His True Colors Chapter 254-256


His True Colors Chapter 254

"Sh*t, who is this guy, he can actually fight so well."

    "F*ck yeah, I didn't expect to run into a very goods, but we can't get beaten up like that for nothing."

    "Scratch his car, let this guy know what happens when he offends us, all we have to do is slip up, will he ever find us?"

    A few people are convinced by Han Marchant's fists and kicks, but after Han Marchant leaves, the idea of revenge arises in their minds, scraping the car and running away, and Han Marchant can't find them anyway.

    And for these hooligans, if they don't get back their face after suffering a loss, how can they still go on in the future?

    They could starve and munch on buns behind people's backs, but in front of people, their faces were more important to them than their lives.

    "Damn it, let this guy fix his car."

    "Smash his car."

    "See if there's anything valuable in it, we can't take a loss."

    A few people took the stone and walked towards Han Qianqian's car.

    At this moment, more than a dozen cars came one after another at the entrance of the community, clattering doors opened and hundreds of people appeared in unison, scaring a few people off their feet.

    "This ...... what the f"ck is this doing, how our community is suddenly so annoying."

    "Isn't that, isn't that Lin Yong!"

    "And Mo Yang, f*ck, he's even here!"

    Lin Yong got off and saw a few hooligans standing next to Han Qianqian's car, but also holding a stone in their hands, looking like they weren't doing any good, he immediately walked over, this was Han Qianqian's car, if it was smashed under his nose, he would only roll up and get out.

    "What are you guys doing?"Lin Yong walked up to a few people and asked in a cold voice.

    A few hoodlums were so scared to speak in the face of such a big man like Lin Yong that they shivered.

    "Yong, Brother Yong, we didn't do anything, we live here."

    "Yeah, yeah, we do live here, if Brother Yong doesn't believe us, just go ask."

    "Brother Yong, what are you doing here, did something big happen here?"

    Lin Yong snorted coldly and said, "Nothing has anything to do with you, if you want to touch this car, weigh up what role you are."

    After saying that, Lin Yong said to the few people behind him, "Keep an eye on Brother 3000's car, if there's half a scratch, take you guys to test it."




    Several hooligans looked at Lin Yong with frightened eyes.

    Brother Three Thousand!

    They didn't know who Sanchigo was.

    But they knew clearly that the person they had just stopped was a big man, and they were actually trying to blackmail such a person.

    This was a f*cking person who even Lin Yong had to call brother.

    There were cowards who were already so scared that their legs were weak and they sat on the ground.

    After Lin Yong left, the few people who remained surrounded Han 3,000's car and didn't allow anyone to come near it, as if they were protecting some important relic.

    Su Hachao originally planned to give Han 3,000 three days to prepare the money, after all, to come up with a billion is not that easy, you have to sell the Su family's company to do so, plus the previous bank loan to be enough, but he never expected that Han 3,000 would find the door so quickly.

    When the door was kicked open, Su Haichao's expression stiffened and his lips and teeth trembled when he saw Han Qianqian standing outside the door.

    "You ...... what are you doing here!"Su Haichao was overly frightened and stammered.

    Han Giangli saw Su Yingxia who was tied up with five flowers in the corner, the hostility in her heart instantly exploded, and without saying a word, she walked up to Su Hachao, kicked down the corner, brought up the chair, and smashed it on Su Hachao's body before stopping.

    "Don't fight, don't fight."Su Hae Chao covered his head with both hands and kept saying.

    "It seems that only if you die can you truly solve the trouble."Han Giangli looked at Su Hachao with a blank expression.

    Su Hachao knew he couldn't beat Han Three Thousand, but he didn't believe that Han Three Thousand had the guts to kill him.

    "Han Three Thousand, being scared of me, you really have the f*cking guts to kill me, I'd like to see if you dare."Su Haichao said.

    Han Three thousand walked to Su Yingxia's side and untied the rope from his body, asking, "Are you okay."

    Su Yingxia didn't have much of a worried expression on her face, but with a smile on her face, she said, "It's fine, I know you'll come to save me, so I'm not scared at all."

    Han Giangli apologized and took Su Yingxia's hand and said, "I'm sorry, it's my fault, if I had let someone protect you, this would never have happened, don't worry, no one will ever hurt you in the future."

