His True Colors Chapter 277-283


His True Colors Chapter 277 

"What are you doing, this is the men's room."Han Qianqian turned sideways, wary of Chi Yi Yun who had barged into the men's room.

    Chi Yiyun had already placed a suspension sign at the door, so she wasn't afraid that someone would suddenly barge in, take off her glasses, and walk over to Han Qianli.

    "You and Su Yingxia have been together for so long, have you ever been married?"Qi Yiyun exhaled in Han Qianli's ear.

    This intimacy that surpassed that of a friend caused Han 3000's eyebrows to show a glazed look, Su Yingxia treated Qi Yiyun as a very good sister, but what she was doing now was a bit suspicious of destroying their relationship as husband and wife.

    "This is something between us, what does it have to do with you?"Han Giangli said.

    Chi Yi Yun suddenly reached out and touched Han Qianqian's chest, fawning, and asked, "Don't you have any desire for this?"

    "Chi Yi Yun, I'm your best friend's husband."Han Giangli said coldly.

    "Do you think I would care about that?For me, as long as I can benefit myself, I never care about anything else."Chi Yi Yun wrapped her arms around Han Giang's neck, taking off her glasses she was very charming at this moment, especially the mesmerizing eyes that swayed even Han Giang's heart a bit.

    Han Three Thousand pushed away Qi Yiyun and said, "I'm not interested in you."

    After saying that, Han Qianli left the bathroom, leaving behind a hate-filled Qi Yiyun.

    She had already lost her dignity by taking this step, as Chi Yiyun felt that she couldn't wait any longer, she couldn't stand by and watch Han Three Thousand's relationship with Su Yingxia grow, but she didn't expect that even if she took the initiative to send her to the door, she would be rejected by Han Three Thousand.

    "Han Three Thousand, you'll regret it."

    "Can you still be so affectionate after Su Yingxia's earthly disappearance?"

    "You're mine, no one can stop you."

    Han 3000 returned to the table, feigning as if nothing had happened, he wasn't going to tell Su Yingxia about this, after all, Su Yingxia considered Qi Yiyun as a sister, if she knew about such things, she would be very sad.

    "Han Qianli, I'm warning you, if you don't take good care of Su Yingxia, I'll kill you when you return."Shen Ling Yao said to Han Qianqian with a threatening face.

    Although Shen Lingyao was a reckless woman who was reckless and shouting, Han Giang could feel that she was genuinely good to Su Yingxia, and also treated Su Yingxia as a true best friend, completely different from Chi Yiyun.

    "Do you still need to say it, you'd better think about your own business, I heard you're unemployed again."Han Qianli said disdainfully.

    These words directly stung Shen Lingyao's heart, she had recently changed several jobs, her life was terrible, either she was dissatisfied with the company or the company was dissatisfied with her, switching around had almost turned into a hobo.

    "Han Three Thousand, you're purposely getting back at me and bringing up my sadness on purpose."Shen Lingyao pointed at Han Three Thousand and said with an angry face.

    Han Three Thousand shook his head helplessly, if it wasn't that Shen Ling Yao was good to Su Yingxia, he wouldn't have bothered to care about these things.

    "Report to the company tomorrow, the company is short of people anyway, and it's not as if you're an idle eater."Han Qianqian said.

    Shen Lingyao mischievously stood up, an idle eater, Han Qianli actually treated her as an idle eater, how could Shen Lingyao endure this?

    But right now, she did need a job, and the Su family was a great opportunity for her, she couldn't refuse.

    "Han 3,000, I'll make you impressed with me, and I'll keep an eye on the company for Ying Xia when she's not here,"Shen Lingyao said.

    "Thank God if you don't mess up."Han Qianli deliberately irritated.

    Shen Ling Yao breathed heavily, Su Ying Xia saw the situation and quickly smiled and comforted, "Yaoyao, he looks down on you so much, you have to work hard to make him drop his jaw in shock, let him know the consequences of looking down on you."

    Shen Ling Yao snorted coldly and said, "Ying Xia, don't worry, some people will definitely regret it, and I will point my nose at him then and tell him that I, Shen Ling Yao, am also a capable person."

    Qi Yiyun returned to the dinner table, could not see any difference, still chatting enthusiastically with Su Yingxia, for this kind of person, Han Qianli was somewhat helpless, if she was not Su Yingxia's best friend, Han Qianli could find a way to make her disappear from Su Yingxia's sight, but Su Yingxia was extremely affectionate towards her, hurt her, Su Yingxia would definitely not be happy, Han Qianli could only let her go.

    But if Qi Yiyun dared to hurt Su Yingxia, Han Three Thousand would never let her go.

    After dinner, Han Three Thousand and Su Yingxia both went home, took their luggage, received Yang Chen Xu Tong, and headed to the airport.

    Keystone Island was a very popular tourist destination, and there was no need to leave the country, so it had become the preferred place for the country's vacationers, which could be seen from the full flights.

    Sitting in the first class cabin, Su Yingxia and Yang Chen discussed some details of the wedding photos and the effect she wanted to present.

    As a professional photographer, Yang Chen also gave Su Yingxia a lot of advice, these things Han 3000 did not participate, after all, is a layman, he just need to follow the arrangements.

    It was already evening when they arrived at Kiyan Island, although it was not yet the peak season for tourism, but the hotels were already overcrowded, Han Qianli and his four men had a hard time finding a hotel with empty rooms to rest.

    "Tomorrow, we'll go to choose a wedding dress first, there are a total of five locations here that are worthy of location, it will take about three days to shoot, would you feel like more?"In the room, Su Yingxia asked Han Qianli.

    "It's not much, as long as you're willing, it's not a problem to film for a month."Han Qianqian said, he didn't care about the time of filming, as long as Su Yingxia was happy, he could satisfy anything.

    For Han 3000 to go along with everything, Su Yingxia was still very happy inside, but she still had to take care of Han 3000's feelings, after all, husband and wife did not get along with each other, it wasn't one side taking and satisfying, but to take care of both sides' feelings, only then could the relationship last for a long time.

    The first thing you need to do is to take care of your own feelings.

    In the evening to sleep, Su Yingxia has been in a confused state, because she will soon be wearing a wedding dress again, this kind of feeling for her unusually excited, three years ago to wear a wedding dress, she was very reluctant, but now, she is not only willing, but also can not wait.

    The next morning, as usual, they woke up at six o'clock for a run, and after running, they ate breakfast at the hotel, and after meeting up with Yang Chen Xu Tong, they went to the wedding dress shop that Yang Chen was familiar with.

    This was the highest class wedding dress shop in the entire Kiyan Island, offering rental and selling wedding dresses, the shop had a townhouse treasure, a purely handmade wedding dress worth more than two million, Yang Chen had been coming here almost every year several times over the years, but the townhouse treasure had remained in the shop, indicating that no one would buy such a costless item at all.

    For many people, a wedding dress would only be worn once in a lifetime, so most people would choose to rent a wedding dress, even if they were to buy it, they wouldn't buy such an expensive one.And the truly rich, even if they had a high demand for wedding dresses, would hire masters to hand-customize them, not shop for them.

    Yang Chen was very familiar with the owner of the wedding dress shop, a middle-aged woman around forty years old, who didn't look old at all because of proper maintenance, her charm was still there, and she was more attractive to men than the average woman.

