His True Colors Chapter 299-300


His True Colors Chapter 299 

When Han 3,000 thousand walked out of the villa, a black vehicle parked outside the villa drove away at first, the film of the windows were deep black, so you couldn't see who was inside.

    "Three thousand, there seems to be something wrong with this car, it was there when I came."Mo Yang said to Han 3,000.

    Han 3,000-year-old shook her head and said, "Don't worry about it yet, let's go to the hospital."

    The car that left sat Wen Liang, as he watched Han Qianliang walk out of the villa alive, his heart instantly fell to the bottom, Han Qianliang not dying was a huge danger to him, he never expected to be protected by Shen Weng as he knew he was just a pawn to be used.

    "Lu Xun, you piece of trash, Han Qianli has been in your hands for so long and you haven't even killed him yet, isn't that hurting me?"Wen Liang gritted his teeth and talked to himself, then said to the driver, "Go to the airport, I want to leave here immediately."

    On the way to the hospital, Su Yingxia kept secretly wiping her tears, she couldn't bear to see Han Qianliang so badly injured, but even though she restrained herself from looking, she still wouldn't be able to.

    "I'm fine, don't worry."Han Three Thousand said to Su Yingxia.

    Mo Yang smiled and comforted Su Yingxia, "Sister-in-law, don't cry, if you continue to cry, he'll be heartbroken, physical pain is nothing, heartache is the real pain ah."

    Han Giangli touched his chest and said sincerely, "Just take pity on me, don't make me hurt."

    Su Yingxia tried to wipe away her own tears, but the more she wiped, the more there were, like the overflowing of the dike of the Yellow River.

    "I won't cry, I won't cry."Su Yingxia said.

    "If you cry again, you won't be pretty."Han Giangli smiled.

    "En."Su Yingxia kept nodding her head and gritting her teeth to hold on, but eventually she let out a loud cry.

    "I'm sorry, I'm useless, I tried to hold back from crying, I really wanted to ...... but I couldn't."Su Yingxia said in a somewhat broken voice.

    Han Giangli took a deep breath and said with red eyes, "It's fine, if you want to cry, just cry."

    Mo Yang, who was sitting in the front seat, sighed, what a good husband and wife relationship, he also had it before, but unfortunately his choices were different, so it led to a different end result.

    Once upon a time, he naively thought that if he quit the rivers and lakes, he would be able to live his life in peace, but the truth gave him a bloody and irreparable lesson.

    If Mo Yang was given another chance to choose, he would never wash his hands of the gold basin, he would become stronger and stronger just like Han Qianqiang, and only strong means would qualify him to protect his woman.

    "Three thousand, this person, Twelve, is not simple, if it wasn't for him, this matter wouldn't have been so easily resolved."Mo Yang reminded Han 3,000, Blade Twelve stepped in and turned the situation around, this should be his previous identity playing a role, but to be able to make Lu Feng so fearful, Mo Yang couldn't really think of what Blade Twelve used to do.

    Han Giangli could also see Lu Feng's fear of Knife Twelve, but he had also said long ago that since he chose to trust Knife Twelve, he wouldn't have the slightest doubt about him.

    "I still say the same thing, trust him."Han Giangli said.

    Mo Yang nodded his head and didn't say anything more.

    At the hospital, Han Three Thousand's injuries were artificial due to the fact that it involved not an ordinary incident, so Mo Yang also spent some money on making connections to be able to get the hospital side to help conceal this matter.

    The next morning, Han 3,000 watch the morning news, the news is broadcasting the explosion caused by the gas leak of the Lu family last night, the Lu family father and son buried in the sea of fire, leaving only two charred and unrecognizable corpses, things are defined as accidents, so many people in the island of Keiyan Island sigh more than a few, after all, the Lu family is the most famous and wealthy people in the island of Keiyan, did not expect to meet an accident, father and son are all dead.

    When Su Yingxia saw the news, she knew that it wasn't an accident, but she didn't ask more questions, and she wasn't as fragile as Han Qianli thought, Lu Xun tormented Han Qianli so much, even in Su Yingxia's opinion, he deserved to die.

