buns, right."The noblewoman said disdainfully, in her opinion, Chi Yi Yun bought this dress, she must have paid out all her pocket money.

    "Pocket money?It's not even pocket money to me."After Chi Yi Yun finished speaking, she turned to the manager and asked, "I can try on clothes, right?"

    "Can, of course, the fitting room is over here."The manager hurriedly said, she didn't care if Qi Yiyun had saved her money for many years, as long as she could pay for clothes, this was a valuable guest, the noblewoman, although she looked rich, but she didn't buy anything after shopping for most of the day.

    Chi Yi Yun took the clothes and walked into the fitting room.

    "This kind of woman with no temperament at all, even if you buy the most expensive clothes, they won't hold up, wearing them on her, what a pity for this designer's work."The noblewoman scoffed.

    This dress had never been tried on since it arrived at the store, so no one knew what the upper body effect was actually like, and at this time all the guides, almost all of them were looking at the door of the dressing room.

    Even if it was really as the noblewoman said, she couldn't hold up the temperament of this thing, but at least she could see what the upper body effect was actually like.

    After waiting for a while, the door of the fitting room was pushed open, and the moment Chi Yi Yun walked out, the air in the store seemed to freeze.

    Who said that her temperament couldn't hold up to this dress?It was simply a gorgeous crown, breathtakingly beautiful, everyone at this moment, at the same time a feeling of self-shame, as if in front of Qi Yiyun, they did not even have the courage to look up.

    The middle-aged man with the gold necklace directly looked dumb, he was also considered the No. 1 rich person in Cloud City, even the models have played a lot, but compared to Qi Yi Yun's temperament and body, those models were thrown hundreds of streets, not even a hair of her sweat can be compared.

    "Miss, this outfit suits you too well."Still the manager was the first to come back to her senses, and even walked to Qi Yiyun's side and said.

    Looking at herself in the mirror, Qi Yiyun smiled confidently, this was the real her, after taking off her eyes, her radiance was dazzling, no one could compare to her.

    "I'm still missing a pair of high heels."Chi Yi Yun said.

    "Miss, this way please."The manager led the way to the shoe area.

    Chi Yi Yun chose a pair of jade white crystal heels, and when she put them on, her temperament was raised several notches again, and her figure looked even more appealing, the perfect curves of her legs barely finding any flaws.

    "Miss, I've been working here for many years and I've never seen someone with such an outstanding temperament as you."The manager even sighed, she gave the impression of being very noble, like a lady's daughter born into a noble family, not only was she beautiful, her temperament was also a flock of cranes.

    "I'll buy this pair of shoes too."Chi Yi Yun said, then handed the glasses to the manager and said, "Please throw them away for me, from today onwards, I don't need them anymore."

    "Miss, you're completely different without glasses and with glasses, you should have thrown them away long ago."The manager said after taking the glasses.

    At this time, that noblewoman's iron face had begun to turn white, she never dreamed that this ugly duckling would just change a set of clothes and become a white swan, just like a great transformation into a living person.

    Seeing Chi Yi Yun's imposing presence coming towards her, the noblewoman unconsciously lowered her head, unable to face Chi Yi Yun's aura directly.

    "Am I beautiful?"Chi Yi Yun smiled at the noblewoman and asked.

    The noblewoman gritted her teeth and clenched her fist, just now she said that Qi Yiyun couldn't hold up the dress at all, but reality slapped her in the face, besides her, who else could embody this dress so perfectly?


    A loud slap on the noblewoman's face, Chi Yi Yun said in a cold voice, "This is not a place for a profiteer like you to stroll around, get lost."


    At this moment, Qi Yi Yun had nothing to do with these two words and was so strong that it chilled her heart, this was her true face.

    The eventful side of the eldest daughter of the Qi family was exhibited to reveal the tip of the iceberg.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual shoes and boots.

    This person in front of her was by no means born into an ordinary family, and if she messed with someone she couldn't afford, the consequences would be serious.

    "You ...... you wait for me."After the noble woman said that, she pulled the middle-aged man and hurriedly ran away on her feet.

    When the crowd of guides saw this scene, they all sucked in a breath of cold air, not daring to underestimate Chi Yiyun anymore.


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