    "Yang Chen, but you haven't been here for several months, I thought you had forgotten about me."The boss lady greeted Yang Chen warmly.

    "Business is dismal, it's been a long time since I received an order from Keystone Island, I was afraid that you forgot about me."Yang Chen smiled.

    The two of them were eye-to-eye, obviously a bit of a story.

    "Is it a lease or a buy?"The boss lady asked.

    Yang Chen looked at Su Yingxia and said, "This is the guest, you have to ask her."

    Su Yingxia at this time had been lost by the wedding dress in the window, the entire store, the wedding dress in front of her was the most attractive, Su Yingxia couldn't even look away.

    "Little beauty, you really have an eye, this wedding dress is the shop's treasure, are you interested?"The owner's wife walked up to Su Yingxia and asked, almost all the customers who came to the shop would be attracted by its beauty, but the invariable result was that they would be scared off after hearing its price.

    "So beautiful."Su Yingxia exclaimed.

    "This wedding dress was hand-customized and personally designed by a master, there's only one in the world, it took a whole year to sew it, stitch by stitch, but the price is a bit expensive, if you like this style, I can introduce you to a few styles that are similar."The owner's wife didn't intentionally look down on people, but she had experienced too many things like this, and once the price was stated, the customer would automatically give up, so she didn't bother to introduce this wedding dress too much.

    "How much does it cost to rent one?"Su Yingxia asked.

    The boss lady shook her head with a smile and said, "I'm sorry, this wedding dress is only for sale but not for rent because the price is too high, and if it's damaged, I won't be able to afford the damage."

    "How much is it?"Han Qianli asked at the side.

    The boss lady took a look at Han Qianqian, he was handsome, but looking at his clothes, he didn't look like a rich man, so he would probably die if he said a price, right?

    "Two million six hundred and fifty thousand."The boss lady said.

    Su Yingxia's mouth grew up in shock, a set of wedding dresses, it actually cost two million!And this kind of clothes bought home, it's impossible to wear during normal time ah.

    The owner's wife had already seen this kind of expression on Su Yingxia's face, everyone would have this kind of expression after hearing the price.

    "Just this set."Han Qianli said.

    Now it was the boss's wife's turn to be startled, looking incredulously at Han Qianqian, this youngster looked quite plain, but for something over two million, he was actually going to buy it without even blinking an eye?

    The boss's wife looked at Yang Chen, wanting to ask what kind of person the guest he brought was and how much money power he possessed, but Yang Chen was also very shocked at this time.

    The Su Family Company was in dire straits right now, and it wasn't even worth it for Han Qiannian to buy the wedding dress just to save face.

    "Are you sure you want to buy it?"The boss lady inquired to Han Qianli.

    Su Yingxia pulled Han Qianqian's hand and said, "It doesn't have to be so expensive, and it can only be worn once."

    "But is there anything else to choose from here besides this wedding dress that barely matches you?"Han Qianli smiled.

    The boss's wife couldn't help but roll her eyes, just this two-million-plus set of wedding dresses and it's still just barely worthy, what kind of rich person does this have to be?It's not going to be a joke.

    "Why don't you two discuss it more carefully."After saying that, the owner's wife walked to Yang Chen's side and dragged him outside the shop.

    "Yang Chen, what's the situation with these two, I can't see that this man is a rich master."The owner's wife asked to Yang Chen.

    Yang Chen didn't know how to describe this matter to the boss's wife, although Han Three Thousand's image had changed after the incident in the square, there should be no arguing about him eating soft food, after all, for three years, Han Three Thousand hadn't done anything in the Su family, this was something that everyone knew, but now, he had to spend so much money to buy a wedding dress for Su Yingxia, even Yang Chen wasn't sure if Han Three Thousand had such financial strength.

    Or maybe, he was taking Su Yingxia's money to save face?

    "The woman is a company owner, but the man, well, it's hard to tell, I'm not sure."Yang Chen said.

    Hearing this, the boss's wife deflated her mouth and said, "So he's a soft eater, taking a woman's money to make himself look good, this kind of man is also too brazen."

His True Colors Chapter 278

In the shop, Su Yingxia herself was not too happy about having to buy such an expensive wedding dress, because in her opinion something so expensive was unnecessary, it was not a worthwhile thing to spend more than two million just as a photo souvenir.

    "Three-thousand, let's take a look at the others, this one is too expensive."Su Yingxia said to Han 3,000.

    "It's hard to wait for the replacement wedding dress, how can I let you wear someone else who has worn it, two million is already cheap in my opinion, let's listen to me on this matter, how about it?"Han Three Thousand said.

    The tone of the question was gentle, but it made Su Yingxia feel an irresistible strength, and Su Yingxia knew that this amount of money might really be nothing to Han Qianli.

    "But ......"

    "There's no more buts, it's decided."Han Qianli decided decisively, no longer giving Su Yingxia any chance to refute.

    Su Yingxia could only nod her head, although she was a little distressed, she was still very happy inside.

    Xu Tong at the side looked at Su Yingxia with an envious face, three years ago when Han Marchan entered the family, the entire Cloud City said that Su Yingxia was blind, how could she let a wimp into the family, but now Xu Tong felt that she was the happiest woman in the world, this man beside her, is not as rumored, instead there is a kind of overbearing president Fan.

    At this time, the boss's wife and Yang Chen returned to the shop and asked Han Qianqian, "Have you discussed it?Sure you want it?"

    "You want to, like, pay for it before you try it on?"Han Marchiang said.

    The boss's wife was happy to make money, but she despised Han Qianli to the bone, and a man who used a woman's money to put gold on his face wouldn't earn any favor with her.

    "Of course."The boss lady said.

    Swiping the card to pay, then it was time for Su Yingxia to try on the clothes, and since the wedding dress was inconvenient to wear, Xu Tong also went to the dressing room to help.

    "I heard that your wife's family runs a company, what do you do?"The boss's wife chatted with Han Qianli while Su Yingxia was changing clothes, but the disdain that was clearly evident in her tone was not concealed in the slightest.

    Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "What do I do for a living, didn't you ask Yang Chen before, do you need to ask again?"

    Yang Chen was a little embarrassed, but he didn't expect Han Qianqian to guess what they had just gone out for.

    "I'm just curious as to why the chairman of a company is willing to marry someone like you."The boss's wife said indifferently, although she admitted that Han Qianli was handsome, Su Yingxia was equally beautiful, and as the chairman of the board, she was even more excellent and didn't need words to describe it, it was easy for someone like her to find an excellent man, but it was partial that she had stumbled upon such a soft-skinned white face, making the boss's wife unable to figure it out.

    "A man like me, what kind of man am I?"Han Three Thousand turned to look at the boss lady with a smile on her face.

    Yang Chen's heart was shocked, what the boss's wife knew was only very superficial, but he knew that Han 3000 had made all those big names of Jiang Fu kneel down in Cloud City, the whole Cloud City was rumored that Han 3000 might have a hidden identity, because with the Su family's ability, it was impossible to make Jiang Fu kneel down, if it was really like the rumors said, if the boss's wife angered him with these harsh words, there was no telling what would happen to him.

    But Yang Chen didn't remind the boss's wife too much, his relationship with the boss's wife was ambiguous, but it was limited to dewy love, if he could verify Han Qianli's identity through the boss's wife, he would still be happy to see it.