    "Let's eat an apple."Su Yingxia peeled an apple and handed it to Han Three Thousand.

    Han Three Thousand had no choice but to raise her bandaged hands and said, "How about going to the bathroom first?"

    Su Yingxia blushed and lowered her head, the most intimate contact between the two of them, to start with last night when Han Giang wanted to go to the bathroom, but Su Yingxia helped herself, every step was not missed, even though she had already had an experience, but this kind of thing was still very shy and hard to accept for Su Yingxia.

    "Bear with me again."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Qianli cried and laughed, saying, "What if you can't bear it any longer and get sick from holding it in?"

    "Don't scare me, how can you hold in a disease over such a small thing."Su Yingxia grumbled, but had already stood up and was ready to assist Han Qianli to the toilet.

    A knife's mouth and tofu's heart was probably the embodiment of Su Yingxia at the moment.

    As soon as the two of them went to the toilet, Mo Yang arrived in the hospital room, seeing that the bed was empty and there seemed to be some movement in the toilet, he couldn't help but lean forward two steps and eavesdrop a bit.

    "Be punctual, pee outside."

    "Honey, you watch it."

    These ruinous words, let Mo Yang silently exited the ward, this if Su Yingxia knew that he had come, shy siblings would not find a hole in the ground to drill into?

    Standing at the door of the hospital room, after making sure that Han Qianqiang had already used the toilet, Mo Yang pretended to walk into the hospital room and asked, "How is it, looking at you, you should be much better."

    "Much better."The smile at the corner of Han Three Thousand's mouth couldn't be concealed in the slightest.

    "You guys chat, I'll go fetch some water."Su Yingxia left the hospital room with a hot water bottle.

    "Han Three Thousand, I didn't think you'd be so brazen."After Su Yingxia left, Mo Yang said disdainfully.

    Han Qianli was in a fog and asked, "How am I impudent?"

    "I've just been here, and I can tell what happened in the toilet."Mo Yang smiled.

    "She's my wife, what's wrong with that?How can it be shameless."Han Giangli said with a frank look.

    This made Mo Yang's words stick in his throat, he didn't know how to refute, people were husband and wife, a little contact was normal, how could it be called shameless.

    "Come on, don't I understand that little thought of yours?You rest for another day, tomorrow we'll go back to Cloud City, this place is a place of right and wrong after all, it's not our place."Mo Yang said.

    Han Giang nodded his head, he knew what Mo Yang was worried about, although the Lu family's father and son were dead, there was no guarantee that Lu Feng still had his close friends there, staying one more day would increase the danger by one point, the only way to be safe was to return to Yun City, in his own territory, at that time even if Lu Feng's close friends wanted to take revenge, it would be impossible.

    "Alright, listen to your arrangements."Han Qianqian said.

    Mo Yang's expression suddenly became ambiguous as he raised his eyebrows at Han Qianli and asked, "Qianli, did anything good happen on this trip to share with brother?Three years and the revolution has succeeded?"

    Han Qianqiang glared at Mo Yang and said coldly, "What does it have to do with you, if there's nothing else, don't disturb my rest."

    Mo Yang sighed and said, "Hey, it seems that some people are still a nestling ah, what a pity, such a good opportunity is not grasped, I'm afraid you have no hope of giving me a godson in this life."

    Han 3,000 is just unable to move, or else, had to get out of bed to fight with Mo Yang.

    Mo Yang was ready to leave, opened the hospital room door, and saw Su Yingxia standing at the door, his heart was shocked, the words just now, was not listened to by Su Yingxia, right?

    "Siblings, when did you ...... you come back?"Mo Yang fiddled with the question.

    "Just about to open the door, what's wrong?"Su Yingxia said without changing her face.

    Mo Yang was relieved and said evenly, "It's nothing, you take good care of him, we will return to Cloud City tomorrow."

    Su Yingxia nodded her head, although her face didn't change, her ears were red.

    She didn't hear what Mo Yang had said before, but her godson's words were very clear.

    She had thought about this matter as well, but unfortunately Han Giang hadn't been enlightened enough to comprehend what she meant.

    Perhaps this elm lump would really never understand it in this life, I'm afraid.

