His True Colors Chapter 274-276


His True Colors Chapter 274

Sitting in the car back to the hillside villa, Su Yingxia hadn't gotten out of the emotions she was feeling, as if Jiang Fu was still kneeling in front of her, this incredible and unbelievable situation made her feel as if she was dreaming, she didn't even dare to pinch her thighs for fear of waking up.

    "What's wrong?"Seeing Su Yingxia's stunned expression, Han Giangli asked with a smile.

    "Miichan, am I dreaming?"Su Yingxia asked numbly.

    Han Giangli smiled and said, "Of course not, when we get home, we'll buy tickets to Kiyan Island, and we'll make up the wedding photos first."

    "But what about the company?Don't you care what happens to the company?"Su Yingxia asked, although this matter of the square came to an end, but now the Su Family Company is still facing a huge crisis, how can Su Yingxia feel at ease when going to Kiyan Island at such a time.

    "I've asked a friend to help, in two days he will bring a group of people to Cloud City to take over the company's affairs, his men are all elites, just leave it to him without worrying."Han Three Thousand said.

    Hearing Han Marchian's words, Su Yingxia suddenly buried her head in a depressed mood.

    "What's wrong?"Han 3,000 was confused.

    "Three thousand, am I useless, I need you to arrange everything and help me, without you, I would have accomplished nothing at all."Su Yingxia said.

    This made Han Qianqian not know how to pick up the story, Su Yingxia has the current position, it is indeed he secretly prompted, from the weak water property, it was him who step by step allowed Su Yingxia to get to today's position, if only relying on Su Yingxia's own ability, she would never be able to do it.

    "I'm your husband, shouldn't I?"Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia instantly blushed again and secretly pinched Han Qianli's leg, saying, "But I also want to prove myself."

    "But these troubles are caused by me, so it's only right that I step in to solve them,"Han Giangli said.

    Saying so, Su Yingxia's mood brightened, and she lifted her head and said, "Fine, we'll book tickets when we get home, but when your friends will come, I'll have Zhong Qiu receive them."

    "He'll come after we leave,"Han Three Thousand said, this fishy business war, he still didn't want Su Yingxia to be involved.

    Although Han Marchian knew that being overprotective towards Su Yingxia wasn't a good thing, he had to do it because he was a man, Su Yingxia's husband.

    Back at the hillside villa, Jiang Lan had heard about the People's Square and was so excited that she opened a bottle of wine at home to wait for Han 3000.

    Those sisters had called her more than ten times in a row, and each one of them almost always had a pleasing tone, which allowed Jiang Lan to enjoy the feeling of being held in the palm of her hand, a feeling of superiority from on high, which was exactly what Jiang Lan was obsessed with.

    "Three thousand, Yingxia, you guys are back, if you don't come back, the red wine will be past its best tasting time."Lan Jiang warmly greeted the two.

    Su Yingxia looked helplessly at Han Qianqian, yesterday Jiang Lan still had a very bad attitude, but today it's cloudy and sunny, I have to say that she took the word snobbery to the extreme.

    "Mom, you're relieved now."Su Yingxia said.

    "Don't worry, of course I'm relieved, when did I ever worry, I knew that 3000 would definitely be able to solve it."Jiang Lan said with a smile.

    The effort to open her eyes and tell lies was unconvincing, she was close to turning her back on Han 3000, and now she could actually have the audacity to say that she hadn't been worried.

    "I'm not drinking any more wine, I still have to go out,"Han Marchiang said.

    "Where are you going?"Su Yingxia looked at Han Marchant worriedly.

    "It's no big deal, you should book your tickets quickly, it's best if you can leave tomorrow."Han Qianqian said.

    It was only after Han Qianli left that Jiang Lan couldn't help but ask curiously to Su Yingxia, "Where are you going?"

    "I've discussed with Three Thousand, and I'm planning to go for a make-up wedding photo shoot, so I want to go to Kiyan Island."Su Yingxia said, the previous wedding photos Su Yingxia was full of reluctance, she didn't want such a beautiful thing to become a regret.

    "That's a good idea, you're also really, the previous wedding photos were not reluctant, not even a smiley face."Jiang Lan complained to Su Yingxia.