    People had curiosity, and to be able to use this to satisfy their curiosity without hurting themselves, Yang Chen was naturally willing to do so.

    "How do I know, I'm asking you, aren't I?"The boss lady said bluntly.

    "Do I have to tell you just because you ask me?"Han Giangli smiled.

    "It's not like I have to know if you don't tell me to pull it off."The boss lady looked like she was in a lack of interest.

    In a short while, Su Yingxia came out of the dressing room, dressed in white and winning the snow, at the moment Su Yingxia was like a fairy from the fairy land, not only Han Qianli looked dumbfounded, Yang Chen and the boss's wife were also the same.

    The owner's wife, as the owner of the wedding dress shop, has seen countless women looking at the wedding dress, but never seen Su Yingxia so heart-warming, which makes her wonder why such a beautiful woman would marry such a useless man.

    Han Giangli couldn't help but walk up to Su Yingxia and said with dull eyes, "You must have fallen into a trap."

    "What trap?"Su Yingxia looked at Han Giangli in puzzlement.

    "Why else would they have fallen from the sky to the mortal world."Han Three Thousand said.

    Su Yingxia couldn't help but laugh when she heard such spiteful love words from Han Qianqian and said, "You never learned love words so dirt."

    "This isn't love words, it's what I really feel inside,"Han Giangli said.

    The boss's wife on the side rolled her eyes, Han Qianli's level of love language was too low, with this kind of mouth, how was she able to coax Su Yingxia?

    "This is the most incapable man I've ever seen, he can't even speak words of love."The boss lady whispered beside Yang Chen.

    Yang Chen was also shocked at Su Yingxia's beauty among the rumors that Su Yingxia was the number one beauty in Cloud City, which was indeed true, even if it was a bit exaggerated, there were probably very few people in Cloud City who could be found to be better than Su Yingxia.

    The next, Han Qianli also chose a suit, when the formal wear, Han Qianli's temperament also reflected, although he was not valued by the family since childhood, but after all, he was born into a noble family, the temperament superior to the other people can never be compared.

    The boss's wife gulped, before Han Qianli gave off a very handsome feeling, after changing into a suit, it had to be even more charming, perhaps this was the reason he was able to conquer a chairman like Su Yingxia.

    "If the clothes are decided, let's go to the first shooting location first."Yang Chen said as he walked over to Han Qianqian.

    "I'm fine with that."Han Qianqian said and turned to Su Yingxia.

    "I don't have a problem with it either, what's there to be picky about for a two million wedding dress."Su Yingxia said.

    "Let's go."Han Giangli said to Yang Chen.

    As she was about to leave the wedding dress shop, the owner's wife suddenly said to Han Three Thousand, "You love your wife so much, you should want to give her the best things in the world."

    "Of course."Han Three Thousand said.

    "There's an auction on Keystone Island in two days, and there's a necklace called Eternity, do you want to try if you're capable of selling it?"The boss lady said.

    "With that name, it's worth my time,"Han Marchian said.

    The boss lady looked at Han Marchant's departing back and showed strong disdain, there were many dignitaries attending this auction, and this necklace was already hotly speculated by the auctioneer, there was bound to be a fierce bidding fight when the time came, the reason she brought this up was because she wanted Han Marchant to reveal himself as he was at the auction.

    A wedding dress of over two million was nothing, this eternity was the plaything of the truly rich.

    "If you dare to ask for a bid once, consider yourself courageous."The boss lady scoffed to herself.

    By the time they reached the first shooting spot, there was already a pair of newcomers who were the first to occupy the best spot, so Han Qianli and the others had to wait on the sidelines first.

    The pair had also come to Kiyan Island to take wedding photos, and when the woman saw the wedding dress that Su Yingxia was wearing, she had an envious expression on her face, she went to the same wedding dress shop, so she was well aware of the value of the wedding dress on Su Yingxia's body, and didn't expect that the town's treasures were actually bought.

    People have a climbing heart, especially jealous women will be more jealous when they see that they are not as good as others.

    "Look at her, she's wearing that two-million-dollar wedding dress, and look at me."The original very harmonious shot was spoiled by jealousy, and the woman looked at her man with a dissatisfied face.

    The man's afterglow had already been sizing up Su Yingxia secretly, because Su Yingxia's beauty was just impossible to ignore, but he still had to act like he didn't care in front of his own wife.

    "Do you really think there are fools who spend more than two million on a set of clothes that are only worn once?What she has on her, must be a replica, a fake."The man said disdainfully.

    As soon as the woman heard this, she thought it was very likely, and the expression she looked at Su Yingxia was immediately filled with mockery.

His True Colors Chapter 279

When the two of them finished filming and passed by Han Giangli and the others, the woman spoke in a gloomy tone and said, "No money and you still have to wear graft to puff up your face, you're not afraid of being laughed at."

    "Dude, how much did you spend on this replica, where was it made, the handwork isn't good, it's so rough, it looks fake."The man scoffed and said to Han Qianqian.

    "Since you know this wedding dress, the one on your wife, you should have rented it from the same wedding dress shop, you'll know if you go to see it later when you return the wedding dress."Han Giangli said with a smile.

    "Of course I'm going to see it, but the wedding dress on my wife wasn't rented, but bought for over a hundred thousand dollars, it should be much more expensive than your dowry."The man said with a smug smile.

    Han Qianli shook his head helplessly, not bothering to talk nonsense with this kind of person, jumping clown, Han Qianli didn't even have the desire to deal with him.

    During the filming, the two were like a pair of sweet lovers, the various poses were filled with a sweet atmosphere, making Xu Tong, who was also a woman, envious, she had never thought of getting married, but seeing Han Qianli and Su Yingxia, the idea of getting married sprouted in her heart, she also wanted to wear a beautiful wedding dress and complete this sweet thing with her prince charming.

    At this time, Su Yingxia suddenly said to Han Qianqian, "How about you kneel down and we take a special one?"

    Han Giangli didn't know what Su Yingxia wanted, so naturally she tried her best to cooperate, and after kneeling down on both knees, she asked, "What else do you want to do?"

    Su Yingxia said helplessly, "Who wants you to kneel down on both knees, it's not like you're making a mistake, when you make a mistake in the future, I'll make you kneel on the scrubs."

    Han Qianli smiled awkwardly and lifted one leg, turning it into a one-knee kneeling motion.

    Su Yingxia stretched out her right hand, and Han Giangli knew without reminding her to take her hand.

    At this moment, Su Yingxia's eyelashes trembled slightly, and her eyes suddenly filled with glittering tears.

    Han Three thousand saw the situation, the heart suddenly anxious, how come she cried for no reason, is she not doing the right thing?

    "I ......"

    "I do."Su Yingxia snapped.

    Han three thousand was struck by lightning, he finally understood what Su Yingxia was trying to do, kneeling down on one knee, just one ring was missing, but the form of the proposal Han three thousand could feel it.

    These three words, Han 3,000 had never thought that they could come from Su Yingxia's mouth.

    And now, it has actually happened, which is incomparable to Han 3,000 years old.

    At this moment, Su Yingxia expressed her true willingness to marry Han Three Thousand.

    For three years, the two of them had progressed, but in the end, they hadn't reached the point of being a true couple, and now, Han Qianli knew that he and Su Yingxia's life paths were completely fused together.