    Su Yingxia shook her head, not blaming Han Qianli, and said, "The one who said sorry should be me, I made you worry."

    "You two spreading dog food, can we go home and talk about it, come and untie me ah."Just when the two of you were sweet-talking, Shen Lingyao couldn't take it anymore, all goose bumps not to mention, she hadn't been untied yet, it was like these two had forgotten her.

    When Su Yingxia heard this, she hurried to Shen Lingyao's side, loosened the rope on her and said, "Didn't you used to be quite eager to be tied up?Don't you savor the aftertaste more now?"

    Shen Lingyao's face was red, this kind of ridiculous words were boudoir words, spoken for fun, but she didn't expect to be told by Su Yingxia in front of Han Qianqian.

    "Dead girl, what are you talking nonsense about, I believe I will shake out your scandalous matter."Shen Lingyao gritted her teeth and threatened Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia looked indifferent, it wasn't that she wasn't afraid of Shen Lingyao's threat, but that she simply had nothing scandalous to say.

    Seeing that Su Yingxia was full of care, Shen Lingyao let out her breath, these absurd and unrestrained words, she was the only one who liked to talk, Su Yingxia didn't say these, so there was nothing that she could threaten Su Yingxia with.

    "Han 3,000 yuan, why did you only come now, you made my woman suffer, you know?"After untying the rope, Shen Lingyao pulled up Su Yingxia's hand, her wrist was already bruised from the rope.

    Su Yingxia quickly retracted her hand and said, "It's just a little wound, it's fine."

    Han Giangli took a heavy breath and said to the two of them, "You guys should go home and rest first."

    Seeing Han Giang's expression, Su Yingxia's heart sank, before Han Giang had said that only if Su Hai Chao died could he truly solve the trouble, did he really want to kill Su Hai Chao?

    "Three thousand, you ......"

    Before Su Yingxia finished speaking, Han Qianli interrupted, "Don't worry about going home, I'm fine."

    How could Su Yingxia rest assured, if Han Qianxiang really killed Su Haichao without regard to the consequences, this was a crime, Han Qianxiang would suffer jail time as a result, this was something Su Yingxia could never accept.

    "Three thousand, I'm already fine, you can't do anything stupid, I want you to be by my side."Su Yingxia said nervously.

    Han Giangli felt the concern from Su Yingxia, her heart warmed, she touched Su Yingxia's head and said, "Don't worry, no one can separate us, I will always be by your side."

    Shen Lingyao's eyes were lost when she heard these words, how great would it be if these words were said to her?Unfortunately it was destined to be an extravagant hope, and no one could change Han Qianli's feelings for Su Yingxia.

    "Yingxia, let's go first."Shen Lingyao said as she pulled Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia looked at Han Three Thousand and shook her head gently, as if she was telling Han Three Thousand not to do anything stupid.

    Han Three Thousand opposite with a smile, telling Su Yingxia not to worry.

    After they left, Han Three Thousand's expression changed from a smile to a cold one, and the muggy summer room seemed to suddenly chill down.

    "Han Three Thousand, I know I can't beat you, if you're a man, kill me if you can, do you dare?"Su Hachao never wanted to lay down his dignity in front of Han Qianqian, to him, if he couldn't stand up in front of such a wimp, what qualifications did he have to be a man?

    "Since you know, you shouldn't mess with Su Yingxia, it's fine to insult me and bully me, if you want to sh*t on my head, I'll just treat you like a bedbug, but making Su Yingxia suffer, that's absolutely not okay."Han Qianqian walked up to Su Haichao, his eyes full of killing intent.

    Although Su Hachao brought up his guts, thinking that Han Qianqian would at most just beat him up and wouldn't dare to kill him, but now looking directly into Han Qianqian's eyes, he was afraid.

    "Han Three Thousand, killing is against the law, and you'll have to go to jail, and possibly even give me a funeral, have you thought clearly about the consequences?"Suhaichao said.

    "What?"The corners of Han Giangli's mouth rose, drawing a wicked smile and saying, "Are you afraid?It hasn't even started yet and you're scared?"

His True Colors Chapter 255

Su Haichao took two steps back and stuck to the corner, the fear in his eyes couldn't be concealed in the slightest, because Han Marchant's eyes made him think that Han Marchant wasn't joking.