    For Jiang Lan's attitude, Su Yingxia couldn't laugh or cry, back then she was the one who most rejected Han Qianqian's entry into the family, if it wasn't for her grandfather forcing her to take wedding photos, Jiang Lan wouldn't have agreed to this at all, but now, instead, she blamed her.

    "Mom, aren't you forcing me to divorce 3000 now?"Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Lan even waved her hands and said, "What muddle words are you talking about, how can you divorce, you didn't see how powerful Han 3000 is now, even Jiang Fu would kneel to him, how can you divorce, the Su family still has to rely on Han 3000."

    "What if, in the future, Han 3000 suddenly has no money?Do you still think so?"Su Yingxia asked sincerely.

    Jiang Lan's face was curdled, she was a realist, if Han 3000 had no more money or power, she certainly wouldn't put it in her eyes, how could she think this way?

    "I don't answer hypothetical questions,"Jiang Lan said.

    Su Yingxia sighed, Jiang Lan still hadn't acknowledged Han Qianli's identity, it was only because of Han Qianli's current behavior that she had changed her mind about Han Qianli, but Su Yingxia knew that if Han Qianli fell out of favor one day in the future, Jiang Lan wouldn't hesitate to revive her bad attitude towards Han Qianli.

    As a maid in the house, He Ting has no say, but she can't help but sigh when she feels Jiang Lan's attitude, Han Qianli is such a good person that she should be respected whether she has money or not, but all Jiang Lan cares about is superficial things.

    Leaving the villa, Han Three thousand drove to the Weak Water property, Zhong Liang was waiting at the door for a long time, and by his side stood an imposing middle-aged man, Qin Lin!

    Zhong Liang was very familiar with Qin Lin, the two had been close friends for many years, but Zhong Liang had never thought that Qin Lin was able to make his fortune and get to where he was today because of the Han family's young master's secret plan.

    It was too unbelievable that a person who was considered a well-known figure in Yanjing was merely a pawn of the young master.

    To think that when Zhong Liang first learned of this matter, but he was shocked for days and couldn't regain consciousness.

    "Little Young Master."

    "Mr. Han."

    Zhong Liang and Qin Lin both shouted to Han Giang.

    Without saying a word, Han Qianli walked towards the interior of the company.

    In Zhong Liang's office, Han Three Thousand turned his back to the two and asked, "How soon will you be able to handle the company of those people in Cloud City Jiang Fu."

    "Mr. Han, if it's in my name, not three days."Qin Lin said.

    Han Three Thousand turned to look at Qin Lin with cold eyes and said, "Using your name, isn't that the same as exposing my identity?"

    Qin Lin quickly lowered his head and said hesitantly, "Mr. Han, just in the name of the Su family, I'm afraid it won't reach the efficiency you want, after all ......"

    "I'll be gone for a week."Han Qianqiang interrupted Qin Lin's words.

    Qin Lin understood the meaning and said, "Mr. Han, don't worry, one week, Qin Lin will give you a satisfactory explanation."

    "Zhong Liang, you cooperate with Qin Lin, since you guys are old friends, you don't need me to remind you more, you just need to remember one thing, my identity in Cloud City must not be exposed."Han Qianlian reminded.



    After making a simple explanation, Han Qianli left.

    Zhong Liang and Qin Lin were relieved, even though Han Qianli was much younger than them, and with their age, they could have been Han Qianli's elders, they still felt tremendous pressure when facing Han Qianli.

    "Old Qin, I didn't expect that we'd have the chance to work together again now."Zhong Liang said with a smile.

    "It's a rare opportunity, but once we don't get it right, we can't imagine the consequences."Qin Lin said with a sigh.

    Zhong Liang had always been very curious about something, how Han Qianqian had gotten in touch with Qin Lin back then, and how he had made Qin Lin a marionette and stepped up to the ranks of Yanjing's celebrities.

    "Old Qin, can you tell me about what happened back then?"Bell Good wondered.

    "Back then?"Qin Lin's expression gradually became serious, a good man didn't mention his bravery back then, not to mention that the Qin Lin back then wasn't a good man, but just a man who had fallen so far into disgrace that he was sleeping on the streets.