    From this moment on, they were a true couple.

    "I, I forgot to bring the ring."Han Giangli said excitedly.

    Su Yingxia wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, shook her head and said, "I don't want the ring, as long as I have you, I'll take anything."

    The corners of Han Three Thousand's eyebrows quivered, and the fluorescence in her eyes shone as she couldn't help but hug Su Yingxia.

    "Three years, all my hard work in these three years has finally paid off, God, I, Han Third Thousand, will never let Su Yingxia suffer another half-hearted grievance in my life."Han Three Thousand Thousand turned to the heavens, the humiliation of the past three years dissipating at this moment.

    For three whole years, who could understand what Han Three Thousand's concealment meant, he didn't care about any humiliation, he smiled even when he was being ridden on his head, all of this was for Su Yingxia, and now, he finally got what he wanted.

    Hundreds of flowers bloom in the world, can't beat your smile.

    The two of them laughed and wept, all the barriers of the past three years, in the middle of this laughing and tears into nothing.

    Xu Tong secretly wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, although she couldn't understand how Han Giang and Su Yingxia felt, but this atmosphere made her very touched.

    "Brother Chen, she's actually happy."Xu Tong said.

    Yang Chen nodded, outsiders all said that Su Yingxia was aggrieved by a waste man's entry into the family, but who could know that she was actually happy, and the average person couldn't even experience it.

    "Perhaps the entire Cloud City's perception of Han Qianli is wrong, and this time, we might have a chance to see what kind of person Han Qianli is."Yang Chen said, the boss's wife deliberately brought up the auction, and Yang Chen knew that this was the boss's wife deliberately wanting to embarrass Han Three Thousand.

    If he wasn't a loser, then this auction would probably be able to witness what Han Third Thousand was capable of.

    At this time, the man and woman from earlier had arrived at the wedding dress shop, and when she saw that the wedding dress in the window was gone, the woman's mood instantly dropped to the bottom.

    The truth told her that the wedding dress she had just seen was indeed real, and to say it was a fake was just self-consolation.

    "Boss lady, was the wedding dress really bought?"The man reluctantly asked the owner's wife.

    "Yeah, did you guys see that?"The boss lady said.

    The man had to bow his head before the truth, and now thinking about his mockery of Han Marchand was like a slap in the face.

    "I don't know how that woman fell for him, but I heard that the woman is a chairman of the board, and that man, he's just a little white guy."The boss lady said disdainfully.

    "A little white guy?"Hearing this, the man regained his confidence, the wedding dress he bought wasn't expensive, but it was his own money, if Han 3000 was really a little white guy, what else could he compare it to?

    "Boss lady, are you saying that the money for the wedding dress was paid for by a woman?"

    "He's the one who swiped the card, but the money should be the woman's,"The boss's wife said.

    "Honey, I was right, that guy looks like a loser, how could he be rich, but I didn't expect him to be so low class as to be a patsy for someone."The man chuckled.

    "By the way, the auction I told you guys about earlier, he might want to attend it too, and he's even bragging to me about shooting the eternity, so if you guys want to see a good show then, you can go check it out."The boss lady knew that it was the woman's jealousy that caused them to make a special trip to inquire about this matter, so she mentioned the auction, and a few more people going to see the little white man's excitement wasn't a bad thing.

    "If he's going, of course I'm going too, this kind of little white face shames men, I'd like to see what he can auction off."The man said.

    After a full day of shooting, Han Qianli and Su Yingxia returned to the hotel, exhausted, Su Yingxia didn't want to move after lying on the bed, Han Qianli could only order a meal to be delivered to the room.

    "I didn't think that taking wedding photos was actually a hard work, how come I didn't feel it before."Su Yingxia was paralyzed on the bed in a large font, not even willing to move her fingers.

    Han Giangli was in good condition, although she was also a little tired, but not so tired that she was like Su Yingxia.

    "Three years ago, you probably hated to kill me,"Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

    There was no longer a mustache between Su Yingxia and Han Three Thousand, so there was nothing to avoid when it came to this matter, saying straightforwardly, "I didn't even know what your name was at the time, how could I accept it when you suddenly came into my life."

    Han Qianli nodded in understanding, if it were him, he wouldn't be able to accept this kind of thing, which was why he would let Su Yingxia in every way.

    "By the way, why did grandpa insist that I marry you, do you know grandpa?"Su Yingxia asked curiously.

    Han 3000's relationship with the Su family's old man wasn't deep, the initial entry into the family was actually a coincidence in Han 3000's opinion, saying, "I only got to know him after I arrived in Cloud City, and it was him who took the initiative to mention the entry into the family."

    Su Yingxia didn't ask any more questions, because the next question would probably involve some things that Han 3000 didn't want to talk about, Su Yingxia wouldn't force Han 3000 to tell her, she knew that when the time was right, she would naturally be able to know what she wanted to know.

    "I'm tired, let's rest for a while."Su Yingxia said.

    "Rest, I'm going out."Han Three Thousand said.

    After leaving the hotel, Han Three Thousand headed towards the auction company, since he had to attend the auction, he had to know about it first, and this kind of auction should require an entrance ticket, which had to be prepared beforehand.

    Although the necklace called Eternity hadn't been seen before, what he said about it being worth buying by that name was definitely not a joke.

His True Colors Chapter 280

The Shipping Auction Company had a huge influence in Huaxia, it could be said to be the largest auction company, it had branches and auction grounds in many big cities, the annual flow of auctions was as high as ten billion, there were even many relics and antiques flowing out from the Shipping Auction Company, it had an extraordinary status in the auction world, and not only that, its influence in the international arena was not small, legend had it that the owner of the Shipping Auction Company had bought a small country because of its incredible financial power, of course, such rumors had not been confirmed.

    "I'm looking for the head of your company."Han 3,000 stood at the entrance of the company and said to the security guard.

    The company's security guards were highly trained to treat anyone with courtesy and never appeared to be a dog's-eye view, as the Air Ocean Auction Company's aim was that anyone was a potential customer and couldn't be offended, and the richer they were, the more low-key they were, and they weren't willing to take the risk of offending any rich person.

    "Do you have an appointment, sir?"The security guard asked Han Marchant.

    "No."Han Marchiang said.

    "If you don't have an appointment, I'm afraid it's a bit difficult to see the person in charge, but I can give you a notice."The security guard said.

    Han Three thousand was a little surprised at the attitude of the security guard, he opened his mouth to see the person in charge, the security guard was still very polite to him, the big companies were really different, they were very strict with the training of their ordinary employees, unlike some small companies that thought they were above the rest.

    "Thank you."Han Qianli also responded politely.

    The security guard left a short while later, and a middle-aged man followed him back.

    "Hello, I'm the head of the Keystone Island branch, Liu Zhang, may I ask what you want to see me about?"Liu Zhang asked.

    "I'm interested in the Eternal Necklace you have here, but I've never been to an auction before, so I'm not too sure about the process, I guess I need to verify the assets within, right?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "Sir, please follow me."Liu Zhang said with a smile, those who dared to take an interest in Eternity must be of good strength, and it was natural for such a noble guest to be brought to the VIP room to be received.

    Arriving at the VIP room, Liu Zhang explained to Han Qianqian, "For asset verification, it can actually be done on the spot, but since you're here in person, I can tell you the rules of the auction."

    "Go ahead."Han Marchian said.