    "Han Three Thousand, don't do anything, I'm warning you, you better think of the consequences, killing is to pay for your life."Su Haichao said with a dry mouth, his throat was like it was on fire.

    To Han Q3, killing was just a nod, taking Su Haichao's dog's life was as simple as stepping on an ant, as for the consequences this matter would bring, Han Q3 didn't care at all.

    "Old lady Su, you killed her, since you said that murder pays for life, I'll let you pay for your life today."Han Qianqian said coldly, he hadn't found any definite evidence for this matter, but the old lady suddenly died violently and was poisoned, who else could do such a thing other than Su Haichao?

    After the old lady died, Su Haichao was the biggest beneficiary, the Su family was blinded to the truth, but Han Qianqiang could easily see Su Haichao's motives.

    "You're lying, how could grandmother be killed by me, it was Tian Ling'er, it was you and Tian Ling'er who killed grandmother together."Su Haichao said in a panic, this matter has already passed, in Su Haichao's opinion no one can know the truth, but Han Qianqian suddenly said so, making him unable to calm down.

    "The old lady died so that you could take the chairman's position, you can't wait for this position, if not you, who else could it be?"Han Marchiang said.

    Su Haichao shook his head, full of fear, and said, "No, not me, it has nothing to do with me, nothing to do with me."

    Han Qianqian suddenly reached out, choking Su Haichao's neck, one arm forcefully raised up, rigidly holding Su Haichao up against the wall.

    Su Haichao instantly felt like he couldn't breathe, and his hands used all his strength to try to wrench Han 3,000 yuan away, but with less strength than that, it was nothing more than a useless struggle.

    Staring at his legs, Su Hae Chao's pupils became more and more dispassionate and godless.

    "The old lady's death, I'm happy to see it, but it's absolutely impossible for you to harm Su Yingxia, and for that, you will pay with your own life."Han Qianli's hands gradually hardened, his expression pitying Su Haichao, continued, "After going to hell, go to the King of Hell and ask around, what kind of person am I, Han Qianli, a trash like you, not even qualified to be my opponent."

    The brain was deprived of oxygen, Su Hachao's consciousness became increasingly blurred, even his vision became unclear.

    At this moment, Su Haichao extremely regretted, if he listened to the tattooed man and released Su Yingxia, he would never have suffered this fate, but unfortunately, it was too late, even if he regretted it, it was already too late.

    This wimp, actually dared to kill!

    At this time, Han Qianli suddenly felt a cool breeze coming and subconsciously dodged sideways, but in the end, he didn't dodge it and his waist was hit by a huge force.


    Han Qianli's entire body soared into the air and smashed into the wall, then fell to the ground.

    "Shen Weng!"Looking at the white-haired old man in front of him, Han Jiangli gritted his teeth and said, this old man, he had seen him once when he was very young, but he had a deep memory of this life, even to the day he died, Han Jiangli would never forget it.

    Shen Weng had appeared in the Han family, and due to Nangong Qianqiu's indulgence in Han Jun, it led to Shen Weng merely liking Han Jun as well.

    Han Third Thousand still remembered that Shen Weng had once given Han Jun a toy, and he had merely touched it with envy before Shen Weng had viciously kicked him on the ground.

    At that time, Han 3000, who was no more than a teenager, was kicked so hard that he broke his right leg!For three whole months it was necessary to walk with the aid of crutches!

    "I didn't think you little bastard would actually remember me."Shen Weng looked at Han Qianqian with contempt, even his eyes were mocking.

    Han Qianqian covered her waist and stood up with difficulty, saying, "If it wasn't for you, why would I be on crutches, I was just a child at the time, and I'll never forget that heavy hand you laid on me."

    "Miscellaneous is miscellaneous, does it still distinguish between age and size?It's good that you won't forget, it's better that you can remember this hatred for the rest of your life, until the next life, maybe you still have a chance to take revenge."Shen Weng sneered.

    Han Qianqiang took a deep breath, why did this old thing suddenly appear here, as Nangong Qianqiu's suitor, this love of his was stronger than gold Han Qianqiang, although he admired it, he couldn't feel the slightest bit of affection for Shen Weng, because he was exactly like Nangong Qianqiu, he only valued Han Jun and treated him as trash.