    But this kind of thing made Su Yingxia take the initiative, she didn't know what to do, after all, the biggest measure of love in her life was just to hold hands with someone else.

His True Colors Chapter 300

Cloud City.

    Su Hachao's company had been established, and the large-scale absorption of the original members of the Su family's company was like a company relocation, except that the address had changed.

    But Su Haichao's mood was not good, he had thought that the incident in the square could completely bring down Su Yingxia, but the result was to make everyone dumbfounded, not only did she not lose face, but she also became a hot topic in Yun City, and in the recent days, Yun City was even in great turmoil, everyone who appeared in the square, including Jiang Fu, all of them declared bankruptcy, and this was only a few days of events.

    "Hai Chao, where did those people from Su Family Company come from, how come they suddenly parachuted in, just like the heavenly soldiers."Su Yeh Han sat in Su Hai Chao's office, puzzled, Su Yeh Han said, the matter of the square did not make Su Ying Xia lose face, Su Yeh Han also thought of stepping on Su Ying Xia ruthlessly on the matter of the company, but now, the Su Family Company not only did not fall, but also developed more and more momentum, Jiang Fu and other people's industrial chain, now almost all held in the hands of the Su Family Company.

    Now in the entire Yun City, other than the Tian family, there was no longer anyone who could compare to the Su Family Company, which made Su Yeh Han feel very unconvinced.

    Where those people came from Su Haichao didn't know, but he was clear that it was Han Marchant who was secretly arranging this, and only he, the abandoned son of the Han family, was able to do this.

    "Even if it doesn't collapse now, sooner or later, I'll still be playing with it, so what's there to worry about."Su Hachao gritted his teeth and said.

    Su Yehan believed Su Hachao because Su Hachao said that his backstage was very powerful, even the Heavenly Family couldn't compare, but she just wanted to see Su Yingxia fall from grace faster and didn't want to give Su Yingxia half a chance to rise above the rest.

    "Now that the Su Family Company is developing so fiercely, have you thought of any good ways to deal with Su Yingxia?"Su Yeh Han asked.

    If one wanted to defeat Su Yingxia in the mall, with the current situation, Su Haichao didn't have half a chance for the time being, because the one billion he had gotten didn't mean much in front of the current Su Family Company, unless Shen Weng was willing to secretly help him.

    But this old thing had left Yun City at some point, and other than him taking the initiative to contact him, Su Haichao had no way of contacting him.

    "No."Su Haichao said through gritted teeth.

    "Then why don't you hurry up and think of a way, are you willing to see Su Yingxia continue to be complacent?"Su Yeh Han said.

    "Of course I don't want to, but do you think this is a simple matter?The current Su Family Company is no longer the Su Family Company of the past, grandmother has always wanted the Su Family Company to become the top class in Cloud City, but she didn't expect it to be done in the hands of this b*t*h Su Yingxia."Su Haichao said with a face full of displeasure.

    Su Yehan also hated abnormally, those bride-price is nothing to the current Su Yingxia, but to Su Yehan, it was a double loss of money and face, the bride-price that should have been given to her was picked up by Su Yingxia, but she has been nagging at this matter.

    "I have a way to ease relations with Su Yingxia on the surface, and secretly find a way to deal with her again, what do you think?"Su Yehan suggested.

    Su Haichao laughed coldly and said, "Do you really think she's a fool?With the current level of relationship breakdown, how could she trust me."

    "Then let's start with Han Qianli, the wimp who can't deal with the Su Family Company."Su Yeh Han continued.

    A wimp?

    It was true that he had been a wimp these past few years in Cloud City, but who knew that he was even an heir of the Han family?Although Shen Weng said that his Han family was an outcast, even if it was an outcast, it wasn't something that could be compared to other people.

    Su Haichao didn't want to admit it, but yet he had to admit that Han 3000 was much higher than him in terms of fundamental status.

    How could a mere Cloud City Su family be compared to the Yanjing Han family?

    "I'll find a way, you just do your own thing."Su Haichao said in a deep voice.

    "Good, if there's anything you want me to help you with, feel free to find me."Su Yehan said, as long as she could destroy Su Yingxia, she was willing to do anything.