    "The seats in the auction venue are divided into five areas, where the top VIP seats must have assets over one billion, and ......"

    Before Liu Zhang spoke, Han Qianqiang interrupted him and pulled out a bank card and said, "I should be qualified to sit in the top VIP seat."

    After receiving the bank card, Liu Zhang handed it to the beautiful assistant beside him and said with a smile, "Sir, if you are interested in the Eternal Necklace, wait until it is verified, I can take you to see it in advance, you have the chance to appraise it, this is a privilege that only top VIPs have."

    "No need, I like the word eternal, I don't care as to what kind of thing it is,"Han 3,000 said.

    Liu Zhang had met all sorts of rich people and had contact with all sorts of personalities, but he had never heard of this kind of statement from Han Qianqian, just two words, and he was willing to throw money at it?This had to make Liu Zhang think that he was joking.

    The assistant quickly returned to the VIP room, and was obviously a little more cautious about Han Marchand's attitude.

    "Eleven figures."The assistant said to Liu Zhang.

    Hearing these four words, Liu Zhang stared at him, this was a super heavy VIP, he didn't expect someone so rich to actually take the initiative to come to him!

    "Sir, I apologize for my rudeness earlier."Liu Zhang didn't show any disdain, he just thought in his heart that Han 3,000 was joking, but even so, he still sent his apologies to Han 3,000, this was the attitude of Airyang towards its valuable customers.

    Han Marchan smiled, took the bank card, and said, "Your company is the most shelfless I've ever seen, or else the security guards would've kicked me out, there aren't many companies where you can meet the person in charge with one word."

    Liu Zhang was sweating, before he thought that this kind of rule of the company would be troublesome, but now it seems that the boss set such a system is not unreasonable ah, like the precious guest in front of him, offend one, the loss is unimaginable.

    "Our company is committed to serving every guest, this is what we should do, what else do you need, you can bring it up now, I will try to meet it."Liu Zhang said.

    "No more, already got the top VIP position, what's there not to satisfy."Han Giangli smiled.

    "It's the right thing to do, it should be."Liu Zhang said evenly, he still appreciated people like Han Qianqian who had money but not half a rack, unlike some of the profiteers who didn't have a few dollars but still looked like they were dragging the sky.

    "I'll leave first."

    Liu Zhang and his assistant both sent Han Marchant to the company's entrance and watched him leave.

    "Mr. Liu, this young man walking down the street doesn't look like a rich man at all ah."The assistant said to Liu Zhang.

    "The richer you are, the more low-key you are, but he's too rich and so young, and I don't know which family's young master he is."Liu Zhang said.

    The assistant sighed and said, "It's just a pity, looking at his appearance, he should already have a woman he likes."

    Liu Zhang looked at the assistant and said with a smile, "It's not that I look down on you, it's not bad if you can find a man with ten million assets, don't even think about someone like this."

    At this time, the company came back to a man and a woman, they were the couple who had met up with Han Qianqian at the wedding spot earlier.

    "I want to see you guys in charge."Ma Yan said to Liu Zhang with a toe-curling look.

    Liu Zhang was stunned and said, "I am, may I ask what you want to see me about?"

    "I'm going to attend the auction in a few days, so you can arrange a better place for me."Ma Yan said.

    The stark contrast between the low-key Han 3000 in the front and the Zhang Yang Ma Yan in the back made Liu Zhang a little helpless.

    A look at the kind of person like Ma Yan is half watering hole, not many money, but instead still looks arrogant and domineering.

    "No problem, but we need to verify your assets first."Liu Zhang said.

    "In this card, there are more than 20 million, if you don't believe it, just take it to verify."Ma Yan said.

    More than twenty million was an astronomical amount for ordinary common people, but for someone like Liu Zhang who dealt with rich people all day long, it really wasn't much.

    And more than twenty million was just an entry, and the seats that could be obtained were the lowest level.

    "No need to verify, you can sit in section five."Liu Zhang said.

    "Section five?Is it high class?"Ma Yan asked.

    "Anyone with assets under fifty million is only in District 5."Liu Zhang explained.

    "Wouldn't that be the bottom position?"Ma Yan said with dissatisfaction.

    "I'm really sorry, this is the company's rules."Liu Zhang said with an apologetic face.

    Ma Yan didn't come here today to take the lowest position, how could he sit in a place that held up his cards, he attended the auction to see Han Qianli's jokes, and how could he not reflect his superiority in the position.

    "How about you help me arrange a better seat and I'll give you some benefits?"Ma Yan said.

    "If you want to sit in section four, it's not impossible, but you have to make sure you get a lot, regardless of its value."Liu Zhang said.

    Section five was actually a place for people to watch, most people wouldn't bid, the meaning of these people's existence was to reveal the auction site to the outside world, because the really rich and well off wouldn't promote these things, in order to be able to reveal the insides of the auction in order to increase the company's influence, it was necessary to have this kind of people who made the fun exist, so the only way for Ma Yan to raise his seat level was to bid.

    Of course, this kind of rule was set for people like Ma Yan who didn't have enough assets, while those rich people, whether they bid or not, had enough potential power to sit in a higher ranked seat.

    That made Ma Yan hesitate, because there was no upper limit to bidding on such things, and even if you picked a cold lot, you might not be able to take it at a low price, which was a big risk.

    "What are you still hesitating for, aren't you even going to give me this much face to fight for?"Pan Yunyun looked at Ma Yan with dissatisfaction, she had lost once before on the wedding dress, and she didn't want to lose again in the auction.

    "Fine, I promise, it's just to buy one thing, can't I still afford it?"When Ma Yan saw that Pan Yun Yun was dissatisfied, he immediately agreed.

His True Colors Chapter 281 

For this kind of people who want to die to save face and suffer, Liu Zhang is deeply helpless, 20 million to buy a lot in the auction, enough to make him bleed money, what is the use of this meaningless face to earn?

    "If you're sure, you'll have to pay a deposit of one million up front, and if you don't bid successfully, the deposit won't be refunded."Liu Zhang reminded.

    "Where is all this nonsense, do you look down on me?"Ma Yan said with dissatisfaction.

    Liu Zhang shook his head and said, "In that case, please follow me."

    At this time, even the assistant couldn't help but secretly shake her head, if Han Qianqiang hadn't appeared, this matter would have been seen as a joke at most by her, but after having a comparison, the difference was ridiculous.

    A person with a ten billion figure is low-key and cultivated, but this twenty million figure is still arrogant and unbelievable.

    When Han 3,000 returned to the hotel, Su Yingxia was already asleep, snoring thunderously, looking like she was truly exhausted.

    This is the unknown side of the goddess, who would have thought that a beautiful woman like Su Yingxia would still snore when she was sleeping?

    In the other room, Yang Chen and the boss's wife were resting on the bed after warming up, this was the relationship between the two of them, taking each other and not getting involved after each of them were satisfied.

    "Yang Chen, tell me what's going on with this Su Yingxia."The boss lady asked curiously.

    "The Su family is in Cloud City, it's a second-tier family, in the past, Su Yingxia wasn't too heavily used by the family, but I don't know what happened to the Su family recently, she became the chairman of the board, but now her company isn't having a good time either, she was targeted by another group of people, and now the entire company is hollowed out."Yang Chen said, what he understood was just some skin deep, as for the internal situation of the Su family, he, an outsider, was not too clear.