    "Shen Weng, Nangong Qianqiu is dead, and you never got her in this life, I really feel sad for you."Han Marchioness said.

    Shen Weng's eyes flashed with a stern color, Nangong Qianqiu's death had hit him very hard, and Han Qianqiang's mention of it at this time had undoubtedly angered him.

    But at the same time, Shen Weng's words flashed through his mind, if he dared to harm Han Qianqian, then Yan Jun would intervene in this matter.

    Shen Weng didn't care about Han Third Thousand, but Yan Jun wasn't qualified to ignore it, this silent bodyguard of the Han family was the real big boss.

    "Su Haichao, do you want revenge?"Shen Weng turned to Su Hachao and asked.

    Su Haichao's life had just been in danger, and he had managed to come back to life, but his was the white-haired old man in front of him.

    Although Su Hachao didn't know who he was, but he could tell that this old man should be very uncomplicated.

    A single kick was able to kick Han 3,000 away, he was definitely an expert.

    "Want, very much."Su Haichao said firmly.

    "Kneel down and learn two dog barks, I'll give you the chance."Shen Weng said, if he wanted to help Han Jun find a chess piece, he had to make him obey and not let him have the slightest thought of betrayal, so Shen Weng showed an unprecedented strength in front of Su Hae Chao.

    Su Hae Chao looked at Han Giang, wouldn't it be disgraceful to learn how to bark in front of this wimp.

    But if he wanted revenge, was there any other choice other than that?

    "Woof, woof."Su Haichao kneeled down on both knees and barked crisply twice.

    Shen Weng smiled faintly and said, "Good, you can stand up, but never forget your position, you, just a dog."

    "I'm just a dog."Su Haichao lowered his head and said in a deep voice.

    "Now you have a chance to get some interest on him, do you dare?"Shen Weng asked.

    Su Haichao took a look at Han 3,000 yuan, he almost died just now, the fear in his heart for Han 3,000 yuan still hasn't dissipated, but he knew that if he acted cowardly, this old man in front of him would most likely not even give him the chance to be a dog anymore.

    "Han Three Thousand Years, you're a wimp, you also have today, aren't you f*cking awesome?I want to see how powerful you are."Su Haichao manipulated the empty wine bottle, walked up to Han Qianqian and smashed it on his head with a thud.

    The wine bottle shattered with a sound and blood flowed from Han Three Thousand's forehead.

    Han 3,000 didn't fight back because he knew he wasn't a match for Shen Weng, this old thing Grandpa Yan had said that he was a strong retired member of a certain special, and also had merits, and by virtue of the move that Han 3,000 hadn't dodged just now, the superiority between the two had already been separated.

    Seeing that Han Qianxiang actually didn't fight back, Su Haichao, who was originally a bit scared, became even more arrogant, and having Shen Weng as the backstage fueled his anger even more.

    "Wimp, you stand up and fight me, aren't you very capable?"After saying that, Su Hachao kicked Han Three Thousand's shoulders.

    Although Han Giangli didn't fight back, the force of the countershock also made Su Hae Chao fall to the ground.

    Su Hachao, who got up in a mess, didn't feel that he wasn't useful, but instead was very happy, having been beaten by Han 3,000 several times and dreaming of revenge, now that the opportunity was in front of him, he wanted to take this opportunity to teach Han 3,000 a hard lesson.


    After a painful slap on Han Qianqian's face, Su Haichao laughed arrogantly, "Hahahahaha, wimp, you still won't let Su Yingxia come to your rescue?As long as this b*tch is willing to kneel down to me, it doesn't matter if I let you go."

    Han 3000's face was as heavy as water, Su Hai Chao's beating was nothing more than some skin pain to him, this kind of soft footed shrimp, even if he was given the chance, would not cause Han 3000 any serious harm.

    "Shen Weng, are you helping Han Jun find a pawn?It seems like you can look into a trash like Su Haichao as well."Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

    Shen Weng had been suppressing his temper, but that made him completely furious, but as he walked towards Han Qianqian, another old man's figure appeared in the doorway!

His True Colors Chapter 256

When Yan Jun walked idly into the room, Shen Weng was filled with anger that instantly evaporated, he could ravage Han Grylls as if he were an ant, but never in front of Yan Jun.