    Since childhood, Su Yehan had a better life than Su Yingxia, she had everything that Su Yingxia could only envy, and now that her status was switched, how could Su Yehan endure this change.

    This is a habit, used to living better than Su Yingxia, so Su Yehan think this situation, rightfully so, to last a lifetime.

    Don't expect the people around you to wish you a good life, most people will secretly belly row with a red-eyed mentality, and even wish you to fall to pieces.

    At this time, Su Haichao's phone suddenly rang, only to see a pained smile gradually emerge on his face.

    "What's wrong?"After Su Haichao hung up the phone, Su Yeh Han asked curiously.

    "They're back, that punk Han Qianqian seems to have been injured, but he's actually in a wheelchair, it's great that he's starting to enjoy the wheelchair treatment at a young age."Su Haichao said with a smile.

    Su Yehan was also happy to hear this, all the misfortunes of Han Three Thousand and Su Yingxia were something to celebrate in her opinion.

    "Should we go see him, pick some rotten fruit anyway."Su Yeh Han said.

    "Of course I want to see him, as for the fruit there's no need, I have a better gift for him."Su Haichao sneered.

    After Han 3000 arrived at Cloud City, he was directly admitted to the hospital, which was arranged for him in advance by Mo Yang, it was much easier to do things on his own turf, and a single word would basically get everything done.

    VIP's single ward, Han Three thousand by Su Yingxia to take care of, Mo Yang and others did not want to disturb their world of two, so they dashed off early.

    "Aren't you going back to the office to check it out?"Han Giangli asked to Su Yingxia, at Kiyan Island Su Yingxia had been very worried about the company and couldn't wait to come back, but now that she was back, Su Yingxia didn't seem to care much about it anymore.

    "Can the company be important to you?I'll go back to the office when you're better."Su Yingxia said.

    "I don't have anything else to do, if you want to know about the company, go take a look, otherwise, you won't feel at ease ah."Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia was indeed curious about the company's situation, but this was something that had happened before, and after Han Qianli was injured, she had already left it behind, and to her, the Upside Down wasn't as important as taking care of Han Qianli.

    "Don't go, I'm not at ease until I can't be around you."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Qianli's heart warmed, although Su Yingxia was so strong and wanted to show himself, but now it was clear that he had occupied the most important place in Su Yingxia's heart.

    "Then make a phone call and ask Shen Lingyao."Han Giangli said.

    "This can be there."Su Yingxia smiled, then took out the phone.

    Shen Lingyao this time in order to not let Han 3000 look down on her, dug in, often working overtime at the company, in addition to integrating into the company's environment, she also had to study, of course, she also witnessed what can be called a miracle, the Su family company in the case of being disliked by everyone, strong counterattack, hard to bring down the River Group and several other buildings, all of this was done by director Qin.

    "Ying Xia, you're back?"Receiving the call from Su Yingxia, Shen Lingyao looked very excited.

    "Yeah, I just arrived today, where are you?"Su Yingxia asked.

    "Of course I'm at work, Chairman, you're not checking in on me,"Shen Lingyao said.

    Going to work?

    Su Yingxia took a puzzled look at Han Qianqian, did the company really function normally so soon?

    "How's it going in the company, now?"Su Yingxia was confused.

    "Very good, very good, you don't know, the Jianghe Group is all bankrupt, now your company has taken over all the industry chain and cooperation of the Jianghe Group, and there are several other companies as well, now your company, you are almost on par with the Tianjia."Shen Lingyao said.

    Su Yingxia stared with wide eyes and an incredulous expression.

    On par with the Tianjia?

    How was this possible, how could the Su Company's capabilities be compared to the Celestial Family, what had happened in the few short days of absence!

    "What's wrong, why aren't you talking."Shen Lingyao asked.

    "No ...... nothing, what you said, is it all true?"Su Yingxia was startled.

    "Of course it's true, can I joke with you about such things?If you don't believe me, come take a look for yourself, in other words, you, the chairman, have been absent from work for so long, it's about time you came to take a look at the company."Shen Lingyao said.


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