    "Can you imagine, a teenage boy helping me kill those debt collectors?"Qin Lin took a deep breath and said in a heavy tone.

His True Colors Chapter 275

A simple statement that made Zhong Liang stare at his incredulous pupils!

    "That night, it rained heavily, I owed money at the casino, I was chased and almost killed, he was the one who showed up and saved me, he told me if I wanted to be a human being, I was desperate at the time, so even though he was just a kid, I still chose to believe him."Qin Lin continued.

    Zhong Liang frowned, with his understanding, Qin Lin used to be a businessman, and although his business was small, it was considered a successful one, and this downward spiral of Qin Lin's was something he had never heard of before.

    "Didn't you used to have a small company?"Zhongliang asked.

    "People have ambitions, how could I be willing to just be the owner of a small company, it was to expand my circle of friendships, so I came into contact with many different kinds of people, until I walked into a casino and my life started to become gray and devastated,"Qin Lin said.

    "I still don't understand why Young Master chose you."Zhong Liang asked, puzzled, since Qin Lin was only a small boss, why would Han Qianli value him as a pawn?

    "I don't understand why he would open the door to the casino for me."Qin Lin laughed bitterly.

    Zhong Liang once again grew his mouth in shock, Han Qianliang opened the door of the casino for Qin Lin, which meant that the reason why Qin Lin had fallen from grace was Han Qianliang's intentional act, and his appearing to save Qin Lin was a prearranged play.

    How could that be!

    The young master back then was just a child, how could he have such a horrible scheming castle!

    "You now know how terrifying he is, so even if I knew the truth of the matter, I wouldn't dare have the slightest thought of revenge after all these years."Qin Lin said.

    Zhong Liang took a deep breath, feeling more and more that the Han family was a foolish thing to exclude Han Qianqiu, how could Han Jun's abilities possibly compare to Han Qianqiu, he was just a playboy who did nothing but drink and pick up girls, while Han Qianqiu had used up all of his city's resources to create a power of his own.

    Thinking about the way Nangong Qianqiu treated Han Qianqiang, Zhong Liang felt that if Nangong Qianqiu knew about these things, even if she was already dead, she would probably feel incredulous.

    "Nangong Qianqiu has truly done something so stupid that even the entire Yanjing would be shocked by the young master,"Zhong Liang said.

    "Mr. Han is a dead man in Yanjing, but one day, Mr. Han will shake Yanjing, a sleeping tiger isn't scary, but once he wakes up and tigers roar in the South Mountain, it will be the world trembling."Qin Lin said.

    Zhong Liang nodded his head without any doubt, they had felt the fearsome nature of Han 3,000, and all of this was just the tip of the iceberg, who could know how many more pawns he had in the dark?

    Perhaps the world would only know how terrifying the Han family's son really was when he was sharp as a tack.

    "I've never mentioned these things to anyone, so I hope you can help me keep it a secret."Qin Lin reminded Zhong Liang.

    Zhong Liang nodded his head and said, "Don't worry, we've been friends for two years, I won't betray you, and now that we're working together to help the young master, we're considered allies, I'll only be good if you're good."

    "These stupid guys in Cloud City, how dare they offend Han Qianqian, how ridiculous."Qin Lin exclaimed.

    Zhong Liang couldn't help but laugh, it was indeed very ridiculous, Jiang Fu boasted of being a big shot in Cloud City, but what was a big shot like him in the eyes of Young Master?

    After leaving the Weak Water property, Han 3,000 yuan drove to the Tianjia villa area, when Tian Ling'er knew about this matter, she was naturally dancing with excitement, but Tian Changsheng's mood was not high.

    The incident at the People's Square had only just ended, so how could Han Qianxiang suddenly come to the Tian family?

    "Master, what are you doing here?"Tian Changsheng smiled and asked Han Qianqian.

    Tian Ling'er glared at Tian Changsheng and said, "Why are you not making tea when Master is here, why are you asking so many questions?"

    Tian Chang Sheng was helpless at Tian Ling'er's elbow turning outward, this little girl was so focused on Han Qianqian that he, the grandfather, no longer had half a position.

    "Tian Ling'er, I have something to say to your grandfather, do you want to go back to your room and dress up, I'll treat you to dinner later."Han Giangli said.

