His True Colors Chapter 279-283


His True Colors Chapter 279

When the two of them finished filming and passed by Han Giangli and the others, the woman spoke in a gloomy tone and said, "No money and you still have to wear graft to puff up your face, you're not afraid of being laughed at."

    "Dude, how much did you spend on this replica, where was it made, the handwork isn't good, it's so rough, it looks fake."The man scoffed and said to Han Qianqian.

    "Since you know this wedding dress, the one on your wife, you should have rented it from the same wedding dress shop, you'll know if you go to see it later when you return the wedding dress."Han Giangli said with a smile.

    "Of course I'm going to see it, but the wedding dress on my wife wasn't rented, but bought for over a hundred thousand dollars, it should be much more expensive than your dowry."The man said with a smug smile.

    Han Qianli shook his head helplessly, not bothering to talk nonsense with this kind of person, jumping clown, Han Qianli didn't even have the desire to deal with him.

    During the filming, the two were like a pair of sweet lovers, the various poses were filled with a sweet atmosphere, making Xu Tong, who was also a woman, envious, she had never thought of getting married, but seeing Han Qianli and Su Yingxia, the idea of getting married sprouted in her heart, she also wanted to wear a beautiful wedding dress and complete this sweet thing with her prince charming.

    At this time, Su Yingxia suddenly said to Han Qianqian, "How about you kneel down and we take a special one?"

    Han Giangli didn't know what Su Yingxia wanted, so naturally she tried her best to cooperate, and after kneeling down on both knees, she asked, "What else do you want to do?"

    Su Yingxia said helplessly, "Who wants you to kneel down on both knees, it's not like you're making a mistake, when you make a mistake in the future, I'll make you kneel on the scrubs."

    Han Qianli smiled awkwardly and lifted one leg, turning it into a one-knee kneeling motion.

    Su Yingxia stretched out her right hand, and Han Giangli knew without reminding her to take her hand.

    At this moment, Su Yingxia's eyelashes trembled slightly, and her eyes suddenly filled with glittering tears.

    Han Three thousand saw the situation, the heart suddenly anxious, how come she cried for no reason, is she not doing the right thing?

    "I ......"

    "I do."Su Yingxia snapped.

    Han three thousand was struck by lightning, he finally understood what Su Yingxia was trying to do, kneeling down on one knee, just one ring was missing, but the form of the proposal Han three thousand could feel it.

    These three words, Han 3,000 had never thought that they could come from Su Yingxia's mouth.

    And now, it has actually happened, which is incomparable to Han 3,000 years old.

    At this moment, Su Yingxia expressed her true willingness to marry Han Three Thousand.

    For three years, the two of them had progressed, but in the end, they hadn't reached the point of being a true couple, and now, Han Qianli knew that he and Su Yingxia's life paths were completely fused together.

    From this moment on, they were a true couple.

    "I, I forgot to bring the ring."Han Giangli said excitedly.

    Su Yingxia wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, shook her head and said, "I don't want the ring, as long as I have you, I'll take anything."

    The corners of Han Three Thousand's eyebrows quivered, and the fluorescence in her eyes shone as she couldn't help but hug Su Yingxia.

    "Three years, all my hard work in these three years has finally paid off, God, I, Han Third Thousand, will never let Su Yingxia suffer another half-hearted grievance in my life."Han Three Thousand Thousand turned to the heavens, the humiliation of the past three years dissipating at this moment.

    For three whole years, who could understand what Han Three Thousand's concealment meant, he didn't care about any humiliation, he smiled even when he was being ridden on his head, all of this was for Su Yingxia, and now, he finally got what he wanted.

    Hundreds of flowers bloom in the world, can't beat your smile.

    The two of them laughed and wept, all the barriers of the past three years, in the middle of this laughing and tears into nothing.

    Xu Tong secretly wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, although she couldn't understand how Han Giang and Su Yingxia felt, but this atmosphere made her very touched.

    "Brother Chen, she's actually happy."Xu Tong said.