    "Where's Han 3000?"The boss lady continued to ask.

    "He joined the Su family three years ago, and the entire Cloud City is laughing at him, calling him a wimp, as to who he really is, I'm not sure."Yang Chen said.

    "This kind of man is too thick-skinned, being a little white face is a disgrace to the whole city, he actually has the face to stay in the Su Family."The boss lady sat up, her exquisite figure in full view, but she wasn't shy at all in front of this old lover, after all, she was an experienced woman, and there was no way that the shyness that only young girls had could appear on her.

    "It's really hard to figure out, but a recent incident has caused many people to be impressed by him."Yang Chen said, before he didn't inform the boss's wife about the plaza, he actually wanted her to make things difficult to see if he could see what Han Qianli could do, but now that there was already an auction, he felt the need to warn the boss's wife to avoid her from going too far, after all, he would still come to Keystone Island in the future, and with the boss's wife there was at least a chance for warmth.

    "What is it?"The lady boss asked with extreme curiosity.

    "There is a man named Jiang Fu in Cloud City who is very rich and he united a group of people with the same identity to deal with Han Qianqian and made Han Qianqian kneel down in the most crowded square to apologize to him, this matter made a lot of noise in Cloud City, that day there were tens of thousands of people gathered inside and outside the square to watch the fun, guess what happened in the end?"Yang Chen deliberately sold out.

    The boss's wife sat close to him and deliberately sold a shy attitude, saying, "You big bad guy, still selling me off, say what you have to say quickly, or else you won't want to get out of bed tomorrow."

    Yang Chen laughed, hugged the boss's wife's small waist and said, "Those big men, all of them kneeled down in front of Han Qianli, and the people in the square were all dumbfounded."

    "Kneel down for him?"The boss lady looked startled and said, "How could those rich people kneel down to a little white man?"

    "That's what's strange, someone in Cloud City is now saying that Han 3000 isn't actually a little white guy, he's just hiding his identity for so many years in the Su family, and as for whether it's true or not, there's no definitive news on that yet."Yang Chen said.

    The boss's wife had a serious expression, she felt strange when she saw Han Qianqian wearing a suit, that kind of aura could never be something that a wimp could have, it must be an aura that had a certain status and only after years of cultivation.

    Could it be that he was really a powerful character who concealed his identity.

    But why would such a powerful person want to join the Su family?Could the family behind him approve of such a disgraceful thing?

    "That's interesting, I wonder if he can amaze me at the auction the day after tomorrow, if he can really buy the Eternal Necklace, that would be interesting."The boss lady said with an expectant face.

    "The assets of the Su family, the funds that can be used, definitely doesn't exceed 500 million, if he can really buy the Eternal Necklace, this money definitely has nothing to do with the Su family."Yang Chen was also curious as to whether or not Han Qianli could do this.

    "If I were to have a dewy fling with this kind of person, would I still need to work hard to open a bridal shop?"The boss lady laughed.

    Yang Chen didn't treat her as his woman, all her private life Yang Chen never cared, but in this matter, Yang Chen had to remind her and said, "I advise you better get rid of this idea, so you don't have to take a chance."

    "Am I not tempting enough for a mother?"The boss lady stood up and deliberately struck a demure pose.

    "If he's really a big man and willing to stay in the Su Family to be humiliated, is there anything worth attempting in the Su Family other than because of Su Yingxia?"Yang Chen smiled.

    "This is still a love child?"Hearing this, the boss's wife was deflated, although she was confident in her looks and figure, she was still a far cry from Su Yingxia, if Han Qianli wasn't the type of person who liked to seek pleasure in flowers, she couldn't have half a chance.

    "I don't know if it's a love child or not, but I'm a beast now, want to see it?"Yang Chen pulled the boss's wife into his arms, and the room was once again filled with rippling ambiguity.

    Su Yingxia slept until close to 10 p.m. before waking up, opening her eyes in a daze and saying she was hungry, Han Giang quickly called room service.

    "How long have I been sleeping, what time is this?"Su Yingxia rolled her eyes at Han Qianli's question.

    "It's not too late, it's not even dawn yet."Han Qianqian smiled.

    Hearing Han Giangli ridicule herself, Su Yingxia said with an apologetic face, "I'm sorry, I was going to accompany you out for a stroll."

    "There's still plenty of time to stroll around after the wedding dress shoot, there's no rush."Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia was very worried about the company, so her plan was to return to Cloud City after the shoot, but hearing Han Qianli say that, it seemed like she still had to stay on Kiyan Island to play, which made her feel uneasy.

    "Can I make a phone call to go back to Cloud City?"Su Yingxia said.

    "Didn't we agree before to leave Cloud City behind for the time being?"Han Giangli said that he could meet Su Yingxia's other requests, but not this one, because he had come to Kiyan Island to take wedding photos as a make-up honeymoon, and since it was a honeymoon period, how could he be disturbed by other things.

    "Alright."Su Yingxia no longer insisted and slumped his head and said.

    "Don't worry, things are going very well in Cloud City, and when you go back, you'll be able to see a brand new company, and it's definitely developing very well."Han Qianqiang said, although he didn't go to learn about the situation in Cloud City, with Zhong Liang and Qin Lin there was no need to worry at all.

    After the waiter brought in food, Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian ate dinner together and then rested.

    The next day, the wedding photography according to the original plan, tomorrow is the auction, so there will be a day's delay, Su Yingxia in order to be able to return to Yun City as soon as possible, let Yang Chen to speed up the progress of the wedding photography some, the next day's shooting, undoubtedly more tiring, back to the hotel Su Yingxia has been completely exhausted, or Han three thousand carry her back.

    Su Yingxia's mind, Han Qianli saw through it without breaking it, and let her go.

    On the day of the auction, Han Qianli attended the formal dress, Su Yingxia also put on a western-style dress, the couple became a beautiful scenery moving.

    At the entrance of the auction hall, Ma Yan and Pan Yunyun deliberately arrived very early, but did not enter, paid a million deposit to get the fourth area of the position, if not with Han 3000 to enter, it would be a big loss, how also have to show off in front of Han 3000.

His True Colors Chapter 282

"The soft eaters are here."Without waiting long, Pan Yunyun saw Han Qianli and Su Yingxia and reminded Ma Yan in a low voice.

    Ma Yan proudly straightened his collar, and when he saw Su Yingxia, he once again fell into envy and jealousy of Han Three Thousand because of Su Yingxia's beauty, why should such a little white guy be able to hook up with a great beauty, while he was rich and wealthy, yet he found a wife with an average posture?

    In front of Su Yingxia, Pan Yunyun was so ashamed of herself that she couldn't raise her head, because she wasn't just losing her posture to Su Yingxia, but also her status as well, when the boss's wife learned that Su Yingxia was even the chairman of the company, Pan Yunyun lost her desire to compete with Su Yingxia, but she still had one thing that could be compared to Su Yingxia, and that was her husband.

    Although Ma Yan wasn't a top-notch rich man, he was more than enough to be compared to Han Qianqian, who was a soft eater.

    "What a coincidence, I didn't expect you guys to come to the auction."Ma Yan said with a smile to Han Three Thousand.

    "So coincidental that you deliberately waited for me here, indeed it's quite a coincidence, didn't make you wait too long, right?"Han Giangli smiled.