    Tian Ling'er was instantly excited and said, "Yes, yes, you guys take your time to talk, there's no rush, I still need to put on makeup and pick out clothes."

    Tian Changsheng watched Tian Ling'er leave with a heavy heart as she jumped away, Han Qianli deliberately branching off from Tian Ling'er, clearly something important.

    "Master, have some tea first."Tianchang Sheng tried to control his expression and said to Han 3,000 with a smile.

    When Tianchang Sheng was about to pour tea for Han Three Thousand, Han Three Thousand was the first to pick up the teapot.

    "Master, I'll take care of this little matter."Tian Changsheng quickly said.

    Han Qianli ignored it and poured tea directly for Tian Changsheng, but when the teacups filled up and the tea overflowed, Han Qianli still didn't stop.

    When Tianchang Sheng saw this, he quickly said, "It's full, full."

    Han Qianli finished pouring all the water in the teapot before saying, "It's empty, there's nothing left, trying to get too much, but in the end, I even lost my capital, am I too greedy?"

    How could Tianchang Sheng not understand this battering, with a face as heavy as water, he said, "For the past few years, Jiang Fu has been secretly contacting other mall figures, I know he has long been unwilling to live under the Tian family and wants to bring down the Tian family, but the pattern of Cloud City, even the Tian family doesn't dare to move, once certain balances are broken, it is unknown whether the Tian family will be able to laugh to the end, even if it is to theIn the end, it will be a serious injury, too."

    "Is that why you're using me?"Han Qianli coldly said.

    "No."Tian Changsheng shook his head repeatedly and said, "I didn't mean to use you."

    "Not meaning to, but actually doing so, Tian Changsheng, your words aren't enough to convince me ah."Han Giangli picked up the cup of full tea he had poured down for Tian Changsheng, and the scalding tea passed down his throat, watching Tian Changsheng's eyelids jump and his heart chill!

    "Three Thousand, my intention really wasn't to use you, just to watch a good show as a spectator."Tianchang Sheng said with a hard scalp.

    "I'll drink this cup of tea, but next time, you'll have to weigh your ability to drink it."Han Giangli said.

    Tian Changsheng's forehead was cold and sweaty, he couldn't drink the scalding hot tea, and the meaning Han Qianqian expressed was clear to Tian Changsheng.

    How could someone who could treat himself so ruthlessly and treat his enemies with such ease?

    "Thank you."Tianchang Sheng said.

    "Tell Tian Ling'er for me that I suddenly have an emergency today and owe her a meal."After saying that, Han Qianli stood up and left.

    Tian Changsheng slumped on the sofa, his essence dispirited, he was at least a big man, but when he faced Han Qianxiang, he had the feeling of being invincible.

    What had someone so young gone through to cultivate such ruthlessness.

    Looking at the teacup and imagining the scalding tea, Tianchang Sheng took a deep breath and sighed.

    "With the tiger's skin, this time it was really a risky move that almost harmed the Heavenly Family."Tian Changsheng sighed.

    Soon, the beautifully dressed Tian Ling'er walked to the living room, and when she saw that there was no sign of Han Qianli in the living room, she let out a sigh of relief.

    "Ling'er, Han 3000 suddenly had some urgent business and said he owed you a meal, so he'll treat you next time."Tian Changsheng said.

    Tian Ling'er comforted herself in her heart that Han 3000 had to leave because there was an emergency, not to stand her up, which made her feel better.

    That night, after Tian Hong Hui returned home, he couldn't wait to find Tian Changsheng.

    "Dad, now that Jiang Fu's gang is in big trouble, this move of yours to borrow a knife to kill someone is really good."Tian Honghui said with an admiring face.

    Tian Changsheng's previous complacency had evaporated after Han Qianli came to the Tian family, Jiang Fu would definitely be finished, but his image in Han Qianli's heart had also changed and created a barrier.

    "The Heavenly Family should not interfere in this matter, and the Heavenly Family must not eat this cake, even if it's scraps."Tian Changsheng said.