    "You seem to have forgotten the agreement between us, does this mean that I don't have to stick to my promise if you break the rules?"After Yan Jun walked up to Han Qianqian and helped him up, he spoke to Shen Weng in a flat tone.

    Shen Weng's eyelids jumped straight, for so many years, his fear of Yanjun had almost formed a kind of inertia, as long as he saw Yanjun, he would have no bottom.

    Why would a man of Shen Weng's stamina stand by and watch Nangong Qianqiu marry Han Tian Yang and remain indifferent?It was because of Yan Jun's existence that he didn't dare to even touch a hair of Han Tian Yang!

    "I'm not the one who beat him up,"Shen Weng said.

    Yan Jun smiled faintly, looked at Su Hae Chao and said, "If you didn't have your backing, would a trash like him dare?"

    Su Haichao didn't know who Yanjun was, he only felt that this old man's bland tone was filled with arrogance, and he actually called him trash!

    "Who are you calling trash, old thing, a man buried up to his neck in loam, and who has the right to tell me what to do?"Su Haichao looked at Yan Jun with cold eyes and said disdainfully.

    Yan Jun wasn't angry, but felt amused, and with a smile on his face that made him feel like a spring breeze, he said to Shen Weng, "Who is he to you?An apprentice, or a tool?"

    "It has nothing to do with you."Shen Weng said coldly.

    "My disciple was beaten, it's only right that I, as the master, avenge his death, right?"Yan Jun said.

    Shen Weng squeezed his fist, Yan Jun was deliberately provoking him, but he couldn't take a shot at Yan Jun, nor did he have the qualifications to do so, because he simply couldn't win.

    "It's not quite according to the rules for you, an elder, to strike out at a junior,"Shen Weng said.

    Yan Jun raised his eyebrows and nodded his head, saying, "It makes a bit of sense, 3000, since I can't help you avenge your death, you can only see what you can do on your own, don't worry, if anyone dares to interfere, Grandpa Yan will help you."

    "Thank you, Grandpa Yan."Han Qianqian looked towards Su Haichao and smiled coldly.

    Su Haichao unconsciously shivered, where was he a match for Han Qianli, if not for the backing of Shen Weng, he wouldn't even have the guts to take a shot at Han Qianli, really fighting with Han Qianli alone, he would only take a beating.

    Su Haichao hid behind Shen Weng and said, "You have to help me, I can't beat him."

    This statement made Shen Weng lose face, although Su Haichao was not his disciple, but this matter was started because of him, he was the one who was trying to back up Su Haichao, now Yanjun wanted to let the two of them separate themselves, this was a battle of face, but Su Haichao didn't even dare to fight!

    "Shen Weng, I didn't expect you to be bad at it, even your eyes aren't too good, what use is there for this kind of trash."Yan Jun said with a smile.

    Shen Weng gritted his teeth and said to Su Haochao in a cold voice, "If you don't want to die, then give me a fight."

    Su Haochao looked desperate, it was obvious that Shen Weng wasn't going to help him in this matter, and how could he beat Han Qianqian?

    Had I known that I wouldn't be flaunting my power in front of Han Giang, I just beat him up, he's now full of rage, will he still let himself go?

    Shen Weng shifted horizontally to make his way out of the way, and when Su Hechao saw Han Giang walking towards him, his legs instantly started to weaken.

    He had been beaten many times by Han 3,000, so he was very clear about the gap between himself and Han 3,000.

    Even though in Su Hae Chao's heart Han 3,000 had always been the image of a wimp, and he was never willing to admit that Han 3,000 was powerful, he couldn't be afraid of Han 3,000's fists!

    "Han three thousand, it was my fault just now, I'm sorry, I was confused before I hit you."Su Haichao said to Han Three Thousand in a tone that was like begging for mercy.

    Han Third Thousand's face was bloodstained and his expression looked even more hideous, while he was in such a state that he had almost scared Su Haichao out of his wits.

    "Don't be afraid, I'm just a wimp, there's nothing to be afraid of."Han Qianli said with a cold smile.


    Su Haichao kneeled on the ground and cried bitterly, "Please, don't hit me, I'm a piece of trash and a stinker, you're the chairman's husband now, why bother with a small person like me."

    When Shen Weng saw this scene, his face was hard to see, if he had no choice, how could he let Su Hachao, a wimp, be Han Jun's pawn?