    Yang Chen nodded, outsiders all said that Su Yingxia was aggrieved by a waste man's entry into the family, but who could know that she was actually happy, and the average person couldn't even experience it.

    "Perhaps the entire Cloud City's perception of Han Qianli is wrong, and this time, we might have a chance to see what kind of person Han Qianli is."Yang Chen said, the boss's wife deliberately brought up the auction, and Yang Chen knew that this was the boss's wife deliberately wanting to embarrass Han Three Thousand.

    If he wasn't a loser, then this auction would probably be able to witness what Han Third Thousand was capable of.

    At this time, the man and woman from earlier had arrived at the wedding dress shop, and when she saw that the wedding dress in the window was gone, the woman's mood instantly dropped to the bottom.

    The truth told her that the wedding dress she had just seen was indeed real, and to say it was a fake was just self-consolation.

    "Boss lady, was the wedding dress really bought?"The man reluctantly asked the owner's wife.

    "Yeah, did you guys see that?"The boss lady said.

    The man had to bow his head before the truth, and now thinking about his mockery of Han Marchand was like a slap in the face.

    "I don't know how that woman fell for him, but I heard that the woman is a chairman of the board, and that man, he's just a little white guy."The boss lady said disdainfully.

    "A little white guy?"Hearing this, the man regained his confidence, the wedding dress he bought wasn't expensive, but it was his own money, if Han 3000 was really a little white guy, what else could he compare it to?

    "Boss lady, are you saying that the money for the wedding dress was paid for by a woman?"

    "He's the one who swiped the card, but the money should be the woman's,"The boss's wife said.

    "Honey, I was right, that guy looks like a loser, how could he be rich, but I didn't expect him to be so low class as to be a patsy for someone."The man chuckled.

    "By the way, the auction I told you guys about earlier, he might want to attend it too, and he's even bragging to me about shooting the eternity, so if you guys want to see a good show then, you can go check it out."The boss lady knew that it was the woman's jealousy that caused them to make a special trip to inquire about this matter, so she mentioned the auction, and a few more people going to see the little white man's excitement wasn't a bad thing.

    "If he's going, of course I'm going too, this kind of little white face shames men, I'd like to see what he can auction off."The man said.

    After a full day of shooting, Han Qianli and Su Yingxia returned to the hotel, exhausted, Su Yingxia didn't want to move after lying on the bed, Han Qianli could only order a meal to be delivered to the room.

    "I didn't think that taking wedding photos was actually a hard work, how come I didn't feel it before."Su Yingxia was paralyzed on the bed in a large font, not even willing to move her fingers.

    Han Giangli was in good condition, although she was also a little tired, but not so tired that she was like Su Yingxia.

    "Three years ago, you probably hated to kill me,"Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

    There was no longer a mustache between Su Yingxia and Han Three Thousand, so there was nothing to avoid when it came to this matter, saying straightforwardly, "I didn't even know what your name was at the time, how could I accept it when you suddenly came into my life."

    Han Qianli nodded in understanding, if it were him, he wouldn't be able to accept this kind of thing, which was why he would let Su Yingxia in every way.

    "By the way, why did grandpa insist that I marry you, do you know grandpa?"Su Yingxia asked curiously.

    Han 3000's relationship with the Su family's old man wasn't deep, the initial entry into the family was actually a coincidence in Han 3000's opinion, saying, "I only got to know him after I arrived in Cloud City, and it was him who took the initiative to mention the entry into the family."

    Su Yingxia didn't ask any more questions, because the next question would probably involve some things that Han 3000 didn't want to talk about, Su Yingxia wouldn't force Han 3000 to tell her, she knew that when the time was right, she would naturally be able to know what she wanted to know.

    "I'm tired, let's rest for a while."Su Yingxia said.

    "Rest, I'm going out."Han Three Thousand said.

    After leaving the hotel, Han Three Thousand headed towards the auction company, since he had to attend the auction, he had to know about it first, and this kind of auction should require an entrance ticket, which had to be prepared beforehand.