    Ma Yan's eyes were cold, the fact that this was seen through was somewhat embarrassing to him.

    "I'm not talking to you, you're a soft-serve guy who embarrasses our men, who's happy to talk to you."Ma Yan said coldly.

    "Why do I hear a sour taste of envy, you don't want to be like me, being a little white guy eating soft food, do you?"Han Giangli said.

    Ma Yan showed a mocking expression, this guy was proud of such a humiliating thing as eating soft food, it really was a case of people being so cheap that they were invincible.

    "With tens of millions of dollars in my possession, do I still need to eat soft food?You don't think all men in the world are like you, what a joke."Ma Yan scoffed.

    Han Qianli shrugged helplessly and said, "The auction is about to start, if you want to continue blowing at the entrance, I'm fine with that, but please get out of my way."

    Ma Yan smiled proudly and said, "You should enter as well, otherwise the spot in section five will be taken, but I'm not worried, the spot in section four isn't something ordinary people can do."

    Han Qianli finally knew why he was deliberately waiting at the entrance, it was because he had such a small mind, but this kind of behavior of Ma Yan was really incomprehensible to Han Qianli, didn't he have a brain?Comparing money and seats to someone who can buy a two million dollar wedding dress?

    "Right."Han Three Thousand Thousand gave Ma Yan a thumbs up.

    Getting Han 3000's approval, Ma Yan was even more proud, not thinking at all about what position Han 3000 would be sitting in, he treated Han 3000 as a little white guy but didn't think about Su Yingxia's identity, even if Han 3000 didn't compare him with his own possessions, even if it was Su Yingxia, Ma Yan couldn't compare, he was completely overwhelmed by Pan Yunyun's desire to show off his revenge.

    After the four of them entered together, Han 3000 saw Yang Chen and the boss's wife in section 5, and Yang Chen was still waving at him.

    Ma Yan's feeling of superiority intensified at the sight of them and reminded Han Qianli, "Your friend is calling you, so why don't you go."

    At this moment, a staff member in a white shirt walked up to Han Qianqian.

    "Mr. Han, this way please."The staff member said respectfully.

    Han 3,000 nodded and went with the staff.

    "What's with all the boring people."Su Yingxia said helplessly and puzzlingly as she took Han Three Thousand's hand.

    Han 3000 smiled faintly, although this kind of thing seemed idiotic, he had seen more idiotic things, especially those rich kids who had been spoiled by their families since childhood and acted even more ridiculously, they acted like three year olds who hadn't grown up.

    "Ma Yan doesn't know how much money he spent to be able to sit in District 4, and he'll definitely feel at a disadvantage if he doesn't show off in front of us,"Han Giangli explained with a smile.

    At this time, Su Yingxia still didn't know what seat she was about to go to and said, "Is it any different where you sit, it's so strange."

    "Of course it's different, remember the look in these people's eyes right now."Han Giangli said.

    The eyes?

    Many people who looked at them had doubts in their eyes, some men also clearly showed color, but in Su Yingxia's opinion, nothing unusual ah, doubts because they didn't know each other, as for lust, Su Yingxia had already gotten used to it, after all, she was known as the number one beauty in Cloud City.

    "Where are we going?"Su Yingxia asked.

    "You'll know soon enough."

    Pan Yunyun, who was watching Han Giangli and Su Yingxia's back, couldn't help but ask at this point, "Where are they going?"

    Ma Yan frowned tightly, he also wanted to know this question, no one came to greet the VIPs in Area 4, but there were people to greet Han Giang and Su Yingxia, which meant that the area they were sitting in was even more advanced than Area 4!

    "This little white face is really f**king lucky, my one million is considered a drift."Ma Yan said through gritted teeth.

    The sight of Yang Chen and the boss's wife, who had already taken their seats in section five, had also been following Han Qianli, and they knew that they wouldn't be seated in section five, and it became curious where they were.

    "Where do you suppose they can sit?"The boss lady asked Yang Chen.

    "If he really wants to shoot the Eternal Necklace, sitting at the top VIP shouldn't be a problem."Yang Chen took a deep breath and said.

    If it was based on this deduction, they could indeed sit in the top VIP seats, but the boss's wife had always been skeptical about the matter of Han Qianli wanting to shoot the Eternal Necklace, after all, Yang Chen had already told her about the value of Su Yingxia's company, Han Qianli wanted to take a woman's money to save face, two million wasn't much, but hundreds of millions of dollars that wasn't something Su Yingxia could afford.

    "Who are these two, I've never seen them before, they actually have the strength to sit in the top VIP position."

    "Without a billion or more, there is no qualification to sit there, is this young man still a top-tier rich second generation?"

    "To be taken so seriously by the auctioneer, it looks like he's planning to spend a huge amount of money to get a smile on his red face, today's finale is interesting, I heard that Lu Xun is also interested in the Eternal Necklace."

    Lu Xun was a famous rich second generation in Keystone Island, the richest man on this island, his family's industry in Keystone Island occupied almost thirty percent of the entire Keystone Island, his financial power was amazing, and he had let it be known early on that he wanted to take the Eternal Necklace, which was a reminder to others not to compete with him Lu Xun.

    "He ...... he's actually sitting in the top VIP seat."Seeing Han Qianqian take his seat, Ma Yan was so angry that his eyes were green, spending a million dollars to get the fourth area, becoming ridiculous in front of the top VIP, money spent without getting any benefit, only the heavens could understand how hard Ma Yan felt at this time.

    "This woman, is she rich to this extent?"Pan Yunyun was unconvinced, a billion dollar door bar she just sat down, the difference in status was no longer something she could imagine.

    More of Ma Yan's eyes gathered on Han Qianqian, as he knew he couldn't compare to Su Yingxia, so he could only find psychological comfort in Han Qianqian, a soft-skinned little white face.

    "This kind of man is just lucky to have met the gods blind,"Ma Yan said hatefully.

    On the other side, the boss's wife and Yang Chen had different expressions as Yang Chen had already expected this outcome, but the last bit of luck that the boss's wife was holding on to was completely ashes away.

    "Looks like your guess is going to win the lottery, Su Yingxia, the chairman, is the second, he's the master ah."The boss lady exclaimed.

    "Whether it's the Lord or not, we'll know when the auction starts later."Yang Chen said, even so, he wasn't sure that his guess was correct, because it didn't cost anything to sit in that seat, unless Han Qianqiang really could shoot the Eternal Necklace.

    After taking a seat Su Yingxia was a bit puzzled as there were quite a few people in the other areas, but here, only the two of them were present.

    "Why isn't anyone else sitting here?"Su Yingxia asked.

    "You look at those people's eyes again now."Han Giang said in reply to her question.

    Although Su Yingxia didn't understand what Han Giang's words meant, she still looked at them according to Han Giang's words, which made her realize that those doubts she had before had turned into shock, and the lustful intentions of certain men had now been reduced and had some fear in their expressions.

    "They ...... what's wrong with them?"Su Yingxia asked strangely.

His True Colors Chapter 283

"This is a top VIP spot, you have to be worth over a billion to sit here, and they've never seen us before, so naturally they'll be surprised."Han Giangli explained with a smile.

    One billion in possession to be able to sit here!

    Su Yingxia's eyes became the same as everyone else's, because with her family, it was clearly substandard, which meant that being able to sit here was not because of her, but because of Han Qianli.