    "Why?"Tian Honghui looked at Tianchang Sheng in puzzlement, after Jiang Fu those companies are finished, there will definitely be a blank market in Cloud City, if this piece of fatty meat Tian family take advantage of the situation to eat a bite, undoubtedly can make Tian family more solid control of Cloud City.

    "He came to see me today, and ......"

His True Colors Chapter 276

After Tian Changsheng told Tian Honghui what had just happened, Tian Honghui sat down on the sofa with a pale face, especially when Han Qianli drank the scalding hot tea, which made Tian Honghui feel numb.

    If in the past, this kind of frightened attitude of Tian Honghui, Tianchang Sheng would definitely have to teach a few lessons, and those who succeeded in great things should first and foremost be able to do everything without being frightened, but today, Tianchang Sheng was really not qualified to say such words, because even he was overwhelmed by Han Qianli's aura.

    "Dad, is there anything that can be done to make up for this?"Tian Honghui asked, he was very clear about the gap between the Tian family and the Han family, the title of the first family in Cloud City didn't make Tian Honghui lose himself, instead he was able to recognize the situation more clearly and what would happen to him after offending Han 3,000.

    Tian Changsheng sighed, Han Three Thousand wasn't very human, to him, any mending was useless, this crack couldn't be mended no matter what, and he could only try to avoid provoking Han Three Thousand in the future in his dealings.

    "It's useless, with his character, any compensation won't help, we can only leave it to fate next, as long as the Tian family doesn't interfere in these matters in Cloud City, there shouldn't be any major problems."Tian Changsheng said, Han Qianqiang didn't have a villainous heart, since he expressed that this matter was over, he wouldn't use this matter to stir up trouble for the Tian family.

    Tian Honghui nodded his head, since Tian Changsheng had said so, he didn't need to draw snakes, as for the piece of fatty meat that was about to be exposed in Cloud City, the Heavenly Family was as if they couldn't touch it in any way, it was best not to get even a little bit of greasy meat.

    When Han 3,000 returned home, Su Yingxia was already in her room packing her luggage, and it could be seen that she was very excited and looking forward to the trip to Keystone Island, and of course, Han 3,000's mood was similar.

    More than three years into their marriage, Han Qianli had never gone on a trip with Su Yingxia and the two of them, and such a thing as a honeymoon was even more unthinkable in the past.

    "Does this dress look good?"

    "What about this one?"

    "And this one, this one ......"

    Su Yingxia kept asking for Han Qianqian's opinion, to which Han Qianqian only nodded, because to him, Su Yingxia looked good in whatever she wore, and there wasn't half of it worth picking on.

    "You don't even give me an opinion."After asking a few times, Su Yingxia found that Han 3000 said yes to everything and grumbled.

    Han Qianli smiled bitterly and said, "I think it all looks good, do I still have to say it's ugly with a bad conscience?"

    "Am I that good to you?Look good in anything?"Su Yingxia asked.

    Han Qianli nodded his head without hesitation and said, "Of course, even if you don't wear it, it looks good."

    When Su Yingxia heard the word not to wear, she glared at Han Qianli and said coldly, "Can't you think somewhat normally."

    Han Qianqian wanted to say something like isn't this kind of thinking normal, but looking at Su Yingxia's expression, saying it would probably be hammered, so she could only endure it in her heart.

    "By the way, do we need to contact the photographer?It's better to look locally."Han Qianli asked, this matter was very important for this trip, a good photographer could only present good work, and taking replacement wedding photos was the most important thing for Han Qianli at this stage.

    "By the time you think about it, the sun will be setting, I've already contacted the studio, he's very famous in Cloud City, many rich kids get married to him."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Qianli was sweating, he didn't expect Su Yingxia to have thought of this before him, it really was still a woman's heart that was more careful.

    The next day, Han three thousand and Su Yingxia both went to meet the photographer Yang Chen, he also brought a small assistant, named Xu Tong, this trip to follow the photographer, in addition to paying him a fixed amount of money for the photography, there are round-trip airfare and accommodation for the whole trip, but all this money for Han three thousand is a small amount of money.

    Although Yang Chen hadn't met Han 3,000, he was still very familiar with Han 3,000 because he was also a local in Cloud City, and in Cloud City, even a three-year-old child had heard of Han 3,000's glorious deeds, but of course, his previous thoughts had changed drastically after experiencing the incident at People's Square.