    Although the necklace called Eternity hadn't been seen before, what he said about it being worth buying by that name was definitely not a joke.

His True Colors Chapter 280

The Shipping Auction Company had a huge influence in Huaxia, it could be said to be the largest auction company, it had branches and auction grounds in many big cities, the annual flow of auctions was as high as ten billion, there were even many relics and antiques flowing out from the Shipping Auction Company, it had an extraordinary status in the auction world, and not only that, its influence in the international arena was not small, legend had it that the owner of the Shipping Auction Company had bought a small country because of its incredible financial power, of course, such rumors had not been confirmed.

    "I'm looking for the head of your company."Han 3,000 stood at the entrance of the company and said to the security guard.

    The company's security guards were highly trained to treat anyone with courtesy and never appeared to be a dog's-eye view, as the Air Ocean Auction Company's aim was that anyone was a potential customer and couldn't be offended, and the richer they were, the more low-key they were, and they weren't willing to take the risk of offending any rich person.

    "Do you have an appointment, sir?"The security guard asked Han Marchant.

    "No."Han Marchiang said.

    "If you don't have an appointment, I'm afraid it's a bit difficult to see the person in charge, but I can give you a notice."The security guard said.

    Han Three thousand was a little surprised at the attitude of the security guard, he opened his mouth to see the person in charge, the security guard was still very polite to him, the big companies were really different, they were very strict with the training of their ordinary employees, unlike some small companies that thought they were above the rest.

    "Thank you."Han Qianli also responded politely.

    The security guard left a short while later, and a middle-aged man followed him back.

    "Hello, I'm the head of the Keystone Island branch, Liu Zhang, may I ask what you want to see me about?"Liu Zhang asked.

    "I'm interested in the Eternal Necklace you have here, but I've never been to an auction before, so I'm not too sure about the process, I guess I need to verify the assets within, right?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "Sir, please follow me."Liu Zhang said with a smile, those who dared to take an interest in Eternity must be of good strength, and it was natural for such a noble guest to be brought to the VIP room to be received.

    Arriving at the VIP room, Liu Zhang explained to Han Qianqian, "For asset verification, it can actually be done on the spot, but since you're here in person, I can tell you the rules of the auction."

    "Go ahead."Han Marchian said.

    "The seats in the auction venue are divided into five areas, where the top VIP seats must have assets over one billion, and ......"

    Before Liu Zhang spoke, Han Qianqiang interrupted him and pulled out a bank card and said, "I should be qualified to sit in the top VIP seat."

    After receiving the bank card, Liu Zhang handed it to the beautiful assistant beside him and said with a smile, "Sir, if you are interested in the Eternal Necklace, wait until it is verified, I can take you to see it in advance, you have the chance to appraise it, this is a privilege that only top VIPs have."

    "No need, I like the word eternal, I don't care as to what kind of thing it is,"Han 3,000 said.

    Liu Zhang had met all sorts of rich people and had contact with all sorts of personalities, but he had never heard of this kind of statement from Han Qianqian, just two words, and he was willing to throw money at it?This had to make Liu Zhang think that he was joking.

    The assistant quickly returned to the VIP room, and was obviously a little more cautious about Han Marchand's attitude.

    "Eleven figures."The assistant said to Liu Zhang.

    Hearing these four words, Liu Zhang stared at him, this was a super heavy VIP, he didn't expect someone so rich to actually take the initiative to come to him!

    "Sir, I apologize for my rudeness earlier."Liu Zhang didn't show any disdain, he just thought in his heart that Han 3,000 was joking, but even so, he still sent his apologies to Han 3,000, this was the attitude of Airyang towards its valuable customers.

    Han Marchan smiled, took the bank card, and said, "Your company is the most shelfless I've ever seen, or else the security guards would've kicked me out, there aren't many companies where you can meet the person in charge with one word."

    Liu Zhang was sweating, before he thought that this kind of rule of the company would be troublesome, but now it seems that the boss set such a system is not unreasonable ah, like the precious guest in front of him, offend one, the loss is unimaginable.