    One billion, even for the Su family, it was an unattainable amount, but he ......

    Su Yingxia took a deep breath to calm her nerves.

    "Actually, I'm very rich."Han Giangli smiled.

    Su Yingxia nodded her head, she had guessed that Han Qianli was rich after she bought the hillside villa, but she hadn't expected to be rich to such an extent.

    After the auction officially started, quite a few items caused intense bidding, but these things Han 3000 was not interested, since he came for the Eternal Necklace, he wouldn't make a move until the necklace made an appearance.

    At this time, Ma Yan was very bitter, paying a one million deposit, he naturally didn't want to lose one million hard, if he could get a lot, at least he wouldn't lose too much, but as of now, there wasn't any lot worth less than three million, which didn't even give Ma Yan a chance to make a move, but it made Ma Yan very anxious.

    It's a loss to Ma Yan, who only likes flashy surfaces, if he buys these items, what's the difference between them and trash.

    Ma Yan had already repented to the point of being blue in the gut, and hated Han Qianqian even more, if it wasn't for Han Qianqian, he wouldn't have had to spend a million to fight for this face.

    "Honey, are we going to lose a million hard?"Pan Yunyun said in frustration, this million, how many bags, how many cosmetics must it be.

    "What else can we do?Do you see any bargains for us to buy?"Ma Yan gritted his teeth and said, blaming Pan Yunyun a bit in his heart, but if Pan Yunyun hadn't irritated him the day before yesterday, how could he have taken a million to pay the deposit?

    "Cheap?There's no cheap stuff in this auction, so if you want to pick up the pieces, you've come to the wrong place."The bystander heard Ma Yan's words and said disdainfully.

    Ma Yan took a glance at the man, fat-headed and wearing gold and silver, with a tattooed dragon and tiger little brother-looking society man by his side, he didn't dare to mess with him, and could only pretend that he heard nothing about this mockery.

    A piece of the auction fell into the hands of the buyer, a small half day passed, the main event will finally debut, and at this time, a young man arrived belatedly, looking at the age is the twenty-five or six range, and followed by a woman wearing an unusually sexy dress.

    "Lu Xun is here."

    "It looks like he's changed girlfriends again, he changes girlfriends more often than we change clothes ah."

    "There's no telling how many women are waiting in line for him on Kiyan Island right now, can they not be diligent?"

    There was more or less some envy between these words, because Lu Xun's life was one that almost all men aspired to, there was no shortage of money to spend, and there was never a shortage of women around.

    "Lu Xun, are you planning to buy anything today?"The sexy woman beside her asked to Lu Hoon, a trip she had no idea about before, mistaking it for a surprise from Lu Hoon and feeling a little excited.

    "Don't you know that an Eternal Necklace is being auctioned today?"Lu Xun said.

    The sexy woman was so surprised that she couldn't say anything, as early as half a month ago, the auctioneer had started speculating about the Eternal Necklace, and now everyone in all of Keystone Island knew about it, and from the photos that came out of the auction company, the Eternal Necklace was very beautiful and something that all women wanted to get.

    "You ...... are giving me such an expensive gift?"The sexy woman was so excited that she stuttered in her speech.

    Lu Xun sneered with disdain and said, "Give it to you, you don't weigh your own identity, it was bought to give to my future wife."

    The sexy woman's expression became instantly embarrassed upon hearing this, but she herself knew that being able to have sex with Lu Xun and get some money and vanity satisfaction was already enough, where would she dare to expect to be able to marry into the Lu family?

    "I don't know what kind of woman would be able to marry you, she's just too happy."The sexy woman was still holding Lu Xun's hand as she said this, even though she knew that Lu Xun wouldn't have true feelings for her, she was still willingly staying by Lu Xun's side.

    "That's natural, my woman is bound to be the happiest under the heavens."Lu Xun said proudly.

    When the staff led the two to the top VIP spot, Lu Hoon didn't expect that there were actually two people already sitting here, and they were still unfamiliar faces.

    Han Giangli he directly chose to ignore and kept his eyes on Su Yingxia, who was a cut above the woman beside him in terms of temperament and looks, which caused a smile to spread across Lu Xun's face.

    As long as there wasn't a woman he wanted but couldn't get in Keystone Island, even if the other party already had a boyfriend or even a husband, it didn't matter.

    Lu Xun shook off the sexy beauty's hand and walked over to Su Yingxia, saying with a gentleman's smile, "Beauty, I haven't seen you before, are you on vacation at Keystone Island?"

    Su Yingxia found that Lu Hoon's eyes lingered on his chest, the first feeling was very bad for him, and said coldly, "I already have a husband."

    When Lu Hoon heard this, it was only then that he reluctantly looked at Han Giang and continued, "It doesn't matter, I don't care if I have a son even if I want to get the woman Lu Hoon wants, after all, I'm not in love with you."

    This attitude of treating women as playthings made Su Yingxia very annoyed, she hated playboys like Lu Xun the most.

    "I'm not interested."Su Yingxia disdainfully said.

    "Dude, I'm interested in your wife, make a price, although you can sit here, but Keystone Island is my territory, and going against me won't end well."Lu Xun said straightforwardly, he had a lot of bad behavior in Keystone Island, and this was not the first time this had happened, walking down the street as long as he was looked at by Lu Xun, even if the other party was still holding a swaddled baby in his arms, he expressed his attitude in this way, which could be described as arrogant and lawless.

    Han Qianqiang's frosty cold expression looked at Lu Xun like a dead man and said, "If you don't want to die, apologize to my wife."

    "Apologize?"As if Lu Xun had heard an international joke, in Keystone Island, there was actually someone who dared to make him apologize, digging his ears and pretending he didn't hear it, he said, "Dude, try saying what you just said again, I didn't hear you."

    "Apologize if you don't want to die, is that hard to understand?"Han Giangli continued.

    Lu Xun's expression turned gloomy and said, "If you have the guts to talk to me Lu Xun like that, you're the first, I'll make a note of it, I hope you can leave Keystone Island safely."

    The owner's wife of District 5 saw this scene, and although she couldn't hear the conversation between them, she was familiar with Lu Xun's personality and style of doing things, and now I'm afraid that Han Qianqian and him had already clashed because of Su Yingxia.

    "After the auction is over, you should tell them to leave Kiyan Island quickly, Lu Xun's status here is equal to that of an earth emperor, no one can afford to mess with him."The boss lady reminded Yang Chen.

    Yang Chen was familiar with Keystone Island, so he also knew what kind of person Lu Xun was, and in a sense, offending Lu Xun was equivalent to offending the King of Hell.

    "I know, let's wait for the auction to end."Yang Chen said.

    The last lot, the Eternal Necklace, finally made its appearance, the entire necklace was shining brightly, inlaid with countless diamonds, the pendant was even made of a pink diamond the size of a pigeon egg, and although the people present had already seen the pictures, the physical object was even more shocking.

    "I believe everyone has been looking forward to this for a long time, I won't say anything more, the reserve price for the Eternal Necklace is 30 million, you can start bidding now."As the auctioneer's voice fell, sporadic bids began to ring out, but there weren't many, after all, a reserve price like 30 million was just a test of the waters, and most of the bids present were also lining the atmosphere.

    The VIP seats with purchasing power became the focus of attention at this time.


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