    The matter of Jiang Fu kneeling had become a boisterous one that was known all over the city, so after Yang Chen saw Han Three Thousand, he appeared a bit reserved, not daring to show any contempt.

    There was no way to be sure if he was a wimp or not, if he was a small white face or not, whether or not he ate soft rice or not, but what was certain was that he was capable of making Jiang Fu kneel, and that was enough to show that he wasn't simple.

    Xu Tong had also heard of Han Qianqian's reputation long ago, so she was somewhat expectant, or curious, about meeting Han Qianqian today, she wanted to see what kind of person was able to endure three years of humiliation in the Su family.

    When she first saw Han 3,000, Xu Tong was a little surprised, as it didn't fit the picture of Han 3,000 in her mind.

    Although a young white face must possess the element of being handsome, Han Third Thousand's handsomeness was much better than that of an ordinary young white face, and even those on-screen fresh meat couldn't compare to Han Third Thousand in Xu Tong's opinion.

    "Miss Su, we're ready to go at any time."Yang Chen said to Su Yingxia.

    "It's fine if you call me Yingxia, you don't need to call me Miss Su, it looks rusty."Su Yingxia said.

    This statement made Yang Chen feel quite fond of Su Yingxia, he had undertaken many jobs in this area, and his clients were all very rich people, but many of those rich people were arrogant and treated him like an inferior, and it was considered rare to find an approachable client like Su Yingxia.

    "Okay, then I'll be more than welcome, I've had a few experiences with follow up photography in Kiyan Island, so I'm more familiar with the wedding dress shops there, you can rest assured about choosing a wedding dress when the time comes."Yang Chen said.

    "Looks like I have nothing to worry about anymore, you guys should prepare for this afternoon's flight, I'll pick you up then."Su Yingxia said.

    "No problem."

    After Han Qianli and Su Yingxia left, Xu Tong said to Yang Chen, "Brother Chen, this Han Qianli is not quite like the legendary, ah."

    "What's it like in the legends?"Yang Chen smiled and asked.

    Xu Tong pursed her lips and said, "Isn't it just like that, what kind of wimps, trash, and ingrates, haven't you heard of them?"

    Yang Chen smiled and said, "Hearing is believing and seeing is believing, and with the People's Square matter being so big, do you believe him to be a wimp?"

    "Is he one of those family members who hides his identity on TV?"Xu Tong said curiously.

    Yang Chen shook his head, what kind of identity was Han 3000, which was he able to guess, but one thing was certain, the rumors about him in the outside world were all false nine times out of ten, for so many years, he had only done one thing, and that was to kneel down in the People's Square with Jiang Fu, but that one thing alone was enough to prove that he wasn't simple.

    "They're just customers, do what you should do, and as for the rest, don't worry blindly."Yang Chen said.

    Xu Tong nodded her head, but the curiosity in her heart couldn't be contained at all.

    Han Qianqiang and Su Yingxia were now also ready to go, there was nothing to prepare for, and they called Shen Lingyao and Qi Yiyun out for lunch.

    When Shen Lingyao found out that the two of them were going to Kiyan Island to take supplementary wedding photos, she was envious beyond words, but also very happy for Su Yingxia, because this trip is the best time to break through their relationship, as long as Han Giang is not so stupid should be able to water it down.

    The sweetness between Han 3,000 and Su Yingxia was like poison to her, she wanted to snatch Han 3,000 away from Su Yingxia, and the more Han 3,000 showed her love for Su Yingxia, the less chance she had, which was something she couldn't accept.

    The Chi family's current crisis had to have someone who could carry the beam, and for now, Han Three Thousand was the best candidate, and she had to find a way to snatch Han Three Thousand no matter what.

    "I'm going to the bathroom."On the way to eat, Han Three Thousand stood up and said.

    In less than thirty seconds, Chi Yi Yun also stood up, "I'm also going to the restroom, you two don't eat too fast, save some for me."

    Su Yingxia and Shen Lingyao smiled and didn't think much of it.

    Han Qianqiang was discharging soothingly when the bathroom suddenly walked in on Chi Yiyun, scaring him to death.


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