    "Our company is committed to serving every guest, this is what we should do, what else do you need, you can bring it up now, I will try to meet it."Liu Zhang said.

    "No more, already got the top VIP position, what's there not to satisfy."Han Giangli smiled.

    "It's the right thing to do, it should be."Liu Zhang said evenly, he still appreciated people like Han Qianqian who had money but not half a rack, unlike some of the profiteers who didn't have a few dollars but still looked like they were dragging the sky.

    "I'll leave first."

    Liu Zhang and his assistant both sent Han Marchant to the company's entrance and watched him leave.

    "Mr. Liu, this young man walking down the street doesn't look like a rich man at all ah."The assistant said to Liu Zhang.

    "The richer you are, the more low-key you are, but he's too rich and so young, and I don't know which family's young master he is."Liu Zhang said.

    The assistant sighed and said, "It's just a pity, looking at his appearance, he should already have a woman he likes."

    Liu Zhang looked at the assistant and said with a smile, "It's not that I look down on you, it's not bad if you can find a man with ten million assets, don't even think about someone like this."

    At this time, the company came back to a man and a woman, they were the couple who had met up with Han Qianqian at the wedding spot earlier.

    "I want to see you guys in charge."Ma Yan said to Liu Zhang with a toe-curling look.

    Liu Zhang was stunned and said, "I am, may I ask what you want to see me about?"

    "I'm going to attend the auction in a few days, so you can arrange a better place for me."Ma Yan said.

    The stark contrast between the low-key Han 3000 in the front and the Zhang Yang Ma Yan in the back made Liu Zhang a little helpless.

    A look at the kind of person like Ma Yan is half watering hole, not many money, but instead still looks arrogant and domineering.

    "No problem, but we need to verify your assets first."Liu Zhang said.

    "In this card, there are more than 20 million, if you don't believe it, just take it to verify."Ma Yan said.

    More than twenty million was an astronomical amount for ordinary common people, but for someone like Liu Zhang who dealt with rich people all day long, it really wasn't much.

    And more than twenty million was just an entry, and the seats that could be obtained were the lowest level.

    "No need to verify, you can sit in section five."Liu Zhang said.

    "Section five?Is it high class?"Ma Yan asked.

    "Anyone with assets under fifty million is only in District 5."Liu Zhang explained.

    "Wouldn't that be the bottom position?"Ma Yan said with dissatisfaction.

    "I'm really sorry, this is the company's rules."Liu Zhang said with an apologetic face.

    Ma Yan didn't come here today to take the lowest position, how could he sit in a place that held up his cards, he attended the auction to see Han Qianli's jokes, and how could he not reflect his superiority in the position.

    "How about you help me arrange a better seat and I'll give you some benefits?"Ma Yan said.

    "If you want to sit in section four, it's not impossible, but you have to make sure you get a lot, regardless of its value."Liu Zhang said.

    Section five was actually a place for people to watch, most people wouldn't bid, the meaning of these people's existence was to reveal the auction site to the outside world, because the really rich and well off wouldn't promote these things, in order to be able to reveal the insides of the auction in order to increase the company's influence, it was necessary to have this kind of people who made the fun exist, so the only way for Ma Yan to raise his seat level was to bid.

    Of course, this kind of rule was set for people like Ma Yan who didn't have enough assets, while those rich people, whether they bid or not, had enough potential power to sit in a higher ranked seat.

    That made Ma Yan hesitate, because there was no upper limit to bidding on such things, and even if you picked a cold lot, you might not be able to take it at a low price, which was a big risk.

    "What are you still hesitating for, aren't you even going to give me this much face to fight for?"Pan Yunyun looked at Ma Yan with dissatisfaction, she had lost once before on the wedding dress, and she didn't want to lose again in the auction.

    "Fine, I promise, it's just to buy one thing, can't I still afford it?"When Ma Yan saw that Pan Yun Yun was dissatisfied, he immediately agreed.


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