    "Shenon, do you know who he looks like?"Yan Jun said to Shen Weng.

    Shen Weng was silent, his old face had been disgraced by Su Haichao.

    "Like Han Jun, everyone thinks that the future of the Han family lies with Han Jun, but he's the one who's a complete waste, Nangong Qianqiu was just listening to the words of a villain back then."Yan Jun continued.

    "What does it matter to me who is trash, you know what I'm doing."Shen Weng said.

    "At a young age, why make a scene that you can't enjoy your old age in peace?"Yan Jun shook his head helplessly.

    "Are you so sure I'll lose?"

    "Yes!"Yan Jun said without hesitation.

    At this time, Su Hachao had been beaten into a corner by Han Qianqian, not to mention resisting, it would be good if he could take a few less punches.

    Su Haichao, with a bruised nose and swollen face, couldn't even say anything to beg for mercy, only to feel that there wasn't a single place in his body that didn't hurt, tearing his heart out.

    After Han Giangli stopped his hands, he returned to Yan Jun's side with the same expression as Yan Jun, a cloud of lightness.

    "If you're not dead, hurry up and follow me."Shen Weng was the first to leave the room after saying these words.

    Although Su Haichao was in pain and just wanted to spread out on the floor, but seeing Shen Weng leaving and then looking at Han Qianqian, if he didn't leave, it wouldn't be impossible for him to die here, so he could only bite his teeth and stand up, hurrying to follow Shen Weng's pace.

    The only two people left in the room were Han Qianqian and Yan Jun, looking at Han Qianqian who had blood stains all over his head, Yan Jun said with a hint of heartache in his expression, "All along, Shen Weng liked Nangong Qianqiu, he should have known about the fact that you forced Nangong Qianqiu to die, that's why he supported Su Haichao to deal with you."

    "I know that he wants to help Han Jun take back the Han family, but the Han family is not in my eyes, and I have no intention of taking the Han family's property for myself,"Han Marchant said.

    Yan Jun nodded his head, he was very clear about this point, Han 3000 had already stopped treating himself as a member of the Han family, so how could he take a single cent of the Han family?

    "Shenon isn't that easy to deal with, do you need me to help you?"Grandfather Yan asked.

    Han Qianli shook his head directly without thinking and said, "Grandpa Yan, I can handle it, trust me."

    This answer was not unexpected by Yan Jun, with his tough character, how could he need help, or else what qualifications did he have to call Han 3000?

    "You kid, since you were a kid, you're used to carrying everything on your own, but sometimes, you have to relax yourself, the strings are too taut and easily broken."Yan Jun said.

    "Grandpa Yan, I have my own way of relaxing, don't worry about that, and Su Hai Chao is worthless to me."Han Giangli said.

    It was true that Su Hai Chao was not worth mentioning, this kind of trash didn't even have the qualifications to be Han Third Thousand's opponent, but Yan Jun was still a little worried about Shen Weng, after all, he couldn't always appear like today, this old man wasn't someone who would follow the rules strictly.

    "By the way, did he beat you?"Yanjun asked.

    "Kicked me in the face."Han Giangli said.

    A smile appeared on Yan Jun's face and said, "Grandpa Yan is a man of his word, so I'll go and avenge this kick for you, and knock this old thing down a bit to make him remember the rules."

    "Thank you, Grandpa Yan."

    "If there's nothing else, I'll leave first."Yan Jun said and headed out of the room.

    Han Qianqiang looked like he was about to stop talking, and when Yan Jun reached the door, he finally couldn't help but say, "Grandpa Yan, there's something I want to ask you."

    Without looking back, Yan Jun directly said, "If you want to ask about Han Tian Yang, Grandpa Yan can't give you an answer, he can only say that everything is possible and you need to confirm it yourself step by step, but this path is very dangerous, so you should consider it carefully."

    After saying that Grandfather Yan left, Han Qianqian's expression stood resolute, dangerous?To him, no amount of thorny difficulties standing in his way could possibly stop him from ascertaining the news of Han Tian Yang's death, and as long as he didn't ascertain Han Tian Yang's death, he wouldn't give up on this matter one day.

    To Han Qianqian's feelings, Han Tian Yang was the only family he had in this world, and even his birth mother, Shi Jing, was nothing more than a stranger to Han Qianqian!


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